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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sick Congress

About two months ago when the “stimulus” boondoggle worked its way through the House of Idiots – a.k.a. Congress – taxpayers’ money to secure additional stockpiles of “anti-viral agents” felt the blow of the executioner’s axe. It doesn’t matter which political party signaled the hit, as in the end the blow made its case clear with the clear and convincing evidence that the 111th Congress doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the health and well-being of Americans. And we pay them to think like this? They would rather spend “Our” money to change out tourist toilets way up here in Alaska. Now additional funding for stockpiling, had not the ax fallen, it would have included increased doses of “Tamiflu”, which is presently the best known remedy in efforts to abate the “Swine Influenza” once contacted - short inoculation. But with this new strain of H1N1 bombarding many borders and more countries predicted to succumb to possible devastation, a booster shot is still in the research stage and it is estimated it would be months even before a “beta” test could be rolled out. So an “anti-viral agent” like Tamiflu would have at least been something that could have eased an outbreak from becoming a pandemic. Then why the axe for something that seems now so necessary for the masses? Because it didn’t fit the definition of “shovel ready”. Talk about “shovel ready”, that may be a reality if this flu thing starts wrecking havoc across the lands. Gravedigger’s central may be a reality if things get out of control. What gets me is this. We can waste spend a bunch of money to fix toilets, including the International Space Station’s crapper, but we can’t find enough money to protect the human race, right here on earth. We still face the threat of a major “Outbreak” each and every day. As the world’s population increases, so does the threat of disease. So we must stay ahead of it. And we still see the obituaries filled with pictures of that “sad eyed lady”, lives cut short by cancer, especially breast cancer. We have our priorities mixed up, especially when a toilet has a higher priority with respect to how Congress acts! Talk about “crap” legislation. See, during the debates on the Hill, 180-million for “Swine Flue” was axed. That would have produced enough “agent” for the entire American population plus enough to aid bordering countries, like Mexico. But know we have stockpiles that can only protect about 44-million Americans. There is not enough to go around if this “Swine” gets out of control. That is the reason this country is not responding to the Mexican government’s call for help, except for instituting a way to now have border restrictions. Can you imagine if Congress were to allow what is on the shelf to go across the border? When at the same time we can with confidence acknowledge that Congress has a secret stash of Tamiflu available, for their own personal use including family members, pets and most likely a “handout” for their most likeable “lobbyist”, and family. OK, that wasn’t fair. But here is how it would go if indeed this thing turns into a pandemic. With limited “agent” to combat the “Swine” like effects like diarrhea - good thing for toilets - it will mean medical comfort for children, elderly and those susceptible to repertory aliments. “Who’ll be the next in line”? Guess? Congress, as they will use the excuse that they must maintain order, so grant themselves preferential treatment, just like they give themselves preferential treatment come pay raise time, which happens every year. And in the end, once again Americans will suffer the effects of not a disease, but of a Congress that had no idea what they were doing or how to do it, except screw over the same people that pay their way! Congress in session? How about Circus Time!

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Sunday, April 26, 2009


“There’s something happening here, what it is ain’t exactly clear”, except the CDC – Center for Disease Control – just declared an “Emergency” while airing an “Outbreak” notice and “Travel Health Precaution” advisory with respect to the H1N1 Swine Influenza. One government entity that has never lost public respect is the CDC, so when they speak, one is prudent to listen up and take notice. But the website link to the travel stuff is so bogged down by interests of concern that one cannot get to that site to find out where the travel advisory targets. Most likely it includes Mexico and bordering states, like San Diego County and Imperial County of California along with San Antonio and may include parts of New York City! We do know this about that with the following undisputed facts: From December of 2005 through the end of February this year, only 12 cases of the swine flu virus were reported and documented “real” through lab analysis. That caseload occurred over10 states, so it was considered a normal distribution of the disease and not an “Outbreak”. In only 1/20th that time period - the last 57 days as opposed to approximately 1200 days total in comparison - there is now officially documented at least 20 known cases in as few as 5 U.S. states! And taking into account a death toll of at least 81 in Mexico City, with 1,000 confirmed cases, the authorities have cause for concern that a “real” pandemic may be infiltrating the human population. If a health pandemic were to touch this country just when it strives for an economic recovery, it would be devastating, and a sign that we let down our guard, and there is only one entity to blame for such inaction – Congress. But I bet that if indeed this H1N1 “Outbreak” becomes a true pandemic of mass proportions, the first in line for a vaccination would be that body of government – before everybody else including women and children. It is the way this body of government operates. In fact, I just found out that a caseload of “licensed influenza antiviral agents” was secretly delivered to the Congressional medical office, for safekeeping. It doesn’t surprise me at all. It has been the norm over time that they think they are more important, so seek preferential treatment for anything and everything. Be it salary, medical benefits, house loans or time off from “real” work. In fact, Congress should be in “Special Session” right now, with this CDC “Emergency” broadcast! Vaccinations should be prepared around the clock and distribution centers announced. But I must remember, this is the weekend and Pelosi and the gang had a tough week giving away the Treasury. And they just had a 2-week recess, so it was tough getting back to work for an entire week, so they deserve a weekend off - no matter what is happening across the lands to cripple destiny. So if indeed an “Outbreak” were to wreck havoc upon this nation, I would bet the first thing this “protected” Congress would do is divide up the loot and divide up the land and walk over all the dead bodies with a smile! Business as usual, just ask any grieving mom of a U.S. trooper! Hey, if they can’t stop not one war but two, do you really think they can stop a disease, even one named after there own disgrace? Swine Flu, rings a bell doesn’t it!

