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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Simple Gun Control


2nd Amendment(A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed)

UN-alienable Right(a freedom that cannot be surrendered, as such “rights” are considered "natural" or "God-given", as in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness) 

IN-alienable Right(a right that can be transferred with the consent of the person possessing such right) 

Article II, Section 2(The President shall be Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy of the United States, and of the Militia of the several States, when called into the actual Service of the United States)


When the above ingredients are mixed correctly, we are provided with “Gun Control” - which appears out-of-control today. Massacres on the “Homeland” are indicative that we as Americans are not following the law, a dereliction upon our Constitutional conviction, and when such derelictions continue on unabated it frightens away our freedoms. The United States Constitution is a self-respecting charter, wherein it takes some semblance of decency and ownership the citizenry to keep it honorable. Like a torn flag waving in the wind of distrust, so is the Constitution today. If you want everything in “black & white”, please leave! When we go running to the U.S. Supreme Court for every little headache, we are loosing control our liberty. When the voice of such a minority becomes the voice of America, we have become “slaves” without a “voice”. It may be time for every American to take what is happening into serious consideration and rethink just what the Constitution means upon individual “Freedoms”. You would be amazed at what is hidden still in this guarantee to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness - an “UN-alienable” guarantee. Yes, “Term Limits” for Congress already exists! But that is not the issue this sermon, as even though we are getting massacred by a “Do Nothing” Congress wherein “Term Limits” is another “easy” solution to the problem, it is another self-inflicted massacres that is front and center our attention upon the “Constitution”. Let me start by saying, “Gun Control” is so simple - we must just follow what is already cast in concrete before us. This falls into the category of “UN-alienable” vs. “IN-alienable” Rights. When we elect a President who is then sworn to duty by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, comes also the identifying of the Commander-in-Chief. Before he enter on the Execution of his Office, he shall take the following Oath or Affirmation: - “I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.” When an elected “President” takes that oath, so do we! According to the the Commander-in-Chief and the inherent powers granted the Presidency still today, that person has full control of “all arms” - it is that simple. Accept for hunting rituals wherein “bearing of arms” is a requirement, we basically transfer our 2nd Amendment “Right” onto the Commander in Chief through the “IN-alienable”. And until such time the “President” cannot or will not secure a free state, we temporarily forfeit our right to keep and bear arms. Yes, we place “Trust” in that fact. Please don't laugh, as this is still the United States of America. This is not a laughing matter, and the only thing amusing is the fact that there is a destructive militia mentality that cannot place “Trust” where there is already respect to “our” freedom. Basically, turn in your weapons and when hunting season comes along, you will be allowed to sleep with your rod for a spell. When we see how simple gun control is, the debate on assault weapons and extended clips is no longer an issue. It's all in the “Constitution”! The National Guard of each state is defined as the “Militia” as outlined in Article II. Any other “militia” is basically a tyrannic group of individuals that don't believe in freedom upon which this nation thrives. Since this “Militia” is a state's “Right”, the armories should be the depositories of individual weapons, as a secure storage until such times there comes a need to mobilize – either through the Commander-in-Chief demanding such involvement or when we find “Treason” upon the oath of office. This provides the ultimate in separation of state, and provides also a ways and means to keep our freedoms should the President forfeit the oath. So there should come a “grace” period wherein all weapons are turned over to each state's “Militia” - local National Guard Armory - for safe storage, which takes care of gun registration also! In fact, make it a requirement for the head of each household to have a weapon secured in this fashion, just in case! Think of this as a “Bad Ass” deterrent. And after a short time following this resignation our right to bear arms through the “IN-alienable”, any guns left behind and not accounted for, that is when the outlaws will be hunted and we will learn the true voice of those opposing the Constitution! Killing two birds with one stone? It is so easy, done with and we can get on to more pressing issues, like “Term Limits” and equitable “Taxation”!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Don Young Apology

Wow! So Don Young has made an apology. No not upon the fact that he called Mexican farm workers “Wet-backs”, Don has finally apologized for forcing the United States NAVY to cough up $70-Million to build a “Ferry Nobody Wanted”. See back some years ago, when Bill Allen was considered not a pervert, Bill sold Alaska's delegation a “Bridge To Nowhere” Dream. Wet Dream? Pipe Dream? Both work in this case. So in efforts to get this “BTN” past the wet pipe phase, Bill convinced Don that Alaska needed a “High Speed Amphibious Assault” vessel to build the “Bridge To Nowhere”. So Don used his stroke and found a shelved project, for a “High Speed Amphibious Assault” vessel the NAVY didn't even want, as the theater of war had changed and such a moron vessel served no useful purpose – except! So off we went again, into the wild blue blunder. And this “Bridge to Nowhere” soon had a companion, “A Ferry Nobody Wanted”. So money was found in the defense budget, and soon the steel was being cut and the slabs welded together, for....And when it was all said and done, well the owners of this “Ferry without a cause” had to auction it off without ever seeing a single passenger. And this was only after the Matanuska Thunder Fuck Heads tried to give this boat away. Problem, nobody knows how to drive this piece of crap and it is so expensive that the best possibility is as scrap metal. So it went on the auction block, and when Friday's deadline approached, the owners didn't have a whole lot to show, accept a single bid. Yes, $750K for a $70-Million dollar boondoggle. Which tips the scale at the worst recovery ever on government property. It amounts to 1-cent maybe on the U.S. Taxpayer dollar. So Don finally felt bad and caved in, as over the years when it appeared that this would be the ultimate outcome such a crazed “pork” project, well he had been conveniently passing the blame onto Dead Ted. But in reality, anybody that has followed this boondoggle from the inception, we are aware that Ted had nothing to do with this waste - it was Don that pulled the purse strings. And now that it has come to fruition and Ted is pissed and can't wait for Don to show up at that place that remains heated all the time, Don thinks it is time for penance. So thanks Don, for finally coming out of the “K Street” closet with the “TRUTH”. And don't worry, as this waste will definitely go down in the annals in that file under more treason upon the U.S. Constitution, which will most likely be your memoirs, “How I screwed the U.S Constitution and Proud of It”!

Wetback Setback!

Apologize? Look Don Young doesn't understand the word “Apologize”. That goes back to the time he referred to Nancy Pelosi as a “Rabid Skunk” - there never came anything close to an apology more in tune to a complete withdrawal denial! And when asked about that derogatory comment by a call-in during a talk show on Public Radio, Don tried to “skunk” the question and then went ballistic when the caller “called” his bluff. Next day, “public radio” funding from Congress was cut in Alaska! And in Don's most recent outburst upon the outcast class, calling farm workers “Wetbacks”, does it surprise you? Look, when you drive across America's farmland and see the laborers in the fields of plenty, they are keeping us “Healthy”! Fresh fruits and fresh vegetables have contributed more to a healthy population then any other pre-medicated medical rip-off. An apple a day ring a bell? Without Don's so-called “Wetbacks”, we'd be at ruins in a cesspool of sickness. If any “class” of individuals should be recognized for an American spirit, we need go looking no further. Just visit the produce section of your local market if you need a lesson in credibility and earthliness. Now with Don's outrageous outburst still hot off the press, many are already calling for an “Apology”! Don't hold your breath, at least he is not denying it. But there is a reason for Don's mood today upon farm workers. It isn't out of disrespect, it has to do with flying high comforts. See, with cutbacks hurting the Air Force, Don may have to start using commercial transportation from Alaska to Washington, which doesn't sit too well with a man that believes he is better then the rest of the “Proletariat” class, those of us that fly like sardines and are fed three peanut lunches. See, Don takes advantage of the mini-Air Force One jet stash. I see it all the time, when he arrives to a private hanger in Fairbanks. At $50,000 bucks a trip - courtesy the U.S. Taxpayers – that buys a whole lot of “extra” leg room! And MoanaLisa MurCowpie and Begich prefer the same accommodations, but competition is starting to get stiff and stiff this perk, and no way in hell could they share a ride home! Across the isle doesn't exist in “executive” style jets and could be considered a conflict of interest if caught. And with limited seating capacity, there is no “back of the bus”, so MoanaLisa isn't welcome. But Don decides anyway to do something stupid, arouses the Caesar Chavez in us all and the threats roll in. Yes, his office has been bombarded with threatening phone calls which means he can apply for preferential treatment. Low and behold, Don gets an out by claiming he cannot visit public restrooms because of the threats of “rotting” tomatoes thrown his direction - so gets his own “crapper”. He's a senile member of the 113th Corrupt Congress, which means he doesn't give a damn about nothing accept making sure he gets a library named after himself in Alaska, one that highlights the “greatest” waste appropriations' bill ever of record – the SafeTea-Lu multi-billion dollar blunder. This bill was supposed to fix the highways and bridges all across America, and the only thing we have to promote that there was some semblance of American pride this ultimate of “pork” giveaway are some bike paths and a whole lot of self-made $millionaires$ that contribute to Don's “Whore Chest”. Look, Don has been pissed, ever since DOMA went public and appears to find a chance of change, at providing “rights” were “rights” belong, and the “Rabid Skunk” has one up on him as she is a vocal supporter for repeal of DOMA. And for a guy that now toots the horn of disdain upon “Big Government”, how much money has Don been privileged to give away after 15-terms as Alaska's lone “Congressmen”? Look, he has been a member of that “House on the Hill” longer then has Viagra been available for free, to Congress! Yes, many in Congress suffer from an erection lasting longer then 4-hours so get stool stuck and:

Somewhere a senator sits in a leather chair
Behind a big wooden desk
The caribou we killed mean nothing to him
He took his money just like all the rest
The clock on the wall
No wonder we’re losing time”

