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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Danger Zone

My work requires extensive air travel, which warrants extensive interference by the TSA upon my life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. And since my work for the most part requires working “construction zones”, a hardhat is carried along. So I think that maybe it is a good idea to start wearing it when in confrontation with the TSA. Really, the other day I watched as some foreigners tried to bootleg a bottle of water through the checkout counter. Fat TSA lady inspector #1 went berserk. That woke up Fat TSA lady inspector #2, like this was a terrorist security breach and all their government training was being put to the test. Wow, talk about mobilization. When masses like this get rolling, look out! Such commotion in-turn warranted Fat TSA male detail to come out of hiding. It was a show of madness. Hey, now that airlines are starting to serve food again, will the Wolfgang Pucks have to close down? Maybe such establishments found at airports along with the McDonalds’ and all the other crap like fast food outlets will remain open, just to feed the TSA herds. How many does this entity employ? I have observed time and time again that during the early morning hours, most of the food court tables and chairs are occupied by the obese. Do they really get paid when just sitting around doing nothing? How come this security detail hasn’t been outsourced like every other government entity of waste? Probably because health insurance would cost too damn much - as obesity is getting out of whack. Is it a prerequisite to getting a job harassing the flying public? Anyway, once the TSA fat ladies found the bottle and embarrassed the hell out of these travelers, one hand of power commenced to throw the full bottle towards a not too close trash bin, but the momentum behind the throw was off course obese and the bottle hit the wall, exploded and sprayed water over several other travelers. So that is why maybe it is time to wear my hardhat, for protection against insane acts of madness. Where I work, throwing things is grounds for termination. And how come those “TSA” framed complaint signs are always found in the trash receptacles? It is either from disgruntled travelers or care not TSA workers. But I am sure the traveling public is aware that destruction of government property is not tolerated, so it must be the TSA workers that are getting rid of any evidence, when bored at night and the food courts are shut down. Anyway, I finally made it too my departure gate, after this early morning water bombing episode. Now a few minutes before the flight was to board, an intrusion alarm from another empty departure lounge next door started going off intermittently. Then finally it blew, and was louder then any fire alarm I had ever heard out loud. Good thing my hardhat is equipped with earmuffs! It alarmed everybody, as it must have meant a breach in security, but the nearby TSA folks did nothing but act as if nothing was going down. Actually they were still trying to recover from the water bottle incident, so they were resting and didn’t seem to be able to get up. People waiting in line to board were holding their ears covered. Soon, we were aboard the plane. My window seat provided a good vantage point to the next door loading ramp, wherein the intrusion occurred. But there was no plane, no nothing. But then something caught my attention. It was a rat, a big rat that was climbing around the landing ramp and most likely the culprit that was teasing the security system. But people were still a little on the unsettled side. Especially when the flight attendant asked over the loudspeaker for Mohammad Risaz to raise his hand. People started looking around, for a Mohammad. It was unbelievable, as people started saying weird things under their breaths, like maybe there was a real security breach – as I heard one lady sigh with fear to her husband. Of course he wasn’t afraid, as he was wearing his NRA polo shirt. It read something like “We have your Congress and we have your President”. Sounded more like a terrorist threat. I also heard one lady say something about a turban! Then Mohammad appeared, as he was a late boarder. I was willing to bet that it was a TSA delay! He was a gentlemen, well dressed. But people were looking at him in a real strange like way, fear like! It was a rat people, not Mohammad! Now I had to pay an additional $35 dollars for what is considered a “preferred” seat assignment, as my reservations are always made last minute. I couldn’t understand why the extra fee. See, it was an “Exit” seat, with all these other responsibilities, like assisting other passengers in the event the rat showed up! So why the extra payout for extra liability? Doesn’t make sense. And even though there existed a bunch more legroom, there was no close by place to place personal belonging, like my computer bag. And that was stuffed away so tight in an upper bin that it was to be an impossibility to get too once airborne, not unless I was wearing my hardhat to protect against falling objects, like a big oxygen bottle for a patient passenger! And for some reason, the flight attendants had placed a bunch of garbage from the first class passengers in “my” compartment, in efforts not to squish their carryon. Talk about a class ass system of discrimination. First class preferential treatment should be banned. Especially now that we find out that 85% of 1st class travel is by government employees, including TSA agents, riding high on a government “no accountability” credit card - courtesy the U.S. Taxpayers. Of course on this flight to Alaska, most of the 1st class seats are occupied by oil workers that are supposed to live in Alaska but don’t – what a “local hire” joke! And what really irked my confidence in traveling and paying out for extra legroom was the fact that the “extra” room is enjoyed by everybody else, waiting to use the flying “shithouse”. And after a few hours in flight, the extra benefit of having a seat so close to the “crapper” becomes apparent. Each time the door was opened my $35 dollar seat was right in the line of fire of “it smells like an overflowing cesspool”. In fact I noticed that the floor space below me – that extra legroom – was showing signs of moisture. But that was due possibly from the fact that it was acting as a wick from passengers bent on using “MySpace” to stretch and wait for their time in the “crapper”. Lets face the facts, the latrines at the airports are on constant overflow, so we walk through it and our shoes pick it up, only to be carried aboard a plane, wherein it can get absorbed by carpets that are soaked in urine. What made my situation really interesting was the fact that only one of the two bathrooms had been serviced when this plane was landed, so there existed a waiting line. I felt like passing the hat, to recoup my $35-dollars! It was more like a $35 dollar seat of horror, especially when that mom waited patiently with a diaper in her hand, and next to her was a little one that must have had an accident! Double jolly when the little one started laughing and pee was flowing from her leg, onto the carpet of my extended legroom domain! And all the time, as the general public class puts up with everybody else’s crap, the 1st class get wined and dined. The guy sitting next to me made mention that it was the last time he would travel roach coach class. He was a government scientist studying “chaos theory”. Really, but guess where he studies this scientific phenomenon, at airports! He says that the effect of noise upon noise and go-carts for the obese in competition with people trying to find out why an airline likes to change horses in midstream – like a gate change – it is this theory in practice at its best. And he said that he has been performing this research for about 10-years by now. Said he had it almost figured out, until the TSA showed up. Anyway, the trip was finally over with. And upon exiting the plane, the isles were littered with those airline pillows and blankets, soaking up the carpet crap. And guess what, do you really think these things ever get replaced? As I was taking my time trying to get my belongings, the clean-up crew was in full mode chaos mobilization. The pillows and the blankets were folded up and placed in the overhead bins, as if new and sanitized! Even those from the 1st class area! Ha, ha. And what is with all those water bottles littering the isle ways? Maybe contraband that made it through security? I honestly believe the real breach upon us is that from the TSA reach. It may provide some semblance of security, but for real, by this time I am sure if there is a terrorist organization out there, alternate ways and means to crucify this country are already on the drawing boards. Like economic strangulation. And now that the cost of energy and that of food is such that it is promoting a “food” shortage, think of the day when people start going hungry, like happens every damn day in day out to the economically deprived. Maybe the time has come too be, wherein we will all get to suffer what that class has suffered upon for way to long, poverty. It is here, infiltrating the middle class as a new age victim. And for awhile, the 1st class will continue to enjoy their wealth. As it is only a matter of time wherein their status is whittled down to that of peasant, and then they will see what it is like to go begging out loud. What happened to this country? We for too long have enjoyed a “hog” like lifestyle with no limitations whatsoever. Our consumption is by far chaos. Maybe it is our penance that now the world’s food resources are dwindling, as is energy. Maybe in the end, we will learn that the resources belong to all of us, as a global community pantry. And while the rest of the world strives for peace, unwarranted invasions upon another’s country will remain the insane case of that “chaos” theory. We must learn to share. And maybe when we come to our senses and behave like human beings practicing the Creator’s mission statement in earnest - Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven…and lead us not into temptation - then maybe security will no longer be an issue and we can enjoy our true freedoms based upon that life, liberty and pursuit of happiness mandate, wherein the TSA existence is remembered as only a moment in history, a chaotic moment for us all, including Mohammad!

