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Sunday, November 30, 2014

7 Sisters

To get away as far as possible the “Bleak Friday” craze, I was hanging out down south at a location that has something in common with Fairbanks, very bad air quality. In fact, stay indoors was the “WARNING” for Fairbanks and North Pole on Thanksgiving Day, but I am sure that stops nobody from the shopping craze. Yes, Santa's Village was under attack, like with the egg plant that ate Chicago - in this case disguised as the PM25 particulate matter ice fog blob. See, in Alaska today it is hard to get away from civilization or pollution, as the “Crazed Ice Road Truckers” and “Off the Grid” pervert faction have taken over, so too really get away from such abuse of the mind, one must go way south - like to California as the near desert is still friendly and those wack-jobs heading to Alaska to be filmed by lunatics can have the cold for what's it worth. Plus, the Native American desert clans will not tolerate outsiders pissing and crapping all over decency, and are not afraid to police outsiders with a force majeure response, plus you can buy gasoline for about $2.25 on the reservations! See, too bad we let the Alaskan Natives give up their rights to the land for pennies on the dollar and thus we have all this trespassing from assholes bent on that 10-minutes claim to fame. Yes, Alaska has changed. Once the “Last Frontier”, now merely the “Lost Frontier”. Entirely different subject though. So I felt at home, with the “Air Quality” when relaxing out amongst the orange blossom special effects courtesy of nature, but missing were the “WARNINGS”. Now down south, it is “Agricultural Pollution” that causes the “Red Flag” alert to be raised. And according to a friend of mine an environmental scientist, when I enlisted his thoughts on the “AGpollution, he insisted is wasn't that bad. See, this time of year it is mostly pollen, and field dust when the soil is turned over for the upcoming seed planting season. And since there has been very little rain, the earth is a little scorched. In comparison, Fairbanks' “air contamination“ is from burning coal, so give me the bees diet any day! And at night in the desert with the cooler temperatures of November, the pollen drops out of the air and low and behold, the universe finds an entirely different meaning awe inspiring to this human mesmerized. Are all these stars new, like the “Big Bang” still banging away? I never imagined such an explosion of star light, all uninhabited objects and just waiting for earthlings to find a ways and means to discover what the Creator has left in storage on each planet rock star. Here it is. It is there for the taking, but until such time we give up WAR, until such time we stop killing each other, we will not discover “space travel” that can be used for timely transport of humans out and about the cosmos, as we sure have proven we are going nowhere soon aboard a fire-cracker. Yes, it is written in the bible in the fine print, stop killing, stop war, drink wine and we will find the secrets of life. Just what in hell are we waiting for, we afraid? But while star gazing after consuming way too much beer and way too much turkey, I finally witnessed a “Star Cluster”. This is not a rarity when “Air Quality” conditions are good, usually viewed by the naked eye without other instruments often utilized to focus in such extravagant events of nature, the Creator's miracle such events. Wow, it was like someone had air-brushed a section of the sky, appearing like a cloud in the night, serenaded by the “over yonder” light of the harvest moon. It was the star cluster known as the 7-sisters, the Pleiades located in the Taurus constellation. But it is very unusual to see all 7-sisters even on the best of frosty winter nights in the desert, and thus the “Legend of the Lost Pleiad” finds its origins, something dating back to Kepler's days. But there it was, the 7th sister as bright as the other stars, maybe with an even higher intensity, powerful and yes beautiful. And artists lucky enough to have observed the “Lost Pleiads”, some have tried to paint what it reminds them of, something I was able to see – not as a painting, but nature at its best.
Ain't it just like the night to play tricks when you're tryin' to be so quiet?
We sit here stranded, though we're all doin' our best to deny it
And Louise holds a handful of rain, temptin' you to defy it
Lights flicker from the opposite loft
In this room the heat pipes just cough
The country music station plays soft
But there's nothing, really nothing to turn off
Just Louise and her lover so entwined
And these visions of Johanna that conquer my mind

