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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Romney Energy Policy

Wow, Mittfit Romney has unveiled an American “Energy Independence” plan of attack, to help soften the blow of energy costs out-of-limits. Remember, it’s an erection year and his plan comes on the heels of the GOP convention – delayed because of an “itsy bitsy penis weenie” – a.k.a. Paul Ryan. Honestly, to not gain even a single advantage point in the “polls” when nominated to assist commandeering Mitt’s pirate ship, the one taking all of America’s taxable loot to  segregated offshore heavens, well something is off course.  And “Energy” is a big issue for Americans, just like the “birther” issue. With “energy”, it is very simple, as everything revolves around the refinery gate and slate. It is the bellwether of any economy. And in Alaska, especially up and around Fairbanks, the reasons behind the high cost of keeping a 60-watt light bulb glowing is starting to come to make sense, but pure nonsense. See, chemicals utilized at the power plants are “KOSHER” approved, blessed by a rabbi from the Jewish Halakhic clan. And the chain of transfer to keep a product genuine “KOSHER”, it is an expensive proposition, as it must get re-blessed along the way. In this case, twice as much as the run-of-the-mill stuff, so that factor – double dipping – it defines why electricity is so damn expensive – and it’s a necessity! Hey, don’t plug your car in over-night at 50 below, may as well call in sick! And ain’t no rabbi going to save your job! And why else would the Golden Boy of the Valley CEO get run off, had to be something perverted. And worth the risk of a $400,000 dollar a year bonanza? Could be from practical jokes:

But Mittfit has come forward with the ultimate campaign fluff, for energy “Independence”:
Romney's "American Independence Energy Plan"

Now anybody taking issue to “Romney’s Energy Policy”, depicted in this age-old discriminatory gesture, what is your problem? When the “birther” issue is still a bother as it was most recently re-kindled by Romney along the champagne trail, it speaks not only of continued attacks upon Barack Obama, attacks upon a United States President in good standing, attacks upon the Commander-in-Chief, attacks upon a righteous citizen and statesmen, it places the entire Afro-American gene pool into a life of incarceration – it means discrimination is alive and well. Remember the “back of the bus” days? This attack on Obama, it is a subliminal attack on our brothers and sisters of a different ethnic creation. And I thought Donald Trump had expired? This is no joke, if this nation has come to that place and time wherein we think a Mittfit has a “future for all”, then we have all purchased a ticket to ride that “pirate ship”, but for most of us, the added attraction this voyage, we get to walk the plank! I hear Mittfit, “More Don Perignon please”!

Saturday, August 18, 2012


Mr Brown is a clown who rides through town in a coffin
 (Where he be found?)
 In the coffin where there is
 Three crows on top and two is laughing
 Oh, what a confusion! Ooh, yeah, yeah!
 What a botheration! Ooh, now, now!
Who is Mr Brown? I wanna know now!
 He is nowhere to be found
 From Mandeville to Slygoville, coffin runnin' around,
 Upsetting, upsetting, upsetting the town,
 Asking for Mr Brown
 From Mandeville to Slygoville, coffin runnin' around,
 Upsetting, upsetting, upsetting the town,
 Asking for Mr Brown
 I wanna know who (is Mr Brown)?
Is Mr Brown controlled by remote?
O-o-oh, calling duppy conqueror,
 I'm the ghost-catcher!
This is your chance, oh big, big Bill bull-bucka,
 Take your chance! Prove yourself! Oh, yeah!
Down in parade
 People runnin like a masquerade
 The police make a raid,
 But the - oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
 The thing get fade
What a thing in town
 Crows chauffeur-driven around,
 Skankin' as if they had never known
 The man they call “Mr Brown”
I can't tell you where he's from now
 From Mandeville to Slygoville, coffin runnin' around,
 Upsetting, upsetting, upsetting the town,
 Asking for Mr Brown
 From Mandeville to Slygoville

Lyrics by Mr. Bob Marley, God is LOVE!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Trump Dead!