American Ways & Means 101: Congress has the keys to the U.S. Treasury! Look, “Big Government” takes “our” hard earned money, for selfish reasons. Look how much was given away when that “Town in Texas went missing an idiot”? Yes, Bush allowed Congress to give away the hen-house, the “pot-of-gold”, the “rainy day fund” and an additional $Trillion$ on an IOU. Only problem, we are the “idiots” that must pay back the IOU! How does it happen? Ask Don Young! And there is no dedicated calculation that determines exactly how much we should hand over, even though the Constitution was “clear” in its infancy what could be “legally” garnished away – to support “government” without corruption. Congress fixed that, as members of the “I hate real work” realized “pork” buys them that job of a lifetime, and Don was a “Kingpin” in this regard. When we look back in history and try to analyze what went wrong with Congress, as it is broke and will never ever recover, we will see that Don was instrumental in destroying the institution - which is destruction upon the Constitution. Treason? Of course it is, but we are accomplices as we vote them in – so they are free and clear no matter what. That is what is behind “Congressional Immunity”! Basically fallout falls back upon “We the People”, at the voting booths. And with “immunity”, Don can call a “Spade a Spade” and get away with it. More threats? More power to him! Look, if a Senator or Congressmen rapes your little daughter, because she was on a field trip to learn about “ethics”, there is no punishment any longer! “Good Golly” if you don't like what he did to your “Little Miss Molly”, save your breath and patience and rage on when it comes time for re-election. That is how the “Congressional Ethics” works in our modern day inhumane House of Lords! There is NONE! And what else do you expect from a “Crook”, yes crook. I am not talking his affairs with Coconut Grove whores or wining and dining on somebody else's dime, I am talking pure unadulterated “theft”. Look, a congressmen is supposed to at least protect “our” investment. When we pay taxes, we are basically investing in America. When you calculate how much of your hard earned loot has been “loaned” to Uncle Sam, you basically have a credit, you have an asset. And when too much is collected because the “collector” made a mistake, we deserve a “rebate”. In fact, it is illegal for Uncle Sam to collect more then what is actually needed. But since many members of Congress are “rich” and when their terms of endangerment are up and they have been upgraded to the “filthy rich” with help from the “lobby”, do you really think an iota that they give a rat's ass about Americans and equitable taxation? Trick question. Back to the crookedness in “Big Government”. Now when the Alaska Rail Road went caught for “Fraud” most recently and was about to loose $45-Million in “pork” due the fact that the board – which includes many of Don's cohorts in modern day American crime sprees from sea to shining sea, including Bill Sheffield – the board tried to convince the U.S. Treasury gatekeepers that Alaska maintains a “Commuter” rail service? The main reason for the 600-miles of track between Seward and Fairbanks. Of course it is a “Commuter”, and we have a super-duper high speed tel-transportation levitating bullet train. I can see it from my bathroom when I'm taking a good crap – flush twice its a long way to Juneau! In fact it is so fast, it gets to Russia before coming to a complete stop, that is why Sarah can see Russia from her crapper – it's that Einstein Booze 5th estate effect. Anyway, enough of the comic relief. Where was I? Yes, the Alaska Rail Road! Now at the same time the state was receiving the “fraud” money, that “Qualified Track” legally belonging to the state - as the ARR is an Alaskan Corporation - it is assigned to another entity, because there comes a tax advantage to a corporation that is not affiliated with the state. As a “state” corporation, it cannot take advantage of the tax credit, so sells it! That “assignment” goes to Joe Uselessbelli or the Koch Suckers but with the re-assignment, it knocks the state out of the Federal Transportation and Railroad funding equation. See, even though it is an “Alaskan” entity that should fall under the laws of “Transparency”, there is cover. Look, whenever you see an Alaskan entity becoming an “Alaskan Corporation”, it finds corruption – the main intent for a “public” entity to go private. Look at the Alaska Aero-Space along with the Kodiak Launch Facility. Like the Rail Road, it is facing funding cuts because the “Money is Gone”. So instead of cutting back on lucrative executive salaries, cut workers loose is what we find happening today. See, this works, as when they are un-employed and can listen into talk shows wherein Don gets them in the militia mood – that postal mood, we know where that can land. So even though the Alaska Rail Road has nothing close to a “Commuter” train, through “fraudulent” opportunities and possibly due to unclear thinking because of LSD flashbacks, the state owned outfit that cannot survive without “pork”, it has cheated its way to prosperity - until it went caught. See, another Congressmen here last year on vacation used the railroad, because he had heard of this keep secret from the lower-48 “Magic Train”. And when he saw what it was in reality, he started asking questions. Especially when it required how many hours to go from Anchorage to Fairbanks? And he was riding the “proletariat” car, the one that should be thrown in the dump because it stinks, and during his trip he watched as the “wealthy” wined and dined themselves in the luxury of the “Princess”. When he was trying to watch the scenery, he was spending time swatting giant mosquitoes as the train was so slow it allowed hordes to catch up to the scent of human blood and break into the inferior window screens of the poor man's rail car. So when he was back in Washington, he found out that Alaska has been raking in “Big Bucks” through “Fraud”, in other words theft! It is stealing, it is theft, and the person(s) involved should be held accountable. Yes, somebody needs to have a stay at the Seward prison, in fact, take a train ride! But when Don found out that a baby congressmen was about to call the railroad's bluff, guess what? Yes, Don used his secret pen to make sure Alaska keeps on screwing over the U.S. Treasury. Here is the problem. Don is part of the old regiment of senators and congressmen that believe they are saints and can do no wrong. So they continue their mutiny on the Constitution. There's not much left, and they feel draining it to no good is as good as it gets. Apologies? If Don started apologizing for what Congress has done to hurt this country, he could say a “sorry” for every breath he as left and still not account for who and what has been hurt through such dereliction. And he thinks “skunks” are a problem? I smell something rotten, and it ain't Pelosi!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Petition of Interest

Begich F%$^ed Us!

About a year ago when U.S. Senator from Alaska Mark Begich went on the warpath, any Alaskan with any sense of intelligence would have realized that “payback” is tough this sort of behavior. See, when the Air Force brass were told to cut costs, Eielson Air Force Base was in the cross-hairs. Not for a total “BRAC” closure, but some cut-backs were eminent. There was nothing suspicious about this “bad news” hitting the outskirts of Fairbanks, as this is Tea-Pansy country and didn't that faction want “less” government in their neighborhoods? But that had nothing to do with what was coming down. And it was “bad news” happening all over the nation – tightening of the belt was coming to a civilian place of employment near you! Now the military brass are not known to carry grudges until such time they are targeted, and that is where Begich went wrong. See, when the brass decided it was in the best interest of America's future interest to reduce some of the military spending in Alaska, Begich had a conniption fit and wanted answers! And when the “Little Troll” went roaming the halls of Congress on a “mission” missing manners, he made a fool of himself! There were no answers, the brass where following what the Commander-in-Chief told them too do, following orders ring a bell? But Mark was trying to get blood out-of-a-turnip and went postal with road rage and when he was still not convinced that the brass were telling him the truth or being honest, Begich bent over the cliff and hit a “new” low for someone that is supposed to be a “statesmen”. Yes, Begich flew-the-coup, low and behold he started to threaten the brass by holding hostage some honorable men in uniform up for promotions. This was very unbecoming a U.S. Senator and would have dire consequences, as this type of hostage taking finds no friends – especially in the military ranks! And those “dire consequences” have come true and are now starting to hit home. The Air Force announced today that the annual “Red Flag” worrier games have been postponed, due “budgetary constraints”. Dear Begich, you screwed things up big time! These annual games placed Eielson and Alaska on the radar, as still a viable training and combined exercise arena. But not this year, after many years wherein Eielson held this invitational, a world renowned exercise. And once the “loot” is cut, a return is impossible! Now when Begich went postal with road rage, I tried in vain to get the Senate Ethics panel to intervene. Look, like it or not, holding a military promotion hostage, it was “Treasonous” in my book. But my complaint went without merit because there is no such thing anymore as an “ethics” violation – as Congress changed all the rules in their favor! So this is why we see this kind of behavior “condoned”, as there exists no “penalty”. But let's face the facts. You do not hold hostage a military man's promotion, especially upon an individual that has given his career time for this country's freedom and had nothing to do with the decision upon cutbacks at Eielson. So here we have it. When the economy is limping along, we need anything and everything, even if a temporary handout. The money that will now go missing from the postponing of these war games will be easily worth $millions$ in lost opportunities. Temper tantrums get you nowhere except detention. And that is what we have here in Alaska, we have been sent to detention and the military is finding friendlier skies to play war games. Like Begich became the schoolyard bully, so just find another playground. Thanks Mark, hope you are happy now! And we must realize this dreaded fact. There is a reason that Eielson is on the “chopping” block and it is only a matter of time before we see the lights out on that long runway that parallels the Richardson. Herein is where it gets really nasty. The power plant at Eielson is aging and has never been able to secure an air quality permit, not from the state and now the permit is before the Environmental Protection Agency. Now since we know where MoanaLisa MurCowpie stands with respect to “No” respect upon this agency, well I doubt we will ever see a permit and the coal burning plant can operate under a “permit shield” for only so much time – basically it has limits when it pollutes! So when the permit went up for renewal a few years ago and looked like it also was in dire straits, the permit application included building a new power plant, a modern day coal burner that would meet all of the air quality requirements and allow Eielson to remain open and part of the military's arsenal of “fast & furious” runways. That inclusion of a “new” power plant allowed for the “permit shield” to ward off any EPA fines. And the money, in tune to $280-Million was earmarked, to build a new plant which would have created many construction jobs – something needed in the interior. But when the cost of coal was reconsidered, the price that Joe Uselessbelli charges along with the rip-off for transportation costs from the “Federally” subsidized Alaska Rail Road, guess what? Yes due the fact that the lower-48 realized cost saving of 5% in delivered coal contracts to similar military bases – which amounts to $millions$ in savings to the U.S. Taxpayers – well here in Alaska the “Greed Monster” came out of hiding and escalated the cost of delivered coal a mind boggling 14% - only here in Alaska! And in most recent coal contracts negotiated here in the state between the miltary and Uselessbelli, only a “One” year contract was allowed due the fact that Joe refuses to be an American and help out. It all comes down to economics. We have interests in this state that are not at all interested in helping out. The price of coal, the price of the rail, it reeks of greed and now we see the consequences. In fact, we must watch out, as when the military looks at the budget and where and when to cut, energy is one of the number one contenders that will throw a base on the chopping block. And now that Begich has pissed off the brass, we may be on the short end of things. And just recently in a survey by the brass, Ft. Wainwright was listed as the Number 1 for training opportunities, but when it came to sustainability, due the cost of you guessed it - Joe Uselessbelli's coal and the rail costs – this base was last on the list! Shooting ourselves in the foot? Maybe that is why we are starting to limp along!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

McConnell on DOMA

Boehner on DOMA

Murkowski on DOMA

Pelosi on DOMA

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Clear Nuclear Threat?

