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Wednesday, October 15, 2008


It seems rather peculiar, that with all the doom and gloom with the economy the supply and demand aspect is still working rather well. Let’s face the facts. I still have a job and the paycheck continues to get deposited so the purchase of toilet paper for another type of deposit continues unabated. Which means I can still afford survival staples, like potato chips and beer. And is it possible for the market barometer to dive so drastically, so quickly, so close to an election? And what about that recovery, a one day thousand pointer! It is suspicious. The sup-prime scam was indeed instrumental in priming the pumps - greasing the wheels - but incipient cavitation proved differently. This type of cavitation turns liquid assets into a vapor, the disappearing act. So there is something real rotten in America. But the fear factor, disguised as a neo-conservative doom and gloom crash, failed. And like the neo-conservative failed attempt to promote through war the Project for the New American Century, the culprits behind this manipulated pain and suffering - like William Krystol - will abandon the frontline ditches and head for cover. This type character is the true meaning of a bonafide turncoat. The market down-roar up-roar had to be instigated as a get even election ploy, to jump-start McCain ahead of Obama. But it failed, and now the neos are calling for McCain to dump his campaign. Which is way too late so in effect the neo-conservatives are throwing in the towel. But behind the scenes, they are already trying to sabotage the Obama term. Anyway, the market tumble has not hurt my life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. But there is a population that is angered over this bottom drop out. The retired are feeling the pain and suffering of the lost cause and about to become victimized. See, most were once hard working Americans. Most - until recently - for the fruit of thy labors maintained a comfortable lifestyle, through a generous retirement plan. But with cereal doubling in cost over the last few years, their nest egg is on the verge of incipient rupture. Many in the retired ranks are finding it harder and harder to make ends meet each and every month, especially with energy costs – just to heat a house. So what has become yet another American dream gone astray is soon to be victimized by this thing called a Reverse Mortgage – a scamming scam. When you hear our so-called representatives talk about regulation, it needs to start right here and now to protect our elderly. See, there exists a pot of gold to be stolen away and the major banks are involved in it already. This was planned for in advance. So millions of retired Americans will find themselves strapped for cash and this inviting offer will cause yet another meltdown – all out of necessity so they can enjoy what they worked so hard for. Most Reverse Mortgages provide a monthly cash bailout wherein you are basically selling the house back to the bank, at a real good discount. And the elderly are giving trust to the same crooks behind the sub-prime! It is rape upon a village then move on to the next village of opportunity. Indeed it gives a retired couple a handsome sum of monthly income, so they can once again live a modest retirement. But it is such an easy gimmick of deceit. Here’s the catch 22. If the reverse expires before the participants, it means joining the homeless. It is that simple. They will be out of cash and without a home. As soon as the reverse expires, there will come a cease and desist upon their property and they will loose everything except the clothes on their backs. So many will find themselves heading to the local shelters for a bed. And without an official address, it means no more Medicare. It may mean no more Social Security payments. This reverse is a rip off. It needs regulation but McCain is a deregulation maniac. Obama? It would come to a stop. Now I have a better idea yet. How about a reverse on the amount of time guys like McCain can hijack government. For too many years by now this country has maintained a wrecked train attitude, because of Congress. Stalemating hurts the entire system of checks and balances. Had term limits been in effect through the years, then the comfort factor would have allowed just that, comfort and freedom for all - except maybe predatory lenders! It kind of reminds me of Reverse Osmosis. Anyway, there is only one option for Reverse Mortgages, and that is why toilet paper has more then one use!

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Monday, October 13, 2008

Construction Zone Detour

Ted Stevens’ Mistrial & Mrs. Trial:

Your TAX Dollars at work!

Sunday, October 12, 2008


It was my lucky day! I was hanging out at a local caffeine fixer upper when the MegaWitch entered. Now most of the clientele didn’t realize it was the MegaWitch, as a sign at the entrance insisted on checking brooms at the door. For those of you not in the know, MegaWitch is Meg Stapleton, the spokesperson for Sarah Pain. I dropped the “l” in Palin because Sarah is causing the McCain factory a whole lot of pain, especially in the most recent polls. Now the MegaWitch has a pretty tough and demanding job. She has to cover-up for the lies that Sarah is spreading across the nation form the mountains to the prairies to the oceans. And it must be difficult to explain why Sarah is so much in denial, not just with Troopergate and the fact that she “violated the public trust”, but life in general. Why else would she have accepted to hang around with an old fogy that is out to pasture. Sarah, would you change John’s diapers? But I understand the denial comes following her bout with the devil. Anyway, the MegaWitch came into the coffee plantation with this big smirk, like here I am. See, she is playing with the big time show nowadays. From Wasilla to D.C. is like a failed lobotomy. Now it seems nobody recognized her, so she was getting this insecure look upon her puss. Then you could see a facial like depression setting in - maybe the Botox was wearing off - as nobody engaged her in a Les Gara like conversation. She seemed to be out of sorts, that she wasn’t getting any respect, not getting any early morning attention. I did notice one table of patrons notice the celebrity, but they must have mistaken her for a comic relief, as laughter overflowed the caldron. When Meg and Sarah hangout together, it is like a female rendition of Steve Martin and Dan Akroid, acting as “Wild and Crazy Guys”. Maybe SNL can cast a new skit, Barracuda and the MegaWitch in “Wasilla Pucks” wherein they hang out together at famous D.C. piano bars, on the political make. Of course this is following Sarah’s failed attempt to take over the throne! Anyway, with rejection on this Sunday upon Meg, I am asking all moms and dads to dress their young daughters up as a MegaWitch come Halloween, instead of a Sarah Pain wannabe. Just to give Meg what she deserves, recognition. But please, pass on the moose in heat vocalization!

