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Monday, July 20, 2009


Wow, I was “EJECTED” from Ann Coulter’s “chat” room site. All I did was engage in conversation with Ann in efforts to see if she would entertain a mud-wrestling match with Sarah Palin! And things were getting close to the contract stage by agreeing on a few minor modifications. Ann thought that Sarah would need a handicap so allowed Sarah to bring along MegaWitch, so it was to be a two against one match! And Ann said she would further complicate matters by wearing a pair of Sarah glasses. And this mud-wrestling match was all for charity! It was going well until one of Ann’s chat room followers went upset that I would try to engage the “Goddess” in a wrestling match with Sarah. Like a frenzied wildfire, her followers ganged up so I was booted. It was amazing how many “creepsters” came to Ann’s defense, as she is their Goddess no doubt! They actually regard her as such! Anyway, I am trying to get back on Ann’s site, through another back-door fictitious means. But her contingency is nasty and rumor has it that Ann polices the site as a private eye-detective, to make sure it stays inflated by constipated followers. Regardless, and not to give her publicity, this site is a whole lot of laughs. Are there actually humans out there that are members of the “Pathetic Society” akin to the “Flat Earth Society”? So don’t get excited about an Ann Coulter vs. Palin & MegaWitch mud-wrestling extravaganza, as there exists a faction out there that is constipated and will do everything possible to defend the “Queen”, as do worker bees! Hey, I am back on Ann’s site of morons! I found the back-door login! Have at it. Use this Login: NNATNUC. Password: BlondBimbo. Get on in and find out where individuals missing an IQ congregate!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Cap & Trade

OK, so what big deal nothing that Sarah Palin thought this so-called “Cap & Trade” energy policy was just that, a trading in of one’s multi-colored ball-cap studded with a toy wind turbine, a.k.a. Propeller Beanie Cap. The entertainment keeps on coming! And she isn’t even a comedian. But when one looks at what one takes away from a career as an Alaska politician - even if short lived - there is life after corruption in the comedy circuit. Look at what this state has produced with respect to low-life politicians gone wild. The list is too long to recite. I wonder how Ted is doing? I wonder if Ted and son Ben go fishing? In fact, there wasn’t the “hoorah” over the Kenai River Classic this year, as if maybe that entire fiasco normally sponsored for U.S. Senators and enjoyed at no fee for the participants belonging as a burden upon the U.S. Taxpayers was not as popular, now that Ted is in hiding. Do you realize that our Senators and Congressmen pay the least amount of taxes? Really, with perks and special interest money donations and PAC war chests, these bandits get away with no taxation for representation. And why is Don spending so much tax free income for others to represent him in the legal arena? If he was innocent then there would be no need to spend “other’s” money. Maybe this is Don’s idea of a “stimulus”! I don’t have all that kind of extra cash on hand to defend if I do something wrong. And if I did, it would be considered income and I may go to jail if I didn’t declare it as such. For the most part, Congressmen, Congresswomen and Senators of this country are worthless pieces of crap that have only one intent, the selling out of freedom wherein they benefit and the common working people again get screwed over. This country needs a common working class hero in the White House. If I were “President for a Day”, I would eliminate the Congress and let citizens of this great country “twitter” vote for what they support, or don’t support. Wars would be a choice of the people and not through some trumped up Cheney make-believe threat. How come Cheney and Bush and the entire entourage that signed the PNAC agreement are not yet in jail? Why the delay? Mark Twain was right, when not doing their duty they all deserve to do time! Thieves and crooks they are. How come there is no coverage whatsoever for the U.S. soldier now held captive by the Taliban? And the commanders are threatening to kill! Remember, McCain was a captive and found a captive audience and used his so-called torture episodes as a ways and means to propel himself into politics. Then we were tortured for years by his bullshit and pathetic wishy-washy policy making. And Sarah wants to be in the “In” crowd? It is but more torture when she gets center stage attention and at the same time our troops are being ambushed and taken prisoner of WAR. Anyway, we will continue to see that Palin is in it for the entertainment, as it pays more in revenue as this country has become a ship of fools wherein we understand so little about government and take the easy road to nowhere, just like the bridges. The history that is culminating now will never be fit for a Time-Capsule, as nobody in their right mind would believe that a civilization could continue on when the leadership was comic. Now I am not talking national, as Obama seems to be reigning in accountability and transparency, something the Palin fans seems not to like, or care about as such means being truthful. In closing, Alaska is famous for its diphtheria serum run to Nome. What this state needs now is a truth serum run, because there is something affecting the well-being and honesty of the politicians that seem to get into office around these parts. And quitting or going to prison seems to be the norm! And are not we so glad and fortunate that the capital never made a move out to Wasillabilly territory? Anyway, we should be paying attention to what is really crippling this country, like POW and not comic relief by yours truly a jerk, Sarah Palin.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Anchorage's KINGdown Award

