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Friday, September 30, 2011

Bravo, Bravo

Congratulation goes out to the Native Alaskan organizations that have filed “STOP” lawsuits with the 9th Circuit Court. The “STOP” herein relates to drilling for oil offshore the Beaufort Sea. Nothing against SHELL's plan of attack, but we learned all too well that spilled oil cannot be cleaned up at Latitude 61, Bligh Reef, due the climate conditions. So with interest further North, at Latitude 71, spilled oil will remain spilled oil and migrate about by hitching a ride upon an ice-floe. The reach of spilled oil from an arctic environment breach would be catastrophic, as currents would bring the “goo-mouse” to numerous places outside the spill's intended domain, eventually breaking it up but leaving a trail of destruction along the way. We may find out more this destructive ways and means as the same is occurring right now in the Gulf of Mexico following the BP rig blow-out in 2010. And no matter what those in the know say, oil development spills something over time! I've been there and witnessed a behavior that sends a chilling message that we have not learned from experience or through our mistakes. When jobs are on the line, things go by the wayside with respect to environmental stewardship. A company may have an open door policy for reporting things, but that “open” door is also the way to the unemployment line, for being honest! This nation's thirst for energy, which isn't cheap anymore, it is today out-of-bounds. The EXXON Valdez, the Macondo blow-out, crap happens doesn't it? And these things should have been prevented instead of the sentiment it could have been prevented. There is a big difference. When we place emphasis on “should” over “could” then we may be in the position to entertain exploration and exploitation in fragile areas like the Beaufort. But changing from the “could” to the “should”, it costs money and that is reserved for the profit margins now required by the shareholders. And since most of us by virtue of retirement plans are “shareholders”, do we really want to see less for retirement in efforts to do things better? No, we want what is ours and the next generation can fend for itself. Now even though the current lawsuits sends a signal of warning that there will come long delays and the possibility that there may never ever come resource development out on the fragile ecosystem of the Beaufort and neighboring Chukchi, that doesn't mean that riches will not be made. It appears that lawyers have found the ultimate solution of getting more blood out of a turnip. And since many Alaskan law firms are connected to oil development already, I guess if one wants representation, legal advise and advice, it means going “Outside”. What's up with local hire! So the lawyers are lining up to reap millions in litigations costs, even before a drill bit ever enters the frozen formation. Wow, now maybe this is the real McCoy of resource development, as this money doesn't have to be shared. Here is what I am getting at. Why has this society become so stubborn upon all issues and have to resort to the courts and lawyers and wasted time for everything and anything these days? Families fight the family, brothers and sisters litigate, a sick mentality. What have we become? But when one witnesses what goes on with Congress, the fighting and bickering, I guess if you can't fight them join them is the sentiment! But back to drilling out on the ice, it is beyond dangerous, to both man and nature. The profit squeeze upon energy extraction today is pathetic. The shareholders want more, so technology comes along to get even more blood out of that turnip. And this technology utilizes all kinds of nasty and experimental challenges. Since when have we as humans been given permission to experiment upon this earth? Imagine if we placed all efforts into alternative energy realization, or ways and means to conserve? Even with the case of blood out of a turnip, there is a breaking point. Do we really understand enough to what is going on down below to continue this “Frac” stuff that is taking off without any semblance of control? If so, why is it impossible for the “Frac” companies to give up knowledge of the ingredients used to “squeeze” the formations dry? They cry out loud that by doing so, by telling us what is being sent down-hole below the drinking water supply, that would be a disadvantage to competition. Look, that is what lawyers are all about and justified, it is called patent or intellectual property infringement. So the excuse that they cannot divulge the ingredients, it is preposterous and makes no sense except nonsense and the fact they may be hiding something. Let's face the facts, how can we understand what is happening in the cauldron? We cannot. That is why it is so interesting that states bent on allowing this technology and resource development through the squeeze play are stepping up testing of downstream NORM, Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material - stuff that comes topside from “Frac” work. It sends a chilling signal that there is grounds for concern. And when Love Canal 20XX surfaces, lawyers will make sure there is some doubt instilled upon a competent jury called to court to trial an accuser, that it wasn't them! Just like in the case of the Exxon Valdez and most likely the scenario with the Macondo, nobody takes any blame! Didn't we learn it all in kindergarten? To admit defeat, and that is what it has come to with respect to this nation's energy quest, defeat and we should “STOP” now, count our blessings in conservation and imagine what it would be like staying home on weekends and enjoying the family instead of destroying the family! So Bravo to the Alaskan Natives with this “STOP” lawsuit, as it means family values over profit margins, something that has become lost almost to the point of extinction this American society.