Rumor it is NOT. Appears the "TRUMP" has expired. Photo below is the last known picture of the "Don"!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tattletale Airlines

How does one here in Fairbanks know when August is upon us? What tattletale sign demonstrates that summer is done with and yes, we must get ready for that long and cold winter? No, it’s not the fact that the Tanana Valley Fair has begun and all those “Fryolators” are engaged in aiding and abetting patronage obesity! Nor is it the fact that this morning saw ambient temperatures fall to a single digit above the ice-point, nay the fact that the loss of light amounts to about an hour’s difference, in exchange for darkness. So sorry, it’s not the fact that the Alaska Railroad is applying herbicide along the tracks and that stuff you smell…don’t eat that rosehip! Had enough this test? Well the clear and convincing sign of the times that August has arrived is from clear cut evidence that our representative body seeks a different class act then those they supposedly represent - that’s us. As they continue that practice of banning together with those that “have” a whole lot more along with a continued unprecedented ignorance towards those that “have not” an extra red cent, a genuine disenfranchising reinforces political abandonment to uphold the Constitution. Just more evidence that they give not a damn about our struggles to enjoy what remains upon life, liberty and that pursuit of happiness – the almighty American trinity. They are free-loaders and have no qualms about an approval rating that is making the United States the laughing stock other reputable nations. Hugo Chavez finds a higher regard! And guilty by association a pathetic misfit Congress is especially emphasized by Alaska’s very own delegation. What I am getting at is this. Members of Congress should try to be more like us, live like us, get bothered by the same burdens as we experience day-to-day so that they can know what it’s like out here engaged in the battle of survival and then be more able-bodied to provide genuine representation. Unfortunately, representation today “For the People” is just a facade. Back to the August follies here in Fairbanks. When one takes a ride by 5904 Old Airport Way, the evidence sits there right on the tarmac. Just take a gander over the chain-linker. This is the location of the out-of-sight private hangar of the elite, those that feel the airborne cattle cars manufactured today to make us feel like sardines is not their forte - like said already, the have and the have less desecration movement. When the call came from the 1% faction of “with us or against us” and was waged upon the Congress through a rolled up cocaine snort greenie - genuine $100,000 Woodrow - guess what, a House full of “Turncoats” heeded that warning and jumped ship. Anyway, Sadler’s Business Park & Hangar is the place wherein we see the private jets of the 1% faction, like the Koch Brothers, familiar touchdowns. So come August, when Congress takes the “5th installment” vacation, this time-off lasting an entire month in duration, well that hangar sees many “express” jets arriving -  the kind only the jet set can afford. But with ample seating capacity, there appears to be room enough for guess who? Yes indeed, our preferentially treated “Alaskan delegation” – namely MoanaLisa MurCowpie, Don Young and Mark Begich seem to enjoy this benefit. Their office aides have all the excuses in the world as to why it is OK to act like a leech, I have just as many counter-punches – it’s not by any stretch of the imagination acceptable behavior becoming a U.S. Senator or U.S. Congresswoman – sorry Don! And if not a hitch-hike aboard a corporate “lobby” jet, just hire your own “corporate jet” or call in the Alaska State Troopers, as the chief has a luxury liner that is not used for criminals. How do you think that Discovery camera crew gets around the 49er to collect pathetic footage of Alaska’s alcohol problem, most of the time that camera targeting a particular victim, the Alaskan native population? I guess when Congress signed, sealed and delivered the Native Claims Settlement Act, the right to privacy was forfeited by that seed money to start those “Native Corporations”! Yes, here in Alaska we have Congressional free-loaders at work like flies on shit and most likely the case, all at the taxpayers’ expense. This “private party” on high goes on all year long, all out-of-sight the general public. When MoanaLisa shows to woo her pathetic followers, the 1st question asked should be, “Who’s your daddy?” I mean, “How you get here?” And the excuse that their time is valuable and they must meet with their constituents so the “private sky” is allowed – bullshit. It is a well-known fact that 99% of their time is spent with the “Lobby”. Like said again, be like us if you really care! And of course MoanaLisa and Mark Begich or Don Young could not share the same plane to visit in comfort their constituency, as that would be bipartisan, which was banned with the 112th. Yes, for the last week this hangar has been excited with activity, private “corporate” jets coming and going like there was no tomorrow, and the latter is what a politician reacts too - so does everything in efforts to ward off the possibility that there is a life besides that of a free-loader. But once stuck in that rat race, well we see what it brings – an approval rating equal to a pack of flea-bitten monkeys. So it is a nauseating sight. As they prance off those jets, relaxed form leg-room accommodations that allows over extended reach, no lines for security checks as TSA doesn’t exist for this class, no over excrement bathrooms only to be rushed away in private motorcades to woo the voters with down-right pathetic fibs. Wow, that looks like Don! I got his attention and he’s acting like he was caught in the act. Wow, that FAA “N” number on the fuselage looks like it belongs to the insurance lobby.  Hey Don, whose plane you flying on? He’s pointing to something, like trying to answer my question? Oh man, he’s flicking the finger. Or is it his IQ?

