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Monday, October 31, 2011

Sunday Poem

This Poem

This Poem, this Poem, This Poem.
It is not worthy of time.
But having already consumed such,
It has made its point.

This Poem, this Poem, This Poem.
Still not worthy of time,
It has squandered an existence.
But what point does it make?

This Poem, this Poem, This Poem.
Will never be worthy of time!
But by now, it has a past.
It has made that point.

This Poem, this Poem, This Poem.
May be worthy of a past,
But what about the present?
It now makes that point.

This Poem, this poem, This Poem.
I cannot deny its past.
I cannot deny its presence.
Can two birds kill one stone?

Ah, This Poem…

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Junk Mail?

Your eMail Guard service has detected potential junk mail sent to this account and has saved it for review in the personal quarantined Message Center.

Message Center: Quarantined Junk Mail

Sender: Congressman Don

Subject: Congressman Young’s Washington Report

Alaskan Fruitcake

My dear friends from the UK - Brits & Blokes - have this yearly festival to test how well fruitcakes can withstand the muster, by loading the dense concoctions dreaded by the free world into the holding chamber of prehistoric type catapult machines, to see how well grandma’s recipe can withstand the G-force of free flight. OK, it wasn’t a “fruitcake” slinging contest, but close. But in Manitou Springs, the actual “Fruitcake Toss” is a favorite way to get rid of those Christmas cake gifts that disregard, mold and mildew. Now I have always been a fan of the “Fruitcake”, a delicacy during the holiday season, thanks to the rum high, but here in Alaska we seem to have a very special recipe for the “Fruitcake”. And it appears that this recipe is alive and well and exciting the Bozo Bus mentality. Of course we should be used to this mentality by this stage in the Corrupt Bastards Club realty game. Now one of the main ingredients in the Alaskan style fruitcake, we have before us Harold Heinze along with his efforts at finding a gig for the M.V. Susitna. According to officials, the Susitna is stuck in Ketchikan because there exists no suitable landing at the Port of Anchorage. See, Bill’s billion dollar dock boondoggle is wasting away with every outgoing tide change. Instead of the port growing, it is losing ground. So Bill gets the blame for the overdue ferry to arrive and provide service, as to what that “service” is supposed to offer remains a “Big” mystery. But the real reason the high speed amphibious assault vessel is MIA comes by this fact: There are no customers willing to buy a ticket at an unknown price and no place to dock! It is a magical mystery tour. Imagine showing up to a ferry terminal and the purser tells you here’s your ticket just leave your credit cards, pets, kids and PFD. But Harold wants to trump the millions already spent by the Denali Commission, to change horses in midstream. For those Alaskans that have no notion to Harold’s history here in Alaska, here is a tidbit. Harold was at one time head of one of the “Big Oil” producers here in Alaska, one that no longer exists. Harold once spoke out about ANWR, that “it was a flat, crummy place”. And when Harold was the boss, he found early retirement - abruptly - when he made it a point around the Sheffield circle that he wanted to build a bridge at the “Top of the World”. He honestly thought a bridge – called World Route 1A – could be built from Prudhoe Bay to Norway, and that is how Alaska got into the business and is today known as the state wanting to build bridges to nowhere. Thanks Harold! In KABATA dollars, that road – or 4000 mile bridge – would cost about $3 trillion bucks. And we didn’t stop at bridges, no, no, no as we now have a ferry going nowhere. Anyway Harold went on the record recently that it is time to use the Susitna to carry propane from Prudhoe Bay to the Yukon River for redistribution along the river’s watershed. Wait just a minute, is the Susitna an amphibious type craft? I know it was a NAVY design with stealth like capabilities and not only did the Pt. McKenzie Port Authority get the useless vessel for free, the “Authority” also received ownership of the “Intellectual Property”? But maybe there is something to this “Intellectual Property” thing. How much extra did that transfer cost the U.S. Taxpayers? And remember, this future mothball was paid for by the taxpayers. And the Denali Commission – courtesy the U.S. Taxpayers – has spent billions over the years upgrading the heating oil tanks and loading facilities at many villages around Alaska. To change now to propane, it takes an entirely different set-up. And I have an idea that could calm this ridiculousness. Take the M.V. Susitna and gather up all the failed projects so far still receiving funding – including Heinze’s gas pipeline project going nowhere - and pack it all on the deck, then take the floating rust-bucket out to sea and call on the NAVY, to destroy this boat the brass laughed at and didn’t want, as about the only thing it is good for is a terrorist target for practice. It all boils down to a fruitcake mentality here in the “Last Frontier” and it appears that the Bozo Bus is not having a problem with vacant seats. In fact, the Bozo bus is over capacity, but with state regulators asleep at the wheel, “Keep on Truck’n”. We just keep going on record trumping the ridiculous. Some of the things being thought up today are 30-years too late. But the Bozo bus mentality, wherein fruitcakes seem to realize that these projects provide a job for a lifetime, and there is no accountability because it is all a big pipe dream, it is the perfect stay-at-home job. It is fantasy land politics at its best. And like fruitcake, it keeps on coming and can withstand just about anything. We despise it, but we accept it anyway and just throw it aside hoping it will rot, go away and never come back. But that doesn’t happen with fruitcakes, just like funding for these ridiculous projects keeps on showing up. So maybe Alaska should join in with the Brits, as we have plenty of fruitcakes deserving a free ride, to nowhere! And just think if the chief Bozo did get that bridge to Norway constructed, it would have taken about 35-years to build, and when Heinze made this ridiculous suggestion at the Global Infrastructure Projects Conference in 1986, which was held in Anchorage, the bridge would have had its ribbon cutting ceremony just about now – in 2011. The same year a bunch of Alaska’s legislators went on a junket, to see how Norway “manages its oil wealth”! Just think, had the bridge been built, the Bozo Bus would have been able to go on a ride of a lifetime, the entire cast of legislators with Harold at the wheel. So when in the “fruitcake” mode, just tune into Alaska style ridiculousness, as it is one hell of a laugh, still the best medicine around, even for “Fruitcake” indigestion or better yet, fruitcake insurrection!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Alaskan Comic Relief

