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Thursday, June 30, 2011


So Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is going to send the Senate to detention. Yes detention, by taking away the July 4th vacation break. Whoopee cushion doo-doo! I bet the republican side will be AWOL this detention. Now it appears that Congress is always on vacation. It starts in January, when Congress commences after 3 weeks off for the Christmas & New Year's break. And that 1st day back to work was tough, so it means a 3-day weekend, back to work for 2-days and then another 3-day weekend followed through with a week off for Martin Luther King's birthday. So far, Congress has worked only 8-days for January and with present day salaries they are paid about $215-dollars an hour by you and I - the taxpayers. Now we must realize that Senators and Congressmen must travel to their home states to campaign, so it takes time, and traveling on high is tiring. But they don't fly the cheap-skate airlines, the ones you and I must waste time with including pat-downs by the TSA, as they for the most part have the “corporate jet” available at their disposal - all it takes is a phone call or Twit to a lobbyist and it is a done deal. Now February is no different, with 9-days at the office and another week's vacation, this time for President's Day! March, same thing at 14-days of work, and a week's vacation for “Mystery Day”. See they were on a roll with a week off per month, so why ruin a good gig? And since Congress went above and beyond by working 5 extra days in March, it means back to 9-days of work in April, with 2-week's off for good behavior, Eater time vacation. Good behavior? Month of May, same thing, a week in the office and a week off for Memorial Day. June & July, same pathetic showing in the office. It appears they are on to something with their vacation plan. Like magic, turning a one day holiday into a week's worth of time off. And then in August, the entire month off, for vacation! How much vacation time does one deserve? No wonder nothing is getting accomplished on the Hill, as vacation time seems to be out-of-bounds. All told, in the end Congress is milking the U.S. Taxpayers, for a job never “mission accomplished”. How do they get away with it, the luxurious salaries, benefits and a vacation plan that makes us envious and skeptical? They are the lawmakers, which means they do as they please. And the sad fact of the matter is this. We talk about the high and going higher price of motor gasoline. But toilet paper is now running at 50-cents a roll! It is all happening on their watch. So here is what we need. Congress should send every American, every voting citizen, a calendar of the time they will actually spend defending their position as a representative - just like the cheap calendar you receive from real estate people. And that way we can have a good laugh, or cry, every day we go off to work, realizing that during this workday Congress if not asleep at the wheel, is most likely on another paid vacation. And as the salt of the earth hard working Americans - that maybe enjoys one week off each year, but spends 3-days getting anywhere - our hard earned loot from our labors will be confiscated then regurgitated so they can play, as we pay. And with TP on the rise, what vacation?

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Trigger This!

