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Monday, November 30, 2009

Weight Watchers

I almost found myself with a hernia Sunday, while trying to haul in the catch of the day. The Anchorage Daily Stool I’m talking about. The paper weighed in at an astounding 4-pounds or more, with 99% of the weight contributing to “buy, buy, buy” campaigns. What economic slowdown? Sure, why not continue with a subscription, if not for the news, the entertainment provides laughter - still the best medicine. No, I do not read the “Entertainment” section, as the news’ section itself provides its own side of comedy. I wonder, is this paper just a testing grounds for would be journalists? Bottom-line, I just can’t wait for the paper to arrive, so I can turn to the last page and see not Paul Jenkins mug shot anymore, long time commentator and editor for the Voice of VECO. See, for 15-years, the Voice had a page dedicated to the “other” side. So even though Anchorage was a one-paper town, the Voice had a distribution vehicle, surviving like a leech. How this guy supported Bill Allen’s agenda after all those years, it is mind-boggling. See, many of us in the oil patch realized early on - ca. 1980 - that Allen was a crock. He made his fame and fortune by undermining true Alaskans out there in the wilderness trying to make a living, that life, liberty and pursuit of happiness thing. His greed was in turn the workers detriment with respect to wages and benefits, as Allen was dead set on providing “cheap” labor - which went over well with foreign oil companies operating in Alaska, like British Petroleum. Allen had a tough time at first, trying to infiltrate the workforce that had so far made the Alaskan oil scene safe, efficient and profitable. At a cost we did so, because good labor wasn’t cheap, and the sentiment “you get what you pay for” was the driving force. At first, Big Oil was bent on doing it right, so didn’t mind paying top wages for the “Best of the Best”, Alyeska’s one time motto that testified who and what we stood for. It was a give and take relationship that worked well. But it was only a matter of time, wherein VECO hardhats started showing up, for small jobs in and around the Trans-Alaska-Pipeline pumping stations. Some of the early-on jobs went to routine station help, like trash hauling and burning, shit-bag duty, things that the directs frowned upon. And when such infiltration by Allen started to make history, when his posse of underpaid and under-educated made a show, they were branded, “Scumbag Contractors”. It went hand and hand, as Allen was just that, a scumbag. I remember times when a VECO “scumbag” was denied a work permit, because those of us in the know realized that what was happening in the oil patch was not healthy. There is nothing worse then unqualified help in a hazardous environment. But VECO made inroads, first taking the crap jobs, by employing desperadoes, enticing them with low paying jobs and maybe a future. When break-room talk commenced to compare wages and benefits, the VECO hands became nauseated. I once watched a few VECO workers clean up a mercury spill. What PPE? That means personal protection equipment, like gloves and facemasks. The sentiment, if we complain and don’t get the job done….. I felt sorry for one guy, so gave him a pair of gloves. So it wasn’t just the behind closed doors political wheeling and dealing that we should remember Bill Allen upon, but how he imagined greed as a way to undermine our livelihoods. Wages in the oil patch have suffered, due Allen’s work. And like I have said many a time before, who was the force behind Allen? So we survived “Black Friday”, the Saturday after, and made it through another week, only to find “Monday” upon us and the gears in motion, as the Holiday season is here again. Allen is in jail, happier Holidays! And honestly, today was a record breaker. The Stool weighed in at a whooping 2.75-ounces! The cost of today’s paper topped gold! But there was a noteworthy opinion in “Our View”, about “Black Friday”. It was indeed a disgrace that Mayor Dan Sullivan decided to be the Grinch and Scrooge all on the same day and cut out the Muni, on the biggest shopping day of the year! He has to be sick, confused and delirious to the point of lobotomized, to think of such a stupid move. But he knows he can get away with it, just like Allen did in his early years. Bottom-line, to undermine the public trust was at one time not a good scene. It could get one on the chopping block, that “impeachment” thing. But we let it slide, as with only a one-paper town and all the other 1st Amendment protectors wasting time following around Sarah the beauty pageant queen, well we are getting robbed, lock, stock and barrel. Look, Sarah is no different then Bill, on the selfish agenda scale. No different then Ted, Don, MoanaLisa, Frank or Shefield or….. They are all “greedsters” trying to take advantage of Alaska’s once great name wherein the citizens suffer when they gain. For anybody living here today, can with honesty and without laughter continue to say that our representatives have done good for Alaska, just look around and you’ll see still a failed infrastructure that cannot sustain a stable jobs market. But the “crocks” succeed in their endeavors, because we let them, thinking they are looking out for our own good when all the time it is the same old thing, more of the same “snake oil” medicine. It may sound good, but that stench should be the giveaway! If it sounds too good to be true… it is, as it is “trust me” in disguise of political blasphemy.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanks MoanaLisa

Now I remember all to well MoanaLisa MurCowski taking credit for securing $millions$ in Federal funding to build a “New” museum along side the original Anchorage Museum of Natural History in downtown, so thanks for nothing! For those of you not in the know or care not to care, Federal funding is regurgitated taxpayers’ loot. It is “our” money stolen away so others in power can do as they please to win over friends, to gain popularity in efforts to forever fill a political seat that carries with it outrageous health care benefits, for the entire family including the dog. The way “our” loot is administered, borderline un-Constitutional in my book. In fact, elephants have better health care then most Americans that work for a living. I don’t mind paying my fair share, but the equation of equity doesn’t seem to balance the budget all that well nowadays. Anyway, MoanaLisa made it clear and convincing during her nepotism re-election campaign for U.S. Senator, that she brings home the bacon for jobs and funds to maintain the infrastructure - the “New” museum included as her big ticket item of interest. Well I finally had the opportunity to visit the “New” museum, as there came a freebie opportunity during the Christmas bazaar. I must say, the new addition is indeed bazaar! Definition of Museum: “A building for preserving and exhibiting artistic, historical or scientific objects”. Now some states have historical icons that have something to do with the state, like the “Big Buffalo Turd” museum, or the “Supper Duper Cow Pie” wayside exhibit, somewhere down in the lower-48. So even though this state never made possible a “Bridge To Nowhere”, it appears that we have succeeded in building the “Stairway to Nowhere” and using taxpayers’ money to get away with it! What a deal. Honestly, the “New” museum is nothing but this wasted space staircase, and “We the People” pay for the humongous heating bills, to heat empty space. There is nothing artistic, historical or scientific about this place, still under construction? It looks marvelous on the outside, but I guess you cannot judge a building by its siding! Now the old museum continues to maintain its undivided character, with the Sydney Lawrence gallery along with the “black & white” captions depicting real Alaska at its best. But one can see that the “new” addition is beginning to spoil things, as even the old timers’ museum is seeing the effects of neglect. The Christmas bazaar was not so “Christmas” like this 2009 go around. And with that, remember, it costs a whole lot of loot to heat nothing. But maybe MoanaLisa was just looking out for her constituents, as maybe the “Stairway to Nowhere” has a secret agenda identity. See this state wasted a whole bunch of money building a treadmill for Maggie, the elephant. We figured out that if it were possible to get an overweight elephant concerned about over-eating, then maybe the trickle down theory would get the citizens involved in a more healthier lifestyle. See, this comes about from the fact that Alaskan politicians are more likely to side with an elephant then to side with the constituents. Honestly, in Alaska an elephant has more clout then does the voting public. This occurred when Annabelle passed away, Maggie’s predecessor and companion. The flags went to half hoist, when at the same time there came more notable Alaskan’s that deserved a flag ceremony. Now with respect to the issue of a healthier lifestyle, for the elephant it worked, once that is. See, after months of design and fabrication for a one-of-a-kind indoor elephant treadmill at the cost of $150 thousand, it required several days of coaxing - in efforts to get Maggie on the health kick bandwagon. It was starting to work, as this one-of-a-kind contraption - and included as part of the world’s biggest treadmill - there was an LCD screen that played out African wilderness scenes, to entice Maggie into believing this was the true nirvana, the real McCoy! And it was working, wherein Maggie would venture on the treads when other elephant herds were alive and well on the tube, sounds and all. Until, until…came the scene where a lion runs down and kills an elephant. Supposedly Maggie freaked out and never once set foot upon the 5-tonne treadmill. Anyway, at the “New” museum there is indeed a “Stairway to Nowhere”, with nothing artistic, scientific or historical. Take that back, there may be some historical significance. From the top, if one looks out towards the south, you can see the corner of the Federal building where Ted Stevens used to hideout. Besides that nothing! Wait a minute, maybe something of scientific value does indeed exist. At the end of the stairwell, there exists this supper duper sized elevator. So maybe MoanaLisa was on to something. Maybe this “Stairway to Nowhere” can be encouraging, opened up in the early morning hours for people to get fit. Climb up the stairs, shed some blood, sweat and tears, then hitch a ride down in the “gigantic” elevator. Have a muffin from the café. In fact, the stairs are wide enough for an elephant, or two normal Anchoragites side by side. Now when I say normal, I am just being facetious. Just look around you, we have become the “blimp” state. But I guess we can blame it on the Jesuits, or Catholic priests, maybe the nuns, as they supposedly ruined the eating habits when they came here to incite perverted justice. Anyway, I am “not” at all glad to see that our money that was safe away in the U.S. Treasury continues to support crap, as this piece of infrastructure is indeed nothing short of crap. So maybe we should take advantage of it. Because soon from the top, it will mean looking outside at another eyesore, and this is where the artistic quality comes into play and assures me some artists were once politicians now gone crazy. Who in hell ordered this nightmare? Yes indeed, soon to be erected on the “New” Museum grounds, the Ted Stevens statue. That “Hulkmania” fixture that is still on the drawing board, it will be erected next summer! It is a disgrace, but goes along well the décor of the museum. Pure “Nothing”. More like a decoy! It will scare kids! And some call this art? Anyway, just think of the time-capsule describing Alaska. “Stardate 2009: We built this for nothing(The Don Young Wood Chip Export Facility). And we built this for nothing also(Laird’s Kodiak Launch Facility). And we built this for nothing(The Challenger Learning Center). And we built this for nothing(The Dena’ina Visitor Convention Center). And we built this for nothing(Don Young’s amphibious assault vessel) - so fast a vessel that it has gone missing from its first sea trials. And we have spent more money trying to eradicate the “Honey Bucket”. But we once had a dairy, and that was pretty scary. So we built this here “New” museum, for nothing”. If anything, such a ridiculous time capsule will continue to warn alien races against messing with zero IQ humans disguised as politicians. Maybe it’s the other way around? Believe me, this “New” museum will keep any extraterrestrial beings away, as any intelligent race would have to be nuts, or out of food to even think of a visit. In fact, like Town Square with the PAC - which is the only useful thing ever built in Anchorage because it was built through private funding by a few that cared - maybe the “New” museum stairs can be sold, like the bricks, to support in this case the true missing identity of a bonafide museum, as there is nothing unique about this place but pure waste. Because this state is known for its waste, courtesy the U.S. Taxpayers, the gift that keeps on giving, senator after senator after congressman. And don’t you just love those heated sidewalks? Hey, did Martin Buser really get too take away the treadmill? It should have been placed in the “New” museum, at least it would have been something to talk about! But like Dylan was heard singing out, “When you ain’t got nothin’ you got nothin’ to loose”.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Sarah Baitfish