Nothing like a good book? Better yet, how about a good comic book to trump that nostalgic sentiment over the novel approach. Now I have always been a believer and follower of Alfred E. Neuman, as his comic views are accurate and honest, providing a little humor where humor is due upon the important aspects of life, upon those everyday aggravating aspects of life that consumes us all and invites frustration. Next time road rage sets in, step back and take a read on Mad Magazine! And Alfred and his associates at Mad are very knowledgeable with the political scene of today, providing some seriousness upon the comedians trying to run this state. Like Alfred and Mad’s early on conclusion that Sarah Palin was not endorsable or electable. But here in Alaska we seem to have come across our very own comic relief in print available as a weekly publication, similar to Mad Magazine, competition maybe? It is called Petroleum News and for $98 a year, it is cheap entertainment. Now of course if you work in the oil patch up north or out on the inlet, you can most likely forgo the cost burden and find this comic book at many of the local latrines near a drill-rig camp or processing facilities. I guess it can be used in a TP emergency! But nowadays, this monthly publication reads just like a comic book upon the horror stories made so through Alaska’s oil patch politics. Sad, as at one time in history it appeared to be a pretty accurate survey of what was occurring in the oil patch. But things changed drastically and dramatically here in the “Last Frontier” when Palin was at the helm and changed the “playing field” with respect to oil, gas and other resource development. So during the early years that SOHIO and ARCO maintained the “Kingpin” positions and along with EXXON so monopolized the North Slope oil trade, there came very little comic relief from the oil patch and it was just serious business, and Petroleum News kept the interested public knowledgeable to the facts. Back then it was basically watching pipeline throughput records being shattered day after day, which was great for this state, as more oil meant more money to be wasted away on nothing – like ridiculous legislative side trips. Today, we see an entirely different cast of characters trying to win comedian of the year award with respect to the oil patch, and this publication is trying to get into the action, like a ways and means to judge the person or entity best suited for Alaska’s funniest of the year award. Since the major oil companies went pissed over Sarah Palin’s production tax increases, taxation that hurts “Big Oil” yet at the same time satisfies the mandate of the “Independent” -  a.k.a. crybabies - well the “majors” have taken a side-track position and that is why we have today a new age cast of comedians entering the scene and making fools of themselves. They are called the “Independents”, when they should be called “Dependents” because they seem to still be wearing diapers when it comes to understanding the right to explore and exploit the “Black Gold” here in Alaska. And their efforts so far reek in lousiness and lunacy, which means they aren’t making a whole lot of loot, but where they are lacking in that respect, the comedy keeps on coming. So with laughter still the best medicine, it has some worth and is worth laughing at, this happening on the oil scene here in Alaska, from Cook Inlet to the Beaufort Sea. So for the fun of it, let us revisit some of the funny things. Well, ENI blew crude oil out of a flare stack? That’s a laugh except the oil droplets blown into the atmosphere most likely fell upon the Beaufort Sea water currents just when the whale population was thinking about retreating south for the winter. Some outfit named Great Bear thought it could drill 500 wells a year into shale sands in Prudhoe Bay and was encouraged by the Juneau legislators to go for a 1000 wells instead, in efforts to fill the void in the Trans-Alaska-Pipeline. I guess the legislators were asleep - or on one of those ridiculous side trips -  during “Oil Exploration & Exploitation for Dummies”. Considering it takes on average 30 days to sink a new well, it means somebody would have to deliver a whole bunch of new drilling rigs which means the price of “Da Bear's” oil would be somewhere in the neighborhood of $5000 a barrel, just to break even.  Great Bear must be smoking something in that pipe-dream. And Escopeta thinks that when its rig was quarantined in Canada for violating the Jones’ Act, that Murphy – of Murphy’s Law fame – snuck onto the rig as a castaway and then when it was finally cleared through TSA for $15-million, that Murphy was at the joy stick control that got the rig’s drill bit stuck, for how long? Now they may be forced to shut-down for the winter. Then there’s Pioneer, the 1st “Independent” to lose its shirt here in Alaska and is now trying to place blame for its mismanaged project on Conoco, for not supplying enough seawater for enhanced oil recovery! Strange as Pioneer’s Oooguruk Island is IN SEAWATER! Damn, get a bucket brigade going if you need seawater. And then there is Savant, which has total ownership of the failed Badami field, which will remain a failed field forever, just ask BP. And Aurora Gas is still at it, a company that should have already been banned from any further business dealings here in Alaska, especially after they reneged on all their gas contracts through a “Force Majeure” move that has cost you and I a bunch. And what is with this Repsol outfit, sounds more like a suppository. And all the legislative body can say over this increased activity in the “patch” is the fact that it is “Promising”. So there comes all this excitement and efforts nearing ridiculousness with the Independents, bent on hitting it big here in Alaska. Will they be surprised! And a bunch of goons from Juneau decided to take a waste trip to Norway, to see how it’s done right. Look, this state is 30-years too late to build a respectable infrastructure that aligns resources development with a focus on a sustainable future, wherein it is a win-on-win situation for the lease holders and the resource owners – them and us!  And when one looks beyond the horizon, it isn’t because of the tax situation here in Alaska the reason we are losing it. Bottom-line we blew it, it’s over with, the golden goose has retired and we have nothing but failed project after failed project with the fallout delivering upon us now a desperate drive to wreak havoc upon a once good industry. Don’t believe me about how this state has failed? Then why in hell has the M.V. Susitna never showed up? It’s sitting down in Ketchikan, painted like the Alaska Ferry system ships, so maybe it can swindle some money from the legislators to keep this worthless piece of junk afloat. Yes we have had over 30-years to get it right and have failed miserably. And now a bunch of hypocrite legislators go on a pleasure trip to Norway, to see how they run the resources’ business. It’s a socialistic country, so whatever they may be doing right to sustain, it won’t work in the Miller Estate! And here it is in a nutshell for the nutcases that think this state will get back as a major producer of resources. The Trans-Alaska-Pipeline is being mothballed! The main reason behind the Strategic Reconfiguration Project, which occurred during Palin’s reign, it allowed for all but 4 pumping stations to shut-down. It means the owners are comfortable with an asset that is running almost on empty. In Valdez, the West Tank Farm has been mothballed, which could hold over 2-million barrels of oil. And two of the four loading berths have been shut-down and are up for sale! The “Big Oil” companies are smart. The infrastructure of the pipeline and processing facilities up North are paid for in full and with the downturn in production, they have voted on a comfortable position. For the majors, the lifting costs average about $2.50 a barrel, even though they will never admit to so. For an Independent new on the scene, multiply that by a factor of 20. It is a losing proposition for the Independents. Big Oil realizes that this frenzy with the Independents is a plan of attack running right into their control, as this oil the “Independents” produce cannot make it to market, without “Big Oil’s” pipeline. It is like the Troll under the bridge. So it is such a laugh this new age mentality to try and trump “Big Oil” here in Alaska. It will never work, but I hope these Independents keep on throwing away the shareholders investments, as it sure does provide for some good laughs. So if in need of some medicine, some laughter, just pick up a copy of Petroleum News and read on. And remember, he who laughs last, laughs best!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Dear Mr. McCain

Dear Mr. John McCain

What’s wrong with Canada? If you so believe that it is somehow or in someway anti-American for Barack Obama to use a bus made in Canada, then maybe you would be interested to find out that the largest U.S. military “Privatization” contract ever awarded under George Bush and here in Alaska, it is being funded by Canadian interests. Doyon Utilities, a joint venture between Doyon Limited – an Alaskan Native Corporation – and Fairbanks Sewer & Water – a private limited shareholder interest – through mergers and sales, 50% of this venture is now owned outright by a Canadian corporation that is using funding from Canada’s Toronto Dominion bank, to bankroll this 50-year $4-billion dollar contract. The “Privatization” allows Doyon Utilities to purchase the infrastructure, which costs a whole lot of loot, which is being supplied by the Canadian “Wall Street”. So huge interest payments are being supplied by the U.S. Treasury and taken from America and delivered to the Canadian interests, basically they are starting to own the military infrastructure here in America! So to make issues over a bus when there exists more valid concerns, why not take this matter to justice!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Rebel Against Pebble