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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Ted's Lingering Legacy

So Ted still has an “International” airport named once upon a time for his honor, but now it seems more in tune to in his dishonor. And then there exists the Stevens’ family this and that reminders, more keepsake namesaking which occurred when most Americans were sleeping or working their ass off and son Ben became the “Special Olympics” head honcho, wherein he made a bunch of money on daddy’s generosity. Sad thing? That generosity is my hard earned money taken away by thieves to fund the U.S. Treasury then flushed clean for their own personal gains, like providing preferential cushion like jobs to their sons and daughters – not to mention vote buying. It happens all the time, just look at MoanaLisa MurCowski, her daddy came through! And we are stuck again with not a representative but something in between a fruitcake and Megawitch. The latter in consideration of Sara Palin’s spokeswitch. Maybe the theme in D.C. is “Who’s your daddy” or broom handler. Now many would have thought that Ted’s lasting legacy would amount to that of an indicted felon set free! Kind of ironic, seems the entire affair. For years Ted was in charge of many things government, including the justice department that brought him down. Seems like a whole lot of things under “government” are now totally out of control. Now with due respect, not all blame is upon Ted, with this government crap, but a whole lot of deterioration occurred during Ted’s terms of endangerment and dereliction of duty became the normalcy of Congress. Are there any non-crooked representatives on the Hill? Maybe a lie detector test should be a daily requirement for this body of government, or at least a mandatory reciting of the kindergarten creed. “I shall not…. Look at Congress today. It is a pathetic diseased creature of habit. Again, not all the blame upon Ted and Don and Frank and MoanaLisa and Mark and Bill and Bill, but guilty by association is the evidence of conviction. Now Bill & Bill were not bonafide members of the elite club of crooks but had influence. See Bill “NoseBleed” has already spent 44-million for that bridge to nowhere, and we are still just talking about it. And Bill “Veco” screwed over many oil field workers, by instituting sub-standard pay. These idiots suck when they let greed cheat other Americans out of life, liberty and that pursuit of happiness. Soon, if things keep going south, about the only thing left to fuel freedom will be the 1st and 2nd Amendments. Maybe this country needs to start over, with the latter two as the basis for a true “Republic”. $44-million, for what? And now that the stimulus money is hitting the streets - especially the streetless national parks - we see Ted’s legacy unfolding. It is a laugh all the way to the banks, offshore in most cases! And the laugh is on us, the taxpayers! The way the government is now throwing money away, even before it is confiscated away from my paycheck, it is a mortal sin! We are getting stuck with a big fat I.O.U.! Where do these idiots come up with such ridiculousness? When I read how many “millions” are being sent here to Ted’s foreign state of Alaska - a.k.a. Corrupt Bastard Club state - just for crap like wilderness projects it makes me want to stop working and join in on the free-for-all. Can you imagine having a job that pays well and has “zero” accountability? Who cares about evasive plants in the middle of nowhere? In fact I can’t wait until dandelions wave from sea to shinning sea! In fact, I may bring a bunch of seeds north, just to help out nature. So to spend “millions” to hire college kids to pick “weeds” in the national parks here in Alaska, it is shameful. It is yet another wasteful project. Did somebody plan it this way? Let’s face the facts. This ”shovel ready” crap is annoying and amounts to the ’biggest” pork giveaway blunder of all times historic. Projects that were deemed ridiculous, too costly and not taxpayer credible have now been resurrected and being funded. It appears that the majority of projects here in Alaska are for new toilets! See, we have been crapped upon, the cesspool of corruption has overflowed upon the righteous citizens of this nation. Think about it, only shelved projects of ridiculousness fit this “shovel ready” criteria. It is beyond highway robbery. It is fraud! In fact, it probably falls under RICO statutes! It is organized, a racket, corrupt and influenced by special interest groupies. But this is the same thing that went on for years behind closed door legislation wherein our so-called representation pulled the wool over most Americans and stole away our incomes, stored it in the U.S. Treasury, threatened the American taxpayer with levies and stiff fines for not bending over to the IRS – the most inept government entity until the TSA came along – and the bread-winners suffered as the politicians gained favor with their constituency. What soured the American spirit is this free-for-all pork crap that should have been put to a stop a long time ago, with jail time for the instigators. Ted almost made it to jail, but something appropriated his freedom. Anyway, this giveaway has Ted written all over it! See, it doesn’t do anything for the economy long term. It doesn’t do anything to provide an infrastructure that creates sustainable jobs. This has Alaska “Failure” written all over it. See, when Ted was controlling the purse strings – not all alone but in cahoots with Frank and Don – Alaska benefited from regurgitated taxpayer funded pork disguised as “appropriations”. That was just a fancy word that made stealing comfortable under the Constitution. Alaska maintained on an average 3-times what most other states received. Multiply that times 50-years in the making of this state, and there has come a boatload of money this way. But it failed to create a sustainable jobs infrastructure. Why? It wasn’t supposed too! It was welfare at its best. Welfare is control! It meant a noose around our necks, that if we voted out the crocks then there would be no jobs. It was republican welfare, fostered on shovel ready jobs and today Alaska has very little to show for it. Now during these terms of endangerment - with Ted and other crooks at the helm - many friends made it big-time, to the status of the rich. There came no control of the loot once it was secretly entered into appropriations bills so complicated and fake that anybody walking through an un-secure office on the Hill could just walk right in and jot down wasteful spending. Like studying the penis size of the male Musk Oxen here in Alaska. So now this giveaway program is front and center. It is the biggest American rip-off in modern times, but it was time tested for years behind closed doors, and now the thieves have demonstrated their blatant disregard for Americans - the hard working class that are making this crap legislation possible. Not by choice! We as a nation are overtaxed. If taxation were fair, then we would have more money to spend on what we feel is necessary and we could do a much better job then the entire cast of vagrants that earn a living disenfranchising the American spirit. Congress I am still talking about. All total an IQ of a pigeon. So today we see stimulus money buying crap like an “Athletic Trainer” or a contract to clean the “crappers” along the Dalton Highway. That highway was ours at one time, open only to residents. Now though, the travel industry is stuck up MoanaLisa’s ass and we get to clean up the crap left behind by tourists. It is estimated that to clean up the crap and haul it away will cost $36.00-dollars per pound! Same as the cost of halibut once Ted went involved in the fisheries and screwed that industry over. I am glad Ted is free from the “Chalet” thing. I hope they get him on the fisheries industry manipulations. Why? Because it costs me a whole lot more to eat healthy these days, as the fisheries regulations accomplished one thing, it allowed the price of Alaskan caught fish to triple in price! It was preferential de-regulation at its best. And if stimulus toilets and cleaning crappers isn’t just more crap upon the taxpayers, how about parking for the employees of the BLM, in downtown Anchorage? Let them walk to work. Yes indeed there is stimulus money for 100 BLM employee parking spaces. But it must be located between 4th & 10th and Cordova & F. I wonder who owns property in that part of town? I bet Begich has something to do with it? See, the city built a convention center that will see as much usage as the Bill “NoseBleed” Sheffield train depot over at the Ted “Pirate” Stevens International Airport or as much activity as the Kodiak Launch Facility. It means “zero” train traffic and “zero” rockets launched! Two eyesore “pork” projects that created construction jobs and nothing else in return. There exists a whole list of failed projects here in Alaska. That list can only grow longer with this stimulus bull-crap heading this way. So just for parking space – courtesy of the “Recovery Cash Out” – it will cost taxpayers in order of $250,000 in efforts to provide convenient parking for a privileged few. Now what in hell is “shovel ready” about this? In fact, tear down the damn convention center and parking garage and make a park for the homeless! And magnets? Yes indeed, we taxpayers are footing the bill for 5000-magnets. It doesn’t say what for. But that government giveaway was delayed and now we see it out for bid only after an amendment, as somebody requested that the magnets be supplied in florescent “pink” canisters. What gives? Simple Simon! Ted’s legacy has now come to fruition. Keep taking it. And give it all away in a flash waving of that preferential sinister wand. Recipients of the fallout of this no good gift-giving? Friends, relatives and special interests. And maybe the trickle down theory will give American something to smile about, like a penny’s return on each tax dollar! No accountability. No nothing. Just highway robbery at its best. 30-years in the making, and now we see the ultimate heist. Out in the open, without any remorse for such actions. As we have let the bastards get away with it way too long, and now they think it is business as usual. And when it comes around to re-election time, guess what, just offer up more pork - as the Congress runneth over with bile as the Treasury runneth dry! Please, don’t visit the site to see where “YOUR” money is getting lost. As it can only incite riots and make one want to quit decency and call upon the leaders of corruption, our Congress, to visit the confessional of treason. Just in! On the Alaska site for the accountability of the “Stimulus”, it reads like this: “Money must be spent quickly”! Sad day it is for America.