Bait defined: To torment or persecute, especially by verbal attacks, to feed, to lure, entice…First and foremost, Sarah Palin is not an author, she is not by any stretch of one’s imagination a writer! Robin Williams said it so well with words to this effect, that “Sarah was voted the most likely to burn a book then write a book”. For anybody out there in la-la land that has invested time trying to write a novel, a memoir, a poem, it isn’t an easy or overnight task. Sometimes poems can take years to perfect. Just recently, Vermont Poet Laureate Galway Kinnell finished a unique poem several years in the making, called “Why Regret?” Like already mentioned, writing is not an overnight success! In Palin’s case, her ghostwriter is the bonafide author, as defined under intellectual property ownership. Now there may be a long arm good faith contract with signatures that testifies differently, but upon the bottom line, Palin did not write anything. She may own the thoughts, but what appears in ink is somebody else’s fantasy in print, through the thought process of another. Brain chemistry, like DNA, does not find an exact duplicate in nature. Ghost writing is borderline identity theft, if not plagiarism. The same thing happens with many sitting Senators and ex-representatives in retirement or expulsion, who feel the urge or rage to prove something. When Viagra or Botox doesn’t work all that well, as advertised, maybe…. They think authoring a book will get them noticed, so they sit down with some editor and then get their mug shot taken, some snazzy title that has nothing to do with nothing and then the crap hits the best seller’s list for a few weeks. It doesn’t make any money extra, just a breakeven proposition. It is crap, because it is not authentic. And such crap takes away the true penmanship efforts of genuine writers, because this crap sells fast and furious while stealing away valued customers, as there is only so much to go around. Bottom line, crap in print abandons what should be in print! It alienates the reading public along with the bookshelves, wherein crap fills the voids, just to make a buck. Even though one should not judge a book by its cover, covers sell. But Sarah has smarts, maybe not upon the writer’s tablet, but she is a pageant queen extraordinaire and has one ultimate agenda, keeping an audience. And it appears that this audience, of followers and critics alike, has taken the bait, hook, line and sinker. Some like the bait, which is lousy spoiled smelly crap, wherein others have been fooled through the stench that there is noting else on the plate. But there is evidence that the Palin “comedy” legacy is coming to an end, or a luke warm existence. She is no longer the main fodder for late night comedians, just a sideline when such stuff is required to fill yet another void. She tried to smack down Letterman, it failed. Followers are no longer coming to her defense. And now that Beck has choked upon a Palin & Beck ticket, insisting the fact that women’s rights is a laughing subject, move over Sarah, let Hilary take over the kitchen chores! Soon we will realize all the wasted time upon a subject matter that never really mattered to begin with, when all the time there existed more pressing issues that should have invited our undivided attention. Just the fact that Anchorage’s Mayor Dan Sullivan decided to cut the Muni-tranist for one day following Thanksgiving, it should have incited riotous rebellion upon the local bloggers’ community. But it appears Sarah continues to hold center stage over pressing issues, even in her own state. In the end, Sarah wins, we loose. Now I will admit that when the McCain & Palin ticket was alive and well, I took to arms - the pen - to defend this country, by using the power of the pen to ridicule, as there was no way in hell that this country could survive with McCain at the helm and Palin as his vice. The toilet seat mentality was not good for this country. But the race is over with. McCain is pretty silent, as he must have better things to do with his time, like represent, or still trying to find a ghostwriter. But Sarah is the gift that keeps on giving, to those desperate enough to want such fantasy presents. She quit, so she has nothing better to do with a whole lot of spare time. In the end, she realizes that all that is left is “honey money” to be made, and she will use that successful baiting technique to lure in more and more lemmings. So what, as this is still America and she has that right. But there are rights being eroded away upon, because many of us are too dam busy minding another’s business. We need to divest away from the fantasy, as there are indeed more important things to rally behind. Health care, the economy and right here in Anchorage, a mutiny by a Mayor bent on instituting discriminatory policies and procedures, because nobody is looking. So remember this, the Sarah and Levi state of affairs, it’s just a marathon soap opera worth its weight in gold to the participants and worth fools gold to those interested in wasting time, their own precious time. Oops, time to catch the bus. Hey, its not on time, in fact it looks like apocalypse now around the town of “Discriminatory Love”, a real “Black Friday”. In fact, the roads are not even plowed for emergency services; another cost cutting guilt trip, courtesy Mayor Dan. See he hates union contracts, so let the people burn! Anyway, a good-ridden goodbye Sarah! And let us not forget Palin’s true legacy, that of “Drill Baby Drill”, coming to a sacred and pristine area near you. The real “Black Friday” is alive and well, right in our own backyards.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