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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Bad Gas Guys

It is sad when one has to depart away from a “real” city for the fakes of Anchorage, a Cosmopolitan “wannabe”. When the Ted Stevens’ Memorial – Museum’s crap like Lego Sculpture – gets built this city will have its very own chapter in Mad Magazine. I am told that sculpture is of British design, is ugly and has nothing to do with the “Last Frontier”. But it does indeed resemble a “Hulk” like figure, so it must be for Ted. Don’t we have any Americans that could produce something worthwhile? Like Malcolm Alexander, who designed the statue dedicated to the pipeline workers over in Valdez? How come George Bush looks more and more like Alfred? Really, is there something going on behind the scenes? I really don’t like to pick on Anchorage, but a city’s well-being is the litmus test of Patriotism. The test has many attributes of involvement to achievement. I was in Boston for “Patriots Day”. Wow, talk about down home pride. Let’s face the facts, “patriotism” is a lost cause here in Anchorage, especially when one observes the British flag flying all around town - bumper stickers included! And aghast I am when Hickel allows that same flag to fly upon his roost on Independence Day! It is an insult to George Washington. Now what can be dangerous is driving through Boston’s Fenway Park with a bunch of Brits, on Paul Revere’s revered day. Anyway it was disturbing to get back to Anchorage, again. And this time around it wasn’t from the record breaking late April snow falling still! No, it was once again disturbing when trying to figure out how the taxpayers got ripped off with the construction of the U.S.S. Ted Stevens – better known as the Ted Stevens’ International Airport. See, normally this time of year with the snow pack dwindling away, it comes time for the “Orange Blossom Special”. That is when all of the Anchorage Daily Stool’s delivery bags reveal true journalism - pure crap. See, many dog walkers use the bags in efforts to do their fair share of recycling. Over the winter, the orange plastic bags are filled with dog crap then abandoned here, there and everywhere. And come the breakup, the bags make like spring blossoms appearing and can’t be missed sprouting up from beneath the rotting snow cover. But there is a new outcropping of another disgusting like “Orange Blossom Anchorage Special”, over at Ted’s pirate ship. See, there are all these orange stickers indicating where the floor tiles are already falling apart. Is it because this state is becoming the kingdom of the obese? And way back when one decent engineer said it was ridiculous to waste so much money on this type a flooring that made a contractor a bunch of money, courtesy the taxpayers - he was right. Honestly, the best thing to do is tear down the entire structure along with the Bill “Nose Bleed” Sheffield Train depot. What a waste. Talk about a turncoat, Bill wouldn’t be appreciated in Boston. But what is more disturbing upon my arrival back in Anchorage is to finally get to read up on this state’s state of affairs. News’ unworthiness it is, time after time after time. That is why the Daily Stool wins the coveted “crap” award for journalism. Really, I have been gone for at least a month and upon return it is the same damn crap. Today, the front page talks about some “Acting” DNR boss guy that is involved in oil and gas oversight. He gets paid to send “Big Oil” a letter asking, “It’s our gas, why can’t we have it?” Now I don’t know if what the Stool had in quotes was true 1st Amendment Right-on stuff, but it was! What a joke, to ask so nicely, so kindly, so politely! And this state has lost the battle after battle with the Big Oil crybabies, and some of that blame game has enough to go around and around. Did Sarah really approve this crap? See for years many state paid “oversight” representatives enjoyed super-salaries and did nothing to warrant getting what we deserved with respect to our fair share of the resources’ “true value”. We were sold out, time after time after time. See, the “Crybabies” had influence, so anybody that tried to rock the boat would most likely find oneself overboard as shark bait. The resource nightmare is still a sinking ship and should tell you something, that over the years the Fox has raped the henhouse – Big Oil I am talking about. And all in view of the state watchdogs. Anyway, this guy writes a letter to Big Oil crybabies that supposedly asks in a kindergarten tone why we can’t have our gas. It was nothing short of a crybaby go nowhere do nothing letter. Bottom line, asking nicely will not get us anywhere with crooks. We need to demand our fair share, that is true patriotism. And if the “Crybabies” don’t give in, then we need to bear arms and fists in protest. And I would like to have had around a Paul Revere when British Petroleum came upon the oil scene here in Alaska. Maybe had we competent leadership or gutsy type individuals that cared about AMERICA and ALASKA, we wouldn’t be bending over to the Brits and EXXON and all the other rape artists. What is more concerning is the Big Oil “Crybabies” response to this childish demand. Basically, “No, you can’t have your gas”! Here is the true scoop about this newest gas fiasco. The oil companies operating on the North Slope have been selling natural gas to themselves for 30-years by now. So their defense that they won’t sell gas until they want too is by far the best damn laughter I have choked over in a long time. But it remains more of the same. This state got screwed over. Patriotism is deadbeat, so we were scandalized. See, for 30-years plus natural gas has been extracted and sent to Pump Station #1 of the Trans-Alaska-Pipeline. At this station which is the beginning of the 800-mile beast, there exists a “change of custody” of the gas, basically it is measured to be purchased - at the going rate of “Hub” based natural gas. After that, it is compressed and sent down a separate pipeline to fuel the pumping stations along the TAPS crude oil pipeline. It is sold, purchased and delivered just like any other pipeline. And it is a whole lot of gas. It takes a whole lot of BTUs to fire up the Avon gas turbines that are used to pump the crude oil over the Brooks’ Range. These are engines like those found on a 747 jet-plane. Mechanical beasts of burden that have run for 30-years around the clock. So when Big Oil tells the state to get lost, it is time for this state to get patriotic. Bostonians know all about being “Patriotic”, we should see it the same way and start getting tough. Eminent domain is a tool that we have at our fingertips and what the Big Brats don’t realize is the fact that we also have the Supreme Court on our side, with respect to issues of eminence! It is time for a revolution against the crooks that continue to strangle hold “our” resources, for way too long. They are getting away with it, sucking dry the oil and will fight tooth and nail to rip this state off in the natural gas arena also. Then they will pack their bags and run elsewhere to perform acts of rape and pilferage. If we let them get away with it, we have let down our patriotic guard. And that is a sad state of affairs. If and when Alaska shows off its true blue patriotism and takes hold of this off course ship of fools, then maybe Anchorage and other cities here in the 49’er will have a history that warrants a place of greatness befit to enjoy the likes of great cities, like Boston. Let’s face the facts, Boston’s greatness is about patriotism. We can do the same, and then maybe the time will come wherein this state will maintain a history to be proud about, and we can show off to others. Not now though, because the corrupt bastard sickness has a debilitating grip on our reality.

