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Saturday, November 20, 2010

M.V. Susitna Located!

See, MoanaLisa MurCowski welded her name in the rudder during the MV Susitna’s christening back in June. So she is using the high speed amphibious assault vessel to attack Washington, “if not by land then by sea”! Or maybe she thought it necessary to get out of Dodge quick, after using tactics to disenfranchise voters and in efforts to keep the MurCowski family dysentery dynasty alive and well. Look, the pressures placed upon the Alaskan Natives by the shareholder corporations rooting for MoanaLisa, well the scare tactic was used to do exactly that, fear voting at its best. How much did this crappy craft with no apparent use cost the taxpayers? But for stealth reasons, let’s say it was the “gold platted toilet seat” of stimulus defined, as it did indeed create jobs. And since it has no apparent use here in Alaska, when MoanaLisa is finished with her shenanigans, then maybe it can be returned, for scrap. April fools! She may have wanted to utilize this escape pod, but it is delayed again. Maybe next spring I am told. But hiding it seems plausible, as we already have to contend with the crappy wood chip facility that hasn’t seen but a single ship load for export. And if a $70-Million dollar waste sat alongside keeping company the wood chip waste, both going to rust, then maybe we could start a “rust” export business. Talk about waste, do you have any idea what is going on at every military base here in Alaska? It is “stimulus recovery” at an exponential growth rate. In Fairbanks, 38% of the work force is employed by military contractors. That is the good thing, but others are getting rich this scene. Just ask “Have a Riddle Consulting” out of Florida. This outfit is making millions selling un-necessary electrical equipment to a private contractor that has a 100% return-on-investment contract with Uncle Sam, at a base right here in Palinville. So there comes no accounting, there comes meager justification for this crap. And guess who pays for it? In the end, we will find out that this “privatization” crap is just that! How much does a one-way ticket on the MV Susitna cost? TBD….

Friday, November 19, 2010

APB: M.V. Susitna Overdue

The following All Points Bulletin has been released for broadcast: The Point McKenzie ferry - a.k.a. MV Susitna - was reported overdue. The so-called “revolutionary” hull design, that cost an estimated $70-Million of taxpayer dollars, supposedly departed the port dock on October 10, upon its 1st maiden voyage to Anchorage, but no word on its whereabouts is available and since no sea-flight plan had been filed, in-case something went wrong, its whereabouts is a mystery. With the Anchorage port, the Susitna’s destination, within eyesight even on a foggy day - about 2.6 miles - it is most likely that a “flight” plan was not necessary. And the property lights from the failed wood-ship facility could also aid in navigational problems, if indeed this supposedly marine marvel had a problem. So there appears a mystery, the non-appearance, several days overdue. Now this new ferry, built by taxpayer money, it is a high tech beast, wherein even the Navy had reservations upon moving forward such an endeavor, because of the price tag. But somehow money was made available in an appropriations bill, through a strong-arm congressional tactic, to allow - I mean force - the Navy to build something it was no longer interested in, just for Alaska. The ferry was supposed to ferry 3,000 passengers a day - at a yet unknown fare that will probably make highway robbery a joke - back and forth between a port with no good roads and Anchorage – the latter a port that doesn’t want a ferry. Just ask the railroad boss. And during the building of this “ship to nowhere”, sub-standard wages were paid by the dry dock dicks, so welders were scarce this project. Why work for $18 an hour when “slope” wages are 3-times that pittance? Even though it was supposed to be Davis-Bacon wages, somehow it didn’t work that way, but sure enough, large profits were made the dry dock dicks. Will keep you posted this event. APB END.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Church of Satan

Damn, my cell phone keeps losing out its place in society, as I keep getting that “no service” icon. Same nonsense we get from our duly elected representatives. Whomever thought up the word icon? So no COLA this year, but Congress didn’t balk at a pay raise! Idiots. Whomever thought of the word idiot? It was self deserving, OK. Anyway, it is a nice autumn day, so I may as well walk down the road to the whereabouts of the cell phone tower. See, it has been knocked out of service before, from ravens on the beat. Wow, it’s gone! This is unbelievable, as this was the tower that covered most of the lower hillside, a tower that was of controversy because it was so close to the public school. But it was on the preacher man’s land, so it provided a good monthly income, tax free at that. It helped the Abbott Loop Community Gang Bang Church buy a humungous piece of property and it has been sold! And that is the reason there is no longer a brain frying radiation tower. It would have been a no-no to developers. So the preacher man tore it done, so the land could be sold for development. Now mind you that this Luminescence Housing Project for the well too do had a cell phone tower of controversy in plain sight view the Chugach Mountains. Sure it would have provided good coverage, but at the same time it would have fried brains as it did for years. And when I complained, I asked why the preacher had it placed far and away his own school, and as close as possible to the public school. He hung up the phone! Now even though it irked the school district, there was nothing they could do. See, if an entity doesn’t pay taxes, well it is immune from almost everything, even killing little kids’ brains. I asked the FCC chief scientist who has been silenced over cell phone radiation and brain malfunctions if he would send his kids to a school so close to a tower that radiated all day long, he laughed sickly and said no way, as it wasn’t by any stretch of one’s imagination rocket science. So for years, the preacher man collected a bunch of money leasing out the high ground while the public school kids basted in wayward radiation. No wonder the report cards are so damn low, as these kids and staff have been guinea pigs. But now it’s gone, because the preacher man wanted to sell the property that had not invested a single penny of taxation. And with a windfall from the sale, again tax free, it will be used to continue destruction of the masses, just like before. It will be used to fry brains, either directly through the lemming population congregation gathering, or indirectly, through greed. One thing we will learn when the smoke of a revolution clears, we should have taxed to death the Church of Satan, which seems to have a thousand different names and can be found on every, once vacant corner. Yes Satan, as my God doesn’t play with another human’s life for a profit!

Monday, September 27, 2010

An Open Letter To Congress

Dear Dick “Zero” Durbin;

There was once upon a time a saying that went like this, “Dick Nixon before he dicks you”! Well it appears that it may be time to rekindle that saying accommodating a name change, like “Dick Durbin before he dicks America”. That is how I felt when you wasted time sending me a correspondence titled “Zero”. Of course maybe you hit the nail on the head. What is produced today from Congress is exactly that, “Zero”. In fact, you and the gang of misfits who think that you truly and honestly represent this country, you go one step further your shenanigans and divide any forward progress by zero, which causes the “divide by zero” error, which confuses the hell out of any righteousness. Look, you can’t blame everything anymore on the failed GOP! It is a lie when you take to free speech to try and mend your failed agenda, by using the blame game against others. Please, come honest! Bottom line, we are all in this together, not by choice, but through wayward misbehaving, from the Halls of Congress to the Capitol! Bob Dylan sang of an “Idiot Wind”, and it seems that is what is coming from the bowels of Congress, day in and day out. And since you have so much time to waste not worrying about an income, answer me this. In that correspondence, unsolicited, you start off with the following: “As Majority whip, my job is to count votes when it comes down to the wire”. Just where in the Constitution does it specify that “We the People” will pay you and your cohorts in crime a humongous salary to “count votes”? And no, I did not flip when I mentioned the word “Crime”. What is going on today in Congress is criminal. If this country had a justice system aligned with the Constitution and not constipated upon loyalty to lobbyists, you would probably be behind bars, maybe due negligence, maybe guilty by association. You must face the facts. You have allowed for a failed economic system to continue down the doomsday alley. You have allowed for a failed health care reform that will cost us all a whole lot more when the smoke clears away. The Iraq “mission” has failed and more dead kids are returning from their in vain attempt efforts at occupying Afghanistan. It appears that Congress has taken the side of big business, wherein soldiers like workers are expendable and replaceable, but in this case it is the American troop that suffers – with that America pays dearly for nothing in return. As of this correspondence, I have not succeeded in finding a health plan that is not a rip-off, so I have not health care and it is by choice. This is something you and your family, possibly the pooch included, does not worry upon. And those that are afraid, they will be paying out a 14% increase, since you passed your silly crap plan. Yes crap, as you have shit on America! You can take the “must have” clause and shove it. In fact, I hope I am the first one targeted with a fine! And I will refuse to pay, then what? Matter of fact, if I get sick, I will just go over to the Alaska Native Hospital for a cure, one of the best kept secrets behind real heath care reform, paid for by the BIA out of taxpayer loot, and this outfit produces a genuine successful product - unlike present day Congress. Why not model health care after a system like this that has not failed? Because this is paid for by the taxpayers, just like your health care, and it will cost too damn much. So you can spend more money on others, like yourselves, then on Americans. So why care, you don’t. I used to be democrat, but your party has failed this country’s mission just like the GOP has failed. So bad that we now see a Tea Party express making inroads. It is sad, that today this is what has become the America we dreamed about as children! This country is no longer a “nation” but a country of embarrassment. And you mention gridlock as the cause and effect? It goes beyond that. If a corporation acted as Congress does, there would be a coup d’├ętat by the shareholders. Do us all a favor, resign and take Pelossi & Reid and…So Obama has failed so is now taking the Bush doctrine to heart. With Bush, besides unwanted wars and something called “No child left behind”, it appears that Obama is using the age old remedy, “If you can’t beat them, join them”. He wants longer hours for kids at school and makes mention that the worst performing teachers should be let go. Hey, get a grip on reality. First, why not clean up the Congress. It would be great if you had longer hours, comparable to what hard working Americans put up with just to make ends meet. Wow, just imagine having an entire month off for summer vacation. Look, most American’s can no longer take time out for a vacation. With stimulus jobs, there is no time off. And if you need time off, that job is gone forever. And talk about weeding out the worst performers? Look, you have failed this once great nation. With gridlock, with failed reforms and failed wars that keep on giving away our future. And you have no one to blame but yourselves, for doing nothing when all the time you had the opportunity to “Change”, but that was asking just a little too much, wasn’t it. Now I could mark that box that keeps your trash rhetoric - a.k.a spam - away from the privacy of my home, but the entertainment factor amuses me. Mark Twain was right, that when not making legislation you and your colleges should be doing time. Get a grip, on your watch, this country has sunk in the standings and Congress does indeed have a “negative” approval! Are you proud of that? Once a country of brotherly love, now a country on gridlock wherein love seems to be replaced by hate speech. And the clock is ticking away my future, my son and daughter’s future, and all you can do is find an interest in counting votes, collecting money for nothing in return, for nothing more than more of the same, “Zero”! Insane it is, and the history books will record it all! In fact, maybe it should be Dick “SubZero” Durbin has it appears you also have sunk way down deep, for allowing your name to be broadcast like spam. PS: I bet you could hire a minimum wager to count votes! And the count would probably be correct, without questionable this and that. Now that is what I call a stimulus packing!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Blood Sucking Bed Bugs