Transparency? Bouncy? How about lunacy! At this very moment “lunacy” can be defined as a lunatic mayor using the power of the platypus to perform a lobotomy upon sensibleness – a.k.a. rape upon the meek. A platypus abandons its kids after an erection, so this seems to define the city of Anchorage’s Scrooge mayor’s MO – Midol Officiating. Now meek herein defines the U.S. taxpayers, as “We the People” have become so weak, that there will be nothing to inherit - as the rich bastards continue to steal away this country’s worth. Hey AMERICANS, we, us, you, whatever, just paid some failed investment firm CEO crook a $338-million dollar bonus! That is the equivalent income corresponding to 6,760 gainfully employed American breadwinners! Basically, what has been squandered away from the bail bondsman – Uncle Sam – could have allowed you and your family to have a decent holiday and a life, liberty and pursuit of happiness future, especially if out of work for a spell. Just think if you were unemployed and fortunate enough to get a job made possible by the 338, had not those resources been given away, signaling once again that government mandated preferential treatment is alive and well. And all the time we learned that the Constitution frowns upon “special” treatment. I heard someone say, “What Constitution”? Ask it again, louder! Are there left any “true blooded” Americans in any political office today? Maybe this country would be better off with a Palin & Beck ticket, at least the entertainment would be realistic! I guess the rich are indeed a sick breed, as they just don’t get it and their despicable disease of greed keeps sticking it to us – the countrymen. Someday, the tides will turn and the meek will indeed demand retroactive lobotomies upon the sleazebags. Hey, such giveaway money, if properly disposed of, it could indeed help in the un-employment ranks. What kind of American, or so-called American, sees it fit to rip off another American? Answer: 1) Terrorist, 2) Anchorage Mayor, 3) U.S. Senators. Bottom-line, these CEOs that think their shit don’t stink, well it would be nice to hear the town crier in celebration, “Hear Ye, hear ye, there’s a stoning on the Hill”! Just look at the lines down at the food shelters! Anyway, Mayor Sullivan just received some stimulus money. What for? How about $2.6-million to perform another study of a commuter rail between Anchorage and the Matanuska Susitna Borough! This is not the 1st study in efforts to get “green”, but the 12th study that has historically proved failure, as the thought of a commuter rail has long been the dream of a nutcase following. See, the word commuter is too close to that “commie” word, originating from that place Sarah can see from her toilet seat bird’s eye view. Sidebar: When the lunatics first conceived this stimulus stuff, there was all this hype, hope and promises over transparency. In fact, those so concerned about thievery made it clear and convincing that there would be accountability. So there came these Uncle Sam web-sites, where ordinary everyday citizens of the meek race could follow along. It was made easy, as the HomeLand Transparency site was one click away and allowed the citizens - the meek - to click on a state of interest, say one’s home state. From that click there would exist a link to the state’s handout, where a transparency link was available in efforts to follow the money trail. But that was too simple, because the meek found interest in it - which meant real accountability - so the crooks made it complicated. See, it started off in the right mood, but like everything else, it was soon outsourced to a lobbying firm that was instructed to make if difficult. Why? Because from the beginning the “stimulus” program was not supposed to stimulate the economy of the meek, but the wallets of the rich. Answer me this. Has all of the zillions in loot helped you one iota? Over the course of less then one year since the U.S. Treasury went on pilferage alert, my medical insurance rates have gone up a 1/3rd. Gasoline price-fixing continues to erode away the dream of family weekend getaways and plain old cereal remains at an all time high! A pay raise? It isn’t a laughing joke any longer. My boss has warned that if I ask one more time for a raise, its termination! Really, sad times at Obama High. Now the entire human population understands that Sarah Palin cannot read aloud and according to Mork, “Sarah was the high school queen most likely to burn a book then actually read one”. So we see lackadaisical representation at the top, from those that can supposedly read, which amounts to just giving our inheritance away. Why save! And the sentiment of out-of-control government, it is no different at the peon mayoral levels, with respect to what is going on higher up. So Mayor Sullivan signs a resolution, it goes like this: Resolution No. AR 2009-261, a resolution of the Municipality of Anchorage appropriating $2,6888,900 in Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant Funding(EECBG) from the United States Department of Energy(DOE) as allocated under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 as a grant to the Federal Categorized Grants Fund(241) to the Department of Neighborhoods to administer for energy efficiency improvements to municipal facilities, retrofit park and street lighting, and commission a Commuter Rail study between Anchorage and the Matanuska Susitna Borough. What a mouthful. Money appropriated for another study? This guy has to be a lunatic, as this is waste beyond waste. And I am sure “stimulus” money has better things too do then fund failure. Like maybe helping out those in need of a little help! So now the Scrooge, the Non-Diversity Mayor cancels the Muni on Friday, like it is his Thanksgiving gift, to prove that lobotomies upon elected officials are being performed without a 2nd opinion. This is outrageous, not that the lunatic acts as if the lobotomy was successful. This is sickening. This is Mayor Sullivan’s attempt to show the working class no class whatsoever. You know what, maybe the Fed.s’ Should sue this city, to get back some of the money that is supposed to stimulate the economy. To cancel the transit even for one day, it is pure crap political bullcrap. See, it is “Black Friday”, the biggest shopping day of the year. And many people rely on the bus stop in efforts to get over to Best Buy. So, it is estimated that retailers around Anchorage will loose well over 4-million dollars by eliminating the bus traffic for one lousy day, and it makes this city not so green especially when Anchorage has received money to go in that direction. I hope the retailers remember this come the next erection. So on the day before “Black Friday”, being Thanksgiving, lets sing a song to the Diversity Mayor: “Its not easy being green”… And people tend to pass you over ‘cause you’re not standing out like flashy sparkles...or stars in the sky…And green can be cool and friendly like, or important…” Dam Sullivan, Anchorage’s IDIOT mayor extraordinaire. Matter of fact, Anchorage is the only city in America that has decided to cut transit for even a day, and there are cities out there in worse off dire straits then Anchorage. I guess his lobotomy was a 1st class act!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Sunday Sermon

Put this thought in your medicinal joint and smoke it. Why is it that there exists today over 800 different denominations in and around Anchorage, nominating to hijack your soul for a fee? Honestly, there is only one Creator! Even if Jerry’s god is thought to be different then Jerry’s god, there is still only one Supreme Being that deserves our prayers, without a fee! Catchy disease, this pay to pray ordel! So what is with all the different not-for-profit denominations that think up these ridiculous names that seem not fit for even a make believe extra-terrestrial being, then down to earth realism? In fact, the names seem intimidating. Believe me, the age old thought process that God will strike us dead, or deliver us to Hell, it is all so not true. He doesn’t work like that. So nowadays, what we see is a1st class scam, almost like identity theft, taking advantage of the Creator’s LOVE! Really, it is indeed identity theft upon the Creator’s spiritual name! And these bargain basement establishments are showing up everywhere, even in neighborhoods and on side streets and alleyways. It is at epidemic proportions, this competition to snatch your soul and wallet! And remember this also, the less the non-profits pay for rendered services, the more you pay. The equation is quite simple. So maybe it has come to that cross-road time in history that regardless of one’s affiliation for profit or not, that all entities get taxed accordingly. Property should not be exempt from any form of taxation especially if that tax burden is for municipal services. Church has been on a long enough free ride! This city is forgoing enough money on lost revenue from non-taxed property used once a week for worshipping that if it were collected in equity, the additional income would pay for the entire fire department budget. And if a church goes ablaze, who responds? Here is the deal, church worship was at one time important for spirituality and a ways and means to separate political reasoning away from the pulpit, but it is no longer a silent partner with respect to having a say, on many issues - both political and political. Church provided that quiet corner. But today, church has become as big and demanding a voice in politics then all the carpetbaggers combined – I mean Teabaggers. When we institute confidence to a certain denomination and segregate away from true spirituality, we are alienating ourselves away from the Almighty truth. Sure we can continue to have church worship, but why not have it under one roof, say a public civic center, where we can all pray in silent to that one God! Look, the Old Testament along with the New Testament is outdated. I am sure that sentiment is true with all bibles or religious writings of past, outdated because they are all in competition for your offerings so we never really get the true meaning. So called scholars have tried in vain for eons to infiltrate the meaning of what was written too long ago to have meaning nowadays. Modern man needs also modern guidance, something not found in a moldy old book. Old school doesn’t work all the time, this is one of those cases! Hey, if Congress can dissect the Constitution, which gives us the right to political worship, can tear apart this great emancipator, why not tear apart the gospel, according to…. Look, even today I have no idea what the scriptures meant even after long hours with Sister Maria, but I am a spiritual individual caring for my fellow man and against war! I walk to the market instead of driving. Yes to save fuel but also to unite with the Creator. To walk to the market then take the time to shop the bounty from His Fields, it has meaning and like was once sung out loud upon, “He is not the kind you wind up Sunday”. So true, as everyday one should involve himself or herself in worship, and not under the fake ceiling of a church. Church is OK if the weather is nasty, but when one walks with the Creator, there is no such thing as bad weather! The Creator’s chapel is not dark, but alive! Just go out on your porch and you’ll see what I am talking about. No walls, no ceilings, just the Heavens absorbing the praise we send to extend our thanks. In fact I have a suggestion. Don’t go to church next Sunday. Take the money you save and send it too the Food Bank. Think about it. If everybody stayed home on Sundays and worshipped out doors, or walked the neighborhood with a smile, look at the energy we would save. Look at what this kind of local involvement would do for lost souls? And some poor bastard that wished he had a home may get a decent meal, maybe two! Bottom line, church has changed drastically as man has followed the road towards modernization. Church is outdated, as we have our freedoms away from religious persecution. And when we get to the point in human intelligence wherein we realize the truth in the matter, the one God concept will not come as a surprise for those of us that stopped wasting time listening to preachers preach the gospel according to the bottom line, a freebie here and a freebie there. As for modern “free” man, spirituality should be free but it is not. Like everything else that comes from His earth, it has become a commodity, for a profit. The real bottom line, if one thing in life had to be socialized, it is church and religion as it can only survive as ONE! Allah, Jesus Christ….what is really in a name?

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Congressional Scam

What does it mean when a member of Congress voices an opinion of fiction not fact that there exists no perfect health care program? It is just another lie, as he or she or it should look in a close-by wallet and get the name of a provider that “provides”. It is that simple, we Americans should have the same damn coverage program that the members of Congress enjoy. Until they decide against preferential treatment as our representative body, there is no really attempt at true representation. If it is good enough for them, it is surely good enough for those of us that pay for their “preferential” treatment. Have you ever heard a member of the elitist bastards club – a.k.a. Congress of the United States – complain about waiting in-line for medication? Has a member ever been denied coverage? Do you really believe that they are waiting also for a swine flu vaccination? No, they received their shots back in April! And do the bastards understand pre-existing conditions? They seem not to have a problem when this “pre-existing” thing has something to do with “pork” and continues to keep on giving, year after year after year! Congress has a health care plan that works. It is that simple. But they are so afraid to go in that direction “For the People”, because they cannot lower themselves to be like us - Americans!