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Friday, April 10, 2009

Free Admission?

No wonder the Anchorage Daily Stool is almost a paper of the past! It seems to have become a publication of pathetic journalism. Just the other day there was placed an almost full-page ad by some whacko couple that were honoring Ted Stevens. Not all that unusual, but the ad admitted what was wrong with Ted, that he indeed "feathered the nest of a few". Talk about admittance of guilt. This is not free speech. This is blatant cronyism and most likely Art & April benefited from so many years of Stevens’ malfeasance, so they could splurge to give credit where credit wasn’t necessarily due. Ted is a crook. Ted is a felon, no matter what the judge is taking back, as the jury spoke out loud. And when the rest of the story is told, wherein Ben finishes throwing dad under the roaring locomotive of justice, then we will see what went on behind closed doors - especially in the lucrative fisheries business. The Stevens & Allen "Chalet" caper was just the beginning of things to come. But today the Stool greets its remaining readers with this "Free Admission" ad? To and from a church! This was on the front-page. So instead of important news, we get front-page crap. Well just what kind of church does Jerry Pervert run here in Anchorage? Is admission required? Talk about crucifying. Isn’t Jerry the guy that runs the church that takes advantage of tax havens, right here in Anchorage? It has come time to start taxing the hell out of religious properties. And like wise when Congress stole away interest deductions, so should charitable donation deductions be done away with. The separation between church and state does not exist anymore now that the religious right has so much power within the political system it is supposed to stay away from. It is estimated that the yearly tax loss from un-taxed church property and charitable donation deductions in the United States alone is a 12-billion dollar loss to the U.S. Treasury. Now go back in time, get the point. Enough is enough. And we don’t need newspapers anymore, so the Stool may as well shutdown. In retrospect, this town would be better off with a tabloid once again instead of pathetic journalism wherein the only thing good about the daily delivery is the orange "crap" bag. I love it when Republican dog owners scoop the poop but place the orange crap bags filled with doo-doo in the trail-way trees. A poll by the university studied this phenomenon and through that research the republicans were nominated as the shit stirrers. See at one time there was a tabloid called "Voice of the Times". It was a publication paid for by none other then Bill Allen! So when the Stool’s printing press goes silent maybe the "big wheels keep on turning" to turn out a "roid" type publication. We have Sarah, so there would be plenty of trash to write about. It could be called Sarah-Roid or maybe MegHemroid. Headlines of first edition: "Who’s Baby Is It?", or "Meg’s Broom Is Real!". Maybe I am on to something. See, most of America is into Jerry Springer type hype instead of true journalism. The latter has been taken over by the blogisphere movement. When one looks at the intellectual level of bloggers, it is akin to the first printing press gurus, true-blooded Americans, wherein the press was used as a very powerful political tool. Compare "blogging" with the comments section of the Stool and you will see clear-cut evidence that there is indeed an intellectual barrier here in Alaska. Hey, just look at the intellectual level of Sarah when it comes to anything except hockey! And Meg, what is wrong with her voice - talk about sounding horse! And here is another thing, what is with NPR and "another" fund drive? Seems this outfit is always raising money, again and again and again. Almost sounds like a broken record. Now they want a dollar-a-day to keep the airwaves away, from Rusha. That is a whooping 365-dollars a year, about one months cost for Enstar to rip me off just to boil water and keep my house warm. Oh, I forgot, we are sharing the costs for Aurora Gas breaking contracts. So in efforts to keep the Anchorage schools warm for the kids, we all suffer the pain of higher energy costs. Can’t somebody sue Aurora? Aurora Gas is a Texas outfit that isn’t fit to do business here in Alaska. Remember the Alaskan bumper sticker that said it well: "Happiness is a Texan going south with an Okie under each arm". Go home. In fact all of Palin’s "Texass" friends should go away and leave us all alone. But I stopped giving to NPR way back when Don Young cut off funding for "Public Radio". See, that forum was getting way too liberal for the "Billy Goat". Before the Internet became available, "public radio" was starting to give listeners incite into Alaska’s corrupt politics. So came the ax. But NPR would continue to give Don free airtime, so he could call Nancy Pelosi a "Rabid Skunk" and get away with it. And when NPR held a call-in for Don, he was nasty with those trying to pin him down. He was using the "public radio" paid for by listeners to further his agenda, on my dime and your dime. When I complained to the local referees over this, I was told I could listen to another channel, thus my ax was sharpened. With that, I protest giving away money that can in any way shape or form abet Don’s efforts to disenfranchise the liberals. So when the paper goes away and NPR goes away because I am sick and tired of hearing the sponsorship list that amounts to a bunch of rich folks that seem not to pay enough taxes and use NPR as nothing but a write-off but get a say in the action, which is not the intent of "Public Radio", then we have left only the internet as a means to practice our 1st Amendment rights. It is the freest form of freedom of choice. Then maybe we can get back down to business and take back the America that has been lost to pervert preachers, stool stuck journalism and pathetic Americans that believe Ted and Don and MoanaLisa were doing their sworn jobs for the good of not all Americans, but practiced preferential treatment to those individuals "with them and not against them", which resulted in "feathering their nests". Just ask Bill, ask Ted, ask Don, ask MoanaLisa, ask Frank, the list keeps on giving. But I for one am glad that I never was invited to Ted’s nest, his roost. And I am glad that I was never invited to Don’s coconut grove down in Florida. And MoanaLisa’s bird’s eye view of the Kenai River, she got caught! Free Admission? Must be an invite to corruption, Alaskan style!