Anchorage has become the recipient of the 2009 KINGdown Award. This award is presented to the city that is most challenged with issues of equal rights and showing signs that it will most likely “Not Succeed”, wherein equal rights fall “down” in a way that would have frustrated Martin Luther King. The challenges that bring about this ugly award – a negative mark against a city in efforts for the advancement of Equal Rights – comes through the most recent decision by the Anchorage Assembly’s Chair Debbie Ossiander for allowing interference upon the due process of hearing the “voice” of the constituent voters only. During the most recent hearing before the Assembly on Anchorage Ordinance 2009-64 “Equal Rights Provisions” and before any assembly voting process, the Anchorage Assembly instituted insensitive behavior upon its core constituency and interference upon the “due process” by allowing Jerry Prevo to incite bigotry upon the masses - by bringing in busloads of protesters against the ordinance from the Valley. Anchorage is an eminent domain that does not include the voice of “outsiders”. Some of those bused in were under age and had no idea about the issues confronting the Assembly but were allowed to partake of the “Bigotry” movement advanced by Prevo and the Anchorage Baptist Temple. This can only cause bigotry to be ingrained in those still trying to develop an individual conscience. This demonstrates that Anchorage – through the Assembly Chair’s actions or inactions – is a city bent on bigotry and sets back equal rights gained. This should be a wake up call that Anchorage is not a city of “Brotherly Love” and will most likely see an escalation in “Hate Crimes” and other atrocities against humans in their Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness - should this type of interference persist. Residents should be alarmed and tourist should also be cautious when visiting this city, especially those practicing an alternative lifestyle. This KINGdown award can be lifted should Anchorage show by example an about face with respect to equal rights interference. A first step would be to re-call Assembly Chair Ossiander as incompetent in furthering equal rights. This would be an example that this type of behavior will not be tolerated in the quest for such rights and place Anchorage back on track as a city that enjoys and fosters equal rights.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Dickman Poll

A recent survey by the Dickman Pollster - Alaska’s Other Pollsters - indicates a serious concern with respect to tourist traffic here in the “Last Frontier”. Many would be tourists bound “North to Alaska” have already cancelled out, due to various reasons. But 2500 individuals that had booked a trip for the 2009 summer season - one of the best summers of record - then cancelled out have done so NOT due economic difficulties. This poll provides the following information that should help understand why the Alaskan tourist trade downturn is alarming upon historical records. Those accepting the survey were asked the following question:

“Was Sarah Palin in any way shape or form reason to why you cancelled a trip to Alaska?”

Results of Survey:

1000 or 40% surveyed said they were tired of hearing about Alaska’s Sarah Palin in the news and everywhere else, so with that in mind and out of protest decided to go to another place wherein they could enjoy themselves without political fallout. Many were frightened away when their pre-recorded tourist update advisory mentioned “Alaska, the Palin State” and no longer said anything about the natural scenery or fishing reports. One would-be tourist gone irate said that she spent almost an hour on the phone with a “customer representative” trying to find out if she and her husband would see the “mountain”, - a.k.a. Denali - and were told they had a better chance of seeing Palin in the news.

