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Monday, February 28, 2011

OBAMA's High-Speed Rail?

On Scott Walker

The FruitCake of Nuts

We “All” realize, or should without fear, that George “Dubbya” Bush's legacy will be for one and only one thing fit for the history books, that which tells it all in a nutshell. Flopped “Yellow Cake”! And “All” defined herein points to true Americans who care about this country and would like to see the Terrible Tea-Party melt away to nothing but useless ash, akin to what happened to the wicked witch of the West in the Wizard, herein my concern the “witch” is played out by Alaska's beloved Sarah Palin – a.k.a. Wicked Witch of the North. What a rotten taste that “beloved” attribute provides when I am forced to use it. Yuck! See, I get “cease & desist” warnings from the Palin fan club. How many lawyers does she employ? It's all in the wording and the “intent”. We need a Dorothy that isn't afraid to take on the “#itch”. Look, the Tea-Party is a following of pathetic imbeciles that thinks to reason Joe Miller has credibility. He has about as much credibility as a U.S. senator that would vacate his seat to run for governor of the 49er, win then change the laws so he can give that vacancy in D.C. to his daughter – who has less credibility then Joe Miller, especially when it comes to real estate dealings. Just an indication of how pathetic politics has behaved over the years. Nepotism sucks as does incumbency as it tilts the sea-saw. It is the public enemy Number 1, or it was! And isn't fraud an illegal act? Then how come the Tea Party gets away with using the word “Patriot”? Now the neo-conservatives are a little bit smarter then the combined IQ of Joe the Plumber, Sarah the Witch and the remainder of the misfits who have to steal away another state's motto, just to have something other then “Dah, who-ya represent”! Look they don't fit into normal society, the teabag lunatics, so they want something that isn't there. They want to change this country but have no idea what this country is all about, so their recipe for disaster will make Dubbya's yellow cake a victory dessert if something isn't done to quell this over ambitious chatter trying to navigate down a yellow brick road with a militia like attitude. But today, we have going on something more despicable then the afterbirth movement, it is another episode in “mission accomplished”. Maybe all these goons thinking they are political material should go on the “Food Channel”, for 1st round screening, as it appears all we get out of the bureaucracy almost an autocracy and “We the people” are but “proletariats” these days it is recipes' approved but missing critical ingredients. Talk about lunacy cakes. “Mission Accomplished”, but the cake imploded? Maybe the tea party following is like an upside down cake! Better yet, a Fruit Cake. But it appears that recipe today has overwhelming ownership by Scott Walker, Expatriate Governor of Wisconsin. The “Ex” is appropriate because he must be from another country, part of corporate outsourcing. And the Fruit Cake is like a brick, as it is the “dense” king of the take on all cakes. Did you ever hear of the experiment that the British government performed with Fruit Cakes? Yes indeed, the military brass determined that in the event of a protracted engagement with the enemy, if bullets became scarce along with that of yellow-matter-custard or spotted Dick, they could also use the cakes in case of civil discourse and disobedience, as what jury would say it was inhumane treatment, hurling the indestructible cakes to calm resistance? Anyway, what is with the freakiest of freaks this wannabe something out of the ordinary called Scott Walker. It is becoming more and more apparent that those who decide to become preachers should not be allowed to bare children, I am serious this matter, as it is producing some things not even incest could top. Maybe the Catholic religion still has something to offer, priests that cannot marry! See, it appears that preachers have strict control their children, most likely abuse upon the 1st Amendment right to read not what a kid should or would, but it was probably the “bible” only time before bed. I am sure that kids like Scott were very controlled in what they were allowed to read, or read about. Does Huey Long ring a bell Mr. Preacher, Dylan said it well. “The rifleman’s stalking the sick and the lame. Preacherman seeks the same, who’ll get there first is uncertain.” Sidebar: This just in. According to the GOP, Sarah Palin is becoming less and less a preference for the GOP's presidential choice. In fact there is a new slogan that has come from the GOP headquarters, bumper stickers and all. No lie. "Sarah Palin with a brain," said Gail Moore, a Republican from Columbia. And Michele “Bombshell” Backmann seems to be the “brain”? Give us a break please. Look, put