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Paul Ryan

Rare photo of Mitt Romney in discussion with Paul Ryan before Romney announces Ryan as VP choice(Ryan holding Obama doll).

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

SHELL Update

It appears that it may be the end of the road for SHELL’s fantasy to engage in exploratory drilling in the Chukchi and Beaufort seas – at least for this season. With mishap after mishap for the flotilla heading north through the Bering Sea, then finally making it to Dutch Harbor just to wait out the storm promulgated by stubborn sea ice, it appears that it is not Mother Nature that has thrown a rig wrench into this blunder, but a man-made disaster. Even the courts couldn’t put a kibosh on the “Green Light” to proceed to drill where no man has drilled before, but a stupid mix-up may be the spike in the heart. The environmental groups and Native Alaskans that were adamant that this was bad business, they should be celebrating. No longer is it a rumor that the fuel tanks aboard the Noble Discoverer and the escort fleet have shown unacceptable levels of sulfur – above the limits of the current EPA permit. And since the EPA has not released any “Press Releases” over this latest set-back for Tony the Tiger, or is it the Dinosaur, that silence is almost like a stamp of approval that it’s over! This $2-Billion dollar blunder may be the straw that breaks the camel’s back and may send SHELL packing for good. So who’s to blame? How about the State of Alaska! See, the fuel that was supposed to be used called for a sulfur content less than 15 parts-per-million. Forget about the math, it boils down to the fact that the fuel – thousands of gallons – is not fit for the mission. And most likely the case stands that the EPA will not or should not even entertain a “conditional waiver” over this fiasco in efforts to let SHELL slide by and continue with what appears to be a drilling season already cut way too short - just no time left to bother and disrupt tranquility. And since the EPA has already allowed an amended permit to SHELL, the fact that a high sulfur diesel could wreck havoc the existing hi-tech environmental equipment aboard the fleet makes it almost impossible to move forward this risky venture – unless SHELL was capable of removing, cleaning and finding an acceptable fuel source. But not this far north and time is critical. It won’t happen, no matter how much loot is in that wallet. And since a “Concerned Citizen” has already filed an “Environmental Crime” with the EPA, it trumps what may have been considered a way forward and places the EPA on guard. Basically, the “crime” is a priority and must be addressed before any options. Once again, who’s to blame? Yes, the State of Alaska may be the culprit that has succeeded in making many environmentalists very happy. The fuel was supposedly purchased along the way from a supplier down in Nikiski. It was supposed to be “Ultra-Low” sulfur diesel fuel. It wasn’t. And since this state has been trashed with respect to “regulations”, it is very possible that since the “regulators” are missing in action, that the fuels being supplied throughout this state to meet EPA air quality demands may not be meeting such mandates. And when no oversight comes along and clashes with oversight required, like in SHELL’s permit case, well tests don’t lie. So today we see a man-made disaster that has sunk SHELL’s plan to be the 1st kid on the block to drill for the “black gold” in an inhospitable place, where only the mighty can still to this day claim as a home. Good riddance SHELL. Hey, maybe when you turn around and head south you can off-load all that crappy fuel along the way, to the villages that have spent $millions$ defending their homeland against “Invaders”, just to soften the blow.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Battle On!