Free Speech

If Hillary Clinton can demand $300000 for a twenty-minute diarrhea of the mouth speech at a “Public Institute of Higher Learning”, what in hell happened to “Free Speech” and what in hell are we teaching our college bound youth? How bad is it you ask, that amounts to about a $Million$ bucks an hour – compare that with your wage! How many scholarships does such ransom amount to? She should know better, she does know better but subscribes to a creep show following that should have learned by now to not fall prey once again to this troubled woman's pranks! Her middle name finds appropriate that of “April Fools”! Look, some assume those on the “Left” are free-thinkers over the “Right”, but in the intelligence category I am beginning to wonder, give it up with Hillary. We can chastise the 2nd Amendment, when at the same time the dysentery dynasty of the Clinton's tears away at out liberty, by abuse upon the “Right to be Heard”, in their case at a very handsome price tag. The Clintons are in it for no apparent reason then “POWER” which requires “wealth”, and the more power they steal away for their own selfish “legacy” the less you have in efforts at that life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. Realize this, the Clinton clan will go down as a couple amassing more money after the fact government servants then any other couple in the same category, a pimp and a 1st Lady. The Clintons were broke upon abandoning the White House, only one child, yet today they are worth as much as Nancy Pelosi – over $100-Million. And even though when “poor” while at the “Oval Office”, both Bill and April were all for limitations on sheltering wealth in the form of real estate trusts – yet they have just filed for protection under this loop hole, so their daughter Chelsea can be part of that 1%. Two faced finds new meaning with the Clintons. Honestly, anybody of sound mind and will entertaining Hillary for anything other then a circus clown, what the hell is wrong with you? Wealth hoarders, when there is only so much freedom to go around these days, as it is no longer free! Why cannot retired presidents be like Jimmy Carter? Instead of abandoning the philosophy maintained while in office, write a sex novel if retirement is boring. Yes yuck, $300k to hear a babbling idiot hide the truth about this and the truth about that. Slander and defamation you think? Good, for if the Clinton clan takes me to court, at least we will get the truth finally of what kind of sex Bill enjoyed with Monica and maybe when Hillary is called to testify find out her true feeling about spousal abuse, as a denier which supports even more this atrocity, or scared to act. What a message to send, what a role model Hillary is, and testament that she never listened to what John Lennon preached, that “Woman is the nigger of the world” and continues to be abused. Why in hell did she stick with him, “Stand By Your Man”? So yes, I can take this opportunity to ridicule the Clintons, hoping to get my day in court, for “AMERICANS” – as we were never provided the truth, except denial and today we see what happens when “women” are scared to speak their peace. Look, even though Bill is out of office, we can still try him for “lying” under oath as the crime aspect never goes away and finds no statute of limitations. If not an indictment by a competent court having jurisdiction, then through a “We the People” Kangaroo Court of appeals. We are getting so dangerously complacent and letting the important things slide, we need to take action in efforts to fix things! Look, had Bill been honest with America, instead of trying to hide the truth, yes he would have been impeached but at least that would have sent him to retirement, hopefully with Hillary in tow and a lessons learned for those seeking that office. Had Bill been honest and maintained the integrity of that office, maybe George W. would have been more responsible the power of that office and made better decisions. But that office became a joke under Bill Clinton, a precedence set liars haven, so when “Dubya” moved in it was like being back at the “Skull & Bones” fraternity, with no responsibilities and “Crooking” was OK – just like them days back at Yale. Bill Clinton ruined that office, and finally we are seeing some semblance of taking it back, with Obama at the helm, but it appears we cannot stand a man of such statute – like we are not used to it! Kids have grown up witnessing nothing but corruption in that office – 8-years with Bill and 8-years with George! Now had Hillary taken the stand to uphold women’s rights, and thrown Bill out, she would have enjoyed much more credibility along with notoriety and maybe still a consideration for a powerful position in government. But she hid behind the veil of “spousal abuse”, yes domestic violence of the mind. She is no longer fit to be in consideration for a U.S. President. Dear American, pinch yourself, pinch again, until the pain of that pinch makes sense this nonsense entertaining a Hillary Clinton as a viable candidate to run this nation – and that “pinch” should at least reveal the fact that Hillary is the most abused spouse in America – still today! It doesn't go away, it forever kills the will! Look, Bill cheated on Hillary and she turned a blind-eye, which condones such filth. She had a duty, not to Bill but to America. Sad, that she bent over due her political aspirations and what appears today her wealth aspirations. We must put aside our fascinations that she could ever be fit for such duty, as when we even begin to entertain a Hillary Clinton presidency, we are showing our true weakness. Remember, Bill lied under oath. Remember, Bill cheated on Hillary, in the Oval Office – the very same office she wants control over. In fact, any person of voting age that casts a vote for Hillary should be “fined”, as to lend support one who is abused and is afraid to speak up, that casts doubt on any credibility and is an abuse of that “vote” – as it is mind control Hillary practices upon her followers. Mind Control is a vicious snake. Please vote the “UTILITY PARTY” in 2016 – UP-ROAR is the slogan, UTILITY PARTY – Reaching Out, the American Revival. Yes, no more Bush, no more Clintons, just Real Americans taking back what we have lost during the Clinton and Bush dysentery dynasties. And for those still wondering, here is what John Lennon said about the Hillary's of today:

Woman is the nigger of the world
Yes she is...think about it
Woman is the nigger of the world
Think about something about it

We make her paint her face and dance
If she won't be a slave, we say that she don't love us
If she's real, we say she's trying to be a man
While putting her down, we pretend that she's above us

Woman is the nigger of the world...yes she is
If you don't believe me, take a look at the one you're with
Woman is the slave of the slaves
Ah, yeah...better scream about it

We make her bear and raise our children
And then we leave her flat for being a fat old mother hen
We tell her home is the only place she should be
Then we complain that she's too unworldly to be our friend

Woman is the nigger of the world...yes she is
If you don't believe me, take a look at the one you're with
Woman is the slave to the slaves
Yeah...alright...hit it!

We insult her every day on TV
And wonder why she has no guts or confidence
When she's young we kill her will to be free
While telling her not to be so smart we put her down for being so dumb

Woman is the nigger of the world
Yes she is...if you don't believe me, take a look at the one you're with
Woman is the slave to the slaves
Yes she is...if you believe me, you better scream about it

We make her paint her face and dance
We make her paint her face and dance
We make her paint her face and dance
We make her paint her face and dance
We make her paint her face and dance
We make her paint her face and dance