a Palin like wig on Eric Cantor, then you have Sarah Palin in disguise with half a brain, at least its a step in the right direction. Gag me with some yellow cake. In fact, hit me in the head with a fruitcake, please wake my senses, as what I am hearing cannot be fit for human consumption. Is the GOP that desperate? Yes, case in point Scott Walker. I went off on a tangent but ended up on the same subject I began with. How coincidental, or is it? This guy is a diarrheaniac. Hey, its a new word that combines you know what with you know what. This guy who praises Reagan, this guy is Hitler in disguise. Take my warning. What is going on in the rest of the world, the unrest, it is coming to a city hall near you. It is about time. We need a revolution. It is that simple. We need to kick the bums out on their bums, head first. See, Walker wants to ban “unions”. He is all for welfare reform. He was instrumental in disallowing prisoners an out on early release for good behavior. Look California saved millions on an early release program, most of those incarcerated were three time Mary Jane violators and now the weed is almost legal everywhere but the House Of Commons. It used to be the House of Congress, by the “Common” denominator is giving us “divide by zero” errors, so we see nothing getting done but “ERRORS” in reasoning. Now, I can't say I am totally against the Tea Party, on a revolution needed possibility, except we can start without starting over, as that is what comes about from a revolution and we are too divided to make a 1st approach at something that will produce anything other then a crash landing. So instead, I propose the following to get this nation back on track wherein the Scott Walkers can go back to being closet preachers, selling snake oil to Sarah Palin fans. First on the list, we need political term limits. That would solve 25% of the problems we are facing today, or what our children are facing. What inheritance? 2nd on the list, all lobbyists should be abolished. That solves another 25% of todays political miscarriages. 3Rd? No more stupid wars. That my friend solves yet another 25% of todays problems and helps us find that missing inheritance we are supposed to leave for our children's' enjoyment not to fuel employment. 4Th, all American workers should be organized under one umbrella. That solves more then the remaining 25%, and gives us a voice for the future, a voice against things that are ruining this country beyond terrorist affiliated activity, like what Scott Walker is trying to incite upon decency in the workplace. Think about it, as that will cure the health care debate. We can provide our own. We can have a board of directors that gets the keys to the Treasury. Money that is not needed for a “strong military”, it should be ours to spend to create jobs. Instead of “our” money going into the pockets of rich, it is needed to stimulate America. Sure we need hi-speed rails from here to there. Sure we need more hydro-power, as it is by far the only means left to get rid of the oil barons, right now! Regardless of what it does to the environment, I would proudly support anything that would allow us to see “Big Oil” die a slow death, as it will take time to get the dams built. Wow, more jobs! We need to go nuclear, as France has proven it can be done. Wow, even more and more jobs and there appears a surplus on the horizon. And as far as what to do with the nuclear fallout? That is where a new space program comes into affect. The shuttle program has not provided anything of value, but we have the advanced know how to build rockets and missiles that can do just about anything. This knowledge can be used to instigate a rocket program wherein spent materials can be jettisoned far and away. Wow, even more jobs, the unemployment rate is “zero”. We have no longer a deficit. Wow, people are finally achieving that long lost dream upon life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Look, there are simple solutions to the problems facing us today. The stalemate comes about from special interests. Look, we cannot have our cake and eat it too. Oil has worn out its welcome. We need to go back to wood instead of plastic, in fact wood and its byproducts are better then lost resources, and renewable. Wow, even more jobs. See, there exists already for the picking all the opportunity in the world to create jobs and promote a modern day infrastructure here in America. So why not do it? Because freedom for you is less freedom for the bastards like Scott Walker that have an agenda based on religion. Religion has gotten in the way of evolution. We have the know how to do a whole lot of things a whole lot better. But when the outdated bible gets in the way, and when we see generations addicted to outdated religions and beliefs that are a joke, we cannot get ahead. If one looks at the present day outdated