Dear Don;

Please shut your trap. Matter of fact, since you are still under the investigator’s magnifying glass, you would be smart to swallow a 5th. After the House passed the “Health Care Reform” bill late Saturday, you went public with your typical explosive diarrhea opinion, that it was a “vote to rescind American freedom” and “doesn’t include accessibility, portability, or affordability…What it includes is insurance without access. What is the point holding an insurance card if you can’t find a doctor who will accept it?” Now when your wife Lu was sick, I am sure she received the best care and treatment money could buy. My wife isn’t sick, and most recently she was booted off my employer pays some I pay the rest health care program. Why? Because she has a pre-existing condition. This was a behind the scene attempt to do what is happening across America, disenfranchising it is called. So for two months while I fought the bastards, my wife was without coverage and since there was still a question whether or not she would be re-instated, she went without! Went without a doctor’s visit and went without medication. This kind of creep show mentality to disenfranchise has been happening from the mountains to the prairies to the oceans for some time now, ever since your friend Bill Frist changed the rules of engagement. You know what I am talking about! And you have done nothing to stop it. And finally when “We the People” get something out of the representation, no matter how barbaric, you are first to complain. Remember, it is baby steps that will get something going in the right direction! And you owe it to us to shut your trap if you have no remedies for a so far sick health care provider mentality – bent on profits over care. I am part of the hard working middle class that gets up every morning when it is cold and dark in efforts to find more oil to fuel America. But as a contractor, the contract is continuously changing hands. I have worn a VECO hardhat and many others. Now the contract was just let loose to a company that operates out of Texas. So when the contractor offered medical, dental and vision coverage, of course the workers signed up. But when we finally get the handy-dandy coverage cards, we find that there exists very limited coverage, from the medical establishment already established in and around Alaska. So the doctor that I have been seeing for 30-years, the doctor that my wife feels comfortable conferring with upon her existing medical condition, guess what, not on the list of preferred providers! But the plan gives me an option, change doctors or pay 80% of the bill. So there is “ONE” doctor on the list, I guess we wait for months to get a checkup! And one fellow worker found out that a midwife isn’t covered, so does he change horses in midstream when the baby is due today? This is what is happening across America, not to those unfortunate to have not a good job and denied decent coverage, but to Americans that work our asses off. See, you and your colleagues are so insensitive, because you have the best treatment available, and me and my colleagues pay dearly for it. So, just keep your trap closed and go do your job, as America is getting raped over the coals and all you have to say is we are about to get crapped on some more. In fact, do America a favor, float a bill that Congress has to give up on their preferential treatment medical program and join in on the House plan, then if it doesn’t work I am sure you and your colleagues and friends on the other side of the isle will take action. The saying goes so true, you get what you pay for. Unfortunately, with respect to representation, you set the wage you get, and it isn’t worth it by any stretch of the imagination when America continues to get disenfranchised, not only for health care concerns, but our bridges are falling down! And the TEA-LU bill was supposed to fix all that. What happened, did pre-existing conditions get an exemption?

Saturday, November 7, 2009

PedEX Award

Anchorage has become the recipient of the coveted PedEX award, for the “Most Unfriendly” city with respect to pedestrians. Baghdad’s “Green Zone” was 2nd as roadside bombs were included as part of the grading criteria with respect to collateral damage. So what does that signify? Ped means “pedestrian” and EX stands for “execution” style abuse. Wow, another award for Anchorage. I hope the award is posted along with the other awards, like “City of Rape”. So I decided to experiment for myself, by taking to the streets to play out the fantasies of a pedestrian. First and foremost, a bunch of transit stops and routes have disappeared! I forgot, this city has a new mayor that doesn’t believe in helping out those that are in need of a little help. “Brother can you spare a dime” is a joke. Remember, the mayor vetoed the non-discrimination clause that was voted in “By the People”, through the Assembly. Hey, I guess it is all right now to practice discrimination, since it is no longer outlawed. So how about boycotting Sullivan’s Steak House and McKinley’s? Hey, if you can’t beat them, boycott them. So why in hell is there still a bus route out to the train depot out at Ted’s airport, called the Bull Sheffield Deposit – a.k.a. House of Crap? Really, this place was built and used but only one time, for a wedding. If I were Bull, I would have my name removed. Is the Bull related to Joe Lieberman of the “Turncoat” party? Maybe the depot could 2nd as a jail, for all of Alaska’s corrupt politicians. Like a zoo, for visitors to enjoy upon their arrival here in the city of dog crap gone wild. There could be an accompanying concession stand, selling Viagra instead of peanuts, to feed the incarcerated crooks. Now there are sidewalks all over the place in and around Anchorage proper, but nobody uses the convenience of conveyance to walk to work or to get to the grocery store. Why? Because after a few days at trying to be green, it is unsafe and the PedEX award was well deserved! Drivers get this mean look when you approach an intersection and attempt to push that little “crosswalk is mine” button. And pedestrians are at the bottom of the barrel, so if you miss that nano-second chance at hitting the crossing-guard button at the right time, you will spend a whole lot of time out in the cold and frustrated waiting for your turn to go in any direction. And for some reason, these hi-tech traffic signal computers try to think for themselves, sometimes eliminating the crossing cycle altogether, like there is this embedded “Terminator” program that laughs at pedestrians. And when you do get invited to cross, you only get a nano-second before all hell breaks loose. Once off the curb and surrounded by imaginary crossing lanes because the cheap-ass paint job from past summer is already weathered away again, you are in the crosshairs of doom! And drivers are insensitive towards those that are using the pedestrian right-of-ways, like discrimination is indeed alive and well here in the Anchorage bowl. How in hell is that little old lady supposed to cross the road? And because this city’s engineers left behind demand the cheapest asphalt for road cover, so lucrative contracts can be given to brother-in-laws forever redoing the roads, well the cheap stuff forms these groves that get filled with water, so not only is there noise abuse upon pedestrians but you best wear a wet-suit! Trying to become a pedestrian around Anchorage is abusive, like committing Michael Carey, or is it Harry Carey? Whatever, you get the point. And with widespread abuse that is indeed “Negligent Driving” and borderline “Reckless Driving” habits, to act as a pedestrian is a way to cut your life short, especially trying such foolishness around this one-paper town. Now I have traveled all over, through many major big cities, there is nowhere like Anchorage when it comes to abuse upon the pedestrians. And here at home, I have a choice in the matter unlike some unfortunates, as I can drive and be protected by steel armor when out and about. Now the bad driving habit thing comes about for those so disturbed at continuously bombarding their brains with radiation! I am talking cell phone madness use. Crappy roads with un-timed traffic signals makes for tough driving, so when one hand is engaged away from driving and trying to operate this tiny little communications gadget at the same time when ¾ of the brain power is confiscated by extraterrestrial interference, as that is what happens when brain waves are toasting, there isn’t much left at the driver’s disposal to drive in a safe like manner - so the pedestrians suffer. And believe me, when you read out loud Alaska’s driving rules and regulations, driving and “texting” don’t mix. In fact, my observations indicate that pedestrians become targets to motorists bent on giving the “walkers” a bad time. I guess it is true, that “it isn’t easy being green”, especially in a “red” state! I talked to a lady from Wasilla, she was in town to have her pet dog operated upon. She said she felt safer out in the dirt road boonies of Wasilla were there are known crack-houses then walking around Anchorage! She has a point. And the rage cannot be blamed entirely on the drivers engaging driving as a second operation over the cell. The blame goes to the road designers. But the overall indicator that Anchorage was fit to receive the PedEX award was due to this city’s cell phone use allowances. Now do you realize that if you get into an accident and are found guilty say from some extraterrestrial distractions, your insurance company will find you negligent, which allows the other party to sue your ass? Anyway, this PedEX award is much deserved and with the way Anchorage continues to build crappy roads and traffic patterns follow no semblance of modernization, the rage will continue and those that take to the sidewalks as pedestrians should increase their life insurance policies. And now that life insurance policies have become the favorite of Wall Street investors, I am sure you’ll be seeing more and more pedestrian casualties, as that seems to go with the territory of malfeasance like life in the “Big Tird”, or whatever it is called. Bottom line, there should be an immediate ban on the use of cell phones while driving in Anchorage, like most civilized cities have on their road rule books already. But that would disenfranchise the campaign givers who are making zillions on the madness behind the wheel, and like a one-paper town, there is indeed an attempt to make it a one-party city where discrimination is allowed and soon you’ll be told and behold that to not practice the latter against your brothers and sisters, that you are derelict in your duty as a citizen. And at one time Anchorage was a model city! This city was contender for the winter Olympics! What ever happened, I think it is called the “Corrupt Bastards” syndrome and the trickle down theory is realized as corruption is even affecting the way we commute! In fact, maybe this city should practice what some cities down Texas way have been successful at, don’t build sidewalks. Don’t let the populace be free! Restrict everybody to do it one way without alternative lifestyles. Drive here, there and everywhere and do away with socialistic mass transit, then one day the oil will run out, and people will be forced to use their God given legs to transport oneself anywhere and everywhere and when lost, say it is discrimination because they forgot how to be polite when asking for directions! Bottom line, it is discrimination at work behind the wheel. But when you have a mayor bent on disenfranchising equality, the monkey-see and monkey-do mentality affects how we do business upon even the basic necessities of life, and what better way to start off our day practicing discrimination, by getting behind the wheel with cell phone in hand and saying to hell with pedestrians - because they are weird as are their alternative ways and means to get around, so different!

