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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Ask NOT....

I tend to believe that the alarming problem this day upon America is not the government bureaucracy’s excessive spending habits, wasting away all of that hard earned income that is burdened by Article XVI - a.k.a. income taxation. As before us today the “Homeland” problem is rooted upon dereliction our conviction to equality that taxation, wherein the Red, White & Blue responsibility is dealt a blow when that money is spent upon scam and sham projects. It boils down to this: “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country”! And simply stated this means every individual who honors the Constitution should practice responsibility when that money is distributed and police how it is spent. Said again, it is NOT the spending habit that is out of control, but the way in which it is spent once it is free-loaded away from the security of the Treasury by a dysfunctional Congress. I give Alaska's deceased long term U.S. Senator Ted Stevens credit for one thing, as he was adamant to make a point that when somebody asks for government “grant” money and he comes thorough - even if the money was supposed to be used to measure the penis size of the male Musk Ox - Ted was clear and convincing that he has no responsibility forward on how that money is actually spent – as it then becomes the responsibility of the grantee, not the grantor. If you are wondering, the “grant” money failed at the measuring objective because there isn’t anybody that stupid at trying to mess around with the male organ of a 2000-pound beast of burden that makes Attila the Hun look tame! Instead the loot was used to build a hunting lodge. A clear-cut case wherein the Constitution’s “responsibility clause” came under attack. Yes, we are a nation under attack! Not due terrorist activity from misfit rogue nations, but from home grown misfits that believe it is their duty to “loophole” Uncle Sam to the pawn house. And that “Ask what you can do for your country”, it means being proactive, to step up to the plate to defend misguided expenditures, instead of opportunities to steal away this country’s economic future. See, the Congress must give the money away, no matter how dysfunctional this institution appears today, as it is ours to begin with. If not given away, it means Congress must avail a tax decrease to those that are paying their fair share and that never occurs – another dereliction upon the Constitutional “responsibility clause”. And what is fair taxation today? But when responsibility is lost upon arrival of that Uncle Sam check for grants or appropriations’ bills passing the muster, there is a clear cut disenfranchising of the Treasury wealth, our invested wealth, with respect to equality – a.k.a. redistribution. Many individuals have made it a passion and career at taking advantage Uncle Sam's generosity, many are getting rich on your dime, wherein the “responsibility clause” goes by the wayside making it very easy to stuff it away for “their” rainy day offshore fund - like nobody is paying any attention. It is by far the ultimate in selfish greed. In fact, this corruption is being past down to generations, like it is vogue! Greed is killing the American spirit. It is time to stop blaming Congress, time to stop blaming Obama or ex-dysfunctional president George Bush, as it is time to place the blame upon ourselves. We are the culprits, as we are all involved somehow in this money laundering racket that has placed a stranglehold upon this country’s future. We are all accomplices to this crime. Government welfare finds many faces other than the face of poverty, in what is called “Corporate Welfare”. And it is causing a disconnect away from any sense of reasonableness, as extinction is becoming a home rule out of greed and is but a word that should be banned from the dictionary, as without greed this extinction thing fails the test to exist. Do you really think species’ extinction would be a problem if human greed was banned? So as a test case my concern, take Alaska for an example as to how dereliction upon the Constitutional “Responsibility Clause” has contributed to Public Enemy #1. Case in point: Taku is a housing complex designed as comfortable living for troops stationed at Ft. Wainwright in Alaska. It is home of the Stryker Brigade, the brigade that is now deployed in Afghanistan. So it was a privileged perk to have a home that was comfortable for the family when “Dad and Mom” where engaged abroad in theater upholding that slogan and mission that “Peace is Not free”, through “boots on the ground” action. Now when this construction project started, soon into the ground breaking ceremony in 2005 it was discovered that the 60-acres of land set aside for this “Troop” salary affordable housing had been used as a war-time practice zone, with unaccounted munitions and undocumented fuel drums conveniently abandoned along with sinister looking canisters that contained dioxin and other harmful chemicals – Agent Orange. Basically speaking, a 60-acre nightmare that made Love Canal look like a minor environmental hick-up. Now a lot of this “dumping” occurred even before Alaska was granted statehood, so it was basically a toxic waste dump along with MIA active bombs that missed the delivery target and declared “duds”. But instead of halting the government funded project even before the first foundation's concrete had been poured, greed set in and the project continued on, as it meant big bucks for local construction companies which meant decent paying jobs for the trades and labor force. The trickle-down theory based on corrupt spending habits. It means earth work, the kind the labor unions thrive on but aren’t included when Uncle Sam acts as the general contractor. It meant expenditures for lumber and other materials, enriching the local merchants. Everybody was in for a piece of the money pie, even though it was a failed project already. Yes failed upon its intent, but successful upon keeping paychecks delivered and wallets filled. So about $25-million of Uncle Sam's loot was spent building 55-homes. But right before the first ribbon cutting ceremony, the entire housing project was placed off limits, as it was then that somebody warned the military brass that the area posed an “unknown” hazard – five years too late! Today, it is a fenced off eyesore where nothing natural grows, not even devil’s clubs. Where brand new houses sit unoccupied, not due economic hard times, but due a dereliction of the “responsibility clause” wherein many individuals where afraid to speak up due loss of income should the project come to a halt. And to date, the 55-houses constructed during Phase I, with remedial requirements mandated by the EPA, it has cost another $25-million dollars, just for the environmental clean-up costs in anticipation that someday the area will be given the green light, maybe. But the ground below the houses remains contaminated, so it is more likely than not that it will remain a ghost town, it will never see an “Open House” sign. See, the unexploded munitions still makes it impossible for occupancy clearance. Totaling it up in a nutshell, a million dollars a house, an estate with no future use – except to waste more taxpayers’ loot trying to figure out what to do with the so far waste – like we need to spend more on failure. The vicious circle continues, especially when the vulnerability of Uncle Sam’s