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Plymouth Rock

When the pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock many harvest moons ago, they were hungry and tired after such a long journey away from home abandoned – in efforts to look for a “New Home”, a rock upon which they could build their future without the annoyance of church separation philosophies. But even back then there was heard the serene calling, maybe from “Sedna” the Goddess of the sea lending guidance, “Send me your tired and hungry”. And this doomed voyage came to rest upon Plymouth Rock. Yes doomed, because the ship had run out of food! Soon, with help from the Native American shareholders, the pilgrim children were fed away from famish and today we find “This America”, and it is from that lesson we have before us Thanksgiving Day – wherein we celebrate our “Natives Americans” their thoughtfulness in fighting what was this nation's first recording of “White Man Hunger”, on a continent that was even back then a monumental awesomeness of “Food”! It was the “Breadbasket” of the earth, even before industrialized cultivation – by a civilization that “Cared” about fellow men and women, of a different skin color impoverished by their ideologies with respect to “governance” so abandoned to start a new life. IMAGINE, if prejudice was a sin of the “Native Americans” back then, we would not be in celebration of this day. We have a lot to give and praise thanks upon, but did we turn our backs on that “Good Samaritan” stance? And is it starting to bite us in the place that counts – causing us to finally realize what we really accomplished back then, to befriend a culture then abandoned them when things went better off, an abandonment just like is occurring today but on a much larger scale then way back when? Has America become the “Rock of Ages that of Hunger & Despair”? This year, “Our One Nation Under Guard” came in line with Argentina and Jordon, with respect to percentile of those going hungry – or as it is called “Food Insecure”! Yes, from 2013 our “Country 'Tis of Thee” jumped 8% points on the scale of increased poverty wherein going hungry is starting to trend beyond the pandemic stage. Yes “pandemic”, defined as greater than ¼ the population being so affected. Hunger, here in the “Homeland”? WTF, WTF, WTF again! Right here in “Old Glory”, 24% our neighbors and their kids going hungry, on “OUR” watch. Something to ponder today this 2014 Thanksgiving Day. Yes, it is a sin - a mortal sin at that in which we are all guilty by association our “government” through taxation misappropriated, wherein we are all accomplices to this crime spree, as there is no damn excuse as we have the knowhow to produce and can transport enormous food staples from sea to shining sea. Hunger in America is so wrong. Many nations that are not yet “industrialized” like the U.S. and finding statistics ugly, like Argentina and Jordan which we now find our nation in comparison, it is usually a struggle by corrupt government that sets the stage for “poverty” and going hungry. Keeping the population under-nourished, there will never occur a coup as the strength to fight the corruption is never a reality. When the body is weak, so is the soul and so the foe continues to rule. And that trend here in the “Homeland” towards a class finding “Food Insecurity” as a normal course of events seems to be picking up a familiar face at a mind boggling pace, continuing on its “Dead-end” no turning back stage of 8% again, this year, next year, where will it end? Face the Nation, starvation hits America! So today we are at 24% wherein many of our brothers and sisters are screaming out loud, “My belly full but me hungry”, based on an impoverished mindset disrespect one another by those with too much to handle, millions in disposable income yet we are a dying nation. When you stop feeding, you fail! Next year this time unless something changes – like taxing the rich people with retroactive fines for not giving their fare share – we will see 32% of U.S. citizens living in poverty. When I went to the market this week, which I like to visit each day instead of stocking up due the fact it gives me time to respect those that work the food chain – from the migrant worker to the truck drivers to the cashiers none of the above getting rich their daily duties, all just merely salt-of-this-earth hard working individuals – this poverty realization hit hard. As I could see it in the sad sack faces of many of my fellow Americans shopping, not just a “fill the basket” free-for-all, but people thinking very hard, looking at the prices, with a waiting line at the “reduced” counter. It was sickening to say the least. And when I volunteered to add $10-bucks to my bill to feed a family on Thanksgiving, wow, you could tell by the sincere gratitude the checker that this means a whole lot. They see it all the time, moms with kids buying a can of soup, a $1.29 expenditure and pocket change for many of us so fortunate to be not covered by the umbrella of poverty, but for these down and out “neighbors” it takes 3-credit cards to make a simple soup kitchen purchase, as people are maxed out – the kids hungry! Honestly, a mom had too use 3-different cards to buy a can of soup! When we here in America must use a credit card for food, we are doomed as a society that cares – what America was originally built upon, “Brotherly Love” is what I learned when I was growing up. This is what our parents taught us, those that had endured the “real” wars, but due fighting for their country realized we must make it right in the “Homeland” or else. We have come to that “or else”, where do we turn – we must start today taxing the life out of the wealthy as they are running the life out of America. Does Mitt Romney need a $10-million dollar “Vacation House”? So what he was fortunate enough to be successful, but does that mean such success allows for many to turn their heads those not so “Lucky”? If your answer is YES, please walk the plank with your full stomach of caviar and trunks of treasures, as that will sink you quicker. So, since I am still fortunate to not have to worry about a roof over my head or complain “My belly full but me hungry”, I give. And it makes me sad that today, AMERICA has such pathetic statistics when it comes to feeding our own. We would rather spend $trillions$ feeding the WAR MACHINE then feeding our brothers & sisters! This is not what the Mighty Constitution recommends. But where in hell are the oath takers that are supposed to be on watch on the helm? That is doom, as when our Congress can leave that job and be smiling today in celebration this day something is constructively wrong, when they should be in realization that this day has changed and they are to blame, denial is a bad disposition. Look, we are know compared to Argentina and Jordon, two very poor countries with a very poor record of feeding its people. So even though I am not rich, I did give in, out of the goodness of my stomach. But to be honest cannot stomach what is going on today, on this Thanksgiving day 2014, that the neighbor's kids may be asking daddy for something to eat, but the cupboard is empty and the bank account is dry because we have become the Greediest bastard civilization ever of record – and when Humpty Dumpty has his great fall, all the Thug's horses and all the Thug's men will sit around chewing the fat being content – just like our Congress, out-of-site and out-of-mind. As “Our” government through Congress has become a “Royalty Republic”, the reason Plymouth Rock became a refuge to those with Hope. Poverty, coming to a neighborhood near you, unless you are gated away from caring or realizing this problem and its magnitude. Here it is, the wealthy are trying to starve us out, not to death, but keeping us in poverty as a way to control us, as without us at their disposal their wealth means nothing – that is what is truly behind the 1% take over. Hungry? Best get used to it or rebel now, we must tax the wealthy, else risk becoming “slaves” wherein their pets will be better off then the populace – and that is already occurring today, pampered pets, better off then 24% of the populace! And we clean up the dog shit....