Factory Floor

Stimulus and bailouts! Buzz words or reality? All designed to get the American economy out of the sinkhole. It is hard to say if the plan is working. Maybe a little bit here and there, but the formula for success is missing an important ingredient. It is called an infusion, an intravenous, whatever. And it is the American Taxpayers – a.k.a. hard working middle class – that have what it takes to provide the real McCoy stimulus, that shot in the arm so far missing ingredient. When I say American Taxpayers, I define such as those of us that work for a living. Millionaires, politicians and lobbyists not included. The big problem nowadays, we are working way more these days for less pay! When jobs are cut, the bosses can’t grasp the concept of manpower constraints and expect the factory floor to produce the same with less. We put out, because we are Americans! So we are having a difficult time infusing. Isn’t there something wrong with this picture, wherein we work a lot more and take home a lot less? Bottom-line, stimulate the American workers with more take home money and the economy will be provided with the missing link - spending it is called. The supply and demand theory is institutional and cannot fail. Americans like to spend, as that is the real fruit of thy labors. Save for a rainy day? Not anymore, as with all the hard work and frustration over job security, we can afford to binge out and have a little fun. Yes indeed, we can spend our way out of this economic sinkhole. And why save money, as saved money normally gets invested and it appears that all the Wall Street investing outfits were outfits for outlaws. Trust Us? But for some reason, and stalling the efforts of recovery, there exists a detriment that is dead set on ruining the future for us, it is called “Management”. Once upon a time, before investors came around, most companies and factories were family owned and run, so there was not a whole lot of fluff with respect to the workforce. There was the boss and the workers, a relationship! Nowadays, there is this disease called a CEO, that is bent on making the working conditions miserable, just so he or she can walk away with millions, regardless if their actions or inactions ruin a company’s portfolio. How can failure be rewarded? Bottom line, “we never get to meet the man whose name is on the label”. CEOs have an insensitive incentive mandate, and when they win we workers loose. It is that simple. And the sad fact of the matter, without the workers the factory cannot survive. I bet that if there came a moratorium on CEOs, the entire economic collapse would reverse, as the money they run away with after running down a corporation could be extra spending money in our paychecks. And we should be rewarded, as like mentioned before, we work a lot harder now because the CEOs are bent on downsizing and sending jobs to overseas localities somewhere far and away, all in efforts to have millions of earnings on the books just in time for the “trigger”, that golden parachute package - all for keeping the shareholders happy. CEOs are a detriment to Americanism! You cannot keep the shareholders happy and at the same time keep the workers happy, not in my backyard! So CEOs have one agenda which has proven to be self-centered greed at any expense to the workers, that in turn comes down to a stranglehold with results a struggling economy. Get rid of the CEO, get rid of the shareholders and go back to family run businesses and there will come a turnaround in this country’s economy – within a week! Without such changes, the struggle will continue. Case in point upon CEO malfeasance – a.k.a. greed. Now there exists very complicated negotiations between a CEO and a board of directors, all behind closed doors. There is no transparency. Take for instance the CEO of a major defense contractor so equipped to manufacture the F-22. Originally the” Raptor” had an asking price of $74-million, for two wings and an engine. When built, there was mission creep and each bird that has been considered worthless in modern day wartime theater cost the taxpayers $340-million! This made huge profits for the contractor, wherein the CEO and underlings benefited. So it makes one wonder what was behind the driving force to make for such an increase in the cost of manufacturing the jets? It’s the CEO and his staff of goons! So the company that had the contract to build these birds saw huge profits. And I bet the factory floor workers never saw an additional red cent. But there is an easy and simple case of CEO malfeasance in Alaska that kind of puts it all into perspective, to what goes on behind the scenes when the workers just want a decent day's pay for a decent day's work. Alaska is a pretty new state, so we could do it differently, with transparency for all! But NO. In fact, we don’t learn from others’ mistakes, but want to go down the same course of corruption, just for the hell of it. See, there used to a railroad in Alaska, built and run by the Fed.’s. Now over time and included in a stipulation following statehood, the railroad would have to be privatized. When it went up on the auction block, there came only one taker, but that taker bailed-out due the fact there was no way in hell for the rail to turn a profit. So it became the stepchild of the state, through a state run orphanage corporation. Now the rail never sees a profit. All that is taken in is exhausted keeping the rust bucket running. So the list of CEOs hired over-time to run the rail never felt like modern day CEOs when it came to that golden parachute award. It was more of a status symbol type occupation. The rail chiefs were paid well, with good benefits and all. But without a year-end profit to claim, there was nothing that warranted a bonus - even though there was contract language that defined such should there be something leftover come the end of the year and all the bills were paid. Hey, if there’s nothing there… Then came a change of the guard and a prominent and wealthy ex-politician found himself at the helm of the iron tourist trap. Then it happened, as with the tourists’ season gone away there had come cutbacks in the worker population, which saw a downturn in maintenance activities. See, CEOs like to do something with all their spare time, even if it causes havoc. It is so easy for the bastards to cut jobs! Now with maintenance falling by the wayside, there came a wreck. It was winter, so it was not an environmental nightmare, yet. So the chief, because he had friends in high places, saw to it that the wreck was governed as a disaster, which made the mishap available for Federal clean-up money courtesy of FEMA. But Uncle Sam doesn’t work fast. So the wreck was removed and the clean-up went without much fanfare or bother. Costly to the “state”, upwards some $5-million. Remember, this is not a private venture, even though it falls under a corporation, a state corporation - whatever that means? Anyway, come towards the end of the year, low and behold, Uncle Sam delivers a check - for millions as part of the disaster recovery request. Now you can’t send it back, that would be un-American. So the state used “state” money to clean up the mishap because the rail had none saved for a rainy day. And now there is relief. So it went into the railroad’s coffers and this was realized as a profit, the first time ever that the state run railroad boasted such a return, on NO investment. This was money courtesy the U.S. Taxpayers! So guess what, what a convenient time to retire. The CEO realized that this would be the only time this outfit would see a profit, and since his retirement was tied to end-of-year profits, he sailed away - with a big-fat bonus check based on disaster declared money realized as that year’s end profit - U.S. Taxpayers’ money! See what I mean about CEOs! Just a bunch of misfits given a loaded gun to point at the economy. And they are trigger happy! And so lucrative was this CEO’s retirement package tied to disaster relief from Washington, that when this same idiot was enjoying the sun down Mexico way, came a simple nosebleed that warranted taking advantage again of the situation. This guy decided that his insurance coverage following retirement allowed the use of a private Medivac, to provide forever his own private doctor’s assistance for any reason. So for a minor nosebleed, this guy found himself traveling back to Alaska, by private jet just so his own doctor could do something. I am sure that by the time he found himself back in Alaska, the nosebleed was a thing of the past. Can you imagine having that kind of coverage? So in ending, it is the CEO mentality like was observed here that is to blame for a screwed up American economic system. It is that simple. When a CEO wins, the workers get screwed, and when we get screwed, we take it out on the economy. Bottom line again, give us what we deserve for working the factory floor and we will reciprocate, by spending and all this bailout bondsmen crap like giveaway will be but a past experience of failure. And let us face the facts, where are all the billions in relief going too? Bonuses, you betcha! Bottom line some more, the best thing that could happen to this country is socialized income! When CEOs and Wall Street crooks and politicians are all becoming millionaires and taking advantage of loopholes, we need something to reign in on this horror scam. Remember, when they win, we loose. It is indeed an out-of-control train-wreck. Casey Jones, need a job?