1000 or 40% indicated that they were now afraid to visit the 49er since Russia is so close(Sarah insists that she can see Russia through her bedroom window at her home in Wasilla). The cold war lives on! Those surveyed said that if provided a gun and ammo upon getting to Alaska, then that would make a difference but their cheapskate package deal didn’t include that level of protection.

500 or the remaining 20% said that they had a better chance of seeing Palin in the lower 48 states then here in Alaska, as she likes to gallivant around on the entertainment circuit.

The 500 who stayed at home due a better chance to see the celebrity wannabe were asked an additional question. “Who is Sarah Palin?”

250 thought she was a roller derby queen turned politician.
150 thought she was the figment of John McCain’s “political babe” imagination.
50 thought she was a Drill Sergeant gone AWOL.

Drill Sergeant? Wow, this is it, there exists people in the know out there in wha-la land, even though it seems to be in the meager minority ranks. Bottom-line and like I have plogged upon earlier in my career, Sarah Palin will be known for her “Drill Baby Drill” mentality which has enough fallout by now to camouflage the “Drill” sentiment with “Pollute Baby Pollute”. Her steadfast resolve to open up fragile and pristine environments for the wrecking ball mentality is showing its ugly face right about now. Stay tuned, as this will soon be headline news in an upcoming documentary. If interested, funding for filming this documentary is accepted under SarahWACKO at Please do not get this link confused with SarahPAC, the endless pot of gold that protects Sarah’s selfish interests, wherein it is testament that people that contribute to her aspirations are SICKO!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sarah Palin's Legacy