There is something seriously wrong here in the Homeland! The “Freedom” clause of the Constitution is not faring so well these days, because of abuse brought on by individuals that have forgotten something very basic to the future of the “freedoms” we have for so long cherished – at one time the envy of the rest of the world in the “Born Free” category. Like with the 1st Amendment, we as Americans have the right to “free-speech”, no doubt about it. But at the same time, we are responsible for policing that freedom as to not cause harm upon others. This is specific in the state of Alaska Constitution, which works hand-in-hand with the U.S. Constitution. According to the state's will; “This constitution is dedicated to the principles that all persons have a natural right to life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, and the enjoyment of the rewards of their own industry; that all persons are equal and entitled to equal rights, opportunities, and protection under the law; and that all persons have corresponding obligations to the people and to the State.” and under the title of “Freedom of Speech”: “Every person may freely speak, write, and publish on all subjects, being responsible for the abuse of that right.” The inclusion of “responsible for the abuse of that right” is paramount, as it places blame on the very instigators who publish their thoughts when things get out of hand when exercising that right. This responsibility clause is inherent also in the U.S. Constitution, be it thought non-existent this clause is not open for debate. It basically allows us our defined freedoms but at the same time provides for some semblance of responsibility. It allows us to exercise the “rights” but at the same time a built in mechanism to self-police our actions. But the responsibility clause is being “Left Behind”. Case in point: It is so, so damn sad to see the before and aftermath, with Congresswoman Gabrielle Gifford in her struggle to regain posture. With the flick of a trigger from a trigger happy goon, Gifford was gunned down, along with 19 other Americans, 6 Americans that never recovered. This goon behind the gun knew how to handle a weapon, especially the focusing in on his victims, through the cross-hairs! But now a judge has decided he is unfit for duty! Yes duty, has he was no doubt part of the Palin militia posse. Sarah Palin is some what still responsible for what happened to Gifford and the others, gunned down while trying to exercise freedom! Look, who in hell would name there son “Trig”? It isn't found in any dictionary, and if one considers a weapon's firing device, its half way there! It is well known that Sarah Palin has a deficiency when trying to understand the word “responsibility”, as to “quit” her job as governess of Alaska, for no other reason except she was bored and tired - it defines her MO agenda and “mission accomplished”. And this same responsibility went missing-in-action when Sarah's political website placed “individuals of interest” on a United States map with cross-hairs, as a means to “get the word out”. I guess in Palin's pathetic dream world it is like pin the tail on the donkey! The “cross-hair” publication – which included Gifford as a victim - is wherein Palin lost it, as it has a subliminal message - like the “silence of the word”. And yes this site was just performing under the 1st Amendment “free-speech” right to be heard, but the message allowed some “Trig” happy mental case to take it upon himself to wreck havoc upon another's life. Life is part of the trio, in “Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”. And Sarah Palin never said a damn thing about this incident. Even though within minutes after the bad news, the site map went missing in action. I ask WHY? It is simple, she was guilty, contributory negligence it is called. Look, this action through publication of a “map with cross-hairs” was enough for guilty by association. If we did indeed have the opportunity to try Palin through a “responsible” jury, for contributory negligence, it would be a guilty verdict. But then what? Do we strip her of her Constitutional right, that of “free-speech”? At her supposedly mature age, trying to understand responsibility seems like a lost cause. So we turn our heads to allow such injustices while Sarah gallivants around the country trying to polarize more trigger happy goons, through irresponsible behavior. When an idiot like Palin is gaining in the “mean teen queen” popularity contest, and when this obstructs justice and she takes no responsibility - the Constitution is doomed. We strive to maintain our freedoms, but when responsibility our actions goes AWOL, there will come a point in time that it will warrant an unwanted change, “control” it is called. Something we don't want, especially when one considers the 1st Amendment. Bottom-line, it appears that this country is on a crash course, as it will soon be upon us that the Constitution may be whittled down to two all important Amendments only, the 1st fighting the 2nd! And now the “Flake” is trying to utilize Palin's legacy of pathetic ways and means to the top. It appears that others try to take advantage the merits of foregoing the “responsibility” clause and practice makes perfect just the opposite - irresponsible behavior. Look, Michelle Bachmann is a flake! She exercised her 1st Amendment right by throwing around the fact that bonafide U.S. President Barack Obama was “anti-American”? Once again, we see an exercise of our right of free speech with the “responsibility clause” nothing short an “abuse in practice clause”. But with the likes of Palin, Bachmaan, Gingrich, it appears that the GOP is desperate for nothing accomplished but more bloodshed, more pathetic history lessons and more jewelry heisting. See, the GOP ruined itself when it had control while the “mission accomplished” President was asleep at the wheel - wherein all ethics and responsibility was banned, like books banned during the Hitler years. So here we are today, one step forward, but blown back to the starting line by irresponsible behavior. We are all in the “Cross-hairs”, as this country has lost its way forward. And why has National Geographic become the National Enquirer? Honestly, the crap that is coming over the airwaves under the auspices of the “Graphic”, it is pathetic. Take Alaska State Troopers! It's a pathetic show about drunk “Alaskan Natives” and native domestic violence. Once again, it is back around to “free speech”. But the “responsibility” clause missing-in action lends itself to “acceptable” stereotyping”. In ending, we should continue to exercise our rights, but if we allow the “responsibility” clause to follow that of Congress, in a “monkey see monkey do nothing” mentality wherein this body continues to operate under “irresponsible” representation, we will get what we deserve. And it won't be freedom at last, but our freedoms will be in the cross-hairs of some “Trig” happy faction!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Mr. & Mrs. Flake

Honestly, even though Michele Bachmann has been named the “Grand Theft Bimbo” by SPAM Picture Dictionary(LLC), she is indeed the “Flake that keeps on raking it in”. So today we have more evidence that she is a genuine fruit flake, like maybe she doesn't really know how to tell the truth. Not a bonafide “liar, liar pants on fire” - but flaked out. See, more evidence has surfaced that goes against her “mission accomplished”, wherein she is totally against Medicare welfare yet her husband's clinic raked in over $140,000 of taxpayers' loot for the last 6-years, which when combined with the farm subsidies and other government welfare favors, the Bachmann's are recipients of close to a half a million each year - courtesy the U.S. Taxpayers! And she races around the country claiming she is against all this giveaway? When FOX News' Chris Wallace asked point blank if Bachmann is a “Flake”, Michele looked like she had wandered off into La-La land, a.k.a. Tea Port-A-Party Central. And even though she struts around boasting about a law degree, bottom-line it is clear and convincing that she must have failed kindergarten, and never recited the K creed, “To Tell The Truth” as that must have went by the wayside. So the board of directors of SPAM have decided to bestow yet another award to Michele, to be enjoyed also by her husband. This time it is the “Flake Award” and will be included in the growing publication found in the SPAM Picture Dictionary. So here it is....
Picture definition of FLAKE:

Just In...