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Understanding MLR

It means Medical Loss Ratio! It isn’t something dreamt up overnight, but known about and monitored for some long enough time by now, by our very own DC – Disenfranchised Congress. The Medical Loss Ratio dictates how much money that you and I spend on out of pocket medical insurance along with employer contributions - for the lucky - that goes back into the system to support the medical establishment. For things like new equipment, research and other sorts of hi-teach gadgets to make for a better system. It was supposed to be “we pay” and they pave the way, instead of “we pay they play”. Basically, medicine was supposed to be a system of merit wherein we paid and they came through, not entirely for profit but in efforts to provide the best medical treatment and coverage a modern day society could imagine. It was at one time a showoff model like approach towards medical coverage for all involved and an envy to even socialistic type medical coverage. Remember when we could brag that this country’s medical was better then that of our neighbor? When Canadians wanted to come this way for treatment. Well, how come people are flocking north these days, especially for generic type drugs that perform the same outcome but at a price sensible to affordable treatment? It used to be for every dollar spent on medical stuff, 97% was exhausted towards facilitating medicine with the remaining 3% allowed for a reasonable fee, which included administrative costs and a profit – 3%! It was a safeguard like system, wherein it limited how much was profit with respect to what the provider put out to keep it affordable and at the same time the best care available. But over a short period of time, which started during the Clinton era and extended through the Bush years, there came a collapse in the system and it became not a system of medical merit but a system bent on maximizing profits at the expense of the medical recipients. The payers! We continue paying good money that sees nowadays 1/3rd being rewarded to crooks bent on robbery! Wherein comes an era of mismanagement that chose to reject one-in-three medical billings, based on the fact that CEOs now shield themselves behind powerful lawyers that could easily arm wrestle away a persons assets – for non-payments. Especially if the covered were in the dieing stages of life and had more important things to think about then that call from the bill collector! There are enough horror stories behind the modern day medical billing and rip-off establishment that there should be a debut of a new-age Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hide, as the CEOs and staff indeed went after clients’ hides! Where do the CEO goons come from that resort to this type of tyranny? If Harvard and Yale are turning out crooks, maybe they should review their ideals. It is ruining America. Of course maybe for Yale it is a curse to produce crooks or in honor of a long-standing tradition, for hiding away Geronimo’s skull. But who is to blame for this medical billing creep-show? You can’t blame a CEO, as that is what they are hired for, to maximize profits. The more they save, the more summer cottages they can afford. The sad thing, Congress has been well aware of this profit “creep” for years and decided to do nothing! Why? Just ask Bill Frist, once upon a time the Senate majority leader and heavily endowed with the medical profits establishment of family businesses telling him what to do. It happens because they are our representation supposedly – having the fortunate opportunity not to worry about this dereliction upon society, as they have their own semi-private for competition like medical coverage, all paid for by the American Taxpayer. And they are free to use a CEO’s summer cottage, anytime of the year, as payback. That is why it is considered nowadays the DC - Disenfranchising Congress - for disenfranchising Americans. And now the Congress is at panic, as they have been caught allowing the medical establishment to rip-off Americans. And ripping off an American can have drastic consequences, come the election cycle. There is living proof that once a party tanks, that party cannot ever establish credibility. The Democratic Party lost forever any semblance of leadership many years ago, and surfaces now a winner only because the Republican Party goers went down the same road to ruin, with Tom "Funny Dancer" Delay at the helm. So today we see two non-dominant parties trying to run this country, it cannot work. It is time to abolish the present representation, as those in power seem not to really understand what it is like to be a true hard working American. It is time for all America to unite, under one umbrella, not as a political force, but as a working force. Call it a union if you like, whatever, as it will work for us and not against us. We can no longer trust the representation before us in session with the 111th Congress. And it is not only the untrustworthily medical reality that is sinking this country. We see the same malfeasance with respect to a rocky economy and the so-called “bail out” crap. Bottom-line, this country’s economy will continue to sag and go nowhere positive until we get energy costs under control. For the first time in a long time of record, EXXON has shown a loss in profits. This is astronomical, so lookout! The price of oil is slowly going up, but that is because it is wintertime, a time when it is reasonable to take advantage and see an increase – all for a greater profit margin. But come this spring, this country needs energy costs to decrease back below $45 dollars a barrel, in efforts to get the economy running not on empty but with a full tank of affordable energy, regardless of how the Tiger feels about its corporate portfolio. Energy is the cornerstone of a vibrant economy. Without energy stability, the economy will continue to do nothing. It is all based on a supply and be damned theory. If the oil companies are bent on performing a medical lobotomy upon our wallets like the medical establishment got away with, the economy will continue to be a sad subject upon this country. And we must stop saying it is out of control, because Congress…It is controllable, because it belongs to US!

Dirty Jury Duty

Is jury duty really a random act of disenfranchising those that feel it is their duty to brave the court system of today to uphold justice? For some reason, I never get picked, anymore that is. So maybe there exists a “black list” kept hidden away for creative rejection upon those that are not afraid to scold even the court’s high priest, the judge. Contempt of court is not a dishonor if that penalty is in efforts to fix a broken system. Look, Nelson Mandela was incarcerated, for trying to fix a broken system. If people are afraid to speak up, or intimidated to step up to the plate by stepping out of line, then the bastards have won the war by committing communismicide against us. Has it come to that already? At least we put up a good battle, democrats, republicans and independents included! The last time I did my duty, I was thrown out by the presiding judge, because I questioned that authority for not officiating the ceremony and allowing chaos to rule the courtroom. See, there was this case. It was basically a waste time case wherein some old witch was trying to get some insurance money from a young girl that shared a nearby apartment. The young girl liked to party, and during a late night argument, the old witch threatened the girl and the witch sustained a battle scar from a kick. During the “civil” trial, the witch sat in the back of the courtroom, with a bandaged leg hanging high and surrounded by mourners - including her lawyer. It was as fake as could be. See, there was no cause for a criminal trial, as there was nothing that summoned a crime because it was guilt on both parties - so John Law said NO. But there is money in “them there hills” in a “civil” lawsuit and Alaska has more ambulance chasing scum-bag lawyers per capita then any other place on earth! Now when it came time for the jury selection process, the witch’s lawyer started asking some pretty ridiculous questions to those whose time had come under scrutiny to uphold justice. Hey, some us don’t get paid for the charades!. There came this nice lady in the jury pool selection, all proper and prepped for doing her duty. She was answering every question truthfully the defending attorney could ask. Then came the plaintiff attorney’s question time. Right off the bat, there came a question about her divorce, something that occurred many, many years ago. You could tell that this was a sad subject, as her demeanor quickly changed from outgoing to shy, like someone was pouring salt on an old wound. This boiled the blood of several in the pool, as this question had nothing to do with the case and was a first class act of intimidation and humiliation. The latter two traits commonly practiced amongst lawyers. And during this time, that was a prime example of why many Americans believe the justice system is a joke, the judge was filling out what looked to be his Alaskan hunting permit application and not paying attention too the questioning! Now this may be a boring job, but it comes with the territory. The lady was excused because there came just too many tears and then confusion. And she had moved to Alaska to get away from her past! The bottom-line, the lawyer should have been dejected form the halls of justice. But, the judge was busy with his subsistence hunting questionnaire and getting paid a 6-figure salary at that! Then came my time. The questions from the defendant’s lawyer were civil. Then came the goon’s questioning. He had this smirk. Like he knew my past. First question: “Mr. Greenjeans, could you serve this court in fairness”? “Of course not”, came my answer. And this aroused the dandruff of the judge, who until then had been focused on more important matters and now working his laptop, maybe it was porn. “No”, I reiterated, I could not serve this court in fairness because it is evident that the court system before us today is already unfair. The judge knew what I was talking about, and soon I was set free. Later on at a nearby coffee shop, I would meet up with two other gentlemen that had also been rejected, for speaking up about in-justice. Judges? Lawyers? Anyway, why is it that this city of Anchorage can build covered walkways that are heated for the clientele heading to the civic center that is never used and will most likely never be utilized but at the same time insensitive towards those that are called upon to serve? As those selected for jury duty must stand out in the brutal Alaskan cold, just to get into the courthouse. The Nesbett Courthouse cost a whole lot of money and there isn’t even a covered walkway? And when you finally get inside, you will most likely sit around, unfed, for hours while lawyers waste your time trying to make a name for themselves in the name of justices! Blasphemy it is. Now the Nesbett is a fashionable courthouse with a twisted history. Once upon a time there was this map that showed the un-inhabitable lands around Anchorage, due to unstable land that turned to a pseudo-plastic when an earth tremor struck. This map indicated in “red” the earthquake prone areas, so between “H” & “I” there was one such piece of property that stood vacant for years and acted as an un-official “greenbelt” park - for downtown kids and pet poop. But the property was owned by a very prominent and skilled Alaskan politician! The land was basically worthless. Had it not been for the underlying weaknesses, this property block was probably worth millions. But with no permit to build, it was worthless. But not to worry when influence can find money to fix almost anything. So money, state research money, was confiscated to find some fix for the worthless piece of property owned by a hotel guy. And the solution was found by hiring engineers from Stanford, to design a floating foundation that could only be possible if money was not a problem, as no businessman would even think of spending a whole bunch of extra money for a foundation when a normal foundation would suffice on another less expensive piece of property somewhere else around town. The floating foundation was a first of its kind, because nobody has the resources to spend like this, especially when there existed lots of land available that would have sufficed for a new courthouse. Land owned by normal people! But that didn’t stop the madness. So at a cost more expensive then the building itself, we find the Nesbett standing on a floating foundation. Great! Except once it was proved that a foundation could be built strong enough using “state research money” and that state money was available with the wink of an eye, came this monstrosity. All on the worthless piece of land, which was overnight now worth more then millions, as it would house the new courthouse. So this worthless piece of property that was better off a park was now worth a whole lot for somebody with stroke and friends in high places. It is amazing that such filth like greed invades political officials bent on doing the public in for their own payback. This is a true story. So now we have this super-duper courthouse but the dedicated duty public servants have to stand out in the cold, just to get inside to perform what they think is thy duty. This is but one example of how corruption has inundated Alaska. People ask, how come Alaska politics is so corrupt? Because we are kept in the dark as to what is really going on. With a one-paper town, and half of that paper dedicated to Bill Allen, what does one expect? And here is what gets me. Who was directing Bill Allen all these years? He was not going this route all alone, as somebody was behind the driving force. He was given the “map”! Alaska has become a gold bullion spigot for many blowhard buddies and just keeps on giving, even when jail time awaits 50% of Alaska’s politicians. So when you hear about bridges to nowhere, hey, we get taken by buying land that is worthless and continue to build crap projects because Uncle Sam is just too generous. The American taxpayer continues to get raped over the coals. And the crooks continue to steel away our future, and we see a pittance in that welfare check called the PFD. Justice, that was checked at the docks way down in Seattle! Here is my point. The rich are getting richer as the working class heroes of America just make ends meet. The rich use their money to buy and control political offices and officials, that’s official! Like buying a political seat is a hobby. It disenfranchises America, wherein once upon a time a nobody could run for office based not on how big a wallet he and she maintained, but based on what made American what it once was, a friendly society of hard working caring individuals. That is no longer the case. It takes millions to run for office, that is not the American spirit and goes to show that the rich have invaded this nation, have invaded the tax code and with a high paid lawyer can get away with murder. It is murder, upon the Constitution. It is not how it is supposed to work. It is our America, wherein political power should not be segregated away, wherein only a few can enjoy having the opportunity to make a change. In the end, until we get the rich out of the way, it will be their way and hard working Americans will continue to suffer. This is not freedom for all by any stretch of the imagination. How to fix? It is called TAXATION! We pay out a ridiculous share every paycheck, maybe it is time they do the same. Bottom-line, the Congress sets the stage for what is required for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness – money! Their salary dictates what is required, as they control the purse strings. Remember, they are supposed to represent us, that’s what we pay them for. We don’t set the salary, they do and that is supposed to represent something for all. So, anybody who makes less then a Senator, no taxation required, as below that amount should be considered the minimum wage taxable. Over that amount, it is all taxed. It is a simple equation of equity upon a “republic” wherein everybody works for a wage and nobody is left behind. No this is not communism, as that is something redefined and practiced by modern day politicians upon the working class’ freedom, that is why we are called the “Working Class”, HEROES! And that is something even the rich bastards and corrupt politicians cannot destroy, forever Amen.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Rush To Judgment