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Monday, April 7, 2008

Ted Steven's is Pissed!

I sent Ted Steven's an invite to post all the previous years "Earmark" requests, not just 2008 requests that are now floating through his office. This is the response that came from a guy under investigation by the FBI. And talk about "Fleecing of the Taxpayers". He spent $5.21 of the taxpayers' money just to send out some idiotic response that has nothing to do with nothing! It is a little hard to read but goes like this:
Dear Mr. Kelley:
I have received your recent emails and do not correspond with pseudonyms. S. Pam MaGee is not a taxpayer, and should do her own research.
Now S. Pam Magee is my pen name. Put the S. & Pam together, what do you get? Spam Magee, in honor of Sam Magee!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Historical "Earmark"

Earmarks! That talked about and complained about giveaway program courtesy the taxpayers’ payola. The complaint side of “earmark” legislation comes about most likely from the fact that it is “extra” money given away and isn’t shoveled out for “all” the people. So it is basically a segregated inequity. It is a very select process wherein the beneficiaries somehow or another understand back-door closed-door sign language. Now “earmarks” have a very interesting place in history. In fact, the backlash that has now focused upon this abusive process of giving handouts to friends that work in the #1 sector that is determined to derail the Constitution - namely lobbyist – it is finding itself the subject of a coup d’etat, or revolution when in the non-French mode! Because “earmarking” is basically a corrupt ways and means to fool all of the people all of the time, especially here in Alaska. But time seems to have run out and earmark legislation is under scrutiny. Why it is considered “legislation’ is beyond comprehension. And the entire roadmap to successful “earmarking”, it may have been orchestrated from Alaska know how. Maybe it was just being in the right place at the wrong time, but our longstanding representatives seem to have figured it all out, as others have figured out what they have learned over the years. And there is no other state in the Union that has benefited like Alaska from this secretive giveaway program, held more secretive then what goes on behind closed doors of the Skull & Bones crypt located over at Yale. Basically this is what we know about earmark funding. “It is my money and I can do anything I want with it”, was the sentiment out of the vocal orifice of a current Alaskan representative suffering ED – explosive diarrhea of the mouth! Anyway, some time back, the good citizens of this nation enjoyed April 15th! Why? Well that was when all that interest paid out for auto loans and credit cards could be deducted against your income. So we got back some of our fines to utilize credit and buy new autos, to keep the economy going. Now once Congress realized that people were hung-up on credit cards and one could get a card that could easily ring-up a humongous credit interest payback, they went scared. So they devised a ways and means to do away with interest write-offs, unless it was tied to a business expense. That is why nowadays we find so many fake businesses. Really all it takes to claim a legitimate business in effort to write-off at least ¼ of your home’s value as a depreciating asset is to slap a 59-ceant sign on your vehicle! Anyway, even though interest write-offs became a thing of the past, it didn’t warrant a tax-break even though the government was giving less back for returns. It is called a “surplus”. But low and behold, it was a gold mine of extra cash that was never needed before by the Treasury. So our representation realized that it wouldn’t be missed if it were mysteriously used for shenanigan type “anything goes”, including money to measure the penis size of the male Musk Oxen found here in Alaska. It was a failed project because nobody in their right mind would try to go out in the wilds and attempt such an insane act. Lets hope not! Anybody seen MoanaLisa lately? But the earmark money came our way anyway! So over time, that money that we lost out on, it was thrown away through “earmark” legislation. It became a very convenient buddy-to-buddy giveaway system without any checks and balances required. Basically, it was grand theft by our representatives and in no way shape or form by the people and for the people but for the buddy in my back-pocket syndrome – a.k.a. cronyism. Of course here in Alaska we also put up with nepotism. Hey is that MoanaLisa chasing a musk ox? It looks like Don being chased! The project was to measure the penis size of the ox not a Billy goat. Now I requested that Mr. Phineas J. Whoopee help me out with the numbers that would testify to this earmark historical. Was it a trick all the time, to tell us we could no longer adjust our income with respect to interest when at the same time the representation already had a plan for that money saved away from those that paid it in the first place? Hey, jail time for all the political crooks that have screwed over the system of checks and balances. Anyway according to my friend Mr. Whoopee and his 3D-BB the amount of money that is secretly doled out to friends and relatives for “crap” projects and a system wherein accountability is non-existent, the money amount has followed a trend that is consistent in the actual credit card debt, just from interest. So had the representation not taken away the interest write-offs, the debt problem would not be as bad as it has turned out. I would have to say that the amount of money wasted on “earmarks” has been carefully calculated, or miscalculated, depends on how one looks at the circumstances. If it is theft against the taxpayers’, I would have to say it is a miscalculation, as this kind of representation no doubt diminishes freedom. And isn’t that what our representation is supposed to uphold, our freedoms? But what is really sickening is the fact that our representation insists that the taxpayers continue to buy back fishing boats. It is not only “earmarks” that support the James’ gang. And Alaska continues to write the book on how to rape the taxpayers of America. See, somebody came up with the bright idea that if you buy out the fishermen’s equipment – their boats – then they can’t fish a certain species and that allows limited harvesting to support the supply and demand theory. So we waste money buying boats. Then the boats are auctioned off for pennies on the dollar. The same boat owners buy back their boats, at one hell of a discount. Then they outfit the boat to fish for another species. In time, the same thing happens as another species is threatened. So the boats go up for sale again, same thing, auctioned off at a discount. In fact, it is well-known that some boats in Alaska have been purchased three-times by the taxpayers! And this also is an act against the Constitution. But what can you expect from lackadaisical representation that is on the run because somebody is trying to measure their manhood?