Once again the “Outsiders” - a.k.a. Pandora’s Pundits - are feverishly trying to cash in on foretelling what will be Sarah Palin’s legacy. Failed run at the presidency as John “Madman” McCain’s running mate? A multi-million dollar book deal wherein the ending was not until she resigned? Can you imagine quitting just so a book has an ending? And how much did this risky retreat to wha-la land swell the endorsement? Was it the pressure from Goldilocks book publishing, for a few extra million? “Take the money and run, take the money and run”. Why is it Palin likes to “quit”? Questions, questions, questions. And is it true that before he died Oscar Meyer tried to promote a contract with the Palin’s to drive around the country in a “salmon red” WienerMobile pushing “Salmon” wieners? Imagine that, Sarah and Toad running shore to shore in the dog salmon car? Now that is something she could do with ease. And think about it, a different small town pageant parade every weekend wherein she could reign the beauty queen. She could be even more famous with another base, the kids. And she wouldn’t have to worry about difficult political or environmental questions while on the circuit. About the only difficult question may be something like, “Where’s the beef?” Now it may be still too early to tell her true legacy, but the “legacy” path is already following a path of destruction. What? Here it is in a nutshell for Sarah’s fruitcake audience. Sarah Palin’s legacy will be “Drill Baby Drill”. That catcall made famous during her campaigning for McCain. Talk about irresponsible behavior! The “calling” in effect is an all out run amuck attack on the oil fields of Alaska, especially offshore, wherein such haste can have but one outcome – waste! And it didn’t just start when she took up residence in Juneau, as once upon a time Sarah was appointed the chairwoman of the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission and in that position decided to take on “Big Oil”, like Exxon-Mobil, British Petroleum and Conoco-Phillips. This state commission oversees everything oil and gas related. In fact, so powerful that it has jurisdiction over the EPA! And it was around that time that the playing field was softened to allow drilling where once drilling was not feasible, from an economic standpoint and most notably from an environmental standpoint. The more fragile the environment the more it adds to the cost. This for years scared away “Big Oil” from drilling where no man has drilled before. Today, we are stating to see the fallout coming of such allowance and the irresponsible behavior, wherein anybody can head out on the pristine tundra or open waters and poke holes in the ground in efforts to find oil. When Sarah was the “chairwoman” of the “commission”, she quit that position also, after she broke into another board member’s computer while engaged in a spy vs. spy mission. See, another commissioner was doing GOP business on the state’s dime. Sound familiar? Stay tuned, as soon there will come a Moore - NOT Shannon - like documentary that tells it like it is, the sad truth of what Sarah allowed when she infiltrated government on the heels of corruption, when the time was right for her to cash-in on MurCowski’s reign of corruption for her own reign of “Pollute Baby Pollute” Bottom line, somebody isn’t watching what went on back then so is not watching what is going on this day, from what went on behind closed doors yesterday. It was favoritism that has taken this state down a rocky road of destruction with respect to environmental stewardship. Many thought we learned the lesson with the EXXON Valdez wreck when matter of fact that made it a little easier, as to climax that nightmare is tough too do, but that atrocity upon the environment is used as the guide to what and what we cannot do or go after. It basically brings back the sentiment that the “solution to pollution is dilution”. What the “commission” allowed and endorsed by the governors basically opens it all up to exploration and exploitation. See, the state allows it because it is the “black gold” that allows so many bureaucrats to have useless jobs as it is oil that fuels this state’s economy. And nobody likes to be a whistle-blower as there is “zero” protection for speaking up. And Sarah was behind a lot of the fancy footwork that has this “Drill Baby Drill” as out of control as John McCain’s presidential bid, like NOT allowing polar bears on the endangered species list. Polar bears are getting mad as their habitat is dwindling and what is left is interfering with oil exploration. Palin was so far out of touch with political reality when at the same time environmental responsibility was just a suggestion, I am glad she quit. But it may be a little too late as it is tough to stop or change horses in midstream. That is why her legacy will be remembered in my book as “Drill Baby Drill”! And why did Sarah give Levi so much guff when this kid without a future was trying to cash in on any and or deals wherein he was part of the “Family” from Wasillabilly country? I give the guy credit! Palin may be doing the same thing, cashing in! Maybe she finally realized if you can’t beat them, join in. Hey, I just received a phone solicitation from some outfit trying to promote Sarah. It isn’t only book deals that has Sarah seeing the $$$$. Hey, with crap like Palin’s memoirs hitting the market book shelves, it has the same effect as book banning burning. Her crap displaces real writings. Bill Clinton did the same thing. He was paid 10-million and the book only sold ¼ that amount. See, this kind of crap hurts the real writing world. Real writers - just to get published - have to recoup the losses of the celebrity status quo trying to be famous in print. About the only book Palin is good for is a comic relief book. Anyway, the solicitation person was wondering if I would be interested in “Beta” testing some Palin endorsements. Wow! First there is a rendition board game designed like “Srabble” The only difference is the fact that “SCAB” is limited to words of four letters or less, proper spelling isn’t necessary and cheating is allowed. And then there is the board & card game called “Where in the World is Sarah Palin”, modeled after “Carmen Sandiego”, wherein people try to guess what her next move is. And then for my time answering the questions I was offered a pass to another new game show, “Is Your Turtle Smarter Then Sarah Palin?” Egad, what fame and fortune can do to disrupt decency! In ending, it is “Drill Baby Drill” that will soon take Palin’s audience by surprise. Hopefully before her next political move, as there is a problem at hand with this annihilation upon righteousness in environmental stewardship and her base may want to find out the truth so help us God, so they can baste away her political and financial aspirations to Doomsville, forevermore forever Amen. Maybe this state should honor her with this title, “Wicked Witch of the North”!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

My Book Endorsement

Upon listening to the pundits try in vain to figure out what Sarah Palin is up too, it is evident that those that practice the 1st Amendment outside of Alaska are completely lost in limbo. So I have just signed a book deal that isn’t quite as lucrative as Sarah’s, but at least it gets my name as an author recognized. The book is titled, “Alaska Politics for Dumber then Dumb Pundits”. Since it is only three pages in length, I have reproduced those pages for the viewers’ enjoyment. In actuality, the book is over 500-pages in length, but many of those pages are “Intentionally Left Blank”, just like in George Bush’s memoirs.