So the residents of Bristol Bay have decided to rebel and vote in favor the anti-Pebble initiative, which restricts construction of world class sized resource development infrastructure when such is in close proximity to world class fisheries. Now we see the lawyers coming front and center to defend this and that, as the money being gobbled up upon this Pebble Partnership project isn't about to fade away. That could be expected, this litigation, as there is a whole lot of fighting money left in reserve. It will run its course and in the end... it will never end, it is called the appeal process. But with the anti-Pebble initiative getting the vote of approval, it is off towards a good start, as the people have spoken – maybe not an overwhelming victory this voice now heard, but in America the majority has the hammer. Now what irks me most this situation is the fact that Governor Parnell has decided to enter the race, as he and his attorney general believe they have the final say with respect to the state's resources and development opportunities, not the people! What a looser this guy is! And we thought Palin was the worse governor this state ever claimed or was it Frank? Anyway, I am sure the “Bush Rat” is on the side of those that voted down this controversial mine project. Be it known that resource development is essential for this state's survival, as without a sales tax or without a state income tax something has to provide for Ben Stedman's $900 dollar a night vacation palaces when not doing his job in Juneau, here in Alaska there has come the point in time wherein we need to slow down and go cautiously such endeavors. But the defense fostering development is stocking up its munitions, and the big gun worriers are aiming the sights against the voters' choice - to walk cautiously upon resource development. U.S. Congressmen Don Young has floated a bill in Congress, one that would strip back “All” regulations excited over the past 20-years. Here is what I say to Don, go ahead with this stupid bill but at the same time strip back the same amount of years away from the wage we pay you to supposedly “represent” - strip that back to $125k instead of what you receive today for nothing - like $175k. In fact, instead of scaling back regulations, why not pass some laws that would scale back corporate America CEOs' pay? In fact, why not go on the warpath to make sure my pay increases like your pay has increased over the past 20-years, benefits and all! Why is your life, liberty and pursuit of happiness better then mine? But I am serious when I say we must proceed with caution, any and all new resource development here in Alaska. Sure the state is running out of money due the fact that oil development is tanking, but that doesn't mean we need to take on and embrace Young's “Stupid” mentality, to strip it all away so they can then strip it all away, so we can get a few pennies on the dollar to support that yearly welfare giveaway – the PFD. Bottom-line, there is very little regulation left here in the “Last Frontier”. The sad fact of the matter is that regulation started finding a back seat when Frank Murkowski was the governor and gave Sarah and Randy a preferential seat on one of the most powerful regulatory committees this state relied upon, the Alaska Oil & Gas Conservation Committee. Does “conservation” in the title really mean anything these days? But we all realize that the sad fact this arrangement with Palin and Ruderick was as a convenient set-up as a secret GOP covert operation, a dereliction of duty and at the same time a ways and means to see regulation go down the toilet. It has happened, and then when Sarah took over the helm, it didn't stop , as regulation already in the back seat was shoved out the door. She cast a spell upon “Big Oil” with increased taxation and then put up an “Open for Business” sign to entice “Independent” oil companies – mom & pop type ventures – to venture North to fulfill a dream of making it rich invading the tundra through exploitation of the “Black Gold”. Like never seen before, with this new-age development craze we have given away the farm, with royalty relief and tax incentives that have provided very little in return, except the possibly that it is a devastation upon the ecosystem. Today we see all kinds of dereliction upon regulation designed to protect the environment - once known to be pristine and wild here in Alaska - along with little or no desire to protecting the citizens' health, like regulation is today only a suggestion. We see it with the EPA, the Regulatory Commission of Alaska and the AOGCC. The DNR, DOR, you name it as the list goes on and on. And herein are some true facts and figures. The EPA did not come front and center to fine one of Palin's “Independents”, for the largest illegal dumping ever recorded on the North Slope, over 49,000 gallons of contamination, first denied by the culprits until a “whistle-blower” decided to spill the beans, then when evidence surfaced that could not be questioned, Pioneer walked away with a measly $10,000 dollar fine. Had this been BP or Conoco, it would have been in the millions. With the RCA, they were tricked into providing “oversight” upon the privatization of the military “utility” infrastructure in Alaska, a ways and means to fool the taxpayers and in turn, this scam is costing you and I millions in lost revenue so a handful of individuals on the take can rake in millions to their off-shore tax shelters. The “privatization” even under regulation is now considered a “Monopoly” which will eventually hurt the consumers through precedence set. Dereliction upon the AOGCC finds itself in a recent decision to let an oil company, that same “Independent” talked about earlier, permission to drill into a cesspool to develop possibly “human crap” contaminated oil, out of desperation. And the DNR seems to not give a rat's ass too what is occurring on the slope, especially with this new-age wine & dine the “Independents” movement fostered by Juneau. Like polar bear dens being disrupted out at Oliktok Point, when the operator was supposed to perform a “heat” survey to make sure this type of animal harassment did not occur, as was there no follow up report performed when another “Independent” allowed crude oil to be blown out of a flare stack – 20 feet from the ocean. Most likely sending hydrocarbon constituents out on the Beaufort! The list of dereliction goes on and on, and this is stuff that was witnessed by a single individual! So when good research finds that it doesn’t fit the mold of development, like exploration for exploitation, and we see honest scientists being furloughed, that’s the point - for being honest their assessments. We have lost the Last Great State Race. Bottom line, Alaska has turned into a state that places resource development above all. It is desperation driven, as the younger generation wants more for less. Look, all good things come to an eventual end, and this is the case today. The fact that MoanaLisa MurCowski wants the EPA to evaporate and Don's “roll-back” the regulations mandate has become a possibility in Congress and with Begich's behind the scenes drive to open up ANWR, it is this pressure that allows dereliction of duty. it appears that if those in positions to regulate the industry want to stay employed, it means giving in on everything and allowing “malfeasance” like development. Has it come to that, that people are afraid to perform their jobs, due possible retaliation? Just ask Walt Monegan, as the trend setting is alarming. So it was good to see the citizens stand up to prevent development in Bristol Bay, at least delay it for awhile, hopefully forever. We must “Rebel with a Cause”, as we can no longer trust those in government to make sure what is happening on their watch will not show up one day as an Alaskan style “Love Canal”. Unfortunately, it is happening as of this writing. With the attitude today with respect to environmental responsibility, had this same attitude been present when it came time for Congress to approve building of the Trans-Alaska-Pipeline, it would have remained a dream. It wasn't perfect over the years, but there was some semblance of environmental accountability and responsibility. Over the years, that was refined and allowed for a win-on-win situation, that development could take place with the least amount of interference upon this wilderness. That all changed with a change of command at the helm. And what has transpired in short duration is a total disregard for any stewardship and when the governor tries to trump the citizens, we can see that this dereliction has invaded like a cancer and if not stopped through citizens’ intervention, then we may as well find a new motto for this state. Instead of the “Last Frontier”, a better fit may be the “Lost frontier”, here yesterday but gone today and tomorrow!

No Nooky McCain

It appears that John McCain is getting no nooky, once again! This guy has a habit of staying quiet for a period then when he gets frustrated, after consuming Viagra but missing an outlet because the Budweiser girl has gone missing playing spousal hooky, he takes it out on America – through representative rage from the podium on the Hill. Today that frustration boiled over with McCain taking shots at Obama, for using a bus “Made in Canada” to gallivant around the country trying to sell his “Jobs for American” program – a.k.a. Obama's 2012 campaign on wheels on the taxpayers' dime! Now if you thought Sarah had a fancy bedroom on wheels, take a gander at Obama's dream wheels! But wait just a minute, do you really think Obama has time to go “bus” shopping? In fact, the bus was indeed made in Canada and purchased by the Secret Service then outfitted as “Air Force One” on wheels here in America. So Mr. John “No Nooky” McCain, if you want to take shots at Americans taking advantage of Americans by using outside interference, then look no further then Alaska, as with the “Privatization” of the Alaskan military infrastructure, the hen-house has found a new owner – a foreigner called Canada. Now this preferential “Privatization” here in Alaska was something started by your late friend and colleague U.S. Senator Ted Stevens! And Ted made sure these lucrative contracts went to his buddies. Yes indeed, a $4-billion dollar contract awarded to a local Native Corporation, which is good for Alaska! Except the money to fund this venture, to purchase the infrastructure, it is being secured by funding from Canadian owned investment corporations using Canadian banks for the investment monies. And this is “Big Money”, so the interest payments are astronomical. It amounts to millions in yearly interest payments that is going from the U.S. Treasury to the ARMY to the “privatization” corporations then forwarded to a foreign entity, when it should be staying right here at home to help the economy that is almost at a stand-still. And we are talking contract durations lasting 50-years! So for that many years, a whole bunch of taxpayers' loot will be taken advantaged of by a non-American bank! What corporate taxation? And guess what, through the investing, this foreigner is buying ownership of “Our” military infrastructure! As we speak – and remember for an erection lasting longer then 4 hours please seek advice from Anthony Weiner – as we speak the military infrastructure critical to this country's national security finds ownership by a foreign entity! Imagine if we can't pay the rent what may happen? So if you are once again frustrated when the Viagra takes hold and you have no avenue to show off and need to take something out on something due your long and well-known fits of frustration, try taking shots at reality, like this “privatization” scam, as this country should not be selling such vital organs to a foreign entity – neither friend or foe. This Mr. No Nooky is just another indication that your focus is missing-in-action and missing out the real problems attacking America, because who gives a rat's ass about a bus made in Canada? With the money we pay you to represent, please do your job instead of getting hooked on pettily condemnations your fellow man, including the Commander-in-Chief. And maybe it is time for some tea, instead of the Viagra, to calm you down!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Dire Straits