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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Play Ball!

I ventured over to the Far North – a.k.a Cinnamon Little League – and the Abbott Loop Community Park. What a mouthful for nothing more then an act of clear cutting. The park is now the home of 4-baseball fields and a soccer mom hangout. Some ugly like family shelter has become the home of vandals and gangs, as apparent by the graffiti. Answer me this. Abbott Loop at one time was just a secluded away neighborly street. Now re-construction efforts calls it the Elmore extension and it is as busy as Minnesota, the Service High beeline! But how come the paint the graffiti guys use to mark their territory with gang symbols lasts longer then the new road’s lane paint? Anyway, where the eminent domain ball fields have taken over is a place I used to frequent, as it was a very unique area with respect to its natural habitat. It was a ridge like precipitous that skirted a low land of a swamp like backcountry. It was thick in foliage and because it was off the beaten path, it saw very few “human” strangers. It was a great place to observe the cyclic rabbit population and along with that it was not unusual to see coyotes and on more then one rare occasion, the lynx. And for years in a tree no longer was the nest of the kingfisher. Owls seemed to like this area, maybe because of the rabbit population. And this was only a stones throw from Zodiac subdivision. It is different now though as a side attraction of the ball fields is a big community parking lot. So it has become a popular area all year long. In fact it now requires an attendant in the summer time, because of the vandals. That is the dog owners that let their dogs crap all over the turf. See, dogs aren’t allowed to crap in ball fields here in Anchorage. And with the building of ball fields and soccer fields here, there and everywhere, dogs are loosing ground. Anyway, it was well into breakup so activities at the ball fields indicated some adults were getting serious about summer. I can hear it now, just like last year, roaring crowds well past 10pm at night. I guess it keeps the brown bears away. It is OK, kids need the sport. I mean parents need something to keep them occupied. Anyway, since the snows are slow to melt away, dads were out on the turf with snow blowers in efforts to get the fields in shape. I think dog crap actually speeds up the snow melting, so maybe…It was a nice midday’s walk, so I ventured further into Bicentennial Park as the trailhead starts at the community park. It was at one time an off the beaten track lot for about 4-cars total. So things have changed drastically in the wilds of the park. Bigger parking lots mean more people on foot and that equates to wider paths. It has nothing to do with being overweight. Hey, it is called progress. On my way back through the “Lost Frontier” where now the green turf reigns, I came across a couple of individuals that seemed to be up to no good. Now they didn’t have the attire that indicated a gang affiliation, except one lady was wearing a cap that read CBC. I knew exactly what that meant, Corrupt Bastards Club. It signifies this state’s corrupt political climate. Anyway there exists 4-ball fields at this outdoor complex. I thought only one of the fields was officially named, as this complex only opened last year. Really, it required 5-years to get the diamond grass strong enough to withstand kid abuse. Maybe dog crap…. Now what used to be called the Bill Davenport field was renamed. The Davenport had been changed to Sheffield. In fact the new sign now read Minor Corrupt Bastard Field #2, In Honor of Bill “Turncoat” Sheffield. I honestly think that “Nosebleed” would have sufficed over “Turncoat”. And further investigation showed that the other 3-fields had also been named in honor of well-known Alaskan crooks. See at this complex there exists three minor league fields and one major league field. The #1 field now sported a sign that read, Minor Corrupt Bastard Field #1, In Honor of Tom Anderson. Now the minor herein must mean something different if you now what I mean. And since Tom was the first to get indicted, as a politician that liked handouts from friends, he had the privilege of his own field all by himself. Field #3 was dedicated to Vic Kohring and Pete Kott, also politically indicted. And then we had the major league field. The sign read, "Major Corrupt Bastard Field" and dedicated to Ted, Ben, Don, Bill and the dedication sign read and others! Come to find out this was a cast of technicians, not vandals, that were filming a segment on Alaska style political corruption – for the cartoon channel. But maybe it would be a good idea to keep the honors where they belong. Think of it this way. When a young kid starts playing baseball, that great American hero sport, then maybe at the same time they can learn about this state’s failed political past, when it comes to political corruption. Mixing sports with history, what a concept. I think we need more sports fields, as the list of corrupt bastards is growing each and every day. And with what continues to go down in downtown Juneau, the bastards continue to wreck havoc upon the “Last Frontier”. Talk about dog crap! You know what, we can get ordnances against dogs crapping but we cannot get ethics back into politics! Just what the hell are they all afraid of? I heard someone say work. Really, maybe these bums are afraid of working for a living. Honestly, what do Ted and Don and MoanaLisa do for a living, except give away money? Given away in such a way that the trail is designed to hide the truth and get them re-elected time after time after time. It reminds me of a bunch of spoiled rich kids that have no future on their own. They are not the only ones that have taken advantage of a failed system, as corruption seems to be par for the course within Congress. Why are we still at war? Why is the Bear-Sterns bailout at the taxpayers expense in efforts to reward daddy Bush? Really, Bear-Sterns was on the brink of financial collapse because the Carlyle group was about to loose billions of dollars on its involvement in ARM mortgages through a foreign subsidy, and that looked bad to the dynasty. Can you imagine Jim Baker having to admit he failed at something! Remember the Carlyle group principles refused to be interviewed with the American flag draping the background, as this outfit considers itself a global force. Then why the American bailout? The sad fact, it is our system that has become hijacked by crocks. It will always be our system, we just need to take it back. But these scoundrels have invaded the system in such a way that it is hard to exercise our righteousness that we want our system of liberty a pursuit of happiness for all and not a pursuit of favoritism for a few. Baseball, maybe we need the pinch hitters to take over and play makeover, if need be, extra innings included! And George can play water-boy, as that is what his terms of endangerment amounts too! Sorry, it was water-boarding for the water-boy!

