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Monday, April 30, 2012

Growing Pains

From child to politician.....


Who wants to be an Alaskan Millionaire? According to Mr. Ludicrous Madden, its easy. Just land yourself a job with the outfit that has taken ownership of the M.V. Susitna, testament that when this state's fools cannot fool all the people all the time they can still fool some of the people some of the time, so why not get the U.S. Navy to build an amphibious assault vessel it doesn't want because Don Young said “Do It”, built at a cost of $78-Million taken from the U.S. Treasury which means money taken from the hard working U.S. Taxpayers. Then transfer the boat without a home port or landing in or around Anchorage due concern from the U.S. Coast Guard, send it to the Matanuska Valley Port Authority, so that entity without a responsibility or cause can spend thousands for keeping this genuine piece of crap hold up down in Ketchikan – rusting away and collecting slathering sea gull crap. Out-of-sight out-of-mind I guess! So for the last 5-years maybe more, Mr. Ludicrous has been raking in a $150000 salary, PLUS $45000 for expenses, which means he is a millionaire and we still have not seen the Susitna in action. In fact, the outfit that thinks it can fool the people again, by hiding this waste far and away, it cannot even decide on how much a ticket will cost to ride aboard this doomed venture. There sure won't be any free rides! Now Ludicrous is smart, as he is quick to point out that his out-of-bounds 1%'er salary is not from the state coffers, but comes from $21-million in “Transit Grants”, which is just a fancy name for Federal “pork”, so his salary is courtesy of the U.S. Taxpayers. We are really getting screwed over on the scam. So now I have evidence from Senator Mark Begich that the boat may get sold, to the highest bidder, which means it will become scrap as the recycled scrap market is better off then trying to outfit this crazy looking hull as something that is useful in the commuter circuits. And if it is sold, that $21-million will have to be paid back, and I hope that is not what our delegation is fighting for, letting this crooked deal off the hook, as those behind this doomed venture known about from inception should be held accountable and work off what they have earned - as one despicable thing that can be worse then treason is ripping off the U.S. Treasury for something that has or will not provide anything worthwhile in return. I smell “FRAUD, or is it the stench of a “Rabid Skunk”!


M.V. Susitna Status

Dear Mr. MaGee:
     Thank you for contacting my office with your concerns regarding the M.V. Susitna and its inactivity at the Alaska Ship and Dry Dock. 
      The Mat-Su Borough recently took title of the vessel and is currently paying for the berthing and upkeep costs.  I am working with the Mat-Su Borough and federal agencies to figure out a good solution that will be beneficial to all parties.  This may involve lease or sale of the vessel for use in another capacity. 
      Thanks for sharing your opinion with me.
  Please do not hesitate to contact me again in the future.  
Mark Begich
U.S. Senator

Friday, April 27, 2012

Who d'Blame Game

Star Date - Age of the Neanderthal School Superintendent: Anchorage was at one time long ago a city of “Brotherly Love”. But that facade may have been all in efforts to win over the 1994 winter Olympic bid, for the year there came no snow to the bowl – a meager 5”! Since that lost cause attempt for the torch, Anchorage has sunk way down in the ranks of a “City that Cares”. We see this disconnect on the streets, we witness it at the voting booths. The streets are no longer safe, just ask Forbes. Imagine, Anchorage wins 2nd place for ugly city life and Fairbanks is next in line – based on national crime statistics! Tourists, you best stay home! And now we have reason to believe that the voting places are “suspiciously” rigged. So who is at fault the most recent city election defined as “chaotic”? One shall realize that an election result that casts doubt on the process is what can erode away the very foundation this country was founded upon – liberty and justice for ALL! As some have warned and reasoned, has it come time in America wherein the U.N. must send in refugees, foreign individuals to oversee what is going stupid in the free world’s elections – since Gore versed the House of Saud with an outcome that changed “We the People” to “Money talks and Democracy walks? And where in hell is the “Last Frontier” leadership upon this latest activity to thwart democracy in our “Republic”? I forgot, they left on the M.V. Susitna for an inlet fun cruise sponsored by “Alaskans for In-Justice” which goes to show that the Corrupt Bastard mentality is still alive and well here in Alaska – Ted’s legacy lives on! Talk about a story of a “Johnny Rotten”! Did we learn anything from the “Bastard” follies? But seriously speaking this serious matter at hand from what appears to be underhanded dealings upon the “right to vote”, the only thing we see from the leadership is Damn Sullivan yarning and going to bed early on assembly meeting night when the agenda included the hijacked election. He is supposed to be taking his job seriously! And Governor Parnell's wire on this issue? A no-show voice as the election results so far are in-line his “Dominionist” liking, even if a majority of voters were disenfranchised and low and behold, the 1st time in political history wherein the local pollsters went wrong! See, like it or leave it, Proposition #5 was alive and well and on the road to victory until Jim Misery got sidetracked on thinking he could play God and sent out a “Twitter”, something about all good treasonists – members in good standing fake religions like can be found at the Anchorage Baptist Temple – they should try and vote away any equality statement. Bottom-line, this Hitlerite should be incarcerated for “war” crimes on home turf. I find no difference upon those standing against equality for gays and Hitler's dreaded desires. To cleanse away a race to extinction. Same with the coward Catholic Bishop, preaching at the pulpit to his lemming followers that the “Prop” would cause more race riots in and around Anchorage. Where do these idiots find such fodder? I stand corrected, as pure “snake oil” lullabies promotes their hatred upon God’s children, those that should be freeing themselves away from lunatic teachings, instead of siding with such hypocrisy of theocracy. And yes, these pulpit maniacs are all rolling in bed with Jerry – the devil is alive and well at the tax-free temple. So the bellwether was wrong? And now we face the facts of a sunk proposition that would have helped Anchorage regain respect with respect to issues of equality, wherein people could be free their partnerships with others. The election was tainted. Until we get it right on equality, Anchorage will continue to sink as the most undesirable city because of its unsafe streets and other disconnects upon civilization. Look, there isn't much wiggle room left before we find ourselves the top winner of the “Corrupt Bastard & Crime” state, and instead of carrying a “torch”, how about flame throwers for protection? And yes, as is the usual time tested retreat, the leadership that should be taking the stance of concern have bent over for a Scott Walker mindset – in essence to hell with the PEOPLE. Now had the proposition been for “Stand Your Ground” and there came voter irregularities, well I am sure Wayne's World “war machine” would be alive and well with Ted Nuggethead's guns running amuck, shooting at anything that moves to the left would be in full support their “Stand”, even if illegal baiting! Now, if the Bush Rat was still around, even from way far away over at Lake Clark, the election officials would be running for cover. The lazare-faire attitude following the recent election in Anchorage is testament that the Scott Walker “mentality” is alive and well here in the 49er – an undercover evil signifying what is too come. So who is at blame and what is at fault this most recent disconnect? Simple, as today we are starting to see the “No Child Left Behind” fallout, as it is truly a failed undertaking here in Anchorage. This is what I am getting at. The political clout that made the Anchorage school super now retired to sign on to the Bush Doctrine in return a whole bunch of Federal “pork”, wherein our student population was held hostage by 8-years of the Bush Doctrine, it has allowed for a generation here in Alaska that knows not what it is doing or getting into and has no idea how to protect their rights of passage into the future. Had the “Left Behind” worked, the younger generation would be out in the streets, instead of excepting the cowardly smirk as fostered by the religious right when they deceive to win something that is not theirs to begin with – freedom from religion I am talking about. Anchorage has taken on a sad disposition, as religion has polluted the environment way beyond what the EXXON Valdez proved by crapping all over Prince William’s Sound. Had the program worked, we would see the youth of Anchorage protesting in the streets, for equality, for “voting” without irregularities, for safer streets. And what is wrong with an “equality” statement? Why does the religious leadership feel threatened? Look, if I get to Heaven and find “My” God against equality, then I choose hell for the rest of “My” life. And where are the union leaders this issue? And if you don’t believe me that the system has failed wherein we have a bunch of uneducated trying to further under-educate, just do the math. According to the election committee appointed by the mayor, only 33 voters testified that they did not get to vote, when at the same time the committee acknowledges that over half the precincts went short on ballots. Seals broken, on voting machines with the sentiment that it was a “normal” day at the precincts? And there is this aura, like let's not go there. Why NOT? So yes I pick on the pathetic following called “Alaskans for Justice”, as this idiotic group of wannabe 1%s are attacking the very government that found Ted Stevens had befriended the wrong individuals. Why I ask, Instead of getting involved in issues beyond reasoning and desperado like behavior, why not engage in things that would make Anchorage a safer place to live, instead of fending for Dead Ted. Look, Ted was a crook, no doubt about it. Justice was served, and now these idiots with a whole lot of extra time want to attack the system, that worked. So had we not engaged in bribery and fraud over the years Ted was in office, as we are all guilty by association Ted's ways and means, we could maybe be proud of what Anchorage, and Alaska stands for – besides failure. We should have indicted Ted a long time ago, the evidence was there and had we been righteous and proactive to right a wrong, we could have achieved what many other states and cities have achieved – a clean slate. But we were held hostage, and the “No Child Left Behind” was the straw that broke the you know what. We should have said enough is enough and “hell NO” with our election decisions and fought for “individualism” over what Ted promised to deliver and passed this on to future generations, then maybe we could be proud of our youth, just like what is happening in Madison - wherein the “PEOPLE” still have a dream! But don't hold your breath that anything will come of the election results, as right now the “crooks” are in hiding, like Jim, like Jerry, as they believe their God created a world based on inequality, a practice they preach and justice is like an Anchorage traffic signal, just a suggestion.