Too bad the World Series wasn’t forever everlasting, as with a one-night stand break from “Take me out to the ballgame”, all we hear about is some off the wall political election with zero meaning taking place somewhere, like it is a national erection time of importance. And why is it that all the meaningful commercials, like for Sam Adams, are sidelined for crap time advertisement - like Viagra. Politics and extend stuff, seems to go hand and hand! I have a hat and it reads, “NO Viagra”, as I stay healthy, eat and drink right so need not worry about this ED outbreak. And when Rush, Ann Coulter and Sarah Palin infiltrate the silence, maybe it is a matter of impotence. Don’t they have anything better to do then continuously involve themselves in everybody else’s business? Can’t people think for themselves anymore? When a guy like Rush or a goon like Ann and another guy like Sarah have such an influence, we are doomed as a free thinking society. Hey, it is your right and your obligation to think free! If you listen to the goons and sigh instead of turning out gut wrenching laughter over their pathetic crap opinions, then you are giving away your right – that laughter is the best medicine. And since I was on the baseball bandwagon, I felt disenfranchised by this pathetic coverage of something with zero interest all geared towards a grading of Obama’s popularity. Hey, whether you like not to admit it, Obama left the popularity thing at the gate! He’s a president, something this country has been missing since the Carter & Reagan era. So give us a break! I bet if the Yankees loose, Obama will be to blame. I bet if the Phillies loose, it will be Obama to blame. So after consuming a few Sam Adams’ in anticipation of the full moon, I felt Patriotic and signed Rush Limbaugh up to the DCSS. The latter is some fan club of the Democrats. For some reason, when I tried to place “Mr.” in the name title, it kept rejecting that preference and defaulting back to “Madman”. So I hit the “Send” button. Now I keep getting these threats from GCI – my local web provider and heavily conceded towards the Alaskan GOP – informing that I have been targeted as a “Spammer” and my account is about to be launched into the “black hole” void of the 1st Amendment – a.k.a. the republican cesspool. I thought maybe an apology was in order to get me off the hook. “Dear Rush, I didn’t mean to address you as Madman Rush Limbaugh, but that was all the DCSS on-line application would accept. Regardless, I hope you enjoy the newsletter from your friends and countrymen over at the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. Sincerely” Wow, no sooner had my finger released the “SEND”, there came a reply - from Rush. I thought maybe it was another scalding, for using the word “countrymen”. But it was an invite to his very own fan club; something called “EL Musho”. I opened the attachment, thinking it was a reliable and authentic file, guess what! Now my desktop background is a scene of random pictures of Rush jumping around like he has ants in his pants. And every so often, his voice comes from out of nowhere, that pathetic huffing and puffing like chatter that sounds like regurgitated puke is next to be launched. Look out! The laptop actually vibrates, but that may be something else going on! I don’t know about you, but listening to this guy nauseates the hell out of decency. Now several attempts to rid my system of this joke went without avail. Good thing I have a backup. But that didn’t work either and my computer is un-useable. I guess the only thing left too do is bring the laptop to the shooting range, use it for target practice. Hey Sarah, how about a bulls-eye on that clown? But not ready to give up quite yet as it is cold outside and not really shooting weather and Sarah is taking over for Carmen Sandiego in “Where In the World….” So I thought, maybe Ann Coulter would like to become a member of the DCSS. Damn, same thing, as every-time I tried to enter “Miss” under the name title, it defaulted to “Madmamma”. Here goes the send button. And here comes that threat again from my web provider! This time it was sent with an attachment. Oh NO, now Ann is climbing all over my desktop. So not only do I have to contend with Rush’s loud explosive diarrhea, but Ann’s also at the same time in competition! What a combination. Hey, what about a ménage et trios? So here goes Sarah’s application to the DCSS. Once again, that title bar seems to have a mind of its own! It wouldn’t accept anything but “Witch”, and I thought that title was reserved for Meg! Wow, another threat from my web provider. May as well open the attachment, as it really can’t hurt anything beyond being Rushed! Wow, I have a threesome on my desktop. Modern technology, coming to a computer near you! Rush, Ann and Sarah, all trying to say it their way. They are all talking at the same time and have indeed found mankind a definition of “Chaos” theory. In fact, when yacking away in harmony, I hear something very interesting, like a subliminal message: “The lunatics are coming, the lunatics are coming”, and it sounded like Paul Revere. Done with enough laughs, time has come to throw my laptop out in the trash. At least I have a few Sam’s to enjoy, no computer and a simple life. Wow, the American Dream is alive and well! Later that day, I hear the neighbor kids laughing, they are all huddled up out back to what appears to be the Rush trashed computer, still working, as the battery was still alive and well. I hear one kid mention that the “fat” guy was a porn star! Sorry kids, it isn’t porn! See, kids associate Rush with porn! Why? Because when we sit down and try to eat a decent family diner, we are overwhelmed with “extend” commercials and little kids asking daddy, “what is ED” at the same time we realize that Rush likes his Viagra and as far as Ann and Sarah, please give the human society a break and jump into that “black hole”, and let freedom ring once again as your ways and means are indeed a trend to derelict that right of individuality, all for a paycheck and a chance at stardom. Hey, Rush, Ann and Sarah, just think where you’d be without the FOX! Hey, the computer’s battery is beginning to fade, so is Rush, but Ann and Sarah are still with it, and the laptop is still vibrating!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Go Botox!