A National Poll has provided overwhelming evidence that the American people want a change. In a recent survey of the baby boom generation, those that indulged during the 60s, this faction of “Proud America” believe a new national anthem is needed now – as a means to get the message out that we are in need of a change. The survey also indicated that the new anthem of choice is Bob Dylan's, "The Times They are A-Changin"! Especially the words directed upon our Senators and Congressman. So here it is, America's NEW National Anthem: Sing it LOUD, sing it PROUD!
Come gather ’round people
Wherever you roam
And admit that the waters
Around you have grown
And accept it that soon
You’ll be drenched to the bone
If your time to you is worth savin’
Then you better start swimmin’ or you’ll sink like a stone
For the times they are a-changin’
Come writers and critics
Who prophesize with your pen
And keep your eyes wide
The chance won’t come again
And don’t speak too soon
For the wheel’s still in spin
And there’s no tellin’ who that it’s namin’
For the loser now will be later to win
For the times they are a-changin’

Come senators, congressmen
Please heed the call
Don’t stand in the doorway
Don’t block up the hall
For he that gets hurt
Will be he who has stalled
There’s a battle outside and it is ragin’
It’ll soon shake your windows and rattle your walls
For the times they are a-changin’

Come mothers and fathers
Throughout the land
And don’t criticize
What you can’t understand
Your sons and your daughters
Are beyond your command
Your old road is rapidly agin’
Please get out of the new one if you can’t lend your hand
For the times they are a-changin’

The line it is drawn
The curse it is cast
The slow one now
Will later be fast
As the present now
Will later be past
The order is rapidly fadin’
And the first one now will later be last
For the times they are a-changin’

Copyright © 1963, 1964 by Warner Bros. Inc.; renewed 1991, 1992 by Special Rider Music

Monday, June 27, 2011


Conservative Republican Michele Bachmaan has become the recipient of the “GRAND THEFT BIMBO” award. The award notice sent to Bachmaan is presented below.
Dear Michele Bachmaan;
Thanks for exercising the right to bear the “Conservative Republican” label! It goes along well with the time tested and never forsaken “like if the shoe fits wear it” syndrome. You surely and without a doubt shine within the definition of “Conservative Republican”. And that brings SPAM On-line Picture Dictionary's board of directors to the conclusion that your efforts have allowed for a revisit upon that of Webster's current definition of “Conservative” & “Republican” and to your honor, a rewrite more in line for what you stand for - with respect to the combined outcome of “Conservative Republican” and what the latter defines. And this honor is bestowed on the very day you are to announce your run for the 2012 presidential race. As a “Conservative Republican”, for your efforts to attack government “pork” but at the same time take in $250,000 dollars each year in farm subsidies - a program you attacked in front of your Tea-Party fans, but signed for acceptance on the dotted line behind closed doors - this cheating effort disenfranchises the taxpayers' hard earned money for your own selfish life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. It is an action nothing short a definition of “GRAND THEFT”! And at the same time, supposedly during your watch as a “representative” paid luxuriously by the taxpayers to uphold righteousness and security upon the Treasury, allowing your husband's business to receive over $24,000 in taxpayers' loot for “quality Christian counseling in a sensitive, loving environment”, which goes against the grain and whittles down that required separation between “church and state”. So upon your efforts, you earn the title of “GRAND THEFT BIMBO”. Proclamation: Hear Ye, Hear Ye, the town crier cries out this proclamation, as your ways and means continue to bring tears upon the greatness this country once flourished upon, and your double, I mean triple standard is evidence that this country continues down a road of tough recovery. Not because of economic woes, but because of “Theft” upon ethical governing, to which you are an accomplice, guilty by association. We are beginning to hear other countries cry out to this country once great, “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore, send these, the homeless...” as it seems this country under your watch has become a ship seeking doom because of a ship of fools at the helm. You are part of the problem, you cannot be trusted by any stretch of the imagination. But like has been the case through history's making, it appears the general public does not learn through mistakes and people like yourself take advantage this fact - snake oil sells. So as you profit, somebody's rights diminish – an “American's rights. And for some disenfranchised through your “trust me” attitude that is just a camouflage decoy for what you really stand for, it means that the leftovers in the dumpster may be all they can afford in their own disruptive striving for that life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. And as an added benefit this award, in the SPAM picture dictionary, an on-line publication that all kids and adults can understand and Tea-Party goers should understand - as a picture is worth a thousand - your mugshot will appear as below:
Picture Definition of GRAND THEFT BIMBO