As I get the urge for going and quench that urge by driving across America, there appears an area of interest that should raise some concerns my fellow man. We all realize that home building has become a thing of the past for the time being, as there is a glut of vacancies on the market from the over-building boom of the early 2000's targeting affordable housing for everyone. Too bad it didn't work, this affordable housing for everyone, as it would have been a good thing for America. Nowadays families are being forced to downsize and occupy cramped quarters and “Extended Stay” hotels are booming. The intent from the beginning was deserving, housing for all, but the “true” intent was out of greed and nothing else – so it failed and became non-affordable housing. Those “Insiders” involved in this scam saw $$$, and when it failed ran to Uncle Sam, and the $$$ in the form of a “bailout” was delivered. Who suffered? Look, how can Jaguar be advertising on NPR? Who can afford such a luxury that starts at $90k? That price could mean a nice home for many Americans! And for now ,we suffer from the repercussions of it all, as the intent was just more of the same money over matters as nothing else matters. And industry is also at a standstill, as manufacturing in this country cannot compete against China, due wage discrepancies - so there comes no new buildings being constructed to support a local infrastructure, from the mountains to the prairies to the oceans once white with foam! But there is a boom here in America, one that has to do with building. It appears that payday loan sites and pawn shops are in demand. That is a sad state of affairs when one considers that the market is ripe for pawning goods and opportunistic entrepreneurs bent on making money providing early paychecks to those that are trying to raise a family. But it is an act of desperation, as pawning the family jewels is sinful as is the interest one gets charged when in need of some loot just to buy gas. And this building boom is all promoted on its own, no stimulus required. This sucks and as to why Congress is not watching and taking note this bell weather phenomenon, this pathetic course of events upon America, it is evident that they don't give a rat's ass about this country's welfare and care only about their own segregated welfare and that of their loyal lobbyists. Today, Congress is the ultimate BF system. Now the Pay-Day Loan sharking and Pawn shops were a boom around the military bases across America when the Bush doctrine wars started, let us not forget the “Mission Accomplished” fiasco as George's legacy of illegitimacy. But for today, this “Payday Pawning” phenomena is an indicator of this countries wellbeing status, this boom is reaching out to every nook and cranny here to there. The loan sharks made it wealthy when Bush was at the helm, as did his loyal lobbyist buddies, so it appears the trend continues – they win we loose. See, we send our troops to defend the “wealth” doctrine and pay them peanuts. When you look at the wage a troop gets for the work involved, it is less then minimum wage. What a racket the wealthy have going, sending our kids abroad to fight someone else's war for the enjoyment of more wealth! But with this building frenzy for Check Cash and Easy Pawn on every vacant corner in every major city from coast to coast, it is scary. And this is the only money that banks are giving out, to build this despicable infrastructure. It is a pathetic indication of a society that is in dire straits! When a society must revert to this type of survival, to pawn precious goods just to put Hamburger Helper on the table, and at the same time getting charged interest rates for upfront rent money that confiscates the hell out of freedom, we can see that the representative body of Congress and this country's Commander-in-Chief have failed the basic necessities of life, liberty and that pursuit of happiness for all. The sad thing, it is the stale-mate that is allowing this dereliction to grow beyond decency. When Obama cannot get a simple jobs bill passed, it has nothing to do with anything else but discrimination and prejudice. The Mitch McConnells along with the Eric Cantors in unison with the John Boehners, they are using the opportunity to secretly assassinate a great man, Barack Obama. Yes great man, as we see America eroding away, in its global standing as well as failure upon the “Homeland” infrastructure, this man has a plan! We should already have shovels in the ground to rebuild this country. No we cannot compete with China for goods, but they cannot compete with us to rebuild the transportation infrastructure, like roads, rails and bridges across America. The system is falling apart, yet we see “crap” being constructed instead of necessities. But why should the Mitch-Eric-John trinity care, as they have prejudice and discrimination in their blood. And herein exists the sad fact of the matter too which I take liberty to pick on an elder, Congressmen Don Young of Alaska. When Bush was at the helm and Don was head of the DOT highways appropriations committee, he administered the biggest highway construction bill ever, so big that it needed a name so was named in honor of his wife Lu. It was supposed to be the beginning of a plan to revitalize America. But that budget has run-out, yet you don't see Don running out to get another bill started, as this bipartisan crap that sends once honest representatives into hiding, it is truly anti-American. Look, I don't care what party is in control, this stalemate is totally against the grain of the Constitution. We elect representation to compromise, not destroy. Yet the Dons sit back in quiet and at the same time this country continues to fail, to crumble, to erode away with each outgoing tide. It is pathetic, but when it occurs on Obama's watch, it is evident that discrimination and prejudice has taken a turn for the worse. When the representative body finds a secret mandate to fail this country due the fact we have not a white man at the helm, it is nothing short of treason these representatives practice – and a solid enough reason why they should all be locked up. They want failure, they preach failure, they pray for failure upon Obama at any cost, as discrimination and prejudice is still ingrained in this society, still ingrained in individuals, and when those individuals swear to uphold the Constitution and believe that means failing this once great country due the color of a man's skin, then we deserve no longer to be a nation of honor - as dishonor rules our ways and means. And this is what we may leave generations to come, not a proud inheritance, but “Dishonor”. So instead of all the shovels that should be producing sweat to revitalize the highways and byways, those same shovels are idol, reserved for digging the grave of destruction, and if it does not stop right now, then we may be part of the saddest time in America's history. So what does it take to get beyond this stalemate? The sad fact of the matter is just this. The wealth bigots want to see shovels digging Obama's grave, as to these white men of the racist clan, out-of-sight and out-of-mind is their only solution for their addiction to “white-supremacy” so they have taken this country on the total destructive route to satisfy their evil ways and means. They cannot stand the fact that “My Country T's of Thee” is commanded by someone other than a white man. It is that simple and reminds me of the same prejudice we lived through during the late 50's, when the color of a man's skin did matter, especially in that right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. This prejudice is front and center today, and the sad fact of the matter, the U.S. Taxpayers are funding this attack upon Obama, as we pay our representatives not to dishonor this country, but to shine this country's image. But for today, there is very little shine left! And to those bigots of wealth and political popularity, they would probably make a shoe-shine joke over this dilemma and laugh all the way to the killing fields, during this time in history today wherein they fear not exposing themselves, like their prejudice is justified in the eyes of their constituents, no masks or excuses required with this all out war upon human rights. “America, where are you now, don't you care about your sons and daughters....”