I was hanging out at the Fairbanks’s Interbreed Airport when I noticed something that fell under the definition of “suspicious activity”. Since I was next to the “White TSA used to be customer courtesy phone”, I called in the activity. Wow, there is actually a live person at the end of the hard-wired land line out dated non-Twitter contraption! No robotic interceptor, but a real human. In no time flat an entire cast of TSA henchgoonites came swarming down to disrupt the American dream. Let’s face the facts as life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness has been banned from airports! And like a cancer, the shame appears to be spreading all across this land is my land is your land. I get the creeps when traveling by plane, because of all the surrounding security and the methodical approach that must be learned in efforts to take away the impression that all Americans are terrorists. And this “mission” bold may be coming to a neighborhood near you real soon. At the checkout counter, if one brings a smile onboard, that is an automatic for a TSA pat-down. If a smile is missing, that too brings an elevated frisking opportunity. It has to do with that facial behavior profiling crap. In the beginning, the TSA ranks came from the un-employed and when they were successful to find acceptance under the Federal Workers Union, well now it is becoming a high paid discipline, so is being invaded by out of work NASA scientist that have failed at finding the hole their whole entire life. Anyway, one must find a middle ground mug-shot when maneuvering the security switchback detail. And with that, it bothers me that I am being spied upon, and today it gives me the itch syndrome. But in this case with respect to the “suspicion” and of course fueled high by a little too much concourse vine wine contending with a late plane again, it was my duty to report the activity just like the loud lady advertises annoyingly every 5-seconds on the overhead loudspeakers! Is that really Nancy Pelosi’s voice? But it sounds muffled, like maybe a Botox overdose got in the way. Anyway, the “suspicious activity” was some whispering conversation going on between two state representatives in-line with political views of Joe “Exterminate the Constitution” Miller, Tea-Bagger candidate extraordinaire. They were plotting, as why else would they be trying to hide what was behind their stealth like conversation. They are our representatives - supposedly, or is it just a suggestion like a traffic red light - and it was early in the afternoon, so they were still on the clock. Talk about transparency missing in action. How come state workers’ work week is only 37.5 hours in duration? Whatever happened to the 40-hour workweek? And they get paid for the entire bundle, so it amounts to paid play and no work. I guess we learn from the representative body! Congress works none of the time and gets paid all of the time. Anyway, it was good for a false alarm laugh when the black & blue appeared as it gave them something to do, beyond the normal boredom, like feet checking and trying to decipher just what the hell appears on that x-roid screen. I place a fake dog crap in my carry-on, as it confuses the hell out of the sergeant at arms, and makes for a good laugh when they deem it necessary to check it out! And it appears that the TSA gang can use some exercise, so credit the false alarm as part of the TSA’s get healthy plan! The plane was late again, from Anchorage. I guess this 44-minute flight from Fairbanks to the Anchorage Interracial Airport – Ted’s Palace – is not included in the airlines’ gimmick game for on-time statistics “we care” false advertisement. Anyway, after the excitement, there came a call for early boarding? The plane’s late! Hey, why do grownups ask their kids if they want a spanking? I hear and see it time and time again. A kid misbehaving, because he sat in a dysfunctional Comeau school way too long and is just trying to let some energy escape, and from a little misbehaving comes the question from dad or mom, “Do you want a spanking?”. Of course not! Then came another delay in the already late departure of the plane, something to do with the 1st Class crapper clapper not working. And since those up front can’t use the peon class latrines, the crapper had to be fixed. But a flight attendant argued that it was flushing, OK? So what is with the delay? Then we found out the real reason, as there existed a vacant seat up front, and the plane was intentionally delayed, for another politician. What a load of crap. Then finally, the plane was given the green light. But that was quickly extinguished to amber alert, another security breach. See, somebody left a half open Pepsi bottle at the check-in counter. And that was “suspicious activity”. Wow, TSA was really getting a workout today. In fact, the guy that was now being treated like a criminal was asked to provide a receipt, that the soda was purchased behind bars and not something that was a sneak in, through security. What an embarrassment. So finally we were in the air. Why is it that those on the starboard side of the plane are still trying to see Russia from here? That gives me the creeps also. But that itch I was talking about earlier. it ain’t from the confinement confusion from too much security. No, it’s from bed bugs. See, people sleep at the airports. People sleep in planes. And bedbugs like to travel. So the reason that lady across from me is itching her nylon plastered legs, it’s from bedbugs! And that is what the authorities are not telling us, that the recent “bedbug” scare across America, found in hotels from the mountains to the prairies to the oceans, the seed for this invasion came about by travelers. Look, remember when mice were found in a plane, because there was this cache of food staples? Well, planes have plenty of food for the tiny blood-suckers, human skin and dandruff! Damn, another good name for politicians, the blood sucker that is! Look airlines didn’t get rid of the blankets because of a swine flu scare! It was from early detection of airborne bedbugs, coming to an interracial airport near you. From the legislative halls of shame, we see epidemics, as the fodder of a failed American is providing a wealth of embarrassment for a feeding frenzy, and we suffer more this apocalyptic attack by politicians then a plane of 120 humans in competition with over 10,000 bedbugs! This country is bleeding, due the blood-suckers – which today include the rich, the wealthy influential and the coward landlords, a.k.a. Congress that is supposed to protect the Constitution. But the Joe Miller brigade will do nothing to ease the pain and suffering. What is needed is a Reaction Revolution, without guns. If all hourly workers united and reacted through walkouts, to revolt upon essential things like a decent wage, decent health care, and wherein CEO’s were no longer awarded huge allowances to run corporate America to ruin, then we may be able to wave the flag of glory once again. It is still today the middle-class wage earner that is keeping this country afloat. Unfortunately, we have competition from those that want to destroy all we have worked so hard to achieve. And when an airline robs me my precious time because some high ranking idiot hides behind a state seal, we are being shorted the trinity of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, the things of equality, which is really what this country should be all about. So send in the bugs. And as far as Joe Miller representing this country in Congress, it is the climax of the doomsday scenario, but we have been in that mode of destruction for a long, long time by now from a decrepit deceptive government and it goes to show that the forefathers didn’t realize that Congress may have been a good thing then, but now it has become the ship of fools and maybe we would be better off having bedbugs making the laws. As for the bugs, blood-sucking is a form of survival, but for politicians, vote sucking is just their way of greed survival to have a job of nonsense that requires less work hours per week than any other job on earth, provides for the best of health care, provides for the best of retirement plans, but produces only hate and discontent which is about to topple the future of what was once the nation of “Brotherly Love”. I learned that from my Grandfather, an Irish transplant. I learned that from my father, an Irishman’s son. But what do I have to teach my Irish son, besides the fact that blood suckers have taken over! And in my book, Sarah is not a barracuda but a leach. Joe Miller is not a judge, but a freak show fit only for a WWF match. Beck? What can I say, except idiots are alive and well. And these snake oil preachers, all taking a free ride on the draining American spirit! Maybe it is time for a redefining of “terrorists” as it is indeed “suspicious activity”.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Micro-Wave Airlines

