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Saturday, May 28, 2016

ATTENTION: Loretta Lynch U.S.A.G

Dear Honorable Loretta Lynch – Attorney General of the United States;

As an American citizen in good standing “Our” democracy, I reach out for your help as this nation's head of justice. Most recently, the Inspector General of the U.S. State Department went on record that Hillary Rodham Clinton, when acting in the capacity of the 67th Secretary of State, violated the “Federal Records Act”. According to that reporting; "At a minimum, Secretary Clinton should have surrendered all emails dealing with Department business before leaving government service and, because she did not do so, she did not comply with the Department's policies that were implemented in accordance with the Federal Records Act." This “surrender” violation cannot be denied, has been verified and is not even contested by the guilty party. Regardless of trying to find a ways and means to justify the use of a non-government issued server, today known as the “Clinton private server” wherein it finds an excuse that “others” before Mrs. Clinton also used personal e-mails to conduct government business, the fact that the IG's report sites emails “should have been surrendered” and were not, possibly willfully & unlawfully concealed, it finds sentencing from such dereliction under 18 U.S. Code § 2071 - Concealment, removal, or mutilation generally – (b) Whoever, having the custody of any such record, proceeding, map, book, document, paper, or other thing, willfully and unlawfully conceals, removes, mutilates, obliterates, falsifies, or destroys the same, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both; and shall forfeit his office and be disqualified from holding any office under the United States. While the FBI continues to investigate Mrs. Clinton for similar violations with respect to the un-authorized use of a “private server” while sworn to oath as a U.S. government official, we must realize the repercussions any favoritism that would not allow sentencing under 18 U.S. Code § 2071. I am one that dispels any notion that what Mrs. Clinton did, through an action or inaction, is any where close to a violation under any numerous definitions consistent with the “espionage act”. But the Justice Department under your direction has a duty to close this issue, forever. I am asking the Justice Department move immediately towards closure on this issue with Mrs. Clinton, not to completely dissolve any wrongdoing this matter, but there exists enough evidence that as a “Federal Worker”, Mrs. Clinton violated 18 U.S. Code § 2071. This is a simple law that all workers employed by the U.S. government are held accountable under, when government records are at issue. It also covers e-mails, under concealment, removal or mutilation through “other things”. The sentencing for violations under this “code” can find numerous sanctions, but I am asking that you put to rest this time consuming debate that continues to waste valuable resources by finding Hillary Rodham Clinton guilty under 18 U.S.C 2071, based on the fact the IG's report makes it clear and convincing that Mrs. Clinton did not surrender all emails – which is “Concealment” and possibly an act of “Mutilation”. This would send a message that the U.S. government means business, when laws on the books are violated. I “don't need a weatherman to tell which way the wind blows” a violation under this “code”, neither should the Justice Department. Unlike many others, I do not want to see Mrs. Clinton serving time, for that matter any fine, just a determination due the existing evidence and recent reports that warrants “Disqualified from holding any office under the United States”. This is the law we all fall under, there is no room for preferential treatment, only with the sanctions upon violations. This is about the only law of record that finds “Disqualification” and you must send such a message to protect this nation's future, else precedence may be set that allows a further deterioration of records handling, as that has already started to unfold. Mrs. Clinton thinks because former head-of-state personnel did similar business through private means, that it is OK. It is not OK if records were conveniently “purged” and not surrendered and you are in a position to send the message, else it allows this nation's foundation to be eroded as records are all important this nation's business affairs as is transparency – as when there are laws designed to obstruct such derelictions but we have no fortitude to uphold the consequences for violations, we fail. Even though there exists ongoing investigations that continue to make outsiders see this nation as foolish, you have the power and opportunity to end this now and forever from the report that was authored by the State Department under Inspector General Steve Linick, with a simple sanction, that being a reprimand under the allowance of “Disqualification”. What more evidence does one need? So please take under consideration finding Hillary Rodham Clinton guilty under a violation of  18 U.S. Code § 2071, from the evidence made public under the IG's report and as a simple fine, the minimum a disqualification from holding any office under the United States. It is that simple a case!