Alaskan Can a Worms

It appears that Alaska's “Big Time” news media along with this state's Congressional delegation are in agreement on a very important issue at hand. And that “in agreement” is through “inaction” this issue and points to the fact that both are afraid to open up a can of worms. Yes, worms do grow in Alaska. Now this “issue” I am talking about is the assault on the U.S. Army which is an assault on the U.S. Taxpayers with respect to the “Privatization” of the military installations' utilities here in the “Last Frontier” - for the time being serviced through contract by an Alaskan Native Corporation. For the news media, for Mark Begich, for Lisa Murkowski, for Don Young, to “act” on this assault, it means picking on the Alaskan Natives - so it is also an assault if they acted, the double edged sword scenario. With that, silence seems golden in this case and that “golden” objective means something towards any future political aspirations. And it is well known that the media does not like to spread bad news about the Alaskan Natives, even if the “bad” is fallout from an Alaskan Native Corporation's affiliation, as the latter is a very powerful economic force and well endowed politically. Not to mention a horde of lawyers readily available to defend. So any negative publicity, it looks bad for many reasons, from tourism to Federal assistance. But the true Alaskan Natives are being taken for a ride by this “Privatization” deal. It is a “good” name and rank basher that is moving full steam ahead, without any intimidation preventing the ulterior motive – which is to make a whole lot of money at any expense. So as long as the delegation and the media remains quiet upon this issue, the CEOs and “outside” investors behind some of this mess continue to collect huge windfall salaries as the shareholders starve. There are millions being made upon this deal between a single entity and the U.S. Government, but just how much of this revenue is making its way to its intended target – the Native Corporation's shareholders? The entire “Privatization” ordeal was tainted in the beginning and continues to be tainted today wherein the Alaskan Natives as well as the American Taxpayers are being robbed. And there may be a reason as to why Begich and Murkowski refuse to budge on this issue, as to do anything that would entice a negative message upon this situation, it could cause harm upon their own political aspirations, as the various corporations' board yields direct influence on the vote, and Lisa and Mark rely on that vote to continue their job for a life-time romance. That's probably their behind the scenes excuse to refuse to intervene. The media has no excuse! Bottom-line, the “Privatization” of the Alaskan military infrastructure has created a monopoly, and that cannot be good for the U.S. Taxpayers. It did not have to become a monopoly, as there came several other qualified entities that placed a bid for a piece of the pie upon this $4-Billion dollar contract – other Alaskan Native Corporations at that! And it was not a take-all-or-none solicitation, so it could have been dissected for reasons of economic sanity – a.k.a. competition. Doyon Limited is 50% owner of Doyon Utilities, which received preferential treatment in the beginning and once their efforts reaped this 50-year lucrative money-making contract, there seemed to be no stopping the momentum that wanted more! But now the ARMY is fighting back, that in itself is good for the taxpayers. It started soon into the contract when Doyon Utilities realized through demand payments from the tax assessor that there was a property tax liability, now that the property was in “Private” hands. So right off the bat, Doyon Utilities management along with legal guidance filed for a tariff increase, telling the Regulatory Commission of Alaska that is was approved already by the Contract Officer, that language in the contract allowed for increases for things forgotten. Now we are talking $-Millions in tax assessments for the utility infrastructure, which is being sold to Doyon through monthly credits upon the “Inception Rate”, or Operating & Maintenance Tariff paid to Doyon. Basically the American Taxpayer is paying Doyon to buy this age old and dilapidated infrastructure and at the same time paying out above and beyond for services rendered. Yes some may argue that there exists years and years of neglect along with lack of maintenance upon this infrastructure, but all the deficiencies that were diagnosed before “Privatization” was finalized, the government agreed to pay for all repairs outside of normal maintenance activities. That is why you'll see all kinds of infrastructure improvements going on at Ft. Wainwright, Ft. Greely and Ft. Richardson. So it was a great day for America to see the ARMY JAG fight back and tell the state regulators that Doyon could not increase the tariff for property taxes, that the millions now due or else would have to come out of the profit margin, which is huge to begin with. And so the ARMY continues to fight back, as it appears there exists major contract disputes over how much this mess is now costing the taxpayers. The word “Taxpayer” is referenced in a few nasty correspondences from the ARMY. See, the team that put the bid together was suspiciously smart and convinced the ARMY that there was no “utility” data available that warranted a “Fixed Bid” award, so Doyon was allowed to use a hypothetical model to come up with this “Inception Rate”, or cost for services rendered. A model is a lame excuse in this case, as there was plenty of information publicly available that would or could have been used to justify a meaningful relationship between the U.S. Taxpayers and Doyon's “Required Profit”. I have requested that Begich and Murkowski get involved, to investigate this “Privatization” contract. Approaching Young would be a waste of my time. But that is a long shot, with Begich and Murkowski, as both had a difficult time trying to find the MIA M.V. Susitna, the ferry “Going Nowhere”. That was a very simpleton test. But this “Privatization” thing is for real and bothersome. When the contract was signed sealed and delivered, with no competition to contend with, the owners of Fairbanks Sewer & Water laughed all the way to the bank. The sewer outfit owns 50% of Doyon Utilities, so is making income from this “Privatization”. For some reasons suspicious, a Canadian investment firm wanted to buy-out the sewer's 50% ownership of the Doyon utility business. Now Fairbanks Sewer & Water is a utility “not in good standing” and also under scrutiny by the state regulatory body for over-charging its Fairbanks customers and a business venture that has limited out with respect to expansion capabilities. Basically, it is a loosing proposition, unless! And that means the lucrative military contract is front and center this lucrative also business deal and sell-off – along with somebody paying dearly for the $50-million in preferred stock option the 10 “White Men” shareholders worked out just before the sale. See, the guy that writes the check from the profits from the contract, well he is the CEO of the venture! The board of directors of Doyon Utilities seems to be controlled by the very same shareholders! Get it, as too what may have gone down behind the scenes? And why would DU request “Regulation” when at the same time it was already in hot water with the regulators, through its affiliation with the sewer boys? A very simple reason, it was a convenient smoke-screen. But once again, the ARMY is doing what they do best, defending. They have asked for no more regulation, as they have come to terms that the “Regulation” ploy was a decoy and was not to the contract benefit but a ways and means to pillage. The contract “creep” in itself has cost the U.S. Taxpayers a lot more loot, and like already mentioned, where have all the profits been siphoned away too? So due a compilation of nothing short a “White Man's” greed mentality, there exists a volatile situation at hand. The delegation should have already been onto this issue. The news media also, but here in Alaska there are areas left untouchable, due matters of negative consequences for speaking up, no matter how much it  may disenfranchises the American Taxpayer. I guess we never learned our lessons from the fallout of the “Corrupt Bastards Club”, then again some may have learned this club's way and means! If this state had a Claire Macaskill at the helm of representation and decency, it would have been a problem with already a solution! Bottom-line, it is time to reassess this “Privatization” mess to make sure the intent behind “Privatization” is righteous and saving the taxpayers from abusive contract manipulation.

A Thought

A man comes of age, when he forgets age!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Don Young Is Right

Finally, there is something the Coconut Grove Caddy and I can agree upon, that we finally have a bridge to somewhere – almost! Don made this assessment as a member of the $190-million Tanana River Bridge ground breaking ceremony, a span that is supposed to link Fairbanks with Delta Junction via the Alaska Railroad. Now think back to the last time Bill Sheffield and the Railroad formed a partnership, it was disastrous. Does Bill still get those nosebleeds? And Bill was at this 21-shovel salute ceremony along with MoanaLisa Murkowski, Old Frank and a bunch of numskulls thinking this waste of money is good. So if the state threw in $44-million, then that means the remainder of $146-million was “pork”, that is why this project is suspect on the intent. I guess for Bill it was a good place to hide out these days considering that each time the tide goes out at the port of Anchorage, so does all that expensive gravel he bargained for. How many millions? What a looser. But this is a bridge to somewhere, once the yet unfunded rail to Delta is complete. At $2-million a mile, due contractor CEO cost-of-living-outside allowances, that means another $160-million in “pork”. And of course it means another stupid depot, another $35-million. But right now, it isn't really a bridge to somewhere, but getting there. And a rail link to Delta is needed, not long overdue but just in time for the times ahead. No, not of value for the failed Delta Barley Project, but as a ways and means to dismantle the no longer needed Missile Defense Site out at Ft. Greely. The Defense Department has basically mothballed this program, due to the fact it didn't work up to expectations. That is why the Kodiak Launch Facility is running on empty, as that facility was supposed to be part of the rogue missile testing program. But now, the military brass have opted for an entirely different technology to remove unwanted incoming missiles, by laser weaponry. The Air Force is funding this research, wherein powerful lasers are mounted to the muzzle of modified Boeing 747s, while these planes circle the globe on a mission to kill. The success rate of this technology so far out blasts the rocket against rocket technology, is a whole lot cheaper and doesn't require defense contractors that spend their time due nothing else to do but run model race cars up and down the restricted runway – don't ask! So the bridge can be used to demobilize and demolish this demoralizing waste of Taxpayers' loot, it is no longer needed. It was a program that was never 100% tested but shoved down the Taxpayers you know what, and it was a republican Congress that threw away all the loot to build nonsense and of course with Ted still in charge, Alaska was the beneficiary along with some giant floating radar that was supposed to be stationed at a rat invested island on the Aleutians. So when the rail is finished in about two-years, it will be just about the time that Congress pulls the plug on the missiles and the hundreds of defense contractors that thought they could make a career testing model cars, I mean rockets in silos swamped with tundra runoff. Don't you like the way our leaders look towards the future? And when the demob job is finished and the train is heading home, then the caboose hobos can blow-up the bridge, as it will surely never be used for anything worthwhile after that. 21-shovel salute?