So as this elbowroom-less contraption, corporation successful at fitting 10 pounds of crap in a 1 pound bag, as this flying cylinder completes its mission and touches down at Ted’s place with 120 passengers aboard, I hear about 180 phones start to ring. The math is right, as some feel it necessary to carry not one but several communicating gizmos. Was that a ringtone fart or is somebody sick? Now when the “airplane mode” is defeated upon touchdown, in order for a cell phone to work, it searches for a link in all directions. During this wakeup roaming call – due competition from local communication companies – the gizmo is automatically boosted to the high power alert mode. So for a few seconds as the plane is taxing towards the docking station, I am being cooked alive, from the micro-wave energy emitted because people are stuck with separation anxiety and have to get “Service”. And since airplanes work by the lift off principle and that is directly proportional to weight, planes utilize aluminum style frames, which finds an affinity with micro-wave energy. So when a plane touches down, of the x-amount of watts transmitted for but a short duration, there is a good percentage that is reflected back into the fuselage, and humans are once again the guinea pigs of technology. In fact, some countries that are concerned about their citizen’s health, these countries – U.S.A. not included – they are trying to convince that using a cell phone in a vehicle is not safe, not due inattentiveness at the wheel but due the proven fact that the brain has an affinity to the micro-wave energy – called absorption. When you place a piece of bread in a kitchen micro-wave oven, it too finds an affinity to the klystron waves emitted, and cooks hot and fast! So there is now the recommendation that external antennas should be used in all vehicles, in efforts to channel the interfering energy away from the brain waves. And it is well known that brain waves can go wacko when interfered upon, just look at the U.S. Congress at work. And it is already established that too much cell phone use can cause ED. Now I get confused with this one, as ED can mean two different things, explosive diarrhea or erectile dysfunction? I believe the former one is already tagged to cell phones but tests indicate that Viagra is used in case the phone fails! It was great getting on the plane from Fairbanks. You could tell the chief flight attendant didn’t like cell phones or Sarah Palin. She had a tan, natural, so she was from a different country, like U.S.A. See, Alaska is no longer part of the Union, as this state with its block-head politician and crooks, like Sarah, this state has become the base for treason seekers. L.A. has the blood and chimp gangs. New York the mafia. Alaska? Miller time! Anyway, the attentive attendant was mimicking a Sarah Palin like voice during the pre-liftoff instructions. “Dear passengers, as we fly south to Anchorage, today we will have a test! For those sitting at the right hand of god, I mean Sarah, we are testing the fact that Arnold could not see Russia from Alaska, and that confused him. Now with the elevated vantage point at 30,000 feet, maybe we can help out. For those on the left side of the plane, look hard to see if you can find anything that would make Joe Miller a bonafide American”. It was good for a laugh, but the frowns on some were testament that this is Teabag central. But this is the real crux of this correspondence. I ask, who owns the arm rests? See, this has got to be the ultimate test question upon capitalism. When in 1st class, there is no test, as each seat has enough room for two and a half people, or a normal American on overweight duty, as obesity has targeted 51% of the population. I heard a good one the other day. Even if America went on a diet, and obesity became a thing of the past, it still would not lower medical insurance premiums? It doesn’t compute. Anyway, take three traveling Americans. With three seats, it means only 4 arm rests total to share. Now if a window or isle candidate, by virtue of eminent domain, chalk one arm rest up in ownership. So it boils down to two rest stops, with four arms! Maybe the airlines should install timers, so we share! Now with all the political fibbing going on, this could be the test question of all times. But they would go confused, as most likely they have no idea what it is like to be part of the pigeon economy class. Now ask them about knee pads, then they know what they are talking about and proud of it. Anyway, I am writing a protest letter to the FCC, to find out what is meant by ED!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Snake Oil & Treason

Sometimes I wonder why the present day “Justice” system seems to promote injustice as an American theme, like a pastime, more in tune to a true tragedy! As a resident of Alaska, I find it disturbing at the same time disgusting that U.S. Representative Don Young had to spend over a million bucks to defend himself, with high-powered D.C. attorneys at his side for the past two years, and in the end the lawman found nothing? Answer me this, why would a powerful politician have to forfeit away that kind of money if he didn’t do anything wrong? And when the lawman said they would not prosecute Bill Allen, for sex crimes with enough forward evidence that made the AIH owner and pervert Boehm look like he was innocent by degree for the same mistreatment upon young girls and boys just out of diapers, I started to question the integrity of the lawman and the entire posse. Like crime was vogue and victims are just that, victimized, with non-indictments causing above and beyond pain and suffering, to the victims! Attacked once and again. And for the most part, these non-indictments are not due lack of evidence, but lack of duty! Now if Ben Stevens gets off the hook, then my sentiment that this system is beyond broke, including Congress, it reverberates that maybe America, “my country ‘tis of thee” is indeed in dire straits to hell. And when the lawman is missing in action treason upon this nation, what are we supposed to do? I am talking this nitwit preacher that made his ten minutes claim to fame by calling for a Quran burning protest to remember the attacks of 911. This guy is a fruitcake. Why he has a following, it points to the fact that this country’s lemmings are desperate, for something. When we can no longer find faith and credibility upon our elected officials, then people resort to snake oil for a remedy, for comfort. It is like heroin, as it eases the pain but is addictive, and the addicts want more. Maybe it has indeed become the House of Reprehensible, wherein the “Lawman” has been tamed to work with them and not against in efforts to uphold justice. Honestly, Mark Twain was right, that when not making lobbyists happy, the entire representative body should be doing time! It takes only a single individual to call the bluff, but I guess there is not a statesmen anywhere near the House that wants to make a difference. When Congress finds only a 10% approval, what gives? If a business had that same rating upon its executives, there would have already commenced a coup d’├ętat! But this freak show preacher that wants to cause even more pain and suffering, upon this land is your land is my land with possible re-kindling of and intensifying global “hate” and laughter upon this country’s ridiculousness in the category of brotherly love, the lawman should have quelled this “hate” speech, to subdue the laughter heard abroad.  All the liberals who have spoken up against such lunacy - the book burning - that is good but why come to this idiot’s defense? As to insist that it is free-speech, you are crapping on the Constitution. It is not what the 1st Amendment allows. Yes, the Bill of Rights informs that “Congress shall make no law prohibiting or abridging the freedom of speech” but in Alaska as may be the test in most states with a sidearm “state” Constitution, that same “freedom” is protested to some extent by qualifiers, like “Every person may freely speak, write, and publish on all subjects, being responsible for the abuse of that right.” So it has a checks and balance built in, the abuse responsibility attribute! If you say something that causes others pain and suffering, you are guilty of that abuse, as a crime upon the Constitution.  Guilty upon the merits of contributory negligence fits the crime scene for those that have diarrhea of the mouth. Now even though following pressure from GOP goons, and snake oil ministers like Beck and Palin - that used the book burning call to further their desperate agenda to disenfranchise normalcy wherein bozos on the Beck bus to “Nowhere” plan to stop at nothing in efforts to ruin this country - the preacher said he would renege, and forget about the marshmallow roasting campfires planned for this day, in remembrance of 911! But with that already said, he made it clear and convincing that the word was out, that the call for the book burning had made the point to the Muslim community. Hey idiots that don’t understand, Mohamed Ali, the greatest boxer of all times, he was MUSLIN! And Beck thinks he is this Constitutional scholar, using the chalkboard as a prop, like he is a teacher. The guy is a lunatic. Just listen to what he is saying, Nothing! And when Beck and Palin are allowed to continue on, they are fostering a new generation of lunatics. Just like Jones, and his Quran burning. Look at Treason defined: “against the United States shall consist only in levying war against them, or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort.” When snake oil preachers like Jones, Beck and Palin call for hate upon a religious sect with a strong congregation in areas of engagement due the Bush doctrine of “hate thy neighbors”, then it places our troops abroad in harm’s way, that is treason, as it intensifies that “levying of war”. When somebody pisses off a faction that has a mainstay in a theater of U.S. military occupation, like Afghanistan and Iraq, then it is not free–speech, but treason speech. Just read the Constitution. So the lawman may be derelict with some duties, due manpower and or budgetary constraints, but why are Beck, Palin and Jones allowed to enjoy freedom outside incarceration? The litmus test is secure, as without the “hate” speech, there is not a return on these idiots’ investment, to ruin America. So why Beck and Palin and Jones are still free, it is beyond preposterous. It goes to show that the justice system is broke, as when Congress is broke, there is no “mission” and the entire body of government goes on “tilt”! The cowards of hate, they have been front and center the “hate” train that is gaining speed and roaring out loud and out of control across this nation, leaving in its tracks a society bent on “hate”, which should never become an American pastime. It is time that we as a powerful nation refrain away from this direction of deceit, else that roar will sink the very ship it is supposed to protect, wherein “freedom at last” will be but a dream once again. Since Palin came on the scene, her speech has excited riots. When she appeared in Anchorage this past weekend, to introduce Beck for a HSK(Hate Speech Klan) rally, there came an increase in violence, from brawls and shootings, like she brings upon society a spell, like the “wicked witch of the North”. She is nothing less a wicked witch evil being, as is Beck a devil in disguise, and they profit from false prophets, like Jones. Isn’t it time to call a truce! Let’s face it Mr. Jones, look what the Brits did to this country? But they have become this country’s strongest ally, so when is enough just that enough? When the jails are filled with hate mongers, then maybe we will be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. We as a nation, a powerful nation, we should be setting the example towards prosperity, not towards doom and gloom. On a global scale, if we fail at trying to attempt a brotherly love mandate, then we become no different than Germany under Hitler. And when Palin & Beck show what they stand for, it stinks of rotting corpses from death camps. Enough said, just look at what man could accomplish if we were all working together? War, hate, they are tools of the devil that subdues mankind’s advancements in society. We are by the non-hatred doctrine, social, which leads to socialism, which shares the wealth of this earth. That is the problem many followers of Beck & Palin cannot come to grips with, sharing.  I ask this, does the provider believe in greed? And someday, we will see why we were wrong with Capitalism. Answer me this, do you see the word “Capitalist” anywhere in the Constitution? No, as that is trumped by words like a Republic, a Democracy. That is who we are, and Not some freak-show Palin, Beck, Jones love affair with hate, where take it while you can I’m taking it all with me seems to be their only agenda and mission, and that doesn’t work in the end! These goons are the true modern day preachers of Treason, and their fame is our confusion, and that can lead to a disconnect, wherein we let the train of doom pass GO and our children suffer! I am not wrong this assessment upon justice, as if the system worked, Beck and Palin would be by now a bad dream gone away, and the Constitution would be once again saved the wrath of tyranny, from snake oil abuse!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Beck, Palin, Joe Miller Campaign Slogan


Thursday, September 9, 2010

Anchorage Code Enforcement Police

The following complaint was lodged with the Municipality of Anchorage Code Enforcement Division on September 7th, this year against Joe Miller:

Appears “Joe Miller for U.S. Senate” has set up a secret campaign office at ABBOTT LOOP COMMUNITY PARK, on Elmore Road. For most of the summer, I have been informed that a 5th wheel trailer has occupied the parking lot, painted to resemble the “Joe Miller” campaign, with the red waves like those found on his campaign posters and web-site. Also, the surrounding property has seen “Joe Miller for U.S. Senate “signs posted around the trailer, as if the owner takes ownership this MOA property. There has been a van with posters strategically positioned to welcome those that use the park. The intent it appears is to campaign and not just advertise one’s preference for candidacy. This park sees many, especially the crowds at the ball parks. This can have undue influence upon election outcomes. One hiker said she witnessed an individual passing out “Joe Miller for U.S. Senate” paraphernalia, at this MOA property. This practice should be stopped. Even though the trailer owner may be a bonafide caretaker, he has not the right to political campaigning, as he is a guest and not a property owner this park. If fines or penalties can be levied, the individual responsible for this should be tried as should Joe Miller be held responsible. Thanks…

Monday, September 6, 2010

Miller Campaign Central

Joe Miller had set up a "Joe Miller for Senate" Campaign headquarters at the Abbott Loop Community Park, which over the course of the campaign saw hundreds of park goers, along with hundreds of parents of kids playing ball. This property belongs to the "Munincipality of Anchorage", under Parks & Recreation, but there was never any attempt to stop this "illegal" campaigning. Is this what is needed in Congress, more lawbreakers?