“There's something happening here, what it is ain't exactly clear. There's battle lines being drawn...hooray for our side”! Wow, one must have nerves of steel and lead weight balls to take on Uncle Sam – or stubborn stupidity along with a Mitt Romney mentality. I bet the perpetrators of stupidity this scam turned conflict are running for cover, probably seeking asylum in Canada. And it is great to see the U.S. ARMY along with the U.S. AIR FORCE with additional support from the Department of Defense working together and coming forward to America's rescue. Now I am not talking about an unknown conflict way far and away in the middle east, but a conflict brewing “heated” right here in the “Homeland”. And the military is sending in the “Big Guns”, to quell this uprising orchestrated by a few “Turncoats” in bed with foreign investors. Imagine, our military infrastructure being sold to foreigners! The theater of engagement this battle is right here in Alaska! See, when Doyon Utilities reneged away from the “fair play” doctrine on an already lucrative “Utility Privatization” contract with the ARMY for services rendered at Ft. Wainwright, Ft. Greely and Ft. Richardson, it didn't sit well with the brass responsible for national security - so the military mobilized its legal brigade to fight for freedom. It is sad when our military has to deal with homegrown “white man” battles, especially when there are other pressing problems and opportunities around the globe needing attention through a “peacekeeping” like military involvement. But this conflict is a direct attack upon the U.S. Taxpayers, so I support the military in this “mission” to use whatever force it takes to triumph with victory “For the People”. And Congressional approval is not required this engagement, as it comes as a direct attack upon this soil and harmful to America - so the military must intervene. We can help, through the “militia” clause in our Constitution. Now even though no guns have been deployed, well the power of the subpoena is just as powerful to bring this conflict to an end wherein justice will be served and liberty secured. Maybe, just maybe through testimony we can find out what has gone on behind closed “board room” doors, finally an understanding as to where in hell our money has conveniently disappeared away too? Wow, even the State of Alaska is getting involved, as like already mentioned, Doyon is organizing an attack on the U.S. Taxpayers – and that upsets “We the People”! And I give credit to Alaska’s Attorney general, for getting involved to help out Uncle Sam. Yes, we taxpayers are under attack by unscrupulous business brats, trying to defraud the government, which if successful concludes with an attack on our hard earned income. Yes, Doyon Utilities is trying to rob the U.S. Treasury and the military has taken up the cause and with that the task to protect the pilferage. It will be a “mission accomplished”, as I have faith this time around that the legal troops will prevail. Maybe, if this works, maybe it means time to turn Medicare over to the military, for safekeeping against the same kind of rip-off con artists. This battle began when Doyon Utilities tried to defraud the U.S. government, with ransom demands of $millions$ in back payments and future payment increases also in the $millions$, all without any justifiable justification – except the fact that greed is involved. On a historical note of interest, Doyon Utilities is a venture between Doyon Limited – an Alaskan Native Corporation – and Fairbanks Sewer & Water. Now anybody that is familiar with FS&W, it is a limited shareholder privately owned business under the auspices of what is considered the “Fairbanks' Mafia”. Ten shareholders only all total, strutting around in pin-striped suits, black leather coats and suede Manitobah Mukluks. If RICO – Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act – statutes were implemented in the utility sector, FS&W would have already been indicted. See, Doyon thought it could bombard the state “regulators”, demanding “expedited” treatment in its request for more loot, when all the time it had not the slightest evidence that warranted something in the neighborhood of an additional $25-Million, on top of $75-million already cashed in. In fact, when analyzing this outfit’s financial disclosure statements of record, the ratio of “Administrative” costs are way out of proportion a “normal” utility. Look, this means money confiscated from the taxpayers going not to “Operations & Maintenance”, but loot being rolled over to pay for possibly other shenanigans, like to bolster the value or “preferred stock” options agreed upon by the Mafia, to pay for the planned take-over of the sewer men's assets, because the Canadian investors saw “gold in them thar hills” with respect to this “Utility Privatization” and Uncle Sam relationship! This blitzkrieg had worked before for the sewer brats, and they thought “precedence set” would prevail, then once signed sealed and delivered, it would have been very difficult for the ARMY to reverse horses in midstream. This time around, the ambush failed, and the ARMY was there to protect America. Also in its “nightfall” plan of attack, Doyon Utilities - which finds 50% ownership by a Canadian investment firm - there was an attempt to perform a merger, just more crap before the Regulatory Commission of Alaska. It failed as the “Commission” found the new owners “unfit”, as FS&W has basically worn out its welcome with this state’s regulators, especially after FS&W was caught cheating the consumers in Fairbanks. So the tides of change have swamped Doyon's attempt to rip-off Uncle Sam, and when I see the ARMY go to bat against this kind of interest, to protect the “American” interest above and beyond, this is something I can be proud of. GO ARMY!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

NakNek…Who’s There?