According to Reliable Sources(ARS): North Korean leader Kim “I Still Wear Disco Diapers” Jong Un was paid U.S. “greenbacks” to make false accusations about his country's intent at lobbing a nuclear warhead armed rocket towards the United States. I guess under-aged diapers can perform a “squeeze” play which makes intelligence questionable. But Kim may be smarter then we think, and collecting the loot at our expense. Times have indeed changed, as it used to be the CIA that paid under the table corruptness, for false threats in efforts to advance this secret agency's agenda – which was supposed to be in United States' best interest. What are you laughing at? And this Jong Un “payoff” for a per-meditated threat was not condoned by the CIA or any other “Patriotic” establishment including the Obama administration, and I will get to the “Traitor” that was behind it all. See, with “two” wars in the last inning, the “Privatized” defense monster which pilferages away $billions$ of Taxpayers' loot, it has adopted a “Fast & Furious” mission and it appears this “mission accomplished” finds time for celebration. When wars are no more, there are no more defense contractors – it's that simple an equation. It has nothing to do with the kind of wars and conflicts our parents fought in - for liberty - as in today's “WAR”, it means a profit to be had – so keep it up! And so many of us are in some ways and means tied to this “Monster”, as our jobs, our livelihoods, such pursuits to happiness depend on this “War Machine” mentality alive and well. And it was planned out that way, by CEO defense contractors in line with the Wall Street investors, as today it is hard for this nation to say NO to war. When all the time it is realized that Congress is broke and infiltrated by the “Lobby”, it is the “War Machine” madness that has this nation's attention and taking us down a tortuous no-return dead-end street. Sad it is, when “War, what is it good for” finds true meaning with NOTHING. And remember this little tidbit, every buck wasted on a “fear” war takes money away from the nation's “Homeland” infrastructure, takes our hard earned money away and we suffer a different kind of war, as the entire transportation system is almost at “Tilt”. It is becoming its own battlefield! Get this, the cost of the Bush “fear” wars were enough to rebuild every highway and bridge across America! Get this, if we forced Congress to change the tax loopholes for the wealthy, that would also bring in enough loot to rebuild America. So we cannot have it both ways, war and little or no taxation on the wealthy, it means destroying one or the other or we end up with that “SE-CASTRATION! And here is another thing about which “battles” we choose to fight. Rebuilding America produces a whole bunch of jobs, from sea to shining sea. Think about what a $2-Trillion dollar boost would mean for “our” economy? That “fear” war, it creates hardly any jobs, except for the undertakers as most of the loot is used for “crap” and payoffs. When we send “our” money abroad to these “Privatized” soldiers of misfortune, $billions$ are siphoned off and end up in off-shore accounts – the glory hole of pin stripped investors who think they are “American”. They are “Traitors”. I get sick and tired of hearing and seeing how many think it is alright to rip-off Uncle Sam! That Native American Indian shedding a tear because of litter and pollution? I'm the same guy, shedding a similar tear for “Patriotism” missing! Now with the se-castration starting to hit home and hit hard overseas defense contractors who make a living enjoying “War”, guess what, just start another “fear” war and the money will keep on coming, and that is what's behind the “Fast & Furious” regime built on an Un-patriotic agenda. So now that Kim Dumb One has made such threats and made some loot, we panic and will waste $billions$ trying to counteract an attack that is as credible as saying Congress cares about America! And this is where ironic finds a new meaning. Yes, without even an eye-twitch from Congress, Alaska stands to see a $billion$ dollar uprising, to install 14-interceptor missiles as part of the “Missile Defense Shield” extension, just because Kim made a threat! Guess who makes out like a bandit on this sly maneuver? Yes, defense contractors that are starting to lose a grip on the U.S. Treasury are planning for the future! Sure it was the private defense contract establishment that paid Hung Low to make these false attack accusations, as they have learned to play the game well. Look, this guy cannot be that dumb? Imagine actually firing a warhead towards this country. We would not waste time trying to intercept it, we would hit the big red “Nuke” button and North Korea would be vaporized in a second with no second chance. Hung Low knows this, so his threats are without merit in the real world. And this interceptor technology was never fully tested, as the only way a “Kill” came of record was when the “dummy balloons” from a rouge missile didn't eject, in efforts to try and fool the interceptor. So many say it is still a questionable proposition the accuracy of this costly technology, but regardless acts as a deterrent. And so what if it doesn't work, as the “War Machine” cares not about true defense, unless of course it is a defense to protect their bottom-line. And with this threat, this nation is reacting like there is no tomorrow. According to military brass questioned about the existing sufficiency of the interceptor force, “I am satisfied that we can defend against a limited attack from North Korea today with 30 missiles. We are confident we could defeat a threat from North Korea today.” Air Force General General Robert Kehler, chief of the U.S. Strategic Command, told the Senate Armed Services Committee. So comes a threat and even though it may not be necessary to hit the panic button for more rockets, like a lottery won, a $billion$ has been pre-approved - when the SE-castration is in effect! So when every other government agency is bracing for the slowdown showdown, with less loot to go around, low and behold the “War Machine” fanatics seem not to worry. And therein exists the problem, as “War” has become way to easy for our senators and congressmen to accept! With a Congress still testing that Alaskan bridge to nowhere, what else would we expect – so we are taken advantage of as they play footsies with Don's follies! And the “War Machine” is the real enemy! Look, for almost an entire term, U.S. Senator from Alaska Mark Begich has fumbled without success upon a single selfish agenda – more rockets for Alaska. But his request has until the Kim threat gone without merit. That is why Begich will never see a re-election, as he wasted his time on this one. He should have learned the mistakes of Frank Murkowski, with his fascination upon a “single issue” agenda. See, Frank spent many terms of endangerment as U.S. Senator from Alaska and his only brain-fart issue went toward efforts to open up ANWR. So for almost an entire Senate term, Begich has tried to get more rockets moved into empty silos in Delta Junction, Tea-Pansy central for Alaska. It was a deadbeat issue, until, well some defense contractor for hire didn't like the fact that the fat-cat was leaving town and his wife threatened a divorce. Because it meant no more Dom Perignon, so he paid Kim a visit and for a few measly bucks, Kim made the advancement threats and like a good neighbor, we opened up the U.S. Treasury for the robbers. So now with a project that has never proved its worth, the Ft. Greely defense contractors have found another pot of gold – during this SE-castration season! Why shouldn't they laugh, as they get better and better at the job of stealing from Uncle Sam and continue to enjoy lucrative salaries, at our expense. We are producing “crap” today that will never be used in the theater of battle, but due political clout, we as a nation continue to behave like a bunch of tyrannic imbeciles. Why not give peace a chance for once so we can rebuild the damn pothole highways? Yes, a “War Machine” mentality that continues to waste – maybe abuse is a better definer – by selling us outdated stuff forced down our deep throats because;

Somewhere a senator sits in a leather chair
Behind a big wooden desk
The caribou we killed mean nothing to him
He took his money just like all the rest
The clock on the wall
No wonder we’re losing time”

Don't you just love Don Young's theme song! Thanks Neil. And this “War Machine” mentality giveaway comes with a complimentary bottle of “K Street” lubricant. In fact if you ever visit Don, ask him for a complimenatary sample. But he may be hoarding it away for when the paddy wagon takes him away! So when cuts come and hit hard here in the “Homeland”, guess what faction of the citizenry will get massacred? You betcha bottom dollar! And in the meantime, for some who have turned the business of defense into a damn “War Machine” Not for Freedom but for profit with no turning back, for those that never learned that “treason” is punishable by a firing squad it is back to the fancy bottle and let us not forget the caviar to boot! The “War Machine” is coming to rob again the wage earners some more. My sentiment, since when have treasonous traitors been able to steer this country in the wrong direction? But when Congress is AWOL or sworn to the “Lobby” and derelict its dedication to the citizenry, we have not democracy with freedom but lunacy and freedoms abandoned. That is why I prefer SE-CASTRATION, as in the end, no matter what those jerks say about “Big Government”, the defense is even more defense at your expense! Good Morning America! As far as a good evening, the verdict is silent, from sea to shining sea! Can we make it, one more day?

The Poisoned

I was burned out from exhaustion buried in the hail
Poisoned in the bushes and blown out on the trail
Hunted like a crocodile ravaged in the corn
"Come in" she said
"I'll give you shelter from the storm".

Wow, what the hell is this stuff labeled “XYSOL”? I can't even pronounce it's name and identity, maybe I don't want too. Maybe my handicap for correct pronunciation is consumed by the “jaw bone twitch” and lingering “hacker's cough” that I have never recovered from, since I came in contact with this stuff. I don't smoke! What in hell is this “XYSOL” used for, out on this little man-made drill for oil prospect owned and operated by Texas based Pioneer Natural Resources? Probably enough in that tote to kill us all! It sounds scary, I wish I had that Material Safety Data Sheet. And how come there was no accompanying MSDS? Look, even Walmart follows the law and has a list of detergent MSDS's available for viewing by the public – once again it's the law! But it doesn't faze me that this two-bit outfit would have this stuff on-board and not give a damn about the workers' health or safety. They don't want workers to know or question anything, that “fear me I'm the boss hog” routine. I voiced my concerns, to the corporate side and the state of Alaska regulators – what a joke. I ended up with egg on my face and just where they wanted me – terminated by my own accord. I wasn't stupid and refused to go back to the “Rock”, Oooguruk Island. Besides a human cesspool, it was a waking time-bomb environmental atrocity. I tried in vain to get the point across, to take care of the workers health and safety at any expense. Why give a rat's ass about the environment, even though this place in Harrison's Bay of the Colville River delta was pristine, just a few years ago – before this hunk of dirt arrived. Yes I am bitter, so should the workers or anybody that gives a hoot about the health and welfare of not only the workers, but the wildlife that roam these inhospitable places way up north in Alaska. Maybe it worked, my bullish concerns attacking this operation and the management, but I really don't know but let's hope so. But I didn't go away. See, I concealed away enough information that if someone's health is compromised from chemical attacks, I can cover for them – from an evidence standpoint. Maybe I'm the victim that now suffers, from nerve disorders, some shortness of breath and this irritating “hacker's cough”. Once again, I don't smoke and this condition has been with me for about 3-years. So there is a connection. In fact, I probably keep Ricola in business. I am not one for modern science, that which corrals modern medicine, so I live with the ailments as I believe the body can consume to a certain extent foreign matter detrimental to a healthy immune system. Time will tell! Yes, I remember stumbling into this stuff, now that I have found the MSDA and recognize what it was I was disturbing. Yes, trying to do my job as a Pioneer operator and protecting the environment. See, there was a breach between the well-head conduits and the island landscape, one that was supposed to have a barrier of protection - by the inflation of a tire tube and a redundant tube for backup, should the primary get compromised. But with frozen ground underneath, it appeared this became a convenient disposal site – that out-of-sight out-of-mind mentality. It was a well hidden opportunity to dispose away the nasty stuff. But this stuff was so nasty, it had deteriorated the rubber gasket, not one but both rubbers and allowing this nasty brown goo to leach away – how convenient. And something stunk real bad, which is what alarmed me to something rotten. Damn, I remember that night coming across this stuff, talk about messing with a hornet's nest. When it went disturbed, all hell broke loose and I was hit with a vapor cloud of something so nasty it still brings on nightmares. And when I brought this to the attention of the local management, I was told it was my duty to clean it up. Yes, that was part of my job description, but only if the substance was safe. But management refused to perform a test, to see just what the hell it was that had been dumped. In fact, the on-site environmental guy wouldn't even go near it, as he was probably told to stay away. And when I asked him what he thought, he had one hell of an excuse, that he was too busy with other things – what like staying in the comfort of the camp office and eating donuts all day? There was NO excuse! It's a 2-minute walk away. It's a small island, maybe two-football fields in size! Get off your ass and do something! Look, a test would have confirmed my suspicions, that it was a cesspool of toxicity that would have aroused the EPA and the lawman – had it been reported. And after that, I refused to go near it again, and since it was disrupted, it was now rapidly leaching away, into the ground beneath the island. And with rain causing puddle swelling, guess what? Flood control means overflows into the bay. But hopefully by then even though not correct by any stretch of the imagination, a candidate for the old reliable “solution to pollution is dilution”. But what about those workers that may have been exposed to this stuff. I guess I may have been the only victim! Yes, it was leaching away, and I am sure this dwindling out-of-sight and out-of-mind let the bastard hornet worrier settle down, it was their wishes coming true. I quit soon after that incident, as I have been in this business a long time and know what a “Love Canal” is when I see one. It was cleaned up, but never was there performed an analysis of what the cesspool contained. I guess in time an autopsy will tell the truth. In fact I would bet a dead seal pup could point the finger! Look, this is exactly what happens when the regulators are told to go soft on the oil industry and let them police themselves. Of course this is what's going on, especially with the “Independents” moving in to fill the void left by “Big Oil” fading away upon the North Slope oil scene. I feel sorry for those that were given the task to clean up this mess, then again it may have all just conveniently disappeared, and if a smoker did have something to do with the clean-up efforts, good luck in a court of law. So now I suffer, but hope for the best in my health and recovery. And I have the evidence that supports my distrust this operation and maybe someday I can piss off the shareholders, by winning it big in a court of law.