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Sister "Witch" Act

So Cindy McCain goes on the campaign circuit and finally her voice is heard. Maybe she was kept silent for a reason. Now though, she makes mention that Obama should step into her shoes! Cindy, you are a rich bitch with millions of dollars. No, Obama does not want to experience what it is like to live your lifestyle, as he has more sense then that and is sensitive to the hard working people’s needs. That was such a stupid suggestion. And the way Sarah Palin has incited riot like anger from those opposed to having a “black” man at the helm, it is like some virus instrumental in provoking bitch witches and demons to come out of hiding. And then there is Sarah’s Alaskan spokesperson, MegaWitch. What gives? Witch bitches are everywhere. Is this just a pre-Halloween showing? It is sickening. It is sad. Remember, the rest of the world doesn’t mind its own business anymore and is in tune to what is happening here from the mountains to the prairies to the oceans. It is a sad day when pundits go concerned that this campaign is about to open up an old wound, that of racism. We hear history talk of hate bombings, hate lynching, hate speech and other hateful behaviors to which we cannot afford a repeat. The KKK has come alive again, with membership soaring. Maybe it is a terrorist movement right here on our own soil, by those that think they have the right to abridge other’s rights. If this country leans towards such a repeat, then a revolution is at hand. But remember this, the once majority is now the minority. We all stand to loose with this type of mentality and any movement designed to thwart another’s freedoms. But it is serious business. In fact, the Secret Service has mounted an investigation into John McCain’s campaign informing him that he could be held responsible for any shortcomings with respect to racist outbreaks. Imagine that. This supposedly American may have been so wrapped up in his attempts to get something he doesn’t deserve that he has lost touch of what is going on behind the scenes. I doubt that Obama will make it still standing come November 4th! The threat is so scary as there exists a fruit case base out there that has been provoked to march by the Sarah Palins and Cindy McCains. It is a movement that is nothing short a bowel movement that may have dire consequences for this country. John McCain should end his campaign right now. He should throw in the towel. Sarah and Cindy should be placed under house arrest until after Obama is sworn in. But this sister “witch” act seems not to understand what harm their selfishness is doing from the mountains to the prairies to the oceans, once white with gleam. It is a sad day in history, repeating itself. Obama is what the people need and deserve, to finally get this nation into the next century and on track for future generations. McCain could have had the same agenda, but he deserves to be president as mush as George Bush deserved the honors but so dishonored that position. I pray for Obama’s well-being each and everyday. I am not really a supporter, as the independent party is my choice by choice. This time around though, it means he gets my vote. At least, Obama sees through the wealth circle. And I am sure he will make sure that the lobbyist’s handcuffs are forever abandoned. So maybe, just maybe it is what the hard working middle class needs in efforts to continue that life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. But should the virus of racism cut his dreams short, cut the dreams of Martin Luther King short, then it is evident from Sarah’s actions, evident from Cindy’s actions, evident from Meg’s actions that passage of Article XIX of the Constitution may have been a grave mistake. Lets face the facts. The neo-conservative base was powerful enough to start the Iraq war! Nothing is out of bounds for this freak show following, even an attempt upon Obama. I am not the only individual talking like this. More and more each and everyday as this election cycle comes to the vote, it seems more and more are getting this nauseating feeling that behind the scenes there has been mobilized a base that will stop at nothing in efforts to get a strangle-hold on the White House. So we must brace for the worst, as it is evident that hate speech campaigning has infiltrated righteousness. But that is what you get from amateurs who had an upbringing more focused on celebrity ship then learning what the Constitution stands for, freedom for all. Sarah, this is not a pageant, go back to Alaska. Wait, go to Russia as Alaskan’s are sick and tired of prejudice like campaigning and your hate speech is sickening. Cindy, go back to your bad habits. MegaWitch, find a new broom and fly far away!

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Saturday, October 11, 2008

PJW Raw Poll - October 11, 2008

PJW Raw Poll – October 11, 2008

Moms who believe Sarah Palin resembles that “Mean Girl” from High School: 5,256,987

High School girls who have been abused by Sarah look-alikes and Sarah wannabes: 1,656,285

Union workers who know Todd Palin isn’t really a Union supporter:

Voters who believe Sarah Palin would drive around without placing Trig in a car seat: 9,234,546

Men who have had nightmares while performing sex when their wife starts to act like Sarah: Tilt!

Voters who believe Meg Stapleton is related to Hitler.

PJW operates a “Timed Poll” wherein participants can answer important questions during a timed interval. It is a completely bi-partisan poll, wherein “partisan” is defined as guerrilla fighters. PJW, a.k.a. Phineus J. Whoopee, uses the 3DBB to arrive at statistical convergence results that provide an accurate rendition of the true results had all registered voters been asked the same questions. The accuracy of this poll is >100% and the margin of error doesn’t exist as the 3DBB filters out any and all error.