Love them Yankees! Love them Phillies! Even though I am a loyal Red Sox’s fan, the showdown between the Phillies and the Yankees is another chapter in good old Americanism. Much deserved and needed nowadays. Especially when we continue to see a meltdown in politics and “We the people” need a diversion away from the crookedness, lies, scandals and the explosive diarrhea rhetoric that seems common-place outward from within the Halls of Congress. Bill Clinton ruined the office of the presidency when he had an affair but “didn’t have sex” with the Devil in the blue dress. The House went south when Don Young yelled out that one of his Democratic colleagues was a “rabid skunk”. The Senate suffered when Ted Stevens allowed Big Oil to testify about high gasoline prices without the bosses taking the oath to tell the truth. Its all gone downhill since then, and people try to place the blame for this political creep show ménage et trios on George Bush? Why is it that they refer to one another as a “colleague” and “my good friend” on the other side of the isle? Who are they trying to kid, as Joe Lieberman has always been a turncoat and will always be a turncoat fanatic! Just look at the first three letters of his last name, get the point? I can’t wait to see his memoirs in print, “A True Turncoat Terrorist In Their Midst”! Hey, the lagers are not lagging behind with such horrors upon us, even with Halloween here again. “Take me out to the ball game….” And what could be more appropriate a relaxation on Halloween night then a serious series game, some Sam Adams winter lager and a bag of goodies? Damn, Sarah Palin keeps knocking my front door for more candy! No Sarah, Sam Adams is not from the cast of the Addam’s Family, that was Gomez your thinking about! Maybe I should turn off my porch light, but that would disenfranchise the entire neighborhood! Wow, this has to be a joke. There is a live camera shot accessible through a “blog” that observes the entrance to the U.S. Treasury. It appears there is something going on. It might be some “Trick’r Treater’s” out looking for a sugar daddy. The camera is focusing in for a freak-show close up, the masked mug-shots look like House Speaker Pelossi and Senate Majority Leader Reid! Looks like a Botox overdose! They are both carrying huge orange bags. But it doesn’t appear to be masked bandits, but the real McCain! Too much, back to the tame world of sports. Now each baseball team is in the World Series because they represent the pennant champion for a different league. Represent? What a concept! There is the National League and the American League, each with different but similar rules of engagement. But what is interesting about this game, is the head count of referees required to keep the game up-and-up honest! So for each nine-member team either at bat or taking on the field, it requires 6 professional referees with unbiased opinions to keep it honest! And each referee is required to keep a book of rules close at hand, just incase there comes a questionable situation. Now what if the “People” required the same kind of oversight upon our representation? Think about it, not only for jobs creation, but for the missing link – ethics in government! When the House adjourns, with a cast of 435, it would mean at least 145 referees following their every move. And like with baseball, the referees would be required to keep close the rulebook – a.k.a. the U.S. Constitution! With the Senate, it would mean another 33 refs, just to keep the bastards in-line, in check. And like with baseball, if you argue too much with the refs, dejection! And maybe fines levied could be part of this new-age oversight, “By the People, For the People”. And with the rules of engagement in force following those of the greatest American sport, like the balk, just think of the possibilities! Don’t show up for a vote? It means a forfeit. Purposely delaying a game, a fine. Now none of this would be necessary if when elected these representatives actually abided by the rules of engagement, but it seems that the security detail at the House and Senate entrance is good at confiscating the rules, along with righteousness. I guess the rules pose a threat to national security! And every-time we try to reason why there is no reasonable representation, they tell us it was all checked at the door because the other party… S.O.S., your Senate is out of control. S.O.S., your House of Representatives is out of control. TILT! In fact, maybe for each week in session, a different set of rules could be used to govern the referees decisions. Can you imagine using the WWW rules of engagement, with Vince McMahon at the helm? Hey, anything would be better then no rules or regulations at all, as that is the way it appears to be, no accountability yet affordable to all - the latter being the U.S. Taxpayers.

Twain'd Again!

Mark Twain couldn’t find any kind things to say about U.S. Senators, even insisting that a Senator was “a person who makes laws in Washington when not doing time.” In Eruption, Twain quotes, “We have lately sent a United States Senator to the penitentiary, but I am quite well aware that those who have escaped this promotion there are several who are in some regards guiltless of crime – not guiltless of all crimes, for that cannot be said of any United States Senator,,,,” That was the sentiment of many Americans back in the 20’s as corrupt politics seemed to be getting into everything civil. It is way past that era and before us we have an error prone era that goes to show the Corrupt Bastards Club – which made its debut in Alaska – has grown its membership ranks and become so popular amongst Democrats that the bastards no longer hide out in their hideouts, the Hill! Or when the heat is on, retreating to their loyalist lobbyist dungeon! They act as if being corrupt is “Vogue” and getting caught red-handed with their hand in the cookie jar is but a trivial pursuit with respect to justice. There exists today no true Democrats nor bonafide Republicans holding onto office in efforts to represent, as they have sold out as Loyalists to the Lobbyists. “Lobbyist: 1) con artist extraordinaire; 2) terrorist”. “Loyalist: 1) hit men for the Lobbyists; 2) terrorist”. And when a lobbyist can lie in front of Congress and walk away without “Contempt of Congress”, we have before us a genuine mutiny. This health care reform thing is beginning to sound like something out of the gulag. Who is really in control of our destiny, besides the lobbyists? Why is it that most spouses of Senators find high paying jobs with a lobbying firm? What ever happened to ethics in government? I guess it has indeed become just a suggestion! I wish that everyday it were a required broadcast ceremony wherein our representatives must swear again to uphold the Constitution. And they should be required daily to write 500-times on the Congressional blackboard, “For the people, By the people”. Hey, if they were all corralled in detention, then they couldn’t waste away the Treasury. Talk about “deflation”. But this newest health reform bill has to be a joke “For the People”, as it doesn’t ease up on “pre-existing conditions” until the year 2013! That is 3 long years away. Just think of how extra-rich the insurance companies can get in three years’ time with Treasury money to boot along with your money! Hey, if you were a dying breed insurance company, what would your bucket list look like? Money, money, money! I can see it now, even a cold or flu will towards the end be considered “pre-existing”. Here is why I feel the “public option” is not favored by the business community. I work for a living and for the past thirty years have had an employer/employee relationship wherein we both foot the bill for medical coverage. At least it started out like that. Premiums for coverage have escalated in price, wherein it has become a double whammy for the workers. I pay more and more per month for coverage and the deductible keeps on giving away my overtime. Good thing I am healthy! So, when the “public option” takes over, and I opt out from my employer’s healthcare plan, will I see an increase in my paycheck? If the employer doesn’t have to put out for the health premiums, there is some extra money hanging around, and I want my fair share. Bottom-line, the money that an employer puts out is considered part of your wages. And here is what we hard working Americans may find when we question where that extra money is going besides being used to fatten up that paycheck - that we have been racked over the coals from increased wages as “our” contribution towards health care includes what we thought the employer was putting out. I bet that the entire employee/employer relationship has been subject to rape wherein the workers are paying much more then the employer and foregoing any wage increases. So, maybe we won’t see a pay increase cometh “option”, as it appears that the bastards have already stolen away the money. It isn’t pollution that will sink this country. It won’t be terrorists that sink this country; it will be greed that sends this country down not only a rocky road but also a cesspool runneth over road. It sucks, that this nation has produced a mentality of con artists. Instead of brotherly love, how about “Brotherly Love Screwed”. In the end, I hope that Obama uses his “Executive Privilege” to set this country back on track. Maybe instead of using the ”privilege” to get friends out of jail like past presidents have so abused the privilege, he will use that power of the pen to fix what has been screwed up by Twain’d representation. Wherein the voice of the people that elect supposedly righteousness to office is but a faint voice in the distance, once the lobbyists infiltrate and soundproof against that righteousness, with an end result another greedy and seedy take over of our rights. Is there not one decent Senator out there? NO, because if there was, one single true American representative “Un-Twain’d” could have Pelossi arrested, have Reid arrested, for contempt! The Halls of Congress are beyond corrupt! The rest of democracy now laughs at us, out loud. In fact, France is contemplating taking back Miss Liberty and replacing it with a “Headless Henchman” statue, as it appears that this country is being run over by crap like politics. Sure they should all be doing time, as the way bills are manipulated to include all kinds of “pork”, this is not what the Constitution agrees upon, as nobody could or would write that kind of legislation into the great emancipator. Can you imagine teaching modern day politics in the classroom, to what really goes on in Washington? Kids would laugh then cry and never fend for this country. Greed, it is the UN-American way but portrayed as the American way! And it is all performed under the table. Hey, it is my money being stolen away. It is your money being stolen away, and it is ending up in some lobbyist’s wallet! Or in the hands of a Senator’s spouse. Lobbyists, and spouses of Senators, are all getting rich on your generosity! Isn’t there a crime being perpetrated herein, with the way our hard earned money is taxed away for their own greed? If there is not a crime, there should be. Talk about welfare for the rich and influential idiots. Now there may indeed be a few statesmen in Congress, but when we see the American people getting raped over the coals day in and day out, we begin to wonder and agree what Mark Twain was right about a long, long time ago, and we continue to suffer because it is way beyond the laughing stage! Health Care Reform? How about Corrupt Bastards Reform!