It is NOT free-speech when members of the Tea-Party take it upon themselves to “Boo” a member of our military, regardless of this individual's rights to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. Just the other day, a bunch of idiots affiliated with the Tea-Party booed a troop in uniform because he has no need now to hide the fact that he is a member of the thriving gay community. It is spiked-Tea-speech, which appears to be nothing then immoral fodder attacks on decency. I would bet that if a survey was performed on methamphetamine users and party affiliation, the meth abuse goes along with the Tea – desperadoes on overdose with no future and bent on destruction upon those that choose a future. But when the MissHell Bachmanns and Swatsticker Palins use the podium to excite such mental and insane rhetoric, we as a nation have failed. With our very own military brass now recognizing gays in uniform, ask yourself this idiot Tea-Party asinine ass-kissers. If this nation ever comes under attack and the guy that shows up at your front door to protect your interests, our country, if he is gay are you going to turn him away? I bet you will shine his shoes and deny any affiliation whatsoever with this Tea-Party treason that may have caused the attack! And the fact that Bidden was the only one that criticized this 1st Amendment abuse upon a troop, it goes to show that Boehner and McConnell are married to this party, supported by a bunch of Koch suckers. Get my point?

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Military Privatization

This is the latest Military Privatization Scorecard that reflects the reality behind what it is costing the U.S. Taxpayers for allowing the military base infrastructure, like heat, electric, water and waste-water to be managed by a private entity. Be it known that the “Privatization” concept was designed to save money, to lesson the burden upon the U.S. Taxpayers to run these bases' essential services, for years under mismanagement by the Civil Service, essential services for essential installations during this time of protracted conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

This “Scorecard” deals with the “Privatization” of the Ft. Wainwright Alaskan military base only, but demonstrates a very good scorecard all around Alaska, as the utilities were awarded to a single entity through unfair bidding process, which has created a monopoly.

Government's Estimated Yearly O&M Costs: $20-Million
Original Cost 1st Year: $30-Million, Mission Creep 48%
Cost Estimate for Current year: $40-Million, Mission Creep 98%

In just three years under “Privatization”, it is costing the U.S. Taxpayers $20-Million extra for the same services. The extra money is not going towards wages, but most likely enriching individuals involved behind the scenes. Bottom-line, we were better off when under the auspices of the Civil Service and the services mismanaged!

Dear Don Young

According to reliable sources, you are considering the floating of a bill in Congress that wipes clean and away any and all government regulations made into law over the past 20-years! This is a rather odd stand, as during the George Bush Dysentery Dynasty and those years of endangerment which commenced with Gore vs. Bush through 2008, all regulations were stun-gunned to death. That was also during your own terms of endangerment as a member of the GOP controlled House. We realize that you may have suffered a memory loss when the “Coconut” hit you on the head, but give us a break on this rolling back the wheels of misfortune – as deregulation has made a fortune for corporations and cost me a whole lot more, for energy, for cereal, for beer. Can you really gut regulation any further? It is today a sea-saw of unfairness, as less control means increased profits and that can only occur when I have to pay out more for my individual pursuit of happiness. There is only so much to go around. One man's loss being another man's gain is no longer dedicated to garbage. What power does the EPA have today? What power does any regulatory body have these days? MIA seems to fit the times. And since you want to roll back regulation, why not roll back other things made famous by Bush, like the tax cuts for the wealthy? Can you imagine how much money the Treasury would collect if the tax tables and tax code were set back 20-years? Sure I would end up paying a little more, but the wealthy would then have to pay their fair share and I bet this would cure some of the economic woes we enjoy today. How can somebody have representation without taxation? Please don't answer that question. So why do you insist on continued gift giving for corporate America and the wealthy when you swore to uphold the Constitution. See, the word “Corporation” and “Lobbyist”, these subjects cannot be found anywhere in that writing. In fact, isn't that your motto, “Representative for All Wealthy Alaskans”. So I just don't get it, as deregulation does not play out like it used too, wherein less control means more corporate freedom which stimulates and helps maintain a sustainable jobs infrastructure. In Alaska, we have failed that mission. How can the richest oil state in the Union be so broke when it comes to jobs? I blame it on continued government “welfare” that headed this way courtesy Uncle Ted's pork addiction. It created jobs but nothing else. Once the last pane of glass was set and trees were planted, the “Open for Business” sign lit up but nobody showed up. This state has more failed projects and vacancies from such waste that it is a pathetic waste land of “Pork gone Wild”. Look, we are still trying to get the Healy Clean Coal abortion up and running. We have train depots that have been “Closed for Business”, due piss-poor management of the Taxpayers' loot. The list goes on and on. And now we face the delivery of a ferry that has no future - the ultimate “Real Nowhere Man” project. Once again courtesy of Uncle Sam's generosity. And back to your roll call roll back scam. Look, corporations today have to answer to the shareholders, and they want blood out of a turnip. It is that simple. Less no longer means more, except if a shareholder and when the market crashed, that “shareholder” became a thing of the past for most Americans. There is indeed a wealth warfare situation here in America. I have to work for a living, unlike Congress. Really, it appears it is game playing as usual, the only thing you and your cohorts-in-crime colleagues cantor upon with lust, more misfit behavior. You supported the biggest highway bill ever released. Why not spend the time left in office dedicated to this cause, instead of wasting my time with less regulation. And get this, the other night I woke after falling asleep in front of the TV, low and behold I was startled by what appeared to be Congress in session, at 2am! Wow, maybe there is hope on the Hill! It sounded like Congress in action. It looked like Congress in action. But as my senses came into focus, it was a “Three Stooges” flick. But you know what, there seemed to be some commonality in the way the stooges acted out and what goes on today in your House. Bumbling Idiots ring a bell?