Chapter 1 & Only – Why Sarah Quit

Well it wasn’t really quitting. See, Don Young has decided to quit his U.S. House of Representative seat as a representative for “All” Alaska. Alaska has but a single seat in the House, so it is a very honored and time proven powerful position, or it was that way once upon a time. He had a tough year. His wife was ill and by a miracle, she made it through tough times. And on top of that, Don is under investigation by the entire cast of government run oversight agencies, with evidence of collaboration going all the way back to the Abranoff scandal. One of Don’s staff members is already behind bars, so the fallout of it all is still falling from the sky but has not hit ground “zero”, not just yet. So Don has coughed up in excess of a million dollars to defend himself. This money from his political campaign “war chest” – donations from special interest. At one time in history Don and Ted Stevens had the pot of gold that kept on giving. Ted is gone. Don, on his last limb with respect to political clout. Hey, if not so guilty then why all the extra curricular activity with the wallet? So Don is most likely doomed. He knows it. And he has lost most of his clout, now that Pelosi is in charge and holds a grudge for when Don called her a “Rabid Skunk”. And big deal that Don wanted Congress to pass a measure that would allow a bounty on the beast. So rumor has it that he has made the prudent decision to step down due distractions, in efforts to let someone else focus in, as it takes away from his time wherein he should be focused on constituent issues. See, when Sarah made it clear and convincing that things were getting in the way of her efforts to run government, she was really talking about Don’s decision. That is why it is so difficult for the dumbbell pundits to get real on this issue. It is Alaska politics at its best! So there has been hatched out a plan behind closed doors, wherein Sarah resigns and soon Don will do the same, like peas in a pod. Now Sarah would have been the official to replace any vacancy with respect to Alaska’s lone House seat. But no way could she get away with doing herself in. So she resigns and gives a little time wherein the majority of the dumbbell pundits will forget she was a quitter without reason and then when the Don retires, Sarah will be the one called upon to fill that vacancy. It is almost official that the Don will step down, as the verdict of “not guilty” is too far removed by this time in the “Corrupt Bastards Club” game. So the “new” acting Alaska governor will get to fill that vacancy with none other then Sarah Palin! See, all the Newts have voiced that Palin - in order to survive her political aspirations - has to show leadership. And this retreat shows just the opposite, so she needs something brilliant to incite that she is not a quitter and a leader by default, and what better then a seat in the House of Congress. Just like Katherine Harris! And were else can Sarah show the rest of the country how stupid she is, in the Congress! So there is only a miniscule time lapse wherein Palin will not be in a role of responsibility, I mean photo-op limelight. Soon it will be, “House of Horrors Representative Sarah Palin (R) Alaska”. And then Don can sit back and deal with book deals, like his new memoir titled, “Palin, Revenge Upon Pelosi - the Rabid Skunk of Congress”.