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Friday, April 4, 2008

Smells Like Crap

I wanted to use the “S” word, but in honor of my British friends and foes, “crap” it is. Now crap can mean a whole lot of different things when in company of the Trenton War loosing party! Take the following. “Hey mate, how about going to get some of that crap for lunch?”. Herein “crap” most likely means fish and chips with a side of – not coleslaw – but mushy peas. And “What the crap is going on?”, it means hell! I guess that one word can mean a bunch of different things. Anyway, I just went on a bike ride even though the editorial responses found recently in the Anchorage Daily Stool considered this an act of madness and warned against such lunacy. See, it is breakup season and we just passed a bunch of bonds along with minimum wage appropriations that will be used to promote public safety while driving, so people are pissed that pedestrians may get to enjoy walking, or biking along the Anchorage streets. And since bike riders have been in hibernation with winter upon us, I thought it would be appropriate to wake up the road rage early on so it gets out of everybody’s system before school is out for the summer. Think of it this way, if the rage gets loosened up, kids can take to the street on wheels and maybe get by without broken bones during the summer months here in Anchorage. And then the bondsmen doesn’t have to spend money on the low-life street people. Really, any bond that even hints that the pedestrians may get a break is pure “crap”. Why? Pedestrians - bikers included - become targets here in Anchorage. It is like a seasonal sport. And tourists on a visit are even becoming victims. In fact, if I were a tourist visiting this state and walking around downtown I would wear a bulletproof vest, kneepads and a construction hard hat. Anyway, the breakup was causing flash flooding along the culverts between the main road and what looked like a bike path. It acted like a safety moat. But with the gravel fallout and litter, it was hard to say whether it was a path or not that provided some semblance of a safety margin between myself and the racetrack. But it paralleled the road, so it sufficed. I couldn’t imagine trying to compete with the traffic from Service High and riding along the roadside, as all those kids leaving school must be part of an area wide driver’s training education class. Maybe it was a testosterone pandemic. Talk about dangerous. And that traffic jamming caused delays to the moms trying to get out of the cul-de-sacs. I could honestly see pain and suffering in some delayed drivers’ eyes when at an intersection, was it them or I who owned the right-of-way! Anchorage is by far the road rage capital of the universe. Anyway, when I got to my destination – Fred’s – I noticed people looking at me with strange like behavior. Similar to what I see when out and about unfamiliar territory with my British Compadres. – bar hoping mate style! Never let a Brit start to talk about “football”. Now I knew that there was a mud streak running from my crack to the nape of my neck, as I could feel the wet creeping in. But then me senses caught wind of the problem mate. I smelled like “crap”. Honestly, this was embarrassing. It wasn’t pure unadulterated Alaskan like mud, but “crap” that was making the scene. So on the way home I made an inventory of just what the hell was free-flowing away as breakup carryover. It was dog crap! The overflowing culverts smelt of “crap”, so did the mud-puddles. And I counted at least 5-dead cats along the way. And there was another dead body, big. Could have been a moose. Could have been a human. It sucked. Talk about “Alaska Is”, maybe some pictures of rotting away dog crap is in order, thank you Perchibel! So maybe that old-timer was right, about not eating the salmon that swims up Cook Inlet this time of year. That “crap” accumulates and is eventually discharged into the inlet, just about the time the salmon are making their move north. Hey, if there is that much “crap” around this town that it makes one smell like a turd, there is something seriously wrong with the dog crap patrol. And when that melt-away ends, we still have to contend with the dust, which has a constituent base made of “crap”, sounds just like the Ted, Don and MoanaLisa base. Hey, question for the day. This city seems to have a Federal building for just about everything, accept what department? The IRS! For years, the revenuers’ rented a space from the corruptest of corrupt bastards, Bill Allen. Did Ted have something to do with this? Like a strong-arm rental agreement? Anyway, there exists plenty of extra room down at the Federal Building, even for the IRS. And how come Don and MoanaLisa opt to rent space from a friend? Some guy named Peterson? That costs more money from the Treasury. Now, Ted has a constituent office at the big Federal building, but one must go through at least 3-lie detector gizmos before you can get to the office. I wonder if Ted has a back door? And maybe that is a requirement, the lie detector, so no wonder…Hey, it is really beginning to smell like “crap”, political crap. As the winds of no-change are coming this way, once again from Juneau as the budget is on the loose. More crap coming our way.

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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Lions, Tigers and Bears