Sick “TeleHealth”

So who is “still” making it rich here in Alaska courtesy the U.S. Taxpayers, even when Washington is digging in deep for deep cost cutting legislation? How about the “TeleHealth” industry for starters. And when I target crooks that are taking advantage the taxpayers' hard earned income garnished paycheck to paycheck to fuel the U.S. Treasury, it is all about “Welfare”, corporate welfare in this case. Look, nobody understands utility billing, as it has become an obscure science with the intent to fool the consumers. If that were not the case, it would mean a simple bill each month with the cost for service rendered, nothing else – divide this by that equals what I owe. Such long-winded bills today are designed to fool, and in this foolish scam that is allowed by Congress, it amounts to a few cents on the dollar, so what. But when the overall haul-in makes it back to the front office, it accounts for millions in “Fraud” money – which in turn is used for political contributions by utility company lobbyists to keep the consumer scams going. It is a complicated situation for us and a simple rip-off scenario for the crooks. Now case on point with phone service, what in hell is this “Universal Service Charge”? Well it is a fine you pay so this “TeleHealth” can be a reality for those that live wherein there is not medical treatment by a bonafide sheepskin MD. It is a “fine” because it provides “zero” worth for those of us that live in the city or rural areas, land ahoy connected by roads that allows mobility to the nearest ER. In Alaska, “TeleHealth” was supposed to be a saving grace effort to allow some semblance of local medical surveillance without the high costs of a dedicated on-site staff with very little too do. It had merit, if the original intent was a justified ways and means to provide economical health care wherein health care was lacking. But I doubt the original intent was based on “out” patient needs and nothing short another way to use the Alaskan “Back Country” excuse to fill the back-pocket wallets of unscrupulous businessmen bent on ripping off Uncle Sam – a direct blow below the belt across the knees! It is yet another case of a crippling greed mentality, a truly un-American dereliction of duty. In fact, Alaska receives well over 50% of the money taken in by the Treasury for this secret “Service” charge, or fine. It amounts to well over $35-million, and Alaska has benefited over the years above and beyond any other state with “TeleHealth” needs and is provided this type of medical assistance. In Alaska, this state racks up approximately $54-dollars per person for this type of coverage, wherein there is a doctor many miles away that can provide assistance. The second state leading the high costs of this hi-tech like medicine is North Dakota, at $2-dollars per person. So you can see why Alaska reaps the benefits - maybe rape finds itself a better value - and gets a whole lot of support from Uncle Sam. Now this “TeleHealth” is a good thing, except when the system is abused, which is generally the case when Alaskan businessmen and Federal funding finds a relationship. This state has ripped off the U.S. Taxpayers well beyond any conscionable amount, a trend that continues year after year after year. It should have been stopped a long time ago. See, most of the existing “TeleHealth” contracts cost about $200,00.00 per year, but most of the clinics provided this gear have been shut-down, or remain open for business but a few hours per week. And in order for the local witch-doctor to use the system, he or she must be a bonafide member of the system, like a PA! And this is not the case for many outlying clinics that have been built, through millions in Federal assistance grants, then when the construction was complete, the clinic shutdown, due lack of funding and qualified staff. But the “TeleHealth” bill remains active, even if there comes no customers, which means the “Universal Service Charge” - this fine - continues. So there are hundreds of contracts here in Alaska wherein somebody is collecting a whole lot of taxpayers' loot and providing nothing in return. It again points to the fact that we are our own worst enemy. Look, if local telecommunication companies are providing this service, why not do it the American way and charge for the service only when the service is rendered instead of demanding blood out of a turnip, through “running reserve” contracts. It all boils down to that age-old greed factor. With this “TeleHealth” scam here in Alaska, someone saw another opportunity to rip off the hand that feeds realizing that there exists no accountability here in the “Last Frontier” when it comes to Federal assistance, with both corporate welfare and citizens' welfare. In a single year's time, Alaska threw away almost $20-million in U.S. Taxpayer money for this “TeleHealth” scam, for 1095 measly medical calls, which amounts to about $18,000 dollars for each call. Like the Inspector General cautioned, the money spent for nothing in Alaska with this “TeleHealth” scam could provide a team of Mayo Clinic medical professionals to visit the bush each summer, to health screen the citizens and offer medical advise and prescriptions if necessary! Another case in point I prefer to use to get the point across that demonstrates the system is broke was the funding that the late Senator Ted Stevens approved for studying the penis size of the male Musk Oxen. The proposal was submitted, the money was had, but there is nobody in their right mind that would attempt such an act. And there is this unfortunate dilemma alive and well, as when “pork” money is appropriated it cannot be taken back, the system of merits does not allow such a retreat. And due the possibility that honesty may still exist, Congress made the rule that exterminates any honesty hangover which does not allow unused money to be returned to the Treasury! So the penis caper money was abused and used to build a hunting camp! Ted was adamant that he has no control over what happens to the Taxpayers' money once it leaves the U.S. Treasury. And therein exists what has happened for years amounting to abuse. Congress has been very generous giving away the hen-house, with no accountability. Had there been accountability, especially here in Alaska, we could have used the Treasury money to create something that future generations would have enjoyed, like a sustainable jobs infrastructure – instead of vacant buildings due lack of interest and never any intent for occupancy. Due easy handouts, we went addicted on “pork” and corporate welfare and today we see the effects of such “fraud” with failed project after failed project and no future for our children. And how many millionaires did this crazed greed make? Lots, believe me as the “Corrupt Bastards Club” had a following of gangster type greedsters and today the Federal deficit points to me for a bailout. Pathetic this time in history with respect to righteousness and a Congress that worked the end around play away from even the slightest ethical representation. And the real sad fact of the matter is this. The ways and means of Congress over the past 30-years has led to a generation that knows no better when it comes to ethics and wherein greed seems to be the deciding factor on just about everything. We have created a generation that thinks it is OK to rip off Uncle Sam, like that is the normal and moral thing too do. How do we break that habit? It is simple, how about trying a very easy thing, like being a true American, just once and maybe it will seed a passion for what this country once stood for. But like the “Universal Service Charge” and the fact that utility bills are complicated in efforts to screw over the America workers, I doubt if the parents of the wealthy generation have any inclination to do things with righteousness, morality or honesty, wherein the latter is just a suggestion, just like an Anchorage red-light, zoom, zoom!