Antonin Scalia

He's just a bigot......

Doyon vs. United States

Keeping Alaskans Plastered: It appears that the United States ARMY is holding its ground and not bending over to Doyon's demands for more money to run the “utility” infrastructure at several military installations in Alaska – namely Ft. Greely, Ft. Wainwright and Ft. Richardson. When the military base utilities went “Privatized”, Doyon received a very lucrative contract because the “government” was in favor of Doyon's business model - as it proved to provide a cost savings in-line with what was to be expected through “Privatization”. In a nutshell, when the “government” operated the power plants and waste-water plants at these military bases, the operation and maintenance costs were in-line with “Private” industry, but the administrative costs were upwards 25%, way higher then normal and realized as a potential for reduction through “Privatization”. Reduction by a few percentage points when “$millions$ are at risk, it means a whole lot of savings! But now that “model” is not producing the profits that Doyon would like and the “Administrative” costs are at “Tilt”, averaging over 50% of the cost of doing business - so Doyon is renegingg on the “contract” language. I guess crooks will do anything to get a lucrative 50-year contract! Sure it was a set-up, as the original economic “Model” looked good, but the intent was too get the contract signed and sealed and delivered then cry wolf! High administrative costs signal out one thing, money being thrown away on lucrative salaries or paying for some other back-room board room extravaganza – like maybe for payback to CORIX for purchasing the Fairbanks Sewer & Water business form Dan Gavora – the CEO for Doyon! If something stinks... But so far Doyon's thirst for more U.S. Taxpayer loot has backfired, as the ARMY realized what was going on and Doyon's counterattack was squashed. I guess our men & women in uniform know how to “Defend”! See, soon into the contract Doyon tried to raise the rates it charges Uncle Sam, not by a little here and there which could be expected for un-expected expenditures, but like a threat came a 100% increase - which would have sent this “Privatization” dream down the drain. Had Doyon prevailed, it would have meant yearly payment increases of $30-Million bucks, when we as a nation have been forced to cut spending. So the ARMY said NO, and it has ended up for now in “settlement” talks. Sad it is, when our military has to defend its position and waste resources fighting wars back here in the “Homeland”. Honestly, where has the “Patriotism” gone? When American corporations are bent on screwing over the American Taxpayer by screwing over the military and taking advantage the vulnerability of our nation's caretaker, this is “War” and the kind that should never occur, but the kind my hard income taxed finds a valuable use. Correction, it is a Canadian corporation that owns a majority holding of Doyon! Matter of fact, this is a “Litmus Test”, as the intent of “Privatization” was too save money, not throw away the hen-house and if the ARMY prevails, it is a win for the U.S. Taxpayers. If it goes the other way, due limited resources through cut-backs and the ARMY can no longer engage time and efforts to “Defend” what should be “Defended” and wherein Doyon prevails, the shareholders and foreigners - NOT the U.S. Taxpayers – win. Imagine that, a foreign entity owning part of this nation's military infrastructure? Here is the latest update the settlement talks.

In compliance with Order 16, Doyon Utilities, LLC (DU) and Department of Defense (DOD), hereby jointly submit a status report on this matter. Since January 18, 2013, the parties have twice met in formal meetings to discuss settlement of the issues between them, including these rate cases. The parties met in Washington, DC on February 12, 2013, and again in Fairbanks, Alaska on February 28 and March 1, 2013. The parties have participated in telephonic discussions related to developing a framework for discussion. The parties have developed a process to proceed with resolution of issues by reliance on small-group meetings in advance of at least two anticipated formal global settlement meetings. To date, the meetings have been positive and constructive, and continued efforts are supported by both parties. 
And I tried to get Alaska's delegation involved in this matter, from the standpoint that this affects the U.S. Taxpayers. Boy was that a mistake. What side are they really on?

Monday, March 25, 2013

I'm Exhausted

Mutiny: A conspiracy by members of a group of similarly situated individuals through a majority voice to openly oppose, change or overthrow a Commander-in-Chief authority to which they are sworn under a Constitution. Mitch McConnell thinks that his job as a U.S. Senator is exhausting? I guess that tells it like it is with the 113th Congress. Yes, it may be “exhausting”, but not to the perpetrators of Constitutional malfeasance, but “exhausting” to “We the People” Americans listening to them battle away. They don't accomplish anything, accept fight amongst each-other and by letting down the guard, it allows for more lobby like take-overs. Really, when the Congress is AWOL their sworn duties, guess what takes over? Yes when they are afraid to show for work, the keys to the House are checked at the front door, of “K Street”. And Tom Delay, being still a free-man due “Delays” in justice, he knows his way around! And we don't have much left in the name of “Liberty”, as the divide is starting to show an ugly side of things. Maybe that is their plan, like a mutiny! Maybe Mitch and his cohorts in crime should try a real job, to see what that word “exhausting” is all about. And do I really have to pay for MissHell Bachmann's retirement? Imagine a lucrative money laundering career for performing none other then the likes of a clown. Yet, I am glad that Mitch and company have taken a two-week furlough, in efforts to help cut costs in government spending. What do you mean it's a paid vacation? How many vacation days does this “exhausting” job really need? I am lost for words, as when did the institution get taken over by con-artists? Scorecard: It is March 25th, 2013 and the U.S. Congress has worked only 31-days, to your 64-days! Who should be claiming “exhaustion”? Wow, what a concept. How about a “Tax Rebate” for actual days on the job!

Walmart Alaska

Wow! Remember those good ol' “Cowboy & Indian” towns you visited as a youngster, during summertime vacations all aboard that “stretch” station wagon – the kind Clark Griswold drives around in still today? And these towns were just about everywhere, from sea to shining sea! So with cotton candy dripping all over your chaps from the heat of the noon-time sun making life miserable, from out of nowhere there would come a raucous, guns a blazing for the staged gun battle. Yes there was Wyatt Earp, Annie Oakley, Billy the Kid, Butch, Calamity Jane and not to forget, Deadwood Dick, you name it - as our stage coach heroes and robbers would perform in this shoot-out on Main Street. And then the gun battles were followed by those Indian scalpings that looked so real? So, was it the “good guys” or the “bad guys” the winner takes all? Well, I guess the Walmart Kingdom wants to entice shoppers, so the store in Alaska has been the first to unveil this same kind of staged battle – to break the boredom for kids in tow on the parents' weekend shooting spree – I mean shopping spree. Yes, indeed, there comes now to a Walmart near you, entertainment! Last week Walmart unveiled its “Main Street Shoot-Out”, right here in Anchorage. A guy on a scooter(Outlaw) and misbehaving was arrested by the Store Sheriff(Assistant Manager), and during the arrest, the outlaw pulled out a gun and shot the sheriff! It was a concealed weapon, but that is OK in Alaska, just ask Deadbeat Dick, I mean Fred Dyson. Then to make the scene more realistic, soon the place was overwhelmed with off-duty police officers and entering from every which way but loose, men and women in blue banishing concealed weapons. It was one hell of a sidearm-show, according to eye-witnesses, like it went from a one-on-one to a tag-team extravaganza. Look, it had to be staged, as business continued on as usual! People stopped just to catch the action then continued buying stuff on the cheap. And as a fake ambulance and medic team arrived, it made it look all so real. Of course they were fake policemen, as they were all caught eating donuts in the aftermath. I guess with an economy on empty, the WALL wants some action. So if they start handing out the cotton-candy for free, we know that the American entrepreneur marketing spirit has found a new high. But in Alaska, with new legislation that allows “Shot First then Ask” and a Tea-Party mentality, this may be just a routine Saturday, wherein nobody gets excited and when the excitement vanishes, shoppers can put away their concealed weapons and it is back to business. And you thought “our” streets were unsafe?

Sarah Laughs

Old Trooper said....

And don't forget, She is the Governor of our Largest of 57 states! I would vote for her for President with no reservations!

As posted on Blackfire, August 31, 2008.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Gold, Oil & Coal