giveaway program is still unsecure. Like the famed Alaskan “Bridge to Nowhere”, this failed housing project is no different, except the money has been spent. This all could have been easily avoided, had just one individual out of the hundreds employed this project found the courage to speak up. Maybe we should spend some loot measuring the penis size of these “iffy” Americans! Sad it is that hundreds didn’t speak up. Once again, evidence that the “responsibility clause” is a lost cause as putting bread on the table is more important than honesty. And I would bet that the corporations involved in this mess made millions and continue to reap the benefits of loophole technicalities. How else can these corrupt corporation CEOs find colossal salaries so their families can have at least three multi-million dollar vacation homes? Bottom-line, in many cases “We the People” are paying for some of their extravagant living outrageousness, while homelessness continues to be another Public Enemy. Another case that should be under the microscope is the “privatization” of the military infrastructure, not only in Alaska but all throughout America. This I offer as yet another convincing concern that proves Public Enemy #1 prevails over any intent to fulfill the Constitutional “Responsibility” clause. How many out there realize that we are selling that infrastructure to foreign governments? For Alaska, it means that 50% of the military utility infrastructure is owned by a Canadian firm, an investment firm that doesn’t give a rat’s ass about saving Americans any loot. Now “Privatization” was supposed to save the American taxpayers from out-of-control expenditures with respect to military base utilities. Like electricity generation, heat and water & waste-water infrastructure. Doyon Utilities now owns over 20-military utilities throughout Alaska. And hiding behind the “Alaskan Native” icon is Canadian owned CORIX, which is a front for Inland Pacific Resource Corporation, a privately held investment entity tied to Toronto Dominion Bank Foreign investors are in this game for one and only one reason - GREED. As a test case to see whether this scam is working to enrich a few and at the same time disenfranchising the American taxpayer, in 2005 the power plant at Ft. Wainwright cost the U.S. taxpayers’ $13-million dollars in operational and maintenance budget requirements, over a 1-year term - when under Civil Service control. That included $10-million in fuel costs for coal. In the 1st full year under privatization, remember the intent was to save us money, Doyon charged the government close to the same amount, approximately $13-million. But in this case, it doesn’t include the fuel costs as Uncle foots that bill. So once again considering the simple nutshell case, it is costing the taxpayers’ almost twice as much for the same service outcome, and nobody is speaking up! When Uncle Sam ran the military utility infrastructure, 25% overhead for administrative costs was the accepted norm and considered high, but that was the modern day bureaucracy at work. Today under the private label, administrative costs are targeting 98%, which is a crime. And why is it that nobody is speaking up this cover-up rip-off? Once again a pretty simple answer. In this case, it is the corporate board members maneuvering around complex loopholes, which includes some Canadians, that are calling the shots and know all too well what is going on. Those in the known are getting well paid and a handful of local Fairbanks’ investment attorneys are getting filthy rich this scam upon the American taxpayers’ wealth “no more”. From its inception it was designed as a ways and means to rip-off Uncle Sam, through vulnerability, and that is what excited the interest of foreign investors. It has become a money funneling Western Union operation, wherein millions in taxpayer loot is handed over to Doyon which is then handed over to outsiders that provide nothing in return. Treason it is on its face! Again, the “Responsibility Clause” is Missing In Action. And when the Defense Administration bid out for long-term coal contracts, every place except Alaska saw a 5% decrease in delivered coal costs to the military bases. That was a big win for the taxpayers. In Alaska it saw an increase of 11%. Supply and Demand? Not really as the Koreans can buy coal from the same Alaskan outfit for far less. But Usebelli is one of the outfits getting richer over the “Privatization”, as this outfit through Aurora Energy collects “consulting” fees, for doing basically nothing. The guy that sits in as the consultant and seems to do nothing other than warm a seat could speak up, but why rock the boat when the money keeps on rolling in and nobody asks any questions? The entire “Privatization” is nothing short of pirates at work, wherein Uncle Sam is walking the plank. Now this is but a few examples of zillions of similar reoccurrences of American greed gone wild. It’s just not the gold plated toilet seat, but the gold plated loophole we don’t give a shit attitude, from those that say they are American? Maybe bringing back stoning would be a valuable tool to fight this corruption to death! And here is my point. Americans rely on government spending, be it welfare for hard times or welfare for stimulus or welfare to keep the war machine running, it is all a handout from Uncle Sam so fits the definition of “Welfare”. But what happens today as indeed happened yesterday is the fact that it is very easy to rip-off the hand that feeds, Uncle Sam. From defense contractors to farmers on subsidies to rock stars on carbon credit tax deferred havens to salt of the earth workers afraid to speak up when they find themselves engaged in questionable activity wherein Uncle Sam becomes the victim. All said, it all boils down to a greedy mentality that is strangling the economic well-being for everyone, especially upon our children’s future, which is here today. It is that simple! So we have become our own worst nightmare enemy. From the top down, we all strive to take advantage upon what appears to be economic survival. It used to mean hard work to keep up with the Jones', but today that hard work finds an emesis wherein it is tainted by corruptness, a tearing down of the “responsibility” clause. When JFK coined that almost forgotten but so valued “Ask Not…”, maybe he was looking well into the future, like then for today, wherein we all need to all step back and re-access what it really means to be an American – mirror time! And at the end of the day to those that still feel greed is a priority over the stars’ & stripes’ mission and cannot amend bad habits and still cannot accept the Constitutional “Responsibility Clause” until death do we part, then you have initiated yourselves into the ranks of the terrorists. And there is only one remedy for that, courtesy the same hand that fed your greed like ways and means, wherein measuring the penis size of a wild roaming Musk Ox would seem tame in comparison!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Cease & Desist Order

KABATA(Knik Arm Bridge And Toll Authority) is hereby demanded to cease & desist all efforts to build a Bridge to Nowhere, which demonstrates nothing except a Bill Sheffield Train Depot IQ and a complete wasting of state money and the possibility of misappropriating U.S. Taxpayers' money. This is your last clear chance to cease & desist any furtherance this circus like venture.
Submitted by Bozo the Clown & Associates, LLC, PC.

