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Monday, May 25, 2009

Hose Can You See?

It was pathetic. It was so painfully cruel, to watch in vain as Hose - the poster soldier -tried in vain to enjoy the festivities. Propped up by a grieving mom on one side and a loving sister the other. His facial expression was not one of honor or glory but transpired. ”What’s there to live for?” was written all over where once there was a smile, but now ceases to exist. Hose is confined forever the rest of his life in a wheel chair. He can no longer bath nor feed himself. He is brain dead. His life has no meaning. His mom had to sell off the house in efforts to provide extended care to this young adult whose life was cut short, by a roadside bomb. Pathetic that Congress can spend money on crap when at the same time this country cannot even care for or care about its very own wounded, its soldiers returning home for a homecoming that is missing a meaning. Remember, the “mission accomplished” still haunts this country. The Congress, the present and past administrations are AWOL their sworn responsibilities! Call it a dereliction of duty, it is. Hose was a casualty of the Iraq War “Blunder”. Yes casualty, even though this man still breathes, he is dead inside and out. Death would shine brighter, like many of his comrades of arms returning home in a cold steel box, draped with the red, white and blue tear jerk of a failed mission upon a failed government - our government. It was like watching a retard and as derogatory as that word may be, it is only used when this word finds necessity in getting the word across. War is painful. The aftermath of war is painful. We all suffer the pain. Is the freedom worth it? I watched the Memorial Day celebration from the comfort of my living room. Yes, we have the men and women in uniform to thank for this freedom. WWI, WWII, the Korean War and not to forget the dreaded almost forgotten Vietnam War, the conflict wherein this country was to learn from past mistakes, that necessity to protect is the true and only Mother of intervention. We haven’t learned yet it seems. Evident is the sad fact that those in power today still struggle to learn from past blunders. How this country got itself into such a mess is so pathetic. And the only broadcast that saw fit to air the Memorial Day eve celebration from the United States capitol was PBS, the independent that watched as Congress cut funding for their 1st Amendment efforts – as this broadcast was way too liberal for some senior Congressmen, including Don Young. Like mentioned already, we can waste money then spend money then special interest money but mom has to sell everything just to care for Hose. And if I prefer an independent view upon issues at hand, I have to fork out more money? Another pathetic American ideology wherein Congress has way too much control. Now the stage line-up for the Memorial Day eve celebration held musical talent, but there was an element of professionalism missing. With the present day state of affairs, with a retarded Congress that has no intention to stop the killing fields of war - including the Iraq and Afghanistan blunders - this country didn’t need American idol wannabes to sing Old Glory. Today, we need true American idols, like Bob Dylan or John Trudell, to tell it like it is realistically. But such truth most politicians are afraid to hear. John Lennon said it best, “War is over if you want it.” So why is it that everybody enjoys this day not as a day of remembrance, but a day that means it is time to hit the campgrounds, to have fun, to party all day long and at night, enjoying smores by a campfire? Are we teaching our children false ideals, just like how Congress behaves when all we hear nowadays is lie, lie and more lies? At the same time, heroic men and women – soldiers like Hose and many others - sit to exist brain dead, or dead, from a war that was orchestrated under false pretense, which is fraud. Why the perpetrators of this conflict - the PNAC delegates - including Dick Cheney, Don Rumsfeld, George Bush’s family, Paul Wolforitz are still free to roam the American heartland without remorse, without pain, without some semblance of blame is all so pathetic. Instead of a cookout in Crawford there should have been a “Dog” like round up. I would have loved to see Cindy Sheehan cattle roping George. Instead of a bounty for Bin Laden, there should be a bounty for the imposters, the PNAC delegates that started this mess. But now that the 111th has provided more funds to protract the war, there will be yet another Hose next year come Memorial Day. We fund it, we approve it! It signals one thing. With this type of mindset, with this type of mentality, this nation is doomed. We cannot maintain superiority when we chose battles that are not justified for any rhyme nor reason What is worse upon this nation is the fact that we do nothing about it. I will take that back. Our retarded Congress does nothing. Pelosi and the gang hold the purse-strings, yet they bend over and allow this country to continue down the path of destruction. Maybe it is the only solution, as Bob Marley once sang. And here is the real patheticness of the Cheney War ritual. Right now in Afghanistan the Taliban are putting up a pretty good defense and frightening fight against the NATO troops, which numbers mostly American soldiers. Other countries are not stupid any longer when it comes to the outfall of a war – so they limit involvement. Right now as we enjoy the hotdogs and hamburgers and celebrate this Memorial Day not in morning but enjoying what freedom we have left, the bullets piecing the hearts of young men and women in uniform are “Made in American”! How and why this is happening is so suspicious, so pathetic that it has “special interest” written all over. The Taliban got the “good” goods somehow. Like somebody wanted a fair battle scene? For a protracted engagement? Is there an American gunrunner making millions on some underground dealings? Maybe arms for cocaine, just like occurred back when Regan was President? Probably so, as war makes money for some and brings grieving to moms. On both sides that is. That is why war is an outdated human fantasy. I believe that the only reason that this pathetic Congress gave in to fund these protracted conflicts was to keep the military machine going, with more “crap”, so they could keep their cushion jobs. An end to the wars will mean unemployment. There is no other reason for such pathetic stupidity. Again, is this type of mentality worth it? Is this type of mentality “American”? I doubt it. Anyway, it was a painful night at the Capitol. But it seems the entire Congress and present administration was once again AWOL. A dereliction of duties beyond any semblance of Americanism. But maybe these bastards that start wars and cannot finish wars are truly traders, turncoats who care for one and only one thing, to get re-elected so they can fund retarded legislation that funds retarded wars and we get to watch as Hose tries to tell us what he really thinks. Which I am sure is not what Obama and Pelosi would like to hear, as they are all guilty of aiding and abetting the Bush PNAC doctrine and care not a rat’s ass about the sovereignty of this once great America, the land of the once free and the home of the once brave, especially if the latter two can be purchased for themselves at the taxpayers’ expense. Pathetic is this countries leadership. Bottom line, stop the funding and the wars come to end - it is that simple. We deal with the fallout after the smoke of a retreat clears away. Further the funding, and it means not superiority but a ramshackle state of affairs wherein the economy suffers, the taxpayers suffer and this nation suffers. American made bullets killing Americans in uniform, how pathetic!