technologies, it was all done to minimize jobs and at the same time make a bundle for the barons. We do indeed need a revolution, we need an overthrow of the political corruptness that has taken this country on a clash course, the rich against the rest. We are all in this together. But as the failed GOP infiltrates local government and uses the new found power to incite contempt against the same ideologies that they once supported and had a hand at making dysfunctional, can you trust them? No, as they proved once and for all that they were confederate - I mean counterfeit - and they will prove it again, if given the chance to succeed. It is our government. It is your government at the state level. And one thing for sure, this union cannot survive if the workers are trampled upon. If our rights to a decent wage is governed by the rich taking over, like the KOCK dysentery dynasty getting in the way of progress, we are doomed. But we are strong, we are. But when we see the likes of Sarah Palin and the Tea Party not working with us but against us, it is ironic, it is sick, it is sad. After years of abuse, wherein the GOP in control subscribed to a welfare union abused by corporate funding, tax breaks that broke the bank, wherein now they complain, we cannot trust them. Again, term limits is so meaningful an option. Take that back, it is not an option but a necessity. So is a “No Wars” mandate, as war is not good for anything nowadays, but outdated waste and abuse upon mankind. Look at Russia, controlled by an ex-military general with a nation focused on “business” success, globally, not neo-conservative doom and gloom. Same with China, the list goes on. They laugh at our Neanderthal thinking and approach to problems. It used to be that a strong military meant a strong nation. Today, a strong nation is defined by its economy. I wonder how we stand in comparison to Russia and China this category? Look at who owns our infrastructure. Do you realize that Canada owns much of the U.S. military infrastructure that was “privatized”? Not very good or proud this nation's standing but we have plenty of jets being built with “wars of choice” upon us wherein jets are good for one thing only, as a boat anchor. Oh my, to the things we have done wrong. Yet we continue down the same wrong dead-end street. Our representation has failed at the “mission”. The revolution is paramount when we see Scott Walkers coming into power, hypocrites supported by the religious right, supported by the neo-conservative right, supported by the corporate right. When all the time there is nothing “right” their ways and means of injustice upon the common working class, the salt of the earth we are, always were, always will be no matter what so help us God. With God on our side, he is. In the end, with all that right against us, it is just the workers all by ourselves, to defend what freedom we have lost over the years with inept representation. But remember what Huey Long said we could do, if provoked. And it is getting to that point in history, as “One Flew Over the Cuckoo” has taken over our freedom. Scott Walker, insecure, no worth, just a pawn man for injustice. If he wins out and claims victory for sabotaging many workers passion, that being a good wage job secured by “collective bargaining” representation, then all workers, not only those that are “Unionized”, all of us should be ready to boycott. A “Stop Work Boycott”, or SWB, even referred to as a “Scott Walker Boycott” is imminent. If for one single week we refrained away from operating the printing presses, refrained away from our duties at the nation's refineries, refrained away from operating the transit infrastructure, refrained away from fibrillating the weak heartbeat of this country from undue strain by inept representation, then the bastards would get the point that we are serious and they would forever hold their peace, as with all their blood stained money and wealth, with all their blood stained power may it be damned, with all their blood stained accomplishments against us not with us, it in its entirety the latter is no match for what the “proletariats” can do when provoked. Look, we can get by on very little, bread and water, as that is what it is coming too if we don't act and let the bastards continue to invade our freedoms. A good wage is all we really have left isn't it? And instead of the dismal figures of only 15% of the workers left with bargaining power, the sea-saw has hit bottom, hard aground. The pin-ball machine is on “Tilt”. Take a look at history. Ever since the union bashing took hold, back when Dubbya was king, the working class has suffered. Coincidence? No it isn't. We hear it time and time again. It is becoming a nation of the rich and the rest. But they are so dumb and so naive that they think they can get along without us. Hey, remember “The Little Red Hen?

