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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Alaska Stand Your Ground

Alaska is a state that should be credited for advancing the “Stand Your Ground” laws throughout this nation. Laws which seem to bring dire consequences when those that utilize the self-defense legislation upon violating the intent, take advantage the protection granted under such legislation. “Stand Your Ground” laws have over the years found NRA backed support in efforts to increase self-defense “rights” when a gun is utilized for protection, allowing exceptions to a state's “Castle” laws - which seemed to work pretty well in the category of self-defense for many, many years. The “Castle” laws held some checks & balance with respect to what an individual had at his or her disposal to defend that “life” attribute of the “life, liberty and pursuit of happiness” trinity. The NRA is focused on protecting the 2nd Amendment by “lobby” buying layers of legislation that will make it impossible to ever destroy the “right”. I take exception to increased legislation upon this amendment, as the Supreme Court has rested its case, the 2nd Amendment is here too stay - so why bother with any further over-legislation for no apparent reason but “paranoia”? Yes, a man's home is his castle and the lawman allows individuals to defend that property from trespassers, especially if a trespass finds the owner in a compromised situation wherein his or her safety is at risk. In Alaska, even though it was not yet a bonafide law on the books, the “Stand Your Ground” became front and center when a Reverend Phillip Mielke was indicted by a grand jury for reckless homicide and manslaughter. Mielke was the pastor of the Big Lake Community Chapel, out in the “Valley”, also known as Palin territory. This killing spree, based on a “self-defense” defense when thrown at the courts, occurred in the early summer of 2003. According to the killer's own sworn account, Mielke was awakened in his home across the street and responded with a 44-Magnum in hand, towards the chapel area. There he was confronted, or scared by darkness, as two men commenced stealing food and nothing else. The “unarmed” food thieves fled through the chapel's front door when confronted, and both were killed by the Reverend. Autopsies found both men with bullet holes, “penetrating gunshot wounds of the back” according to the death certificates, indicative of shots fired on retreat. Police reports also indicate that the shots were fired from a window at the food thieves on the lam, the Magnum's magazine unloaded. The food thieves were found dead, one near the church the other many miles away. Mielke was indicted for manslaughter and reckless homicide by a grand jury. But when this case was heard in the state court by a jury, a defiant legal team on the defense against the “Grand Jury's” decision, Mielke's NRA backed legal team was successful in swaying the jury to a verdict of “innocent” based on the “self defense” doctrine. Even though it was beyond the “Castle” laws already in effect in Alaska, as the chapel was beyond the “castle” jurisdiction, the jury acquitted the Reverend Phillip Mielke on all counts. And the question that never found resolve and part of the “Grand Jury's” sentiment to indict Mielke, it was the fact of what may have happened if Mielke would have just called the police when he realized the intruders were in the chapel, as this was not the first time that the food thieves had visited the church at night to steal food. And with Mielke placing himself in harms way, the self-defense option was then compromised. It follows the “But for” reasoning used by the courts, so the initial verdict by the “Grand Jury” was righteous and “just”! Anyway, after the “No Guilty” verdict, a slap in the face for the “Grand Jury”, it was also a slap in the face for “Justice” and the Reverend Mielke was acquitted and set free. So even though there are rules and regulations that try to limit the wild west mentality, when before a jury, there comes a different outcome. When the lawmen make laws, there is a fine line to what is acceptable to what goes beyond, and today we find the “beyond” being taken advantage of. Be careful, as this kind of behavior could defeat the purpose. Even though the 2nd Amendment allows one to have “rightful” ownership of arms, there is always the possibility that “bullets” will come under strict control, along with gun-powder and empty guns in hand clutter your mindset! So Alaska should be credited for advancing “guns out of control” legislation that finds this nation at the boiling point with respect to “rights”. Especially here in Alaska, as guns make friends and the 2nd Amendment is alive and well and acting in that “beyond” category - just ask Sarah Palin about her friendship with Gabrielle Gifford. So when legislation is taken advantage of, like is the case today with Trayvon vs. Zimmerman, that same legislation can back-fire and the end result finds control - as is needed today with the “out-of-control” gun legislation. I used to be a supporter of the NRA, not anymore as it appears the “mission” at hand has been taken over by a paranoia leadership bent on a Tea-Party mentality. Yuck is my sentiment. In ending, for Trayvon; “King is gone but not forgotten.”