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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Holy Communion

What do I know about WAR? "WAR, what is it good for, absolutely nothing". But in perspective, when one sees a well respected Catholic churchgoer dressed in a Texas Rangers "trench-coat" along with a Texas Rangers cowboy hat - probably a Stetson - in line for Holy Communion, and that thing bulging out from concealment is not what you think and is what shouldn’t be present at the Almighty’s altar, then you have it in white upon black. And if not enough, to go from neighbor to neighbor recruiting - in the same uniform worn to church - in efforts to establish a neighborhood vigilante like militia to take matters onto themselves, when local cops were slow at responding to robberies on the Hillside - where the rich people live in gated communities - you better get the point. As it is OK for preachers to shoot retreating thieves in the back, in cold blood, Alaskan style revenge it is. And the biggest test WAR will have if he gets the badge of the Alaska AG, is the "Caribou Die Off" case, also known as the "4th of July Suicide Trail Massacre". Point Hope spokesperson and village president Jack Schaefer has asked in writing for the governor to intervene in this case if a sentence is forthcoming, that intervention allowing "Native Sovereignty" justice through tribunal jurisdiction, for sentencing. I am in total agreement, as something stinks the way the investigation has come about with evidence once lacking to entrapment like tactics in efforts to find a village informant needing a plea bargain arising out of alcohol abuse, in a dry village. And rumors coming forward about that massacre or "die off", wherein 8-local village hunters were indicted for violation of wanton waste laws, that rumor indicates that they came upon the already dying animals and that was soon after a plane was seen in the same area, wherein wild gunshots were heard from a distance. The "Suicide Trail" is out in the middle of nowhere! No roads, no normal air traffic patterns. It may be a set-up all right! If not, realizing WAR’s attitude towards subsistence hunting, these kids have not a chance in the city-slickers’ criminal justice system. First Nation, Indian country, whatever you prefer, it should have jurisdiction in this matter. Our laws - that of the "White Man" - don’t come close to understanding the rules, regulations and ways and means of a culture that is at least 10,000-years of age in the making. Our system of justice is way too new to deal with why and how, if true, this "massacre" came about. If not a set-up, was such a massacre in efforts to provide the village elders with food! The fishing was terrible this past year for many of Alaska’s coastal subsistence villages, as it was the year before. And next year looks just as bleak. And when the village of Emmonak went "food" dry and didn’t get the governments attention until it became a photo-shoot opportunity - what’s a few noticeable rib cages on humans - sometimes one must do whatever necessary to survive, just like a vigilante. Was it true subsistence? And when we go back in time to see what happened to the buffalo herds, and why there was an attempt to kill off that relied upon food source in efforts to kill off a race, I wouldn’t doubt it that some rich bastards are flying around Alaska unescorted by any rules, laws or regulations and trying out their vigilante type weapons - in a place out of sight and out of mind, they thought! There have come a few rumors in the past that third party gunrunners come to Alaska in efforts to try out a client’s weapon. They can get away with it out in the boonies. They have the money to buy the same kind of aircraft that drug pushers’ use, faster then what the law has at its beckon call. And radar seems not to work or that well when crooks are at the stick! And the way the Mod-Squad is so short-staffed in the bush, all kinds of ugly things can go on, without ever coming to light. So WAR may have his work cut out for him, with the "Caribou Die Off" case. More too come! So I reserve my right to change my answer to "WAR, what is it good for?" But right about now, it is still the same answer, "Absolutely Nothing". Damn, there is somebody at the front door. Look’s churchlike. May be a preacher. Where’s my gun! Don’t turn ya back now, ya hear!

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Pirates & Ransom!