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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Congressional Scorecard #5

To date, Congressional scorecard #5 of the 111th Congress verses American Workers:

Days average American Workers have worked: 105
Days the 111th Congress has actually worked: 72

American Workers’ average pay for this period: $18,480.00
Congressional pay for same period: $60,789.00

Congress continues to lead by 3 to 1 margin in life, liberty and pursuit of happiness!
On your buck! Are they worth it? PS: They’ll enjoy an entire week off for Memorial Day.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Anchorage Daily Stool Fools

“Want intelligent conversation about Alaska issues? Check out our new opinion blog, Alaska Voices.” Sounds in desperation! So what is Matt Zencey trying to say, that Alaska Bloggers are not intelligent? Bottom line, the Anchorage Daily Stool is a failed business and the only thing of value with the morning delivery is the “orange bag” as a receptacle for dog crap. The Alaska bloggers’ community - like Celtic Diva’s, I Eat Gravel, Bent Alaska, Progressive Alaska, Shannyn Moore, Kodiak Confidential to name but a few - that has inundated the blogisphere are very informative to the issues at hand. It is a time proven forum, up to date and pretty realistic with the facts. If you want the scope, go to where you will find all the current issues dissected with credibility. Maybe this Zencey announcement is a vain attempt to keep something coming from the Daily Stool room, like more fodder for that receptacle!