Joe Miller Lawbreaker!

The SYSTEM is broke. After so many years of lawmakers - a.k.a. politicians of today - taking on the role of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, wherein they “hide” their true identity in efforts to fake out the general populace, to sway votes their way, it has weakened the U.S.S. America to the brink of disaster. Freedom at last is the political crooks slogan. As they gain, we loose out that freedom. America suffers as they go for broke and break every law of the land. The end effect, which we are seeing center stage nowadays, is that breaking the law is, it appears vogue! Case in point: Any American that wears the honor to be identified with the Constitution knows that there comes by virtue of citizenship rules and regulations for reason, like for campaigning. If it is my land is not your land, I can place about any kind of campaign stuff around and about “my territory” to show off who I admire, allowed under the 1st Amendment. But public lands and lands under the Constitution are different, as there exists a separation away from campaigning, as under the “public” is the domain exclusion, without political affiliation. Now Joe Miller is against welfare, against free handouts, against anything free, except his so-far free ticket in life. So here we find a Miller supporter, a freeloader upon the “public” domain, who spends his time during the summer accepting free room and board, as a caretaker of “our” land. It was once an elusive entry to the BLM Campbell Tract, but under protest was turned into a ball park, so with concession stands to contribute toward kid obesity – like 2000 calorie pop and 5000 calorie dogs – a caretaker is required to take care of the crap. See homeless people live nearby, as they were kicked out of the downtown area, for fear their presence would scare the tourist trade. So they were relocated to the neighborhoods. And when it comes to hunger… it used to be “Buddy can you spare a dime?”, sure! So caretakers take care of the hungry, by guarding the food cache at the park. But this freeloader “caretaker” thinks it is his alone domain, with that he feels free to break the laws, the campaigning laws. And this is a ballpark visited nightly by hundreds of would be Americans – with kids in tow! So right there in the middle of Abbott Loop Community Park – under the auspices of the Municipality of Anchorage Parks & Recreation – sits this monstrous 5th wheel trailer, covered with stars and stripes and showing off “Joe Miller” for something posters. All illegal campaigning and Joe gets elected! I wonder why! But this is what has happened on “our” watch! Politicians have made representation a crying shame game. It was too bad that Ted could not live out his life in peace. But he was still at it, a prostitute for the rich. Look, Ron Duncan was a whoremaster, wherein he used his exclusive “once public” fishing lodges as whorehouses for the rich and lobbyist like activities, wining and dining political clout just to get politicians to make laws upon communications legislation that made him rich, and he just wanted to get richer. Look, my phone bill is now more expensive then my energy bills, so why do people complain about heating and not about tweeting, or whatever it is called? Bottom-line, politics has placed upon us a grip, a disease of sorts. It a plague, like a true “black death”. If we all learned to obey and follow the rules and regulations, regardless of how such are abused by this country’s so-called and ordained statesmen, then maybe we could turn things around, by thinking differently that if you can’t beat them then join them. We need to take back what is right by right. If all of us started obeying the laws, obeying the rules, and realizing that the “mission” here is to make America what it was once all about, that brotherly and sisterly love is above GOD, is global, as that is all the Creator wanted, LOVE and nothing else - then maybe we could feel sorry for the Joe Millers of society, and spare a dime instead of them wasting our time!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Impersonating an Officer

So some guy, legally insane, gets 70-months in prison for impersonating an ARMY officer! This occurred when he found it worked, when a bridge collapse required 1st responders to the scene, so he impersonated an officer, in efforts to help out. Hey, when a bridge collapses and 14 people find death, help is needed and welcome from any available source. So heeding the sound for help, he became the liaison between state and Federal on scene commanders. Maybe this temporary occupation merely fulfilling a dream and or fantasy, that he could help his brothers and sisters when needed. That sentence for helping out, it meant 5-years plus! I guess it meant 3-squares a day. It seems maybe a medal would be more appropriate. But that is the fallout when the justice system gets approval for privatization, as it is a business that relies on incarceration terms that are indeed cruel and unusual. So again on the lam, he was found up in Deadhorse, Alaska, oil country, for outstanding warrants, for once again impersonating an officer. So, why is it that this guy spends time in the slammer, when at the same time a bunch of crooks are “impersonating a Senator”? Look, Mark Twain was right-on our representation – derelicts! The only problem, he held that sentiment some many years ago. So we see a continued erosion upon this seat holding legislation making system that has become fit for those qualified as bonafide “crooks”. Here is a solution. When you are driving down the road and being tailed by a police, you drive a little more appropriately and cautiously. Straight as can be, abiding by the speed limits and traffic signals, realizing that the individual behind you has the power to make life miserable. So maybe that is what is needed, somebody to police the Congress. That is US, it is already in place. But why has it failed so miserably? We take Pride in the fact that we are Americans under the almighty Constitution. We have Integrity, but not the Guts to reign in this cowardly and abusive club that allows the “PIGsty“ representative body of today the power to consume the good of America, to spit out afterbirth legislation that sees ethics as a suggestion and with no idea what this country is all about. There is no Constitutional representation today, not with the democrats, the republicans or the tea-leafs trying to impersonate GOD and his disciples. How come Glen Beck isn’t in prison, for impersonating a human? The sad thing, we pay the crooks of Congress for doing what they do best, freeloading. And yes, impersonating is the name of their game, so maybe jail time is indeed needed as a post-requisite requirement, for those pre-occupied serving time being un-American while the same time at the helm. And the insane find that helping out “Good Samaritan” style is unacceptable. Hey, didn’t George Bush impersonate a U.S. President, Commander-in-Chief, why is he still a free man today?

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Glen Beck Not a Fool!

Glen Beck is no fool, it's his following. In tribute, thanks to Dylan, here is my take on Glen the Fake:

Standing on the water, casting your bread
While the eyes of the idol with the iron head are glowing
Distant ships sailing into the mist
You were born with a snake in both of your fists while a hurricane was blowing
Freedom just around the corner for you
But with truth so far off, what good will it do.

Jokerman dance to the nightingale tune
Bird fly high by the light of the moon
Oh, oh, oh, Jokerman.

So swiftly the sun sets in the sky
You rise up and say goodbye to no one
Fools rush in where angels fear to tread
Both of their futures, so full of dread, you don't show one
Shedding off one more layer of skin
Keeping one step ahead of the persecutor within.

Jokerman dance to the nightingale tune
Bird fly high by the light of the moon
Oh, oh, oh, Jokerman.

You're a man of the mountain, you can walk on the clouds
Manipulator of crowds, you're a dream twister
You're going to Sodom and Gomorrah
But what do you care ? Ain't nobody there would want marry your sister
Friend to the martyr, a friend to the woman of shame
You look into the fiery furnace, see the rich man without any name.

Jokerman dance to the nightingale tune
Bird fly high by the light of the moon
Oh, oh, oh, Jokerman.

Well, the Book of Leviticus and Deuteronomy
The law of the jungle and the sea are your only teachers
In the smoke of the twilight on a milk-white steed
Michelangeo indeed could've carved out your features
Resting in the fields, far from the turbulent space
Half asleep near the stars with a small dog licking your face.

Jokerman dance to the nightingale tune
Bird fly high by the light of the moon
Oh, oh, oh, Jokerman.

Well, the rifleman's stalking the sick and the lame
Preacherman seeks the same, who'll get there first is uncertain
Nightsticks and water cannons, tear gas, padlocks
Molotow cocktails and rocks behind every curtain
False-hearted judges dying in the webs that they spin
Only a matter of time 'til the night comes stepping in.

Jokerman dance to the nightingale tune
Bird fly high by the light of the moon
Oh, oh, oh, Jokerman.

It's a shadowy world, skies are slippery gray
A woman just gave birth to a prince today and dressed him in scarlet
He'll put the priest in his pocket, put the blade to the heat
Take the motherless children off the street
And place them at the feet of a harlot
Oh, Jokerman, you know what he wants
Oh, Jokerman, you don't show any response.