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Just IN!

According to Andrea Mitchell of MSNBC, Fidel Castro being considered to replce Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense. According to reliable sources, Ted Cruz to endorse Fidel, more ahead this breaking news...

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Grand Wizard Jury?

Today we heard conflicting testimony from Darren Wilson’s attorneys, with respect to defending the police officer’s action to pull the trigger 12 times when under attack by a so-called demon like monster, an unarmed “black kid”. This revelation came a day after the “Grand Wizard Jury” decided in favor of a “No True Bill”, which means no indictment – which amounts to once again seeing “No Justice” for police brutality aimed at a certain minority. Did we not learn anything from the George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin debates? I guess not, as today and once again “It's the home of police who kill black boys on Mopeds”, heard like bombs bursting in air! Like many advocates of justice have raised concern not in praise yesterday's “Not Guilty” verdict, just another brick in the wall of injustice. Look, I respect the law and the lawman and since my teenage hoodlum days have found nothing but a good relationship with law enforcement, but a few bad apples – maybe due inexperience, maybe more so due action or inaction based on prejudice – it continues to provide fuel for the racism meltdown that is sickening this “My Country 'tis of Thee”. Sure police officers wake each morning and down a bullet-proof vest in the realization they may never again see their loved ones, but these bad apples that should never see the likes of a badge-of-honor, they make it today a very bad situation which taints the entire “mission”. The fallout finds once again nightmares, this time in Ferguson. Sad, as we learn to respect those that become uniformed officers upholding the law, so why are the uninformed taking over? And now with the Michael Brown case closed, telling the truth after-the-fact means nothing – as a person of interest can not be tried twice for the same crime. OK, so we are still at odds the victim and the perpetrator this killing. But according to the 4-man all-white legal team behind Officer Wilson, their client was faced with “split-second” decision making. But when he testified before the “Grand Jury”, these split-second decisions found more then enough time for a “reasonable person” to access the situation and maybe think instead of pulling the trigger based on fear, when during this most critical of times he was having a flashback about being beat up by a monster when he was 5-years old! Not at all a “split-second” reasoning with any credibility to shoot – as in efforts to protect his freedom when before the “Grand Jury” Officer Wilson seemed to reminisce that he had plenty of time, re-calling in boring detail how he thought about this and about that before being attacked by “Hulk Hogan” - more hallucinations - thought about everything like time was at a stand-still. Yes, his “split-second” decision making turned into a story book! So we have before us today “Conflicting Testimony” wherein it appears as though a lullaby was what the “Grand Wizard Jury” decided to accept, and hold the officer unaccountable for taking the life of a “demon”. What kind of LSD was being used by the officer, as his testimony sure finds fantasy? Now, if so his actions required “split-second” decision making, well his lullaby violates the time constraints. And was a drug test performed, as surely this officer was not in the right state of mind, having flashbacks? Well, it doesn't really matter today, as the “Grand Wizard Jury” went home for the holidays and that select and diversified - single black only - group of servants have been set free. But herein find some very interesting revelations of what may have really gone on behind the scenes. Usually in the normal course of “Justice Being Served” a “Jury of Peers” appointed by both sides will allow the servants to choose a “Jury Lieutenant”, one that is basically the boss. Someone must keep order and make sure food it ordered on time during deliberation, “Order in the Court”...I'll have a ham sandwich! But in a “Grand Jury” there is no so-called “Lieutenant” as the “Grand Jury” is a “loose” independent jurisprudence entity without the seriousness and regimented mentality as would be found in a normal court of law jury trial. It is instead a type of “preliminary” clearing house for warranting whether or not criminal activity rises to the bar of a trial by jury – but wherein “zero” evidence is deemed necessary for a trial to be considered. That is why many lawyers tell it like this: “a prosecutor can get a Grand Jury to indict a ham sandwich”! So the rule of law with a “Grand Jury” is simplicity, wherein a “boss” is not needed. But we will never know the true identity of this “Grand Jury” as due its simplicity and covenants, there is strict adherence to secrecy and we will never know also the actual “vote” wherein it takes 9 of the 12 jurors to find a verdict – also called a “True Bill”. It is basically a “mock” trial wherein one standing trial does not get to look eye to eye his accusers. It is all secret, so has not been an instrument of the justice system with “teeth” as it provides no transparency and anybody that speaks up outside the intended audience, they could be held in contempt of court – unlike a normal jury that finds freedom following release unabated freedom to speak their peace. So, in this case the prosecutor presented a massive amount of evidence unprecedented in a “Grand Jury” setting but with no legal direction, and no help from party attorneys or a judge - which means total confusion and with such weakness the time for an opportunist to cheat the system, for his own personal goals. Yes, all it would take in this kind of situation is some “bozo” wanting to prove he didn't fail law school and retained a little knowledge of the “law”, so takes over as the “Lieutenant”, gaining the trust of others through a little knowledge, but attempting to “try” the evidence for his own personal goals – yes the “Grand Wizard Jury” a league of its own which today has proven a horrible outcome. It is the justice system half baked! So, is this to set precedence, wherein we have somebody accuse another of a crime and before you know it we have a secret “True Bill” setting free the perpetrator, or for that matter rendering an opinion not tested by law but becoming the law? Sad day in America, for the victims, for the perpetrator as when the legal system is tested like it was in this case, we should brace ourselves for some petty nightmarish proceedings. And with such secrecy, can we really trust the outcome? Said again, we can argue the merits of this case, argue forever whether or not the prosecutor was derelict by going in this direction, by engaging the “Grand Jury” into unfamiliar territory without legal direction, ague a zillion different scenarios – it doesn't matter as due the veil, we can only guess. So in retrospect, it is a cloaked jury, and the reason I see it as the “Grand Wizard Jury”!