Friday, March 30, 2012

Hate Crime?

At this stage in the fight and flight as to who is at blame, I am amazed, take that back, I am amused at the American “Black Caucus” and many others so concerned calling the Trayvon tragedy a “Hate Crime”! Al Sharpton, to whom I owe respect beyond bounds for many reasons other than blueberry pie smiles, this icon I revere as society’s modern day MLK spokesperson hero-at-arms, he too is out beating the pavement calling the murder of a young black kid on the streets of Florida a “Hate Crime”. A kid still, minding his own business enjoying life, while eating some Skittles! What a waste. And is a “hoody” really to blame! Has it come to a point in history wherein a person’s style of clothing persecutes that life, liberty and pursuit of happiness? Hey, I live in Alaska and a “hoody” is a necessity all year long, but not fair game! With Trayvon vs. Zimmerman, it is not that type of horror crime availing itself to that premise of “Hate”, wherein a trigger happy coward promulgated this challenging event through a “Hate Crime” streak for the moment. Why so? The “Hate Crime” trump card has lost its luster, it is no longer a viable defense in efforts to sway public opinion or a jury, especially in this senseless killing. Yes indeed, the Zimmerman guilt stems to a certain degree from guns out of control and the sentiment that “when guns are outlawed, only outlaws will be well armed”, but there is a deeper problem this killing, as guns are here to stay – through support forever from the U.S. Constitution. And guns do not shoot people! Look, for anybody upset and contemplating revenge over my dispelling the “Hate Crime” verdict due lack of material and admissible evidence, here is my reason against such deliberation in a nutshell. A little over a year ago Gabrielle Gifford was gunned down on a neighborhood street, during a cold-blooded attack by the likes of the Zimmerman mentality, somebody on a crazed “mission”. Premeditated, yes, as all “missions” have a planning stage. Gifford, a United States Representative in “good standing” was not by any stretch of the imagination provoking any legislation that targeted or with intent to disenfranchise an individual’s rights, but she was targeted on a Sarah Palin web-site, targeted by the cross-hairs so defined by a lethal weapon’s gun sights – what other message besides murder she wrote exists. There existed only one single “mission”. Revenge? Maybe George Bush was right about that “mission accomplished”, as we see before us today a rather disturbing movement, the “mission” at hand accompanied by guns in those hands - loaded up with destructive intent to harm this nation. And it is a “mission” as we are so learned and instructed, no secret about it. When we have Mitch McConnell out bragging to the world that he has one and only one job to accomplish, to make sure Barack Obama fails at the presidency and is not re-elected for a 2nd term, there is something wrong with this picture. The U.S. Taxpayers are paying this guy to cause harm against a “sitting” United States' President! Where the hell is that allowed under any circumstances? How does he get away with it, to broadcast this message as a means to promote rage, to motion the calling through this free-speech the command to kill? See, Mitch has constitutional immunity, one of those perks enjoyed as a U.S. senator. He can go over the line to promote and provoke this message of destruction upon the Commander-in-Chief and when the smoke clears and the blood flows, Mitch can retreat for cover and allow someone else to face the punishment of “his” crime spree. Remember what Dylan taught us, the “executioner’s face is always well hidden”. And that is what we have before us today. The “Hate” crime scene is not cause for concern isolated incidents, but a movement with a “mission” that started in earnest following the reign of George Bush. Its cataclysmic peak and a no-turning back upon this movement came about during the 2008 presidential election. The “shots” that rang out upon Obama back then, before he succeeded to the safety of the oval office, it became so ugly that the Secret Service police had to warm the GOP candidate John McCain and running mate Sarah Palin to cool things off, as their selfish and personal rage cast down upon their idiotic and imbecile IQ following, this rage was starting to worry the security detail, because of credible attacks against Obama. John McCain lost out to a “black man”, it was a slap in the face for many hard-core bigots. This started the “Hate Crime” movement and it is well on a clash course, not through isolated crimes, but a bonafide movement. Today, the mandate to fail Obama continues, and it is way beyond the stage set for a simple “Hate Crime” when young black kids are gunned down – by a militia mentality just following orders. The movement is here, on the safe heaven streets of this “my” America, not in the ghettos, but in gated communities! Not the gunman’s home, but a home no longer safe for our future, as McConnell’s edict has infiltrated tranquility. What the hell is going on? Why are not those in