Dear Jessica

Dear Jessica, please take note:

"The king is gone but he's not forgotten
This is the story of a johnny rotten
It's better to burn out than it is to rust
The king is gone but he's not forgotten.

Hey hey, my my
Rock and roll can never die
There's more to the picture
Than meets the eye.
Hey hey, my my." 

There is indeed more to the “picture”!
Lyrics courtesy Niel Young

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

In America Today!

“America, where are you now, don't you care about your sons and daughters”! Thank you Steppenwolf, as these words are yelling out and bleeding out a sad warning today here in the once “sea to shining sea” nation founded on freedom's sake. Here is how bad it is getting in America. If you thought our city streets, alleyways and bike-paths were unsafe, damn, our airports are becoming more threatening that pursuit to life, liberty and happiness. My son-in-law was going through TSA security screening the other day, at a major hub. He was carrying a money belt, with U.S. greenbacks exchanged for African rands, as his studies were taking him to “another” country wherein a money belt is a must – at least that is what we are led to believe. But the new machines for screening at the airports want one almost naked, so off came the money belt. No harassment really from the TSA, just doing their job to keep unwanted foreign objects of danger off skyward bound planes. But when the money belt was scanned through the x-ray machine, a couple on the prowl decided to steal it away, as a “money-belt” doesn't try to hide the fact of what the contents may be. Mind you, a husband and wife team, an older couple at that on the prowl to commit a crime, in broad daylight, in plan view of Homeland security agents busy getting travelers on their way. Now due the fact that we as a nation are under tightened security through hi-tech surveillance which allows almost everything we do to be “filmed” with rapid playback options, the culprits were soon approached by the airport police, from what was recorded earlier during the heist revealing their “American Greed” scam. Wow, justice in action. At first, Bonnie & Clyde denied any theft, but then caving in their crime as their stupidity to rip off another America was now evidenced by the security cameras in action. Americans ripping off other Americans! I guess when we consider the teachings behind such behavior, like the Congress in action without any action due bipartisan bickering, I guess we have assembled a society that believes cheating, theft and lying are the norm. Look, under the latter foundation – reiterated as the trinity promoting “American Greed”, cheating and theft and lying on the truth - a nation cannot and will not survive any future if this is indeed more than a mere anomaly and becoming the accepted “NORM”. Think about it, like father like son, like mother like daughter, are we teaching this to future generations? If so, we need to arrest the entire representative body, and try them for treason. So when you consider the facts of such nightmarish dereliction occurring in this nation once of “Brotherly Love”, maybe this once free nation has succeeded in shooting itself in the foot and the muzzle flash has wounded the groin area, the heat is on. When Americans see it fit to steal away another man's hard earned payola, to take away one's possessions like occurs with the “foreclosure” Trojan horse still active and in all cases those behind such malfeasance think there can be no repercussions, and in the case of the money theft upon the premise in the shadows of a secure system thinking that maybe the loss could be blamed on the hard working TSA, this indicates that America has gone over the edge. Theft! In America at the security check-points, and denial when caught. This is it in a nutshell, as to think this is acceptable behavior a mature civilization, then we may as well kiss the Constitution good luck a future. I cannot say it any louder or any clearer, we must STOP this pathetic behavior that is fostered through inept representation, through political corruption, through cronyism as the latter derelictions seem to define America today, and this is not what I learned in kindergarten. The trickle down apocalypse seems to be taking hold, as the crooks seem to be calling the shots. Why is Tom Delay still free? And to that couple that is now under investigation for lifting another American's loot, I hope my son-in-law files a criminal complaint, we find out who you are, and maybe we will see your mug shot on “America's Most Wanted”, and maybe when the jails start to fill with your likes, and the down-forgotten that were not given a fair trial are set free as they should be, then maybe we will see a trend changer here in America, where “Brother can you spare a dime” is no longer a crime, to ask for help instead of stealing!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Kodak Moment

MoanaLisa MurCowpie engages “Occupy Anchorage” member.

Don Young shows Bill Sheffield vanishing condom trick.

Time to Censure Begich

Honorable Barbara Boxer
Chair/Senate Select Committee on Ethics

Honorable Johnny Isakson
Vice Chair/Senate Select Committee on Ethics

Dear Senate Select Committee on Ethics Chair & Vice Chair
It is with this official correspondence entered on April 23rd, this year, that I request the Senate Select Committee on Ethics to seriously consider an internal ethics violation investigation upon U.S. Senator Mark Begich(Alaska) with respect to what can only be contrived as dereliction of duty and disorderly behavior becoming a United States Senator. This investigation request is founded on Mr. Begich's abuse of office wherein he is holding the United States Air Force hostage with respect to promotions deserving members this branch of the military. On April 20th, Mr. Begich's action this matter were made public in the Fairbanks Daily Newsminer as follows: 

Frustrated by a lack of answers about the proposed move of an Eielson Air Force base squadron, Sen. Mark Begich has stalled the promotion of an Air Force lieutenant general until he gets more information. The Alaska Democrat notified Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta and Senate leaders of the move on Thursday. He’s asked that the Senate Armed Services Committee halt the nomination process for Lt. Gen. Herbert J. Carlisle, who is being considered for promotion to four-star general and as Commander of Pacific Air Forces. The Air Force in February announced a plan to relocate Eielson’s F-16 fighter plane squadron to Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson outside Anchorage. The move, part of a proposed realignment at 60 military installations around the U.S., would transfer roughly half of the 3,100 military and civilian jobs at Eielson. The plan was greeted skeptically by Alaska’s congressional delegation, who questioned the strategic and economic implications. The Air Force projects the move will save $32 million over five years, but hasn’t provided data showing how they arrived at those figures. Begich said he’s made numerous requests for information justifying the proposed F-16 move, but has received almost nothing in return from the Department of Defense. He hopes stalling Carlisle’s nomination is a way to get the Pentagon’s attention. “I’ve honestly kind of had it,” he said. “I decided enough was enough.” Begich said he knows and respects Carlisle and called him to explain his plans to halt the nomination. He said the move has nothing to do with his feelings about Carlisle, who once served as a commander at Elemendorf. “I think he understood our concerns,” Begich said. Any senator can place a hold on a nominee, which halts the process until the hold is lifted. Begich, a member of the Armed Services Committee, said he’ll also place committee holds on any subsequent nominees for military leadership posts until he gets answers from the Department of Defense. Begich hasn’t placed a hold on a nominee during his tenure in the senate, and acknowledged such a move is often controversial. But he said it may be the only way for the Department of Defense to take notice. Begich said he was contacted almost immediately by the Pentagon after requesting the hold, although no answers were provided.