NakNek…who’s there? MoanaLisa!  MoanaLisa Who? MoanaLisa MurCowpie – a.k.a. Nepotism U.S. Senator from Alaska! Wow, finally I have once again court approved permission to utilize “GOOGLE” to perform research, in efforts to CSI the trail of the “Corrupt Bastards Club”. No big problem being absent this mission, as the scent lingers – just like from an irate and rabid skunk on the loose in Don Young’s D.C. office. That’s how the “Congressman for all Alaskans” - except liberals - greeted visitors like Nancy Pelosi, “want to be mounted?” With Alaska’s well-known “Club” of corrupt political officials, the trail of suspicion provides the American Taxpayers with that “bellwether”, in efforts to gage just how bad the already corrupt can tolerate even more “corruptness” in their diets through unabated pathetic representation. So it is good to get back on track, into the swing – and wow does it stink! Now my timeout with “Google” had been requested by my attorney - Mr. Phineas J. Whoopee - as I was somehow or another made party to a “Class Action” lawsuit, along with Howard Stern. Look, this kind of litigation finds “No Class”, and is just another way to pay more out in income tax. Victims of scamming  never get back what went swindled, and this type of legal battle amounts to micro-cents on the dollar. A win has to be claimed, not only by the victim, but claimed with the Tax man! Nothing is free for the proletariats, accept grief in the pursuit of the trinity, that being life, liberty and happiness. Anyway, in Stern v. Google, there came a settlement. So wow, I received my court approved “incentive compensation”.  Look, it would cost me more in gas and wasted time away from beer drinking then to bother a run down to my local bank and cash-out this ridiculous waste of paper. Besides that, when the mail showed with my “award”, I was gainfully engaged in sabotaging my neighbor’s lawn mower. What is it about lawn care freaks? A whole different subject! Talk about a definition of a rip-off in disguise, “incentive compensation”, worth a measly $0.07 cents - it doesn’t make sense that there are judges out there that administer this kind of impotency with the gavel. And get this, the settlement also allows reimbursement for all tax return preparations with respect to the “interest” on this settlement. Great, as my Excel went berserk with that “divide by zero” error when I tried to figure out the “interest” on this ransom award. But I bet a creative accountant could generate a Mitt Romney “203-page” 1030 return with multiple addendums, just to hide that interest. Anyway, NakNek…who’s there, MoanaLisa MurCowpie and the corrupt bastard club constituency, which appears to be alive and well, even after indictments, plane crashes, land swindling deals, little girls raped with cigars then those cigars enjoyed at private banquets – the list of extra-curricular activities goes on to Kingdom come. Crime in politics seems to provide a very good payoff here in the “Last Frontier”. “Incentive compensation”? And it continues on, just pay a little attention to the “In State Gas Caucus” and you’ll get the drift.  Sometimes I feel like a honey bee. We work our ass off, just to get enough loot for day by day activities, and maybe with a little extra effort we can save a little for that long winter when it is necessary to resort to reserves. That’s a thing of the past, based on the fact that when we try to hoard away any semblance of a savings, along comes the beekeeper – incentive compensation politician – to raid the stash. So they steal my honey and sell it for a profit, and in the end, to survive I have to buy back my own “crap”. And they laugh all the way through the lobby. We thought double-dipping was against the law! Which reminds me, whatever happened to a law abiding America? Anyway, this Naknek geothermal project over in western Alaska is turning out to be a doozy in the annals of Alaskan style corruption. Look anything that has gone this bad and this far off course, of course it’s “corruption” and stinks more of the same CBC mentality. “Mission Accomplished”, means pure theft. And to be more precise and convincing, yet another indication that the legacy of the “Stooges” has and will continue to cause this state to sink deeper and deeper into that cesspool filled to the brim with political “crap”. It ain’t “honey”, honey! And like has been the time proven destructive case here in Alaska, American Taxpayer loot is involved. There is something peculiar with Uncle Sam handouts and corruption, seems to go hand in hand here in Alaska! And now that Naknek is “bankrupt”, we see another case of missing identity, as the rascals that wined and dined away “our” money have disappeared. And of course the politicians behind this ridiculous gamble, they are studying the immunity clauses in the state of Alaska preamble. The “Stooges” you ask? Ted Stevens, Don Young and Frank MurCowpie, when the latter lieutenants engaged a tag-team mindset to change the way government respects the Constitution. Ted was instrumental in establishing a culture of corruption in Washington. Don read the writing on the wall and followed suit. Frank, he was stuck up both asses. Now by the time Frank was sent into retirement because his miss’ was pissed that she couldn’t fit her fat ass on the gubernor’s private state jet transport, he had already secured a foundation of distrust among logically thinking Americans loyal to the cause. And even though he caved in to latrine duty demands, his legacy in the U.S. Senate will be remembered as too many years of wasted time trying to pry open ANWR, so as a concession his failures and as pay-back to America, he gave daughter MoanaLisa the keys to the U.S. Treasury. Look, Dick Cheney was right, bad choice. What in hell is that tune playing over the Bose? Oh yes, “Stupid Girl”. See, when MoanaLisa secured $20-million in “grants” for the NakNek project, she was quick to deliver a press conference, making the point that “she delivers”! That was just about the time she was in a re-election battle with a tea-bag. A few votes purchased here, a few purchased there, it adds up to victory. “Grants”, which means “no payback required”, it is the tool of choice today used by politicians to win favor the voters in that quest for a job of a life-time – a position that no longer thrives on accountability but thrives on thievery. When American Taxpayer money is abused for selfish reasons, it is “thievery”. This was Ted’s trademark, which was acquired by Don and on and on and on. And of course it amounts to “vote buying”, as it is money that doesn’t belong to them! Had not this been the case, Ted would have been a short-lived Senator, same with Don and MoanaLisa would still be