Alaska's Cesspool

So North Dakota is about to surpass California as 3rd in command with respect to oil development. Alaska may also fall behind once again this race. This state at one time in history not too long ago enjoyed the kingpin position, but the good old days are behind us. Texas stole away the “kingpin” status from the “Last Frontier” and since then it appears there in no retreat. In my book, that is OK, as what is on the horizon with future development if continued unchecked may turn Alaska into a giant “Cesspool” - it stinks! Gone are the days when 2-million barrels of oil rolled down the Trans-Alaska-Pipeline towards Valdez. And the trend will continue, the downward spiral with Alaska loosing out as 2nd on the elite list, then down and down and down. Now the state regulators went stupid when oil throughput started declining drastically in early 2007 and put up an “Open for Business” sign accompanied alongside Her Governess Sarah Palin's hugshot - embracing schizophrenia - in efforts to entice novice like oil investors to come north and develop where no decent oil company had developed before. Believe it or not, this state was lucky when the oil fields were monopolized by “Big Oil” and the little guys knew best to stay away. But good things come to an end, even after 30-years of little to no competition. At least there was some environmental stewardship towards the “foot-print” we leave upon the fragile tundra and ecosystem during our ways and means to extract resources. Nowadays, there is a push on to turn this state into a “Cesspool”. Case in point is the history behind Pioneer Natural Resources, the 1st “Independent” to brave the North Slope of Alaska, in efforts to waste away the shareholders future. So if this company cares not about its investment members, why should they care about what they leave behind in Alaska? The Oooguruk oil exploration and exploitation project located in the once pristine waters of Harrison Bay on the Colville River delta, it is not panning out anywhere close to what the executive board would like to happen, that is why a management change is occurring. Good thing for this Texas based oil company that the price of oil has remained so high, as when it tanks, so will this company's stock. And the sooner they leave, the better. Maybe with this management change taking place it means packing up already. Let's hope so. Unless we want to see this state turn into a real “Cesspool”. Just recently, Pioneer sanctioned the AOGCC regulators to allow drilling for oil in the “Torok” reservoir, because the oil development from two other formations already permitted was not panning out as expected, maybe flakes instead of nuggets. By this time in the project, Pioneer was supposed to be producing about 20,000 barrels per day of low grade crude oil. See, early on the company's down-hole geology gurus said to drill into the Kuparuk and Nuiqsut formations, as the Torok formation was messy. Now in efforts to perform oil development, it takes a “disposal well” approved by the EPA to get rid of oil field waste, which includes all kinds of things, from nasty chemicals to human crap. So Pioneer choose the “Torok” formation as its disposal site, getting approval from the state and Fed.'s as this formation was at a shallower depth then the Kupauk and Nuiqsut formations along with the fact that there was available a “clay and shale” buffer zone, so the permitted disposal well's effluent was to stay out of harms way, from any communication with neighboring formations. All was good! But with Pioneer sanctioning the regulators to drill for oil in the “Torok”, it is basically getting permission to drill into A “CESSPOOL”. Pioneer created the underground “cesspool” and now they want to tap into it. And this disposal area has become a human waste “cesspool”. Look, on a small man-made island with about 120-workers, with food available 24/7, there is a whole lot of crap to contend with. And with running water at a limit, the crap must be collected in a giant tank and pumped under high pressure down-hole to this well designated as an EPA certified waste disposal well. Yes indeed, it takes a permit from the state and EPA to send crap into the underground. So when the Kuparuk and Nuiqsut formations started to peter out, Pioneer went desperate and sought approval to develop the Torok formation, which is the “crap” field. They never should have been allowed to mess with this messy formation, now that crap has been injected down-hole for the last 4-years, along with other oil field wastes. One bad “Frac” shot in the “Torok” formation, if not already contaminated from natural fractures and the fact that the “crap” is injected at very high pressures above and beyond any documented formation pressures, it means “contamination” of “OUR” natural resources. And this is what the AOGCC should be looking at, instead of being pressured into letting the “Independents” operate under what amounts to be “blind” regulation. It appears that after Sarah sat on the commission's board under Frank Murkowski, regulation went re-defined! Look, I am not a geologist, this is simple dirt mechanics at work this situation. In fact, when Pioneer applied for drilling into the “Torok”, there came no mention of the disposal well in the same general vicinity, like this was an intentional smokescreen “out-of-sight, out-of-mind” manipulatory move. Not to mention that if “communication” takes place and the recoverable crude oil becomes contaminated, it places over 690-million barrels on the “non-acceptable” list, it would amount to a great loss to this state's resource royalty income – defined as lost production! See, if crap gets into the crude oil stream coming topside from the “Torok” formation and enters the Trans-Alaska-Pipeline, the state will have to shut down production, as crap isn't allowed to enter the stream. So the state regulators are once again asleep at the wheel. But do you honestly believe that the state regulators give a rat's ass about worker safety? They live and work about 800-miles from the oil fields and pipeline, where one finds flush toilets instead of having to “crap” in bag – as is the case in some remote oil drilling camps. So from the comfort of their luxurious office, they see no problem with “crap” contamination as the recoverable oil makes money for the state. If I were a worker along the pipeline, I would seek legal advice and advise on any and all contact with the existing crude oil stream, as it is all mixed together once it enters the 1st pumping station in Prudhoe Bay. See, nobody would have to take responsibility if workers start getting E-coli “gut” sickness. Pipeline workers come in direct contact with crude oil each and everyday of their work routine. From laboratory workers called on to check the crude oil characteristics to maintenance workers who come in direct contact with the crude oil to fix things, like valves and pumps. So now that Pioneer has been granted permission to suck oil from the “Torok” which has already begun production without any increased testing for “crap” contamination, there now comes the possibility that “crap” may be coming down the 800-mile long pipeline, yes fecal matter, because we have regulators missing in action or regulators that don't understand the severity of their actions and inactions, or regulators that fell in love with Sarah's love affair with “Little Oil”, the “Independents”! Yes, these “Independents” are heading North to Alaska and are getting away with shitting on our front lawns and scenic walkways and letting it sit and set for someone else to pick up. Alaska, once the “Last Frontier”, now maybe the “Great Cesspool” state, Sarah Palin's Alaskan legacy!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunday Poem

Standing in the Shadows

Such a daunting task!
To stand alone,
in this court yard,
in the shadow of Tennyson.

So righteously intimidated.
Just like that flower,
Once of “the crannied wall”.

As such greatness herein this shadow,
Seems to pluck away temporarily,
the root of my existence.

Pray tell,
Why this aristocrat of the poem,
Wondered about God,
Wondered about Man.
Casting upon himself,
A shadow of doubt.
Pray tell,
This why has not a daunting answer!

As all the time,
The Lord understood,
About that flower,
About the root,
And all and all!

As if his doubts upon God and Man,
were merely a test for all.
Generations then,
Generations now,
Generations future.

Ah, such a simple poem.
Yet, such a demanding poem.
As to know God,
Is to know man.
As to know man,
Is to know God.

And all and all!