To deny a deserving member of the military a promotion for reasons not related to Mr. Begich's challenge the entity's non-transparency its decision to close the Eielson AFB, this is not what members in good standing the Congress should be involved upon, as it is a dereliction of duty, entrapment, and grounds for expulsion and or censure. There exists many other ways and means for Mr. Begich to get answers his questions, and to hold up a promotion a deserving member of the military is not one of the options. What if the Air Force brass could have upheld Mr. Begich's term on the Senate Armed Services Committee? How would he feel? This is serious, as when the troops came home from Vietnam, they were met with rejection and it caused a disconnect in this country that required many years to cool off. That has been mended somewhat, so to see things appearing that could send the same message, it is behavior that is not what Congress is all about. Please, have Mr. Begich resend his rage like disorderly behavior preventing a honorable man his promotion and please take the time to investigate this matter for possible expulsion and or censure, as this action should not go without repercussions.

Respectfully Submitted,
John NoDough/Democrat

Letter to President

President Barack Obama

Dear Mr. President

Most recently, “frustrated" by a lack of answers about the proposed move of an Eielson Air Force base squadron, U.S. Senator Mark Begich, a member of the Armed Services Committee demanded that the Senate Armed Services Committee halt the nomination process for Lt. Gen. Herbert J. Carlisle, who is being considered for promotion to four-star general, as the Commander of Pacific Air Forces.

Mr. Begich said “he’ll also place committee holds on any subsequent nominees for military leadership posts until he gets answers from the Department of Defense. Begich said he’s made numerous requests for information justifying the proposed F-16 move, but has received almost nothing in return from the Department of Defense. He hopes stalling Carlisle’s nomination is a way to get the Pentagon’s attention.“

According to Mr. Begich, “I’ve honestly kind of had it. I decided enough was enough.” 

Mr. President, this is holding the U.S. Military hostage. Our troops have been engaged in theater for many years now, and this is no way to treat or show support those efforts, especially now that the troops are heading home, due your courageous abilities as Commander-in-Chief. When the Vietnam war came to an end, the troops found not the welcome home mat, we do not want to repeat this today. I ask you please to exercise your “Executive” powers to stop Mr. Begich's attempt to hold hostage any advancements without merit, as appears to be the case with Lieutenant General Carlisle, who is being denied what is due for other purposes.

S. Pam MaGee

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Susan Butcher Petition

Susan Butcher Petition

Hear Ye, hear Ye, the time has come of age to rename the Ted Stevens International Airport in honor of a genuine and true Alaskan icon that was not a “crook”. It is with this petition that the petitioner request Governor Parnell take consideration and action to rename the Ted Stevens International Airport to that of the Susan Butcher International Airport, in honor this “true” Alaskan hero, above and beyond!