Grand Wizard Jury - 11 of 12 - after reaching "No Bill Not Guilty" verdict in "It's the home of police who kill black boys on Mopeds” trial.(Missing juror was the only black and refused picture taking participation)

Monday, November 24, 2014

Man's Laughter

Is “True Bill” a new book by Hillary? My guess finds the Ferguson “Grand Jury” votes 12 for 12 to indict police officer Darren Wilson for blowing “how many” bullet holes in Michael Wilson, an unarmed “Black Brother” sitting in his car enjoying a “Twinkie”. Of course it will be an “Involuntary Manslaughter” verdict, as this is America - “Land of the weak and home of the lame”. So it means at most 2-days in-a-row protests, peaceful and then not, just in time for Thanksgiving Day – time to pig out and watch football! So law enforcement will be busy until “pigsty” time, then the indictment excitement incitement will fizzle. Then the “Involuntary Man's Laughter” will proceed through the courts, wherein another jury will be smothered by that “Stand Your Ground” defense, just like how Bill Clinton stood his, when accused of assaulting Monica - “Ture Bill”, is an indictment! And Alaskans must remember that the “Stand Your Ground” defense started in the “Lost Frontier”. Yes, when Alaska was still the “Last Frontier” envy, when lost and hungry the rule of the wilderness-winding-road was simple, use and take only what was necessary for survival. Which meant road-side and remote cabins remained unlocked, so provisions left over from hunting parties were made available to help out those stranded. Same thing with remote lodges, take what you need and don’t abuse and if and when times find greener pastures, repay time. But things changed, with a trigger happy preacher. Yes, one night a few down and out guys trying to feed their families had taken some “loaves of bread” from a church on the Parks Highway and were returning the favor, by showing up to leave some cash at the alter, hoping to make friends with the preacher. But the preacher thought otherwise and stood his ground, with a trigger happy smile that he had finally caught the robbers red-handed, and shot the men in the back as they retreated away in fear of their lives – yes running for their lives after leaving some cash to pay back what they had “stolen” to feed their families. Yes, the preacher shot the guys when they were retreating, bullet holes obliterating their human spines like a remake of when Sonny Corleone was drilled down by the Barzini henchmen. The preacher was easily and quickly indicted by a “Grand Jury”, but during the trial was acquitted, based on a “Stand Your Ground” verdict – even before such a dysentery defense became popular. After that, our state could no longer claim it as the “Last Frontier” and opted for the “Lost frontier”, a spirit that reigns supreme today more then ever in light of “Reality” filming making us look like a bunch of decrepit idiots. Today, the “fringe” has taken over the wilderness and turning it into a pathetic waste land – so don’t blame oil development for ruining things - so maybe the “Stand Your ground” was a forecast of what to expect from the loony tune fringe! Too bad the Alaskan natives gave up so much during the “Lands Claim Settlement Act”. But maybe it is not too late, for the 13-original corporations to take control of Alaska’s lands and place those that trespass under arrest. I went out hiking in McCarthy a few years back, had some asshole on a 4-wheeler follow me, like I was invading his land! He was just a fat asshole and I could tell from his accent, he was a felon from the swamps. See, Alaska has become a magnet for felons. Yes, many that cannot get a job come “North to Alaska”, so they can rely on “welfare” and shit all over our land. They illegal hunt like some God given right, fish out of season, trap out of season and for no reason and trespass, basically “Standing Their ground” and get away with it. Yes, our wilderness has become a retirement home for those that cannot make it anywhere else. Not that all convicts are bad, they just learn a different lifestyle while incarcerated, one that provides an easy living and they expect the same when sent away from that 3-squares a day routine. Look, in today’s world, who has the advantage? Preachers with guns, felons with guns, wilderness wannabe loonies with guns and maybe down the list we find some semblance of righteousness for the salt of the earth middle-class saints that still believe we can live together without fear and not interested in being loaded to the gills with monster killing rifles, when their ain't no monsters! IMAGINE, shot dead eating a “Twinkie”, last meal? See, if you are honest and law abiding, you have not a need for an attorney on retainer - when everybody else has a retainer - yes, we are on our own. If “Black” on your own lost out a long time ago, you have NO Rights except the right to conform to “Death Squads”, for trying to enjoy a “Twinkie”! So with non-indictments and all kinds of trick tactics before us that sends a clear-cut message that justice is but a suggestion, well yes, lawyers suck as somebody else seems to demand preferential treatment, standing the ground against “Justice”, that which at one time found a foundation that covered all law abiding citizens and today we find that foundation under water, cesspool water controlled by those that make a living making sure justice is served, to those that can afford it! Look, it's just a longer a “Right”.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sour Grapes