Begich & Murkowski

To: U.S. Senator Mark Begich & U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski
On September 26th, the Directroate of Public Works, Michael T. Meeks, DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY INSTALLATION MANAGEMENT COMMAND filed a motion with the Regulatory Commission of Alaska requesting information as to how the ARMY under the utility “Privatization” contract with Doyon Utilities(CPCN 717 through 728), contract SP0600-05-R-0024 can forfeit its “Regulated Utility” status and subsequent oversight and control. This appears to be because of contract dispute issues; “We are currently involved in several significant contract dispute issues, with more on the horizon; all of our jobs will become much more challenging by adding in the RCA through the 13 different rate cases DU intends to file in 2012.” I have been following this $Billion dollar mess since its inception, along with the “inception rate” that the U.S. Taxpayers are paying out to Doyon, and it is bothersome. With the fact that the ARMY is now realizing that “Regulation” was requested by Doyon as a ways and means to rip off Uncle Sam, I believe it is time that you step in and request an investigation as to whether or not this “Privatization” concept is working towards the advantage of the taxpayers or is it just a money funnel for Doyon and the previous owners of Fairbanks Sewer & Water. The latter were made very rich through this “Joint venture” and it appears that maybe it was an upfront plan that has gone into dispute and that cannot be a good thing. Right now it is costing, as dispute resolution is a costly thing. And Doyon employs very powerful lawyers and is very well situated politically, so this thing will cost somebody in the long run. I hope not a burden upon the Taxpayers! It is time for Congress to get involved, as the rate case filings need to be monitored to make sure the “inception rates” are realistic and not set a precedent upon other utilities here in Alaska with respect to “rate” case. And why did Doyon Utilities win all 12 utilities? This has created a monopoly.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


After only 3-years of “privatization” here in Alaska, upon the military utility installations' infrastructure, the ARMY is starting to fight back at Doyon Utilities - a 50/50 Joint Venture between Doyon Limited and Fairbanks Sewer & Water. When the ARMY was forced to bid away the civil servants' responsibility at running the utilities at Ft. Wainwright and other “mission critical” installations throughout Alaska, due what was considered historical cost overruns through mismanagement, the awardee requested to become “regulated” under the authority of the Regulatory Commission of Alaska – the same outfit that makes sure your phone bills are tame. Rather odd, as regulation is usually a bad thing for a business's bottom-line and in most cases a forced realization rather than through a request – self-inflicted punishment ring a bell? But in this case it was done as a convenient way to rip off the government. See, when the government saw that this bidder was requesting such state oversight, the advisory team grading all potential bid entries felt comfortable that through regulation the costs would be controlled, based on data available for similar situated utilities in Alaska – this over a “Fixed Bid” contract. That was the intent through requested involvement by the state regulators. But soon after the bid was awarded, the awardee convinced the regulators that its “sole” customer was the ARMY, a paramount decision making win that would in essence “control” somewhat the regulators jurisdictional oversight. Now when it came time for Tariff increases – usually increases away from the comfortable costs upon which the contract was awarded – such changes were pre-approved by that “customer” through the “contract” language and agreed so by the “Contract Officer In Charge”. So the regulators just gave in, without any semblance of oversight - a genuine “American Greed” Catch-22 gimmick it was. It sounded good, but what were the Regulators too do if the customer already agreed on getting ripped off? Nothing! In fact, for this awardee, it is noted in the bid grading documents the following warning: “Regulation of utility services is seen as an enhancement to price and service stability. A utility provider generally has a monopoly on a service area, and regulation provides a means to represent the consumer's interest in setting appropriate rates and quality of service. Regulation by an independent authority provides the greatest representation for the consumer but also represent the interests of the utility service provider. For the purposes of utility privatization, the Government is selling the utility distribution or collection system to a single entity. This in effect is creating a monopoly for that entity in providing service. Therefore the degree of regulation has an impact on the level of risk associated with long term price and service stability.” and then the team of experts graded this as a very low risk. Low? In one particular tariff action, an increase in the “Inception Rate” that was supposedly approved by the “contract” language, Doyon wanted more money to cover millions in property taxes that they missed the boat on in their original bid and was not included in the contract. The “Privatization” allowed a private entity to purchase the property from the government, which for many years remained away from the city tax assessors. But once sold, guess what came a knocking at Doyon Utilities Corporate headquarter's front door? Since Doyon informed the Commission that the increase had been approved, so it was approved. Until a JAG with the ARMY found out about it, that increase was postponed! Bottom-line, being a “Regulated Utility” is not working here. So abuse has seen this contract through year 3, and to date, it is costing the taxpayers much more under "privatization" then when under control of the servants, which was considered a very inefficient ways and means to perform business when the taxpayers' were burdened with the costs. To date, we are realizing 100% cost overruns, an even greater then ever burden upon the U.S. Treasury. So the ARMY is fighting back and requesting that “regulation” ceases to exist in efforts to possibly dump the current awardee upon this 50-year billion dollar contract, or at least get tough and get back control upon what appears to be escalating and out-of-control cost overruns, contract disputes and the following warning: “We are currently involved in several significant contract dispute issues, with more on the horizon.” The bottom-line, this entire contract was suspicious in the beginning, suspicious in the award stage and suspicious today. Especially with this suspicion comes the question, how much money did the 10-shareholders of Fairbanks Sewer & Water make on this deal, when they sold their 50% interest in Doyon Utilities to Corix, a Canadian investment business acting as a shell for Inland Pacific Resources? The millions in goodwill that was paid for in this sale, along with the $50-million in preferred stock offered the 10 stock owners right before the sale following the billion dollar award by the ARMY, it may have been all part of the scam and today we see how it is failing the intent. I believe the money being taken in is being used as “Kick-back” money in return. The Regulatory Commission should immediately wash their hands this mess and let the ARMY do what they do well, defend America's interest. I hope there comes an investigation into this entire state of affairs, this stinky Fairbanks Water & Sewer mess, as I bet there will be found suspicious activity and we shall let the Justice Department handle that matter, justice due for taxpayer injustice done!