Elizabeth Anderson Sunni A. Putnam Carla Aannerud Bruce Abel Jacob Adams Sr Bobby Alexander Elizabeth Allums Melanie Alvord Joseph Anderson Brittney Anderson Julie Anderson Mary Ann Pease Vanessa Aszmus Mark Avery Eric Badger Richard Bales Gerald Ball Valerie Barber Geoff Barnes Jim Barnett Chelsea Barney Rachel Barney Mae Barney Bill Barney Janice Bean Stacee Beattie Charles Becker Pat Belec Scott Bell Deborah Benton John Binkley Franklin Blodgett Billie Bloker Rhea Boettcher Marian Booker Charlotte Brady Randall Brandt Dorothea Breneman Sharon Brooks Christine Brune Mikele Bruner Cindy Brunstein John Brunton Jackie Brunton Julie Buck wayne bundy Patsy Burgess Mary Burke William C Behnke Bonnie Caarol Athena Caison Matthew Caison Rocky Capozzi Martha Carey Patricia Carnes Todd Carpenter Theresa Carraher Barbara Cash Renne Champagne Tyra Chandler Jake Chapman Charlene Chase Cindy Cheely Winston Chelf Shane Christiansen Michele Christine Miller Yolanda Clary Phil Cochrane Catherine Colangelo Scott Collins Jeff Cook Steve Coon Brianne Cordery Ann Courtney Pat Cox Betty Cox Ralph Crane John Cullen Bernice Czertak Sandra D King Bobby D. Capps Patrick D. Carter Jared Dabling Charles Dabling James Dainis Tina Day Ruby Dee Buchanon Patsy DeWitt Terry Dittman Mary Dodge Diane Doucette-Cooney John Douts Eric Downey Mark Drook Cord Dufford Debra Dummann Terri Dunn Jeff Duvernay Paul E Larson Frank E McQueary Mark E. White David E. Williams Annette Ecret Jim Egan Cris Eichenlaub Judy Eledge Randy Eledge Carol Elliott Ginny Emmons Marv Enfield Elizabeth Engelken Jean F. Tousignant Laurie Fagnani Matthew Fagnani Sara Fann Richard Farleigh Elaine Fauske Daniel Fauske Gretchen Fauske D.J. Fauske Stuart Felblerg Frank Flavin Ron Flint Cheryl Frasca Chris Fry Laureen G Glenn Jef Gallacci Gail Galleher Lorinda Ganong Annette GE Smith Taryl Gebhardt William Gee K. Gene Zerkel Daniel George Samuel Giacalone PJ Gialopsos William Gilbert Jack Gile Gary Goin David Gottstein Julia gray Shani Green Jay Green Stacia Green Perry Green alan green Kim Griffith Geri Groeneweg James Gross Jamie Gunn Bryan Gunn Amy Guse Linda Guthrie Lee H. William H. Hutchison III Marleanna Hall Mark Halterman Matt Hammer John Hamp Michael Hankins Marilynn Harned Linda Harris CW Harter Keith Hartley Cynthia Henry Kenneth Henry DeLynn Henry Elizabeth Hersh Paula Hite Jim Holley Deedra Hollowell Neil Hollowell ulie Holt Greg Horn Rebecca Horstkoetter Johanna Hubbard Jim Hunt David Hutson Shawna Hytry John Iani Herb Ilisaurri Schroeder, PhD Ellen Izer Patrick J Glenn Teresa J Holley John J Kiernan Jason Jack Jim Jansen Vicki Jansen Vance Jansen Kelcy Jansen Jessica Jansen Andrew Jansen K. Jenny Darling John Johnson Marguy Johnson Dave Johnson Simon Johnson Cynthia Johnson Grant Johnston John Jones Susan Jordan Michael Joyce Philip K. Livingston Michael Kahler Carrie Keil Joe Kelley Gretchen Kenney Matthew Kenney Joan Kimball Alfred Kittle Judith Klesius Mike Klesius Lorraine Kottra Andrew Kreig Pauline L Hite David L. Dittman Robert L. Shake Jack Laasch Marc Langland Susan Lannet Stephen Lawrence Jon Leary Heather Leigh Fison Debra Leisek Alice Leuchte Darrell Lewis Ladonna Lindley Valerie Lindstam Paula Lindstam Larry Lindstam John Litten Cary Lukes Nathan Lukes Kong Ly William M. Groom III Carol M. Sturgulewski Beth Madren Judith Magnus Wendy Mahan Randy Main Ryan Makinster Jake Malavansky Dana Marie Smith Donna Markiewicz David Marquez Carol Maughan Colin Maynard, PE Char McClelland PeggyAnn McConnochie Lindy McCoy Janet McDermott Aaron McDowell Barry Mcelhose Tim McKeever Tammy McNeil Mindy Mellema Angelique Mendez-Mena Guy Mickel Caroline Millar Peter Millar Liane Minster Ben Mohr Don Moody Jeff Moore Bonnie Morris Greg Morris Leona Morrison Frank Muncy Robert N. Rubey Roy N. Syren Jr. Barry Neil Lars Nelson Don Nightingale Katie Nolan Richard Nunes Shannon OKeefe Joseph OLeary Piama Oleyer George Osborne Juliana Osinchuk Allen Oskolkoff Martha Oslin Megan O\'Connell John P. McConnochie Sharon Padilla Jay Page Lorene Palmer Tina Parker Bonnie Paskvan Todd Patnode Ken Pearson Kirsten Pedersen Gerald Pelto Gary Pempek Ron Perry Richard Peterson Dick Peterson David Peterson Karen Petitjean Aaron Pfeil Andrew Phelps Robin Phillips Denise Pilewski Terrie Pisa Bob Piser Jim Plaquet Steve Pogany Rick Pollock Pauline Potter Jeff Putnam Roxie Quick James R Green Michael R. Boling Anthony R. Henry Alden R. Mowry John Raffetto Debbie Rainville Peter Rainville Joe Ralston Charles Redmon Rebekah Robinson Cathie Roemmich Heidi Roesler Rick Rogers Joseph Rouswell Laure Rowan Michael Rowan Jesse Rowan Patrick Rowan Adelheid S. Becker Joe Sauve Doreen Schenkenberger Marie Schlundt Gina Schmitz Raymond Schoendaller Lauri Schoff Dave Seaman Amy Seaman Janelle Sharp Rick Shattuck Allen Shattuck Janice Shattuck Antone Shelikoff Vicki Shrum Sally Slater Lanore Smith Judy Somers David Somers Anita Soquet joe sorenson Donald Spencer Scott Spickler Amanda Spickler Shirley St. Cin Jeanine St. John Al St. John Kathleen Stack Lyle Stack Jackie Steele Sylvia Stefan Susan Stevens Covich Robert Stinson Jerry Stout Sydney Stredicke Chris Sture Kathleen Summers Adam Sutton Troy swanson Randa Szymanski Jim Szymanski Zachary T Hennard Mark Tatlow Kathleen Thomas Aves Thompson Alex Thwaites Kenny TimberWolf Gardner Annette Triggs M Turner Alma Upicksoun Raymond Urrea Grant W Hunter Richard W Larson David W. Karp Rosemary Waabe Karina Waller Vicki Wallner Jim Ward Wendell Wassmann Ral West Jennifer West Lindsey Whitt David Williams Donna Williams Donna Williams Lon Wilson Susan Wilson Susannah Wilson Daniel Winters Thomas Wood Sheena Woodard M.L. Woodson Kim Wright Joyce Zerkel Andrew Zielinski Jack Amon Frank W Bergstrom Ronald A. Brown Clay D. Burton David M. Ciocchi Alfred Coccaro Constance Sinkler Durvin Yolanda H. Graber John S. Grantland Grace Halstead Kenneth Hooten T Kevin Irvin Trina J John & Dell Johnson Scott M Kendall Melani & Dale Kruger Ron & Nancy Lango Diana Stone Livingston Gary Maughan John D. McClellan, P.E. A. Joyce McDowell Rosita Meyer Dan Meyer Jon L Morse Toni Oskolkoff Tennys Owens Rosemary Pilatti Mike Race Patricia and Durwood Ringo Allan G. Riordan-Randall Catherine A Sage Thomas C. Scott Mike Sondgeroth Mark E. Soquet Darrell J. Totemoff Paul E. Tousignant Jerry and Carole Watkins Earl Whitt David E. Williams Douglas Lee Wilson
If any names appear that should not, please e-mail and corrections will be made.

Rename Anchorage Airport

Rename Anchorage Airport
The smoke has cleared! The verdict is in. Ted Stevens was and is still “guilty”. No matter what the “Alaskans for Justice” rally around their cause to incite hate and discontent upon the American justice system, as the “opinion” by a competent Anchorage attorney spells it all out. According to Cliff Groh, an attorney in good standing and stature and familiar with the Alaskan scene, during an interview with ADN: Groh, an Anchorage lawyer who attended the five-week trial and wrote in detail about it on his blog, said he's looked carefully through the Schuelke report and its description of the evidence prosecutors held back...doubts that Stevens would have been acquitted. "It is entirely possible if that jury in Washington, D.C., in the fall of 2008 had heard all of that evidence, it would still have returned guilty verdicts on at least some counts, or maybe all the counts," he said. Groh said the gifts of the massage chair(Thanks to Bob Parsons) and the dog(Thanks to MoanaLisa MurCowski's real estate friend Bob Penny) hurt Stevens at the trial, as did the email record of how much Stevens knew about the Veco home renovations. Groh said it was clear Stevens kept up frequent and regular contact with Allen while the Veco renovations were going on, including going on vacations together. That made it harder for the jury to accept that Stevens didn't know how much he received.” And not to forget Ted's forgetfulness, in not pleading the 5th and admitting some semblance of a crime spree: "the worst that can happen to us is we round up a bunch of legal fees and might lose and we might have to pay a fine, might have to serve a little time in jail." Face the facts, Bob Penny, Bob Parsons, supposedly Ted's confidants and friends, they succeeded in taking down Ted, left him to rot on the tundra. Imagine passing away working as a whore for Ron Duncan, another of Ted's good buddies. Friends? The case is closed, TED WAS GUILITY! And we Alaskans have now before us a choice. We can have an airport named after a “crook”, or we can rename it in honor of righteousness. I vote to rename it in honor of a true Alaskan that would never stoop to the bowels of the VECO man. It is time to now hear over the loudspeaker, “Welcome to the Susan Butcher Airport” when flying in and out of Anchorage. E-mail this sight to get on the petition to rename the airport in honor of a worthwhile Alaska icon, not a crook! Find below picture of MoanaLisa MurCowski in action at “Alaskans for Justice” rally recently held at the PenAir hangar in Anchorage. And yes, the VECO grill showed up to entertain Ted's pathetic followers:

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Kiss My Ass Rigger

Alaska, April 2012
It is a sad day today in the Alaskan oil patch, in Prudhoe Bay, as we hear the report of the death a rig worker. Look, these “other” guys that get their 60 minutes claim to fame aboard some creepy outlaw fishing vessel, this occupation is nowhere near as dangerous as “rig” work. Rig work is kept tame and in check, due many layers of safety. Violations upon the oil field safety net can find one headed south on the first plane out of Deadhorse, and forget about ever getting back that job, as the word travels fast. Unsafe workers are not wanted, not by management and not by other crewmembers. But there exists a sad culture today unlike yesterday in Alaska’s oil patch – in favor of Governor Parnells’ overzealous attempt to get the Trans-Alaska-Pipeline back up to full strength. Maybe it is common place throughout the “drilling” sector of this industry nowadays, regardless, this dereliction goes on and on and on day after day after day today. Before getting into details this corrupt pathetic culture, sure Doyon Drilling - the rig operator where the death occurred - has cashed in on interviews with the local news’ casts to preach that the company has a safety program second to none and comments from readers have expressed the same sentiment, that safety is first and foremost on rigs working in Alaska – but it is not the case, not any longer! I don’t care how many reams or 3-ring binders of safety policies a company can produce from its corporate headquarters, this stuff only benefits the lawyers when push comes to shove to defend the guilty! Once again, it used to be so, this safety 1st over guess what? Here is what I witnessed in the “patch” and not afraid to speak out upon, in hopes that this trend can be turned around before injuries and deaths become par for the course. I worked for an “Independent” oil company, just a stone’s throw away from where this recent casualty took place. There is a whole lot of pressure in the oil patch these days, as drilling prospects for these newcomers – the “Independents” – is way behind schedule, because the state has entertained this crash course off course misguided exploration era with the “Golden Carrot” syndrome, through tax incentives and royalty relief.  Basically, Parnell’s plan calls for giving the “refinanced” hen house away.  Of the 32 “wishful thinking” wells that were supposed to be finished by now, maybe 8 have been completed.  Drill rigs are not keeping up with the pace, and this can be detrimental to the “bottom-line”  and place  a hold on development for an entire season, as restrictions are one thing that still remains intact to protect the environment from cowboy like abuse – poke a hole here, poke a hole there six shooter style. Now for instance, with respect to a hurried season this past season in Prudhoe Bay, a “rig” was scheduled to be shared – like in the case of Savant over at Badami – but because of delays due to out-of-control rigs getting stuck in frozen drilling fluids, from “blow-outs” because the AOGCC is asleep at the wheel, it causes those in the boardrooms to freak-out and give ultimatums – you know what I am talking about, get it done or else edicts. So the pressure is on in the drilling world in the land of the cold and dark. When I was a lead spokesperson - for the 1st Independent to brave a place no other “mom & pop” outfit not fit for duty on the Prudhoe Bay scene showed up after receiving tax breaks and royalty relief from the clowns down in Juneau - I came across numerous violations being performed by the “drilling crew”. Many times they were caught “red-handed” in the act. See, “rig” hands work at the convenience and discretion of the “rig boss”, the so-called “Company Man”. I wrote a book about this once honored position, titled “Alaskan Company Man”, which can be read on my “Reader Free Site” at That writing glorifies the position, as back then when I researched this coveted position, it appeared different than what is going on today. If I were to re-write the book, it would not reflect such “glory”. In fact, it would be but a sick novel akin to cannibalism. Dylan once wrote that “the railway men drink up your blood like wine”, well a “the Company Man eat up your independence like candy”. This “I’m the boss you  bowel weevil”, this abuse is today threatening the once safe North Slope oil patch. Case in point. Operation’s had commenced venting volatile gas from the annulus of a producing well, through the use of a bleed trailer positioned outside the multi-well housing bay. The area had been flagged off the required distances, fast away from any heat or spark generating equipment and the “venting” process was broadcast over the loud speaker as well as the local radio system. Soon, the barrier was trespassed upon by a giant sized Cat forklift, to within 2 feet of the escaping gas that was blowing out and creating a vapor cloud that could not be miss-read, and the escaping gas was giving off a whistle like warning! This “grave violation” just so the “rig” crew could deliver a tool piece at a critical time in the drilling plan – this is what I was told in haste when looking for handcuffs to arrest these guys. When I shut-down the CAT and asked them if they were stupid and trying to blow this entire man-made island to smithereens, I was told they were sorry but quickly realized they were under orders, “or else” type of orders. I felt sorry for these guys, to have to work under such “Deliverance” type slavery. So I gave them a break, as they asked me down on their knees not to report them. When I approached the “Company Man”, with a smile he ignored me and went back to stuffing his fat face with a triple patty burger. This kind of attitude will pollute the environment and send young rig workers home in coffins. And when I reported this laissez-fairy attitude to upper management that is supposed to be on my side, I was told the same thing, that time is money and they were losing money, as the drilling program was way behind schedule and way over budget - so the Company Man had a carte blanch license to “Kill”, more than just a well it appears. I quit in protest! It is a bazar mindset, like it is OK to kill workers, as a human body is worth far less then lost production – just so Parnell can get the pipeline filled?  This is what’s coming from the corporate boardrooms, because of what the shareholders expect! Kill a worker, pay his surviving spouse some loot to get by and the kids get by without a dad - pennies on the dollar retribution. And while mom suffers the pain such a loss, the rig gets on with making oil to push up the investors’ portfolio. If this is what is going on, it is but a pathetic human weakness that addicts one to the greed factor that is indeed turning us all into disposable slaves, at any expense, even that of the loss of a human. If I were the family member of this latest victim – yes victim of negligence – I would sue the hell out of the bastards. And if any family out there needs information on what I saw go on when a Nabors rig was operating out at Oooguruk Island under the control of the parent company’s “Company Man”, respond for my help this site. Wow, it paints a pretty sad picture of what was once! Maybe it is time to shut it all down as all I can see is a “Kiss My Ass” rigger mentality! Sidebar: Alaska saw a “blow-out” this past drilling season. And the well was so messed up that it was abandoned in place. This accident occurred from a shallow gas pocket. The AOGCC has repeatedly allowed PNR at Oooguruk Island to “waive” the “diverter” requirements, because of no known shallow gas pockets? What gives? Sarah Palin gave us “Drill Baby Drill”, with Parnell its “FAST, FAST, FAST”!

Monday, April 9, 2012

This Site

With my fan club, which is made up mostly of Russian women with strange voluptuous names wanting “Love”, time again finds the publisher defining what this site – Alaska Chinook – is all about. Very simple, a guide to Alaska’s corrupt ways and means. How come these Russian ladies want to send me pictures? Anyway, Alaska is the state that keeps on giving, with respect to “corruption” in politics and policy. And believe me, the “Corrupt Bastards Club” is alive and well funded – most of the time that “funding” orchestrated through abuse upon the U.S Taxpayers’ loot. Can these Russian ladies really see what I am doing, in the privacy of my own home? See, I predicted that the Independent Oil explorers running amok in the frozen north was a dangerous proposition. I was right on, as this state can now account for a rig blow-out and a death of a rig worker. Pathetic! Wow, maybe that’s the camera those Russians keep talking about, but it looks like a regular old fashion fire water sprinkler – maybe under camouflage. Let’s see what this match can do! Well that was a bad idea, it’s the real McCoy! And I predicted that the Alaska railroad would go broke, after years of fraudulent requests for Federal dollars for a commuter railroad that was a fantasy. They got caught! I have tried time and time again to find the “missing in action” M.V. Susitna. That ship paid for by the U.S. Taxpayers was supposed to show late last year. But that would have meant competition for the railroad and they could lose that Federal stuff. It backfired all around. And this site gave proof that the VECO grill is still entertaining crooks. So this site is dedicated to go where no moral person has gone – into the filth of Alaska’s political arena – in efforts to sniff out the corruption. And if any Russian women feel this site is in violation of their desires, please e-mail the publisher and every effort will be made to right any wrong, but please no pictures. In fact, does anybody know who the Cat is in the below clip?

No that's not one of those Russian ladies, its MoanaLisa MurCowpie!