Now that the dense British “influence” fog has lifted, appears Mr. Mark Begich is using the sour grapes attitude to reason why he will go down in Alaskan history as a 1-term senator - in a state that historically finds incumbency as a shoe in. Sure he can blame MoanaLisa MurCowpie for “Zero Tolerance” support, but that was too be expected, as Miss Nepotism used Begich then spit him out like, well Josey Wales on the run. And during the Begich term, Mark-my-word sided more towards the “Right” agenda on many occasions, especially if in Alaska's favor. That was his job, look out for Alaska and he did it in a fashion comparable to how Ted Stevens minded his own business. Look, Ted was the “power-house” for Alaska and still is, as some things were cast in concrete during his terms of endearment and Begich saw too making sure the “concrete” had cured. It was not Don Young, nor Frank MurCowpie and surely not daughter dearest that have proven anything deserving a legacy for Alaska – except comic relief that incites the fact imbeciles can often times fool the voters! And with all due respect, who in hell would want to be part of a “Do Nothing” Congress? The 114th will be no different then the 113th, 112th, 111th, 110th....Why would somebody want affiliation with a body of government, an institute that should be incarcerated for “evading” the oath? Look, had ethics and congressional responsibility been not flushed done the royal toilet, the Sergeant-At-Arms would have been very busy the last few years processing criminal mischief. We have a broken Congress. But with respect to many issues front and center the Obama Administration, Begich looked not the party line but the effect legislation would have on Alaska – case in point the military turn-down turnaround, he fought to keep the “War Machine” giving here in Alaska. Now there exists many factors that enter into the “Bureaucratic” equation, which starts off during political office aspirations with a rich daddy, for funding an exploratory committee and ends with a depository committee once an office has been bought – stool stuck. And that is not the way things were designed by the original Congressional picnic. What was supposed to remain simple has become very complex, as a ways and means “too fool most of the people most of the time”. And it works. When we look around to what ails America today, it ain't Congress, it ain't Obama with ObamaCare, it is “We the People Alone” that finds 100% of the blame. We have become complacent on the reality of the issues, utilizing what little time we have left in the day after commuting and working for a living, well we rely on others to provide help. But therein exists the rudimentary problem, the swines have realized we the tired masses are lemmings when it comes to “representation”. We strive to be part of “Our” government, yet when we are not told the truth, the whole truth and nothing but lies so help me “Democracy”, we end up making decisions that...well puts us where we are at today – a torn, a war torn nation. I no longer support the democrats, as that institute faulted a long time ago. I no longer support the republican institute, as that party also failed, a long time ago. And when institutes so endeavored to uphold Miss Liberty fail and faulter, there comes no rresurrection as parties derelict in the conviction of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness are given only a single chance. Both parties have failed, by allowing loyalty to be but a suggestion and royalty their goal – yes swines! So we are at the crossroads today, were it will end will be revolutionary and we will once again be a nation of “Brotherly Love” as we became somewhat following the World Wars. We have not that conviction today, as Washington is broke. Our reliance today rests solely in the Commander-in-Chief. Yes, we are a borderline bonafide nation and if Obama caves, at least we have the 2nd Amendment Right to fulfill our goals. I carry not a gun, but believe so strongly upon the 1st and 2nd that should push come to shove, I can an will defend my position, by way of mouth and means of force. Speak now or forever hold “secure” your piece... But back to Mr. Begich. He pissed off Obama, so he cannot today wish that the 44th would have come to his defense, with ads or appropriate support days following up to Begich's re-election attempts – a seat lost and today the property of the Koch Brothers. Money wins! Obama did nothing to help Begich in a 2nd chance! Look, I am an Obama supporter, as he did keep this nation from bankruptcy, with the “Stimulus” project. And it goes to show we can do wondrous things, with projects here in America instead of fueling the “War Machine” and sending $trillions$ to the “Theater of Waste”. IMAGINE – thanks John – what that kind of loot could have and should have done right here in the “Homeland”? Anyway, one thing that really pissed off Obama wherein he would not come to Begich's defense came about in October, when Begich sided with the rest of the Alaska delegation – Don Young and MoanaLisa MurCowpie – and declared “War” on Obama. Yes war, by purposely with prejudice circumventing the power of the sitting president. On that day, the 3-stooges trumped Obama by using an outdated “opinion” by President Reagan published back in 1988 to push through another controversial pipeline construction permit, and on the same day that Congress said “NEY” to the Keystone Cops and the XL “Dirty Oil” pipeline project. They basically used precedence set to fool the people, to keep this project out of Obama's reach. Why, because it is a “Dirty Gas” pipeline project and finds no clear chance it ever finds candidacy for a “Green Star”, in fact it goes totally against Obama's “Global Warming” initiative. Yes, “Our Congress” fooling the President, fooling the “People” at the expense of Corporate America. So, Begich shit in his own pocket. Of course this would piss off Obama and for that matter any sitting U.S. President, as too use such finds a dangerous policy. But what else would you expect from the likes of a Don Young, the likes of a MoanaLisa MurCowpie. The existing law was sabotaged, as the law specifically states that the sitting president “Must” weigh into the project, to “Export” Alaska natural gas any where else but Canada and Mexico. But our crazed delegation including Mark decided it was alright to use some dead president that made a statement some 25-years ago as if it matters still today what was thought back then – that was before “Global Warming”, so things have changed! So, Begich gets what he deserves, finding a new career. Had Begich proved to be a statesmen when this project was up in front of the DOE for approval and insisted on it going before Obama and holding-his-ground without fear by telling his counterparts this was a duty of the “sitting” President, this would have provided Begich the support from the “Oval Office”, and we may have seen a different outcome – both in the approval process for a “Dirty Gas” pipeline and a different outcome with Begich's re-election results. Look, Obama had the power and money to blitzkrieg the scene. So, Alaska gets its “Dirty Gas” pipeline, we get to sell that gas to nations not part of the free-trade agreement – which means sending it far and away to places with no labor laws and for that matter no environmental laws. Pathetic, but like already mentioned, we have a Congress that does not abide by anything close to civil, finds ethical reasoning but a farce and will do anything to undermine the President. And is not this “Treason”?