Contributory Negligence

It was the Saturday morning following the “Bipartisan” publication of the Sarah “Mean Girl” Palin Troopergate report. Webster’s Partisan: A group of guerilla fighters! By now, the doctrine of good spin and the demon of evil spin were in an out-of-control frenzy, wherein both the GOP and DNC were claiming victory. Lets face the facts. The DNC died many years ago. If that were not true then why has the Democrat championed Congress held the same dismal approval rating as George Bush? And the GOP may as well kiss their legacy goodbye, as it is going down the same road of doom as the Rabid Skunk Party, a.k.a. Linda Pelossi Democrats. And guess what America, thank Sarah Palin for the final chapter of the Republicans. Anyway, I headed to the local coffee shop, just too see if this bipartisan thing was for real. As I parked my vehicle in close quarters parking, a couple leaving seemed to be bothered by my actions, as they were parked in the spot next to the one I was maneuvering to occupy. I own a small car! As I walked away from my parked car, I apologized for any inconvenience. Didn’t hear any thanks at all and the look on the lady’s face was that same facial expression you see on Meg Stapleton’s face, that time of month bothersome thing which seems to be all the time now that Meg is romancing the big time. Pardon me, was my under the breath sentiment. Anyway, I grabbed a cup of coffee and as I was starting to enjoy the caffeine, I watched a fender-bender take place. Now it was a blistering day and the Turnagain Chinooks were causing people to behave like the Hunch Back of Notre Dame. Maybe more like the wicked witch of the north doing fly-bys again. Anyone seen Sarah? This one particular shop has viewing windows, so one can see what is happening outside beyond four walls incarceration. Anyway, the couple that seemed to be angry at me for reasons still unknown decided to wreck havoc with the bumper of a vehicle parked behind them. I surmise what promoted the wreck like driving. When they backed up far enough, they saw the bumper sticker on my wife’s car, Obama! This probably infuriated the couple, as to be that unhappy it must have meant a GOP reality check, realizing that Obama was about to take over the helm on a landslide victory weeks before the election. See, the Sarah Palin “October Surprise” has hit like a gigantic Titanic iceberg. Now I witnessed as the man got out of the vehicle to access what damage had been done to the other vehicle. Now there was another gentlemen sitting next to me that witnessed the same event and by now had downed his coat and was in pursuit. The perpetrator was about to attempt a hit-and-run, out-of-sight out-of-mind mentality when he was accosted by the man whose vehicle sustained a pretty good-sized fender gash. Anyway, from the inside looking out, words were exchanged. Then I saw both men look towards my vehicle, pointing to the bumper, the Obama thing. Soon the men were shaking hands. Then one of the guys went about flipping open a cell phone and it looked as though making a call. I sat there wondering just what the hell was going on. Now from a distance, I could see what looked like a Ted Steven’s bumper sticker on the fender of the damaged vehicle. Soon an APD car pulls up. The police officer engages in conversation and starts taking down notes, most likely both sides of the story – an accident report. Soon the two men, the lady and the police officer enter the coffee shop. The officer asks out loud in a polite manner the owner of the car with the “Obama” sticker. I raise my hand. Then the two men start blaming me for the accident, words to the effect that the bumper sticker was a distraction and that caused the incident, so I was guilty due something called contributory negligence. I quickly offered some advice that it was the Ted Steven’s bumper sticker that started the whole thing and disrupted my driving habits. Soon, we were all involved in an amusing argument session wherein the cop was trying to keep the peace. Anyway, I was questioned and have become part of this accident. They asked me for my insurance. I refused until the police officer started getting antsy like with his hands. So now I am part of an accident, wherein my so-called “contributory negligence” could come into play and be held responsible, with respect to contributing to the act of negligence. I just laughed the entire thing off, as I would love to go to court on this one, and defend myself also. Can you imagine using the courts in efforts to prove that a bumper sticker was the cause of an accident, a bumper sticker mind you! Anyway as I continued to drink coffee, I witnessed yet another fender bender as it was a little on the wet and possibly slick side of things. Now I know people were upset and angry over the Troppergate affair, but things seemed to be getting out of control here in Alaska. We cannot stand all this claim to fame, lying and SNL highlighting. I hope SNL does a clip on the Toad Palin. Anyway, the two ladies involved in the fender bender entered the establishment, ordered coffee, and within no time had decided to not call the police, emphasizing that a little fender scratch was no big deal at all. They enjoyed their coffee then went about their business. Actually making a new friendship it seemed. As I departed, I noticed that the two ladies vehicles had similar bumper stickers, just like mine, Obama! Wow, maybe this is what it is all about. Friendships! Contributory Negligence? Must be a GOP trait, just ask Toad Palin.

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Thursday, October 9, 2008

GOT Prejudice?