Dear Pig, will you help me plant this grain of wheat?
No, I'm too busy!
Dear Pig, will you help me cut the wheat?
No, I'm too busy!
Dear Pig, will you help me carry the wheat to the mill?
No, I'm too busy!
So who will help me eat.....

A little nursery rhyme tells the truth in matter of what is truly going on. Congress has lost touch with reality, the GOP is too blame as is the other side of the isle. But instead of trying to fix the problems, by getting out in the fields and getting their hands dirty, they continue to play games “unbecoming a gentleman”, and that makes for an ugly nursery rhyme not even fit for a preacher's kids!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Alaska Film Industry?

Witch is Dead

“Ding Dong, the witch is dead. Which old witch? The wicked witch. Ding Dong the wicked witch is dead”. The Munchkins are rejoicing, now that the Diarrhea Channel – a.k.a. The Learning Channel – has decided to not broadcast a 2nd season with the witch here in Alaska. It was a pathetic show that made Alaska look like a rich persons “only” vacation land, not a paradise, but a wet and cold and miserable place without roads. Hey, it is! At the same time, “Palin's Fake Alaska” made this state look like fools run a muck in the wilderness. One can easily see that Palin has no outdoors' experience at all, no matter what her dad preaches, and they let her carry a high-powered rifle? The FAA should impose a “No fly” zone when she is in the field! And look out, as we all know what happened when Dick Cheney was let loose in the wilderness with a lethal weapon, he used some guys face for target practice. “Hey boy, look this way”, BANG! And when Sarah was prancing across the tundra on one episode, you could see that the camera crew was giving her a whole lot of breathing room. Can't blame them, as we all know what happened down in Arizona! Look, I don't watch TV as a pastime, as it is for the most part a waste of time. “Shoot your TV” is my sentiment, along with smashing to smithereens your lawn mower. But I do at times late at night surf the airwaves, in efforts to patrol, as TV is still a place wherein subliminal messaging can take place, by stalkers on the prowl, the innocent becoming victims as if attacked by a pedophile on the loose. And the elderly still enjoy TV, as a pastime to pass away the day, so are prone to find themselves “victimized”. So it is important that somebody referees, as the FCC is missing in action and “our” elderly are getting ripped off. I think the FCC police spend their time on vacations paid for by the cell phone companies, so we can't get the true scoop on brain-wave activity meltdowns caused by wayward microwaves. Look, microwaves cook things! Your brain is getting gently fried every-time you use that hi-tech thing. Anyway, do you realize how much rip-off is being accomplished upon the elderly with all these fancy gizmo giveaway info-product commercials? “And wait, there's more”. See, the elderly get taken for a ride on the “S&H”, shipping and handling charges. And of course there is a return guarantee if this crap doesn't meet your expectations, as long as you are willing to forfeit once again, an “RS&H”, for Return Shipping & Handling. So it is a catch-22. Keep the carp you don't need or pay dearly from your retirement fund to send the crap back. An elderly lady purchased some $2-dollar bills most recently from some rip-off advertisement. It was a scam. In fact, the Anchorage Daily Stool ran a full page add, about this offer - in the news' section! They must be hard up! Anyway, one could purchase “Un-cut” sheets of never before circulated $2-dollar bills. The hitch, the “S&H” was as much as the loot. And the “loot” was inflated beyond decency to begin with, costing those taken for granted $12 for a $2-dollar greenback. And then when you received this “green worthless crap”, realizing that the stuff wasn't printed way back when, but in 2006, it would cost you another $15 to send it back from where it came from. So you could end up paying $30-dollars for nothing! Can't they put people in jail for this? And you had to use your phone to speak with some phony World Mint representative on your own dime, as there was no toll free number. And most elderly still use the old land line, and that is a costly venture, as the plans sold to the elderly are totally confusing. Hey, do you understand your phone bill? It is more confusing than a tax return! But Alaska can really rejoice, as the idiot Hardon family will not be returning