In the Year 2034

It is amazing the “AP” stuff that is available today, and who in hell finds the time to develop this stuff. OH, most of it was designed by NASA and the military! So I find this “AP” that lets you stuff a person picture into “La La Land” and render what that same being will look like in the future, yes a time-forward machine based on some super-duper algorithm that can take the existing snap-shot and render a pretty accurate face lift. So I just grabbed a picture from the news, low and behold it was Sarah Palin on a rage, something about Obama giving the America people the middle finger? Anyway, I stuffed that picture into the “Rendering AP”, then it asked for a year forward and I just happened to see another news article about the year 2034, when Alaskans will see the 1st decrease in the price of “Natural Gas” after the “Big Parnell Pipeline” gets built. Damn some  of us will be dead by then...but here is what Palin will look like in 2034, remember it was her pipeline to begin with!

Wasillabilly's Mama Moose, 2034.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Air Quality Warning

Is the air quality that bad in and around Fairbanks? Must be, as newly erected governor Bill Walker is appointing staff mostly from Fairbanks...rather odd it is. So maybe this is payback, getting buddies out of harms way. But Bill, what about the rest..cough, of...cough, us?

Supreme Beings

Supreme Court's analysis of “Executive Orders” under 
 which a president could act:
 (1) with express or implied Congressional
 (2) in the face of ''congressional inertia, 
       indifference, or quiescence;''
 (3) in contradiction to the express or implied
      Congressional will.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Executive Order Revoking

Historical “Executive Orders” revoked by Federal Statute violations:

Grover Cleveland
= 1
Theodore Roosevelt = 2
 William Taft = 2
Woodrow Wilson = 1
Warren Harding = 2
Calvin Coolidge = 1
Herbert Hoover = 1
Franklin Roosevelt = 64
Harry Truman = 104
Dwight Eisenhower = 23
John Kennedy = 6
Lyndon Johnson = 9
Richard Nixon = 1
James Carter = 1
George Bush = 1
So, historically speaking, some 239 “Executive Orders”
signed into “Law” by sitting U.S. Presidents were 
overturned by Congress, through “revoking” due a 
violation of existing Federal Statutes. So, if Obama's 
“Immigration Reform” is indeed illegal, as many have 
voiced following the day after rape, then there is 
recourse – of course if it is indeed a violation of a
 “Statute”! Evidently it is not, as if it were, the Ted Cruz 
goons would have already pressed the issue and we 
would have seen action in the form of a “Revocation”.