Alaska's Pathetic Delegation

Alaska’s pathetic delegation strikes again. I am talking U.S. Senator MoanaLisa “Nepotism” MurCowski, U.S. Senator Mark “Need Another City Parking Garage” Begich and U.S. Congresswomen Don “Pelosi’s a Rabid Skunk” Young. I’m beginning to agree with Don on that one! See, it isn’t yet Memorial Day weekend and Anchorage drivers saw a 10-cent increase in gasoline price fixing. Even though the Alaska attorney general found gasoline price fixing was not a reason Alaskan’s pay the highest price in the nation for motor fuel when at the same time this state has the largest producing oil fields, something is causing my wallet to go limp when I pull up to fuel feed the beast. Anyway, this delegation of fools – we the people are fools to continue to vote in nepotism and cronyism and a representative compromised from way too many falling coconut head jolt injuries – these lawmakers and wallet breakers have proposed that the “double escort” of tankers in and out of Prince William’s Sound be extended and made “law”! With just that foolhardy decision from this delegation, the price of gasoline escalated overnight. The same overnight price fixing thing occurred way back in time when the Three Stooges – Ted “Convicted Felon” Stevens, Frank “My Daughters In” MurCowski and as was then is still today Don Young – voted in favor of deregulation legislation to allow British Petroleum to export Alaskan oil, something that was supposedly forever banned by a 70’s Constitutional amendment written in efforts to get Nixon to OK building an 800-mile long oil pipeline across Alaska. But foreigners get what they want in the “Lost Frontier”, especially the bloken Brits. Now just the threat of an export possibility allowed gasoline to rise 5-cents on the gallon overnight and with the threat still lingering, we still pay at the pump. This is why the price of gasoline is so complex. It is sleaze legislation at its best. It is so convoluted and complex that it stinks when the citizens want answers and get “crap” make believe feedback. MoanaLisa is great with the sleazebag crap feedback crap. She learned well from her dad. What is with MoanaLisa? She wants “double” penetration protection against the oil industry and at the same time she allows the cruise ship industry to discharge “crap” all along the way up through the inside passage! And get this, a recent study by the scientific community has shown that returning salmon love to munch on this “crap” outfall! I guess it falls under the Alaska Fish & Feathers “baiting” guidelines. If that scientific study ever got out to the public, say la vive the salmon industry. Hey, I stopped eating Cook Inlet salmon a long time ago, soon after a similar study indicated that the Point Warzonof “crap” facility in Anchorage discharged millions of gallons of “poop” just when the salmon returns were at peak. And yes, salmon love to eat this supposedly processed “crap”, along with enough heavy metals, residue oil waste and man made road salt substitutes that it makes Love Canal look tame. If it were not for such an abundant flow of glacier water through the inlet - the solution to pollution is dilution - the Cook would be goosed and a candidate on the SuperFund list. Anyway, refiners here in Alaska are smart. Oil companies here in Alaska are smart. They will fight this “double escort” extension tooth and nail so have already begun accepting funds for their war chest, by increasing the price at the pump. We the taxpayers will see this as a double whammy. We will pay now for the fight - special interest lawyers are expensive, just ask Ted - and pay later at the pump, even if the “law” is struck down, as once the price of gasoline goes up for something like this, it never goes south. Industry insurance it is called. See, we don’t need this “double escort” when double hulled tankers are now required in and out of the Sound. It is just more “crap” legislation wherein it becomes yet another burden not upon industry but follows the trickle down theory. “Let Mikey taste it”! Yes, it tastes like crap, the salmon that is. It is just like the “fishing pole tax” that Don Young orchestrated in efforts to get the Te-Lue Bill passed when he was the highways’ funds grand fool. It was hidden deep within the appropriations bill and to this day nobody can witness how it got there. It proposed a 15% surcharge on every fishing lure or hook sold to the public – including live worms! And guess what, the trickle down theory worked again, as it would be the sportsmen and sportswomen and sportschildren that ended up paroling for this legislation. And Don didn’t give a rat’s ass, as all he concerned himself over was the fact he wanted the bill passed as it was named in honor of his wife Lue! Pathetic, no a scandal close to treason! We pay while they play! And wait there is more, as we are the fools for voting in time after time this incompetence that see fit only one thing, more corruption upon the hard working Americans’ wallet. They are good at one and only one thing, taking our hard earned money and distributing it for their own personal gain. That is the only worth of a sitting “duck” Senator or House member these days, pathetic fools we are to let this kind of crap continue on day after day after election after election. And there is a reason why “double escort” is no longer required. It never was a necessity but became a practice soon after the Hazelwood follies. The only known way to keep the Sound free from another disaster is prevention up front. I worked for the company that manages and maintains the tanker loading facility in Valdez. For many years prior to Joe wanting to make Bligh Reef famous once again, that was the word from the top, “prevention”, as it was well learned that fighting an oil spill in cold Alaskan waters was a joke. I have been involved in years of oil spill contingency and practice spill drills, it fails time and time again. The mandate was just that, it had to be prevented. As it was before the wreck and likewise is the sentiment from those in the know still today, no matter what kind of infrastructure is on the ready status to combat such an event pray-tell it ever happens again. It won’t happen again. Why? The damn EXXON Valdez wreck was a planned sabotage against EXXON, as payback from a disgruntled investor. I find it just as pathetic as is the Congressional leadership that after so many years people still blame Joe Hazelwood for the reason weathered crude oil is still found in and around the Sound. It is just too damn cold to break down the hydrocarbon left behind when an out of control tanker hit Bligh Reef head-on at a speed that left giant gaps in the hull and allowed a whole bunch of oil to go free. Again, pathetic that people trust the fact that one individual could do so much damage and walk away with community service as penance. It was a planned attack against an oil giant by a group of disgruntled private investors, and now we all pay for it. We paid at the pump for Exxon’s pollution and we pay still today as we will continue to pay for the mess far into the future. But as time goes on, we forget so easily as to why we pay for “crap” like legislation, as the true and real reason dwindles away and is forgotten about selectively, as is the real reason behind that wreck some 20-plus years behind us by now. And as those “few” in the know still breathing know, so will the truth behind that wreck soon be forgotten. And we the people as fools still believe that one drunken sailor asleep in his quarters had the audacity to cause such destruction. As usual, the real culprits get away with almost murder, just like politicians! If we were only not so afraid of the truth! PS: It is secretly known that the EXXON Valdez’s navigational radar codes were compromised to fail that moon beautiful night of March 24, 1989 - with calm seas. It was the plan, to compromise the radar coordinates and thus trick the step-up helmsmen into thinking the loaded tanker was heading in a safe direction when all the time it was heading full stern ahead towards Bligh Reef, the best known and worst case navigational hazard in Prince William’s Sound. With unprecedented calm seas, excellent visibility and minimal tanker traffic the extended reach radar at the nearby Coast Guard Station was also placed in standby status, so the plan of attack on this tanker was successful beyond belief wherein to this day the truth behind the wreck remains just that, compromised.