Sunday, June 12, 2011


I have been a keen observer of my neighbor and his insistent behavior that a green grass only lawn without even the slightest imperfection is the only tolerable option. That includes “no dandelions allowed”. So each morning and in between, then again each noontime and in between then again each night before darkness sets in, he assembles his weapons of choice, and attacks what has attacked his domain. First thing in the morning, it starts all over again, as if his eradication obsession prevented a good nights sleep! Fools some are. Like how Soylent Green fooled the masses, he is on a fool hardy chase with the odds against him, in stride with the many like himself that have also lost touch of reality. But it's his domain, only in thought and useless paper, so what say have I upon his pathetic waste of time and energy? This is America, where freedom to do as one chooses is paramount a strong foundation and existence, so we are sold and taught. At least that was so once upon a time. But there may be more too this chase of his, a subliminal analogy, a deeper grass roots phenomena, a dereliction of choice to pursue, yes. And this dereliction of choice may be eroding away the very foundation that made this country great, for freedom's sake. His weapons range from sickle like contraptions to chemical bombs, wherein the MSDS finds the same ingredients that in mass quantities would resemble a WMD. Now over the years, he has shown frustration like most of the neighbors, trying to eradicate something we have no control upon. The perfect “green” lawn is no different then an attempt at ethnic cleansing, a Hitler dream team mentality, a sterilization attempt, wherein the lawn seems to characterize and resemble the perfect society, of “white men only” allowed. Wherein the “back of the bus” was pushed over the bridge to nowhere. I'm white, so can criticize this calamity. And the fact the dandelions are unwanted weeds, that notion was shoved down our cranial arteries and receptors without even the slightest due respect upon this gift from the Creator. Weed? My God, just look at what this living thing has to offer! It is a gift. Unfortunately, it appears the subliminal brainwashing has succeeded, but eventually it will disappear and acceptance will rule. It is happening, right now before us. Once upon a time, dandelions were few and far between here in Anchorage, a nook and cranny type of species, a closet species that found shelter only in back-yards that maintained some semblance of liberalism, “natural” over brutal like manicuring attempts - the “cleansing ritual”. Look, it takes a whole lot of unnecessary adversity to eradicate the unwanted, besides chemical warfare, powerful mowing machines that kill thousands of worthwhile creatures in harms way, machines that pollute and make a whole lot of messy noise – it is all out war. All told without fear, it is a destructive ways and means, to strive for the perfect society. But over time, maybe through revolution and evolution, the “Lion” found a companion and friend, with Nature's climate and started to grow without bounds. A drive down the highway north or south from Anchorage shows what a species can do when the soil and climate fit the species' specifications, what a species can become if left to grow without bounds. And even though it appears it is on a takeover course, what harm has it cost? Nothing, as we have been fooled upon the “weed” aspect. And once we discover that it is here to stay, we may as well put the weapons away, especially when we realize no harm done through brotherly love. Now according to Webster: Weed – A plant that is not valued where it is growing, an obnoxious growth.” Wow, blasphemy to have the Dandelion placed in this category. And when observed growing along other species, it is competition alive and well, but in a subtle non-takeover fashion - by my observations over the past years. In fact, the “Lion” seems to promote growth upon neighboring species, like the “Lion” acts as a coach, a guide, rather interesting this diversity to thrive by so many. It may not be true competition, but acceptance, a “we can share the same earth” attitude. Wow, maybe we are imbeciles in comparison to “Nature”. What problem? I guess someone likes selling poison and snake oil! But before the rest of the story, I must promote the positive aspects this “weed” has to offer. The “Lion” offers up a lovely seasons' first flower, with a yellow contrast against fields of green. My lawn works in unison with the “Lion” and appears very healthy in comparison to my neighbors manicured death zone. By the way, I did shoot my mower! And unlike the slow growth flowers grown indoors in secrecy over the winter, wherein “secrecy” means walloped with huge doses of growth hormones, dandelions have no bounds and no hangups, like the stubbornness to grow with cooler then normal temperatures, as often found here in the bowl. And the flowers are great for making a very distinct and one-of-a-kind wine. The roots, very good for medicinal purposes and supposedly a cure for many aliments. And it is the root system alone that is very interesting, as it thrives to manipulate the earth below, to promote good behavior so the soil can liberate. This helps other species, it helps worm growth, which fuels the robin and other bird populations. Properly nourished birds provide music. The leaves, when young, are an added delight to a healthy salad. The list goes on and on, the positive aspect this species has to offer mankind. What have we been taught upon the negativeness this species? A weed, not by any