Actually, the title of this writing should read, “Schools, Roads and Pools”, in light of the multi-million dollar bond issues passed by the Anchorage voters. Now that the voting booths have closed, some $103-million, for what? I voted “NO” for all of the bond issues. Accept the Taxi deregulation. I will get to that. Now we are all allowed to exercise our right to vote right, or left. So if the majority chose to appropriate a bigger tax burden upon themselves to once again fix things, so be it. I think this city is at Phase X of the fix-it-up thing. One also has the right under the 1st Amendment to opinionate. When the bond issues surface, it is always for the same damn thing. Roads, leaking roofs and more fire engines. How come we cannot construct roofs without leaks? How come we cannot construct pools without leaks? Talk about engineers left behind, Alaska has found them and they seem to be leaving technology advancements behind. Must be athletes that graduated with a degree but no degree of credibility. The road system in and around Anchorage is pure unadulterated “crap”. But it always has been and always will be unless we change our stupid ways and means. So I can see it now, as the road construction companies will once again become the beneficiaries of the bond money giveaway. See, no other cities in the nation have roads that crumble apart like we see and put up with here in Anchorage. Why? Because other cities get it right, maybe not the first time, but soon after as bond waste isn’t allowed. Best way to get booted out of a good old American town is to be a shabby road contractor. Good thing hangings are a thing of the past! So why don’t we ever get it right? On the Seward Highway, there is a Federally funded “Test Section”. It is a section of road made of concrete. It outlasts anything that has been laid down and subject to frost heaving and thumping traffic. Many other cities with “good” roads - some that have climates very similar to Anchorage - have opted to fill the lanes with concrete. It costs a whole lot more, but it lasts ten-times as long as asphalt. But that is where the problem exists. It would put the road contractors out of business! So I guess crappy roads and crappy re-work does provide jobs, bond after bond after bond. Seasonal jobs at that wherein most of the workers take off for the winter. Yes indeed, take the money and run for cover. So the passing of the bond issues is evident of the population base. Sure moms and dads want the best for the roads that take their kids to school. To those places of daily worship that are modern and safe, bond after bond. But it will be more of the same a few years from now. If this city were smart, it would support a contest to let the kids design a school instead of some architectural firm that can’t yet get it right. And it seems this city has more fire-fighting equipment then many “Big” cities. Of course, this city buys and maintains all this special equipment for industrial fires, except no industry to use it on. Thinking ahead I guess. I truly think the city needs a fireboat. Why not, just another bond issue? The voters can be fooled again. In fact, maybe a fireboat is truly a necessity now that Don Young’s wood chip export fiasco is nothing but a heap of rotting wood chips nobody wants to buy for export! And how is this city going to protect the passengers aboard the U.S.S. Don Young when it starts transporting politicians from Pt. Mac to Anchorage? And that is where the problem of “The Bond” exists, as there is this “bond” that tricks us into believing we need to spend more crap on crap. It is definitely a crappy affair with my money being wasted. And bringing outsiders inside to tell us what is best is “Turncoat”! Why? Because that is what this state did when oil came along, and we got screwed big time for a long time by now. As far as the Taxi deregulation bond failing, that was trickery, as the outsiders invaded our domain. It is a rip-off, but with only 20% voter turnout, the weather was not a factor. In fact, Best Buy had more shoppers then did my precinct turnout. Maybe the bond shootout should have included free taxi service to the voting halls, then people may have voted the truth of the matter. Money was used to provide a false impression of what deregulation would do for the taxi industry. Somebody paid for that advertising entertainment, like hiring a lobbyist. Lets face the facts on that. It was most likely the owners that want to continue rolling in the dough. So what if deregulation failed in other places. Roads haven’t failed in other places but that didn’t stop the Anchorage voters from saying “yeh” to more taxation did it? I use the taxi system. When you get the goods on how this is but a segregated industry, you would have voted differently. Deregulation would have been good for the business climate all around, testament that Anchorageites were willing to try something different for a change. Stagnation wins out again and that has a boil-over effect as it stagnates our future. But it is no different then the paving businesses. It is a money tree for a few and a total inconvenience for the rest. We struggle every summer working around idiot road projects. Then it snows and the road paint washes away so does a good portion of the crappy asphalt. Do you have any idea how much pollution that crappy black stuff contributes when it breaks down and gets wind blown or water born? There is a law, but there is nobody to blame! Really, when the city was monitoring what was in the melt-off and dust, besides dog feces, it was determined that a major constituent was asphalt. Tar balls I am talking about. And laws do exist but it is based on quantity discharged. We are all guilty when we get in our vehicles and race around town. So not only does shabby road construction cost money, it is a cost upon the environment. In California, asphalt is tested before it is laid and must adhere to strict guidelines for “sticking” together. It costs more, but it is designed to last a long time. Do you think the road engineers ever test the crap that is laid in and around this town? NO way, as it would all be rejected and the project would get delayed and that may delay completion bonuses! Last year when the Wild Man was laying the black along the Abbott extension, crap balls could be tracked for miles around! That outfit should have been fined for illegal discharges. But NO, as we have to handle the paving contractors with kid gloves or they might go away. Good riddance is my sentiment. And I feel sorry for Kiki, but it is also time for her to hang it up. We need new blood and a younger breed to try and right our wrongs and get things straight. Take this for instance, do you really think the CBC - Corrupt Bastard Club - mentality is gone forever? Look at what is happening this day down in Juneau. Waste, more waste and waste on top of waste. In fact, if this state was even a little smart we would keep “our” share of the oil in the ground for now, it is going to go up! We have enough in the reserve to run government and hold off for that rainy day. Maybe the young kids will someday look back and chuckle, over what the hell happened to all the money. They may vote a bond to hire an outside explorer to find out where it is hiding out, as we will probably still have nothing to show for low voter turnout. I guess it accommodates the 5th Amendment Right! “No person shall be compelled in any criminal case to be witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law”. And that is not what voting is all about, as to not vote is like hiding. Shame on freedom! Damn, a tar ball just hit my windshield. Or was it a dog turd? Wow, a day after the bonds received the stamp of approval and the paving trucks are rolling off the lot, as the money tree lives on. Screwed again we are!

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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

$104 and Change!