either. This is the dad and son that finds 10-minutes claim to fame on “Gold Slush Alaska”. The dad is an imbecile, digging up the pristine wilderness as if looking for hell! The mechanic, a crazed drug addict. The son, I think I saw his mugshot on “Most Wanted”! The rest of the clan, maybe a combined IQ that equals “1”. And these idiots have no respect for anything except an outhouse. Look, people cannot be this stupid! See they are getting chased off American soil because we find out that the entire thing is staged, to make Alaska gold mining look crazed and out-of-control, just like the U.S. Congress. The fighting, the illegal taking of bears, obliterating the country-side as dick head dad goes crazy with a giant backhoe - it is pathetic. Look, gold mining is an ethical industry here in Alaska. When one watches how this reckless crew goes about its business, it paints a very bad picture of “all industry” here in Alaska. The reality TV crap that is being broadcast these days by the Diarrhea Channel, it is pathetic. Bush Flying, or whatever it is called, is another crock of crap. The Alaska State Troopers? Why the Alaska Attorney General has not sent out warrants for those in uniform that participate, it is again pathetic. But who is to blame this indecent exposure? Look, Sarah Palin, John McCain's monster – Sarahstein – she started a nightmare upon this state. And when our legislature decided to give the film industry a whopping tax break, well in came the pathetic crews and their camera equipment to make us all look like a bunch of dummies. But maybe when dishonesty enters the equation and people take it upon themselves to discredit such falsities upon the 49er, as you can only dole out so much crap before the cesspool runneth over, maybe this is as close to a revolution this country will enjoy. There comes a point in time, unfortunately, wherein the 1st Amendment is abused upon. And in Alaska, this state's Constitution allows for free speech but the abuse of such and any negative fallout is the responsibility of the origin. And that is what has happened, 1st Amendment abuse by the lens, and Alaskans started to see that this broadcast crap was just that, pure unadulterated crap fit for nothing humane. So this crap made some idiots from Oregon mini-movie-stars, paid the salaries of some camera crews, provided tax relief, and Alaska got nothing in return except a bad name. Thanks Sarah! But “Change” is on the horizon as these crap shows are failing during season #1, as it is fake garbage. Now if we can only get GCI to fine the hell out of those info-commercial peddlers that break the laws, maybe Alaska can find once again it has decent humanitarian standings. The Pebble Partnership has these lies crying out loud commercials. The decibel level is so loud that it makes my puppy dog pee. All is fine with the broadcast until commercial time, then comes this blast of crap from the sponsors of the “Mindless Mine”. And they get away with these ear drum deafening tactics, and GCI says they are working on the problem? Look, this is an indication of how they – the mine operator - will operate if given the permits to wreck the waters leading into Bristol Bay, with discharges of toxic chemicals. It may not be that alone that makes this part of Alaska a wasteland, but the noise is evidence that they cannot be trusted and are already taking advantage of the law. And please, Diarrhea Channel, don't think about a partnership. Bottom line, Alaska is being attacked by false advertisement. So what, as if you don't like it don't watch it. True. But if it were not for the availability of lucrative tax breaks given the film industry, this stuff would be but a board room dream and never a reality. So it is my concern as this state's coffer is getting ripped off. Now I am all for filming here in Alaska, but why not concentrate on beneficial stuff, allowing tax credits and breaks for realistic stuff, as there is a whole lot out there besides Sarah's crap and all that other crap that is tainting the airwaves. So to the Hardon Family, I hope you have better luck at Dead Man's Creek, up in Canada, as we don't need your likes any longer around here in Alaska. Go away, take the camera crew, and shoot a few bears up there and see what you get in return, as there may not be any RS&H to get your fat asses out of a jam next time around. You were lucky here, as we are still finding our way out of the Sarah Palin's dilemma, and it appears the con-artists are taking advantage our weaknesses, made possible by yours truly!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sarah Palin Mugshot