Respectfully, S. Pam McGee

Monday, May 16, 2016

Donald Trump - Teenager

Fredo Corleone Trump

Knight in White Satan? Warp in Progress? Everybody on the GOP side of the slander fence is asking; "What the Frenzy" with this guy Donald Trump. In a nutshell. Say the Godfather sequel found a safe haven for Fredo Corleone, after Michael found out he was friends with those that tried to assassinate the "Godfather". Michael had older brother Fredo taken out, up at Lake Tahoe - "He sleeps with the fishes". Now Fredo was always mad, that he had been passed over as the next "Don". So fast forward, say Michael never found out that Fredo was making friends with the enemy, well with sequel #7 we are now board anymore mobster like fantasies, Fredo would become the "Don" - and that's what Trump is all about. When the gene pool is empty, look for..."It ain't the way I wanted it! I can handle things! I'm smart! Not like everybody says... like dumb... I'm smart and I want respect!" 

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Pedophile Express

Wow, Bill lied again! OK, I have made up my mind, I will never ever vote for any person that was ever or is  even a too-close-to-call iffy proposition associate or Clinton nightmare affiliate. I am a democrat, but no way in hell would I let down the U.S. Constitution and vote in a Hillary! Yes, to cast a vote for Hillary is a dishonor what the Constitution is all about – as her ways and means have disqualified her from holding any office - as she already admitted to a violation under 18 USC 2071. It is the “Only” law of record that has the “Disqualification” trademark, which means if not a fine and no time, “We the People” have protection against tyrants in power trying to take over government responsibilities for self incriminating egos. If you don't know what I mean why Hillary is already “Disqualified”, read up on a simple law broken. Trying to go after Hillary for espionage is foolish, as “Disqualification” means sending Bill and Hillary away for good, not in Sing-Sing, but just out of our business. And the other reason I would never ever even entertain throwing away my constitutional right to voice my preference at the voting booth and see a Hillary sworn in? Because she would be allowed to give Bill “pedophile” leniency”. So, I am looking forward to a 2016 candidate that will be obligated to a single objective – signing an executive order demanding that the Clinton's pay back the U.S. Treasury for all the money that has been robbed away from the Treasury due their, “LYING” and investigations promoted by this cheating frenzy “I cannot tell the truth, the whole truth so help me Chelsea”! Poor girl, having to be associated with such creepy parents hated around the globe. Who's your daddy? See, Bill did lie for the nth-teenth time, as now we know he was a passenger on the “Pedophile Express” for over a's a flying whore house, wherein 12-year old girls were forced into sex trade. Bill was a routine passenger and sometimes without the Secret Security present – what does that mean in Simple Simon math! And the owner of this flying Trojan filled with virgins on take-off and abused girls upon landing, he is today a registered sex offender! I will not even post his name, it is too filthy! WTF is my sentiment. OK, anybody that votes for Hillary should be “fined”, it is that simple. The list of sleaze behind the Clinton's, it doesn't end like maybe it is their role model middle name. See, Debbie Wasanass Shultz recently said that there is no pressure to force Bernie Sander out of the race wherein his steadfast is causing a concern, and she did it with a Clinton like smirk – as the sleaze seems to rub off those in close contact. But here it is what is behind Wasanass' words, as she gets this week's golden dildo award for the most UN-patriotic American – another Clinton trait. Isanass is trying to get state's to ban an “Independent Vote”. See, when Tom Delay – a staunch republican from Texas and nicknamed the “Plumber – was caught disenfranchising the voters like Wasanass is trying to also maneuver in efforts to send Hillary a win, Tom went to jail! It is pathetic the posse of imbeciles  helping Hillary, with her attempts to “Get Out of Jail Free”. And what's with this “I Can See Russia with Lust”! Alma Martha Stewart, so Putin has become the lucky recipient of over 20000 e-mail messages confiscated from Hillary Clinton's “Private Server”, breached by a spy named Guccifer. I can see Putin now, fascinated with Hillary's “Leaping Leopard” yoga pose, because of Hillary's testimony what was conveniently erased, it was only about her “yoga” class. Maybe good tiding that crap was sent to the “Trash” compactor! Yet the potential this Kremlin “Ace in the Hole”?  