PS: If KABATA needs more Funny Money Funding(FMF, a.k.a. theft upon the U.S. Treasury), how about putting the M.V. Susitna up for sale on E-bay or Criag's List! Maybe the U.S. Taxpayers could recoup a few pennies on the dollar, wherein our hard earned income was taxed then regurgitated for nothing in return but a hull turning back to rust! Now here was a project with a novel concept, something we really needed, a ferry to nowhere. Dam it, I was wrong! It isn't a Bridge-To-Nowhereville, it's a bridge to rob the State coffers and the U.S. Treasury, so it has a duel purpose – a fight to see which entity succumbs first to this American Greed scam! We don't want a bridge! We didn't want a stupid ferry! WOW, I'm on a rant. Hey, listen up KABATA henchmen. If you don't mind answering this question, is KABATA affiliated with Trans-Canada, as an accomplice behind this rip-off upon Alaska once again? Face the facts, pipelines to nowhere, amphibious assault vessels going nowhere, in fact maybe this state's motto should be “We Never Went Anywhere and Still Ain't Going Nowhere”. In fact the people of this state, not only the Municipality of Anchorage should sue KABATA. Do us all a favor, get a job that does something besides waste a whole lot of resources, like maybe sitting down to design something worthwhile, like a wood chip facility - named in honor of Don Young. What you mean we already have one? And its “Bankrupt?

SarahCRACK Poll#1

Subject: Anchorage & Prejudice - SarahCRACK Poll#1

This is the result and on-line publication of a SarahCRACK poll designed to provide the interested public with a wide open and accurate polling resume based on the most powerful tools available today through the world of Hi-Tech net-working. If this sounds “fishy”, please give it a chance, as the results are not at all “fishy”. The wide open polling results provided by SarahCRACK are designed as both a local Alaskan and nation-wide effort to get the political and other related truths out of the closet, especially with the upcoming 2012 Presidential election. To date, no other polling technique has at its disposal such powerful weapons, for “Truth Seeking”. It is an in your face true definition of “Cross-Hairs” targeting without telemarketing, as Gabrielle Gifford learned when she found herself in the “Cross-Hairs” of a Neanderthal like civilization – what you get when Sarah Palin autographs maps for her trigger happy fan club. And this network eavesdropping technology allows for easy “Re-loading”, to re-assess an individual's data already collected and archived, for future disregard. Basically, once an individual becomes victim this polling technique, it provides a unique IQ/DNA that can be used for any and all polling questions of interest, working through the subliminal. And you won't feel a thing!

The result of this particular poll provides information about the general consensus upon the subject of prejudice and diversity acceptance in Anchorage, Alaska. Anchorage was once voted on as the “City of Brotherly Love”, as a “Sister City” and one time a close candidate for the Winter Olympics! But when the Assembly tried to pass an “equality & diversity” ordinance, all hell broke loose and the religious right faction stormed in with Hitler like tactics to make sure the Assembly was silenced and threatened to “better” vote down the ordinance. The reason for this poll was the interest behind such a drastic and radical change in human behavior, in efforts to try to understand how and why a city could go from “love” to “hate” status in such a short period of time. Was is something in the water? Was it something in the air? One possible explanation was the effect of Jerry Prevo's bozo-bus tours, wherein young children were bussed in from Wasillabilly country, to take a “false” stand against something not understood, especially for those living back in time in the boonies. And you thought “Deliverance” was something to scare reality. According to the poll results, even upon those in favor to vote down any ordinance that provided “equality”, the poll realized that what Prevo was demonstrating with the aid of the young was perversion. The Prevo dysentery relationship was well studied in this poll. Or was this Neanderthal change from “love” to “hate” merely a coming of the times, wherein the general population of Alaska was on the “ethnic” change bandwagon, wherein more and more minorities were heading North to Alaska, for a change of life-style - with that the out-of-the-closet prejudice becoming a reality and dangerous possibility. So this poll was justified. Over 1000 Tera-bytes of information went into the calculated results(See below for screening techniques utilized by Sarah'sCRACK). For the most part, this poll was limited to GOP and Tea-Party followers, as believe it or not, porn traffic was a deciding factor to party affiliation. This was a deduction calculated from “Chat” room activity over the Internet. No phone calls were necessary for this polling, as nuisance phone telemarketing is a thing of the past with this new concept in polling – through personal data manipulation. Why waste your time when a computer can do the talking and the walking! On the subject of prejudice and diversity for the Anchorage bowl, the agreed upon polling results through “Precise Extortion of Network Information Spying”, a.k.a. PENIS polling, this polling revealed that the right-wing believed anybody but a white-man as a neighbor was grounds for purchasing more personal weapons, for protection, and by God time to reload. And those polled agreed that the “N” word was justified for things like road rage, but not acceptable even for John Lennon's song which uses the “N” word to protect women's rights. A majority of those polled laughed when they were made aware that Lennon produced a song to protect the women of this world, which hints that the polling was accurate with respect to party affiliation. And on the subject of Congress, through data dissecting subliminal messaging algorithms, according to those polled, the worst thing that Congress ever approved was the Native Alaskan Corporation instead of reservations for Alaskan Natives, as the polling was consistent with the belief that Native Alaskans were on a free ride courtesy of Uncle Sam and had too much control over hunting & fishing rights. Also of interest this poll, a majority of those polled insisted on keeping their guns and rifles loaded, packed in their beds, as the wife sleeps on the floor – collateral damage is justified when protecting life & property. It is estimated form the data collected that 77% of the Anchorage population was “PENISIZED” for this particular poll, based on statistics had this same poll been conducted by legacy type polling, like annoying phone telemarketing. The greater the number polled, the more accurate the results and achieving a score of 77% makes this poll and results very accurate. For a compete scorecard of prejudice in and around Anchorage, just visit an Assembly meeting!