stretch of the imagination. We have been fooled all these years. And when one walks down the isle of the “Great Box Stores”, accosted by can after can of poisonous concoctions designed to eradicate a gift of the Creator, it is no different then walking down that religion isle wherein some preacher tries to teach me this and that about nothing. I am not interested in polluting the Mother Earth just to have a circumcised lawn. So over the years, when people started to realize that we cannot fight the “Lion” and retreat to the fact that this plant has so much to offer, there came acceptance. There was no harm involved, even after what they told us from the pulpit. And when the flower comes to fruition, when there appears a transparent globe like shelter of perfection, with a little wind, it provides such a choreographed ritual. Unlike an army on attack, this seed finds freedom we wish we could only enjoy. It doesn't seem to care what we think. It will move on and grow no matter what madness finds a homeowner preoccupied upon, or for that matter, religious right preoccupation that tells us who we can associate with. That is what is behind such an eradication program fostered by the religious right, trying to tell us who we can associate with. But such fear from the pulpit has proven to be a waste of time but for a few die-hards bent on wasting their lives away trying to play God, by trying to devastate through eradication any species unlike their own. When in reality, those that finally find acceptance find something God like, as it is such a beautiful species. It is such a strong species, now that it has come out of hiding and shown us what it can do, to manicure nature, provide shelter for underground creatures, how its root system massages the soil, allowing many other species the right to life, regardless of orientation, as nature finds within itself many different orientations, but all reach out upwards towards the Heavens. And when finished its seasonal procession and limited possession, the “Lion” disappears, as there is very little left as it finds no reason to “brand” its existence upon anything or anyone else, soon to whither away, remains as refuge to shelter the earth. Wow, and we attacked it because we were fooled upon its true worth and goodwill? And this species is like the gay community, wherein the eradicators of the religious right “but so wrong” posse, tries endlessly to eradicate through false pretense a valuable difference, and not realizing what worth there is to allowing this species to grow and flourish. Yes, preachers sell hate like the poison pushers selling “weed be gone” poison. They try to sell this crap to the masses, along with the sickle like instruments of destruction. A sanitized lawn looks good only from the surface. I have noticed that my neighbors lawn is void of life. Robins never visit, as any worms that have not been chemicalized to death, it would mean a death blow as a food source. It requires way too much attention trying to get rid of this species, and not a pest by any stretch of one's imagination, belief or following. Yet due to stupidity and lack of understanding this menace to eradicate goes on and on. And it is for no reason at all but a discriminatory motive, a selfish Neanderthal belief. So modern mans' mentality seems to push and foster waste of time, on something we have not the precriptional rights, as the prescription is simple and singular, “Love thy brother and sister, regardless how different”, love what nature has provided, and leave behind the sickle and poison on the isle of the alter that is trying to alter peace upon the species and upon Earth. Eventually that mentality to play God will foster maybe an overdose upon themselves, something they deserve, “preachers against gays be gone” seems to be a better model and calling – we need this poison formula so badly! The gay community is here to stay, and have never posed a threat upon society. So to the Christian right, in reality the devil in disguise, to those pulpit fanatics that sermonize hate and discontent and would use poison to have their ways and means come true, time is on the side of justice and in the end guess who will prevail - just like the dandelions that are gracing my lawn tonight with beauty. And when the wind blows, a graceful choreograph of freedom in flight, moving on to cover and converge where it has not had the opportunity to show off what it means for society, and soon my neighbor will learn that this menace he believes in is in reality a lovely species with no apparent bad-will. So if our government was doing its job, we would see a billboard warning like this: If anybody comes in contact with any of the below mentioned, please approach with caution. Matter of fact, retreat to a safe haven, do not approach as those named herein are considered dangerous: Andrea Lafferty and Louis Sheldon of the Traditional White's Only Coalition; Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell and Jerry Prevo, known for instigating hate crimes; Mayor Dan Sullivan, for supporting the hate crime agenda; James Dobson of the Feces on the Family Council; Donald Widmon of American Family Assholes; Tony Perkins of the Family Retard Council. Any affiliation with those named above should also be considered dangerous, for behavior typified by an overdose from an ingredient called “HATE”, a 100% active ingredient wherein any present or future affiliation should be avoided by women and children and all humans that believe Hitler was a numskull and that ethnic cleansing is what these modern day pulpit “weeds” are all about.