Anti-Native Agenda

Senator Claire Macaskill is under attack by Alaska’s “Jail Bait” Senator Mark Begich, because of her efforts to have investigated yet another “No-Bid” lucrative government contract specifically dedicated solely for American Indian and or Alaskan Native Corporations. Mr. Begich - sounding off more like an irate Don Young - was adamant in his counter-claims that there exists a “pattern” with Macaskill’s behavior and this “pattern” thing is what happens when somebody is talking bringing a discrimination lawsuit! Like her efforts attacking this preferential treatment that dismisses competition is a recognizable pattern of abuse? Dear Mr. Begich, did you ever stop and try to understand that maybe she is looking out for the American taxpayers’ interest? Does Anti-trust or Monopoly mean something, besides just a game? Macaskill is in the right to be concerned. That’s right as it is right and in my view Macaskill is doing justice to the American Indians as well as justice to the Alaskan Natives, as this sector of society is being used by gangster type “Joint Venture” opportunistic corporations with one intent - making it rich. And most of these “Opportunistic” corrupter's pointed out are run by “White Men”, wherein “Greed” is the deciding factor above all ethical behavior. I am a “white man”, so authorized and qualified to take shots where shots are due. Yes billions of government contract dollars are finding mobility away from the security of the U.S. Treasury and into the coffers of these “Disadvantaged” entities only to see that money leaking out the back door – kickback ring a bell? Wherein the “Native” shareholders see very little of the profits. It is abuse, as by using the Native sovereignty through use of status and name recognition for a profit motive only MO, not to mention the bad name association that follows along such questionable and suspicious dealings, it appears that the abuse continues now upon a new-age chapter fit for the “American Greed” series. The Alaskan Natives are losing out upon the “good” name battle and looking like a bunch of cheaters. It is not the “Native” that is bringing upon itself such abuse; it is indeed the innocent bystander guilt by association syndrome. And haven’t we seen enough abuse upon this nation over the years? Believe me, with the Small Business Administration being taken for a ride by venture vultures teaming up with a once-upon-a-time respectable Native corporation in efforts to rob the hen-house, we need more senators like Macaskill and less those that are starting to grow balls to protect indecency over the interests of the American citizen, the Taxpayers. With what is going on in Alaska alone with respect to this subject matter, why isn’t Begich taking the bull by the horns to investigate his own state’s dealings? He’s afraid at the repercussion, as any credible investigation will find all kinds of reasons to abolish this preferential treatment made aggressive by the late Alaskan Senator Ted Stevens. And that will bring an action to set it all back to “competitive” style bidding – where transparency is paramount. First and foremost, it is costing a lot more money when competition ceases to exist. Secondly, what is going on in the “Last Frontier” is monopolistic and if allowed to continue, it will bleed down injustice to all utility consumers with a precedent set affiliation. It must be stopped now! Case in point: There came a government contract solicitation that provided a “Billion” dollar romance with the U.S. Taxpayers’ loot. When the bid was advertised it was originally open for competitive bidding, no preferential treatment allowed, as that was seen by the brass as the best of methods to get reasonable solicitation offers for this 50-year romance with the U.S. ARMY. Soon though, there came a game changer and it was “Set-Aside”, basically the competition was limited to organizations that could pass the muster with the SBA’s definition of “Small business”, which pointed towards the Alaskan Native Corporations. Indeed some of these Congressionally mandated corporations are huge, it still enjoys the “Small” label due a disadvantaged history. This “Change” disenfranchised many qualified businesses that had already prospered similar ventures in the lower 48. So the local gangsters, like leeches upon a Great Gray Whale, they sucked up nice and cozy to side with thriving and respectable Native Corporations, to play the cheating game as this was a vulnerable way to get the “Small” approval. In the end, there came only three bids for this pot-of-gold contract, as it was tough for an entity to get SBA approval and certification as “small”, a status that had captured this billion dollar contract for “Privatization” of the Alaska's military installation utilities - like water, waste-water, heat and electric power generation. But there came a reasonable attack on two of the contenders, as the SBA ruled that these entities established by virtue of the “Joint Venture” could not be defined as “small”, so they were basically out of the running. What I mean is this. By commingling with a “White Man's” corporation the end result was “other than small”, according to appeals denied through the SBA. But without notice following the fact that two Alaskan Native Corporations were denied participation, denied appeals, the bid was changed back to competitive bidding! This occurred without notice as required by government contract transparency requirements and with limited time left upon the “bid’s” due date, there came this unusual change, as a means to allow the two rejected contenders a second preferential treatment. And this change occurred only after these two Native Corporations tried to bring an estoppel lawsuit upon the very hand that was to feed them, the U.S. Government. Now the 3rd contender was kicked out of the race, and it was the only entity that fit the 8(a) category, but this outfit was tied to Bill Allen’s VECO! And this organization was by far the fittest when one analyzes the cost for service – what the taxpayers would ultimately pay out. Now in the end and through questionable and suspicious activity not the norm for government contracting, all 12 Alaskan military infrastructure utility contracts, separate contracts, all were awarded to a single entity, Doyon Utilities – a joint venture between a once reputable Alaskan Native Corporation and Fairbanks Sewer & Water, a regulated utility in hot water for over-charging its Fairbanks customers and about to face sanctions to provide costly reimbursements. Questionable yes, how and why this venture somehow captured all the bids. Yes this was questionable behavior to say the least in this day and age of corporate corruption, especially with corruption here in Alaska made famous by the “Corrupt Bastards Club”, which included this state's delegation. And when the government released all 12 utility contracts to the same entity, it created a monopoly and should have never been allowed. Maybe it was done under duress! Monopoly you ask? Even the government voiced a concern over this all out award to a single entity, when there came several other credible alternatives, as the bid was not a “take-all-or-none” proposition and dissecting was allowed – which would have demonstrated some semblance of competition. According to documents no longer classified, “For the purpose of utility privatization, the Government is selling the utility system to a single entity. This in effect is creating a monopoly for the entity in providing service.” Now at the government's request for information before awarding the bid, it was asked upon this one particular interest to clarify the entity's financial health requesting that this Joint Venture provide a commitment letter from local banks, Wells Fargo & 1st National Bank of Alaska, as the latter financial institutions were named in the bidder's portfolio. Now when the bid was awarded, neither Wells Fargo nor 1st National Bank of Alaska became recipients of the loan program required to obtain this contract. It meant millions in loans and guaranteed interest rates, what banks do well. Both American banking institutions that would have been enriched by providing support were denied involvement, after the fact as the owner's entertained financing through a Canadian bank, Toronto Dominion. Had this foreign bank been mentioned as the bidder's financial institute of choice, it would have meant more likely than not another rejection for the gangsters. This “Privatization” is supposed to help America, not Canada, especially during dire economic times wherein even banks need help. DU utilities reneged on its bid folio. And there was a planned reason, as the owners of FS&W were allowed to sell their ownership of Fairbanks Sewer & Water to an affiliated Canadian venture, as the payback would be a no-brain affair as inflated costs for operation of the bid would be siphoned away from the Native shareholders coffers and distributed to outside interests. That is what happens when the board of directors over this bid are also the gangster shareholders, as the boss writes the checks! See, right after the ARMY awarded the bid, the 10-gangster shareholders awarded themselves millions in preferred stock and goodwill way beyond what the sewer was worth. This deceitful like tactic business plan would never survive in the real world. Through thorough research it is estimated that the privatization to date is not saving the taxpayers’ like it was supposed to, but costing 100% more than anticipated. Somebody is getting rich on “our” dime. They should be doing “Time”. Bottom-line, the government was sold a bill of lies, and now we are paying for it. It is privatization with an intent to rip off Uncle Sam every which way but loose. The entire privatization scenario behind bid SP0600-R-0024 must be investigated as it is criminal and sabotage upon a once good system of merits, in motion to ruin the U.S. Treasury and about to ruin the Alaskan Natives once good name, all 10,000 years worth! So give them hell Claire, as you seem to have more interest in Alaska's wellbeing then do our very own delegation! Pattern of abuse? Maybe the Alaskan delegation needs a good look in the mirror.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Bears Attacked

There have been numerous and unusual attacks by both brown & grizzly bears this year, like something has gone terribly wrong. These attacks occurring in Alaska and down Yellowstone way. And maybe the pictures below get the point across of why bears attack!