Copyright 2006 MSK/ERP

Friday, October 14, 2011

Amazing Discovery

Modern day science wastes a whole lot of time on nothing, like when taxpayers' research dollars are spent on theories of “non-existent” matter and energy. See, if something is non-existent to begin with, like matter and or energy, how can you ever find it? Where do you begin? In fact why would anyone ever think about such a ludicrous undertaking, unless on a Timothy Leary high! But it fools the discipline - that of pure Newtonian scientific research - which in turn fools the funding disciples into thinking this “nothing” has merit which dictates writing fat checks – for nothing! Just so some non-gainfully employed renegade can have a job for a lifetime – a position with pay upon the auspices of a non-existent criteria. What deliverables? Image having a job for life finding nothing? Now I am not picking on those that think they can find something in “nothing”, but give me a break. Even if “nothing” was found, what good would it be? Maybe like the present day taxation upon the wealthy class, “nothing”! As I was cruising across the open prairies and tundra of the Yukon a few days back, I was listening to some preacher – a scientist – talk about nothing. He sounded just like a member of the United States Congress, but was adamant that if “science” found this “non-existent” energy, this “non-existent” matter, it could prove something. Prove what was still a puzzle and the radio signal faded away to static nothing before he answered what this “nothing” could do for mankind. Look, today before us there are many things worthwhile studying that would not be considered wasteful spending. A cure for breast cancer? It is pathetic that after spending billions on space programs that have provided “nothing” except some device that purifies an astronaut's urine for reuse which is more of the same “nothing” that we still see those “Pink” ribbons as a reminder of a devastating disease targeting the female race, especially here in America. Had that money been spent to eradicate this menace to society, the ribbons would be but a testament to the past. And what about a cure for the pandemic growth of the homeless population from sea to shining sea, which is increasing at the same rate the wealthy are getting filthy rich? Get this, for every $1-million dollar bonus applied to an American corporation CEO's pay, 15 workers loose their jobs and 2 American families go homeless! Families are going homeless across America! If that CEO was taxed appropriately, that extra income through the U.S. Treasury could afford at least 7 down and out families a house, food and clothing for a year! And I would have no qualms if science spent money to study a cure for George Bush's war mentality, so it would never happen again. But there appears to be one area of research that has found benefit through taxpayers' appropriated funding. It is called “Nano-Technology”. It deals with things that are close to non-existent, like things that are by dimensional measurement smaller than 1-millionth of an inch! Real small. But to be able to measure something this small, it may shed some light into this country's present day congressional mess. It could shed some light into the combined IQ of Mitch McConnell, Eric Cantor and John Bonehead – whatever his name is. I bet Bonehead is never to visit California again, because of the ban on tanning booths as a hangout for girls under 18 years of age. And with Eric Cantor's “mob” mentality crucifixion over the “Occupy Wall Street” 1st Amendment right gatherings, it appears that maybe science need look no further for this “non-existent” phenomenon, as it is front and center each and everyday with this country's Congress. McConnell should be in jail for threatening Obama's wellbeing! It is pathetic to what is going down on the Hill, nothing! It is “non-existent” legislation, and like unrealistic scientific research, this costs the taxpayers a whole lot for this “nothing” gained everything lost legislation. We would be much better off as a nation if they canceled Congress and the lunatics just went home. If we were to abolish Congress...Now wait just a minute, abolish Congress? In the beginning, Congress was formed due lack of continuity to commitment. There was no ways and means to have assembled in due diligence with intelligence a representative body of statesmen elected by the citizens to deal with concerns, because of the distant constraints from colony to capital pub and before modern day mass transportation networks. So Congress was designed and convened to bring representation together for a brief period of time each year, to discuss what was best for the country. And today we see that the very basic philosophy behind representation has eroded to “nothing”. So it may be time to re-think this “nothing” for “something”, called representation. The “something” in this case is the fact that we pay these pirates to perform a lobotomy on righteousness, wherein the scoreboard reads; “Lobbyist 10, Citizens Zero”. Nowadays, with modern technology, there is no need for back and forth representation. I can vote on every issue from the comfort of my living room. I can vote on the run, with modern day telecommunications. I don't need representation. We don't need representation, especially when honesty has been filed under a “non-existent” clause. One day, we will see an entirely different ways and means of representation, “By the People and For the People” and not “By the Lobbyist for the Wealthy”. There will come a time when “Lobbying Power” will be remembered as part of a sad reminder of a sad past upon America. But there may be even more merit to this “nothing”, as a measure of Americanism or using this “Nano-Technology” as a measure of patriotism. The Pentagon has gone on the defense, that it cannot account for zillions spent on the war machine. It can account for what was spent and where, but can not differentiate with any accuracy if the money was spent upon its intended use – which amounts to abuse. When U.S. Secretary of Defense Leon Paneta testified before Congress on this dilemma, it is the first time I ever saw this man missing a smile, so it is serious. He knows why! And herein exists the most tragic of all tragedies facing America this day and age. That money is being wasted, through pilferage, robed by pirates, for “nothing”, accept to line the pockets of individuals that disgrace the Red, White & Blue. Defense contractors have found the golden goose and that ultimate hen-house that is unguarded! What I mean by this “nothing” is a no give a crap attitude by so-called Americans upon this country's security, vitality and well-being. The cheating that goes on today, it is borderline treason. If the citizens today realized that we are all contributing to this “nothingness”, and grasped what the late John F. Kennedy preached, “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country”, he didn't mean cheating! And when we take this message to heart, and do a positive deed for this country, which may mean sacrifice, then maybe we would get the point across and change our evil ways and means that is causing this country to fail upon some curse and if it continues down this path of self-destruction, through a total disregard for what we once stood for, then scientist need look no further for the “non-existent” nothing - as it is here amongst all of us. Why is it that so many feel it is OK to screw ourselves? Look, we are the “government”. I am sick and tired of this Tea-Party mentality that thinks the “government” is somebody else! It is like that “non-existent” something. But when righteousness gets in the way, when inaction causes a disconnect, we end up with “nothing” and there may come a point in time wherein the “non-existent” theory makes a landing, here in America, once upon a time called “My Country T's of Thee”. Bottom-line, the wealthy are the most unpatriotic amongst us. They put on a good show, but when you read between their lines, their true patriotism is unto themselves and rests upon a selfish agenda, as too think in terms of equity and equality for all, to think in terms of modern mans' needs of survival as brothers and sisters, it breeds upon a racism they cannot stomach, and that racism to them is called socialism – wherein they consider themselves the targeted. And in this day and age, socialism is something well deserved over this “nothing” agenda that is causing a once great nation to fall lower and lower in the standings as a Good Samaritan. When we cannot take care of our own, when we feel “war” is more important then the dreaded diseases harassing a healthy society or when malnutrition or homelessness is but an inconvenience to the wealthy class, those in control of the wealth are in hiding, but eventually they will have to come to their senses. So today, when you start your day off, ask yourself what you can do for your country. If it is cheating, then please repent, as that was not part of the contract for Americanism along with patriotism. And we need to give peace a chance, as we need also to start socializing many aspects of the American lifestyle, or else we will be left behind and may find out one day soon that our only shelter is a “non-existence” future! And back to that Newtonian principle of existence, which is spelled out through computation in Isaac Newton's Principia, published back in 1687. It is already deduced upon through mathematical solutions from Newton that survival of any “healthy” modern day man dictates a “socialistic” society! We cannot fight this outcome as the math works towards a socialistic society or else and the sooner we get on board that ship, the smoother the sailing will be. If we take the “or else” route, then we will see more of the same nothing, which means more homelessness, more sickness, more “war” bloodshed, more evil all around. Now who in hell would want more of this?

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sunday Thought

They say you can’t take it with you, when you are invited through the Creator’s gate, but if I could, I would, my dreams and my corkscrew, nothing else matters!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Congressional Challenge