Seems Alaskans have their very own pirate story caper. As a U.S. Navy escort ship off the coast of Somalia maneuvered about in efforts to circumvent a pirate like situation involving an American flagged sea vessel, there exists another act of piracy going down right here in Alaska! And we are being held captive, for ransom! Why Ted Stevens deems it necessary to file candidacy papers for the 2014 senate race is beyond reach. It is pathetic. He is 87-years old. Nothing against age but we do not need another Strom on the Hill. And Bill Allen will probably be doing time still by then, but with modern day technology and the way the "justice" system is corrupted, Bill can run the Stevens show from behind those bars. Al Capone did it! The "Teflon Don" had no problem running things from behind bars, even though he had a back door to freedom. Hey Ted, isn’t it time to allow the "young" a chance at running this country that seems to be in ruins after your risk taking adventures? Hey Ted, are not you glad that you steered money to Alaska so the FBI could build that "Secret" hi-tech eavesdropping facility, the one hidden away in the woods off of Tudor? So outsiders ask, what is with Alaskan style politics? See, we have become the laughing stock state with respect to respectable politics. Instead of the "Last Frontier" motto, it is now the "Corrupt Bastard Club" state motto that sticks. Alaska, once known for its wilderness and animals, is now a political magnet and featured daily on the FOX, MSNBC and the "Laugh-In" segment of late night broadcasts. I believe that Ted is filing for the senate race for one and only one reason, so he can continue to raise campaign funds, shift some of that money to his "war chest" and use it to continue to do what he is good at, rip off the system of justice. See, campaign money can be manipulated beyond what and how Congress manipulates then distributes your taxable income. To bad there isn’t a better word for "highway robbery", but rape is reserved. Campaign money is out of control, has been for way too long and it is abusive upon this country’s ethics and righteousness. But it is the same crooks that take advantage of things like campaign spending abuse that make the laws that allow for it, our so-called representatives! And the fact that the Alaska legislature is looking for an apology from Uncle Sam for Uncle Ted, along with the proposition that Uncle Ted can sue Uncle Sam, our own branch of government is acting like pirates and demanding ransom. I think the U.S. government should sue Alaska, for violation of wanton waste laws! The way taxpayer money has been wasted over the years here in the 49er is a crime. And to take "stimulus" money when at the same time there is a healthy Constitutional Budget Reserve - 6 billion - it is robbery upon the U.S. Treasury. I guess the Sarah Palin Family follies aren’t enough, so Ted and company are reigning in! Spotlight on talent? Depends on how one defines "Talent". We have the Sarah & Levi showdown. That comes after many months of son-in-law bashing. According to Levi, Sarah went nasty when she returned back to reality, when she lost McCain’s bid for presidential decency. Had McCain picked not a looser, things may be different in Washington these days. Politics Alaskan style is the comic book that keeps on delivering laughs. At times I think it is all a behind the scenes plan, as it appears to be culminating upon the greatest "reality" show of all times. Has anybody seen Jerry Springer? I mean here is a guy that understands politics. Has money and knows how to play out peoples’ emotions to the enjoyment of others. He is a modern day psychoanalysis guru, he is the Freud of our time. So take into consideration - upon conspiracy theory openness - and pretend that Jerry set out some years ago to frame a stage story of a lifetime? Could there be a better place then Alaska? It was an inspiring place to begin with, a place on everybody’s wish list to visit but for many only a dream. So he comes here to Alaska on a fishing adventure. He finds Wasilla and at the same time hears about Sarah, or maybe the Cheely Brothers. What a find? So with a behind the scenes dash to madness, Sarah’s future is set in motion. When one looks at history, Alaskan politics has been center stage. It started with the reign of the Three Stooges: Ted, Don and Frank. Then Frank gives up his seat to run for governor of Alaska. He wins. He then practices nepotism and gives the vacant U.S. Senate seat to his daughter, free of charge. The only thing we ever hear from the 1st lady - Mrs. MurCowski - is an editorial about how small the crapper is on the jet that Frank purchased. Then Sarah enters the scene and places Ruedrich under a citizen’s arrest, for stealing time away from state government in efforts to run GOP affairs. She becomes governor then sells Frank’s jet on E-bay! The rest is history in the making. I mean comic time in the making. All this madness could not happen by chance! And not to forget is the time that Don called Pelosi a "Rabid Skunk", on NPR and gets away with it! Ben Stevens - son of Uncle Ted - entered the picture somehow, oh yes, when governor Knowles placed Ben in a vacant state senate seat. Why? Supposedly to stay in favor with Ted and Don, the "pork" kings. It goes on and on and on and if not a reality show, then chance and odds have failed decency. But all in all, it sure seems like this will play out to be the "reality" show of a lifetime. There are so many contestants, that maybe it will become a series on TV. Remember Dallas? Hey, that sure looks like Lesil McGuire here at the Taproot! She is trying to pose incognito. I thought Tom was still in the penitentiary? Damn, that doesn’t look like Tom. Payton Place? Jerry Springer? Laugh In? Tabloid central it is turning into! So if people can’t visit, they can sure read about us. Read all about it, extra, extra! And Ted wants his seat back. Pathetic politics. But like pirates and piracy, wherein the innocent are held hostage against their will, wherein ransom for freedom is demanded, wherein rape and pillaging goes hand in hand, all is normal with this scene. So it seems that there is discovered that there is indeed a pre-requisite to becoming an Alaskan politician. Insanism seems to fit well, or tabloid wannabeism, but pirateering is a real match. By God, Mark Twain was right! In closing, a great Marley song fit for modern day politicians, pirates that is:

"Old pirates yes they rob I, sold I to the merchant ships, minutes after they took I, from the bottomless pit, but may hand was made strong, by the hand of the almighty, we forward in this generation, triumphantly. All I ever had, is songs of freedom….Redemption songs, songs of freedom."

If only politicians understood what "Freedom" was all about. This country would be redeemed!

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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wacky & Wacky!

So the coffee shops are abuzz with news that once indicted on 7-felony counts ex-U.S. Senator Ted Stevens(R-Alaska) is a free man. Opinions vary, as the latter is an inherent right, through the 1st Amendment. But what gets me is the idiotocracy that follows this madness, guilty or not guilty, like the almost full page congratulatory add placed in the Anchorage Daily Stool by Hackney & Hackney. It starts off with; "There are many good men. There are few great men. Ted Stevens is both." I think there was a misprint, as it should have read Wacky & Wacky, Idiots at Large. What I am getting at is this. In that expensive "God bless you, Ted" layout that I wouldn’t even let my puppy crap upon, there comes this point blank question from the authors: "Did Ted feather the nests of a chosen few? Wherein the Hackney’s go on to answer: "Absolutely. They are called Americans." Gag me with a spoon please! As therein exists the problem of why Ted is disliked by "True Americans". It appears as though Art & April places the stamp of approval on preferential treatment. I never had an invite to Ted’s Nest! I would say that they most likely then not gained favor from such "feathered" misappropriations which means others were disenfranchised! As for most, we fall into the peasant class, and found no special treatment. I am talking the hard working American class. The trickle down theory was indeed alive and well in Stevensville, but that is not what America is all about. Especially when we proletariats only received pennies on "our" dollars, as others in the nest went rich. So maybe the Hackney’s flunked out on civics when the Constitution was being addressed and dissected. If you don’t get it, that was taxpayers’ money that Ted dealt with when feathering the nest! His salary for representing us without prejudice came from my hard earned money garnished away. But in ending, I am glad that Ted is finally enjoying a day of rest. What bothers me most is the fact that before us is a nation wherein "Voters Are Left Behind" and have not the time or energy anymore to bother with seeking out what is right or what is wrong - including infiltrating your nest! Why? Because the nest stinks and we have been screwed by the FOX stealing anything and everything not tied down, then some! I guess if one is on the take, it is OK. If not, then we have a problem. So to Art & April, yes "Many have been touched by Ted’s goodness and his greatness", but not everybody can lay claim to that sentiment, and that is what is wrong with America - where some of us must work without a feathered nest to retreat, to strive for that life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. Ted’s efforts only undermined the individual’s efforts in that pursuit. For his own greed, and that of those that shared his nest, as you call them, the "chosen few". God help America!