I’m beginning to believe that Alaska may be the most prejudice and racist of all the states under the red, white and blue. Why wouldn’t it be so in yet another category, as it is well known that the 49’er is the biggest “corporate” welfare state - made so by lobbyist friends of Ted and Dom. But this racist thing, once hidden away so silently seems to be showing up like a black head. Lets face the facts, Sarah “No baby Seat for Trig” Palin is not doing this state or America or mankind any humane good while she is out and about on the attack for John McCain. And one must remember John’s famous turncoat speech, while in captivity during the Vietnam conflict, that he was a “Black Prisoner”. Derogatory wording in which he refuses to give apology upon yesterday or even today. On its face this speaks of a prejudice and racist mindset for McCain. Hey, maybe he was under duress when he made the comments, but to not offer up an apology speaks differently. But racism and prejudice go with the Alaska territory, especially from wherein Sarah’s roots were developed along with her political aspirations. In fact, if a remake of “Deliverance” was in the works, guess where the filming would be taking place? Her campaign speech is filled with hateful emotions. To infer that another American running for president is a terrorist goes beyond any decency. Maybe she is under the influence of pollstergeist? Now with respect to racism alive and well here in Alaska, the other day I stood in line at one of the local tire dealerships, as it came that time of year for the tire changeover. I was one of those still fortunate enough to have the extra cashola to buy studded tires for wintertime city driving. It is more of a luxury then a necessity. If not so, it would be an insurance mandate. Anyway a guy and gal started to converse, and soon the debate between them covered the subject of the presidential election. Which is good, as we should all be aware of the upcoming challenge to “Change”. But soon things went ugly, as the man held an audience, an innocent victim through intimidation. I don’t usually eavesdrop as I respect this state’s Constitution, wherein its citizens enjoy the right to privacy. But these two genuine bigots were talking out loud as if those in the surrounding waiting line were supposed to intercept the verbal diarrhea. Anyway, they both insisted that it was McCain and Palin that had to lead this country towards “change”. But both were a little on the weary side as the poll numbers were starting to paint a different picture. It was becoming Obama country. Then Mr. Bigot went on to say something to the effect that “blacks are a race of a different drive” going on to insist that “caution was necessary”. And he wasn’t providing this opinion secretly under his breath. It was indeed “bad” breath. There were not any “blacks” in line. Remember, this is Alaska! Now finding that he was in good company with Mrs. Bigot, he continued on as if in efforts to probe others, a sympathizing motive. I wanted to say something but have learned to realize these kinds of people need one thing, a muzzle! And then I remembered that this guy made mention that he was from the “Valley”, Sarah territory! Maybe Ben was right! See, when such idiots come into town, their intelligence level sticks out like a sore thumb. A George Bush intellect. And I was intent on listening and continued to be aloof towards any affiliation as part of their audience. The silent aloof trait suits me well, as I find it sometimes pisses people off. They know we are listening, can’t help that. But when you bother not to respond, it is the silent treatment that gets them upset. No Mr. Bigot, I won’t be part of your racist click-clat-chat. And read my mind, I don’t agree with you. Anyway, Mr. Bigot went on to voice his concerns, that “you can’t even say the n word(pause) the nigger word anymore”. Wow, this is truly valley trailer trash talk. It gets better! Evidently both said that they did not watch the previous night’s presidential debates, as their minds were already made up. Lemmings on the march it is. Not the silent majority, but the racist majority. By this time, the store manager had decided to turn on the TV, a big-screen that could be viewed and heard by those waiting in line. It wasn’t the FOX network, and that was enough to perpetrate the next rude comment from Mr. Bigot’s orifice of pollution. It was CNN and of course it was a clip following the debate fallout, the day after syndrome. So that was enough in itself to not gain an interest by the misinformed bigots. I wondered, how many others in line advanced the same sentiment, that of racism coupled with the fact that presidential debates were not important when you had your mind made up in advance - party trained loyalty I guess. But what went unnoticed to the Valley Bigot and his victim was that it wasn’t just politics that was being dissected, but they were content on not viewing any ”liberated” newscast. Wow with this one. See, soon the broadcast show switched to an interview with Laura Bush. Mr. Bigot noticed the fine dressed lady but looked back and rambled on that it was just another one of those people that don’t know what they were talking about. He thought that the TV broadcast scene was yet another talking about the debate and how Obama was ranked the stronger of the debating candidates. And this is where it gets sad. Mr. Bigot and his racist companion didn’t even seem to realize it was Laura Bush, not some political pundit. And Laura was talking about “Breast Cancer”. Not about the election, not about her husband and the failed years of endangerment, not about her gourmet cooks in the WH, but talking about cancer! Bottom line, this was pure morning rush hour racism. I was hoping that either of the bigots would engage my opinion, but both refused. Then I noticed two things of interest as the line went whittled down and closer and closer to the cash register. There was a warranty and guarantee notice from the tire store manager. It listed things that were checked as part of every tire changeover. It insisted that the “bolt torque” was tested by qualified technicians. This takes an individual that knows what he or she is doing. The guy changing tires is given the duty to make sure tires are properly tightened up to handle spinning at 70-mph! WOW. Now I wonder if Mr. Wasilla Bigot realized that in the trenches just beyond his protective environment just one wall away, were mostly minorities engaged in the tough work of ripping off old tires for new tires. You try lifting 70-pound dirty grimy tires all day long. And I wonder what he would say if he found out that it was a “black” guy responsible for making sure his tires were correctly mounted and pressurized, for his own safety as he drives back to the “Valley”. Mr. Bigot, for your own safety! Do you think the guy doing the job may hold on to some prejudices, maybe, put priorities at hand most likely dictate otherwise, as he realizes his job is temporary because as soon as everybody gets their tires changed, it may mean the un-employment line. Do you think he holds on to a prejudice of an inferior complex, but at the same time doesn’t let this it interfere with his duties and responsibilities? Hey, he is just happy to have a job. He is only trying to make a wage and a living. It was pathetic to say the least, the bigot’s attitude upon “blacks”. Besides that, scary, as I do believe that race will interfere with righteousness come the election. And what really scares me besides having these kinds of bigots out on the loose is how such conversation can incite attacks upon others. This is not free speech. Hate speech is not something that the 1st Amendment allows. So it was a sad morning at the same time a proud morning, as I knew where I stood on issues of racism and prejudice, as my views ascended out of the "Sarah" valley of doom, a long time ago.