So on the day after the “Big Oil” executives were called once again before Congress to vindicate the outrageous profits garnished from the working class in efforts for us to get back and forth from work, oil hit another all time high - $104.83 per barrel. And why does this hearing always take place on April 1st? I guess it is best described as an “April Fool’s Joke”. OK, so the military uses a horrendous amount of jet fuel, something you and I pay for. With a protracted war going on, fuel is a necessity over a luxury for the flying fighter pilots. When wartime is a thing of the past, pilots practice and patrol no-fly zones, so it costs fuel for that exercise only. When a war is going on, practice makes perfect and the taxpayers get caught in a double jeopardy garnishment. We pay for the practice sessions and the wartime efforts at the same time. Fuel use doubles during wartime. Couple that with fuel prices doubled, the numbers speak for themselves. It boils down to double-up double digit dipping, again it hurts my Treasury’s surplus! What surplus? Anyway, like again and again more of the same, Congress has no teeth when it comes to harassing a corporation's big profit margins. It is really the other way around, as it seems the corporate devils have no sympathy and give it right back to the hearing committee, without any repercussion. And I would bet, like again and again, they were allowed to testify “Not” under any oath to tell nothing but the truth. Last year when this same scenario unfolded, Ted Stevens – at the time head of the committee investigating outrageous energy costs to the consumers – he went “hulk” like upset when other senators requested that the hearings be conducted with the testifiers under oath. It didn’t happen and it was a great day for the 5th Amendment. Really, the executives answered nothing. And when they are required to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth, the “truth” takes a turn for the worse. Anyway, I worked the oil patch for many years here in Alaska, in the capacity as an oil measurements specialist. Basically, I was responsible for accounting for every drop of oil that entered the Trans-Alaska-Pipeline. Every drop counted, even when the pipeline was accepting well over 2-millions barrels of crude oil in a 24-hour period, as no producer was willing to get shorted. That was during the time that crude oil was pretty stable at about $18.00 dollars a barrel. Now I must admit that I had the luxury of utilizing Phineas J. Whoopee’s magical 3D BB to figure out what that $18 really amounted to, with respect to what an oil company gains from exploring then exploiting then having that barrel get refined into motor gasoline. Just how much money does that $18 make or break for an oil company? So here it is in a nutshell. A barrel of crude oil equates volume wise to 42-gallons of crude oil, unrefined crap basically. It can’t be used for anything, except polluting beaches. Anyway, once that barrel makes it to a refinery, all hell breaks loose with the crack addict teams. Take 42-gallons of crude oil through a journey of a modern day refinery and here is what you end up with, product wise. Modern day refining and hydro-cracking can take that 42-gallons and without haste or waste make 70-gallons of refined gasoline – a 1.68 gain factor! So when crude oil was costing a refinery that meager amount of $18-dollars delivered to the front gate, when done with it could bring in easily $188 dollars of gross profit, for what started out as 1-barrel! Take that minus the cost of the oil plus the other incidental costs, $150 dollars of pure net profit. And for these “Big Oil” giants, that cost of crude oil per barrel is just a myth. Why? First, they most likely own their own refineries. Secondly, field production costs are pretty much the same for aging fields. Maybe production is down a little bit, but it becomes a cash cow! So from when the cost was $18 dollars a barrel to the present all time record breaking, breaking my wallet, it is basically the same - $18 dollars, no more, no less. See, crude oil is very friendly to the refining process. First, the light hydrocarbon constituents are boiled off, like the propanes and ethanes. That stuff is used to energize the refining process. So it means dirt cheap fuel for the process. Next, the natural gasoline is skimmed off the crude, like cream off of fresh milk. Then the other stuff is converted into gasoline, by the cracking process. In the end, it all becomes gasoline and what wasn’t converted used to drive the process. It means a very efficient process that is automated and requires a minimum of manpower. The truck deliveries are probably the most expensive attribute of this stuff we need in efforts to get to work, to survive. So “Big Oil” makes one hell of a profit when one sees the “Big Oink Picture”. To make a point, one doesn’t need a special Congressional hearing to figure out how much “Big Oil” is making these days, it is a very simple equation of rape. With today’s inflationary factors, a barrel of crude oil is fetching easily $250-dollars pure profit. I will simplify it for you. In terms of a gallon of gasoline, you pay say $3.50 a gallon, while “Big Oil” puts $2.58 worth of profits into a retirement account for its shareholders! But there is an out for “Big Oil”. They blame it on the cost of crude oil. As that commodity gets worn out and resources dwindle, they go along with it as it in no way shape or form hurts their bottom line. They were smart and devised an infrastructure that could take advantage of price increases along with price decreases. Right now, they are making out big time. And because of the present day energy quagmire, they stand to continue making humongous profits and there isn’t a damn thing anybody in Congress can do about it. In fact, Congress would be better off exercising the 5th Amendment, as they know the answers but hold these hearings to pacify their constituents and we hear the same damn thing, over and over again. No results, no nothing except more excuses. What a return on their investment they get, the politicians I am talking about. They protect the lobbyist first, then the big campaign contributors and somewhere along that trickle down slime line are the peoples’ concerns. Remember, by the people and for the people! Just what the hell is that all about? So remember “Big Oil” simple economics the next time at the pump as it costs you twice as much to fill that tank, and remember, they love every drop of it!

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Help Wanted - Anchorage

Field Organizer for local Working Families Win Project

Americans for Democratic Action (ADA) is the nation’s most experienced independent advocacy organization whose lobbying philosophy is based on democratic action - motivating our grassroots members to lobby their Senators and Representatives as constituent-advocates.

Working Families Win is ADA’s community-based organizing project. The program is based on the belief that for working families across the country, the economy is not working. Good jobs continue to leave our communities and are replaced by lower wage jobs, often without benefits. Daily living costs are skyrocketing, yet wages for most workers are stagnant at best. Many of the workers who are suffering the most from the current economy are not meaningfully engaged in the political process.

Americans for Democratic Action believes that when working people are organized to support real alternatives to today's economic policies, demand that candidates support these alternatives too, and persuade their neighbors that we have a clear choice, real change will occur.

POSITION: WFW is looking for energetic self-starters to do local issue organizing. Candidates should have previous organizing experience in issue and/or candidate campaigns and a desire to help support progressive issues. Local ties a plus. This is a unique opportunity to play an integral role in a dynamic project.

The position reports directly to the WFW project director and/or the national field coordinator.

PRIMARY RESPONSIBILITIES • Implement WFW field and outreach strategies in target communities, including grassroots lobbying actions, voter education campaigns, candidate “bird-dogging,” voter id, and GOTV. • Build coalitions among allies and nontraditional constituencies to grow broad community support for the WFW agenda. • Build, engage, and mobilize a network of activists to advance WFW’s national advocacy campaigns through local organizing efforts. • Generate local media coverage on behalf of WFW. • Coordinate local and regional activist skills trainings • Help develop and execute direct actions in target areas• Track and report campaign deliverables.
PROFESSIONAL REQUIREMENTS • Previous organizing experience in electoral, issue and/or legislative campaigns.• Experience engaging and motivating large numbers of volunteers. • Experience working collaboratively with other organizations. • Enjoy working under pressure and can think quickly on your feet. • Work well independently, as part of a geographically dispersed team. • Familiarity with and understanding of health care and economic issues • Excellent organizational, verbal, written, and interpersonal skills • Willingness and ability, including own transportation, to travel throughout the assigned project region

Competitive salary plus health care.

Available immediately through 11/30/08.

