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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Pedophile Express

Wow, Bill lied again! OK, I have made up my mind, I will never ever vote for any person that was ever or is  even a too-close-to-call iffy proposition associate or Clinton nightmare affiliate. I am a democrat, but no way in hell would I let down the U.S. Constitution and vote in a Hillary! Yes, to cast a vote for Hillary is a dishonor what the Constitution is all about – as her ways and means have disqualified her from holding any office - as she already admitted to a violation under 18 USC 2071. It is the “Only” law of record that has the “Disqualification” trademark, which means if not a fine and no time, “We the People” have protection against tyrants in power trying to take over government responsibilities for self incriminating egos. If you don't know what I mean why Hillary is already “Disqualified”, read up on a simple law broken. Trying to go after Hillary for espionage is foolish, as “Disqualification” means sending Bill and Hillary away for good, not in Sing-Sing, but just out of our business. And the other reason I would never ever even entertain throwing away my constitutional right to voice my preference at the voting booth and see a Hillary sworn in? Because she would be allowed to give Bill “pedophile” leniency”. So, I am looking forward to a 2016 candidate that will be obligated to a single objective – signing an executive order demanding that the Clinton's pay back the U.S. Treasury for all the money that has been robbed away from the Treasury due their, “LYING” and investigations promoted by this cheating frenzy “I cannot tell the truth, the whole truth so help me Chelsea”! Poor girl, having to be associated with such creepy parents hated around the globe. Who's your daddy? See, Bill did lie for the nth-teenth time, as now we know he was a passenger on the “Pedophile Express” for over a's a flying whore house, wherein 12-year old girls were forced into sex trade. Bill was a routine passenger and sometimes without the Secret Security present – what does that mean in Simple Simon math! And the owner of this flying Trojan filled with virgins on take-off and abused girls upon landing, he is today a registered sex offender! I will not even post his name, it is too filthy! WTF is my sentiment. OK, anybody that votes for Hillary should be “fined”, it is that simple. The list of sleaze behind the Clinton's, it doesn't end like maybe it is their role model middle name. See, Debbie Wasanass Shultz recently said that there is no pressure to force Bernie Sander out of the race wherein his steadfast is causing a concern, and she did it with a Clinton like smirk – as the sleaze seems to rub off those in close contact. But here it is what is behind Wasanass' words, as she gets this week's golden dildo award for the most UN-patriotic American – another Clinton trait. Isanass is trying to get state's to ban an “Independent Vote”. See, when Tom Delay – a staunch republican from Texas and nicknamed the “Plumber – was caught disenfranchising the voters like Wasanass is trying to also maneuver in efforts to send Hillary a win, Tom went to jail! It is pathetic the posse of imbeciles  helping Hillary, with her attempts to “Get Out of Jail Free”. And what's with this “I Can See Russia with Lust”! Alma Martha Stewart, so Putin has become the lucky recipient of over 20000 e-mail messages confiscated from Hillary Clinton's “Private Server”, breached by a spy named Guccifer. I can see Putin now, fascinated with Hillary's “Leaping Leopard” yoga pose, because of Hillary's testimony what was conveniently erased, it was only about her “yoga” class. Maybe good tiding that crap was sent to the “Trash” compactor! Yet the potential this Kremlin “Ace in the Hole”?  Putin's not an American and the Kremlin will use this to sway the 2016 election, as it will be used to assist the FBI in its longest of record “Security Inquiry”. The FBI has spent almost as much U.S. Taxpayer money on this “Inquiry” as did Congress during Bill Clinton's perjury and obstruction of justice “Impeachment” hearings, back in 1998. Talk about double-dipping! Bill cost us then for abnormal behavior, now Hillary for abnormal behavior, next will it be Chelsea? What's that I hear the FBI clarifying, “Inquiry? It's an INVESTIGATION”. And amazing that the IT expert hired by Bill, this guy didn't know how to send or use e-mails – IMAGINE that an IT guy who has no problem setting up a “private server” that was then linked to “Confidential” U.S. Government sites that stupid, or maybe some preferential ignorance. It seems the “Inquiry” is at the “Cover this, cover that” stage and Hillary is so good with word smithereening. Maybe Bill had access to Hillary's server, and when on one of his “Pedophile Express” junkets, maybe he let somebody sitting on his lap see what was going on in the State Department! Where's Bill today? But Hillary is telling the truth, the “hole” truth so help me...I am serious, she is telling the truth and innocent any wrongdoing over this “private Weiner-parts server”. See, I have reason to believe that the “private server” was Bill's dealing, as he wanted to stay in the loop of what was going on in the Obama “Oval Office”, or keep track of his wife so he could go on joy rides high in the sky. And herein is why the IT guy remains silent to the outside and has by now found total immunity, so is spilling the beans. If Bill paid the dude to set-up a private server, it means Bill more than likely had access, which means “Spying”. So, can he get away with it? The law is somewhat silent on this matter, as being an ex-president, and the fact that Hillary maintained "TOP Rooster" clearances and husbands and wives talk, Bill may have been in his right to have some semblance of access. Husband talking to wife, e-mails, as the Clinton's are sleazy smart. So in the end we may see nothing this “Inquiry”. Bottom line, it is spying from the fact that there existed “holes”, and even though Bill may have maintained some privilege, the fact the “private server” was not secure, well maybe we can have Congress begin another “Impeachment” against, Bill.  In ending, a few weeks ago when we were informed that Jung Hung Lo maintained a similar whore house wherein 12-year old virgin girls were taken on rape like joyrides, I was ready to vote Congress to send over the nukatrons, as a nation should not be held hostage wherein the people, the dads and moms watch as their kids are carted off realizing what is going on. End it now, start over, sad but when we see this kind of hatred by an individual in power, we must resort to the worst nightmare to quench an even worse nightmare. Bill is no different, we all know his lullaby; “I did not have sex with that 12-year old”. The Clinton's are a messed up family, and if Hillary gets into the Oval Office, we will soon be a messed up country. There is no need to think twice, unless we want to be a nation no different then North Korea when push comes to shove to satisfy Bill's sex addiction and Hillary's political addiction – to be the 1st female U.S. President of record at any expense. This is her last chance, so there are no holds barred. That's what it boils down to, not what “One can to for his Country”. And the only reason that Bernie Sanders is sticking it too the Clinton's by staying in the 2016 race, because Bernie knows that the evidence is mounting, and all we need is a victim to come forward, like a 12-year old that was aboard that “Express” and express to the world what happened - and then we will see Hillary go on the attack as the true “Shark” –  this time against the innocence of a child! Presidential material? Only if we want to be like North Korea...

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