Ave Maria

It is sad, so damn sad, when today the 1st pictures of Gabrielle Gifford surfaced. Yet that sadness was postponed a little by her smile, the kind many of us remembered, even if not a constituent. It is indeed a “comeback” kid kind of smile that will go the extra mile required for Gabrielle to once again step up to the plate, to defend our nation. I am from Alaska, but always enjoyed her clout and stamina when in the representative mode, a true American she is. We have not seen any pictures of her since the showdown occurred down Arizona way some many months ago. The maniac that pulled the trigger has been found “incompetent to stand a trial”. Sad, because if he could pull the trigger on Gifford and others, he should face the strictest of penalties. And I am sure that he will find advice and advise from attorneys that are secretly funded from the opposition, gun right enthusiasts and Tea-Party followers trying to protect the real culprits, as there is a whole lot of blame to go around with this freak show on the loose trying to disrupt tranquility. I am talking Sarah Palin, as she is incompetent to be a U.S. Citizen! With Gabrielle, why a young and vibrant and good looking lady with great liberal values came face to face with death, a women with a future for herself and for American values, why her life was almost cut short, that is so unfair. Life may not be fair, but it is not this unfair. And we are not talking the devastation from cancer or other deliberating disease, we are talking an attempt at someone's life, premeditated murder. We are talking the Sarah Palin disease that found Gabrielle in the “cross-hairs” of a pathetic, desperate and crazed following, so it is premeditated and Palin should be held accountable for at least some of the pain and suffering confronting Gifford and our nation when hate rhetoric gets out of control - as it did in this case. So for the last 5-months, Gifford has been in therapy, trying to recover from a gunshot wound to the head, from a crazed maniac that was a follower of Palin and her Hate Mobile. And Gifford suffers still with her speech, like the wound did exactly what it was intended to do, silence the opposition! It appears freedom has taken on a whole different concept, as those that should be free are incarcerated and those that should be incarcerated are roaming around, trying to re-write history with a pen filled with “Hate” ink. So I am glad for one thing, that the media decided to publish Gifford's pictures during Palin's weekend, taking away the stage and some of her thunder, wherein for the most part the media was engaged in going through Palin's 25,000 pages of nothing. Maybe one day we will see Gifford get to the point where she could take on the “witch”, as in my book Palin is the “Wicked Witch” and Gabrielle the “Dorothy” we need to get things back to decency as the Lion has lost his courage and the Tin Man his heart and the scarecrow his brain – just like this country has lost its way! And it was the Gabrielle Gifford's that were tuning into this disconnect and taking on the bad and the ugly, as she had a brain, she had courage and a heart. So today on this Sunday, let us all rejoice with an Ave Maria, the greatest of all songs, for Gabrielle, a beautiful song for a beautiful women. And for Sarah, about the only song worthwhile her cause is “Pissing in the Wind”, as her maniac ways and means find no other tune to rejoice too, it is that simple America!

We Got Screwed, AGAIN!