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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Sarah "Hitler" Palin

Sarah Palin is living proof that her followers should be immediately incarcerated or offered a lobotomy. Her speeches are filled with anger and hate. As a matter of fact, she seems to have this Hitler like attribute. Her selfish desires indicate that she has only one desire, to win this contest that seems to be nothing more then "Her" pageant. In a survey of Alaskan moms, Sarah was seen as that “mean girl”, the type all moms despise, as that kind have only one agenda, attacking other girls. Not for the good of anything!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Devil In the Blue Dress?

That was Monica. But the white get-up worn by Sarah Palin on Sunday while campaigning for “I am a Black Prisoner” McCain was not a designer suit purchased by Cindy McCain – I understand she likes dressing up dolls – but a robe courtesy the Silent Brotherhood, a.k.a. KU KLUX KLAN!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Palin Speech Incites KKK

The somewhat silent underworld of the Ku Klux Klan has taken note of Alaska’s Sarah Palin’s latest attack on Obama, that he is a terrorist by association! Based on the far stretching facts that he was “pals” with a homegrown terrorist, many years ago. And this relationship came about when Obama and this so-called “pal” worked together for charity, for the homeless. And that so-called “pal” terrorist is an American citizen that was acquitted of any crimes against humanity and is now a professor of history at a leading university – right here in America. Anyhow, chatter from the background indicates that an emergency meeting in Bombingham was called to order by the Grand Wizards and mobilized the KKK member base like it was the 60’s all over again. Obama’s life may be in danger due to Sarah’s attack, as it was intended as a racist’s attack and nothing less. Even the GOP neo-conservative base experts, some that are not afraid to speak their mind, have behind the scenes indicated that it was at least a borderline “hate” speech. Isn’t there a law against this? It is also understood that the FBI and Secret Service were very unhappy at Sarah’s remarks, emphasizing that such rhetoric could cause irrefutable danger and damage. With that, Obama’s security detail has been heightened. Sad Sarah, as this type of hype could cause riots! The fact that the KKK is mobilizing is a very scary thing. Maybe Sarah should be placed under house arrest and sent to a holding cell until after the election. Then again this practice may have unleashed something that is not stoppable! This country is not in any way shape or form ready for a remake of the 60’s when racism was alive and well. Do we need a refresher course of what this clandestine group of misfits accomplished when hate mongers like George Wallace had control of government? When the police were protecting the Klan’s activities when all the time they should have been protecting the citizens under siege. It was a sad time in history. Like the 16th Street bombings. Or when lynchings were fair game. Now we know that McCain is a racist, from his POW speech, “I am a Black Prisoner”, a speech wherein he was forced to acknowledge that “blacks” are a lesser class of citizens in the U.S. A speech to this day wherein he refuses to apologize to the “blacks”. Why not? What is he afraid of? That fact is enough to make one realize that racism is alive and well even though it has been silenced over the years, due to waning popularity. Bottom liner, it is an inhumane attribute that is still alive and well. What we don’t need is somebody like Sarah out and about lighting the fuse of rebellion. Where prejudice and discrimination will find a rebirth. For now though, we see that Sarah Palin is indeed a racist. Or the fact that she is so brow-beaten that she does what the McCain army dictates like a dictatorship. Not a quality we need in the executive branch of government. You don’t see Dick bending over do you? Here is my take on this racist thing. Granted without denial, Obama brings to the table something that could open up once again those wounds of the past – that racism may be alive and well here in America. I live in a neighborhood void of blacks. There are Asians, whites, Chinese and more whites, Alaskan Natives and still more whites. It is “almost” a diversified neighborhood. But never have I noticed any black families enjoying that life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. It is a neighborhood that for the most part is very friendly. I don’t lock my doors, how’s that for security? It is also a neighborhood that is diversified with respect to political affiliations. Across the street sits a McCain & Palin sign trumped by the next-door neighbor’s yard yielding an Obama & Bidden advertisement. A few Ted Stevens’ re-election signs provide a laugh along with a mug-shot of Mark Begich. Anyway, the other day I was out preparing the bird feeders for winter. A school bus rambled by and came to a stop. As the doors opened up, I noticed a lone student work his way forward, from the back of the bus. Low and behold, a “black” kid. He seemed lost, maybe dazed and confused has he meandered up the street, like there came a hesitation upon unfamiliar territory. I nodded and bid him a good day, to which he returned the same, but in a withdrawn fashion. He was a well dressed individual, a good looking individual at that, carrying such a load - of books. I watched as he walked up the street and entered the yard of a house that was most recently up for sale, a house void of any political signs. But it was refreshing to see this kid all by himself tackle this new neighborhood, along with the fact that “my” neighborhood had finally made it to the New American Century. Diversification at last! And not the NAC orchestrated by neo-conservatives and a failed mission, but the OBAMA kind of mission, justice for all in pursuit of life, liberty and happiness. That is what Obama has in store for us. He will infiltrate stagnant neighborhoods with the good spirit akin to what John Kennedy held so dear with respect to respect. Even carrying on the humane good of the Bush Dynasty, Jimmy Carter as well as what Ronald Reagan saw good in diversification, and not to forget the righteous stand of Bill Clinton and company. All packaged together for brotherly love. Isn’t it about time? As all past presidents held remorse for equality for all and Obama puts it all together. So when fake con-artist like Sarah Palin are sent out to attack the peace and quiet we as Americans have come to enjoy, Mission Control, we have a problem. With racism in mind and part of the McCain attack agenda, I hope that the Obama & Bidden ticket pull still further ahead in the polls, and when Sarah returns back home here to Alaska, maybe we can try her for “hate” crimes. An indictment would put her political aspirations away for good, because there is no good in this type of person. Hail Mary as Sarah is about to find that there is room in the back of the bus, as she is about to beat apart women’s rights. Just for her own personal goals, whatever that may be I just don’t understand. Racism is a sin, no matter what God you adore! And if the worst of the worst should happen, that the excitement of the KKK coming back to haunt America should haunt Obama’s attempt to the presidency, we will all know the true worth of the GOP. White supremacy! Sarah looks very dangerous in white!

