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Sunday, May 8, 2016


Bernie Sanders was adamant, that Donald Trump will never be the 45th president of the United States. He said this from his backyard up in Vermont, that “Read My Lips” has backwoods meaning for some I can't go into as I do not like G-men showing up at my front door. And I believe he is so close to saying the same about Hillary Clinton, his lips were trembling as if something else nerve wracking on his mind. So what does he really mean by that remark and what assures such confidence? Well, Bernie said he would stay in the race against Hillary until the democratic delegate convention, which means we may see a 3rd party choice this time around come November 8th. Now behind the scenes, the most UN-patriotic American – Debbie Wasamouse Schultz who must be a descendant of Sergeant Hans Schultz, Colonel Klink's bumbling idiot as seen on Hogan's Heroes – she is trying to destroy the “Independent” spirit, by calling for states to disallow “Independent” votes – probably the biggest test against our will to vote our conscious and the greatest disenfranchising of our times. See, we always hear the disenfranchising blame game pointed at the conservatives, but it appears a two-way street. Sad, that some members of Congress got voted in “By the People” and have no idea there is this sacred document called the “Constitution”! She's a Hillary fan, and wants so bad to be part of the 1st female executing Oval Office, so bad this disease that she would test democracy for what's worth. It's another form of “Treason”, but we have today no guts to lock her up, or at least suspend her 1st Amendment “right”! OK, she was just offering an opinion! See, as Bernie's momentum grows - especially by exciting the youngsters who seem to be somewhat Constitutionally savvy - the viability of a 3-person race unfolds. The U.S. Constitution allows for more than a two-candidate race, but if not a DNC chump or a GOP chimp, it means a write-in. But Bernie's fans can write, so beware daughter Debbie! That said, when the results start pouring in on November 8th, it will be too close to call a majority 270-votes as stipulated in this ground game. So, let's say for instance after the count and clearing away any Gore verses Bush anomalies at the voting booths, let's say that when the electoral posse makes a show in the House chambers on January 6th that the verdict is like this: Trump/Ketchup ticket 180 electoral votes, Hillary/Alice ticket 179 electoral votes and Bernie/Jet ticket at 178 and low and behold the Captain Kamikaze Kangaroo/Kasich ticket at 1. Which means no “majority”. So then what? Well the “House” picks the top 3-presidential contenders, which means the Kangaroo is down for the count, while the “Senate” picks the top-2 VP candidates – yes this is how the Constitution allows for the House & Senate to make up its mind who will sit in the Oval Office. So the Jet and Kasich are also disqualified. In the interim, Paul Ryan will resume the Presidency while Orin Hatch kicks Biden out the White House's front door. Which means the House of Congress is under arrest, with no leader, so the House will have to vote in a new chief before the Congress starts to vote in the next Commander-in-Chief. It is now January 20th, the official swearing in day, but still a no-show with any “White Smoke” from the Papal conclave. OK, Congress was still on vacation and we will see no action until...Paul Ryan is loving it! So, before the 438 republican majority House votes a preference for the 45th, we have Trump verses Clinton verses Sanders. On the Senate side, we have 100 possibilities for either a Ketchup or Alice. Basically, it will boil down to a two-party result as no way in hell will the GOP House vote for Trump or Clinton and the only other candidate is Bernie. Way to go Mr. Sanders: “ATTENTION, Commander-in-Chief on the bridge”. So read his lips, as he will be the 45th President of the United States. And Bernie can work with the Ketchup, as even though the House had to compromise with a Bernie vote, the Senate did not want Warren anywhere close to the White House. Now even if Miss Hitler-Klink succeeded in disenfranchising the “Independent” vote and wrecked Bernie's 3rd party chances and Hillary was to escape with a win against Trump, there could still come about a contested election by the GOP House! Yes, “Objection” will be heard as the electoral votes are being counted. Just because the electoral posse shows up with votes doesn't mean the House will just let it be a slide ride. There are already at least a dozen signed & sealed impeachment complaints against Hillary ready to hit the floor of Congress at 1301, right after the swearing in ceremony on January 20th. So as Hillary & Bill are walking off the podium and heading to the Awful Office, by the time the presidential limo reached the front steps there will be bail bondsman with a subpoena. See, I am sure the limo route will pass down "Hoe" Lane, per Bill's order so will be delayed. Look, it appears this nation has finally come to grips the dilemma over what will be best, and it will be a Bernie presidency, and maybe with a GOP balloted VP, maybe just maybe we can come to grips that we are a two-party nation and must compromise on almost everything – just like this nation did in the past to make US great!

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