power doing all that can be done to stop this out-of-control abuse, this movement? Once again, it is what some want, what some dictate and direct from the safety of their bigot boardroom. We have the strongest military in the world, equipped with the highest caliber of weaponry technology through money can buy, yet those promoting this destruction have taken it upon themselves to breed this destruction, through this raged militia following as cheap hand guns are a dime a dozen on every street corner in America. If they could, they would command the military to take up arms for their “mission’s” sake, to take down Obama, but since they realize that force and strength belongs to Barack, they must resort to other forms of destruction. And at least America still maintains that military strength to defend the “Union” against this tyranny in motion. So what does it take for the Commander-in-Chief to declare war against those in Congress that promote destruction? Deny the truth of the matter what is really going down here in America, then brace yourself and take sides now, as there will come soon the midnight hour wherein all hell will break loose. So this movement promulgated from the House podium, it has momentum and McConnell must like what is going down – as his silence is golden his apocalyptic ways and means. It may be not direct language that is calling for all able bodied white men to take up arms against any face or race different, wherein the color of a man’s teeth does indeed show a difference the color of one’s skin color, but the subliminal message from the Congress against Obama Orchestrating such Negativity, it is tyranny and the time bomb is ticking. The other day when a women supporter behind Rick Santorum yelled out “think like it’s Obama” - or words to that effect - while Rick was getting out his frustrations at a shooting range, why the Secret Service is a no show such incidents, it goes to show that this country is at a cross-roads - the race war has finally made its heyday. For years, it wasn’t an acceptance, but tolerated and we were getting better with respect to “brotherly” love. So it takes just a little push and shove to turn back the advancements made so far and now that the “once” minority population is front and center, things have changed, something the “White Caucus” cannot stand and demonstrates the will to upset the “movement” through their own “movement” – a counter-attack it is wherein the excuse allows for the 2nd Amendment to show its ugly face. So this country is beyond the “Hate Crime” scene and the movement, this “mission” has been so defined by a corrupt Congress. Everything possible is being thrown against the system from the pathetic “Right”, and when it is all said and done, Obama continues to trump the GOP plan of attack - to fail his presidency. Let's hope that his time does not run out, but it appears a stacked deck when members of Congress resort to approve such premeditated attacks against the Commander-on-Chief, which is an attack against America wherein we find today Trayvon a victim. All based on “Hate”, not a crime, but a movement beyond isolated incidents. In ending, to re-iterate, Bigot Mitch is too blame this Trayvon tragedy, Bigot John Boehner is also with blame as is Bigot Eric Cantor, all head spokesmen for the “Assassinate Obama” campaign. I fear for Obama’s safety, I fear for the future of this country with respect to “Brotherly Love” when a “movement” like this survives the justice system and gains popularity, which is what the Trayvon case finds itself confronting. Since the Trayvon vs. Zimmerman street chaos clash, scholars are coming front and center and discussing if the “Hate Crime” statutes can be used as a defense or will the “Cover your ass castle” laws of Florida – as smiled upon by Jeb Bush - will it trump the negotians to who was at fault? Give it up, as I don’t care how much Harvard education you have, bottom-line the race war is here and when a guy like Zimmerman is still a free man, days almost weeks after unloading his gun, I am sure that Mitch and his “special interest” war lord cartel whores are smiling all the way to the safety of their “Congressional” chambers protected by that immunity clause – that they got away with it once again so will continue to promote it behind closed doors and also at the podium. If this movement is not stopped at the top, then we will see more and more before enough is enough. It is a pathetic America we have before us today, stuck up from prejudice still, but there is hope, as the COON movement is but a minority stand, and stands not a chance to be part of the next generation. Like “war”, prejudice is no longer a ways and means to advance a “modern man” civilization. And Mitch, enjoy the Skittles, as if you continue down this road of destruction, one day it may be your only form of protection and your only negotiation when confronted may be to “share”. And someday, your NRA and concerted drafting of “nut-case” assassins will be but just a bad dream remembrance, just like the KKK! Hey Mitch. you still pay dues don't you and I bet that “hoody” still fits!