Open Letter to ALASKANS

If you are one of the “unfortunate” that takes it upon his or herself to follow what is occurring in this state by the so-called “Think Tanks” and legislators, with respect to the feasibility upon an in-state “Natural Gas Pipeline”, it is a mind boggling proposition. It will give one a headache, a toothache, a bellyache and suck the living life out of any righteous citizen engaged in just trying to sift out what is really going on - which means a whole lot of state loot is going wasted on “fluff” legislation and martini lunches. Wasn't that banned?  Dementia may also play in as a factor with the bureaucracy faction – selective forgetfulness. In fact, if there was a map depicting all the scenarios and all the different routes now on the drawing boards meant to deliver low cost gas to a neighborhood near you, it would make this state no longer appear as the “Last Frontier” but the “Lost Frontier”. Please Lord, just one that works. And today we hear of continued interest in a gas pipeline from Southcentral to the Interior? Talk about one step forward and three steps back, as this is indeed a Dueling Banjos' “backward” proposition! Here it is in a nutshell. All the proposed lines so-far but one will take incentives, which in layman's language equates to subsidies which renders down to giving away the hen-house. Sure any one of the proposed pipelines may provide “cheaper” energy, but when the lose factor through subsidies challenges the savings, we end up paying a whole lot more for less. And when subsidies are required, that money takes away from other needs and requirements for a government funded by resource development, like what we could have acquired through our PFD dividends. My take on Alaskan natural gas and what is going on with “zero” transparency behind closed doors. And you thought Frank and Sarah were bad, think twice. A brilliant ARCO CEO once said it well. Take a Coleman stove up North to Prudhoe Bay, hook it up to a well, and one can have boiling water in no time flat. See, natural gas is “marketable” out of the ground. It is very unlike “crude oil”, which is a nasty smelling liquid laced with cancer causing constituents - BETX - that must be manipulated in order for it to become marketable. So along the way, there exists many accounting manipulations, suspicious ways and means to add a few pennies here and a few pennies there before it gets to the refiners. That is why it is called the “Black Gold”. By the time Alaskan crude makes it to the cracking tower and made into motor gasoline, it can easily see increases of 400% above and beyond the well-head price. With “Natural Gas”, the manipulation is very difficult if not close to impossible - one of the main reasons this state is yet to see a “natural gas pipeline” heading south from Prudhoe Bay. ConocoPhillips and BP and EXXON, these are “Oil Companies”, not “natural gas” retailers. So when we hear of legislators making laws that will provide for a state run corporation with permission to with-hold data in a state built on an “open records” forum, an “Alaskan” corporation designed to build “us” an in-state natural gas delivery pipeline with no regulation like Mike Chenaults' HB9 insists, it is a ways and means for the “lobby” to find those manipulating loopholes so we never really know how much we are loosing out what is essentially ours to begin with – the resources! Headache Bill HB9 gives the Alaska Gasline Development Corporation, a subsidiary of the Alaska Housing and Finance Corporation, permission to spend over $7-Billion for something not yet determined. Layers of bureaucracy allow these so-called “Alaskan Corporations” to exist without ever showing a profit. In fact, name one entity under the “Alaskan Corporation” umbrella that would make it in the “real” investment and business world? And like another confidant of mine said when discussing revision number 5000 to this state’s gas pipeline “blind” initiative, “Why build a pipeline when career makers can just think of building one, as when the pipe finally enters the trench and the gas flows, the do nothing jobs go away.” There is a lot said about this with respect to what, or what is not going on with our representation down in Juneau. Remember, it is our gas, our resource, by virtue of one's citizenship this state. So the chaos and friction and out-of-control legislation that wants to incite within the public the possibility “once again” of that pie-in-the-sky pipeline, it is all fluff and wasting not only money, but time! Look, we have lost out in the race to supply other nations with “low cost” natural gas. But there exists a bigger problem looming on the horizon, to which I invite your help. Most of the “natural gas pipeline” proposals are shooting for the “Big Pipeline”, which means a pipeline that entertains an export scenario. And true, a “Big Pipeline” means more jobs and more income, through royalties garnished by selling the gas – to reiterate, the citizens’ gas! Sidebar: This state's greatest “Hard Aground” was not the EXXON Valdez hitting Bligh Reef on a moonlit night, the biggest wreck came about in the early 70's as a big mistake when the legislators called for only a 12.5% royalty on Alaska's oil shipped down the 800-mile long Trans-Alaska-Pipeline. That number, a meager 12.5% is what is found in text-books – for study only! In California, wherein the legislators look after the “citizens” well-being, that “royalty” number pushes upwards to 50%. Which is a win-on-win for both the resource owner and the developer, half and half is a “goodwill” partnership. This state blew it back then and we the people have suffered the consequences for way too long by now, some 30 plus years. We do not want to make that mistake again, with the “natural gas” commodity. Now as far as that North to South pipeline engaging in providing “low cost” gas to Alaskans, well that is a little piece of the pie, and may never come to fruition. Yes, there exists the possibility that a giant sized line will traverse Fairbanks and not be allowed a spigot for taking gas to consumers! It is very confusing, the rules and regulations that may follow this “beast of burden” natural gas pipeline. And believe me, whatever comes about, it will be not in the best interest of the citizens! The “Big Pipeline” proposers focus on filling the state coffers with pennies on the dollar value of the gas and not at all interested in what happens along the way. Herein is where a nightmare is becoming a reality. Right now, and not made mention by anybody collecting a state salary and working to make a pipeline reality nothing more than just a career, it is the fact that there exists an “Export Ban” on any and all North Slope natural gas. In my correspondence with Larry Persily, the Federal Natural Gas Pipeline Coordinator this concern, he acknowledged this fact and made it clear that the sitting President – Barack Obama – has not been approached, as it is his call to lift the existing “ban”. According to Persily, to premature at this point in time, due the fact we are still in the dream stage. In fact, here is his correspondence with me upon my concern the existing ban:

From: "Larry Persily"
Date: Sun Nov 13 11:35:36 AKST 2011
Subject: RE: Alaska Natural Gas "Export Limitations"

Dear John & Jane Doe

I have not spoken with the White House or members of the Alaska congressional delegation about the export limitation, though I have asked our staff to research the history of the law and how it might be applied today. In addition to this provision, there is a second, more general provision in federal law that requires Department of Energy approval of an export license in order to ship U.S. natural gas overseas. Alaskans are familiar with this process, which was required for ConocoPhillips/Marathon to export liquefied natural gas from the Nikiski terminal for decades. I do not believe this really becomes an issue until a company or partnership of companies stands up and actually proposes a new export project from Alaska. Currently, all we have is the governor and others stating that an export project might be a better option. I know the companies are considering an export project, and I expect if it ever becomes the preferred option for the companies they would certainly investigate the likelihood of winning federal approval for an export license. It's usually easier to follow the law as opposed to battling in Congress to change it. At that time, if the state wants to seek a change in federal law, I am sure our office would assist them in that endeavor. It's just a little early to go try changing federal law to accommodate a project that is still in the maybe or possibly stage.

To: Larry Persily/Federal Coordinator
Alaska Natural Gas Transportation Project.

Dear Mr. Persily;

Now that Alaska's Governor Sean Parnell is trying to find an interest for Alaska's North Slope natural gas upon foreign markets, what does the "Export Limitation" clause of the "Alaskan Natural Gas Transportation Act" mean for "Exports" if requirements of any future contracts are greater than the now set limit of 1,000 Mcf/Day? As you may be well aware, the law as it stands reads:

15 U.S.C. § 719j: Export limitations
"Any exports of Alaska natural gas shall be subject to the requirements of the Natural Gas Act [15 U.S.C. 717 et seq.] and section 103 of the Energy Policy and Conservation Act [42 U.S.C.6212], except that in addition to the requirements of such Acts,before any Alaska natural gas in excess of 1,000 Mcf per day may be exported to any nation other than Canada or Mexico, the President must make and publish an express finding that such exports will not diminish the total quantity or quality nor increase the total price of energy available to the United States."