Putin's not an American and the Kremlin will use this to sway the 2016 election, as it will be used to assist the FBI in its longest of record “Security Inquiry”. The FBI has spent almost as much U.S. Taxpayer money on this “Inquiry” as did Congress during Bill Clinton's perjury and obstruction of justice “Impeachment” hearings, back in 1998. Talk about double-dipping! Bill cost us then for abnormal behavior, now Hillary for abnormal behavior, next will it be Chelsea? What's that I hear the FBI clarifying, “Inquiry? It's an INVESTIGATION”. And amazing that the IT expert hired by Bill, this guy didn't know how to send or use e-mails – IMAGINE that an IT guy who has no problem setting up a “private server” that was then linked to “Confidential” U.S. Government sites that stupid, or maybe some preferential ignorance. It seems the “Inquiry” is at the “Cover this, cover that” stage and Hillary is so good with word smithereening. Maybe Bill had access to Hillary's server, and when on one of his “Pedophile Express” junkets, maybe he let somebody sitting on his lap see what was going on in the State Department! Where's Bill today? But Hillary is telling the truth, the “hole” truth so help me...I am serious, she is telling the truth and innocent any wrongdoing over this “private Weiner-parts server”. See, I have reason to believe that the “private server” was Bill's dealing, as he wanted to stay in the loop of what was going on in the Obama “Oval Office”, or keep track of his wife so he could go on joy rides high in the sky. And herein is why the IT guy remains silent to the outside and has by now found total immunity, so is spilling the beans. If Bill paid the dude to set-up a private server, it means Bill more than likely had access, which means “Spying”. So, can he get away with it? The law is somewhat silent on this matter, as being an ex-president, and the fact that Hillary maintained "TOP Rooster" clearances and husbands and wives talk, Bill may have been in his right to have some semblance of access. Husband talking to wife, e-mails, as the Clinton's are sleazy smart. So in the end we may see nothing this “Inquiry”. Bottom line, it is spying from the fact that there existed “holes”, and even though Bill may have maintained some privilege, the fact the “private server” was not secure, well maybe we can have Congress begin another “Impeachment” against, Bill.  In ending, a few weeks ago when we were informed that Jung Hung Lo maintained a similar whore house wherein 12-year old virgin girls were taken on rape like joyrides, I was ready to vote Congress to send over the nukatrons, as a nation should not be held hostage wherein the people, the dads and moms watch as their kids are carted off realizing what is going on. End it now, start over, sad but when we see this kind of hatred by an individual in power, we must resort to the worst nightmare to quench an even worse nightmare. Bill is no different, we all know his lullaby; “I did not have sex with that 12-year old”. The Clinton's are a messed up family, and if Hillary gets into the Oval Office, we will soon be a messed up country. There is no need to think twice, unless we want to be a nation no different then North Korea when push comes to shove to satisfy Bill's sex addiction and Hillary's political addiction – to be the 1st female U.S. President of record at any expense. This is her last chance, so there are no holds barred. That's what it boils down to, not what “One can to for his Country”. And the only reason that Bernie Sanders is sticking it too the Clinton's by staying in the 2016 race, because Bernie knows that the evidence is mounting, and all we need is a victim to come forward, like a 12-year old that was aboard that “Express” and express to the world what happened - and then we will see Hillary go on the attack as the true “Shark” –  this time against the innocence of a child! Presidential material? Only if we want to be like North Korea...