I am glad the news' media is digging in for a wasted weekend, sifting through 25,000 of Sarah Palin's useless e-mails, a.k.a. “The Trash Talk Follies”. Look the good stuff has been hidden away, under client lawyer privilege redaction techniques, a.k.a. “We are hiding something”. Can you imagine wasting a decent weekend in this summer with this kind of pathetic task, sifting through “old and outdated crap”? This is playing right into Palin's world of “I'm the Queen Bee”, and this latest showdown is testament that a National Enquirer mentality is front and center over any good and worthwhile news' coverage. But Alaskans have been screwed over once again, due continuous pressure from outside news' hounds that should have better things too do upon their dedicated discipline, reaching out and standing behind a true 1st Amendment work product. If I want “crap”, I can tune into the “public” comments section of any of the numerous “no fee” on-line news updates, discipline missing in action rhetoric wherein “Printing Press Rage” lives on. What ever happened to the likes of Walter Cronkite? What's wrong with focusing on priorities instead of Sarah Palin crap, like covering the important issues that are draining this country's well-being? We have WARS, military and drug smuggling wars that finds maybe a hint of coverage, because of “crap subjects” taking the front and center stage. But when the state decided that $15-million was out-of-whack for “processing and printing” the entire “Half Baked Alaskan Governess”, a.k.a “The Quitter Memoirs”, and decided that $725 bucks was worth the effort to satisfy the media and allow publication of just another crap style reality story based out of Alaska, we got screwed over, AGAIN! Had the state bureaucrats followed the state statutes, with respect to “Open Public Records” and the costs involved to provide “state records of record”, the state would have been richer, and that would have meant an increase of $359 dollars that would have found its way into the yearly welfare giveaway - the “PFD”. Yes indeed, we all would have enjoyed an extra $359 bucks. It would have meant we were not “left behind”, while Sarah rakes it in. So have a good weekend, a wasted weekend, as Sarah Palin is smart in one respect, she continues to use the stage to make money, and it is the news' media that is fronting that desire, that habit, that of greed. In that respect and that only, the “greed” aspect, she is a true Wall Street American. So instead of blaming Congress for this country's woes, maybe we should shed a little of that blame on the media, as our only means of being heard out loud is so weakened these days, to the point we may be better off without a “Say” - as that appears to be upon US already! And here is my take on the entire ridiculousness behind the Sarah Palin follies. She made it because she was Alaska's governor. So the state should sue Palin for at least some percentage of the money she is raking in as it appears there is an infringement, as we are suffering from her passport, “unusual pain and suffering” it is, which is against the Constitution!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Brain Damage

Wow, it appears that Sarah and Michele have something in common. Amazing that they have become recognized on a 1st name basis. But an IT Geek has analyzed Sarah Palin's and Michele Bachmann's most recent speeches, aimed at a run for the presidency, and with rendering software used by the CIA, he has discovered a subliminal message attached to their Explosive Diarrhea stage appearances. Yes ED, as when Sarah tried to tell the historians that Paul Revere committed treason, by “aiding and abetting” the enemy, by warning the British that Americans were armed and just try to take away our “IQ's”, she was not suffering from constipation by any stretch of the imagination. Not only does she have x-ray like vision, to see Russia from Wasilla, but it appears she has “recall the past powers”? And Michelle, did she really pass law school? Deciphering the subliminal message common to Sarah & Michelle goes like this:
“The lunatic is in my head
The lunatic is in my head
You raise the blade, you make the change
You re-arrange me 'till I'm sane
You lock the door
And throw away the key
There's someone in my head but it's not me.
I think it's marvellous! Ha Ha Ha!"
[Lyrics courtesy Brain Damage, by Pink Floyd]

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Oh Happy Days!