About SarahCRACK Poll: In this day and age of “4G” speed networking and connectivity from neighborhood to neighborhood and beyond, the amount of data available for “Reasons of Research”(ROR) is staggering. Using Internet “Tube” data intercepted through “mirror” imaging and extraction techniques, SarahCRACK is able to utilize this "In & Out" data to calculate polls of interest, mostly in the political arena subject area, with an accuracy above and beyond old fashion polling techniques. With the help of a Cray Super Computer housed at the University Of Alaska's Fairbanks campus, a computer with unimaginable power to crunch data and a gift made available through the generosity of Alaska's congregational delegation, lengthly time consuming algorithms are used to calculate poll results based on the data collected. Basically, the data mirroring technique collects data from an individual's “Household” computer/Internet traffic for a certain amount of time – called the “mirror-data” clamp-on time. The longer the time stamp, the more valid the data signature for data collected. When enough data is collected upon an individual household, that data is “weighted” for accuracy and with a known IP address, it can be used for future polling. Accuracy of a data stamp profile can last for years, as people's preference doesn't change all that much, like a Google Map doesn't really change. So once a household is “stamped” and that data fits an algorithm, it can be used in future poll generating results - for basically any type of poll question. The data provides a signature that can be put to good use, for future polls of interest. Notice: If you are a GOP follower or a flea-bit peanut monkey Tea-Party follower and feel this type of data collecting compromises your right-to-privacy, feel free to contact SarahPAC and they may just tell you to “SarahPAC” your concern up, way up your....CRACK. PS: SarahCRACK is in no way shape or form affiliated with M-NI-A, Murdoch No-Intelligence Agency.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Scam Nation

I have to take the time out to give credit wherein credit is due. This time around the winner of what's behind Gate#1 is the TSA(APPLAUD). Serious I am, as they don't take any crap from the traveling public. Especially in the “preferential treatment” category. I am talking the “special treatment” gate at airport security entrances, wherein some travelers think they are better off then others and demand this first class preferential treatment and feel they don't have to wait in line with the proletariat class, so rush to the front of this special line, like their time is more valuable then my time. Look, I am a “Goldie” and could use the hurry up “I am better then you line”, but choose not too, as I am a true American and believe in justice and practice patience. So when I am next in line and elbow to elbow a “stuck up” who has rushed forward the crowd behind me for special preferential assistance and the TSA agent picks me over them, chalk one up for America. Talk about road rage, some of these idiots denied the preferential benefit find daggers in their eyes when a peon wins out! And I am glad that the TSA has them figured out, those that seem to think special treatment is deserving when it is not. The TSA is part of America and justified in their action to not give in under pressure this preferential treatment BS. The Constitution of today bans this type of behavior! To bad Congress didn't act in this same manner, especially upon lobbyists! Wow what a concept, maybe the TSA should become the police upon the House members and control who they associate with. The TSA is looking out for our security and it appears that may be in jeopardy with the current stalemate upon the House. Can you imagine what it would be like if it were a TSA agent checking in on the credentials of a lobbyist. Sorry Mr. Money Bags, access denied as you are on the cheaters list. Bottom-line, it's a scam when government agencies like the TSA have to follow rules and regulations that allows for such preferential treatment. Now no problem this preferential treatment for pilots and the flight crews or the handicapped or for that matter our troops. But it is but another scam designed to disenfranchise morality. If this country keeps on the “scam” bandwagon, we may as well change the name to Scam Nation. With respect to the traveling public, next time you are waiting patiently for your turn at the interrogation podium, take a good look at that irate guy in the preferential line not getting his special treatment ahead of the proletariats, as he is most likely a scam artist traveling 1st class and for free at your expense! See, somebody figured out that you could buy U.S. Treasury minted dollar valued coins on a credit card, get the frequent flier mileage based on a mile per dollar exchange, then return the minted surplus crap to a bank that must take it in and with the money in return, pay off the credit card debt before interest stabbing time and retain the free miles. Basically, it means free miles! Now a few miles here and there is not a big deal of the century, but the assholes that have figured out this scam are caching in on millions of frequent flier miles, because they have been purchasing millions in coins for no other reason then to exploit a loop-hole in the Treasury code. Upon return, this coined crap gets stuck back at the banks then returned to the mint and the whole thing starts all over again. What a scam. Its the scam that keeps on scamming! And it appears to be the very rich that have caught on to this scam, as the coinage being purchased just for this mileage rip-off is in the million dollar range. Now who has a million dollars at their disposal to play a game like this? Simple answer! Those that don't pay enough tax. And to those that think it is OK, that the vulnerability is Uncle Sam's problem and not their problem or our problem, think again. It appears that “scamming” has become the national pastime here in Scam Nation, once upon a time known as America. But finding loopholes and exploiting that loophole is no different then bank robbery. Loopholes should be fixed when found, not exploited. Instead of posting the most wanted at the local Post Office, how about posting “Loophole Scam” artists, those that are taking advantage weaknesses in the system. It's a complicated system to begin with no doubt, there will be loopholes orchestrated through unrefined legislation and amendments. Either that, it is a calculated weakness designed so by an inept Congress. Basically back-door legislation for friends, so a select few can take advantage. I hope not, but I fear “loopholing” has become yet another tool, another vise utilized by Congressional representatives to disenfranchise the proletariat class - a.k.a. American Middle Class. In fact, how about this for an idea to get America back in sync with ethics. Take Qui Tam, wherein whistle-blowers get a percentage of the take for ratting out on somebody taking money away from Uncle Sam under a scam lam tactic. For those that find loopholes and report it to the proper authority, they should be rewarded instead of being awarded secretly through rape upon the system of merits, by exploiting the lollapalooza loophole for their own personal gains. Merit, what's that? How about this thought for the day; Thou shall not scam thy fellow man!” And why is it that everything that the FDA approves in the pharmaceutical arena has side effects of diarrhea, vomiting and nausea? Sounds like a copycat of what it feels like after Congress tries to do something right, as we all feel the side effects.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Beaufort Sea