With AGIA and Trans-Canada, this seemed not a problem, as Canada as well as Mexico were both exempt this regulation. So does this place restrictions on Parnell's plan? And have you had words with the President on getting this "Export Limitation" lifted, by the sitting President, as it appears this would be a "1st" requirement before this state goes off trying to peddle the commodity. Thanks for your help this matter.
 Another line idea that envisions the gas to run to Valdez for export thinks it can utilize an export permit originally approved for the Yukon Pacific Corporation. But that license was not for export, only a FERC certificate to build an export LNG facility and the experts on federal licensing that reviewed that license have warned the legislators that it would be easier to re-apply once contracts were signed, sealed and waiting for deliveries. And the YP license expired last year, so is now null and void. According to a reliable source, it will take from 5 to 10 years to get an “export ban” conditioned to allow something to make this “export” a go project. But with the current climate, there is no sitting President that would ever sign such legislation into effect – banning the “ban”. It would be political suicide, as the condition for which the ban can be lifted is based on one too many economic factors wherein the rest of America becomes part of the equation, so it will never happen. Let’s face it, the rest of America despises Alaska as we still garnish more Federal tax dollars per capita then any other state in the Union yet have the largest oil fields in North America. Talk about a “welfare” state of affairs. If the “ban” is repealed, it will be done behind closed doors with some secretiveness and there will never be allowed public scrutiny. Or it will require this state to lawsuit the Fed.'s. That is why it is so important to now come together for our own rescue of “our” resource. We must rally a cause that tells the President under no uncertain terms to allow a lift on the existing “export ban”, until such time an in-state natural gas pipeline is in place for the people. A separate line all by itself, so we can control its destiny. Any other way would be suicide upon the resource and suicide upon this state’s future wellbeing.  And there is already a solution on the drawing boards wherein natural gas could be running into Fairbanks and down to Anchorage within 3-years, a viable project that has not caught the undivided attention of the representative body, even though most have been briefed by the project coordinators – a private entity managed by two long time Alaskans. It is called the “Arctic Fox Pipeline”. And there is a reason as to why this line has been left to collect dust on the “Think Tank” shelves and banned from the halls of the Alaskan legislature. It works! The numbers work, the schedule works but it does not provide a political tool that can be used against us. That same age old strangulation act played upon us by inept representation time and time again. They have a big problem with projects that do not provide them with ransom control. So I urge you to write to the President, asking him to not lift the Alaska Export Ban until such time our heating bills are tame, from low cost natural gas piped down the streets of Fairbanks, the Matanuska Valley, Anchorage and the Kenai. When enough pressure is forwarded this concern to the proper channels, then maybe those doing nothing but collecting a paycheck on our dime and time, they will start to retreat from the “Big Pie” in the sky project and start to spend time working for the citizens’ interests, instead of against us. Once again, of all the correspondences I have forwarded to the legislative body and also to the Alaska delegation my concern this “ban”, I have received nothing in return, as to come forward now and try to explain to the citizens that $millions$ approaching $billions$ has been sunk into something that will never happen, well that doesn't side too well come re-election time or at a time when we are faced with oil at $104 a barrel and climbing. Damn, smells like “Corrupt Bastard Club” cigars smoldering, and what’s with all those empty martini glasses?

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Free Comic Book

Wow a genuine Alaskan funny. And the slogan this great 47-page read filled with Alaskan Style “Corrupt Bastard Club” laughter goes like this: “We’re with you all the way!” I am talking the greatest rip-off show of the century, right here in the “Lost Frontier” making Mad Magazine a second rate consideration. See, it was supposed to be the Alaska Railroad’s 2011 Annual Report, but what went printed was pure laughter. Is it really that bad, or “good” if laughter is the best medicine. OK, let me share some of the reason for the laughter. Last year, 46% of the rail’s income came from a Federal “grant”, included as “revenue” in the balance sheet. And like any scam artist corporation, the balance sheet is just that, a balance towards “zero” income. So add in the taxpayers’ loot, in the tune of $40-Million, then spend spree it away as rainy days don’t exist in Alaska – waste the loot on exorbitant salaries for the chiefs and let the workers survive on Hamburger Helper. And when tough times come, instead of sending the workers to the unemployment line, cut the “filth fluff”! Look, Bill Sheffield is the “Vice Chair” of the rail’s board of directors, need I say anymore! Now the real income, from utilizing the railroad for what it’s worth – not really much – well it was freight that made some income, once again at the expense of the taxpayers. See, coal accounts for 50% of the freight. If you ever saw how much it costs Uncle Sam to keep the military bases warm, from outrageous coal costs along with outrageous rail transport costs, you would vote to send the Alaskan military bases to the BRAC attack brass. In fact, it is a sad day for America when Korea can buy coal cheaper from Joe and transported down to Seward on the rail, cheaper then what the ARMY must dish out. Capitalism? How about disgusting cronyism like went on the other night over at the PenAir Hangar, in honor of horrible Ted. Yes, Bill was in attendance! And some of the general and administrative costs for the rail were allocated as expenses tagged upon capital projects, which means some of the state workers are in reality Federal employees, as once again said, projects paid for by the U.S. Taxpayers. What the hell gives? Hey, with film credits making crap documentaries about Alaska, maybe an “American Greed” segment about the Alaska Railroad would have merit and truly earn those credits. And the laughter goes on! Under some obscure rule making allowed by the recently modified Internal Revenue Code, the rail through an agreement with a customer – either Joe Usibelli or the Koch Brothers – the railroad was allowed $4.8-Million tax offset for “qualified track maintenance” and turned over the savings to that customer, in the tune of $2.7-Million in shipping credits – once again the “Fleecing of America”. If that customer was Joe, well he sure didn’t pass on any savings to the U.S. Army, for shipping all that coal to the bases. If the customer meant the Koch Brothers, they sure didn’t give the military a break, for jet fuel deliveries. What do you mean the rail has only two paying customers? This “annual report” reeks of madness and it is not at all supposed to provide such laughter on such a serious matter – my tax dollars at work. Are there any true Americans left around? Whatever happened to JFK’s calling, “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country”, which doesn’t include treason in the form of fraud! And whoopee-cushion-doodoo, as the Alaska Railroad enjoys a Standard & Poor’s bond rating of “A+”. Guess what, take away the “grant” and the rating tanks to “D-“. In fact, if one looks at the annual report and takes the handout away, the ARR goes broke, to bankrupt status. Guess what people, it isn’t only the auto industry being bailed out by the U.S. Taxpayers, as this rail-bail has been going down now for 25-years! And what the hell gives with “grant funded depreciation”? This annual report is crazy every which way but loose, and that appears to be the case, the crooks on the loose! If the tax code allows this, we have been blinded by the Congress. Now the rail is running scared, not because the U.S. Senate Bill 1813 will restrict the rail from receiving only 12% for passenger service instead of 60%, in reality it means instead of stealing $36-Million from the U.S. Treasury only $2-Million will be allowed. For the past decades this state has been reporting with fraudulent intent, the actual rail miles providing transportation to workers day in and day out – commuter service is what it’s called. Where in hell is that taking place today, this commuter thing? Maybe the M.V. Susitna finally showed up and is in competition with the railroad men, who “drink up your blood like wine”. What do you mean Don Young’s ship has been sold on E-bay? Now this attempt to tell the world that Alaska has a commuter rail service, this doesn’t include seasonal tourists, like the rail’s management was attempting to fraudulently report.  It’s called fraud, and should be punishable by jail time instead of rail play time!  They went overboard with respect to reported rail service for commuter passengers verses a freight service and got caught. That is why on a quiet summer day down at West Chester lagoon, that peace and quiet would be disrupted by hundreds of empty coal cars going back and forth for no apparent reason but to waste expensive fuel so the rail could chalk up “ghost car miles” for the “grant” requirement. Empty cars at that, when at the same time the railroad boss thinks the outfit is a bonafide “Green” machine? Maybe an ugly green. Maybe she meant green from the U.S. Taxpayers generosity. What happened to being honest? Asked that already, but a reiteration was necessary. And here is my take on the entire state of affairs the Alaskan Railroad that could not be sold or for that matter ever be considered sellable as there isn’t a business man around crazed enough to waste away even a penny on an investment with “zero” returns. Want to do something that helps out the Alaskans who care, post the salaries of the top management, like what does Susan Bell get out of this boondoggle. Or what does John Binkley get out of this abuse. The list goes on, and like already mentioned, when Bill Sheffield is involved, we know where that goes. Look, if this “Comic Book”, enchanting us with “We are with you all the way” dishes out not your kind of humor, then according to Bill Sheffield, the Vice Chair, “This comic book is designed to provide residents of the State of Alaska and customers and creditors with a false sense and false hope overview of the ARRC’s finances and to demonstrate selective accountability for the U.S. Taxpayer monies it receives. If you have not received enough laughter from this report or need additional laughter, contact the Alaska railroad Corporation, P.O. Box 107500, Anchorage, Alaska 99510-7500, 907-265-2300 or visit the website at or words to that effect, as I am tearing so much this laughter that it is messing up my sight.  And no, Casey Jones is not high on cocaine but it makes me wonder…..