Is Alaska all about Gold, Oil and Coal or more in tune to Lions, Tigers and Bears? I will try to explain the truth upon this matter. Finally, we see a bill passed through the Alaska legislature that has “Equality” written all over it. And low and behold justice, as Jerry Prevo along with his devil disciples and snake oil worship had nothing to do or say upon this “Equal Rights” landmark legislation. I am talking the “Oil Tax” break that basically fixes what Sarah Palin messed up! And a caution is required, as in Alaska the word “Equality” has nothing to do with human rights. So far this 28th legislative lesion, it has been a banner year for new “Public” laws, wherein those hiding in Juneau must think those with some semblance of intelligence and against the congregation have evaporated. Sure Alaska has changed, and is today a very unsafe place to raise a family, as when religious fanaticism and polluted politics combines it equals a “Tea-Party” mentality wherein Sunday worship takes place at a shooting range instead of at the altar. But before I try to explain what the “Oil Tax” break means for Alaska, let’s backtrack to see what the Tea-Party has done for mankind here in the “Lost Frontier”. “Shoot First” is a senate bill by Wild Fred Dyson that allows the 2nd Amendment to trump “Freedom of Speech”, through off-the-hook legislation that permits a republican senator or a republican house member to shoot “dead” those liberals that form an out loud expression and a difference of opinion – with immunity comes what could become a mass murdering so liberals should, well buy a damn gun! Then we have the Wild Fred Dyson on “Steroids” senate bill that prohibits a Federal Marshall from arresting a corrupt politician, this bill in honor of Ted Stevens. I guess had this bill been in effect when Ted was arrested, get the point. It means that sonny boy Ben would be NOT on the run still. Then we have HB80, or in laymen terms of endangerment, “Kill the Salmon” bill. This legislation proves the point that the trickle down “stench” from the broken toilet bowl theory still finds precedence here in the 49er, which allows MoanaLisa MurCowpie’s cruise ship industry to “crap” on the governor – with immunity! So all we have left is a little oil, some very expensive coal and lots of missing gold. With that, good thing this state still gets its above share of federal assistance, especially taxpayer loot to measure the penis length of the male Musk-ox. In all honesty, the amount of assistance this state receives from Uncle Sam is an automatic disqualification for the Tea-Party! If Alaska means big this and big that, it includes “Big Government” intervention! This state still receives 3x the national average for Congressional appropriations – a.k.a. Uncle Sam welfare. But as soon as you tell a Tea-Party member that his job is going away because smaller government means a reduction in military base jobs in Alaska, they go ballistic and the militia mentality goes crazy. See, without a job they cannot buy weapons and bullets to mutilate the hand that feeds them. Now with the new tax bill for “Big Oil” in effect courtesy the fact that Alaska remains the most politically corrupt state of the union, today the oil industry can now join the rest of the hoodlums and carry away to its offshore “1% only” bank account as much in un-taxed profits as does the mining industry. Finally, there comes some semblance of “equality” upon those that find resource development an opportunistic venture here in Alaska. See, since “Big Oil” was paying its fair share but the rest of the miners were not, it made sense to lower “Big Oil’s” burden to be in-line with all the other crooks. That is how our goons down in Juneau think! Does the Alaska Constitution state for sure that the “resources” belong to the citizens? Trick question for the Alaska senate, house and governor Parnell! But now that the verdict is in, I hope “Big Oil” digs in and demands a rebate from years and years of over-taxation. In comparison to “mining”, the oil industry has been taken for ride. So by holding hostage the governor, they have finally prevailed – after 30-years! Honestly, to those “liberated” and finding twitter rage over this passage, get a grip on reality! Do you have any idea how much gold is taken out of Alaska, not by those flee-bitten monkey miners that take the History Channel stage of fame – but hoarded away in some private bank with an unknown whereabouts by “Big Mining”? I am talking the “Big Gold Diggers”? Hey “NO Alaskan Left Behind”, those Japanese looking people are not coming here for the shitty tasting salmon, as they are smart enough to avoid the genetically altered stuff, from cruise ship crappers belching “shit” and in turn altering the once clean waters of the “Inside Passage”. Look, liberated Alaskan, this is not something you or your party changing representative really wants to know about, this gold heist. Except these hi-tech outfits can mine gold for about $600 an ounce and with a going rate of $1600, that amounts to well over a $1000 dollar profit and the state gets enough to buy a burger from the Bear Tooth – for our gold! Really, $15 bucks for a burger that taste like…. At least its better then from salmon reared on “crap”! So let me allow Phineas J. Whoopee and his 3DBB to perform the math for you as to how much Alaska – that’s you – has lost from this scam with assurances that this math was double-checked by Chumley. Drum roll please. Alaska has lost well over $800-Million from the “Golf Finger” shoved up our “you know what”! But the same kind of loss occurs not only with the bullion, but also with that other “black gold”, from Joe Uselessbelli’s coal mine. “Mine”, what the hell does it really mean? See, Joe gets away with, well ransacking. Does anybody out there realize why the Healy Clean Coal Plant that cost the U.S. Taxpayers well over $300-million is still “Closed for Business”? Joe sabotaged that technology and this “Green” project, one that was designed by scientist in efforts to lower the price of electricity to Fairbanks and at the same time keep the air clean. This is Alaska, wherein “Greed” takes on another dimension! See, back in 1999 when this experimental power plant’s testing was beginning to paint a picture of success for the Department of Energy, Joe said no way would he sell “good coal” to the plant in efforts to lower the costs of generated electricity. What? I thought Alaska was the “Brotherly Love” state? See, at that time Joe was in a pissing contest with Golden Valley Electric Association. It was like this. Joe owns the coal burning power plant in Fairbanks. Joe owns the coal so the electricity generated from that plant makes for a handsome profit, as with free coal all it takes is a train ride on the Sheffield Express and Joe’s kilowatt output meter is red-lined. But that plant was at one time owned by the city, and when Fairbanks decided that “privatization” was a ways and means to save the consumers some loot and the city’s utility infrastructure went up for sale, Joe had the cash as his coal mine was under the same taxation as was the gold rush, hardly nothing in return to the state. Look, Joe has become a “$billionaire$ on your dime and doesn't give a rat's ass about anything but screwing us all. And with that mentality and means to “screw job” the citizens, well there existed some controversial contracts that were still in effect between Joe as the new owner of the Chena power plant and Golden Valley, the electric company. So Joe was using “our coal” from “his mine” and selling electricity to GVEA and at the same time buying it back at elevated prices, to electrify his mine and that giant shovel that punches massive holes into the Healy coal seams. Thinking it was unfair, Joe went stuck-up and greedy. And because of that cost difference, though unjust but in reality any other way would have been just another way for Joe to line his already deep pockets - from “our coal” - Uselessbelli would not provide the grade of coal required to make our air cleaner, just out of greed. In fact he sued Golden Valley and he sued the regulators that were looking out for the people of Fairbanks, it went all the way to the Alaska Superior Court – Joe never prevailed. So to punish, he never agreed to sell coal that would have made the HCCP a worthwhile taxpayer venture. It worked for the “greedy” factor in effect, but was a failure for Alaskans due Joe’s corrupt ways and for the past 12-years this entire project fits the definition of a “boondoggle”. So today, with the “Big Oil” taxation debut, we have set the stage for “equal treatment”, as oil is now treated with the same respect as coal mining and gold mining - which means the citizens are getting screwed over “Big Time”. Who to thank? Look south! One thing for sure, this state never learned from its mistakes, no matter how corrupt once upon a time the political mood found itself and was thus indicted for its malfeasance - it made no difference and today it is as as bad as before maybe more! But this has been my sentiment for a long time over the “Corporate” taxation issues, and maybe Alaska can be used in the greatest litmus test of our trying times. This test not only here in the “Last Frontier”, but across the nation. Here in Alaska, with the corporate tax almost at “nothing” and can reach “nothing” when film tax incentives are purchased as a tax deduction, we have set out on a “mission” of monumental proportions. My sentiment, NO TAXATION on the corporation, to see if it works! No longer can “Big Oil” in Alaska hide behind the falsehood of “Sorry, it’s the tax” when jobs are being cut and no new jobs are created and the oil throughput is fading way, to “Nothing”. With the tax realignment, there is no longer an excuse. So I guess it is time for “Big Oil” to step up to the plate, and if we hear “strike 3 you’re out, we will realize that there was never ever any attempt to play fair and they are just a bunch or sore losers, like the miners, like the panners. All with a single purpose and intent, screwing us over some more. I guess it is a case of Lions, Tigers and Bears! Hey what's your problem? Please don’t shoot Mr. Politician, as I am innoc….I’m bleeding from a bullet wound. And all I did was bring forward the truth, but he went threatened and pulled the trigger and Mr. Policeman finds him innocent? And that is it in a nutshell. This state has let down its guard and allowed corrupt politics to suffer our Constitution, wherein giving away the hen-house finds new meaning. Whores, that is what Alaska politics is all about, the Stevens' family legacy with a “Red Light” district advertising, please come rape us some more! And DON'T EAT the SALMON!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Fairbanks Natural Gas

Update: The following information has been issued by PZK Contractors by authority the Fairbanks Natural Gas Pipeline Authority. The 12” pipe sections, for the long overdue pipeline designed to deliver “affordable” energy to the interior, continue to arrive by barge then aboard rail onto Fairbanks - being stockpiled at the Morale Road pipe yard. Construction and Right-of-Way permits for the section of pipeline from Prudhoe Bay to Fairbanks have been cleared by the state’s “oversight” agencies and issued for use. Trenching equipment and welding shacks have been assembled and are in the final test stage before the caravans head north to trench in and weld together the pipe. PHI ZAPPA KRAPPA – the main contractor – has set up a circus tent out at the Morale Road pipe yard, with free hot-dogs, beer, pop for the kids, balloons, for those interested in seeing firsthand what is going on with this long awaited project. Construction should begin in earnest as soon as “breakup” commences. “Affordable” Natural gas should be available in Fairbanks by this coming winter, 2013. There is a caution though, as there comes continued opposition to this “In State ONLY” pipeline that was supposed to be completed by 2012. The state legislative branch may enter a motion with the Alaska Superior Court to “STOP” the project in its tracks, as many down in Juneau feel it may interfere with the “Big Pipe Dream” and continue to throw hurdles in the way of progress. For more information about this pipeline and job opportunities forthcoming, call 907-465-3500 and ask for Mr. Nummie Little Creature.  Sincerely, Mr. N. Little Creature/CEO Phi Zappa Krappa Contractors. PS: I have posted a picture of myself, so you can say thanks when you see my friendly……

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Citizen Pirate - For Real

Citizen Pirate

Please allow me to introduce myself
I'm a man of stealth fighting snakes
I've been around for a long, long time
Stole a corporate man's dream and wealth
Pleased to meet you
Hope you guess my name, oh yeah
But what's puzzling you
Is the nature of my game
Every corporation is a criminal
And all us workers saints
Just call me Lucifer
I am Citizen Pirate.

NOTE: The information contained herein is disseminated to the “General Public” due in part the “Statute of Limitation” in effect, wherein this information now falls under the auspices of a “Freedom of Information” mandate. It is NOT intended as a self-inflicted indictment but serves as a self-published means to cover matters of importance to all Alaskans – or anyone concerned about the “ENVIRONMENT” with respect to how the Alaskan “near-shore” marine ecosystem it is being “trashed”. The author and publisher’s claim upon the accuracy of this information is NOT arguable therefore not open for debate! This information may be used by others for any intelligent means in efforts to further our understanding of “when and where” oil exploration to exploitation can and could, or should not, occur. This information cannot be used for ANY legal purposes against the author or publisher, as allowed for under the immunity and protection clauses of the 5th Amendment.

This writing is dedicated to the “Bush Rat”!

“Citizen Pirate” defined: True Patriot.