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Monday, May 18, 2009

EXXON Valdez Conspiracy Forum

On March 24, 1989, the EXXON Valdez Tanker Vessel went hard aground on Bligh Reef in Prince William’s Sound. The direct hit upon this well known and historically famous navigational hazard allowed a breach of the tanker’s hull, unleashing over 11-million gallons of crude oil into the once pristine waters of the Sound. It was the worst environmental hazard of our times on record and will most likely remain a placeholder for the same. EXXON paid very little for this disaster as did the captain, Joe Hazelwood, getting community service as his penance for not being on the bridge at the time the tanker mysteriously went off course. The tanker made a direct hit on the reef at full stern ahead. Why? Was it due the fact that the captain was AWOL on sleep comfort and that a third mate could not command this crude oil laden tanker safely out of the Sound, especially when no other tanker traffic was cause for concern? This was a modern day tanker that came equipped with all sorts of navigational aids and the best technology available that could afford the luxury of auto-piloting, steering and dead-on maneuverability. And the sea was so calm that evening with visibility not a problem either, with moonlight as a guiding light. And even if something were to go wrong with the guidance and steering, wherein the back-up redundancy systems also saw failure, why was the Coast Guard also AWOL in their duty as an escort? The extended reach radar that was used as oversight upon tankers entering and leaving the Sound was mysteriously placed in the stand-by mode of operation, like it was intentionally placed out of service. Again, why? Could it be that there came a planned sabotage against the Giant EXXON? And what better way to attack an oil giant then to cause havoc and environmental ruin to get the point across. After some 20-plus years in secrecy, maybe it is time to reconsider what really caused Joe’s tanker to wreck upon the reef. Join this blog forum to learn more and offer up your conspiracy theory as to why you think this was more then just a wayward accident, more in line to a premeditated accident wherein the truth of the matter remains hidden and who was behind it has yet to show his or her face.

EXXON Valdez Wreck

It is secretly known that the EXXON Valdez’s navigational radar codes were compromised to fail that moon beautiful night of March 24, 1989 - with calm seas. It was the plan, to compromise the radar coordinates and thus trick the step-up helmsmen into thinking the loaded tanker was heading in a safe direction when all the time it was heading full stern ahead towards Bligh Reef, the best known and worst case navigational hazard in Prince William’s Sound. With unprecedented calm seas, excellent visibility and minimal tanker traffic the extended reach radar at the nearby Coast Guard Station was also placed in standby status, so the plan of attack on this tanker was successful beyond belief wherein to this day the truth behind the wreck remains just that, compromised.

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