Hardball Hard-Up

I watched that Hardball thing the other night, and it is still all Sarah Palin. In fact the commentator was about to blow a forehead fuse over the fact that Palin supposedly retreated - quitting refined - due the defense that the “ethic” complaints against her was causing this state to go broke. And the commentator had the audacity to think Alaska is in dire straits economically. Talk about being misinformed. The price of oil is up, so is the income this state garnishes for its resource exploitation. The Constitutional Budget Reserve is still pretty healthy, in the billions. Fact of the matter, we didn’t need any of that “stimulus” money had we tapped into the reserve, to be used as it was designed to be used. And as some of us uphold the 1st Amendment there are guys performing shovel ready projects, like cleaning the artwork along Elmore with toothbrushes! One cannot get a flight to Prudhoe Bay, as things are going strong in the oil patch and there exists not enough qualified help from the local hire ranks so we are importing workers from the Louisiana swamps. I worked with this one guy. He was on his R&R way down deep in the Bayou and while lighting farts to entertain his white lightning drinking buddies, caught a couch on fire. When he jumped up and down to extinguish the flames, a cushion spring serrated his leg. Not to worry, just more booze and an Office Depot stapler can work wonders! Folks, hide your kids, as Alaska isn’t getting inundated just by media freaks but by the Bozo bus mentality. And we want a gas line? So Hardball, get a grip on your Hard-up Hard-on! And it was the same scenario on the FOX. And is Shannon Moore desperate for female attention? Sob, sob! Anyway, this state spends way over the “Palin Ethics Debacle” amount just to study “Bridges to Nowhere”. So far the Bridge To Nowhere Authority has spent over 5-million just on the Anchorage to Pt. McKenzie wet dream, and I have not seen one shovel at work! And why in hell does the Anchorage community want easier access to our beloved city from the Wasillabillys? And what about the money wasted trying to measure the penis size of a male Musk Ox here in the “Last Bimbo” state? And what is it costing for the amphibious assault vessel soon to be delivered to Pt. McKenzie with no place to go, courtesy Uncle Don courtesy the U.S. Taxpayers? That weapon turned ferry is going “nowhere”! Talk about Don, there is clear and convincing evidence that the Don will soon step down. Wow, then that means there is a vacancy in the House. And guess what? Acting Alaska Governor Parnell gets the privilege to fill that position. Have we been taken for a joy ride? Palin is a shoe in, as that would give her the forward-looking momentum to run for the presidency. Why do you think MoanaLisa attacked Palin over her “quitting”, as when Sarah gets to D.C., Moanalisa may as well call it quits. Think about poor Begich surrounded by MoanaLisa and Palin – talk about hot britches. As for Palin’s nomination to the Congress, it means many, many Shannon Moore steps closer to the White House and is a pre-meditated approach wherein Don seems to think he is doing his duty – to vacate his representative position so Sarah can continue to entertain the country. This entire scenario has been hatched out behind closed doors. Remember, not once did Palin ask Don to step down while he was under investigation still. The Don has spent well over 1 million bucks on legal fees defending that off course coconut. And didn’t Palin ask Ted to bail out when he was caught red-handed with his mouth in the cookie dough jar? So this entire Palin Peyton Place has been growing and I would bet that Don becomes her campaign manager, or something like that, and when Palin gets the White House, Don will be in line for a pardon. “Don & Sarah, trying to set Don free, abusing the government buracracy, first comes merging then comes quitting then comes Sarah bouncing back in her Queen Bee fashion….” The rest is history gone haywire! And I can see it now, the Don’s memoirs, “How I Wasted the Taxpayers”, or “Fishing Pole Taxation”, or “The Rabid Skunks of Congress”, or “Palin, Revenge Upon Pelosi” or “A 2% Tip Is Too Much”.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Off Her Knocker Rocker