1st Gear – it’s NOT alright: The storyline herein may shed some insight upon the leading cause of the abnormal “Seal Deaths” event Alaska has witnessed over the past few years, with seal pup mortality peaking in 2010 along this state’s near-shore continental shelf. Especially so this unprecedented tragedy in the vicinity of Harrison’s Bay, of the Colville River delta runoff into the Beaufort Sea - between the Kuparuk River oil field seaward the open waters claiming the National Petroleum Reserve’s boundary. Oil development has encroached westward this region, which may celebrate a good sign for the state through the sale of leases and royalty obtained once a field is producing, but alongside the Dom Perignon and caviar, a shorthanded sad sign approach upon “Nature” - as the “Mother Earth” is under attack some more. And for the first time made public, the author of this writing admits guilt in a conspiracy of “Citizen Pirate,” wherein an individual takes it upon himself to destroy the “corporation” bent on destroying the “ENVIRONMENT”. Unlike some other so called “Environmental Terrorists” wherein the “mission” finds obstruction and possible fall-out that could injure innocent workers or innocent bystanders, the “Piracy” described herein was a carefully sanctioned plan to eliminate any adverse effects upon the “Innocent”. It was a direct attack upon the “Corporation”, which means an attack on the profit motive. This “Citizen Pirate” was an “Insider” and likewise that which goes with the territory - “Insider Trading” that is - a foot in the door finds security lacking this eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth, person for a person retaliation - the latter being now a “Corporation” so defined! In a recent article posted in Alaska’s best publication providing “Comic Relief”, there came to Alaskans who still know how to read instead of “Twitter” madness setting in, information regarding one of this state’s non-caretakers upon which this “Citizen Pirate” found the opportunity to wreak havoc upon the bottom line – the buck stops where? NO, it is not British Petroleum this time around in the category of “Non-Caretaker”, so please pay attention! According to Pioneer Natural Resources, it was a year of “Phenomenal” results, as posted in Petroleum News – the oil industry comic book! So good these results so claimed for 2012, it allows for the company’s plan to waste another $190-Million in a “lost cause revenue” attempt to suck much needed oil out of some “cruddy” formations it paid the highest price ever of record here in Alaska. That latter fact an indication this company had not done its homework! To date, this project by the 1st Independent oil producer to venture “North to Alaska” in search of the “Black Gold”, it has been a money loser for the shareholders. And if it were not for this Texas based company’s thirst for success in Eagle Ford and Barnett Shale sales - through controversial annihilation of the earth by the “fracing” madness - it would be but another bankrupt index missing from Wall Street for what its venture in Alaska has cost so far - with respect to a meager return on the investment for the shareholders. Being a publicly traded company, it is a real blow-hard job sold the innocent like snake oil! And if the good news comes from this “phenomenal” celebration, the bad news tells a completely different scenario, as Pioneer has abandoned hydrocarbon exploitation efforts almost completely upon its Ooogurk-Nuiqsut and Oooguruk-Kuparuk unit leases. Why so? Because the original units are ailing, sick and can’t produce, just like a young stud with erectile dysfunction and not producing anywhere near close what was too be expected or predicted. And the author this writing can take credit this dysfunction that is costing $millions$ in lost revenues, through a “Citizen Pirate” campaign. In the beginning things looked pretty promising for the new kid on the block, until “Citizen Pirate” doomed the project - or at least taking the initiative to fail this “Corporation” by setting the catalyst for destruction that would prove to bust the Oooguruk. It also proved to “Citizen Pirate” that a single individual can still make a difference! That name, Oooguruk, it means the “Bearded Seal” - how ironic! But being so far in the “Red” through this “Citizen Pirate” sabotage, this new to Alaska oil exploration and exploitation company, well it has finally reached what appears the point of diminishing returns and is today desperate to hit the big time. Like one more slot machine chance gamble.

2nd Gear – I Mean Right: When Pioneer sanctioned its Oooguruk Island development project, located in the “once” pristine waters of Harrison Bay of the Colville River delta, production started in earnest and was supposed to peak at 20000 barrels per day, each day for 25-years.  That’s what they thought, that’s what they told the “regulators” that gave permission to drill where no respectable oil company had drilled before. As these leases were scouted out by “Big Oil”, like EXXON and once upon a time ARCO, those efforts abandoned due factors that made it almost impossible to recover the oil and gas - unless one wanted to enter into a premeditated losing proposition. One would think that watching what “Big Oil” does and finds success at is paramount to underling undertakings – especially in Alaska, especially on the North Slope! Not so, like pain and suffering is what this company’s “mission statement” was all about – surely the “Environment” has suffered. But imagine had the Pioneer dream come true and that oil was making its way to market, at the going rate of $100 bucks a barrel one gets the point! Today, with this prospect that has sunk millions of the company’s own loot down-hole in what appears to be a history of lost circulation blues – wherein the return remains nowhere near what the board room executives expected – one would think enough is enough. But at the same time, this Texan sees millions in state tax incentives along with a “Royalty Free” operation wherein the State of Alaska gets almost nothing in return – so the “Green Light” remains illuminated by virtue of free-loading economics. If “Big Oil” were treated the same way, there would be plenty of jobs and plenty of oil being pumped out of the ground, without ruining the environment and causing seal pups to die prematurely. At least “Big Oil” tries to do it right. This Pioneer venture is not worth the risk, it is that simple! Due leniency from the state, both on the “revenue” front and the “oversight” front, It is the only reason Pioneer is still around these parts. And the pain and suffering of failure, well it is shared with the state, with the citizens as the owners of the resources – being also a stakeholder when holes are poked through the permafrost. And enough said about dead seal caucuses littering the shorelines outside of Harrison Bay! Here it is in a nutshell as too why second thoughts this venture is required and not just more entertainment. I worked for the Pioneer at the Oooguruk Island Cesspool, yes cesspool, that’s where the “Non-Caretakers” indictment comes into play. In fact, I was the first operator to be hired as a direct employee for the Pioneer, a position that allowed some wriggle room with respect to controlling contractors bent on breaking the laws. But it also brings along with it more responsibility, especially when it comes to safety and environmental stewardship. Because of my experience in the oil patch in Alaska, not to bore you with my resume, I had become well known and respected by my peers. As both a proficient worker and also one that had no qualms about “Blowing the Whistle” on those that pretended they cared about safety and stewardship wherein action or inactions proved dereliction. I have received a “10” on many performance appraisals, when a “5” means “Meets Expectations”. Can I walk on water? I wouldn’t admit to it, but some of my past supervisors thought so! I know the routine. I understand the laws. I respect the environment and respect the owners of the so-called “inhospitable” tundra - the Native Inupiaq Eskimos! This kind of work comes easy to me, so there was no mystery as to why I was chosen as one of the 1st direct hires for Pioneer, when others chosen as contenders had nepotism contacts but didn’t cut the muster. So early on the career of Pioneer’s Oooguruk prospect following the initial start-up, I was at the helm to make sure things were performed according to binder after binder of rules and regulations. It’s all on the books, but if nobody is watching, it may as well be just a bunch of pages “Left Intentionally Blank”, just like Sarah Palin’s memoirs! Look this is serious business, but it is also important enough to save some room for humor, as it appears to be a “Back Room” laughing matter for the Independents along with the state of Alaska bureaucrats bent on giving this band of gypsies free reign to do as they please! And it was Palin that started this mess. The “Independents” have positioned themselves to ruin what required 30-years to build, that being respect and a law abiding industry. But for a single individual that knows what is supposed to go down in the oil patch - the respect thing - it is a very trying disposition when you have to be constantly correcting your fellow workers, many so young they have no idea what is wrong to right, except they fear for their jobs if they question authority and are committed to do whatever the “Boss Hog” directs them to do – said again, wrong or right, they know not the difference! See, when Pioneer realized how much “Big Oil” pays out for its seasoned workers, those with the skills set to abide by common sense decency, that was cost prohibited with respect to this “Independent’s” budget, so you do indeed get what you pay for. In this case, bodies but no talent as required! I must admit that for this guy, it was not the money – or lack of – that promoted my interest towards the Oooguruk, but a curiosity as I wanted to see if there would be a difference between the ways and means of how “Big Oil” performed in comparison to how the “Independents” would act. I honestly thought the Independents would perform according to the book, so embraced this newcomer to Alaska! Pioneer gave me the opportunity to test this theory at the Oooguruk, an upbeat opportunity it was as this was the direction Alaska was heading in its quest for more oil, which means more money for the state coffers. Now since I came not as a threat to many workers that held disgruntled feelings about things suspicious and was highly regarded as an individual that had been around the block several times with respect to Alaska’s oil migraines, I found this attribute allowed workers to open up, like they wanted to tell someone about something that was bugging them. Look, it’s an oil field with a drilling camp, wherein everybody has a gripe! All kinds of things bug the workers postal, like cheap hot-dogs that allows rat hair as a USDA approved ingredient to concerns about inferior evacuation planes, should the island go into “blow” mode. Look, what was performed in the Gulf to “kill” that out-of-control well owned by BP, that would never succeed in this environment! But that gained respect from my fellow workers, it carries along with it the challenges. Management can get pretty jealous when they see and hear this kind of camaraderie developing. And there appeared to be many things bugging the workers, wherein I became an ear-piece and a mouth-piece for that “respect”. Yes, in order to be given the opportunity to establish and maintain a foot in the door in Alaska’s “Oil Frontier”, there is no room for any other option but to respect the environment - above all other priorities. It is the “True” bottom-line! But soon into testing my theory and hoping for the best that the “Independents” fostered a responsibility “mission” above and beyond their counterparts, namely “Big Oil”, soon it appeared as na├»ve. And this was the “litmus”, with Pioneer being the 1st to take advice from Palin and venture “North to Alaska” now a reality. Maybe it is truly a “bad dream”. OK, so Pioneer was new to the Alaskan scene and would make mistakes, but maybe development at the Oooguruk was too much in a hurry? Maybe time is not on an “Independents” side, like it is with “Big Oil”, so this hurry up and don’t wait doesn’t fit the “mission”. At the “Oooguruk” there came an insane thirst for producing oil, at a very fast pace like there was no tomorrow planned. Tough paying the bills I guess. With that said, haste does find waste. I remember one particular eerie like and foggy evening when right after the chow bell went silent the “Incinerator” operator found an empty barrel abandoned without notification. See, when he left his post for a burger and fries, somebody made the score. Sure it was premeditated dumping. When I inspected the “crime” scene, as the empty barrel showed indications that it had been recently punctured by forks of a forklift and purposely hidden in the trash, it was that out-of-site out-of-mind mentality that was running rampant this island, like some of those islands in the Aleutians wherein rats have taken over. And even though this small man-made island was like a prison wherein escaping was impossible and word gets around quick, I never did find out what happened to 48-gallons of highly toxic and highly regulated “biocide” except for the fact it was loose somewhere on the “Oooguruk” – a football sized gravel grave site sitting out in the middle of Harrisons’ Bay. Not a peep from the drill rig workers on who may have been responsible for the mishap. And you don’t go looking for this stuff, as it will cripple one’s health even with a very small dose finding an ingestion path. “Biocide”, it is designed to “kill” living things! And with snow melting and runoff taking toxic crap and urine sculptures away, accommodated by the heat of the midnight sun re-appearing after a long winter’s rest, without a doubt came assurances that a lethal dosage ended up killing stuff along the way! Said again, this “glutaraldehyde” is potent stuff, where a drop can cause death to humans! The MSDS for this stuff is supper scary: Harmful to Humans & Animals; Corrosive; Causes irreversible eye damage; Harmful if inhaled; May be fatal if swallowed; Toxic to marine life – enough said. Look, it ain’t rocket science, just read the “Warning” label then “RUN”! And that “Not my responsibility” appeared to be the “mindset” that ruled for many still, don’t ask and don’t tell if you wanted to keep on the “right” side of the “Boss” – a Canadian! It is sad, as there should be a “no holds barred” attitude shared by all, especially when something like this occurs that could bring harm to fellow workers. That may be the true “litmus” test, how workers show respect for each-other! So needless to say, besides testing out my theory that the “Independents” were different hopefully in a positive sense, I was here to change that polluted “mindset” bent on polluting this environment. Criminal it is! In all honesty, this island was an eyesore to the surrounding beauty found in the hidden estuaries of the Beaufort Sea. So it occurred early on my new career that I had my work cut-out. I could have just quit, but that would have been an easy cop out when I knew I could or at least try to make a difference. I was in that position, but had no idea it would turn into a “Citizen Pirate” affiliation, wherein I would become prejudice against the “corporation” with a mission to destroy the destroyer.  I never did own or acquire any allegiance towards Pioneer, as I wasn’t looking for a career! And if indeed the “Corporation” is a “person”, the latter comes with a death certificate – so cold. At first it was overwhelming as just about every rule on the “books” found room for compromise. There came so many “atrocities” this project with respect to disrespect upon the environment that it is all covered in a publication, basically a report of what I had witnessed firsthand. This report, titled “Alaska’s Deadliest Sin” is also “public” and available for review from the Alaska Oil & Gas Conservation Committee. If you want a “free copy”, ask me! It is a digest of what this state should expect with the “Independents”. So by befriending those with a feeling of “Trust”, that I was on board now to make a difference, I was beginning to uncover some pretty ugly insider irregularities. This was a good sign in my book, with “free speech” being exercised as that is what an “Open Door” policy is all about, getting the facts and taking action – fixing things that demonstrate dereliction to conviction. And it follows a long held opinion of my own, that deep down inside we are “environmentally” conscious and want to perform out our capitalistic fantasies with some semblance of respect towards our actions or sometimes inactions that could prove detrimental to a healthy earth. We like to breathe clean air; we like to drink clean water! We want to raise our children in a clean and healthy environment. But I soon realized that unlike other oil companies working on Alaska’s North Slope, wherein “Stewardship” is more than just a suggestion and a requirement included without dereliction upon every worker’s responsibilities - and the cost of doing business - this outfit being new to the “Last Frontier” was “clueless”. Even though the office at the Anchorage headquarters maintained a staffing list which indicated positions for this and for that, like “Big Oil”, it appeared as though many were merely “seat warming specialists”, again said without regret “clueless”. There came about but a single “priority”, get the production to the goal post, no matter what! Every morning at 6am during the previous day’s “recap” teleconference, it was “How much Oil”. And when the goal for that day gone by was not accomplished because the underground was stubborn to let loose the oil, there came criticism from the executives that without oil there might not be any paychecks to go around. They didn’t give a rat’s ass the fact that the island came within 2-seconds of getting blown away, because some Company Man wanted some donuts so had a fork lift operator drive through a methane gas venting operation. If I had not been there and waved off this idiot, Oooguruk would have been but a sink hole with oil squirting out of control and a bunch of missing workers! Yes idiot, as there were more than enough warning signs posted along with rotating beacons wherein the Martians from outer space could have used the island as an emergency landing base! Had this occurred at a “Big Oil” field site, several workers would be on a one-way trip south to the unemployment line! At the “Oooguruk”, it didn’t matter, just like the time a massive sheet of ice hit the island un-expectantly and within 60-seconds dumped icebergs 30-feet high, sent the workers running for their lives and shaking the drilling rig off its anchorage - leaving in its wake an environmental disaster as more biocide went missing overboard. Yes, the hundred year storm had hit, and it was only year two of the operation! And this was never covered by the media, for a reason. Remember, it was not nice to pick on the “Independents” as this was Sarah Palin’s legacy after she pissed off “Big Oil”. And with three strikes you’re out in vogue especially for crimes committed, there came a 3rd time wherein toxic biocide went missing when a convoy of “frac” trucks became delayed and were denied access to the ice road over to the island. No worry, just wait until night-fall and make your own road across the frozen sea no matter what the ADEC has said isn’t allowed! And this was a major violation because this area was identified as a polar bear denning area. Once again, not a single “blip” of concern on the “oversight” radar, state or Fed. In my short two-years at the Oooguruk Cesspool, I decided this was an opportune time to act as a “spy”, an informant passing the time with that “with us” company smile in efforts to collect as much information as possible, to tell the “rest of the story” like it was. Said again, I had spent over 25-years with success in the Alaska oil sector, from Prudhoe Bay to Valdez, so I knew what the “mission” at hand was all about. It costs time and money to do things right, and this is what was missing this project alongside an attitude unbecoming environmental respect with the sentiment that the surrounding eco-system was, well foggy. And I could see right off that “management” held a mindset that did not allow for a comfortable forum or stage of opportunity for those with concerns to be heard. Once again said, the fear factor was like a disease! Now I plead the 5th. When I finally made the decision to “quit”, I had corralled enough information including 27 8×10 color glossy pictures with circles and arrows and a paragraph on the back of each one explaining what each one was to be used as evidence, only to have the judge enter the courtroom accompanied by a seeing-eye dog”! Thanks Alice! It should have been enough to send this “Independent” packing. There came all kinds of atrocities, wherein the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation and or the Environmental Protection Agency or somebody in authority should have raided this place and posted a “Closed for Business” sign, surrounded by yellow “Crime Scene” tape! Seeing-eye dog? But by this time in history, Alaska had entered into a new age, where the priority is giving away the resources like never before, a fallout of the Palin & Parnell administration and going strong with Parnell still in control. In fact, I would say that “oversight” is missing in action upon the “Independents”, as it is this band of so far misfits that are being smoodged by Parnell, to get the sate back on track with today’s decreased oil production. At one time in history, Alaska was “King” in the category of oil production, now maybe 4th and going down for the count. The golden goose days of “Black Oil” in “them thar reservoirs” is done with, we had our heyday, now it’s time to start cleaning up the mess or at least stopping in its tracks an Armageddon like madness! “Big Oil has finished business here in Alaska, it is now up to the “Independents” to try and fill the void, in production going south! During my “spying” aboard the “Oooguruk”, like already mentioned, I had authored a “private” report that was turned over to Pioneer, in hopes that they would take it seriously and react – basically get their you know what together before it was too damn late! I had no intentions of bringing my concerns to the proper authorities, like already eluded upon, regulators were facing the same dilemma with the state’s “Open for Business” - fear for their jobs if they raised a stench of a stink. Especially if a state job, as the governor’s mansion has a “Hot Pursuit Line” and since the days of Palin, that has set a precedent that workers are disposable if they get up on the wrong side of the bed! Just ask Walt Monegan, once upon a time a police chief in good standing the law-abiding citizens of Alaska but not on Sarah’s favoritism list. Need I say more about that! So when I had made the conscious decision – an easy one at that – and cut my trying times with the Pioneer, I sent this report to the powers to be. Why go public, as I was not looking for that “10-minutes claim to famine” and much of the information I had retained could be considered “Confidential” – especially photos of leaking chemical totes and hemorrhaging Caribou, from salt licks of drilling chemicals left sloppily behind. So my exit was one of planned silence, as being a “Whistle Blower” has no rewards and all protection once offered has been gutted, by Alaska’s very own D.C. delegation. One of those “who’s you lobby daddy” things!