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A' la Carte Ted

Was Ted Stevens good for America? NO! Was Ted good for Alaska? Maybe. Putting it in perspective…Hold that thought. Laura Ingalls, you must be constipated, again. Go take a crap will ya and please leave Obama’s foreign policy "attempt" alone. Remember, we had not a diplomat at the helm for the last 20-years. Better yet, I understand that Limbaugh and Coulter are looking for a threesome, your presence is gladly appreciated. Your ranting, raving and moaning will add to the excitement. Anyway, whether Ted was good or bad will be debated for years, or at least another week or so. It is the "Tail of Two Cities" scenario, as what was good for Alaska may not have been good for America. If money was wasted away from the U.S. Treasury for Alaskan crap, it hurts America. And most of the money that was sidetracked to Alaska over Ted’s years of endangerment was most likely jobs "stimulus" money but in realty "welfare", republican style welfare, disguised as something but in reality nothing. To date, Alaska does not yet have a sustainable jobs infrastructure, like manufacturing or agriculture that maintains steady jobs. And how much taxpayer money was spent trying? You don’t want to know, as it is sickening. In a nutshell, here is my take on it. Back some years ago, when the Republicans were in power and earmarks were belching out of control like black soot out of a power plant’s chimney soon after Bush lifted all environmental regulations, Ted was interviewed by a local newshound about such earmark reform. With Ted strutting power and seniority on the Hill, he had the power to steer appropriations worth billions towards Alaska. And one earmark in particular was of interest, a grant, to study the "penis" size of the male Musk Oxen. See at one time our government was smart and provided for entrepreneurship and growth through "loans", SBA type loans that required a commitment. "Grants" which requires no commitment and no payback and no nothing came about when Ted was in Congress. It is highway robbery and was instituted for no other reason then to hold Americans hostage at the voting booth. A pat on the back type mentality. Anyway, back to the "penis". Ted received a request for such research and came through. But nobody in their right mind would ever attempt to measure the genitalia of a 1200-pound beast that looks prehistoric and stinks! So the money was used to build a recreational cabin, for a private entity. Taxpayer money! When asked about this, Ted responded in anger that he takes all requests to heart and when he delivers the bacon, once the money leaves his control it is not his responsibility. True, but it buys something, votes. It is pathetic and irresponsible to have this kind of mindset when "My" money is involved and at risk. Another case in point is the fiasco over the spruce bark beetle infestation back in the late 90’s in and around much of Southcentral Alaska. This is where two party affiliated comrades can get sidetracked and think they are working towards a common goal but act recklessly and once again we see the "Fleecing of America". Remember that show? Ted was a celebrity on several occasions. Anyway when the beetle was making biologist nervous, U.S. Congressmen Don Young - Ted’s buddy - thought great, as dead trees creates rough wood which creates lumber which creates jobs. So the Fed.’s rushed millions to Alaska to build what is now the defunct "Pt. McKenzie Wood Chip Export Facility". Well at the same time, some scientist found a way to circumvent the beetle spread, by cutting fire-breaks in the woods, so they couldn’t jump ship following a winter’s hibernation. Ted sent money to Alaska to cut down thousands of healthy tree stands, even before an environmental impact statement was tested. It worked and the beetles surrendered. It meant an end to the wood chip exporting facility, which logged only two shiploads of exports to Japan! A waste of taxpayer money, again "fleeced". And what effect the tree break had upon the environment will not be known for years to come. And many biologists insisted that the beetle was here for a reason! See, it has nothing to do with anything even close to righteous, as it all boils down to "kiss my ass and I’ll kiss yours back". So at the same time, with money wasted away there came no "sustainable" jobs and Alaskan’s are left with another eyesore as can be seen from Anchorage, maybe to remind us of more waste and failure during the reign of Uncle Ted - as some prefer to call him. So just the fact that two top Alaskan representatives were not communicating towards a common goal, it is again reckless behavior and not what we would expect from those sworn to uphold the Constitution. It is "our" money they mess with! There are countless scenarios and failures here in the 49er that could test the question in which this broadcast started out to dismiss or prove. America has been fleeced royally by Alaska, courtesy Alaska’s delegation. And it is happening today with Obama’s stimulus program. We have here in Alaska what is called the Constitutional Budget Reserve, a rainy day fund of 6-billion dollars which should be used before we except anymore government welfare. So was Ted good or bad? It doesn’t matter any more! He is now history. The fact that there exist idiots out there that believe a sitting senator - newly elected Begich - should step down for no other reason then in efforts to give Ted a second chance at re-election is even more dangerous then what Ted may or may not have done with so many years in control of Congress. We have a sinking economy, on his watch. We have two military conflicts, on his watch. We have soaring gasoline prices, on his watch. I could go on. But enough is enough. If you get the point, fine. If not, maybe you can be that fruitcake that would attempt to measure the penis size of a tundra roaming Musk Oxen and go down in history as one that believed in Ted. Bottom line, Ted was guilty, is still guilty and is enjoying freedom due a technicality. Yes the Justice Department is guilty of abridging innocence before guilt, but under Ted’s watch this country changed, towards the worse with regulations, laws and bylaws. To end, I never wished Ted to spend time incarcerated, as the guilty verdict was enough. Again, without doubt in the minds of free thinkers, he is still guilty as the proof is in the pudding. Anybody who aligned himself or herself with Bill Allen was corrupt. Ted’s family knows it, his comrades that took advantage of him know it as do the "Big Oil" CEOs that were not allowed to testify "under oath" when grilled on high gasoline price fixing, that privilege afforded through and by Stevens’ irresponsibility. The "people" were screwed and we know it, and that is why he was voted out of office. Even if today there came another election, Ted would be retired and that is where he belongs. Memoirs? Maybe Ted and Bush can co-author something, like a Mad Magazine article to capture their pathetic journey. As Hackney & Hackney try to dispel any lingering tarnished reputation upon the ex-senator, that Ted "feathered the nests of a chosen few", well Art and April, that is not American by any stretch of the imagination. Preferential treatment is what placed Ted in the crosshairs of corruption! That buddy communications outfit must have money left over from one of Ted’s giveaway extravaganzas as no decent individual or business would waste money on such a spread - unless American Taxpayers’ loot - to advertise that Ted was a statesmen. He is not! And for those wishing to have fun, especially kids "Left Behind" in another fiasco that Ted was in favor of, take this morning’s edition of the Anchorage Daily Stool’s front page spread of the Stevens’ Family - minus Ben - celebrating a victory that allows America crooks to walk, as it makes for a great dartboard! Now that’s celebratory!