Come get me Tom Van Flake! Sarah Palin is “Off Her Knocker Rocker”. McCain did indeed create a knocker rocker monster extraordinaire, “Sarahstein”. And what is with “MegaWitch”, Sarahstein’s spokesperson not in the know anymore? Were not these two Alaskan pageant queen-bees genuine fleas of a rod? I believe Sarah now ends up having a leaner political career then Katherine Harris. For those that forget, Harris was the stool pigeon down in Florida that allowed voting irregularities during the 2000 presidential election to show that democracy is being compromised for anything Bush. For her collaboration to disenfranchise America, she was promoted up to the House of Congress but lost out trying to become a senator. She was on the march to become the 1st “female” U.S. President. But was late for all the Congressional breakfasts, because she wasted too much time plastering makeup upon her face. Sarahstein has disenfranchised America and derailed women’s rights by using her wannabe political clout to waste precious time at photo-ops. In the end as can be expected, the lucrative book signing! Maybe book burning should be allowed! What, Sarah’s all for book banning? Harris and Palin show that “females” are quitters when it comes to the political arena and they have not backers replaced by hackers. But when Frank MurCowski ruined the statesmen like quality of Alaska’s political history past, it opened up the arena for fakes and wannabe politicians like Sarahstein, wherein IQs less then a snot would suffice. I just made it back into town. The worse thing about being out of town and working way up north is the fact that FOX news is all we get. And being way out in “Drill Baby Drill” territory, the newspaper arrives months out of date. And with the Internet access controlled wherein CNN liberalism is on the “blackout” list most of the time, we get a one-way opinion of facts. See, GCI controls the airwaves in Alaska, so that outfit sees too it that the news’ coverage is a one-way street. Hey, GCI is one of the biggest donators to the GOP here in Alaska! What do you expect, but more control through manipulation upon the 1st Amendment. And they make tonnes of money bringing high-speed Internet service to the bush, courtesy Uncle Sam’s generosity – the taxpayers’ dime! I wish somebody would give me back some of my money for free! So everybody is trying to piece together what forced Sarahstein’s retreat away from her political holdings. The verdict is still out. Maybe Palin has not yet revealed the real reason and that is why MegaWitch is still AWOL with answers. I am really surprised that MegaWitch didn’t take over the helm. And Bill O’Reilly sucks. He went on a ranting rage that Palin was a quitter. You know what Bill, I know a mom that had a Down’s Syndrome child. It is a full time job, so maybe, just maybe Sarah has come to the realization that “Choice” means dedication. But I really doubt that she threw in the towel for her children, as she threw her family under that out-of-control train with Casey Jones McCain at the throttle. The other bad thing about being away from Anchorage for a spell is the fact that when one returns, it means learning to drive all over again. Just how many traffic lights does this town need? Is there some kind of kick-back going on or is the DOT design team aligned with stupidity? Again, is there an IQ lower then that of a snot? And there is not one iota of traffic light coordination, so road rage is alive and well. In fact, this city just lost the coveted “Brotherly Love City”, because road rage - especially upon those that like to ride bicycles - is as out of control as the Palin administration. Look out! I was over at the Peterson Towers and low and behold, that is where Begich’s Alaska staff of 200 plus is about to take up quarters. At least Ted had the decency to use Federal installations for his local office. It was over at the Federal Court House. The office was difficult to find and getting to Ted’s receptionist meant navigating a maze, lots of security. I guess that was because Ted at one time was Pro-Mad Temper, 3rd in-line to take over the presidency. Wow, were we lucky! But there was supposedly a back door to Ted’s office, for rapid response - Bill Allen’s entrance. But now Begich wants to be just like the rest, and throw money away to rent space from a private equity investment firm that owns the Tower. So why in hell have we used taxpayers’ money to build all these Federal installations here in Alaska yet we allow these politicians to spend more for “private” office space? And it has nothing to do with accessibility. In fact, it is more towards inaccessibility! Maybe that is how they like it. Lets face the facts, with modern day networking and access not yet denied, representatives don’t need offices here, there and everywhere. In fact in this day and age we don’t need representative miss-representation, as with “Twitter Dee & Twitter Dum”, we can vote for ourselves on all issues of interest, including traffic lights. But I did hear a rumor and if such is true, maybe we should demand that MoanaLisa “Nepotism Senator” MurCowski along with Mark” We Need More Rockets” Begich and Sarah “Maybe Young’s Replacement” Palin to move their offices over to that Federal installation on Tudor, into the facility that sits unknowingly way off in the weeds, the FBI “Special Agents” detachment! That way the Fed. can keep an eye – a private eye – on the stooges. Really, can you imagine Sarahstein getting a shot at Don’s seat? When I was at the Peterson Tower and trapped in the elevator with “Twitter Dum” talking on a cell, I could here the calling party talking about Don stepping down, something to do with being incoherent and illusionary since getting hit on the head with a coconut. Hey, can representatives apply for disability? What do you mean they are all already disabled? Representative Sarah Palin! “Do you swear to tell the whole truth so help me Jerry Prevo”! Representative Sarah Palin, I can hear it now. Instead of a Te-Lue appropriations bill named after Don’s dame, it can be called the Te-Toddler, in honor of Sarah’s husband. Then we can be entertained with the Te-Trigger, and on and on and on. Who in hell would name their child after a gun component? Let’s see, we were cleaning our guns when we decided to have intercourse! It turned us on, the smell of gunpowder! Now of course her quitting as the governess of Alaska could be for other reasons of insanity, like so she can take over son Ben’s seat on the SEMCO Board of Directors. See, that was the seat that was given to son Ben and for due consideration to do nothing, Ben made off with $70,000-dollars. So maybe this Michigan based rip-off company needs people in high places. Let’s face the facts. In order for Enstar to continue to rip us off in efforts to keep our houses’ warm, somebody must overlook what is going on. Sure this state has a regulatory commission, but that board remains constipated and cannot produce anything that helps the consumers. I think it is time to get one of those twitter gadgets. With all the time spent wasted at “red lights”, there has to be something to pass away this wasted time. And another thing, how come all that Alaskan made beer that costs and arm and a leg is Budweiser in disguise? I have yet to taste any beer made in this state that is credible, except from the micro-breweries around town. Is it the water? As the mass-produced stuff appears watered way down. And that is maybe the best thing to wean us away from Palin’s inebriating grip, as her agenda is just a way watered down pathetic mess message and her legacy will be but one thing to remember, “Drill Baby Drill”, as that mental mindset is leading too a destructive ways and means pattern of abuse on the North Slope. Time will tell, but she will be long gone and any “Grill Baby Grill” will be left for others to defend. Birds are dying from this “Drill Baby Drill” agenda of destruction wherein the state regulators are turning a blind eye. And another thing, did the state already paint the road lane demarcations? What is with so cheap of paint? Then again, what is with so cheap a political scene as found here in Alaska, wherein a low-life wannabe like Sarahstein can steal center stage and still think that she can see Russia from her backyard. And she thinks she can lead this country forward? Help!!!!!! Before sigh Nora Odonnell, it seems that Fox’s Greta is the most disturbed over this Palin retreat. Why? Well maybe she has a crush on the “Toad”. Hey, what is with this Mt. Marathon race wherein those running up a steep mountain get to see no other scenery then that of another man’s sweaty ass? “ALASKA the wild land of the weirdoes”, Sarahstein style!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Shannon No-More!