Dear U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski(Alaska):
The following was most recently released through the news-media:
U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski said a major oil spill in the Arctic would threaten to end production in the region, production that is already happening off the coasts of most far northern countries. Murkowski told an East Coast conference early Tuesday the United States should strive to be the "leader in offshore energy development" to pursue "twin goals" of environmental protection and domestic energy security. I think we all know there can be no mistakes along the way — we've got one chance to get it right, she told a Center for Strategic and International Studies audience. Murkowski said the absence of "coherent" implementation of national offshore development policy, coupled with the regulatory uncertainty and threat of litigation allowed by a blurry regulatory web, injures the investment climate needed to attract infrastructure to let agencies prepare for a busy region. She said U.S. production of Arctic oil, including an estimated 24 billion barrels beneath the Beaufort and Chukchi seas, and natural gas is crucial to the country's economic interests and for responsible development in the broader Arctic region. Murkowski's speech was part of a conference examining key issues impacted by last year's Deepwater Horizon spill in the Gulf of Mexico. The Arctic is believed to hold around 13 percent of the world's untapped oil, with the northern Alaska basin representing a significant portion.


With respect to your opinion and or views on this subject and for the record, maybe the “we've got one chance to get it right” has already been blown in Alaska! Not an all out blow-out, but there has already come the opportunity to oversee, inspect then gage what can be expected unless stricter control and oversight is called for in efforts to guarantee to the American public that offshore oil development will be orchestrated in such a responsible manner that indeed is focused for success with a “twin goals” approach in mind, namely environmental protection and domestic energy security - just like you have suggested in the above captive news release. So I urge you and your colleagues engaged in the topic of Arctic oil development to request and study the report titled, “Alaska's Deadliest Sin”, a “public domain” document available from the Alaska Oil & Gas Conservation Commission - which I authored while employed by Pioneer Natural Resources at its Oooguruk Production facility located offshore in the Colville River Delta, gateway to the Beaufort Sea. What I had witnessed and documented over 2-years on the job was gross mismanagement along with an irresponsible behavior mentality by the 1st Independent to break into the lucrative crude oil energy business challenging the North Slope of Alaska. The report is critical upon PNR along with the state of Alaska and goes to show that the state regulators can not be trusted to make sure development, if allowed to go forward, moves along to the point that it does not impact the state's environmental rating towards the negative. It is evident from my perspective that the state of Alaska bureaucrats will turn an eye to get the Independents to go where other responsible oil companies have decided “NOT” to go in pursuit of the “Black Gold”, wherein the state allows for preferential economic breaks and it appears “oversight” breaks for these newcomers - the Independents - which will inevitably harm the environment if the status quo goes on unchecked - if such a mentality continues as it appears to be the case with PNR's Oooguruk project. And it is well known that ENI, the 2nd Independent to brave Alaska's Northern coast for both on-shore and off-shore energy oil exploration and exploitation, the Nikaitchuq project has had its fair share of problems – blowing crude oil out a safety flare stack designed only for gas and a pipeline leak detection system that does not work as required and possible polar bear denning harassment. It is noted that ENI's Nikaitchuq project is in close proximity to PNR's Oooguruk development project, so it appears that we have before us an area of development by and through the Independents that could be used as the litmus test, to study how the newcomers score with respect to environmental stewardship. It appears that the Independents might be making advancements in the Arctic ahead of the major oil companies, because of preferential treatment – advancements both onshore the Beaufort Sea coast and offshore the Beaufort open waters. So far and early on the Independents' career here in Alaska, with respect to environmental awareness and stewardship, it doesn't look so promising. A relevant case in point with respect to PNR's Oooguruk Operation is worth entry this correspondence: The largest “illegal” dumping on record to date for Alaska's North Slope occurred through PNR in 2009, when 49,000 gallons of contaminated glycol was “sham” recycled down-hole without a permit, the latter permit required by the AOGCC. It was a PNR management decision, not an accident or equipment malfunction, to get rid of the contaminated fluids as there appeared no other option then to hire an expert hazardous waste contractor, which would have been a costly venture. The Independents have not deep pockets like the majors working the Alaska oil scene up north, so cutting corners will occur if left unchecked. So the PNR operations was required to perform an “illegal” operation. When I first brought this illegal dumping to the attention of authorities, it was denied. When more evidence surfaced, PNR was slapped a $10,000 fine, no where near a deterrent and a joke in comparison to what the major oil companies have been subject too for much smaller attacks upon the environment, with respect to fines to deter future irresponsible behavior. And when the regulators realized they had let down their guard and let down the state in efforts to make sure things like this cannot and will not happen, they amended PNR's permit, to allow for glycol injections, after the fact. Like an attempt to soften the blow of lack of oversight. All attempts to engage the EPA and or the Department of Justice to investigate this matter has gone without merit, not even a feedback correspondence explaining matters of jurisdiction or credible reasons to not investigate this matter, my concern. This appears to paint a bleak picture with respect to “oversight”, not only upon state oversight dereliction, but also a problem on the Federal side. Bottom-line, for PNR to perform this act without a permit, it is a crime, it is illegal according to Alaska statutes and PNR should have been held deterrent-accountable for the action upon the “sham” and held accountable on the fact that when given the last clear chance to alert the authorities about this activity, instead of honesty, it was an attempt to hide the truth at the same time an attempt to slam the whistle-blower. It seems like deja vu all over again, “Alyeska Pipeline Service Company Covert Operations”, wherein whistle-blowers were targeted. So there exists evidence in and around the Beaufort that should be studied to analyze what is already going wrong with offshore oil development on Alaska's northern coast with the introduction of a new breed, the Independents, wherein small marginal fields are being developed by what appears to be lack of oversight along with tax incentives, all at post haste speed, in efforts to fill the TAPS system. Once again, if we can't get it right here, it would never get done right, especially when further away offshore in a place that is very difficult to engage development activities all the time correctly along with proper oversight not afraid to perform as required to make sure we indeed do it right, all for America's energy security. Thanks....Concerned American/Experienced North Slope Oil Field Worker.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Jail Bait