Interested parties should submit a cover letter, resume, and references to Don Kusler at

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Alternative Energy Crap

I always get a kick out of the withdrawn mindset that Alaska is caught up in. Today it is all about alternative energy. Is anybody out there a realist and serious about this besides Deb Williams, president of Alaska Conservation Solutions? Why am I so serious about the seriousness of this possibility? Because when you see “pork” infiltrating to make even the “alternative” viable, think twice as it is already slated for failure. Take for instance the Chena Hot Springs geothermal mess. Sure it is a mess, as the only reason it is running and generating a farts worth of heat recovery and some electrical demands is to get the regulators to insist on Golden Valley Electric running a high-voltage power line to that area of recreation. What is wrong with that? The entire rate-paying community will pay for it, so it costs a bunch but benefits a few. See, the geothermal experiment was just that, an experiment paid for by the taxpayers. Sure it works, but when one considers its success on the economy of scale, it fails for sure in the “Alternative Energy” category. In fact the company that designed the components for heat recovery did it for a reduced sum of money, as it was the only way to visit this reverse process science. It works just the opposite the Carnot air-conditioning cycle, as the thermal advantage found underground in the Chena area is very limited – to the point it is a disadvantage for this kind of renewable energy alternative. So it required new technology. Will it have a future in Alaska? I doubt it as it is yet another pie-in-the-face project, basically a joke when it comes to the seriousness of energy needs. And the taxpayers paid for a modern building and the salaries of some guys who have nothing better to do then think they are providing a solution to this nation’s energy dilemma. And all those successful wind turbine experiments along Alaska’s coastline, well many of the turbines have to be shut-down when unpredictable wind gusts are present. Which can occur anytime of the day and anytime of the year. In fact, the downtime due to bad weather is more then the generating time. And what about the wind turbines that have succumbed to destructive wind forces, again unpredictable, when the blades couldn’t be turned off and what was blowing in the wind blew the entire project to smithereens. And solar panels in Nome? How much light in the winter? It is a freak’n joke played out at the expense of the taxpayers. Bottom line, we need to conserve if we plan on getting out of this energy quagmire of a mess. We cannot continue to consume on a daily basis horrendous amounts of climate changing crap! Hey, I am all for alternative energy. But we are way behind the curve here in Alaska when it comes to looking out for the future. See, we had the money and interest a long time ago, but did nothing. Why? Because at that time there existed cheap resources. And let us face the facts. Alternative energy doesn’t bring in the profit windfalls associated with crude oil and natural gas exploitation and distribution. Now, with the resources almost depleted, so is the money to move forward with alternative energy research. The pork chops I am talking about. Bottom line, if a project is viable for success, if the promoters are willing to invest their very own time and their very own money and very own energy instead of yours and mine, then the bankers will also get involved - with loans. That is what made America great. People would get an idea then through sweat equity, take and make that dream a reality. When Uncle Sam is there to give handouts that don’t require a return - zero accountability lending in the form of grants - and it doesn’t require investing one’s own sweat equity, there is really no incentive to make things work. Wind and tidal energy has been thought about since statehood here in Alaska and infrastructures have been designed on paper, deemed workable but no interest to go forward. Turnagain Arm was researched for water surface wind turbines back in the 70’s, but the bankers laughed at the idea because the state wouldn’t permit eyesores upon the water! And the state bureaucrats consider wind a resource, so it has to be royaltyized! There has been wasted enough wind power to generate ¼ of Anchorage’s energy needs in the years gone bye-bye. Without the state taking a stand to promote permitting, the bankers ran for cover. And there was the C-sep project in Valdez’s Ship Creek basin that would have provided 180 million-watts of electricity by sucking natural gas liquids off of the pipeline. The project backers couldn’t get a commitment from the oil companies. Why? It would have opened up the books as to how much that commodity when shipped down the Trans-Alaska-Pipeline was really worth. That is something the oil interests’ were not interested in getting public attention upon. Then there was the additional 30million-watts from the reduction turbine at the bottom of Thompson’s Pass in Valdez. This was all designed into the original pipeline design. The reduction turbine would steal energy away from the momentum of oil racing down the pass, for free! That would have meant about 200 MILLION WATTS of somewhat free energy for the Alaska grid. Enough to power 200000 households, or 2/3rds of Anchorage. For cheap. But no! So the reduction turbine was never incorporated and the C-sep possibility went to the graveyard. So for years all of that natural gas liquid stuff has been sent aloft, zero recovery. I guess pollution is better then recovery? And get this, for those now taking an interest in “Alternative Energy”. It is called “lead time”, defined as the time required to procure necessary components for viable alternative energy projects. Wind Turbines: 3-years. Reverse Cycle geothermal: Undetermined as it is not a proven technology. Solar Cells: 3-years. So today I go to vote. No, I won’t vote for the school bonds. If it were a raise for the teachers, “yeh” would be my vote. But to continue to spend more money on schools that have a life expectancy equal to a birch tree leaf, it is yet another waste of money. And who makes out on these bonds? Surely not the teachers or the students, most likely the design groups that get millions to design schools. Why not come up with one design that meets all requirements for the next 100-years? Then pay the architects a one-time fee and be done with them, that’s how to save money. Anyway, alternative energy, solar and wind and tidal is something that should have been dealt with when this sate had a green light to install such an infrastructure. We didn’t. We wasted money on “Crap” projects that have not done anything worthwhile for the cause. When one looks at the billions spent for this and for that, it is not amusing. In fact, it is sickening to say the least. As the winds continue to blow, many states are already on the bandwagon for alternative ways and means. As they have been planning instead of acting like a bunch of crybabies gone corrupt. Wind farms are sprouting up in Texas, Colorado, Washington and Oregon. Many lower 48 coastal communities are already way past the permitting stage for tidal and surface wind turbine power generation. The backlog of components is still a problem but at least they are acting towards sustainable “alternative energy” realization. So even if this state was serious, we are way behind the 8-ball. And as far as solar, hey this is Alaska. Sure we have a hell of a lot of light during the summer months, but that is wherein the problem exists. It is in the wintertime that calls for energy consumption beyond our needs and desires. Tidal power hasn’t generated that much interest, as it is still in the experimental arena. So we wait and pay dearly to heat our houses and fuel our vehicles. To bad Anchorage didn’t have a friendly mass transit system. But soon this city’s harbor will have a high-speed amphibious assault vessel – the U.S.S. Don Young – that is a waste and should be retired to the bone yard to just rust away. Think about how many wind turbines that 40-million could have purchased. In fact, it would have covered the entire cost of constructing a wind farm on Fire Island. Alaska, not a gold rush mentality, but a pork addiction “we don’t care about the future” mentality wherein “alternative” is just a joke.

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