The Constitution of the State of AlaskaAdopted by the Constitutional Convention February 5, 1956
Ratified by the People of Alaska April 24, 1956
Became Operative with the Formal Proclamation of Statehood January 3, 1959

Article 1 - Declaration of Rights

1. Inherent Rights
This constitution is dedicated to the principles that all persons have a natural right to life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, and the enjoyment of the rewards of their own industry; that all persons are equal and entitled to equal rights, opportunities, and protection under the law; and that all persons have corresponding obligations to the people and to the State.
5. Freedom of Speech
Every person may freely speak, write, and publish on all subjects, being responsible for the abuse of that right.
§ 22. Right of Privacy
The right of the people to privacy is recognized and shall not be infringed. The legislature shall implement this section. [Amended 1972]

So Sarah Palin’s attorney Tom Van Flake is right. Palin has the right to privacy and those that abuse the free speech right can be held responsible for any abuse upon others. The latter is a catch-22. So back off Shannon No-More. But there has to be something hilarious going on behind the scenes. Let’s face the facts, had Palin wanted to further her political career and aspirations, she would have continued to do that with her base. The die-hard misinformed. I still cannot see Russia from my backyard! But that faction was not included in this quick draw MaGraw abandonment act wherein Sarah throws in the towel and decides to go fishing for a living. So there has to be a best kept secret about to go public that makes her a fool in the eyes of her beholders. And with that in mind, maybe it has something to do with “Choice”. Maybe, just maybe she made a “Choice” once upon a time that is not at all popular amongst that base, especially the creep show freak show fanatics that hide behind the veil of Christianity, like the Alaska Family Council. But this is good, the abandonment, as Palin’s calling has awakened just one too many Dobson Prevo freaks, so maybe now this un-civil society that arose from the crypt can once again retreat and let others enjoy that inherent right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness without a collection basket, wherein church is separated and not part of government. Probably the worst thing that Palin accomplished was a ways and means to erode away that separation and let us not forget “Drill Baby Drill”. Maybe now it is “Grill Baby Grill”! You know what, I wouldn’t let Palin anywhere near a boat or fishing net rope, as she looked like it was the end of the world during her quitting speech and had no use for life, by “Choice”!