Friday, March 23, 2012

I'll Betcha!

So this state's crookedness is about to sink, I mean risk waste, another $25-Million on the so far “totally” failed Kodiak Launch Facility. Sure Lockheed has announced that the KLF meets the Athena Rocket launch criteria and would be considered as a viable alternative, when modifications are in place to accommodate the so far shelved project. On its inception in competition for lobbing communication satellites into space, this project failed but has been given a breather and has come alive once again. But read between the lines of what is happening, as we are only getting a piece of the picture. Why is it that the Alaskan news' media only prints the “bright” side of things possible and misses out providing the true facts of the matter at issue? Yes, the “bright” is awesome, but we must also brace for the worst, if things fail, like has come the normalcy when this state gets involved in places wherein no practical business venture has gone before. Name a single state “Corporation” that can claim success? It's the same old thing, like building bridges to “Nowhere” here in Alaska. Somebody gets a bright idea to build a bridge but we don't know what for, so the legislatures get an erection and by the time we see an erection, the money runners have left town. Sure jobs are created, but we are then left with a piece of junk that requires years and years of state funding for basically nothing in return, just in-case we find out why we went engaged in such an affair to begin with. It's the same old thing with the "Dream" bridge from Anchorage to Pt. McKenzie. There is still money being wasted on a bridge that Bill Allen thought necessary. Yes Bill the “pervert” once had a voice on Alaska's future. This bridge was supposed to be used to ferry workers over to a world class oil field module production facility. Yes ferry, as before the bridge was to be constructed, we ended up with a ferry that never showed up, paid for by the U.S. Taxpayers at a cost of $75-Million. It was called the HMS Don Young. Yet money is still being wasted on this scam. And haven't they heard, BP and Conoco are moving out and about the only thing they need is a moving van safe! This state should be re-named the “Taxpayer Abused State”. Even though this state may see $3 dollars in return for every single dollar collected by the Tax-man cometh, by the time the crooks get their share, we aren't even left a fair share! The loot confiscation that takes place here in the “Last Frontier” makes what is happening in Afghanistan and Iran with “our” money look tame in comparison. Same old story here with this excitement over the possibility that the wasted launch facility will generate some income now that the Athena project is taking a second gamble. Take that back, about the KLF making a profit. This facility will never produce any “positive” income, as it will take another 10000 years to pay it off at the rate we are going. See, it is yet another smokescreen loosing money proposition, I'll bet my PFD on it. Lockheed has already booked Cape Canaveral for its upcoming launch schedule with respect to the Athena Project. The state of Florida had anticipated this project moving forward and made accommodations already. All it took was a few new coats of paint, and “Blastoff”! So as launches progress along the way down east, as we waste money on the upgrades necessary, it means costs savings there will make Alaska an unattractive alternative - just like in the past. Look, besides other downfalls, Kodiak is a logistics nightmare for this type of endeavor. At best, it would be but a seasonal undertaking. Does any Alaskan citizen realize how much state payola was wasted on exorbitant salaries for the dim-wits that thought Alaska could be an attractive place for space travel? Think of what could have been by now if all that money was placed in good hands instead of in the hands of crooks, like funding the future of the Polka Flats facility? But no, build a piece of junk launch tower where nobody is looking, like Kodiak, and guess what? It has failure written all over, then and now. Maybe that is why U.S. Nepotism Senator MoanaLisa MurCowski no longer “trusts” the Air Force brass. Honestly, she went on record questioning the “brass”, on issues of trust and telling the truth! To bad she doesn't understand the “truth & trust” concept for her own undertakings. So I'll make a “I'll Betcha”, that Kodiak will never see the likes of an Athena missile launch undertaking that makes sense. But just in-case, lets rush to judgment