Jokerman dance to the nightingale tune
Bird fly high by the light of the moon
Oh, oh, oh, Jokerman.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Mom & Pop Fatal Flaw

On May 24th, Texas based Pioneer Natural Resources delivered to appropriate State & Federal officers a response to allegations of illegal “dumping” at its Oooguruk oil exploration and production facility located in Harrison Bay, on Alaska’s North Slope – in the still pristine Colville River delta. This report, the company’s 2nd response to such allegations, no longer denies the “dumping” concerns and admits that a “fatal flaw”- not by any means a mechanical breakdown but through human error - allowed 48,000 gallons(>1000BBls) of used glycol to be “dumped” down-hole in a production reservoir to which no permit was on hand to allow such, therefore a candidate for “sham” recycling - when there is no other way to get rid of un-wanted used fluids. Accordingly, the “fatal flaw” concept is based on operators that knew not the laws, according to the attorney writing the report. That is pure Bullshit! They were told to do it by senior representatives of the company. In the same report, it does not deny the possibility that it was more likely than not humanly possible on several occasions to allow non-exempt Class I waste to enter the production stream and end up being transported down the TAPS – measured as “crude oil”! Waste for a profit. Class I waste shipped to Valdez! Again, the report attributing yet another “fatal flaw” upon the operation’s operators, as the cause behind this no longer deniable scenario. Again, pure cover-thy-corporate-ass Bullcrap! There are also weak responses to dead bird allegations, a “Trust Us” cover-up try with respect to the “100-year flood” hitting the man-made exploration and production island after a single season along with allegations denied of sick caribou and admittance of un-accounted for gas venting at this project, the 1st Independent to brave where no “Independent” has braved before. The same entities that U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski is trying to defend by denying increased liability caps for environmental damages! The same type of “mom & pop” entity that was so welcome by state Representatives Meyers and Samuels, welcoming in the “Independents”, wherein “Alaska is at the beginning of this transition period and the success of a company like Pioneer will demonstrate to others that a smaller company can succeed in Alaska.” Sure looks like it, but at what expense? When a company takes sides to atrocities, by taking the side of management that made un-clear and stupid decisions based on economics over ethics, and the low-life operators take the blame, this kind of organization has no right to operate or work in this state! But who is watching what goes on? And it appears as though intimidation has entered the picture, as somebody is not telling the truth. When the outside State & Federal investigation delivers subpoenas wherein operators will have to testify under oath, then maybe they will not be afraid to tell the truth and nothing but the truth, so help me….

Saturday, May 22, 2010

BP - Good Corporate Citizen

On February 18th, this year, British Petroleum on its own accord and through recommendations from the BP “Office of the Ombudsman”, filed a complaint of “Potential Violations of Environmental Regulations” based on received “credible information” that “Non-Exempt Class I Waste” may have been introduced into the crude oil stream that makes its way into the Trans-Alaska-Pipeline. This possibly illegal activity was not from a BP owned, operated or affiliated facility, but from a “mom & pop” operations that is basically operating on Alaska’s northern coast-line without the slightest bit of regulatory on-site over-sight, or for that matter, any care upon its operation in efforts at following the rules and regulations that govern such disposal. As 51% owner of the TAPS, BP intervened and as stated, as a “good corporate citizen”. An investigation by the authorities is on-going? Why the authorities with jurisdiction have not closed down this operation until it is proven it cannot happen again is another piece of evidence that “Drill Baby Drill” is out of control, wherein regulations are just a suggestion. So kudos to BP! BP gives its employees, its contractors all the tools to do things right, like the "Office of the Ombudsman", avenues to voice concerns without retaliation. But when people are afraid to speak up, when workers are afraid to voice a concern fearing their jobs, when low-life scum-bag contractors make it impossible for workers to use what is available, we end up with disasters that could have and should have been avoided.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Limited Liability Lisa!

Date April 16th, 2010

Dear Pam,

Thank you very much for contacting Senator Murkowski’s office suggesting we look at the report pertaining to Oooguruk oil development policies. Staff at the Senate Energy and Natural resources Committee will do so at the Senator’s request. Again, thank you for bringing this report to our attention.


Office of Senator Lisa Murkowski202-224-6665.

Note to the interested: The report was filed with the AOGCC on March 12th, 2010

Saturday, May 15, 2010

"Mom & Pop" Alaskan Style

If you are asking yourself and others what MoanaLisa MurCowski is talking about with this “mom & pop” oil business, she is referring to the “Independents”! If you want to learn about the “Independents” in Alaska, it is recommended that you take an interest in an essay titled, “Alaska’s Deadliest Sin”, on record and accessible through the State of Alaska’s “Open Records” statute and available at the Alaska Oil & Gas Conservation Commission’s library. Copying costs apply. By the way, get the colored re-copy, as the “blood on the tundra” really gets the point across to what is happening when low budget outfits with not so deep pockets infiltrate where “Big Oil” has maintained some semblance of environmental stewardship…..Or as a U.S. Taxpayer, call MurCowski and request a free copy of the “Sin” along with the Independent’s rebuttal upon environmental concerns, as her office has a copy and according to the following letter of response:

Dear Pam,

Thank you very much for contacting Senator Murkowski’s office suggesting we look at the report pertaining to Oooguruk oil development policies. Staff at the Senate Energy and Natural resources Committee will do so at the Senator’s request. Again, thank you for bringing this report to our attention.

Office of Senator Lisa Murkowski

If no luck from the Senator’s office:

AOGCC Library
333 W. 7th Ave., Suite 100
Anchorage, Alaska 99501
Contact: 907-279-1433

PS: Even though the Independent named in this essay has responded to allegations of environmental problems, “nothing substantiated”, they are now trying to come up with a good excuse to amend the original response to the agencies, as everything called out in the “Sin” was true to some extent. Back-tracking is the name of the game now…..Bottom line, if it can happen in the Gulf, it can happen anywhere!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Satan Palin Fan Club

The Satan Palin Fan Club membership is out of control! I am talking the “Drill Baby Drill” mainstream tea party getting non-where mentality. Just because I posted an S.O.S. Alaskan Environmental Alert upon irresponsible “near-shore” oil development, it appears the cranks are coming out of the rotten wood work:

“You are a scumbag. You work here, this facility and company pay your rent. If it offends you so much leave. Your departure will make us all much happier, you goddam rat!”

And upon contributing to a complicated issue relating to “Our” oil and compensation:

“Do you receive a Permanent Fund Dividend check? I thought so. Why don't you go f*ck yourself? You are an oil whore just like XXXXXXX Natural Resources and you prove it every time you beg for that PFD money and every time you sign your name to that check.”

I guess it is just a good old exercise upon that 1st Amendment, or is it an exorcism, or true-grit existentialism!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

"Alaska's Deadliest Sin" Published

Alaska’s “Deadliest Sin”

This “An Essay for Conservation” documents what to expect behind a “Drill Baby Drill” mentality – a.k.a. Alaska’s “Deadliest Sin”. The snap-shot above was taken by a thermal imaging camera during a “controlled” crude oil well test at one of the few “Near-Shore” oil development projects on-going today upon Alaska’s northern coastline by the Independents. For days, hydrocarbon saturated constituents went airborne, most likely condensing and falling out upon the plankton filled waters of Harrison Bay. An opportunity for an out-of-sight and out-of-control mindset fostering environmental corruption. Because it is not regulated, there is no protection afforded this type of atrocity upon the nearby ecosystem. This is not off-shore, but “Near-Shore” development that should have now placed upon it an unforgiving moratorium, in line with those of “Offshore” concerns.

Alaska’s “Deadliest Sin”, is HERE!

Caution: Scenes may be disturbing and should be interpreted with caution.
e-mail to for download exchange.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Big Bad Wolf

Wolves are not the only predators causing havoc these days here in Alaska. Believe it or not yes you should, an oil company fits the definition. Predatory: - adj, a prey, 1] of, living by, or characterized by plundering or robbing. Hear ye, hear ye, now comes the Webstonian facts: A few years ago, Pioneer Natural Resources spoon fed the state legislatures with glossy slide-screen shows along with friendship letters from local businesses, in efforts to get the go ahead green light to develop what is called the Oooguruk Unit, as far east as one can trespass on Alaska’s North Slope. It was an oil resource lease out in East Harrison Bay, of the Colville River Delta. For those unfortunate to not yet venture this far off the beaten track, it is part of the North American Serengeti - the greatest nest on earth! Through Alaska’s “Oil Exploration & Exploitation” history, this lease area has seen interest by ARCO, EXXON and Texaco. But even though oil was found, not in quantities that fit the corporate profit margin portfolio, so foolish from an economic standpoint. So many of the leases were abandoned, expired or sold off. Pioneer, a Texas based energy company, was the 1st Independent to brave this stubborn reservoir along with a logistics nightmare as stubborn as the “stuck oil” under the permafrost, problems galore inherent when producing oil off a man-made island. It all goes along with the new-age “Drill Baby Drill” mentality, which means the state went lenient in efforts to entice the ”Independents” into a market that had been controlled “off limits” for over 30-years by “Big Oil”. One of the concessions was a decrease in the “In-Value Royalty”. That in a nutshell is the money the state gets from giving away the resources, to supply and replenish your PFD! For the first time in Alaskan history, this “royalty” was dropped, to the lowest allowed by state statutes, from 16.5% to a low of 5%. If this were to happen to all oil leases on the North Slope, it would mean a drastic reduction in state revenue, wherein your PFD would be but a pittance of what it is today, probably whither away to nothing. Now this “relief” is something not even the major oil companies found success upon, including an attempt by BP on the Milne Point oil reserve. So armed with concessions, Pioneer set out and last year started producing oil, upwards 10,000 barrels per day. It has been a success story, so far. Costly, as it appears the planning was weak, so instead of a 450-million forecast, twice that by now. But poor planning is not this state’s responsibility or for that matter, our problem. And the state should not share the burden of such. Now what is coming up out of the ground for Pioneer at its Oooguruk production site, it is nothing in comparison to what the majors’ produce, but at $80 dollars a barrel, the math suggests that it is paying for itself handsomely. All the “OohRah” when the royalty relief pitch hit the legislatures like a curve ball, it was based on $44 dollar a barrel oil. Today, it is almost twice that! With that said, the likelihood of relief granted today would be but a waste of time and talent, to “OohRah” the governing bodies responsible for awarding or denying “royalty relief”. It wouldn’t happen! And even though the state allowed royalty relief with the caveat that it can renege on the relief when it is no longer needed, the formula for increasing is very complicated and there exists a time element of surprise. From the looks of things, I doubt if ever that figure increases to the extent favorable, wherein Alaskan’s are guaranteed getting their money’s worth. Through unchallengeable language in the State Constitution, the resources belong to the people of this state and shall benefit from extraction, thus comes the “Royalty” guarantee. It is a “Guaranteed”! Now it was sad that the state bent over, as it is not fair. Why? It is ours! And most recently, the few Pioneer “direct” workers engaged in the Alaska Operations were allowed a bonus, based on the Oooguruk Unit doing better then expected. The contractors on the project, some performing the same jobs as the “directs – a workforce 3 times that of the parent company – for their labors they do not enjoy that bonus. And the bonus was company wide, wherein people down Texas garnished a bonus, on our account! So it is time to fight back, to get the “Royalty” moving back up the money tree, for us, instead of sending it to others - many that live outside. It is our duty to take matters forward: If you feel like not getting ripped off, copy the below letter and send it to Department of Natural Resources asking for the Commissioner to revisit the “Royalty Relief” based on present day economics, the price of oil and statistical data that is pretty convincing that relief is no longer allowable, as bonuses negate a real need for relief and such giveaway programs do not serve the state in its “sworn” efforts to collect for resource development.