Bottom-line, it is an ugly scene when these animals of the wild minding their own find themselves in a situation of NO competition with some idiot thousands of feet away with a hi-tech weapon and spotting scope similar to those used by military snipers.  Hunting? How about mass murdering more like it! Look, it is no longer a sport, when such weapons of mass destruction are sold off as hunting instruments and used to annihilate a species, not for food but for those that suffer from little penis envy!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

African Bees

Some disabled guy in a wheel chair was attacked by 60,000 Africanized bees, down in the vegetable garden! FYI, that means California’s Sillycorn Valley. He received over 60 stingers and the two Good Samaritans that went to his rescue had to retreat several times before succeeding at getting this poor bastard out of harm’s way. And most recently a 1000-pound hog was attacked by another swarm of these flying aliens and then another 800-pound pig in pregnancy found the same fate, targeted then attacked. And the way this is accomplished by these aliens, this species “pheromones” its victims, which is just a fancy word for “shit” or “crap” if you believe in the pound over the greenback. The crap acts as a targeting scent and drives the army bees crazy. It is akin to Sarah Palin’s cross-hairs mapping and Tea-Party conspiracy. Wow, these bees are ferocious, and this targeting by crap attacks is something to foster a beware! Man, there is a commonality with this species, to another species that can be found right here from sea to shining sea, a species that acts alienated. I am talking Congress, as they shit all over us then when we send in help, the same damn thing upon the Good Samaritan Obama. Maybe while we are at it, outlawing these bees, how about the same for Congress? With an all-time “low” approval rating, something in the single digits, what good is this body of morons? I don’t know about you, but I am about fed up from the way this representative body “shits” everywhere and on all of us, unless there exists grounds for immunity and the prerequisite for this kind of preferential treatment is “lobbying”. The latter requires a whole lot of sniffing on all fours. And the sad thing, we pay for Congress to be outfitted with Grade “A” toilet paper! How do they get away with it? It is called Congressional immunity or “parliamentary privilege”, so we find they enjoy freedom from arrest, even when traveling! And this “arrest” is over-extended to include any detention, including a summons and or subpoenas. So that crap about “you have been served”, it doesn’t apply to members of Congress and they can tear up any and all legal stuff just like they can a traffic ticket. Remember, no arrests allowed. And that is why they can get angry and irate even at the TSA without the slightest discomfort. This “clique” is also guaranteed absolute freedom when debating and no matter what they say or yell out, there comes immunity from law suits of slander. And this crap about “Contempt of Congress”? It is pure bull-crap. Wow, tough job isn’t it. But it makes one realize why this present day body of jerks can be so offensive. And no wonder they are afraid of getting rid of the U.S. Post office as they have also another freebie benefit the Pony Express, sending out free mail, courtesy the U.S. Taxpayers. That is why Mark “Runt” Begich went on a rant when the General was about to shut down a whole lot of useless post offices’ located in bush Alaska, as this is how he gets elected and trusting it for re-election. And even though it is not supposed to be used for campaigning efforts, what else could it be used for! It is an incumbent’s saving grace. Just ask MoanaLisa MurCowski, the nepotism senator from Alaska. And now that we are on the subject of Alaska’s finest, how about when Don Young called Pelosi a “rabid skunk” with “gnashing teeth drooling up and down the halls of Congress”. Them are fighting words in my book. So why would anybody subject themselves to this kind of preferential treatment when all other Americans must abide by some semblance of reasonableness and responsibility in everyday life? How about all that immunity and sniffing and wait there’s more! Congress receives a yearly salary of $174,000 for about 4-months of work. When the average American worker brings in $40,000 for working the entire year with maybe a week off for good behavior. So in essence, Congress makes six times the average American wage - they only work at most a half of the year - and these are the jerks that vote in “minimum wage”? In the early 1800, Congress received a grand total of $6.00! As back then it was a more of an honor then a disgrace to represent this country. Remember, today representation is for the wealthy and the lobbyists. And what a retirement plan these moron bozos give themselves! And what a medical coverage plan! Shouldn’t we get the same kind of treatment? So no wonder they don’t give a rat’s ass about my welfare, or your welfare for that matter. And they feel it is alright to dismiss Social Security. Look I have paid thousands into this institution, and they feel it is time to cut the losses? What about my losses! I am sure that when the time comes for the dismantling the SS that they will have figured out some kind of roll-over plan for their contributions. They care about nothing but themselves and the wealthy that can keep them immunized. That is why they are no different then these alien Africanized bees. They shit on us then target anybody that tries to destroy their dysentery dynasty.  No wonder they get away with murder. Look, the wars they fund without Congressional approval is premeditated murder, no if ands or buts about it. That is why Mitch McConnell is still a free man and not incarcerated away like should have been the case for this nutcase the day he recited Obama’s assassination speech. Mitch has made it clear and convincing that his main objective as an elected U.S. Senator is to destroy Obama. If this is not premeditated, then what is it? Look, most elected officials are crooks to begin with. So they do everything they can to convince the voting public that they are sane, snake oil it is, then when we buy their “pheromone” and they get elected, lobbyist become their number one worship and we become public enemy number one. We want them to abide by the Constitution, but when we see this immunity “crap” and realize they have no obligation whatsoever, we are screwed over and over again, triple-bypass jeopardy ring a bell of concern? It should. And what many don’t realize is this fact of the matter. Term limits is built into the Constitution. It allows for an individual to seek additional terms, but not when sworn in to represent “All the People”, as there is no room allowed for campaigning when engaged. It would be like allowing a police officer to be a crook when not on the clock when all the time they are supposed to be upholding the law, 24/7. Congress is no different. But the rule bending and twisting that comes from the Halls of Montezuma’s Revenge, it is pathetic these days. Where and when will it all stop? Probably not in my lifetime as there is no incentive to truly represent the American People. FOD S.O.S. just in. Obama is going to raise taxable income on the wealthy, called the Buffet initiative. See, Warren Buffet is adamant that the wealthy can pay more tax to help out where help is needed, and today that is with the U.S. Treasury. There was a PAY-Day distress signal sent out. See, “Capital Gains” tax is taxed in a lower tax bracket then ordinary income. It wasn’t always so, but over time the jerks-in-charge changed things, not to my advantage but an advantage upon guess who? So the wealthy can list everything and anything under this disguise, so they end up paying less tax than the average American. There are many millionaires that don’t pay any Federal income tax, yet use our highways and use our schools and basically use US! So Obama wants to retreat away from this preferential treatment for the wealthy class which would add billions to the Treasury. At the same time, there are signs of hesitation from the GOP. See, Speaker Boehner is stilled pissed ever since there was a tax imposed of “Tanning” booths. But the GOP is not about to let the rich pay their fair share, so have instigated changing the tax code once again, with this “Capital Gains” thing, just as insurance. The sad fact of this matter, that GOP initiative will get passed, as they control the IRS. And if Obama fails at the tax table, then the rich will benefit by paying even less tax as once the “Code” is changed it takes an act-of-Congress to change it back, and that is like asking Mitch to act like an American. This is how it gets so ridiculously out-of-control. It’s the “pheromones” on the attack again. In case you were wondering, FOD means one of two things: Foreign Object Damage or F&%* Oh Dear, take your pick as both are appropriate for Congress in our times! One last thing, aren’t you glad Don Young was supportive of DADT!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Why Democracy?