Neutral Gear: Alaska’s very own Alyeska Pipeline Service Company had gone under the microscope of Congress, for spying on workers and spying on members of the House not aligned with “Big Oil” in the Last Frontier. During the 90’s Congressional hearings referred to as the “Alyeska Pipeline Service Company’s Covert Operations”, it was discovered that Alyeska had set up a fraudulent environmental action group called “Ecolot” and staffed by Wackenhut warlords, in efforts to find out who was spilling the beans on environmental crimes unreported along the 800-mile long Trans-Alaska-Pipeline-System. For instance, how about the incinerating of thousands of old and used useless lead acid storage batteries at Pump Station 4, a crime aided and abetted by that out-of-sight out-of-mind let the contractor who fears his job get sick - these embarrassing hearings caused Alaska’s senators and lone Congressmen a whole lot of grief. The entire hearing was like a stage set for the opening of a Bond 007 movie and the latter mentioned “Covert Operations” read like a spy novel. Soon after that time wherein it was learned that “Big Oil” in Alaska maintained a “Black List” which meant the possibility of protracted litigation those harmed by such deviant behavior, our Don Youngs and our Ted Stevens’ and our Frank MurCowpies, they made it a point to get rid of things like “whistle-blower” protection clauses in the Clean Air Act. Basically speaking, there is no protection today when blowing the whistle, and for those that do come forward, believe me there will be more then grief and a whole lot of pain and suffering - just to raise a concern. My sentiment, don’t do it. But that is why this writing provides an alternative, for those still strong on convictions that “we can fight city hall”, it’s called “Citizen Pirate”!