I have a challenge, for Congress. Live off the hog – a.k.a. American Taxpayers' loot – for the remainder of the 2011 year, 112th session. Enjoy your caviar and Don Perignon. Enjoy your vacations abroad, even if disguised as a fact finding mission. What I mean by this is those from the representative body that visit the troops in uniform for a few hours then spend several days recuperating on some exotic beach front drinking gin with the lobbying crowd. Imagine if the troops had the same recuperation? In fact, with this challenge you are afforded taking off the few days left as “workdays” earmarked so on the 2011 Congressional calendar - leave with pay! You are not accomplishing anything worthwhile to begin with on the Hill, so just go home. In fact the taxpayers could save a whole lot on heating bills if the House is vacated now for the Christmas holiday. Any takers yet? Now come the 112th 2nd half swearing in ceremony in January, for this session live by the rules of the road. First on that agenda, work for minimum wage. Considering that Congress works about 1000-hours per year, with way too much time off disguised as “constituent relations”, that would mean your take home pay would decrease from $175K to about $15K, but overtime may be allowed as long as you are careful with the extras! Just think, with that wage you will pay no Federal Income Tax! And secondly, retire your medical & dental plan, and go it on your own. And in that case, with your income based on minimum wage that you set for the rest of us, it means no way in hell you can afford health care. So you may have to tread lightly with respect to coverage and when in need, just go to an Emergency Room for assistance. Don't mind all the blood shed along with such long waits, it is common place when those of us without protection cannot make appointments. And please do not become irate at those that speak not English, they too are Americans! And when your time comes and the bill cannot be paid, just tell them you are a United State's Congressional member, and they may take pity. But you won't get away with non-payment forever. So you may get very familiar with those nuisance phone calls, every day between 6am and 10pm. No not political campaign and polling surveys to see how bad you are doing for America, but irate calls from the bill collector now in charge of your delinquent medical bills. Tooth decay, get used to it. And that taste in your mouth? It may be from lead poisoning due the fact that you had to move away from your upscale mansion and rent a dilapidated pad, but most likely it is from too much Hamburger Helper in your diet! A healthy diet will become but a dream. Leftovers, even when mold attacks, it will suffice. And get used to having Good Samaritans help start your car, as you cannot afford a new battery. If during this trial period, if any of your children come of age for recruiting to college, tell them to sign up at the local enlistment office, as college is not possible unless they can afford it on their own. And when the holidays come around, instead of planning out a family vacation, plan out how much overtime you can handle – sign up early as the competition is strong amongst the worker ranks. Wow, how long can you endure such a calamity of life. But it is not a calamity for a majority of Americans. And for your good behavior, if you make it through a single year as a “minimum wage earner”, you will be awarded with a year's subscription to Mad Magazine, which can be used as welcome relief to ease the pain away from reality. Get the point! American life is not a circus affair. Yet Congress gets buy high on the hog, and somebody down low must pay for that “High”. We are not your servants and in retrospect, I believe it is the other way around. What happened? And minimum wage is one of those thorns still, in America's side, like the practice of Voodoo is what they preach. So there will come no takers this challenge, as the members of Congress get it way over the “Don't Get It” sentiment, and have more deserving things to accomplish, like spending all the time disenfranchising America some more and more then some more again!

Jericho Showdown

There appears to be a showdown, on Wall Street. I have dubbed it “Tear Down this Wall Twenty-Eleven”. Akin to Ronald Reagan's "Tear Down this Wall" challenge, made to Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev – with respect to the Berlin Wall. That wall was over there somewhere, this wall is over here, on home turf. Over 700 protesters were arrested this past weekend for marching “peacefully” along the Brooklyn Bridge, the target of interest the “Street”. Wow, what an icon to base this march from, the “Bridge”! Its historical value lends credibility to this march. This demonstration, better defined as a “protest”, it has been going on now for well over three weeks time – more like several years, basically in silence since the markets unexpectedly tanked right after Obama recited the oath of office as Commander-in-Chief following the resentment by the falling-out Commander-in-Thief – George “Geronimo” Bush! I know it is improper to use the Great Apache Chief's namesake, especially in unison with Bush, but this dysentery dynasty of Prescott, George H.W., George H. and Jeb, they know the truth behind whether or not the Skull & Bones has possession of Geronimo's skull. That put aside, its time – this march – it has come to fruition, as the sentiment of anger over misfit behavior practiced and condoned by the Wall Street executives has boiled over, which climaxes with “citizens” embarking on the next right of passage, that of “peaceful” demonstrations. The 1st Amendment Right comes alive and it seems well with the latest news from the “Bridge”. I guess when we can no longer trust Congress to police the mess, then the people get to send the message. So why have the police been so brutal towards the “Right to Assemble” citizens? From where do they get their marching orders? It is suspect, due the fact the “Force” should be more sympathetic this cause, as a majority of the proletariat class has lost something with the slowdown commencing the showdown, so we reserve and deserve the right to “protest” for such loses when at the same time many others have been enriched. Simply put, money lost from my retirement account ends up in somebody's wallet. See, when the market tanks, it is not like somebody is burning the loot, it is just an exchange of hands – dirty hands in this case. And today, that exchange is controlled by gangsters with moral support from Congress. The GOP has reneged on righteousness of representation upon the very foundation they are supposed to protect, the “Citizens”. There exists a seesaw of doom to gloom with the market force these days. Now with the markets tanking towards new depths, like a Dakota drill site's drill bit bent on “FRACING” the peace and quiet the earth below - what water table - of course a sanctioned “demonstration” is justified upon the “Street”. In fact, it should be a requirement. I would be there, but writing from Alaska on this subject matter will have to suffice my support. My congratulations goes out to those that have disrupted an October Fest weekend to make a showing against distrust. So with that in mind, I will try to use the “FRACing” phenomenon as a means of comparing what is going on behind closed doors and behind closed doors. It is called blood out of a turnip at any expense, the Stock Market's new age hobby. With “FRAC” interest across the land, which has led to a Jed Clampett Beverly Hillbilly psych revival movement, is it safe, this blood sucking? As when you take enough away, which is the “FRAC” trademark, well guess what, there comes a collapse! And even though the authorities believe the aquifer is far and removed from the toxicity of “FRAC” work, a collapse will have dire consequences upon the underground utopia. It appears that the entire “Wall Street” is about to find the same fate. See, what is happening on Wall Street and with “FRAC” work, it is one and the same. “FRAC” work is a new technology wherein it has not been decided whether it is good technology or destructive technology. The comparison exists upon WS as with the “Street” , the bailout was the new litmus test. Look, the auto industry survived the collapse by not mismanaging the bailout. Why? Because it was the working class whose wellbeing that was a stake. With the bailout to the crooks on Wall street, guess what? As the working class is not part of that elitist membership, so there is no intent on letting it work. And with the latter intent, that of prefabricated total destruction, can WS survive now that it has been given an infusion of Taxpayers' loot without wanting more? How much longer can it tread water - without another life preserver? Or is it true that those bent on getting more relief to fill their pockets of greed, are they laughing all the way to some offshore bank realizing that they don't have to play fairly? Basically, it has collapsed and the image of investing has been polluted beyond survival. Who's to blame? Now that is a very simple question with a 5-cent answer. Remember when you could buy a candy bar for a nickel? Anyway, “American Greed” is the most destructive force this country contends with today. A greater threat then the combination of Al-Qaeda, the Taliban and the Mexican Drug Cartel. Our borders are threatened by the drug lords. Our troops are threatened by the Taliban, as is our war on opium stymied by imports from Afghanistan. And Al-Qaeda is everywhere. But the real killer is the economy through home-grown manipulation wherein fake scenarios now finds a ways and means to steal more of my retirement away – their gain is my pain. The tanking started as a planned manipulation but now it has tanked beyond the expectations, a collapse is inevitable. It may be what they didn't want yet they gambled for more rescue money and the stinginess bit them in the foot. Bin Laden voiced that to destroy America, it meant an attack on the economy. He had not the power or ways and means to perform such an operation, but it appears it is happening, from within by our very own. The have and the have-not is what America is all about these days. But don't the wealthy get it? They have no real power when it comes to push and shove. A simple “march” like is happening today has the influence to grow, and for a good cause. So maybe it has come that time in history wherein it is us or them. We seem to limp along without Wall Street, they can not do the same without us, as it is the proletariat class that builds America, it is the same class with class that protects America, it is the class that grows for America. So I ask, what does the wealthy do for this country, except cause harm with hurt and discontent, enough of their disease to go all around. March we must, to tear down every damn wall blocking righteousness and built by filth money and erected during the Bush dynasty. March we must, and remember the re-spoken biblical words by Martin Luther King;
Joshua fit the battle of Jericho,
And the walls come tumbling down.
Up to the walls of Jericho they marched, spear in hand.
"Go blow them ramhorns," Joshua cried,
"‘Cause the battle am in my hand."