Oh Happy Days!
Not really, unless you are a member of the 1% club, those that have benefited generously from the Bush “ERROR” Tax cuts. For those that can claim affiliation with the latter, the crooked side of society here in America, break out the Don Perignon and “Almas” caviar, as it is the 10th Anniversary of giving away the surplus – along with this country's future with respect to any positive economic livelihood. Even though the “Bush Error Tax Breaks” included something for everybody, I still find it difficult at trying to understand where and what my benefit amounted to. See, like many other “True Americans”, I am a Middle Class Hard Working Salt of the Earth Native Son, and part of the class that was “Left Behind” in the arena of tax breaks. Especially considering how the economy tanked following the give away of the “Rainy Day” fund. If indeed there came a “break”, any surplus for this guy was consumed with escalating energy and food prices! I used to drink Sam Adams, now its Rolling Rock and I look forward to a few pennies for recycling the cans. The price difference between Sam and the Rock is the true indication of the “Bush ERROR Tax Break” inflation rate of sad returns on our income. Bush knew exactly what he was doing with the cuts for the rich – champagne & caviar celebrations, and knew all too well what the peons would get, NOTHING in return. Take that back, as we are getting stuck with the debt, for Bush's stupid wars of choice. Before Bush's pen hit the “cease & desist” executive privilege legislation once aimed at taxing the rich bastards fairly, there was indeed a “rainy day” surplus. It was given away within a year's time, trillions of dollars, and many say that the money was not returned to its rightful owners - the taxpayers - as it was like a free-for-all fire sale giveaway. Of course, the free-for-all wasn't so, as most of us had no idea this sale had commenced and were busy “working” for a living. I think the equation used by the crony man was simple, “We eat steak, they can eat hamburger helper”. And then the “wars” started to gain our attention and modern day Neanderthal type war costs a whole lot of loot we no longer had at our disposal, as Bush took care of that. And money sent abroad, it takes away from funding necessities back on the “Homeland”. Since then, Uncle Sam through courtesy of the “Boner & Weiner” fan club – a.k.a. Congress, with republicans enjoying being the “Boners” in honor of Representative & Maggot House Leader Boehner and democrats enjoying the other honor, as now we have the Weinergate to contend with, and “all together again” this deadbeat gathering of idiots with no honor left have insisted on spending more loot then what is coming in! Look, Americans are getting you know what, F$%#ed, as the “Boners” and “Weiners” are on the loose. Congressional motto, “Please America, bend over just a little more”! Economics-101 has failed, as today this country is IOUing $1-dollar for every 57-cents taken in. It doesn't work my friends. We are leaving nothing for the future but a “black hole” of debt that will suck away any good will this country has left to oblivion status – yet the rich keep on getting richer. The wars are costing and crippling the economy here back at home. At the beginning of this writing the war costs had assembled to date $1.203.867,500,000 in debt(in the trillions). And just after one hour of one day wherein this filth attack brings home more kids in wooden boxes then anything else, there came an increase of $20-million! It is costing you and I in the order of $1.4-billion a day, for the “Bush ERROR Tax Cuts”, as war was part of Bush's “Mission Accomplished”. The only “Mission Accomplished” by Bush and his dysentery family dynasty was the rich enjoying being “war-lords” and brethren of the almighty buck. No doubt about it, the wealthy are making a killing on the wars, as defense contractors are raking it in. And the “Defense” budget is the only program that is seeing an increase as this country is broke. What about an increase for breast cancer research? Look, and now on the subject of killing, these two “wars” have become nothing but a business, wherein deaths are but the cost of doing that business, so the rich can get even richer. What's a few American “kid” deaths, even though since deploying a month ago, Alaska's very own Stryker Brigade - on its 3rd deployment already - have already endured the loss of life 15 comrades in battle! The average age, 21-years young. Once again, it is a pathetic attack on American decency wherein the Bush's used that decency to further the Carlyle agenda – an Armageddon agenda based on greed and wealth. It is sickening, what have we done to our kids? Sent them to WAR without a good cause! We seem to have not one, but two Vietnam like conflicts occurring at the same time wherein a retreat strategy is but a joke. We must bite the bullet, and pullout know. Look, if we were on the win streak, Defense Secretary Gate's would not be retiring next month! it's like a major league manager retiring going into the World Series with the odds to win, that never happens with a win streak – as that would be the ultimate definition of a retreat. We have lost, in Iraq, in Afghanistan and in Libya – for the latter a good prediction from the other failed experiences. Maybe “experiments” is more like it. It may prove one-day to be a safe haven, these menaced by our presence nations, but we will continue the “lost” factor as we end up paying for rebuilding after the war winds down. Look, I drive on to a military base here in Alaska every day, there is no sign of attention the loss of life that the U.S. Army is suffering through these war-torn conflicts, for a useless war times 2 maybe 3 - Libya. On base, not even the courtesy of a “Half Mast” salute, as we all know what happened when Alaska lost its 1st kid under the “Bush Dysentery Dynasty” and when Alaska found Governor Frank MurCowski at the helm – father of nepotism U.S. Senator MonaLisa - yes indeed the governor refused to allow a “Half Mast” for the 1st kid home in a box, as the flags were already down, in honor of “Anabel” the elephant's death and a belated day of honor – a lot more important I guess. But there is a glimmer of “Happy Days” to be found when one digs deep. In a recent survey, the nowadays troops feel comfortable alongside “gays” in combat and are now accepting change upon a long overdue and outdated Neanderthal nuisance, that known as “Don't Ask Don't Tell”, as “gays” are now part of the military. That survey was overwhelming in support of “gays” in military combat, not by outsiders surveyed, but through this country's very own military combat membership – the troops! So I challenge goons like members and leaders of “Focus on the Family” to say “gays” are sissies now that they are engaged in harms way. See our troops have been abandoned once again, proof that we loose patience when war doesn't go over too well. So the troops are now fending for themselves, digging in together regardless of race, religion, orientation, as back here at home we have forgotten the “Mission Never Accomplished” Or went bored or frustrated with the wars, or just so damn F$#&ed over by the “Boners & Weiners”, that we have no idea what is going on and spending what freedom we have left fending for a few pennies on our hard earned income. Hamburger helper and Rolling Rock, and this is called what?

Saturday, June 4, 2011