We have been invaded. The below listing is what went up for grabs during an auction, to pay back creditors swindled by Scott Rothstein, at one time a partner in a very prestigious law firm. It is estimated that he stole more then a billion away from innocent hard working people. And with the money that was supposed to be invested, he wined and dined with the best of the crooks, many listed below. There is something seriously wrong when our Congress gets involved with crooks. It is all for the money, they know there could be something suspicious this bribery for a favor in return, but take the campaign check anyway and if the crookedness is uncovered, they quickly give the money back or send it to their favorite charity! Gee, I didn't know he was crocked. How many million dollar luxury yachts does one guy need? But here is what gets me really going. Uncle Sam may have to furlough workers, by next week, if the Congress continues to stall on a budget agreement. So many may face the ranks of the unemployed, for a few days or weeks, but when living payday to payday, every hour counts. The sad thing, the Congress changed the rules and regulations, so they do get paid even if there is NO MONEY. See, they have the keys to the Treasury. When one looks at all the perks that the House and Senate provides themselves, courtesy the U.S. Taxpayer, it is a crying out loud shame and sham, better yet a Rothstein like scam. And didn't they give themselves a raise this year, when everybody else is just getting by on less? My dad is 86 tears old. He's always been interested in politics. Today he tells me that he never thought it could get so corrupt. He lives in Rhode Island, which has lived forever with corruption, as it is the home of the mob. And sometimes the mob mentality infiltrates government, but what is happening in D.C. is way beyond anything even Don Corleone would prescribe too, cheating hard working American families out of their pursuit to happiness, by letting the rich get richer and the middle class enjoy life in the ranks of the left out. Look, we would be better off if the Mob was in charge. Better yet, give this land back to the Native Americans, it is theirs to begin with and all we are doing with it is creating the stage for a killing field. Why John McCain and the rest of the crooks are not in jail is simple, they changed the rules in midstream to protect themselves no matter what. Look, the FBI couldn't get Ted Stevens, and he was caught red-handed. It is pathetic, as Don Young is still a free man. The list goes on and on. But when the crooks hold the purse-strings, they can basically get away with murder, just like is happening in Iraq and Afghanistan. But the below list of those associated with Rothstein, whose robbery trail has become one of “Greed in America's” highest rated showings on TV, the affiliation should blow your mind:
  • Mens pair of cuff links, Maverick, signed John McCain. With framed recognition letter.
  • President & Vice President of United States, Inauguration 2009, pair of cuff links with matching tie tack.
  • Mens pair of cuff links – United States Senate – goldtone.
  • China bowl signed – “Charlie Crist.” (Florida governor and Senate candidate.)
  • Framed photograph of Scott Rothstein, Kim Rothstein & Sen. Joe Lieberman. Signed by Lieberman.
  • Framed photograph of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger with a signed personal note to Scott Rothstein..
  • Framed photograph of Scott Rothstein with Charlie Crist. Signed by Crist.
  • Framed photograph of Scott Rothstein with John McCain. Signed by McCain.
  • Framed photograph of Scott Rothstein with Alan Spector. Signed by Spector.
  • Framed certificate from the State of Florida Executive Department signed by Charlie Crist.
  • Framed photograph of Scott Rothstein, Cindi McCain, John McCain and Charlie Crist. Signed by McCain and Crist.
  • Framed photograph of Scott Rothstein and Gov. Jebb Bush. Signed by Bush.
  • Framed photograph of Scott Rothstein and Gov. Bill Richardson. Signed by Richardson.
  • Framed photograph of John McCain, Cindy McCain, Scott Rothstein and Kim Rothstein. Signed by McCain.
  • Framed photograph of Mel Martinez and Scott Rothstien. Signed by Martinez.
  • Framed photograph of Attorney General Bill McCollum and Scott Rothstein. Signed by McCollum.
  • Framed photograph of George W. Bush and Scott Rothstein. Signed by Bush.