Thomas E. Irwin/Commissioner
Department of Natural Resources
550 W. 7th Ave., Suite 1400
Anchorage, Alaska 99501

Dear Commissioner Tom;

On or about December 16th, 2005, Pioneer Natural Resources was approved “Royalty Relief” for engaging in Exploration & Production on its Oooguruk Unit located in East Harrison Bay on Alaska’s North Slope. The royalty was decreased to the lowest allowed by state statutes, namely 5%. The Oooguruk project economics along with the royalty relief request scenario was based on oil prices much lower then what appears upon the commodities/energy market today. Furthermore, it is suspect that the 5% “minimum” may be flawed and in practice provide less then required by state statutes, after considering the “Processing Services Agreement” losses and risks computed on the net oil receipts produced by Pioneer, upon which the Oooguruk Unit is assessed for royalty and taxation. In the loss and risk category, sometimes the results are conveniently being generated by a “model” instead of an actual measurement, results that have not been witnessed by a 3rd party oversight. And since nobody in the state is privy to this “confidential” agreement, it is suspect that it may be inaccurate not on Pioneer’s behalf, thus the state loses out. Furthermore, Pioneer most recently awarded all its employees, Alaska and elsewhere, an incentive bonus ranging from 6% and higher computed off of base salaries. With that bonus showing the company doing well, possibly from profits forecast from the Oooguruk Unit development, it is time to revisit the “royalty relief” as such revisiting is allowed, justified and required to reassess whether or not the allowances given yesterday and in effect today find Alaska loosing out to what belongs to and is rightfully the citizens, in this case the developed resources’ value through royalty garnishment.

S. Pam MaGee/Concerned Alaska Citizen Kane

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mayor Sullivan Breaks Record

No it wasn’t a land speed record, it was the record on “How Fast Can You Spend $193,000” of somebody else’s money! Really, Dan says he can’t give it back, the check that didn’t bounce even though the city is broke because Mark Begich supposedly lied to the creditors so we have to spend money on idiot litigation when all the time it is a rare seen nowadays to see a snowplow in and around Anchorage proper. Talk about priorities gone south. And since when was it possible to steal and have such a lame excuse? Look, Dan knows it was stealing, he is a businessman. Maybe this is like how the Mafia got started. And since when does stealing from the public provide such immunity away from prosecution? Can you imagine if crooks, like Dan, start to use this as an excuse? “Sorry folks, the moneys been distributed”. It appears that the taxpayers have been screwed again on top of again trumped by once again and again. Like monkey see, monkey do, this is Sullivan’s home-grown “bail-out” program. Why is it that the taxpayers’ money is no longer safe? Isn’t the U.S. Treasury supposed to be a safe haven upon our income being taxed? I can see giving away the “keys to the city” to a sport’s team after a championship or bringing home a national title, but giving the U.S. Treasury “PIN” number to Wall Street, it isn’t right. I have an idea. Remember the last time you purchased a music CD, or an electronic contraption like a mouse or “thumb drive”? It takes almost dynamite to open up the packaging, as it must be so designed in efforts to thwart away crooks, as it gets frustrating, and if in a hurry to “distribute” it could prove to be detrimental to Sullivanomics 101, defined as “I’m a little runt, daddy their picking on me, so I will show them a thing or two.” I hope the leprechaun’s vomit and crap all over his club come this St. Patrick’s Day, as he is an embarrassment to the green. Anyway, maybe the Treasury along with this state’s money should be secured, just like the gimmicks. Wrapped to frustration, maybe with heat shrink, embedded with one of those security “shoplifting” gizmo’s that alarms aloud “He’s a crook” when trying to go through the front exit, whatever; just to show the crooks that it isn’t pawn star material and you must have an IQ greater then UNO to open it up. So Sullivan tops the scale when it comes to outrageousness. Hey, I have a memo that says this and that? Is it worth anything, not unless I can fool the people some of the time and cajole myself into office then use that position to acquire more personal wealth at the expense of the taxpayers, sounds just like a member of Congress! Maybe Dan is just practicing.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Corporate Condom

So some “Greenies” went arrested for letting aloft a giant balloon down at the Hart Building in D.C., the U.S. Senate hangout. This is where the representative body plays hooky when not engaged in gainful legislative matters, which is most of the time nowadays, this dereliction upon their sworn duties to up-hold the People’s Constitution. The life, liberty and pursuit of happiness clause has been left to rot, trumped an immaterial bother by corporate criminals – a.k.a. lobotomized lobbyists defined as ex-representatives that couldn’t make it on a $175,000 dollars a year salary along with free medical & dental health care, all courtesy the American Taxpayers, so resigned that low paying job to become a “lobbyist”, after tweaking the rules to favor their new position. See, this elitist body thinks they can dine on steak while the rest of America can no longer afford even baloney and must beg for soup bones. Answer me this. If a corporation is indeed a “person”, how come that “person” has more say-so power then my say-so power? I bet there exists still today secret underground passageways from the Hart Building to “K” Street. Also known as “KY Jelly” Street, where all those “slick” stick it to America deals took place. Tom Delay was the “Madam”, as representatives became whores, their clientele corporate America. I bet Ted and Don had their very own high speed shuttle to the brothel, to satisfy their hunger to enjoy back-door rape upon the Constitution. It was at this once secret location where the criminals planned to sell away our future. It appears that success is closing in. They win, we loose. “We” herein the middle class hard working salt of the earth genuine human beings that have made such a difference for this country, and we are being chastised for such endeavors. See, it wasn’t upon “greed” that we based our goals, just a fair share for a hard day’s work. Look, nobody is worth a 3-million salary! Anyway, the “Greenies” balloon advertised MoanaLisa MurCowski’s mug-shot, so dear, take ownership were ownership is due! The way I see it, this balloon was a symbol of her staying power. Like a giant condom used for safe sex NOT, but when applied properly as protection for the corporate giants that keep her unemployed, yes unemployed! As she does nothing for the good of the middle class and makes a handsome bribe while advocating the other side of the fence. And it is a well-lubricated condom and exercised repeatedly, by the EXXONs and the Chevrons providing the stroke. She learned well her dad’s strengths, to treat the citizens as second rate and prioritize above everything else taking that dereliction further as a stand against the American working class for self inflicted interests in favor of the corporate culture. The Mafia has hit men, so does corporate America, our representative body! I bet MoanaLisa still gets advise and advice from Frank, as she has done nothing all her years in Congress, just like her predecessor. Name one thing that Frank accomplished while a U.S. Senator? And Frank despised the EPA, he despised the “GreenPeace” movement. He despised a whole lot of common sense ideologies. Abe Lincoln realized the detriment corporate America would play upon this country, and warned upon it. It has come true. Look at the Iditarod dog sled race as an example. OH look how it has changed, OH so bad. I used to enjoy the race, not anymore, as it has become a challenging sport fan addiction. Let’s face it front and center without cover-up, there isn’t any other professional sport followings worth following here in Alaska. So I guess for “one” day every year Anchoragites can fake it. But those that enjoyed the race of old, hey we stay home and don’t even venture down to fake celebrity row. I believe it should no longer be called the “Last Great Race”, but how about the “Exxon Classic – we ruined the Sound and people still love us”. Having corporate America sponsor this race is pathetic. Look, if it were indeed important as it is historical, the state could pay for it all! We have a Constitutional Budget Reserve that could be tapped into, for the race, it would be worth it - instead of whoring the state out to misfit corporations bent on using the opportunity for “greed”, trust us like “mission accomplished”. And why is Dee Dee letting SHELL ruin her image? Look, SHELL wants to drill and explore in a place not even the Eskimo is willing to relinquish away their concerns. But I guess if you have no concern about letting dogs shit all over the place, my as well let “Big Oil” shit upon pristine oceans. And all these “Iditarod” fake artists that come north to enjoy what was at one time our own enjoyment, it reeks in imposterism - as bad as political nepotism. Another MurCowski family trait. It is a thing of the past, the Iditarod. I did venture down to the Goose Lake observation post, to watch a few teams come up over Northern Lights. But the first team had a dog loose on a harness and lost consciousness when rounding a corner, as a big birch tree just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time – whack.. Poor dog! So that was it for me. It is all for the money nowadays. And corporate America knows how to dish it out, but there is always a catch. See, with all this stuff, when it comes time for the EXXON CEOs to testify upon outrageous motor fuel pricing and not under oath because Ted Stevens is an idiot and should be in jail along with Bill Allen, maybe as a swell-mate, we get not the truth. We get more of the same false advertising. And this is what Abe was eluding upon, this takeover. And why not, as it starts at the top, and if big energy can make a bundle, so what if the heath care insurance companies play the same game and try to catch-up to unreasonable profit gouging. We are being strangled, by greed. It is not “terrorism” that is taking this country down a “Dead End” street of no return, it is “home grown” greed. But that is what Abe saw a long, long time ago and tried to get the point across, but a bullet found him quiet time. And that silence has cost us. But he tried, a whole lot more then what the entire cast of misfit representatives set out to accomplish. So in honor of Abe, “I cannot tell a lie”, his famous speech; “I see in the near future a crisis approaching that unnerves me and causes me to tremble for the safety of my country…Corporations have been enthroned, an era of corruption in high places will follow, and the money-power of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudice of the people until the wealth is aggregated in a few hands and the Republic is destroyed.” So NO, I do not laugh when the Jesse Ventura type wrestling characters break into political office, or when the Al Franken type comedians prove the same, as the political theater has become but a stage of wrath. My vote for the World Wrestling Federation’s McMahon name making in-roads into the political scene, as this “mentality” sees it as a way to continue its reality kingdom of making believers out of all of us, that it is not fake at all, no different then what Congress tries to pull over us. And maybe when bipartisan bickering continues to drown away any semblance of unity, the referee can call a timeout and move that bickering to another arena, where we can all be entertained by a grudge match extravaganza – “Big Time” wrestling style. And wouldn’t it be a hoot to see MoanaLisa in a mud wrestling match, with say Pelosi? Now there is a sport where I would not mind seeing Corporate Sponsorship! As it is already a given money maker. Just maybe a way for us to get our money’s worth, with a good laugh for a change. As laughter is still the best medicine and when Congress gets finished with “Health Care Reform”, laughter will be all that’s left for us, just like soup bones.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Out of the Closet!