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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Dear John Letter

Dear John McCain;

If you decide to dump Sarah Palin because your poll numbers are tanking beyond repair, please keep her in D.C. and away from Alaska. Please keep Meg Stapleton there also. It was such a relief that you chose Sarah and stole her away from Alaska, along with Meg. It has been so nice up here now that both are far and away. Could you also find a full time job for Toad Palin? Us up here in the oil patch cannot stand him, because of that preferential treatment bull-crap. Anyway, keep up the good work of hauling these people away from Alaska, as it is so nice to be rid of their incompetence and snobish attitude towards others. You have anything that way for Ben Stevens? Seems to go with the territory, you must like incompetence, why else would you pick such losers and liars? More of the same it is, the McCain “I am a Black Prisoner” mentality! Punk you are.

Signed this 5th day of October, 2008 by:
True Alaskan American Who Cares About the Future!

Alaska Politics 101

Maybe it is time to provide a lesson, to those residing in the lower 48 states, with respect to Alaskan Style Politics - Beginners Course 101. Now that McNasty Bitch Palin is on the attack against another human with inhumane innuendoes, lies and fibs behind the cover of GOP lipstick, a lesson is long overdue. I hope her daddy reads this, as that daughter is not in any way shape or form the kind of daughter I would have raised. Or any other righteous father would have raised, void of ethics I am getting at. Lying will get you nowhere Sarah! But without ethics goes with the territory for those that want to or have had the opportunity to become an Alaskan politician, for the most part. History disgraced can prove this point. Now my daughter was born here in Alaska and is in no way shape or form any where near the likes of the Cinderella girl from Wasilla that is so desperate to become a celebrity that she will stop at nothing short of making Alaskan’s look like a bunch of fools, for voting her into the office of governess. I hope she wins, so we will never see her up north here again. I hope she looses, so this country can be safe and saved. Maybe she can move to Russia. And please, take the Toad with you. First and foremost, those not in the know about how things work in Alaska - including John McCain and the news media - all must realize that Sarah was elected, not because of brains or reform or change, but because she was the lesser of the two evils. She went up against Frank Murkowski, the nepotism ex-U.S. Senator turned Alaska governor. Frank was one of the original Alaskan Three Stooges. Along with U.S. Congressmen Don Young and U.S. Senator Ted Stevens. Frank was smart and bailed out before the Federal agents caught up with him, but he is not out of hot water or in the clear yet. In fact, I would bet that he was also a bonafide member of the “Corrupt Bastards Club”. Way up here in the North Country, there existed a club for the Alaskan politicians, called just that. They didn’t hide the affiliation and went about their business wearing hats and hankies that advertised membership. There came no out-of-bounds to their malfeasance, as they had retained control of government with the aid of Big Oil. Towards the end though - after some 30-years of abuse - the people in Alaska went tired of corrupt politicians. Besides those residing as representatives in D.C., the cast of corruption included several members of the state senate. Like Ted Stevens’ son Ben, the Senate President for a time, along with many more who were finally brought down by the FBI. Jail time awaits many and more to come, including Ted and Don. This is big time. But for years the citizens of Alaska were afraid to go too far with reform, or change, as we had become accustomed to living in a state of fear, by the politicians. The fear factor was adamant with this fact, jobs or no jobs. Which meant income or no income. Which meant… Since Alaska is a far away place, what went on here was out-of-sight and out-of-mind with mainstream America. Now though, this state is center stage, so the true story paints an entirely different picture of what has gone on here over the years since oil was discovered. It all started will oil, the political corruption and control. Don’t laugh, as it is a true story – in a nutshell. The threat from our own representatives was greater then the threat from that neighbor of ours, Russia! It worked like this and was a carefully conceived plan of deceit, to gain control and retain that control for a lifetime. It has almost worked, but like mentioned before, Sarah was just as guilty and chosen as the governess as the lesser of two evils. The citizens, for lack of a better word “hated” Frank, as a senator and as a governor. The citizens “hated” the corruption amongst the politicians. The camaraderie of corruption was as dear to heart as waving the state flag. But when held captive, you do what you must to survive yet another day. So the title of state governor went to Sarah, as the people went sick and tired of the corruption. But it was far from a reform revolution. Sarah is not a reformer or leader by any stretch of one’s imagination. I keep pounding, the lesser of the two evils! Even though sick and tired of corruption, we still feared for our livelihoods, so it meant voting in the GOP candidate. All in efforts to keep the jerks happy, so Ted and Don would cooperate. We could have voted in a Toad. It didn’t matter as long as the party affiliation was in Ted and Don’s favor. If you don’t believe me, take this into account. When Alaskan’s did vote in a democrat for governor back some years ago, that cost because the newly elected governor was forced to select Ted Stevens’ son to the state senate. All part of the stranglehold plan. Without that appointment, Ted would have cut something or another in the welfare category. It meant once again loss of jobs. See, in the beginning Alaska had nothing, except land, water and mountains. When oil was found, it was seen as a way for Alaska to retain independence, something that went along very well with Statehood. It was a ways and means wherein the state could build a viable infrastructure and become self-sustaining, with respect to jobs and at the same time uplift the well-being of the citizens. We failed at that time and time again, as there was no support for sustainability from the leadership, or the representation supposedly representing this state, at home or abroad in D.C. There is no infrastructure today that exists without Federal intervention. For instance, there is a railroad that would be bankrupt without welfare. In fact, Alaska is the biggest welfare state of the Union. Alaskan’s take in more money in regurgitated taxpayers’ money then any other state under the red, white and blue. And the residents receive a yearly welfare check, from the