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

END of the GOP?

It is January 6th, 2016, and the “Electoral College” posse just trotted into town. It was a long journey by horse, started out way back on November 9th, the day after the general election. And the saddlebags that came along for this journey, now dusty yet still secure and holding the “Certified” votes for the 45th U.S. President. Fifty plus horses now line up in front of the Capitol Hill dome, testament to a job well done. And now, it is up to the House to convene, to count those certified votes and tell the American citizens who will be the next Commander-in-Chief. Now it is known from the media blitz by all indications this too close to stall 2016 election, it give Hillary Clinton and running mate “Chimp Change”, the leading edge. “All rise”, as the House chambers comes to order and alive with activity. No vacant seats today, as this is one of the most important days for Congress to show, wherein absenteeism is not accepted. It is now quiet, and by alphabetical order, the individual states through elected “officials” are asked to voice the verdict. ALABAMA casts 9 votes for the Clinton/Chimp ticket...OBJECTION is heard from the House floor. Paul Ryan sounds the gavel and the “Objection” is allowed to stand and recorded. ALASKA casts 3 votes for the Clinton/Chimp ticket...”Objection” again, and it stands. CALIFORNIA casts 55 votes for the Clinton/Chimp ticket...”Objection” again, and it also “Stands”. In the end, Hillary Clinton has over 270 certified votes, a majority, but over 246 “Objections” from at least 38 states. The House is sent to secret session, wherein each and every “Objection” will be heard. Over in the Senate wing, the same “Hear Ye, Hear Ye” takes place, and the town crier announces that Hillary's running mate Chimp Change has also a majority vote, but no objections. So, now what? The House convenes to hear the “Objections” against Hillary Rodham Clinton. It is a republican majority ruled House, which means that “other party” entity struts the power to hold such “Objections” to the fullest extent of the rules & regulations and hear out each objector. This is serious business, but in-line to how the U.S. Constitution was designed, to make sure the House held the final say upon any individual that was headed to the Oval Office. In the meantime, the citizens wait, just like when the Papal conclave is in session, we wait for the “Purple Haze”. Days go by, we are getting impatient, as the inauguration is slated for the 20th – yet we still wait in vain the name of the 45th. What is going on, as nervousness interrupts tranquility. Then we get word that the Speaker of the House is about to address the nation. Paul Ryan announces the verdict to the “Objections”. Hillary Rodham Clinton is disqualified from the Presidency. What? Can this be, as her fan club starts riots up and down Pennsylvania Avenue, and the “electoral college” horses now galloping away and shitting all over the place. Is Trump behind this madness? According to Paul Ryan, the “Objection” is unanimous and “Stands”, based on the evidence supporting the fact that even though the FBI did not find any laws broken by Hillary's use of a “private server” with respect to espionage or misuse of “Classified Documents”, the fact that she admitted “wiping the server clean” found evidence enough that act violated 18 U.S. Code § 2071 - Concealment, removal, or mutilation generally (b) Whoever, having the custody of any such record, proceeding, map, book, document, paper, or other thing, willfully and unlawfully conceals, removes, mutilates, obliterates, falsifies, or destroys the same, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both; and shall forfeit his office and be disqualified from holding any office under the United States.  And even though the Congress could not assert a fine or jail time this violation, the “Objections” warranted Congress to take a stand with an order of “Disqualification from holding any office under the United States” as that was something that did not require a decision from the Justice Department – as Congress finds the “DUTY” to “Disqualify”, especially when it comes to the Presidency. Ryan sounds the gavel, it is a done deal. The GOP rejoices somewhat, as without a “President Elect”, then Hillary's running mate Chimp Change is slated to be sworn in, that presidential succession thing. Which means the Vice President is taken over by, Paul Ryan. So, Hillary takes all the rest of her campaign money and files lawsuits against everybody and their brother – it will end up in the Supreme Court. But with Paul Ryan as the Vice, and the GOP allowed to find another Speaker of the House in their favor, what you mean this election was the end of the GOP? So, on January 20th, Chimp Change and Paul Ryan are sworn in, Chimp as the 45th and Ryan as the 48th. First thing on the agenda, Chimp & Ryan convinces both the House & Senate to hold hearings on Merrick Garland, Obama's pick to fill the Scalia vacancy on the Supreme Court and he is soon accepted, as bipartisan partnership seems to have found a whole new meaning with a democrat president and republican vice – who has the House and Senate at his disposal. And the 1st thing on the high courts agenda, Clinton verses the House. After the hearings, we wait in vain, for that “haze” once again. Then the town crier, a guy that looks like Bill Clinton, he announces the “opinion” and the Court finds in favor of the House – an almost split decision with Garland casting the tie breaker. Is this “Justice Served” or what? How about Palin's NIGHTMARE!