Finally, Sarah Palin has found her calling and exited the closet. Whoop-Ass time. And most of us knew it all along, a comedian! Now this is a show I would pay to see! As it has been a laugh all along her political career, no different then any other politician. So there is life after politics, comedian central, thank you Sarah as maybe this will allow politicians to show there true worth to society. Jokesters!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hair Care Reform

What gives? Publishers Clearing House has taken control of my computer. I went on to the Anchorage Daily Stool’s web-site, to see if it was safe to go down to the Dimond Mall to get a pretzel, and the “Clearing House” snuck in through the “firewall” and invaded my security. Even the “Task Manager” has been hijacked useless. Hard reboot time? Too bad we couldn’t perform a “Hard Reboot” upon our Congress. I bet if it were “Hair Care” Reform instead of “Health Care” there would already be a bill on Obama’s desk. Look at Boehner, Pelosi, Cantor(Male or female?). I bet the House Senate barber can afford one hell of a health care plan. I’m confused. Do we really pay this representative body upwards $176,000 a month? Hey, with all the time off, for hometown constituency gatherings and one-day holidays lasting a week and four-day weekends the norm, it amounts to about a months worth of work. And I don’t know about you, but when they are supposed to be on home turf and mingling with the crowd, it still appears the lights are out here in Alaska. MoanaLisa who? And by the way, who authorized this giveaway program anyway, that salary that follows maximum wage rules when we struggle with minimum wage guarantees? Was it part of the bailout? Imagine having a job wherein you didn’t have to produce and still received a paycheck. And unions get a bad rap! Then we have Representative Wrangle, who decided to take a leave of absence because of an “ethics” investigation. So what, he still gets paid to play! Anyway, the Alaskan legislature is AWOL due some energy conference way far away in wa-wa land. To bad Sarah sold the jet, as it could be used in this instance, fuel filled only for a one-way trip! But like has been the test of time sad story, they will come back empty handed and a few pounds overweight. When all the time, genuine energy projects continue to fall by the wayside and slide away never to be resurrected, as time is of the essence. Take for debate the “Reduction Power Turbine” that was part of the original Trans-Alaska-Pipeline design. Sure enough, sitting at the bottom of Thompson’s Pass - a vertical drop unimaginable - there was envisioned a power turbine to slow down the oil wave coming over the pass. It was basically “free” energy. So to date, wasted has been the possibility of affordable electricity. And this site sits a few feet away from the Alaska Power grid! And why is it so that over 15-billion barrels of oil have rolled down the pipe and not produced one iota of a kilowatt? Because even though “free” energy for the taking, “Big Oil” wasn’t about to give it away for free. And this conglomerate called Alyeska wasn’t about to become a “utility”, as that would have allowed the regulators to “open” the secret books. So stalling behind an inept legislature that couldn’t come up with a game plan to see this project through from drawing board to completion, due fear of upsetting the oil money tree, such has allowed this loss to waste 30-years of “free” electricity. And when the TAPS oil terminal in Valdez realized that it had way to much steam, a few entrepreneurs envisioned buying that extra energy and transferring it over the fence to power more steam driven electrical turbines. The Alyeska operation required huge power boilers to generate “inert gas” to blanket safe the crude oil storage tanks. The boilers produced steam as a secondary by-product, for generating electricity. But the terminal electrical load was low due to a very efficient process, so there existed boatloads of extra steam that went wasted away in the atmosphere. It could have been put to good use. But once again, it was a lost cause, because nobody down in Juneau had the guts to produce legislation that would have allowed some semblance of utility rate schedules bargaining to get this project off the drawing board and making electricity, and once again, within a few feet of the Alaska Power grid that feeds the rail-belt, Anchorage, Fairbanks and everyplace in between. So, in 30 years time it means a loss of “zillions” of kilowatts “cheap” electricity gone to waste. Then there was the C-sep power generation project designed for Sheep Creek, once again never to generate even an interest, as our legislative body again failed to realize the potential of a home-grown “Green” projects. And those that envisioned utilizing this energy source, it would have catapulted Valdez into an economic wiz-kid city of envy – economically speaking. Cheap electricity would have promoted an interest in the “Foreign Trade Zone” that surrounded Valdez. It could have created an infrastructure of jobs and manufacturing that would be a show’n tell success story. By now, it is way too late. See, at the time, nobody was interested in a sustainable jobs infrastructure. Who cares about the future was the sentiment. Why? Because of oil bucks supplemented by the endless spigot of federal assistance called “earmarks” and “pork”. We went soft, as “bucks” from regurgitated over-taxation found freedom with corrupt senators and congressmen. Bottom line, Ted Stevens, Don Young with all their seniority, they were not good for this state, in efforts to fend for ourselves. When “freebies” continued to come this way as welfare camouflaged as “grants”, and used as a “vote me back in” vice, we didn’t produce a jobs sustainable infrastructure, So Alaska is the true definition “Welfare “ poster child. Welfare doesn’t work, as it makes people dependent on the hand that feeds, as it is so easy to just give in. Just like our representative body. Work for food? How about “Work for Nothing”, as that appears to be the modus operandi these days. So don’t expect anything to come back this way from a bunch of nit-wits attending an “Energy Conference”, as they have not the guts or intelligence to realize what is really good for this state, except spend, spend and spend some more. What an easy job! It amounts to giving away money, intelligence need not apply. And like is quoted by Ted Stevens with respect to the failed Bill “Nosebleed” Sheffield” train depot and paints it all together again why this state has failed, “It doesn’t have to pay for itself. It was a grant from the federal government.” And Bill’s comments over the depot failure, too embarrassing to post! A bad hair day? How about a good swear-word day?

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

License To Kill!