Why I ask, why? Why is it that the embedded GOP is so down and opposed to raising taxes upon the class that can most afford it? When did this American democracy cease to exist? In a democracy, it is inherent by definition that there comes the “acceptance and practice of the principles of equality of rights, opportunity and treatment”. So fair taxation is paramount success this cause for democracy. So I ask again, why not increase the tax base upon the class that can afford giving a little more and at the same time eliminate the taxable income loopholes afforded this same class - the wealthy? Maybe “In bed” is the reason with this embedded GOP as to why fair taxation is but a suggestion and far from reality. And the fact that the elephant is kicking the donkey's ass even when the latter is supposedly in control, it is a sad state of affairs. I never thought there would come the opportunity to live in this day and age wherein Congress is worse off then during the days Mark Twain gave his 2-cents worth opinion. His advice back then, circa 1875, was worth a whole lot more but nobody was listening I guess! Twain made it a career taking shots at Congress, and it was not exaggerated or over extended breach reaching, just pure unadulterated welcome criticism. Credit where credit is due. Twain allowed humor to enter where credibility was lacking our elected officials. Fleas can be taught nearly anything that a Congressman can.” - “Congress: The smallest minds and the selfishest souls and the cowardliest hearts that God makes.” - “Suppose you were an idiot. And suppose you were a member of Congress. But I repeat myself.” - “It could probably be shown by facts and figures that there is no directly native American criminal class except Congress.” - “All Congresses have a kindly feeling for idiots, and a compassion for them, on account of personal experience and heredity.” And to end, “I never can think of Judas Iscariot without loosing my temper. To my mind Judas Iscariot was nothing but a low, mean, premature Congressman.” But today we see a Congress that acts beyond the humorous level, to the extent that it is setting a dangerous precedent. When Mitch McConnell can broadcast to the nation that his main objective in life is to destroy Obama, this indicates that all ethics, all righteousness, all statesmanship, it was all checked at the door when the current Congressional membership entered the House chambers. And isn't it a requirement to be “Sworn” to abide and uphold the Constitution? And I do believe that includes “protecting” the sitting president! Today with Congress, it is more in tune to a Hold-up on our liberties over any Constitutional upholding. And when you see the line-up of potential GOP candidates for the 2012 presidential race, why in hell is Perry & Romney the front runners? Especially when there exists some intelligence, like with Ron Paul and Huntsman. It is evident that many have lost faith in government, which is the Congress. It is not the president that has the ultimate power, it is Congress. In comparison, the Commander-in-Chief has very little power so can only take claim for some of the blame. If Obama had the reach, there would have come “Change” by now. And Congress can yield that power, just like they did when George Bush was the GOP's flee-bitten peanut Monkey Man and the catalyst for doom and disruption – the current state of affairs. Look what happened on the dereliction watch? So when you hear these hypocrites excite the base of desperation by talking points about “too big” a government bureaucracy, what gives as they are the ones that created the “Monster”. Incumbency ring a bell? If they failed, then fire themselves, but then they would have to find gainful employment and who in hell would hire a bunch of misfits? How about a lobbying firm, tied to “Big Corporation America”. Now I do believe that corporate taxes should be eliminated, as the money, the profits, it is going to the shareholders, that is why higher taxes on the already wealthy is a wining proposition. Less corporate taxes means more loot for the owners which means more taxes garnished away for safekeeping this country - it is the ultimate end-around game changing play. But Congress all around is “In Bed” with money, and that buys votes. That is the saddest thing upon America today, the fact that as a democracy still, we get to vote in officials, as elected representatives supposedly “For the People”. But that “For the People” is but a smokescreen protecting “Special Interests”. The latter is banned by the Constitution, just read between the lines and you will get the point. But since the “Sargent of Arms was blackmailed into leaving his post”, anything goes in the chambers. So they have a good excuse to disenfranchise the voters' interests, the excuse that it was the “People's Vote” that gives them the power to disrupt and contribute to civil disobedience. The money game talks out loudly come campaign time, and that is why they are afraid to raise taxes on the class that deserves less. Most hard working Americans are more in tune to keeping food on the table then trying to understand what goes down in the chambers, besides horror, so we rely on the mainstream media to keep us abreast of current affairs. And the hoodlums with all the loot, they know how to deliver subliminal messaging when the time is right, and that excites the voters, the “income influences the outcome”. So we have lost the democracy we once cherished and enjoyed and it appears to look and act more and more like a “Limitocracy”. We must remember that America is a young nation, a young government, in comparison to other countries. And with the approval level on just about all things considered, like education and quality of life, tanking, is it a sign that our ways and means have finally set the fuse for destruction. It surely appears that way. Maybe a breakup, a conjugal breakup of this country has meaning. Half goes to the GOP followers and believers the other half to the liberals. I am sure Perry and his followers would go along with this, as long as they could carry away all the guns. Good is my sentiment. Now the problem with that is this – a breakup. If America was divided along party lines, then those that believe in less and less oversight, soon their lands and waterways and airways would be heavily polluted and stripped of life. It would be Soylent Green chaos. Then they would retreat or invade tranquility and with all the guns and ammo.... The bottom line, lets raise taxes on the unwilling. Then we can give them what they pay for, as you get exactly what you pay for and right now the see-saw is broke. The preferential treatment that is afforded the wealthy class is ruining this country. If they don't like it, leave it, as their under-taxed money is leaving already in the form of offshore crookedness and it ain't the hard working middle class that can afford such vacation luxury and loopholing legislation. Government of the people and for the people? Maybe someday once again, when “equality of taxation” upon the wealthy decreases the class differential which is heading down the path of “Us” & “Them”. Take that back, it is coming to “Us” vs. “Them”. With that, maybe someday once again, Democracy will reign upon this Republic, or else this nation has failed because Mark Twain was right, about “Fleas and Idiots”!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Bravo Maria Cantwell