state. It is welfare central. In fact, we usually top the scale by three-times the amount of taxation sent this way in comparison to other states, some in need of additional assistance that is sent this way to study things like the penis size of the male Musk Oxen! Some states suffer because of this, as the apportionment called for under the Constitution is not adhered too. In fact, this state takes in 3-times what it delivers to the U.S. Treasury! This is what happens when the Ted Stevens and Don Youngs take over and leave ethics in the toilet. The welfare handout year after year has become an addiction. When addicted to something, it is very hard to get weaned away. So we continue to vote the bastards back into power, wherein we can reap the rewards of their rewards, grand theft. Alaska cannot exist without this “Dueling Banjo” mentality of voting in the corrupt politicians so our livelihoods remain viable, through Uncle Sam job bailouts. Yes indeed, they buy our votes! It is that simple. In the meantime and for the last 30-years, Alaska has allowed the wealth from “black gold” - oil - to go elsewhere. Like to the UK. Even though Alaska has oil, the state receives only a small portion in royalties. As a matter of fact, this state receives only a pittance, which today amounts to 12.5 percent. That means the oil companies walk away with the remainder, approximately 87.5 percent. So every dollar that is made on oil,,,get the point? In fact, back when oil was tanking at 9-dollars a barrel, the lifting cost for Prudhoe Bay oil was about 5-dollars, which was cheaper then what it cost for the Saudis to get oil out of the ground. Many congressional members over the years have called the Alaska oil scene a “Cash Cow”. It is, but the profiteers are in hiding. The state of Alaska could have become a state wherein “ZERO” Federal dollars would have been required for sustainability, if the state had taken the oil barons to task, with respect to reasonableness. See, according to the Alaska Constitution, the people own the resources. So even though the largest oil fields can be found here in Alaska, this state relies on Federal government handouts for survival. It was planned that way. In the beginning and still the current predicament, the state cannot survive without Uncle Sam intervention. So we rely on voting in the same corrupt bastards, time after time after time. Not because of what they believe in is good for the country, but what is good only for Alaska. It is pure selfishness, on the representatives’ part to keep coming back for more and selfishness on the residents’ part, for continuing to take that “more”. It is theft and a crime and we are all accomplices. When all the time, hoards of cash from oil exploitation are stolen away from the Alaska residents. I am sure a handsome sum of that cash enters into the “War Chests” protected by Ted and Don. Lobbyist in bed with this state’s representation makes it very difficult for the state to take on “Big Oil”. It is total control. And it is the threat of loosing that corrupt leadership that makes Alaska vote the way we do. This state is more on the independent minded roster. This is Alaska! But we are caught in a catch-22 scenario. If we vote the bastards out, we loose the pork brigade that keeps this state afloat. Without the pork intervenes, it means recession time. It means jobs will go away. And so with that, we remain silent on the issues of fair and equitable treatment from “Big Oil” and therefore must rely on pork, bacon, slabs, pig ears and many other handouts in disguise of something else for everyday survival. And not to forget the “Bitch” in heat. Hey any American, or a so-called American, that calls a brother a terrorist and all the time it is a lie must be faking orgasms. Why are “Bridges to Nowhere” so cherished here in Alaska? We don’t give a rat’s ass if there is ever a road to connect the bridge, who cares. It is the jobs that make us want this crap. And it is all based on the fear factor. No righteous representative would steal money away from the U.S. Treasury for such foolhardy crap not needed. The fear factor is the only reason people like Sarah have not been voted out of office. Most true Alaskan would like to be free from this addiction. But it is a problem that isn’t going away, not today and not for a long time. But over the years there has come a growing trend to vacate this madness. Unfortunately the politicians seem to know what is coming down the pike. In fact, when Frank Murkowski left his U.S. Senate seat to run for governor, he gave that vacancy to his daughter, as he was well aware that we were sick and tired of the corruption follies. There was no way in hell we were about to let a daughter of Frank get involved in our everyday business. Good try! So Frank just gave her his vacant senate seat. But once she made it in, she became an incumbent shoe in, based on the fear factor. She teamed up with Ted and Don to make sure we all understood what it meant to vote them out of office. Hey, Ted and Don are under indictment. MoanaLisa Murkowski should have been impeached when she found herself involved in a land swindling corruption scandal. But like already mentioned, it is the fear factor that keeps Alaska from voting their true heritage, as independents. Sarah was the lesser of the two evils and now has become a threat to the entire nation. Believe me when I tell you this, don’t vote for fear mongers like Palin. They will lead you to believe that “Bridges to Nowhere” are OK, even if there never comes a road to connect it anywhere. Hey, it is only the taxpayers’ hard earned money they are playing with! But remember this, if you don’t bend their way, look out. We see that with Sarah’s attacks on Obama, that he was a terrorist. Sarah, you’re a bitch! Once again, when this state voted Sarah in as the lesser of two evils, it was a departure, but not totally away from with us or against us, but a very mild mannered change. Not the change that one would expect, especially with all the blatant corruption now out in the open. So, this is how it works in Alaska. The state with more resources then the rest of the contingent 48 states combined. But also the biggest and costliest welfare state under the red, white and blue. Wherein sustainability and independence by and through our own merits is still the biggest pipedream of all! And remember this Mr. & Mrs. American Taxpayer, you did pay for somebody to measure the penis size of the male Musk Oxen, but nobody in their right mind could get close enough. It was all part of the jobs creation follies that keeps this state running on empty. Voting for McCain with Sarah Palin as a running mate is truly more of the same insane, with Alaskan style political corruption now part of the American equation. Your choice, but a pretty ugly choice. We have learned from our mistakes, but it takes time to reform. Again, it is that ultimate pipedream dream, free of corruption at last!