rolling out pappardelle pasta. I will admit a single positive thing about Dumbya. The “tax cut for all” was based on the fact that George realized too much “pork” was being “delivered” through suspicious and possibly “illegal” “appropriation’s bill spending”, which means nothing short a political luxury supported by too much taxation. Don is still under indictment the latter mentioned “appropriations” abuse, but doesn’t remember much after the head trauma from a fallen coconut when he was out at his cabin in Ft. Yukon. See, with global warming…..Taxation for representation doesn’t mean bend over some more! Even so, the corruption behind this type of political mentality, vote buying through “pork” addition and bringing home the bacon, it has still today way too much momentum and since ethics went missing in action, the “welfare” continues. NakNek Electric Association’s “Regional Geothermal Energy Project” is a glimpse of this momentum run amuck. And support this “already failed before fruition” project meant that Federal welfare would be envisioned as a reoccurring act, and estimated to require out-side assistance of $120-Million by the time it was said and done, which seems to have found a premature ending. It appears that we have become addicted to this type of “welfare” and even though Ted is gone, the pilferage continues, even with Senator Mark Begich on the prowl. Talk about a loose cannon! Surely “All” American Taxpayers have been brutally beaten up with the waste here in Alaska, with nothing in return that indicates success. A state that has the largest producing oil fields in the nation! And we still rely on government welfare? It was designed that way by the Stooges – called addiction while “Big Oil” freeloads. Basically speaking, how about a sign in front of a giant sink hole, “Your Tax Dollars at Work – Doing Nothing”. “Waste Not Want” is a crime with respect to hunting and fishing regulations, this should find the same with government spending. Name even a single project here in Alaska that was tied to a “handout” that can claim success? In limbo is Don’s wood chip facility – a failure. The Kodiak launch facility – a failure. The huge fish processing plant turned holy in Anchorage – a failure. The M.V. Susitna, still AWOL – so another “Waste Not Want” failure. And even though Ted was proud to steal away American Taxpayer money to study the penis size of the male muskox, that is still not a “mission accomplished”. In fact, maybe that should become the test of time for anybody with political aspirations, either that or trying to get a breathalyzer from Lesil! So even today, we see proof that the “famed” legacy of “pork addiction” will continue to haunt this state, for generations to come. In Naknek, “We the Taxpayers” have been raped, by throwing away over $20-Million, so a project that never had a chance can now test the courts, with receivership proceedings, just more waste! Why not just jail time?  It’s not a whole lot of money with respect to the “Big Picture Show”, but an example of just how it has become so easy for the politicians to steal away our hard earned income. A little bit here, a little bit there, it adds up. When the “Stooges” had the keys to the U.S. Treasury, during the heyday, Alaska was way above the rest of the states with respect to per-capita relief. It pissed off John McCain, the reason he picked running mate Sarah Palin as his vice back in 2008, as maybe she could lead him to the whereabouts of all that loot sent “North” by the “Stooges”. See, when John visited the state for the “Kenai Classic” and discovered the worst road conditions on earth he went puzzled, because of all the DOT highway funds that were year after year sent this way, so part of his presidential aspiration was in efforts to discover the loot and return it to its rightful owners. He thought Sarah could help. Bottom-line, it is no different today! And to all those dueling banjo tea-baggers, today Alaska is still making out in the regurgitation category.  With ObamaCares’ bucks, when the rest of civilized America sees about $760-per capita, Alaska is reeling in on average close to $2800, to waste away on stuff that will continue to avoid developing a sustainable jobs infrastructure. Waste not want? What a pathetic joke. Sad, when the expert witness conclusion before inception this Naknek geothermal joke, that it won’t work, it didn’t stop the bank robbers. Just like with the Healy “Clean Coal” project, one of Ted’s better failures. But this is the legacy, get the money, and who really cares what happens too it. Don continues the legacy, with his fight to get back the $40-Million in fraud bucks. See, Alaska Railroad officials were not being honest with the Fed.’s with respect to “Commuter Rail” miles and when the fraud was discovered, the money was cutoff, like it should have been. What “Commuter Rail”? Well Don still has a back door key and was able to swindle the loot back, through some outlandish “appropriations attachment” and now the Railroad men are going crazy with “pesticide” treatments, along the entire rail system. Maybe addicted to that also! And with Naknek, MurCowpie’s “Baby” this venture was successful in one thing of interest, a “sink hole”! So today we see Naknek is bankrupt, and Uncle Sam may be on the hook. Mark Begich, what a disappointment, as he works the same legend, like when he threatened the promotion of a military man, just because of his “erection lasting longer then 4-hours” - his hard-on against those that serve this country. Look. Eielson is shutting down for one all important reason! It’s the cost of delivered energy that has sent that base onto the chopping block. But Joe’s mine didn’t suffer, as relief came from the railroad – from Don’s “Fraud Bucks”! The U.S. Taxpayers are subsidizing the Alaska Railroad so it can deliver over-priced coal to keep our troops warm! In Alaska, everybody on the “hand-out” is in bed with each-other. At one time the highest thing in Alaska was Mt. Denali, today that is over-reached by “Greed”. If Alaska doesn’t get it together, Ft. Wainwright will be next, and possibly Greely, Clear all again added to the BRAC chopping block, due to “delivered energy” costs! Then what? Oh yes, the oil will be gone and the only jobs will be taking apart the 800-mile dip-stick while the legislature hides in Juneau figuring out their own “Golden Parachute” by ripping apart the “Constitutional Budget Reserve”. And when the construction equipment convoy for that pipeline demobilization job is finished and rolling down to the lower-48 for auction, so will Alaskan’s be leaving for “greener pastures”, as there ain’t nothing left after that. Except the legacy! What is it with humans and lawn mowers?