and fix the place up, just in-case! With all the money that has been wasted on failed project after failed project, because this state is going bankrupt trying to support all the state's “Corporations” that under normal circumstances would be under bankruptcy receivership, we could have seen pipe in the ditch from Prudhoe Bay to Anchorage delivering low cost natural gas. But like a disciple cautioned, why build a natural gas pipeline that could benefit all the people when a few can take advantage of nothing happening, as when that pipe does enter the ground and the spigot opened, well guess what, those do nothing high paid jobs go away! And that is what it is all about here in Alaska. Steal away some money, throw a few pennies of the stash for seasonal jobs creation to keep the bread-winners happy, set-aside most of the loot for the “brotherhood” and keep the momentum going. The "Corrupt Bastards" are alive and well and learned well from the likes of Ted and Bill. Look, there are crooks that will retire from a job of nothingness here in Alaska. Take the Pt. McKenzie Port Authority, or the Bill Sheffield NoseBleed Authority and let us not forget the Alaska AeroSpace Corporation. Just what the hell is the “mission”? There isn't any! And all we really have is a “missing statement” the “mission” wherein accountability and ethics is but a suggestion, just like an Anchorage Red light!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Alaska Escort Service

So the United States Senate is about to cut the balls off the Moose Gooser – a.k.a. Alaska Railroad. See, this state is loosing its cool with respect to per capita gains - escort service - as MoanaLisa MurCowski and Mark Begich aren't as corrupt, powerful or stingy as past Washingtonites, so are now forced to do things according to the book. Amazing what competition can do, or loose. Honesty and loss of power equates to less money coming to Alaska. “Do you honestly need a rocket launch facility with no rockets to launch”? No SIR! Do you really need an M.V. Susitna amphibious assault ferry with no passengers? No SIR! “Do you think Federal funding is necessary to study the penis size of the male Musk Oxen”? No SIR. “Do you still want Don Young's bridge to Nowhere? No SIR! For years, the “Last Frontier” was the poster-child for “pork” when at the same time this state held the largest crude oil producing fields in America and supplied 20% of the nation's energy needs. That fact was used as a trump card, to get back more then what was rightfully ours, with respect to distribution of income from taxable income. Yes, powerful senate seat hoarders used strangulation as a ways and means to rob the U.S. Treasury. This meant the state could go lenient on the oil corporations' taxation and royalty income rate, so even though we had oil, we became the welfare state extraordinaire and went addicted to “pork”. We weaned our kids away from self-sustainability and taught them to go down the same damn path of destruction. Teaching them a sad fact of this matter that we needed to keep re-electing the “pushers”, as they did bring home relief – for our addiction. Now things are changing, the oil is gone, so is the “pork”. Blame it on Uncle Ted, his mean methods, as what he did for this state is about to backfire and cause a whole lot of headaches and mass murder possibilities. With the railroad loosing its free-for-all funding, it means jobs may be cut - according to the ding-bat CEO. Look, keep the jobs and cut the salaries of those at the top. I can't understand how a “State Corporation” that has never made any money can pay the past and present CEO and underling staff exorbitant salaries. That sentiment that it takes money to keep the best doesn't work in this case, as with the ARR it is year after year of continued failure with the finances. Hire someone that tells it like it is, that “It won't work”! Correction: The ARR did see a profit once upon a time, when FEMA delivered a “disaster declaration” check because of a derailment. Since the mess was already cleaned up through insurance coverage, the check was on the books as a profit. So Bill Sheffield decided to quit as the CEO, as his retirement was tied to the ARR “profits”, and he walked away with a good chunk of the handout - courtesy the U.S. Taxpayers. Somebody should write a book about Bill, his career, his impeachment, his nose bleeds! Title it the “Unethical Eunuch”! Now with the “rail” we should have seen the writing on the wall when the state tried to sell this hunk of junk back in the early 80s, as required