Bravo, Bravo, Bravo and a standing ovation. This rare honor bestowed to U.S. Senator Maria Cantwell as she gets prepared to duke it out with Don Young. How come this state gets stuck with morons? Yes rare this honor, as we see very little representation from the House on the Hill these days deserving congratulations, with bi-partisan bickering the main theme. But this could be the best duke out of the 112th. See Don wants to strip the EPA of any power that could put a stop to the Love Canal remake, a.k.a. Pebble Mine. Look, Young and Stevens and the Murkowskies and now Begich, they were in it for themselves and are on the lookout for themselves, not as representatives “For the People” but representatives of special interests in hopes to have a cushion job for a lifetime. Sure it is a cushion job, just look at the House restaurant menu! Now the Alaskan delegation did look out for the constituents, but instead of on a priority basis, as should be the case when elected officials swear to uphold the citizens' interest above all, we were given a seat in the back of the bus. The trickle down theory worked, but those on top, the schmoozes, they made out like bandits during thisAWE “ time in history, or the Alaskan Welfare Era. Believe me, it was a “Shocker”. With resource development, this state has been screwed over, not once, not twice but for 30-times over the past 30-years. Had we done it right, which means taxation appropriate for the taking, we would not be a state that has and continues to rely so heavily on Uncle Sam welfare. But that is what has gone down for 30-years, or close to 50 following statehood. “We're In” was not the call of the people and a call from the wild, but a call from the lobbyist as Alaska's statehood was heaven sent. They saw gold, but not the kind that takes sweat and bones to bring topside. They relied on the open door policy, that of the U.S. Treasury. Yes, “the Sargent of Arm's was blackmailed into leaving his post”! The Pebble mine is a ridiculous endeavor. Not that responsible mining is impossible, but there exists too many unknowns with this project. See, this state is desperate so instead of developing a sustainable jobs infrastructure and weaned away from “pork”, we became addicted to the free-for-all, courtesy of Uncle Sam generosity and now that it appears the giveaway program is running on empty, let's just sabotage the entire ecosystem! Actually, the GOP has the money hidden away, so when they get back in power all will be back to normal with the AWE! But why waste? There were years when the Three-Stooges were so powerful that this state received $3 for every dollar sent south through income taxation. We could have built “gold” bridges to somewhere. But the money went missing in sub-standard construction and practices that has become a sad part of Alaska's history. And now that the Stooges have lost touch with the “Keys to the Treasury” as the Treasury is broke, this state finds itself in dire straits, the main reason as to how come Ben Stedman has to pay his own way for that $1000 a night super deluxe hooker pad when he visited Hawaii on official state of Alaska business. So with desperation there comes a tilt upon decency, for over extended resource development and the only way to stop it, to police it, is through threat of environmental lawsuits - using the EPA. Not so fast, as Don gets involved and as a Tea-Party wannabe, decides that government must be too big and starts to thrash away at the environmental programs. It is pathetic representation and we see the see-saw has grounded on the wrong side of righteousness, just like when Joe went “hard aground” on Bligh reef. Like Joe, this state has hit the most recognized navigational hazard, it is called “Day Dreaming”. We blew it and now with the oil money running almost on empty with drastic reductions in throughput, it means stupidity at the helm. Soon we will see an attempt to open up ANWR! But I would be in agreement of land based oil development over what is happening in the Colville River Delta, on the open water gateway to the Beaufort upon sick looking man-made islands. Sick it is the mentality that is ruling this state. Take that back, “ruining” this state. The open for business sign is glowing alive and well, calling for unrealistic development at any expense. Polar bears are dieing and getting shot. The caribou population will soon be devastated when Golden Valley starts running 22-trucks a day filled with volatile LNG down the Dalton, probably this century's most worthless and idiotic idea. So give'm hell Maria, but look out for rabid skunks!

Deficit Reduction in Alaska

To: Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction
From: Big Dog(Anonymous)
Subject: Alaska's Military Bases

Dear Committee Members;
In 2005, the Ft. Wainwright Central Heat & Power Plant(CH&PP), located in Alaska, burdened the U.S. Taxpayers a Total Operation & Maintenance and General & Administrative Expense cost of $14,587,738.00. That amount included $10,000,000.00 for the cost of coal from Usibelli Mine transported by the state owned Alaska Railroad. The cost of coal “delivered” escalated 14% for the FY07 5-year Defense Logistics Agency contracts - in effect today. These contracts are up for renewal this year, more likely then not with supply contract cost increases. In the lower-48, costs for the same commodity decreased by 5%. It is estimated that the current 5-year contract is in the arena of $140-million, or about 6% of the “Installation” energy supply contracts managed by the DLA - a hefty hunk for just a single state of the Union. In 2008, the CH&PP went “Privatized” under a Joint Venture between Doyon Limited, an Alaskan Native Corporation under SBA 8(a) status and Fairbanks Sewer & Water, a private entity limited shareholder corporation. In 2010, the burden upon the U.S. Taxpayers for the same outcome upon this same facility was approaching $32,000,000.00, excluding the cost of coal, which now realized a yearly cost upwards of $15,000,000.00. This “Creep” is staggering and beyond comprehension. “Privatization” cannot be costing the U.S. Taxpayers less money as under “Privatization”, a revenue requirement burdens the effort, as we see occurring today. It looks promising on paper for the long run, but in reality it is heading in the wrong direction. These bases under “Privatization” in Alaska are draining the U.S. Treasury and should be re-considered under BRAC, Base Re-alignment and Closure commission. The utilities are vintage 50s and in a state of disrepair. With sky-rocketing costs of coal, skyrocketing transport costs due to energy price creep, as there exists no other alternative here in the Last Frontier, it would serve the U.S. Taxpayers interest to have these bases and the individual “mission” relocated to milder climates, wherein there is some semblance of competition with respect to energy contracts. Without the competition, prices will continue to escalate upwards here in Alaska. Please take this under consideration in your efforts to find a ways and means to curtail out-of-control spending, especially when other alternatives may exist elsewhere that could continue to perform the same “mission critical” requirements, like occurred most recently with an Air Force & ARMY joint venture effort, sharing resources. Of serious consideration to “closure” is the Eielson Air Force base outside of Fairbanks as is the Clear Air Force base, south of Fairbanks. These bases were designed and constructed when the Soviet Union was a threat, which is no longer the case today. Please take this under serious consideration. At a minimal request, the entire “Privatization” upon the military installations in Alaska should be evaluated by a 3rd party auditing team, as it appears it is not working as intended. I bring this to your attention directly as you may not get an honest assessment from the Alaska delegation, as closure of any base has a drastic and chilling effect on the local economy, but the time has come to bite the bullet and make sacrifices.

Respectfully Submitted for Consideration: by Big Dog on September 11, 2011