Friday, August 3, 2012

Shell Shocked

SHELL Exploration & Production may be forced to forfeit this year’s attempt to drill exploration wells on the Outer Continental Shelf in the Beaufort & Chukchi seas, due to a fuels contamination problem discovered today aboard its Noble Discoverer Drillship and a similar problem aboard other support vessels scheduled to begin the OCS drilling program next week. This mishap most likely occurred from cross-contamination when the drillship and escort ships’ fuel tanks were filled from various sources along the route from Seattle to the Arctic Ocean. The EPA limit approved by the “Permit to Construct” issued to SHELL limits the sulfur content to less than 15ppm. Recent tests results from a 3rd party testing lab, a requirement of the permit, indicated a cross-contamination level exceeding 25ppm. Due to this contaminated diesel fuel with higher than normal sulfur content, operating out-of-specifications could damage the technologies designed into the ship’s environmental air quality degradation equipment and used in efforts for the EPA permitting process.  Because of the latter fact, a waiver from the EPA would be an  impossibility at this stage as this mishap has consequences beyond a simple deviation of the permit, with the application of an addendum. The only other option at this late stage in the controversial drilling game would be an exchange of fuel that meets the “permit” criteria.  But to find a convenient place to off load the diesel fuel then purge the tanks of the high-sulfur constituents, it would take time, thus limiting the time available for this year’s drilling season, already shortened due to stubborn ice shows. More to come on this latest set-back for SHELL E&P.