by the state-hood act. But due the fact that the entire right-of-way is a candidate for “Super Fund” jurisdiction, there came no takers to take the rail under consideration. The state was stuck with the heap and in efforts to keep it running, it meant Federal subsidies. That is why one can see empty coal cars going back and forth to “Nowhere” during summer, to chalk up miles for the yearly “pork” hauling – yes empty cars wasting time and energy. Now we find out that for years, due another case of fraudulent intent, the “rail” was defined as a “commuter transit” and allowed to claim 60% of the rail for purposes of more subsidies - wherein the Feds were not told the truth of the matter. Isn't there a crime against this? So who benefited from this fleecing of the U.S. Taxpayers? It surely wasn't the “commuters” as the price tag to ride this thing was above my pay grade. I guess the Princess benefited! About the only thing that is transported these days on the rail is expensive coal from Joe's mine. Why is it that the Koreans can buy coal cheaper that that sold to the U.S. ARMY here in Alaska? Isn't there a crime against this also? No wonder the brass are reconsidering placing Alaska's military bases back on the BRAC “Black” list. So even though the “rail” was subsidized by the U.S. Taxpayers, like almost everything else in Alaska that was somehow or another tied to Ted's influence, tied to “pork”, the taxpayers were screwed over. By god, it is still going on, as Ted's legacy lives on. And they call themselves “AMERICAN”, those that see fit to creep through the loopholes, ripping off the system? Now with $30-Million in cuts coming the Moose Gooser way, do we really need to be spending $190-Million on a railroad bridge to nowhere? It is happening right now, a bridge across the Tanana River for no apparent good reason. No, the ARMY doesn't need a bridge for purposes of training the troops, they can build bridges! To continue to use the good name of the military in efforts to steal away money from the Treasury, I've had enough. Look, we didn't need to disgrace the NAVY either, for that ferry that never showed up? The M.V. Susitna has been a no-show and was a total waste of money from its inception. But friends of Don made a killing on this waste as 30% of the Federal funding - part of the defense budget - went to jobs and 70% went to the back pockets of Alaska's GOP PAC supporters. Now with this Tanana River bridge shovel ready, Simple Simon math and with the help of my dear friend, Mr. Phineas J. Whoopee and his 3D-BB, shelve this ridiculous bridge idea and keep the rail running for at least another 6-years – without the “pork”! Look, we here in Alaska better brace for the impact. Not from some wayward comet or Sarah returning on her broom, but cuts in Federal spending are coming to a neighborhood near you. We went addicted to something that wasn't ours to begin with, remember that when Ted's day of glory comes around again next year. He screwed us over big time, got us addicted to Federal pork then went corrupt and the rest is history. For the railroad, put it up for sale, if no takers, then re-think the oil taxes! And then we can use the train to help the Independent oil companies engaged in total destruction of the environment pack up and move out and that last car home can enjoy the “Red Lantern” special. Doom & Gloom? You Betcha!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Ode To Theodore

If anybody is shell-shocked over the Schuelke report admitted to the House of Horrors - a.k.a. the United States Congress - with respect to what appears to support an inebriated prosecution while deliberating the “Corruption” trial of U.S. senator for a long time too long Theodore “Uncle Ted” Stevens, then “thou art na├»ve” and persecuted by self inflicted wounds of denial upon “true” righteousness. The bottom-line, the outcome was and is justice served “For the People” as Ted was under indictment during his 7th attempt at hijacking the Alaskan senate seat when his relationship with pervert Bill Allen became front and center news. The citizens of the “Last Frontier” rested the verdict and spoke their peace when Ted was voted out of office, as Alaskans may like hunting, may like fishing, may like guns & booze, but when a representative of a “porkcoholic” state becomes a cigar smoking buddy of perversion, this goes beyond the border of decency. And so what, that the United States attorneys assigned to this case did some unethical things behind the scenes, which in time would be cited as non-criminal behavior