  • Framed photograph of John McCain, Cindy McCain, Charlie Crist and Scott Rothstein. Signed byMcCain.
  • Framed photograph of Gov. Sarah Palin, Kim Rothstein and Scott Rothstein. Signed byPalin.
  • Framed letters to Scott Rothstein signed by Gov. Charlie Crist.
  • Framed letter signed by Sen. Jeff Atwater.
  • Framed letters signed by Sen. John Ensign of the National Republican Senatorial Committee.
  • Framed letters signed by Sen. Mel Martinez.
  • Framed letter signed by Sheriff Al Lamberti.
Caution: The above listed individuals should be approached with caution. Do not try to apprehend, as they are dangerous. Please stay back at least 500-feet, as they may carry an infectious disease called “botchulacorruptionism”. If they ask you for money, this is a robbery, so get down on your knees and give them everything they ask for, including your kids. If caught in an elevator, do not, I repeat do not bend over to tie your shoes. If offered a ride, run away as fast as you can and call the pedophilia police.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Libya Evacuations

Alaska Helps in Libya Evacuation

Now all this time many Alaskans thought the M.V. Susitna was lost out at sea, during the sea trials back in October of 2010. The amphibious assault vessel designed by the Navy and built by U.S. Taxpayers' money had been christened by U.S. Senator Mark Begich and Nepotism Senator MoanaLisa MurCowski and Son Parnell – Alaska's Governor – and the ship nobody wants or has any use for was on its way to Alaska, to be used for nothing. See, there is no place for this thing to land! It's an assault vessel. It is so powerful, that on-step it will over-shot Anchorage and end up down the Kenai, so the EPA said no, no, no for a landing craft permit. See, this assault vessel was never wanted by the Navy, as it was too costly and had limited use, so they scrapped the idea. But Don Young wanted it, so forced the Navy to built it for Alaska, for the Pt. McKenzie Port Authority, with the money conveniently added to a military budget spending bill. Said again, a boat nobody wants! And after repeated attempts to find out where in hell it sank, because it didn't show up as planned to ferry maybe 2 customers a day between Pt. McKenzie and Anchorage, to a floating dock still in the design phase and way down on the list of priorities on Bill Sheffield's billion dollar cost over-run port project, I received no return correspondence from my representatives. But we have found out that the ferry has been on tour around the world, as a show and tell, so it can be placed on E-Bay or CraigsList for sale, to help Son Parnell come up with the money the state owes Trans-Canada for harassing folks down in Oklahoma. Talk about an Open Season! So it just happened that the vessel was in close proximity to Libya, so went on the rescue. Actually, it was trying to get hijacked by the Somalia pirates, so Alaska could collect the insurance for a boat nobody wants – it was worth $70-million. But the pirates even balked at the hijacking. Something to the effect, “who wants that”. So it is good to know that the ship was used to evacuate Americans away from Libya. As that will make it a little more valuable, maybe we can sell it for its heroic value instead of it horrific value. Then again, maybe it is best the captain tries again the pirate route, as that is the only way we are going to get our money's worth this waste upon the taxpayers, through insurance fraud. Abuse? And there is no excuse.

Dubbya's Libya!

We Shit Where?