Environmental Review

I have b-logged about this more times then Keith Richards has required a blood transfusion! Honestly, we should amend the laws for entitlement as a U.S. member of Congress, or for that matter the U.S. Presidency and the inherent Constitutional “citizenship” requirements – for guys like Keith. Look, I would rather have members of Congress show up to the “Chamber” with musical instruments then with an Oosik – Don Young's tool of the trade. And if you can't make “Public Policy”, make music, in fact stoke and toke a joint. I also believe there should be another prerequisite any member of Congress from a state that legalizes Mary Jane.....Funny, as it has been only 15-days since the Koch Brothers invaded the “Lost Frontier” by stealing the election here in Alaska. Fools, the voters, as had they taken the time to not side with the party line this time, they would have been in a better position to realize repercussions for voting in a “Puppet”. Look, look real hard at Dan Sullivan's track record and you will see he was merely a “puppet” being groomed by the conservative “fringe”. Here is what I am getting at, that Alaskan voters have no idea what was at stake in this election that was more in tune to an “erection lasting longer then 4-hours”! So here I go again, please listen. When Eielson Air Force base was on the “BRAC” demolition list a few years ago, it was Mark Begich that went out of his way, out on a limb, a walk the plank suicide mission, all in efforts to change the mind of the “Brass” that had almost cast a final decision – that Eielson was no longer a strategic base as part of the Pentagon's long range NORAD planning. See, that base was maintained but for a single reason, its runway as an emergency landing strip for the space shuttle. When that program ran out of money, that runway was no longer considered a critical element of that program. So the “Brass” ordered in the wrecking ball! But wait just a minute, as Begich got an erection and went after the “Brass” - which means he has balls! Sure MoanaLisa MurCowpie made a snort over it, but remained pretty much out of it – letting Begich do the dirty work. And with Don Young, well he has no staying power anymore now that the “Oosik” has been censured, so his Congressional “At-Large” is merely a lame excuse for a leech. But once Begich had succeeded in pissing off the “Brass”, by using a hostage taking attempt by withholding confirmation on “military men & women promotions”, it was then up to our entire “Delegation“ to carry the torch forward and make sure there did not come a “Hail Mary” end around play. As it is not really in the best interest to one's “Homeland” security too second guess the Pentagon! Look, the “Brass” look at many things with respect to the value of a base with respect to the “Military Machine”. What may have been an important element of surprise many years ago – as most of Alaska's military infrastructure was built in the 50's – that may be no longer the case with some installations. Face the facts, we fight desert wars today, not abominable snowmen. Yet Congress has made the “Military Mission Impossible” these days, as it boils down to which state keeps what, and there is today only so much taxpayers' loot to go around. So base closures and troop “Home Coming” doesn't really start off as some preferential bureaucracy, but ends up that way. All it takes is for a member of Congress to threaten the “funding” and we end up with a “Military” that has been misguided by Congress – the reason we no longer win the battle in the theater of combat. What you mean Iraq was a win? What you mean Afghanistan was a win? So Begich was the lone champion behind Eielson's future, but when he started fending for his life after making waves with the brave, the rest of the Alaska delegation went AWOL - as Congress was AWOL to begin with so what do you expect? Now we hear once again wherein Eielson in on the chopping block, for very valid reasons. The “COST” factor, to keep this base running. As already mentioned, Alaska's military infrastructure is old and worn out, so the “times they are a changing” and Alaska's military superiority will see a change – which equates to less in the “Daddy Warbucks” category. But there are external events also that affect these decisions, as the modern day military base infrastructure takes a whole lot of civilian interference in efforts to keep the “Machine” alive. See, in February the Koch Brothers shut down Alaska's biggest interior refinery, one that was in close proximity to Eielson, for providing “Jet Fuel”. If you have jets that burn upwards 1200-gallons each hour engaged in dog fights, you need a whole lot of fuel and “Cost” becomes a factor. And since Koch is still providing “Jet Fuel” imported from outside America, that doesn't sit well with the “Brass”. Plus the Alaska Railroad is gouging Uncle Sam with transport costs, so we find strike Number 1. And Strike 2? Well it has to do with the poor air quality in “Interior” Alaska, namely in and around Fairbanks and North Pole proper. And “Three Strikes Your Out”, as MoanaLisa went to sleep at the wheel of fortune and, well it means “Misfortune” to Alaska and hundreds of well paying jobs. And we let Begich down, so he will be a no-show from now on – yes, AWOL just like the rest of the hoodlums. So Dan Sullivan gets inoculated against “Evasion” and indoctrinated into the “Lobby” on January 15th, and within a month the “Brass” will shove it in his face – that Eielson is “Done With”! Look, they have already made up their mind. And we are now in an OBAMA get even stage of his “lame duck tame the bastards” term of entitlement. Now according to the “Brass” in a most recent salute to Begich: The preferred and reasonable locations are to be picked by Feb. 15, with a basing decision to follow an environmental review.” Yes, the Air Force is now using its ACE in the hole, the “Environmental Review”, which has “Failure” written all over it today. See, the “Power Plant” at Eielson has been working under a “Shield”, as it does not meet Federal or State “Air Pollution” restrictions. And with the recent EPA guidelines for combating terrible “pollution” problems wherein we see “Health Warnings” in and around North Pole, there is no way in hell that a permit will ever be obtained - and one can only work under a shield for so much time, or else. Now the State DEC has been lenient with the Air Force, following what may be some preferential treatment with Eielson, as it is still a “Mission Critical” base even though it is not. But once that status goes away, so does the backing of the EPA forcing the state to allow the plant to operate – the shield will be lifted. See, had MoanaLisa been interested in this instead of christening the M.V. Susitna “Ship of Fools” wherein giant bottles of Don Perignon went consumed, she would have been trying to get money to build a new power plant for Eielson. It is too late now, as even if she reached into her panties - meant pantry - and found the $300-Million to construct a plant that could meet requiremenets, there is no guarantee an “Operating Permit” would be released – in fact very doubtful now that there comes new restrictions on particulate matter generated from coal burners. Now Don started doing this many years ago, trying to secure funding, when Ted was still around to lend support from his powerful “Senate” position. Yes, some $50-Million was appropiated for research and design efforts, but today nobody nows what happened to that “loot” and some think it was used for a “Bridge to Somewhere”. But when Ted was booted out, Begich followed in those footsteps but had no support from MoanaLisa nor Young. And in Washington with a Congress that is party-line-stool-stuck, well that was considered a “NO NO” to help out - so the funding was never secured and in today's “Bucket List”, it ain't ever going to happen. So that was Strike 3, a delegation more concerned with the panty-line then the “People”. So yes, Eielson will be shut-down and demolished – may as well say goodbye today. And in all honesty, it is best for the U.S. Taxpayers. It is estimated that 65% of the non-military salaries payed for by Uncle Sam out at Eielson to support the “Mission” were garnished by Tea-Party” supporters - so know wonder MoanaLisa gave not a hoot about that constituency, as they voted for “Hey Joe, where you going with that gun in your hand” when MurCowpie was up for re-election back several years ago. And when Begich was left on his own, well the citizens of interior Alaska will now feel the pain and suffering of watching as their house values drop, watch with disbelief as more jobs are lost and wonder what too do as “poor” air quality “Health Warnings” greet them at sunrise, along with a polluted aquifer those that can't sell their homes in North Pole. Sad, as had it been approached and championed by an Alaska delegation team spirit, we would have already been building a new power plant at Eielson, creating hundreds of jobs and allowing a future for this base. Signora, as the “Brass” have been given their marching orders. And when the Alaska Railroad also gets hit, and looses that $45-Million from Uncle Sam, Alaska will have to rely even more on “Big Oil” and then we will see the real Parnell legacy at work. Accordingly, The News-Miner was unable to contact Sen. Mark Begich’s office for comment.” He can't stop laughing, that's Alaska will be so down and depressed come the next election cycle, and he is still young so may find an interest once again in taking on the “Brass” - as MoanaLisa continues to prove she was the queen of a “Do Nothing Congress”, like father like daughter. And for Don, wish Mr. Whitekeys was still at it, with the “Oosik” and laughing with us about how Don would always purchase a “Nenana Ice Classic” ticket, for April 31st as “April Fools” takes on a whole different meaning with “Alaska's Dedicated Delegation”, and what the “dedicated” demonstrates is dereliction to conviction! What's that, half of the Ft. Wainwright troops to be re-stationed in UTAH...yes as it will be a Dan Sullivan up against an Orrin Hatch when the 114th convenes, advantage taking time it is by Ted's old buddy. But, Alaska had its glory days, with “Warbucks” and Federal appropriations so we have nothing to fear but the legislature raiding the “Budget Reserve”. The sad thing, we have very little too show for those efforts and when Ted Cruz was here a few weeks ago in efforts to help out the Koch Brothers, his sentiment was “What the hell happened”?