yet prosecutional malfeasance, stuff that would set Ted free so he could continue his roll on of corruption infused terror, as a whore for Ron Duncan – the GCI maggot magnate. I toast the prosecution team, for justice served. Ted fondled in the “good ol' boy buddy” system network, which was how and why Alaska today finds many “home-made” millionaires, affiliated with the “Corrupt Bastards Club”. Sure the people of Alaska benefited from Ted's generosity with the U.S. Treasury loot, but 33-cents on our dollar is highway robbery. What do you mean senators aren’t inherently corrupt? Sure they are, but they use the “immunity” clause to get away with murder she wrote. Just think, had Ted been sharing a cello with Bill, he would still be alive today. Just think if he had admitted his guilt front and center and did his time for doing the crime. Stealing money from the taxpayers is a crime. I work hard for my money, so do most middle-class Americans. When that money is garnished away as a bonafide tax of necessity and senators and congressmen think they own it and can dispose of it without any responsibility and only for their own seedy greed addictions, it is the highest of crimes as it is a crime upon the citizenry. Now what the prosecutors used to their advantage and are now getting beat up by in the Schuelke report - paid for by Ted’s high rolling attorneys - it may not have been righteous according to “rules of the court”, but there comes a time when the prosecution must be derelict their duties in efforts to protect the American interest – as is the case herein this case. The outcome serves justice beyond a shadow of doubt. And don't try to invoke “innocent until proven guilty” herein this case, as guilt was a mainstream qualifier for indictment. They thought they were the untouchables, Ted and his fan-club! The sad fact of the matter, their exists a whole lot more guilt out there, but with the pressure on the justice, it is more likely then not that any future probing will be but a lukewarm page holder. So like the behind the scenes shenanigans or not, in the end it sent Ted away from a position of power that was abused. These prosecutors should be commended for walking that fine line between legal and illegal, as justice for Ted does not equate to justice for all, and that is what a Federal prosecutor stands for, that “And justice for all”, which doesn’t necessarily mean freedom for all. It ain’t for the loot that these educated legalese take on this “Badge of Courage” to protect what is left standing the American dream, as they could make a whole lot of extra loot in private practice. And Ted had done enough damage over the years, with enough background that incites the fact that “term limits” are more then ever needed today in efforts to save America. Hey, term limits are designed into the Constitution! OK so MoanaLisa MurCowski - Alaska's nepotism senator - is upset over this supposedly “injustice” report, that paints a picture of the prosecution with-holding information during Ted's trial – trivial information at that according to reliable sources. But she doesn’t understand the definition of justice unless it is signed by Bob Penny. Yet she is wasting the taxpayers' time and money to author a bill through Congress that would demand justice turn over any and all evidence so this doesn't ever happen again. Why is it only a problem when something interferes with their right to life, liberty and that pursuit of happiness and the “Corrupt Bastards” deem it necessary to take action? Look, Ted's attorney at lodge Brendan Sullivan was quoted as saying, “If this happen to a United States senator…in the District of Columbia, than it can happen anywhere to anyone”. Dear Mr. Naive, it is happening and has been happening for eons, to minorities. There are thousands that have been incarcerated for life due with-held evidence and the color of their skin. Put that in your Georgetown University pipe and smoke it! Oh, I forgot. You are the despicable attorney that represented Oliver North! Isn’t he the guy that lied to Congress? Look, I am glad that Ted is no longer representing Alaska or representing the U.S. Congress. It was on his watch wherein the “House” power came under attack and became an evil power broker while the Constitution was held hostage. Yes, treason may be a better definition of how some members of Congress act when sworn in, due that “immunity” crap. So once again, cheers to the prosecution team, for doing what was right for America. In my book, Ted will always be guilty, of Constitutional neglect.