Friday, April 6, 2012

The VECO Grill

Wow, what an event, just like old times! I am talking the “Alaskan’s For Justice” shindig in honor of Ted Stevens and a move to castrate the U.S. Justice Department.  You just watch, as they will find Trayvon was a victim and Zimmerman the perpetrator. What is wrong with this country? Put that aside, it’s time to celebrate, as Dan has been re-elected and Proposition 5 is history. Gays, mind you! And what made this event at the PenAir Hangar on Boeing Drive all worth the time and effort was the re-appearance of the VECO barbecue grill! This grill has a history, but was last seen at a crime scene and confiscated as evidence, by the damn Justice Department. Not only did they take down Ted, they took away our fun! I don’t know why Ted was so good to these jerks, earmarked an entire new crime lab for the bastards, which they used to indict him. Hey, it’s time to celebrate! Wow, I sure missed that barbecue, as when it gave off smoke and heat, it meant a gathering of the 1% contingency here in Anchorage, and good’ol American steel keeps its promise, as the names of the innocent until proven guilty are “slag” welded onto the frame of this famed piece of Alaskan history.  Even a little rust from slack use can’t erase the image behind this historical icon. Don Young’s hand-cock, along with Bill Sheffield, of course Ted’s and Bill Allen’s, to name but a few. And those branding slashes on that wooden handle, a tally of every underage girl lured to their knees by Bill with a “hot” wiener. Look, Bill helped these young street whores find themselves, shame on anybody who finds his inkling for little girls out of bounds. Give him a break. Do you know how much good he did for Alaska? He is Scott Walker’s protégé! Wow, just like old times it is tonight. And kudos to the blogger that keeps calling Lisa by MoanaLisa MurCowpie, as she seemed to get a kick over that! See, Lisa and Don used a government plane to attend this benefit for Dead Ted. What’s an extra $50k on the Federal deficit? We deserve it. And remember the times when the VECO barbeque was used to cook steak for the privileged class, over at Bill Sheffield’s mansion, steak hauled here from back east on one of those government planes, a Coconut kickback. Then when we had our Friday night fill, it was used to cook “pink slime” for the proletariats at the Alaska Congressional delegation’s summertime re-election campaign down on the Park Strip. I remember one evening we went so drunk on Don Perignon that we pissed on the grill, that’s when Bill slipped and got that horrible nose bleed. And in the confusion, nobody cared to clean the grill top! The peons didn’t know the difference when it was used at the park. Piss on them and their democratic ways and means. You don’t see them standing up for Ted. I guess in the old days, the VECO grill came out of hiding only for a reason political and being an election year, wow it’s going to be a great summer here in Anchorage. Gee, everybody of importance is here celebrating, and those party favor hats, the KKK cones with CBC. May the Corrupt Bastards’ Club reign forever, that cheer is starting to fill the airwaves. I am so proud to be an Alaskan 1%! Looks like the Archbishop Shametebury, I need to congratulate him, for helping us reject the gays! Go Catholics Go. And there’s Jerry Prevo and Jim Minnery, their creepy! Someone just yelled out it was a “bigot” reunion, everybody is laughing out loud. And there’s Dan Sullivan. Three chairs for Dan! And isn’t that Ron Duncan, Ted’s pimp? Wow, it is so great to be here tonight. Look at Don, I didn’t know he was a comedian. And MoanaLisa is rehearsing for her wicked witch of the North act. Check out the pictures. 
MoanaLisa MurCowpie as Wicked Witch of the North

Don demonstrating hidden condom trick with Bill Sheffield.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Letter to Mark Begich

To: The “Honorable” Mark Begich/U.S. Senator - Alaska
Subject: Request for “Force Majeure” Ownership of the M.V. Susitna
It has been many days since our corresponding with respect to the M.V. Susitna “Missing In Action”. I had the opportunity to see the Susitna, when I was on a state run ferry out of Ketchikan in early October. The ship nobody wants was sitting at the dock, wasting space and I am sure dormant docking fees accumulating. It appeared as if even the Ravens and gulls shied away this hull? Lets face the facts. The building of this amphibious assault vessel was for no apparent reason, except to create jobs in a state that has failed at designing a future with respect to a sustainable jobs infrastructure. You know it, as does anybody with a lick of sense. The M.V. Susitna - since inception - was but a waste of the U.S. Taxpayers' money and due the fact it is still a “ship without a home”, it is time to cut the loses. I am asking you through powers inherent in your position as a U.S. Senator, to initiate a “Force Majeure” takeover of the M.V. Susitna, and through this confiscation in efforts to protect the taxpayers - sell it to a state or foreign entity wherein it can be utilized. Even if you can get but a few pennies on “our” dollars, say from an E-Bay auction, it is still better than letting her rot to rust down in Ketchikan. I am serious this matter, as it points to a “Fleecing of America” at a time wherein economic challenges should see this kind of waste sidelined. Look, there is no need for this ship in and around Anchorage. It will never be used for its original intent, whatever that was! It is time to stand up against yet another waste situation and make good from what can be salvaged. If you cannot perform this maneuver, then maybe the U.S. Taxpayers should bring a law suit against the State of Alaska, for “waste not want” violations. So please, use your Congressional power to take ownership the M.V. Susitna and help soften the Federal deficit. Or, take the salvage money and utilize it for something worthwhile. Once again, I represent a growing concern over this “waste” and ready to take action should you refuse to except our demands. Since it was money from the U.S. Treasury, it is really your responsibility to demand retribution, and through a “Force Majeure” confiscation - a simple maneuver allowed by governments - we can begin to cut our loses and at the same time point out that the government can demand action when inaction demonstrates malfeasance upon the taxpayers. I look forward to seeing a “For Sale” notice soon.

Alaska's “Wall of Shame”

The “American Recovery and Reinvestment Act” has started a new entry of interest on the “Recovery's” web-site, called the “Wall of Shame”. It is in efforts to list those organizations that are in violation of the required reporting policies. The ARRA allowed government - taxpayer loot - funding through transparency, so reporting was a part of the beneficiary requirement, wherein such oversight would make sure the money was not looted away and went toward its intended purpose. The reporting was designed to exterminate the “Fleecing of America”. The following lists the Alaskan organizations that are currently on the “Wall of Shame” as they have not kept up their commitment and promise to report to the government how the “stimulus” money has been spent:

Alaska Department Of Health

If you are associated with any of the above listed “Wall of Shame” candidates and know of abuse upon the U.S. Taxpayers through this funding from ARRA, please contact the ARRA police so the wrong can be prosecuted.