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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Perfect Storm of Justice

Yes, justice has been served. I write on this subject the morning before Judge Sullivan may make history by following the lead of the U.S. Justice Department and rule in favor of fallen U.S. Senator Ted Stevens, to toss out his corruption case due prosecutor malfeasance. Even though the jury has spoken, delivering a 7-count felony indictment verdict, the outcome of the judge’s decision is meaningless. Why? Because justice has been served in a ways and means that is justified for the "crime" of a lifetime! First and foremost, it is good that Ted is in retirement, finally! The fact that his re-election attempt may have been diminished by the "corruption" trial due a 40-year corruption trail is the "Perfect Storm of Justice" served. Government started out clean but has become so corrupt, without ethics, without term limits, without much meaning anymore except more corruption. And someone is to blame for the mess, Ted included. It is ironic that Ted now blasts the same institution that he built and served for so many years. What goes around comes around still works. That chalet in Girdwood - the cornerstone of the felonies - it will remain a nightmare for Ted, like returning to the scene of the "crime". Best sell out Ted, as even your friends down that way did things behind the scenes that makes many wonder, "Friends"? If so, then what are your enemies like? Bill Allen type seems to fit the latter. And when anybody looks at how Bill Allen set out to screw the workers of Alaska in concert with "Big Oil’s" mandate of greed, why Ted would side with Bill is still mind-boggling but goes to show stupidity, manipulation and preference. Ted was never really for the "people", it was just a sideline position. Bill Allen was no good for Alaska, neither was Ted any good for Alaska, as he held a noose upon our freedoms and righteousness for way too long. Politicians seem to behave in this manner. But in a nutshell, it is Ted’s arrogance that made him what he is today, a failed statesman. Sure Ted was supposedly "good" to Alaska when it came to welfare and pork, but Ted was in bed with the wrong forces, like "Big Oil", all to the detriment of the American taxpayers. It all looked good from the outside, but what Ted did on the inside was instrumental in placing this country on the wrong track. It wasn’t only Ted. Don Young is just as guilty. And MoanaLisa Murkowski is proof that those in power don’t care what goes on, in her case by the way she was given her dad’s vacant senate seat, by her dad, which means nepotism is also a thriving disease upon government. No matter what she has done or will do for this state or America, it will never be enough to garnish a re-election vote from this citizen. There is more to this story - Alaska’s failed political scene - then meets the eye and won’t be covered in detail, but the proof exists. Time in office means power. Ted was one of the most powerful U.S. Senators ever to haunt the Hill. This state enjoyed that power, with Ted bringing home the bacon. But in all those years of misappropriations that could have been used for better things, like a tax rebate as all the "pork" to this simpleton meant Americans were overtaxed, it was Ted’s way of control over our destiny. And to this day, Alaska has very little to show for his efforts. OK, so there is an airport in his namesake. Some want the name changed, I disagree, as it will be a reminder of corrupt politics forever. Again said sadly, to this day Alaska is not better off after Ted’s years of service, as most of the money sent this way was wasted. This state is no better off today then when still a territory, when citizens did "ask what you can do for your country" to become a part of that country. With Ted, it was just the opposite and we were placated by a false hope of sustainability. I believe his arrogance was due to the fact that he thought he was doing us a favor when in reality it was not a favor at all, but a noose around our freedoms. "Vote me back in or else"! For so many years, his action and inaction acted as a detriment and stymied this state to surface as a proud state, doing it on our own. We could have, but interference ruled and ruined our chances. Alaska, due Ted’s favoritism with special interests over the interests of the people is a reason this state remains the biggest welfare state of the union, and we still have the biggest producing oil fields upon all America, for almost as long as Ted was in office! So for years, the "Perfect Storm of Injustice" ruled, but now the tides have turned.

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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Keeping Score #4

To date, scorecard #4 of the 111th Congress verses American Workers:

Days average American Workers have worked: 76
Days the 111th Congress has worked: 52

American Workers’ average pay for this period: $13, 376.00
Congressional pay for same period: $51,3604.00

Congress continues to lead by 4 to 1 margin in life, liberty and pursuit of happiness!
On your buck!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Time for a Doogan

What is it with politicians these days? Isn’t it a pre-requisite before office and any swearing in ceremony to understand the rules? Herein I am talking the Constitution. In this case, the Alaska Constitution!

Dear Doogan:

According to the Alaska State Constitution, Article 1 - Declaration of Rights;
1. Inherent Rights - This constitution is dedicated to the principles that all persons have a natural right to life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness,….that all persons(including Mudflats) are equal and entitled to equal rights(including Mudflats), and protection(including Mudflats) under the law(this law), and that all persons(including yourself) have corresponding obligations to the people(including Mudflats) and to the State.
5. Freedom of Speech - Every person may freely speak, write, and publish on all subjects, being responsible for the abuse of that right.
22. Right to Privacy - The right of the people to privacy(including Mudflats) is recognized and shall not be infringed. THE LEGISLATURE(that’s you idiot) shall implement this section.