“There's something happening here, what it is, is exactly clear, there's a man with a bomb over there...” Oh crap, it appears we shit in our own nest! Now that Gadhafi is claiming that Libya's youth generation is high on LSD, that Al-Qaeda has spiked the Nescafe, we are starting to find out what relationship our country had with Moammar over the years, courtesy Tony “The Bloke” Blair and company. And we all know the relationship that Blair had with the IED, Idiot Evidenced Dummy, that's George Bush. Look, Reagan killed Gadhafi's 3-year old daughter back in 86. Now I am not taking shots at Reagan, but when a supposedly “human” commander-in-chief orders a hi-teach guided missile hit on a kid's bedroom, there is something wrong, the “human” is expelled for monster! A three-year old minding her own business, obliterated while reading Barbar or Alice in Wonderland! And never once did Reagan or the White House claim it screwed up, that it was just business as usual. When something like this occurs, revenge sets in. That is the natural human instinct. Even fruitcakes have a memory that is not erased with ease, that was studied by the Brits on real fruitcakes! Look, there is not a single dad out there that would not seek revenge upon infidelity, upon crazed ones' that would take a chance and kill another man's daughter. Can you imagine what Reagan would have done if Gadhafi killed one of his daughters, or one of his horses? Libya would have become a diseased desert. And over the years, through Blair making friends with Moammar, it appears that the U.S. has been taken for a ride and the fallout is mind-boggling and revenge is becoming a weapon of choice against us. Look, Blair set in motion countless weapons deals, including explosives and hi-tech gizmos to Libya and we benefited. Take that back, American arms' dealers benefited. I always wondered where Al-Qaeda was finding all the U.S. manufactured explosives to kill our own troops! It happened, and now we may have the answers. Had these explosives and hi-tech triggers been delivered from Russia or Iran or anywhere else, our intelligence would have been able to identify through forensics, and we would have been on the lookout and defense, with sanctions and other counter-attack measures. But we never heard an iota, because silence is golden and all the time this stuff was and is killing our kids, a home-grown attack against our own-kind, the only thing we get out of it is some rich bastard gun-runner showing off his super-duper “summer” retreat on “America's Most Luxurious Summer Retreats”. Look, every mother and father that has buried a kid that was a casualty this war era, they should right now bring a lawsuit against Blair, against Bush, against Uncle Sam, to find out if this crap we were selling Gadhafi was being sidetracked over to Iraq and Afghanistan, our own stuff used on our own kids. It wouldn't surprise me, as the weapons sellers and runners don't give a rats ass about human life, they care for nothing but profits. And the profits we are talking about are huge. And it all started in late 2008, when Bush was a lame dick IED and the democrats were eagerly waiting to take over the helm, so this was an opportune time to allow this to occur, as nobody was watching! Talk about throwing in a stink bomb, the Bush Dysentery Dynasty did just that. Now, are we that stupid to allow this to really happen? Yes, as it takes time for things like this to filter outside its intended audience. Bush had to approve all sales to Gadhafi. And we “true” Americans have been busy, trying to keep employed and at the same time looking out for terrorist like activity. Hey, one just needs to look in Texas, at the IED retreat! Look, there may be a conspiracy theory this relationship with Libya an Dubbya. Moammar was a fruitcake's fruitcake, he proved that time and time again. And when Blair allowed the release of the Lockerbie Bomber, it was based in-part the weapons and arms dealings. So if we provide limitless guns and explosives to be sent to a gun-not-so secure place like Moammar Land, it was most likely allowed for a reason, to allow this stuff to enter the mainstream, therefore we could continue to occupy Iraq, to keep in close proximity to Iran. Without aid, the insurgents had not a chance and victory would have come a lot quicker then the “Hundred Year War” predicted by John McCain. So we have not martyrs, but we practice unethical behavior behind the scenes that creates martyrdom, as every kid that was maimed or killed, their blood may be on our hands. We have to take blame, as when this country allowed George Bush to continue at the helm, we lost focus our duty. We have a duty, to uphold the Constitution. And when we have an inept Congress along with an inept President, there exists no check and balance act and we end up in this kind of uncomfortable dilemma. That is why Obama is very quiet, as when all hell breaks loose, so will the weapons cache. What hasn't already ended up in the hands of the terrorist, will, it is that simple. But it was a calculated move, to arm the fruit cake so he could arm the insurgents. It keeps the war machine moving. This is what the Neo-conservatives wanted all along. And when we find out that we must arm ourselves because we are outnumbered, because the IED armed the terrorist, we will make the arms' dealers even richer, and that my brother is what its all about, using the 2nd Amendment to get filthy rich. Now when the smoke clears and the blood dries up, well it is just more room for another “Summer Mansion”!