When is the last time you engaged yourself in reading the Alaska Road Rules handbook? Test time! OK, if you come across a school bus coming to a stop in the oncoming lane, and red lights are flashing, when is it a requirement to stop, or to progress forward to pass? If you don’t know, then why are you driving and talking on your cell phone? Lookout! OK, so I drive the new Elmore extension, not because I like it, but it is the worse case design for a road congestion compromise, so I drive it in efforts to hope that one day the designer is made to drive it every day, just to see what kind of crap design this pathetic road has become. Yes, discipline is required, as do we really pay people to perform like this? To make the responsible party drive this road every day during rush hour, hey it would be like that school detention thing of past, where you have to stay after-class and commence to write your memoirs a hundred times, on that chalkboard. I understand George Bush is doing that right now, for failing this country. The board has line after line of “This page intentionally left blank”. Anyway, I get pulled over by a cop, at the intersection of Elmore & Tudor where the cops exit to go on duty. OK, so I crossed the double line in efforts to get into the turn lane. See, this is a design problem, as the two exit lanes have very little entry ramp ownership, so I was just crossing the double line to make stalled traffic move. See, if I waited in the main lane until I could legally turn into the turn lane, it meant some 24 red light to green light exchanges, and in Anchorage that equates to 4-hours delayed, as the red light guys don’t have an iota of an idea what traffic coordination is all about. So the other day, stuck in the same lane and waiting until the double lane turns into a cut-throat as allowed in that Alaska Road Rules bible, I watch as a cop further back in line cuts lanes and crosses the double line lane? Of course, everybody else behind follows suit! And now law-abiding me-me is stuck in a lane that takes me in a wrong direction. Now so what that it was snowing out and the lane paint was covered with pounded down under winter fallout, as snowplows have been auctioned off, courtesy of Dan Sullivan trying to raise money to keep Jerry Prevo happy. Who else is behind that attack on Begich? Regardless, does that make it right that a cop can cross lanes? No, as the cop knows all too well that it is a double lane, as he comes this way everyday and usually abides. It is like that saying, “If a tree falls…” Or is it, “When a bear passes wind…” So the big question of the day is this. Did ElCopman break the law? I was contemplating doing a citizens arrest, but I am sure there exists some obscure rule that allows legislators to get away with breaking the laws, which has a trickle down theory. So maybe that is why this state buys the cheapest paint available and disappearing road lane demarcations make it a free-for-all when trying to maintain some semblance of decency upon the roads here in the bowl. But we may be loosing money by this proposition. But that doesn’t count as most likely cheap paint equates to continuance of jobs. It is how Alaska, in a nutshell keeps trucking along. Create jobs that waste money as long as the job is there year after year after year. Oil bucks have done some good, but this state has failed at attracting a bonafide sustainable jobs market. So cheap paint rules. Why not do things right for a change? Lets get off of this welfare crap routine. And when we finally start doing things right, like road lane painting that lasts at least a few years like is the normalcy elsewhere, then we can focus on doing other things right and maybe one day realize that we could have done it right all along. Imagine, roads that work! Did you ever notice that once a road construction project is supposed to be finished, it is immediately re-work central? Again, let’s not do it right the first time as that could affect the wallets! So when we finally start getting the basics right, like road construction bent on doing it right, then maybe we can progress to doing other things correct, like voting in a non-pathetic legislature that realizes oil bucks are drying up. And a gas line is but a joke wherein Juneau continues to spend it all away, for the real pipe dream. But like is the situation along with excuses worn out, we have not the time to do things right, as there is a Wild West show down at the Dimond Center, live rounds and all. Wow, at least the tourists will be excited!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Common Cold CURE!

After watching the Health Care Summit, I was compelled to write my President and Congress, with a suggestion;

Dear Mr. President, Mr. Vice President, Madam Speaker and Members of the Congress, House & Senate:

Thanks for taking the opportunity to televise the Health Care Summit at Blair House. And now that the pundits from both sides of the isle are gainfully engaged in figuring out “who” won, maybe, just maybe there is hope. See, what was rather interesting about the debate is the fact that the Republicans think they represent the American people’s dreams, desires and opinions and at the same time the same sentiment from the Democrats. “Who’s on 1st?” According to polls, each side is dividedly split pretty equal on this reform, with health care. So, why not a “Special Vote”, just like many states allow and perform during a “Special Election” when it is required to fill a void or get legislation “For the People”, “By the People”, wherein it is best to let the “People” decide an outcome? Mr. President, you have the power of the pen, the “Executive Privilege”, to request a “Special Vote” on this complex and so far time consuming and dedicated reform issue. With a “Special Vote” orchestrated by the White House and solely “For the People”, then the outcome of the Health Care reform would be “By the “People”, an outcome that places acceptance or denial on the populace. With that, the outcome cannot be blamed on bipartisan bickering. Sure there will come all sorts of campaigning, to sway this way or that, but that is the system we have before us today. In the end, it would be the “People” making the final decision. But here is a situation that can be used to sway the “People” towards accepting reform, the American way! There is already before us a test case of success, wherein it is “Big Government” in control of people’s health concerns. It is called the “Alaskan Native Tribal Health Care Consortium”. As found in Alaska, providing the best health care available to the indigenous people. In fact, “Helping Shape Health Care” is this consortium’s motto and found on advertisements throughout Alaska. It works, and Americans should see no other reform, no less, no more, as this is the true litmus test of success, wherein it is a system of merit providing modern day health care under the watchful eye of “Uncle Sam”. So I hope to soon see a “Special Vote”, it is that critical and decisive an issue. It is not up to Congress to move this forward, it is ours now to contend with. So please Mr. President, take the time to consider a “Special Vote”. This will make it easy for everybody and show that it was not just something engaged upon for points, but something you placed before the people, “For the People”, because you care! Peace be with you and upon your family and cabinet.

With Respect, S. Pam MaGee – An American with Medical Insurance!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Must be a Typo!

Dear Leonard Pitts; Esquire, Miami Herald:

I believe there was a typo or printing malfunction made present upon your editorial found in the Anchorage Daily Stool, in Sunday’s edition under the “Daily News Opinion”. Maybe this mistake occurred when you were using the “paste” option made available with modern day word processing. Or it is possible that Mrs. Palin’s name wrecks havoc with the Intel. It went to print like this: “Mrs. Palin, you are an avatar of the shameless hypocrisy and cognitive disconnection that have driven our politics for the last decade, a process of stupidification creeping like kudzu over our national life”. I do believe that you meant it to read as "Congress” in charge of this “avatar” moment or movement instead of Mrs. Palin! As when the “shoe to screw fits, they wear it so well”. And that “avatar” thing, remember, it no longer takes 3D glasses to see the true dimension of things “stupidfied” by a crappy leadership. And in your editorial ending, with “Run Sarah Run”, it should warn “Run Congress Run”, because it is not only the “teabags” let loose that feel disenfranchised by a “stool stuck” congress, but all true Americans should feel the same, and take some sort of action. Hey, maybe that caption, so deserved ownership by Congress past and present than upon Sarah, it could have made for a great Sunday morning puzzler! It goes like this:

Great American Puzzler(Multiple Choice KISS principle):

Question: “ __________ you are an avatar of the shameless hypocrisy and cognitive disconnection that have driven our politics for the last decade, a process of stupidification creeping like kudzu over our national life”.

a) U.S. Congress b) Rush Limbaugh c) Glenn Beck d) Ann Coulter
e) Bill O’Reilly f) Shawn Hannity g) the list that keeps on giving…..

Is it true that Dave Barry is running for President? Is he taking donations?

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Monday, January 25, 2010

America’s Greatest Threat

So Bin Laden is alive and well, again trying to raise praise terrorist defined activities in the friendly skies! Now anybody that would place an insane incendiary device capable of igniting with temperatures so heated that it would melt steel, placing such a devise in their undergarment, would you want such idiocy as part of your game plan? But today, this country’s biggest threat is not Bin Laden, as he has laid low for several years. America’s biggest threat upon the trinity - life, liberty and pursuit of happiness - is not from abroad but homegrown. Today, this yet another threat upon us is clear and convincing, which seems to get reinforcements each and everyday it is allowed to exist as a bonafide threat. It is called American Greed. When one continues to hear the horror stories behind so-called Americans continuing to rip off the system, to rip off the Treasury, it is so mind boggling sinful that maybe our “WAR” efforts are miss-directed! Maybe we are way off course the major reason this country is tanking and on the brink of an economic and ethical TILT. Now for a long time it was those on welfare that held the distinguished label of con-artist typical rip-off artist, taking advantage of Uncle Sam’s generosity. Nowadays, it isn’t those in need of a handout, but individuals involved in taking advantage of government contracts. Even though Medicare and Medicaid continues to help this country sink economically, by a checks and balance system that continues to send out more checks to participating doctors and hospitals wherein this “balance” is just a suggestion, there has come before us the serious rip-off artists. The system is infiltrated by “crooks”, including those that represent Congress. But unfortunately the latter were honestly elected, so have immunity. But these real crooks, they have no qualms boasting the fact that it is rip-off central when dealing with Uncle Sam. Hey, what gives with this type of mentality? And a whole bunch of these CEOs engaged in this rip-off scam have degrees from what are supposed to be reputable institutes of higher learning, like Yale and Harvard and….And these thieves have American citizenship! They walk and talk the American line! Talk about a smoke-screen attempt to cover the truth. I am talking these fly-by-night outfits that are taking advantage of economic gains through involvement upon the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. I am talking scoundrels that see fit to handcuff Uncle Sam, with ransom notes demanding payments for basically “Nothing”! It is happening all around. I bet if you look up and down your neighborhood, there is one freak-show citizen within punching bag distance that will head off to work today with one and only one intent, getting laid, I mean getting paid for finding even more ways to hijack the U.S. Treasury. And here is the sad fact of the matter. This is not a crime that can be solved and eliminated overnight by laws, as there seems to always be this “loop-hole” bailout clause. When this country’s citizens hear the call to Patriotism and realize that it is “our” government that they are so intent on stealing away the crown jewels and realize this is not the way it is supposed to work, then maybe Lincoln’s head will not look so heavy, so tired, and then and only then will this country find itself on the road to recovery. In the meantime, can we get a security detail at the Treasury? Oh, it was outsourced to save money but is costing us twice as much and the armored guards have more important things to do, like turning a blind eye as their bosses run off with un-accounted for loot, for bonuses! Sad fact of the matter, the checks are not counterfeit, the checks have no bounce except the fact that it seems that it can bounce from one CEO court of approval to another CEO’s court of approval and still get cashed, like these crooks have indeed succeeded at one all-important impossibility, perpetual motion! And it is making me dizzy, please stop this train before it wrecks, please stop and let me off, as I want nothing to do with homegrown terrorists fulfilling Bin Laden’s ultimate threat, that of economic doom! We are becoming our own worst enemy!