So taking the latter into consideration, there was no reason whatsoever for you to violate (1) Mudflat’s "Inherent Rights" by breaching confidentiality and violating (2) the author’s identity which was under anonymous rules of engagement and protected by Article 22, in efforts the latter practiced "Freedom of Speech", which is also the 1st Amendment under the U.S. Constitution! Mudflat was governed by the Constitution(s) and to be held accountable for such actions or inactions if what was published on his or her web-site blog caused harm and he or she did not fix, in a timely manner, the matter following complaints. Your actions, if haven’t already, could conceivably cause harm to another individual. Now such dereliction to abridge the "Rights of Americans" was the norm for the Scooter Libby and company country demoralizers, but it is not what we expect from the legislative branch of the Last Frontier. What would Jay say about your actions? Your stupidity to reveal a blogger’s identity is a violation of privacy, a violation of decency and quite notably a crappy situation. You stink! You should step down your out of control office as a representative, as you have not a constitutional mindset but it appears a bent mindset. Your actions violated another’s rights, so you have to step down. But you won’t because this is just another politician involving oneself in another’s business, and you get paid to violate, better deal then a rapist. But the working class is a lonely class when we have no one in power to protect our rights. So in honor of your in-honorable movement to crap upon the Constitution(s) wherein you feel it is OK to crap upon the "Rights" of an individual causing you no harm whatsoever, the word "crap" - a.k.a. Bowel Movement - shall be replaced with "Doogan". Hey, that cup of morning Joe is doing its thing, I have to have a …. I mean "Doogan". Fits, doesn’t it. And this honorable namesake replacing "crap" is a keepsake, for generations to come. And for that other idiot that proclaims he is an educator and comes to your pathetic defense in an Anchorage Daily Stool opinion titled "Outing AKMudflats a Solid Move" this action only goes to show why America is loosing the battle in education. When ED(Explosive Diarrhea) type behavior is what makes an Alan Borass professor, what do we expect our children to learn, except more "crap", I mean "Doogan". Yes the Borass response is a "solid movement" all right, Doogan style. I guess Doogan and Borass are still constipated over the fact that the "people" finally have a tool that allows "us" to "ask what you can do for your country". The 1st Amendment is what put this country back on track when crap artists like yourself and Borass tried to rule with a crown instead of a Constitution. Why guys like yourself and Borass are adamant to go back to days of peasantry, it is mind-blogging. But every-time a person in power tramples upon the great emancipator - the Constitution - we go backwards. Talk about a shredding! For some of us, it is all we have and all we care about and care not to fall behind, while your actions allow for the erosion of rights. So in closing, "One more cup of coffee before I go, to the valley below", so as to enjoy another Doogan! By the way my fellow Alaskans, flush twice, as it is a long way to Juneau! And forget about sending your kids to Kenai College, as it seems nothing but a front in efforts to constipate our rights, not what college students need in this day and age of "Change"!

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Friday, April 3, 2009

Alaska PREDATOR List

The recent attempts by the Alaskan ARP(Alaskan Republican Party) to convince U.S. Senator Mark Begich - elected "By the People" - to resign has no other intent or actionable or affordable reasonableness then to distort and disrupt government and excite continued unreasonableness amongst this organization's followers. It can be considered an act of treason, as "Treason" defined; "Betrayal of trust". This United States cannot operate with the likes of treasonable organizations and therefore it is prudent - like the publishing of a sexual predator’s identity list - to publish the members of this "party" that is intent on disrupting government, by calling for such a resignation. This recall or request to "step-down" signifies nothing short a "betrayal of trust" in an elected official, wherein only the Congress itself is the Constitutionally granted guidance upon judgment of "fitness" through impeachment for those chosen "By the People" to hold office. The people have spoken. Such deliberate agitation is in efforts to circumvent the U.S. Constitution and the "will "of the people. There is no other reason for this predator action accept to incite treasonable activity.

Alaska's Political Predator list:
Chairman Randy Ruedrich Anchorage Vice Chairman Steve Colligan Wasilla Natl. Com. Man Ralph Seekins Fairbanks Natl. Com. Woman Debbie Joslin Delta Jun. Secretary Leona Oberts Soldotna Assistant Secretary Christine Kurka Eagle River Treasurer Glenn Clary Anchorage Assistant Treasurer Frank McQueary Anchorage Past Chairman Tom McKay Anchorage District 1 Sandra Meske Ketchikan District 2 Shirley Winters Sikta District 3 Ben Brown Juneau District 4 Connie McKenzie Juneau District 5 Jennie Grimwood Cordova District 6 Spike Jorgensen Tok District 7 Connie Miller Fairbanks District 8 Rick Solie Fairbanks District 9 Chris Stepovich Fairbanks District 10 Nic Stepovich Fairbanks District 11 Todd Larkin North Pole District 12 Scott Smith Valdez District 13 Dick Stoffel Palmer District 14 District 15 Tom Baird Willow District 16 Dallas Massie Wasilla District 17 Kim Skipper Eagle River District 18 Dan Saddler Anchorage District 19 Josh Applebee Anchorage Dsitrict 20 Robin Phillips Anchorage District 21 Bill Noll Anchorage District 22 Steve Dougherty Anchorage District 23 Berkeley Ide Anchorage District 24 David Morgan Anchorage District 25 Lisa Vaught Anchorage District 26 Gloria Shriver Anchorage District 27 Jay Griffin Anchorage District 28 Wiley Brooks Anchorage District 29 Carl Ekstrom Anchorage District 30 Kenneth Kirk Anchorage District 31 Richard Giessel Anchorage District 32 Judy Eledge Eagle River District 33 Carol Brenckle Kenai District 34 Doug Blossom Clam Gulch District 35 Eileen Becker Homer District 36 Bob Brodie Kodiak District 37 Ron Bowers Dillingham District 39 Mike Anderson Fairbanks Bonus Vote 1 Lynda Adams Ketchikan Bonus Vote 2 Larry Crews Sitka Bonus Vote 5 Brent Cole Sr Craig Bonus Vote 7 Cam Carlson Fairbanks Bonus Vote 10 Bonus Vote 11 Scott Walker North Pole Bonus Vote 12 Jason Floyd Valdez Bonus Vote 13 David Eastman Palmer Bonus Vote 14 Casey Reynolds Wasilla Bonus Vote 15 Tom Baird Wasilla Bonus Vote 16 Rex Shattuck Chugiak Bonus Vote 17 Chris Kruka Eagle River Bonus Vote 18 Chris Nelson Anchorage Bonus Vote 19 Carol Beecher Anchorage Bonus Vote 28 Tim Sullivan Anchorage Bonus Vote 29 Bart McRorie Anchorage Bonus Vote 30 Dave Bronson Anchorage Bonus Vote 31 Peter Nolan Anchorage Bonus Vote 32 Hope Nelson Anchorage Bonus Vote 33 Bonus Vote 34 Mike Tuariainen Soldotna Bonus Vote 35 Doug Stark Homer Bonus Vote 36 Harry Heiberg Kodiak Region 1 Finance Robert Jacobsen Juneau Region 3 Finance Dave Lewis Eagle River Region 4 Finance Region 5 Finance Grant Hunter Anchorage Region 6 Finance William Large Anchorage Region 7 Finance Dale Bagely Soldotna A.F.R.W. Paulette Simpson Douglas Young Republicans Josh Applebee Anchorage Congressman Don Young Washington US Senator Lisa Murkowski Washington Governor Sarah Palin Juneau Lt. Governor Sean Parnell Anchorage Legal Counsel William Large Anchorage Parliamentarian Tom Baird Willow

PS: The ARP accepts donations: Mail your un-eaten "Fruitcakes" to the "Office of Treason" nearest you!