It is a sad day upon America! It is a sad, sad day upon America. It may be a much sadder day tomorrow upon America, if what is going down and around is allowed to continue. As the Wolf once upon a time warned out, “America, where are you now, don't you care about your sons and daughters”, today it rings out on high alert - this message. What would Mark Twain say about this dereliction upon America? What would Woody sing out upon this same dereliction? Herein is a big part of the trouble instigating this sadness upon the Homeland. Take MissHell Bachmann's claim to be a responsible person, with a law degree along with a bonafide foster parent's experience as a qualifier to this “responsible person” definition. Please, can we have ankle tracking bracelets placed upon her “fostered” kids, to monitor their whereabouts! And can we have the authorities investigate what is being taught in the law school she received permission to litigate? I fear this kind of parenting - premised on teaching hatred - and what it means for future generations. And if MissHell feels that she understands the legal system, future generations are indeed doomed through injustice! All thugs considered, don't forget that MissHell Bachmann is in the running for the U.S. Presidency. The GOP is that desperate? Bottom-line, MissHell should be in jail instead of free to gallivant around the country campaigning behind a subliminal message fostering “Hate”. What do you mean innocent until proven guilty? The evidence for conviction is overwhelming, no jury needed, just a competent Federal judge that is listening in to what is happening across this once great nation - “from the mountains, to the prairies, to the oceans, white with foam”, I mean “black with carbon” as global warming is “natural” according to MissHell. Besides supposedly having an understanding of the “law”, MissHell is a member of the U.S. House of Representatives, but what does that really mean today - especially in the category of “responsibility”. Instead of more effort towards fostering “responsibility” at a higher standard, it appears that once a member of Congress recites the almighty creed “So Help Me God”, it means a license to do as they please without any fallout. In fact, MissHell and her husband Dorkus should be sharing the same jail cell, as both are guilty of crimes against the government which transposes to crimes against humanity. The money that MissHell's clinic stole away from the U.S. Treasury, used in efforts to abandon that separation between church and state, it is a crime. It is a simple “crime scene investigation” and the perpetrators should be awarded jail time their efforts to circumvent their responsibilities when accepting funding from Uncle Sam. And both MissHell and husband Dorkus know what they are up to, so claiming innocence doesn't cut it to overturn the conviction. It is a blatant disregard against “freedom and liberty for all”. What has happened to this “My” America – My country Ti's of Thee - when crimes against the Constitution becomes mainstream politics, like it is OK to “crap” upon the freedom clause? This country is in for a rude awakening, unless the lawman starts performing. Not that we want more government intervention, but we need intervention upon the right-wing-nuts missing a few screws. Our government has a duty to uphold the social order for all! And the Sarah Palin monster should also be incarcerated in a jail cell, for the cross-hairs incident that left a somewhat decent House representative - Gabrielle Gifford - pleading for sanity the rest of her life, in that life and liberty and happiness pursuit. This crime occurred after some MissHell & Sarahstein follower triggered a bullet that hit this innocent bystander, a dishonor upon her Constitutional will. With respect to MissHell's crime and with husband Dorkus by her side as an accomplice, she used taxpayers' money to try to change what God has delivered, diversity! This is a simple case, but the crooks like MissHell continue to get away with piracy, as Congress has left the safe unguarded which has allowed eroding away the very foundation that supports a healthy social order. Order? The Constitution is under attack. Look, idiots like MissHell cannot offer anything but destructive advise and advice, wherein their political survival mandate gets funded by the secretive rich. MissHell's message is less government, which equates to less taxation upon the wealthy. So the secretive society funds the Tea-Party movement, for no other reason then for selfishness. These right-wing-nut gatherings, like with the Tea-Party, such are being used for selfish reasons only! Do you really believe that if MissHell were to succeed to take over the helm that the Koch Suckers would be all in favor of getting rid of Trailer Trash Central across America? No way, in fact as the rich get richer, due less and less contributions from their fare share of taxation – a.k.a. “all the representation without taxation”, trailer parks will become the American scene for the middle class. We will become the rich bastards' servants, after ethnic cleansing is performed, as that is what is truly behind their message – revenge of the white-man. Bottom-line, the Tea-Party is just a secretive cover-up supported by individuals that have no idea what they stand up for, as even though it appears to be a calling against “everything” government, there is more to this active nuisance then meets the eye. Look, when our liberties are in jeopardy, not from too big a government but too big a corporate society of a few yielding all the power, all the wealth and all control, then this nation has come to the cross-roads of “Deliverance”. And con-artists like MissHell and Sarahstein, they help fuel the false movement against “Big” government by exciting their base that fails at establishing any base of existence or credibility at all. And fortunate for us, the real Americans, their message is thin - like a bowel movement on Ex-lax, that has lost control and cannot find a toilet, and we “this “American” gets shat upon. The unfortunate realism, everybody is watching but nobody is doing anything constructive to abolish such lunacy, and remember “silence like a cancer grows”. So we get what we deserve if we remain silent this continued abuse upon America by the GOP, Tea-party and what appears to be lunacy at the highest decree, a dis-respect it is. And these people, like MissHell and her husband Dorkus, can they really have a good nights sleep? I really doubt it, as sleep may give us a break to break the wicked spell cast down upon decency, and we could once again have it our way instead of their way. So I started a new blog site, called “MissHell Bachmann for President NOT” and sponsored by “All Thugs Considered”. It is an open forum wherein anybody against continued political corruption and political ineptness can voice such concerns, as the 1st Amendment still hangs out on our side, maybe by a thread, but it is all we have left in the arsenal that defends Constitutional righteousness. Check it out now at:

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Asleep at the Wheel

Wake up America! It appears that Uncle Sam is asleep at the wheel of fortune, which equates to our misfortune. The “our” herein defined as the salt of this earth hard working middle class with little of that class left Americans. When is enough truly just that, “enough”? I am challenging the subject of just how much wealth does one need in that life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness – the Constitutional trio? There was a time in my life earlier on when wealth of others didn't bother me, as it seemed while growing up the wealth was confiscated by those who were businessmen. A select few wherein the numbers didn't have a trampling effect upon the “trio” of other Americans. Individuals that created a business, provided jobs and from their labors to help out others, were awarded by wealth. But it was from their sweat this equity that propelled them above the “middle class” ranks, to a class of their own. Regardless this mobility, there was an inherent phenomenon still holding on to some semblance of balance with respect to the “wealth distribution” scale. And the wealth enjoyed by these successful individuals was not in the millions plural, as becoming a “millionaire” was the goal for many and a “billionaire” was an out-of-sight goal. Yet only a few made it happen, that of becoming a “millionaire”. Today, a million is peanuts and most Americans still make do on a pittance of a salary. Back when wealth seemed to be evenly distributed, this was the time before “trusts”, a.k.a. “fake tax shelters”, became popular and only a handful of Americans enjoyed the proceeds from such “hand me down” bank accounts, like the Kennedy's, Getty's, Rockefeller clan, to name but a few. But nowadays it is out of control, as there are kids of the elite and wealthy that will never have to work a single day, as they are filthy rich through such inheritances. Going a lifetime without work, it is un-American! It goes to show that the wealth-in-kind dilemma has taken on a mindset of serious abuse. And it all boils down to “Taxation”. Take it or leave it, “Taxation” is a very serious “controlling” element and if left unchecked with respect to equality, this country looses out - which seems to be the case upon us today. Take as a prime time example the guy, an ex-Lehman Brothers' hedge-fund executive, who most recently left an ATM receipt at some machine in New York's Hampton suburbs. The Hampton's is where the rich hangout. Now the receipt of interest that was turned over to authorities indicated that this guy had over $100-million in a savings' account that was bearing very little a return-on-investment, less then 1%. And consider the fact that the FDIC can only insure a savings account for $250,000 maximum. There was something seriously wrong with this picture. Come to find out, this guy just purchased a $43-million dollar mansion in the Hampton's and paid cash! How many suitcases does it take to hold $43,000,000.00 dollars? We are starting to see this unfold into something interesting yet puzzling aren't we. But after the house deal was executed, he didn't move in right a way. He had it demolished, so he could build an even bigger mansion! Look, the guy was once upon a time a hedge-clipper for Lehman, the money he made was someone else's money! Probably money from our retirement plans that tanked during the economic showdown. Yes showdown, as it appears the only recovery so far is the rich getting richer and the middle class on a status quo playing field, the reason Congress wants to sell us out and raise the retirement age to 70. And how much of that secret bank account owned by the Appaloosa is Uncle Sam's bailout money? The latter is the firm that this rich bastard owns. Look, this guy isn't stupid as he made a whole lot of money, somehow. He maintained this money in a savings account instead of investing in Uncle Sam bonds that would have yielded a guaranteed return of 3%. Is it because he is hiding something? Of course! Had he invested in the Treasury, then there is the “red flag” possibility. Look, hedge funds are the ultimate hide and seek mechanism open to qualified investors only. It is not a “public entity” so has very little transparency. The main interest comes from institutions, like universities and health care institutes, which finds money from other wealthy individuals looking for every which way but loose on how to shelter their inheritance. It is all part of a gigantic “loop hole” tax shelter, as the endowments provided by the wealthy finds very favorable tax credits which is magnified along the way. In the end, very little tax is paid on this trillion dollar scamming. It is a scam, as this entity along with many other's wanting tax relief are getting “representation without taxation” and if I remember correctly, isn't it just the opposite or has the FOX raided the hen-house? Lack of taxation is hurting America, wherein the Bush dysentery dynasty provided tax breaks for the wealthy, which when on a roll just kept on giving it all away. Back to the Appaloosa and how this creep is getting away with highway robbery. Is this savings' account of his with $100-million just “play” money? And doesn't the bank he does business with have investment strategy advisors that pay attention? Look, when I go into Wells Fargo with a few extra bucks, there are always these tease like gimmick programs wherein they say try this and you will get this and they charge a fee. Last year one gimmick made me $101-dollars, but cost $103 with the service and maintenance agreement. What car? So I ended up in the negative. But remember, Appaloosa may have a relationship with his bank, a hands off relationship. What happens in the vault stays in the vault attitude. It is play money, probably un-taxed income from “off-shore” and he doesn't give a rats ass at any loses upon a laughable investment strategy, as the tax loses would be a hell of lot more. Deja vu is playing over an over again here in the Heartland. It used to be the Homeland, but replaced by the Heartland. A bleeding heart it is when we see what is happening, the class system, wherein the rich are getting filthy rich and the middle class is, well just making it from pay day to pay day. When an idiot has so much money that he falls under the Dylan definition of a “Master of War” and “builds to destroy”, then Uncle Sam has lost touch with taxation equality, and that is the ultimate weapon weakening our existence as a peaceful and rational nation. Even some very wealthy individuals like Home Depot's Bernie and Warren Buffet have made comments that the rich are not taxed enough. Wake up Uncle Sam, here is an invite from individuals that want to pay more, or at least see a reasoning to make some changes. And in ending, how about this song for from Ten Years After:
“Tax the Rich, Feed the Poor. T'll we run out, rich no more.”