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From Park Strip Central, October 4, 2008

Saturday, October 4, 2008

MoanaLisa Madness

Sick politics it is. Goes to show that Murkowski type father and daughter nepotism is one of the reasons this country is heading towards a revolution. Now many of us in the know and concerned about that life, liberty and pursuit of happiness thing, we all realize that Ted Steven’s is a crock! If not so, then he wouldn’t be spending time in the court of law trying to defend himself against VECO “I like little girls” Bill. Bottom-line, he is not guilty. Ted that is. As a matter of fact, the case should be thrown off the court! If he had a decent lawyer, the case would already have come to closure. Verdict? Case dismissed. But due to the deterioration of this state’s Constitution due our corrupt politicians both home and abroad, Ted will suffer the consequences of his own consequences. See, Ted represents Alaska. With that should come all the benefits of such, particularly so with respect to his home turf’s Constitutional Rights – in full force when away representing the state’s citizens. Just like a foreign diplomat enjoying immunity away from parking tickets or rape, so should Ted enjoy immunity, herein based on the State of Alaska Constitution. Inherent in that emancipator is the “Right to Privacy”.

Section 1.22 - Right of Privacy.
The right of the people to privacy is recognized and shall not be infringed. The legislature shall implement this section.

We have it, most don’t. And it is evident that the U.S. Constitution doesn’t even provide that God given right, like we were all faked out to believe so. But here in Alaska, that right is not to be abridged or infringed upon. Unfortunately, we have turncoat representatives that have used the Federal fear factor in efforts to sidetrack citizen’s rights under our own state’s protection clauses. Had we not bent over to pressures from U.S. Treasury give-away programs – either with us or against us mentality – this state’s Constitution would be an instrument allowing Ted freedom away from any possible future incarceration. If I were his lawyer, I would at least probe this possibility. It is a true litmus test of State verses Uncle Sam. Think of the possibilities if states’ rights started trumping what Uncle Sam can get away with? But that would mean a drastic change of pace away from who is boss. Bottom line, a state has authority over what they say in D.C. But we have let down our guard and with that we have allowed to commence more overnight oversight and control from Big Brother. J. Edgar Hoover is alive and well, just look up in the sky. Military satellites can focus in on an apple in your living room. And if you don’t think that homegrown homeland spies are seeking an interest in bedroom activities, you are a fool. Don’t be a fool. As republicans call for less government interaction, it is just a blitzkrieg attempt to make it appear as such. That trust us thing. When in the true sense, we continue to become prisoners by allowing a weakened Constitution to take control over our freedoms and destiny. It is far from a call towards socialism and more in tune to communism. So Ted could have been a free man by now, but precedence set with Big Brother infiltrating our lives here, there and everywhere has qualified the FBI along with the TSA along with the IRS to infringe on that right to privacy - therefore allowing wiretapping. The goods produced to indict Ted are illegal from a state respective, but trumped admissible by the almighty reign of King George. I guess you cannot have your cake and eat it too. Freedom at last? How about Freedom incarcerated will last. Now, back to the subject. Why in hell are the U.S. Taxpayers bailing out Wall Street and everybody else that MoanaLisa needs in efforts to keep her seat, come re-election? The fact that MoanaLisa Murkowski included a reprieve for the plaintiffs of the EXXON Valdez oil tanker wreck with respect to taxation, it is Un-American! Taxes are the ways and means of this country. It is segregation on its face and a slap in the face of the hard working Americans trying to keep this country buoyant with respect to the economy. MoanaLisa should be impeached, as this is not representation but favoritism, also not allowed under the U.S. Constitution. The Constitution talks in equality! And it is in reality also against the State of Alaska Constitution, with respect to equality. But what does a nepotism daughter know about righteousness? In fact, maybe it should be MoanaLisa in the courtroom instead of Ted. But then again, if Ted had anything to do with the inclusion of this B.S. crap in a bailout bill, maybe the court’s hot-seat is where he so righteously belongs. Remember, it is re-election time for Ted and Don. Pathetic, that these idiots have so much control of the purse-strings and my life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, in line with their own desires of such, but through a trickle down theory of misappropriations. They eat steak, while I try to enjoy hamburger helper. Pathetic politics has come of age. Remember Ted, that “Right to Privacy” is yours for the asking! Try it, maybe then you’ll realize what all your years in D.C. have produced, nonsense and misfit legislation that has stymied my right to freedom! Yours also.

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