Sunday, May 8, 2016


Bernie Sanders was adamant, that Donald Trump will never be the 45th president of the United States. He said this from his backyard up in Vermont, that “Read My Lips” has backwoods meaning for some I can't go into as I do not like G-men showing up at my front door. And I believe he is so close to saying the same about Hillary Clinton, his lips were trembling as if something else nerve wracking on his mind. So what does he really mean by that remark and what assures such confidence? Well, Bernie said he would stay in the race against Hillary until the democratic delegate convention, which means we may see a 3rd party choice this time around come November 8th. Now behind the scenes, the most UN-patriotic American – Debbie Wasamouse Schultz who must be a descendant of Sergeant Hans Schultz, Colonel Klink's bumbling idiot as seen on Hogan's Heroes – she is trying to destroy the “Independent” spirit, by calling for states to disallow “Independent” votes – probably the biggest test against our will to vote our conscious and the greatest disenfranchising of our times. See, we always hear the disenfranchising blame game pointed at the conservatives, but it appears a two-way street. Sad, that some members of Congress got voted in “By the People” and have no idea there is this sacred document called the “Constitution”! She's a Hillary fan, and wants so bad to be part of the 1st female executing Oval Office, so bad this disease that she would test democracy for what's worth. It's another form of “Treason”, but we have today no guts to lock her up, or at least suspend her 1st Amendment “right”! OK, she was just offering an opinion! See, as Bernie's momentum grows - especially by exciting the youngsters who seem to be somewhat Constitutionally savvy - the viability of a 3-person race unfolds. The U.S. Constitution allows for more than a two-candidate race, but if not a DNC chump or a GOP chimp, it means a write-in. But Bernie's fans can write, so beware daughter Debbie! That said, when the results start pouring in on November 8th, it will be too close to call a majority 270-votes as stipulated in this ground game. So, let's say for instance after the count and clearing away any Gore verses Bush anomalies at the voting booths, let's say that when the electoral posse makes a show in the House chambers on January 6th that the verdict is like this: Trump/Ketchup ticket 180 electoral votes, Hillary/Alice ticket 179 electoral votes and Bernie/Jet ticket at 178 and low and behold the Captain Kamikaze Kangaroo/Kasich ticket at 1. Which means no “majority”. So then what? Well the “House” picks the top 3-presidential contenders, which means the Kangaroo is down for the count, while the “Senate” picks the top-2 VP candidates – yes this is how the Constitution allows for the House & Senate to make up its mind who will sit in the Oval Office. So the Jet and Kasich are also disqualified. In the interim, Paul Ryan will resume the Presidency while Orin Hatch kicks Biden out the White House's front door. Which means the House of Congress is under arrest, with no leader, so the House will have to vote in a new chief before the Congress starts to vote in the next Commander-in-Chief. It is now January 20th, the official swearing in day, but still a no-show with any “White Smoke” from the Papal conclave. OK, Congress was still on vacation and we will see no action until...Paul Ryan is loving it! So, before the 438 republican majority House votes a preference for the 45th, we have Trump verses Clinton verses Sanders. On the Senate side, we have 100 possibilities for either a Ketchup or Alice. Basically, it will boil down to a two-party result as no way in hell will the GOP House vote for Trump or Clinton and the only other candidate is Bernie. Way to go Mr. Sanders: “ATTENTION, Commander-in-Chief on the bridge”. So read his lips, as he will be the 45th President of the United States. And Bernie can work with the Ketchup, as even though the House had to compromise with a Bernie vote, the Senate did not want Warren anywhere close to the White House. Now even if Miss Hitler-Klink succeeded in disenfranchising the “Independent” vote and wrecked Bernie's 3rd party chances and Hillary was to escape with a win against Trump, there could still come about a contested election by the GOP House! Yes, “Objection” will be heard as the electoral votes are being counted. Just because the electoral posse shows up with votes doesn't mean the House will just let it be a slide ride. There are already at least a dozen signed & sealed impeachment complaints against Hillary ready to hit the floor of Congress at 1301, right after the swearing in ceremony on January 20th. So as Hillary & Bill are walking off the podium and heading to the Awful Office, by the time the presidential limo reached the front steps there will be bail bondsman with a subpoena. See, I am sure the limo route will pass down "Hoe" Lane, per Bill's order so will be delayed. Look, it appears this nation has finally come to grips the dilemma over what will be best, and it will be a Bernie presidency, and maybe with a GOP balloted VP, maybe just maybe we can come to grips that we are a two-party nation and must compromise on almost everything – just like this nation did in the past to make US great!