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Sarahstein Legacy

There is one and only one thing that I will give credit wherein credit is due, to Sarah Palin that is. It appears that every time she is asked a legitimate question about history, instead of admitting the fact that she paid no attention when “History” was the subject of the hour in grade school, she provides some illegitimate answer. And once the screwball news' hounds get a hold of the illegitimacy and it becomes public, we are bombarded by more illegitimacy, especially from the fans trying to come to Palin's rescue. Honestly, her fan base will cheat and lie to protect the “Queen Bee”, a.k.a. Sarahstein – John “Mad Scientist” McCain's creation. Talk about disrupting a hornet's nest, just try to discredit Sarah. I liken the Tea-Party movement to the invasion upon this country by African Killer bees. They fight for stuff not worth fighting for, they can't share space and this species produces honey unfit for consumption - filled with crap. Why McCain decided to bless us with such shortcomings with Sarah Palin is pathetic. If he had not ignited the fuse of “illegitimacy”... I guess when your wife is a billionaire, why bother with decency – it becomes indecent exposure. Illegitimacy? Indecent exposure? That's right, it's McCain's curse! It seems to be coming together, the GOP agenda. But I give credit to the Palin follies because it seems to have awakened an interest in history. Look, how much did we really learn back in grade school when histosterone and herstosterone was coming out of the closet? No more you know what behind closed doors. And for what was supposedly learned back then - with history - how much do we retain when what was considered a boring subject is the furthest thing from our mind during life's passion – finding work. So when Sarah speaks, the illegitimacy allows time for us to open up the books, to see what really happened. Actually there are no books anymore, its Wikipedia for most. I still use an old dictionary, one that does not bear George Bush's mugshot in the forward section, or Bill Clinton for that matter! Of course Bush's name can be found in the contents, under “illegitimate”. See, there is a pattern beginning to emerge the GOP mindset. Now with Sarah, she like most has some semblance of an idea of what went on hundreds of years ago, but we have nowhere near the correct answer. Some will Hail Mary fake it, others will just admit, “who cares” as an excuse over embarrassment. So here is a lesson for those interested in “History” and the present GOP race for the Office of Illegitimacy. Hey was Bush a legitimate President? For eight years this country suffered his Skull & Bones mismanagement style – a grave-diggers mentality. Under the U.S. Constitution, Article II – Section 5: “No person except a natural born citizen, or a citizen of the United States, at the time of the adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the office of President; and been fourteen years a resident within the United States,” So the “or” qualifier allowed for “other” then the “natural born” to be considered candidates during the 1st race for U.S. President. So maybe back then there was not a pool of likely candidates, so the founding fathers allowed for “outsiders” to enter the game. Here is my point this conversation. Since it appears there is nobody worth beans in the running today to challenge Obama, supposedly an alien or illegitimate according to Misshell Bachmann – another history buff – and Donald “Duck” Trump along with others, why not open the race up to say “Arnold”! Can you imagine the fun it would be if Arnold, Bachmann, Palin and the rest where debating! It would be interesting to find out Arnold has more on the ball with American history then, all time Americans! And he meets the 14-year requirement. So why not lift the “natural born” requirement as we see it was once postponed, for a legitimate reason. Back then, that reason may never be realized. But for today, when the FOX lineup for Friday night is like this; The Blob, The Wrong Man, The Magnetic Monster, The Thing From Another World, IT the Terror, it appears that the GOP has indeed hit bottom. And Arnold was the only person to trump Sarah over the “I can see Russia” ordeal and laugh of the week when he “Twarted” Sarah while flying over Alaska. When over Wasilla, where Sarah went to school and didn't learn her history lesson, when at 30,000 feet up high, Arnold sent Sarah the message that “he could still not see Russia”! Think of the possibilities this would allow, as it appears most of the Tea Party and or GOP candidates are no where near qualified to be Americans, let alone an attempt to be the helmsman! “Twarting” you ask? It means “drop the big one now”. Still don't get the point? Aren't we glad elephants don't fly! Yet the way the GOP is crapping upon this land, by assassins like Mitch McConnell making it clear and convincing that his main job is to take down Obama, when this type of hype gets in the way of decency, wherein the only thing that has passed the House after 6-months in session is the “automatic pay raise” for members of Congress, we need exceptions to the rules of the road. So I say hear me, hear me, open up the race to foreigners, they own us. Now if any one legitimate and decent song could act as a qualifier the agenda the GOP dictates with disgrace, it is Dylan's “Desolation Row”, as “the circus is in town”. In fact, history lessons should be mandated upon studying Dylan's songs, as he was brilliant with history. It could be called “History with Bob”, wherein his songs and words of warning could be the lessons taught and the lessons learned.