3rd Gear – Hang on Tight:  So my exit strategy had a “mission”, get Pioneer to listen and act, not react negatively! Low and behold, the first thing Pioneer did was send some “Security” goon knocking on my front door, the typical intimidation attempt, trying to find out if I was holding back any information that might sink the ship – “know when to hold them, know when to fold them” ring a bell? Talk about unfamiliar territory, here is this guy from Texas begging to be invited in because moose were roaming free just outside in the front yard, sure why not as I had nothing to lose. “Coffee?” “Cream or sugar?” “Shotgun?”  Actually he seemed to be a decent individual sent way “north” to Alaska by some executive freak show that couldn’t face me alone, yet this underling had no idea what he was getting into as the intimidator in this case wore a different style of shoes. I wear Converse. Look, this was not the minor league by any stretch of the imagination, and so it is time to brag as I had unleashed the “Trojan Horse” upon Pioneer – it was gaining traction “fast & ferociously”! But it was rather ironic of what came down like overnight and caused Pioneer to react so quickly, I am talking hours, maybe a day or two. See, it was the fact that the British Petroleum Ombudsman had become involved, as I had already established credibility with this office as part of BP’s employee concerns program. And I went that route, by filing a separate complaint against the Pioneer, as from past experiences I knew that Mr. Texan would not take my direct complaint with any seriousness and probably do nothing, unless, unless there came pressure. From an entity that had “stroke”, as the state was like a limp dick, suffering from erectile dysfunction with respect to oversight.  And it is no different today, maybe worse off. Since Pioneer may have sent human crap and toxic chemicals down the Trans-Alaska-Pipeline, which was a big NO-NO to the owners of that “highly regulated” 800-mile long money making extravaganza, there came cause for concern. Praytell had an innocent worker come in contact with this stuff and Congress found out about it? Hear Ye, Hear Ye, more hearings and “Big Oil” did not like invites to Capitol Hill. That “money making extravaganza”? See, during those “Covet Operation” hearings a Congressmen John Dingle, who was a target of the “Alyeska” spy network, he went frustrated over the “cash cow” pipeline and went on record that it was the “cashist of cows”! And since those hearings and court room battles by “whistleblowers” that followed, in the end “Big Oil” cleaned up the act in Alaska, or else! So there came a healthy reprieve in Alaska for the oil field workers’ rights, where “Big Oil” moved away from that “shoot the messenger” mindset and placed focus on the bottom-line along with insisting upon “environmental” stewardship. That is why today it is so puzzling with the “Independents” moving in as they should have studied history to see how NOT to act. It’s all there for the taking, but back then what went down may have been merely fallout from “greed” and today we see the return of the “G” word along with stupidity. That in itself is a toxic mix! Anyway, with my complaint now knocking on doors of opportunity, it appeared BP wanted answers. It is sad when a “Big Oil” corporation has more concern upon the environment and the safety of workers then does the entire “array” of state oversight agencies – those that follow the ex-governor Palin’s creed of do not “trespass against, and lead us not into temptations and deliver us from evil oversight” Armageddon! So to deal with the attack on its credibility, Pioneer hired a law firm to address my concerns, some outfit not yet getting its feet wet in Alaska called “Stool River”. And of course like all idiot attorneys do so well, “DENIAL” was the first cause of action. It amazes me still just how much this word is worth in the legal arena! Anyhow, within days there came a response from the “Stool” delivered to everybody of record that had anything to do with “oil” in Alaska. It was hand delivered to the Attorney General, Parnell the sitting governor, the EPA, the Alaska legislatures and I am sure the same message was carried to the Alaska delegation. For the crocks in power, most likely a sympathy note around a bottle of Dom or a campaign check. It was a blitzkrieg counter-attack, upon my credibility and my livelihood – even though I had already thrown in the towel with respect to the job. Look, there was no way I was going back to the Oooguruk, as it was a toxic nightmare. I knew it, I saw it and had evidence to support it, so I had to take myself out of harms’ way – that’s how the law works. If through the surrounding evidence I sensed that the “Oooguruk” was a death trap or a candidate as a cancer causing breeding grounds and stayed on board, what jury would ever find in my favor for future medical claims? Look, the place should have been evacuated, shutdown and quarantined until such time an assessment was made with respect to my allegations. I will say it again without fear of backlash: From the state’s Attorney General, the sitting governor that took over for a quitter, the EPA, the state legislatures, the Alaska delegation, the numerous state agencies so empowered by “Public Law” with “oversight” responsibilities, nobody gave a crap of a rat’s ass except British Petroleum! So here I was, legally naked and fending for myself. Remember, I had been in similar trying situations before, with “Big Oil” and had learned from the best “Whistle-Blower” attorney of record on how to do it right. Now one of the denied allegations front and center the “Stool’s” counter-attack was the “illegal” dumping of contaminated fluids used during the start-up of the Oooguruk oil production. There remained several “Beer Tanks” that contained thousands of gallons of “contaminated” glycol used to thaw the numerous pipelines from the island to the shore based processing facility. Glycol is used extensively on the “slope”, but when it becomes “intoxicated” due poor engineering capabilities, it can’t be sold and must be reclaimed – which is a very costly endeavor for an outfit like Pioneer. It meant sending the stuff to the lower 48, which meant a convoy of hazardous waste on a long journey south. And sure enough “Big Oil” maintained facilities that could have been utilized to clean this waste for reuse, but they were not on the side of the “Independents”. It is like this. Pioneer and the rest under the umbrella of a “mom & pop” are trespassing, so there came about a turf battle. Remember, for some 30-years by now the ”North Slope” oil fields had been the exclusive playground of “Big Oil” all by themselves and nobody else invited! Yet today, I can set my left foot on a Pioneer lease and my right foot down on a “Big Oil” lease, it’s that close. The “Big Guy” pays out 16 percent as a royalty to the state treasury. With the “mom & pop”, well they get preferential treatment and pay only 1/3rd that amount! Get the drift? So this is where Pioneer management tried the cheap-shot routine with the “missing” glycol, realizing that “Nobody Was Watching” - by trying to pump this contaminated stuff nobody else wanted over to the island and inject it down-hole as an enhanced recovery fluid. It was a “stupid” plan to save a buck. The problem with “it’s not easy being stupid”, I mean “Green”? Well first off nothing comes cheap when doing business in Alaska and Pioneer had not the “permit” for this type of injection! Talk about being “stool stuck”. So within an hour of the “Stool” trying to shove some legal hurdles in the way of progress through an expensive “Denial”, I trumped the verdict and produced that “Ace”. Yes, withheld documents of evidence legally copied from the “Oooguruk Operations’ Log” which is in essence a legal document, with signed or initialed entries that proved without a shadow of doubt that the operations’ under the guidance and request of “Pioneer Management” had “attempted” to shove this “crap” out-of-sight and out-of-mind. This counter-attack occurred on a late Friday, wherein I trumped their efforts to make me look like a disgruntled fool and in the end that lying cost Pioneer a measly $10,000 fine. I am sure the “Stool” made out quite handsomely. Yes, after it was all said and done, the Alaska Oil & Gas Conversation Committee allowed the Pioneer to laugh all the way to the “happy hour” and evidence enough that even when it “spanks them right on the cheek”, those entities with “oversight” still let things slide on by. In fact it was the first time that a “Commissioner’s Order” with a monetary penalty was not appealed! Due the fact that a crime was committed and in the end the fine was testament that “crime in Alaska” does indeed pay! In reality, that fine was missing at least 3 other zeros and the EPA should have taken over this matter when the “Stool” brought it to their attention. When one observes the Pioneer penalty for the same magnitude crime when it involves “Big Oil”, there is definitely “preferential” treatment and Alaskans wonder why ”Big Oil” is pulling out. See, it gets back to the present administration, they don’t give a rat’s ass about the environment; they care about one thing, that job for a life far and away from reality and responsibility. But for those still reading, an attempt to flush the contaminated “glycol” never occurred, so Pioneer was right to “deny” it in the beginning maybe, but the “Missing” glycol now raised an entirely different concern. When the AOGCC levied the fine, it was based on the fact that after the denial and my entry of evidence trumping that denial and Pioneer on the lookout that I may have been harboring more potentially damaging capabilities, the investigation could only find two instances wherein this illegal dumping occurred. And this was followed by Pioneer now admitting to the occurrences and trying to estimate just how much contaminated glycol ended up where it was not supposed to be dumped, in an oil field formation that was producing, wherein eventually this stuff will end up top-side. So for the most part, it was not a big deal, as even though it was an out-of-sight out-of-mind illegal act, in the big picture show it was not a show stopper. I knew that, and would not have gone out on a questionable limb just for a simple “mishap”. Look, a $10000 fine amounts to a “mishap”, which is not even a slap on the wrist when one considers that Pioneer was spending upwards $250k/Day for a drilling rig!  But in Pioneer’s denial turned upside down, they opened up a can of worms wherein they fell right into my trap, as the “Trojan” was now well lubricated. See, Pioneer’s engineers investigating what was thought to be a dead issue by the “Stool” issuing a not guilty verdict, the educated were smart to realize the inventory spoke of a major lose, and the best place for admitting to this loss is the fact that it just went into a pipe somewhere and ended up down-hole somewhere as a freeze protection plug. And that is why it was a no brainer for Pioneer to admit that 49000 gallons had disappeared, yes disappeared. But that gross amount violation didn’t matter to the lawman, the AOGCC, as it could only point a finger at the “Log” as evidence, which without any doubt  found guilty written all over it. So unleash the “Trojan” as here is where it gets to the nasty. The contaminated glycol, well it never ended up in a pipe and pumped to another location, only a very small amount ended up in a somewhat safe location, even if not allowed for by the Pioneer Oooguruk permits. See, if you can convince the AOGCC that you need “glycol” to flush the oil out of a stubborn reservoir, you can get a permit to do so, which is exactly what Pioneer did when my complaint hit them where it counts, as a means to look proactive – my ass! Again said, even though Pioneer admitted it disposed of 49000-gallons of used and possibly contaminated “glycol” with a ph that would kill even a New York wharf rat, it was no big deal. Except, that stuff never ended up anywhere else but leaked on the ground then leaked through an inferior protective moat then into a slip-stream right into Harrison’s Bay, where the food chain develops for the invertebrates that will eventually become food for the seal population. See Pioneer went stupid as did the “Stool” pigeon to admit the inventory “loss” as the pumps that were utilized to attempt this “hide and seek” maneuver with the stuff nobody else wanted, this equipment never worked right and could not overcome the head pressure that would have allowed the “glycol” to get to its intended location. Yes, from a hydraulic consideration and perspective it couldn’t work. It is like this. As the under-sea pipe comes out of the ocean over at the “Rock”, there came a head loss that could not be overcome by the inferior “cheap” portable land based pumps some 2-miles away. OK, hydraulic gradient is not understood all that well by many, but after 15-years dealing with it on the Trans-Alaska-Pipeline, I need no introduction. OK, I am bragging again, but in my case one could say that knowledge is dangerous. In fact, most of the times when the management tried to get rid of the “crap”, the portable pumps found more fluid being blown overboard, which eventually saturates the tundra. In fact again, when I witnessed a swimming pool amount of contaminated glycol from a broken hose find freedom, what do you think happened? Remember, the fear factor instilled by management upon keeping a job at the Oooguruk, it allowed for a very convenient “don’t ask don’t tell” mentality. In fact again and again, there came control room rumors that “giant leaks” under the structures at the OTP during start-up - the land based facility about 2-nuatical miles from the “Rock” - these environmental atrocities where just bulldozed over, per direction the local management. I was there to witness this pumping “failure” on many occasions – said again with confidence, it didn’t work! So for hours these pumps would try an attempt to pump this “Crap” that nobody else wanted and couldn’t be sold and was supposed to be sent to an approved hazardous waste facility many hundreds of miles away, it was a losing proposition all around. And without an inventory control, like a ways and means to test the tanks’ level, was it working or not was questionable! So once again said and the intent of this writing to provoke outrage, where did all that contaminated glycol end up? It was leaked upon the impound basin holding the storage tanks, a facility that was supposed to provide a protective moat for spills but instead showed compromise by 4-foot long rips in the liner, with perimeter walls crushed flat by heavy duty drilling pipe left to rot, it was in such disrepair that it allowed for anything that was supposed to be contained an easy exit - that is it in a nutshell. And it is not a mystery as to what happens to hazardous waste once it finds freedom outside its protector! How will Pioneer and the “Stool” respond to this withheld information? Maybe now the regulators will get off their ass and perform! So over time, thousands of gallons of contaminated glycol were sent overboard to pollute a once pristine environment – the latter sentiment until Pioneer showed up. And that hurts, as the animals and migrating water fowl don’t know the difference, not until Donald and Rudolf have keeled over! And the reason as to why nobody within the organization ever suspected a leak, there wasn’t any evidence left behind. Since the “Beer Tanks” were one of those things left over from start-up, no one paid it any attention so there came no inventory control. And in the control room on an environmental like dart board designed to instruct the operations, an indication that the “Beer Tanks” and impound basin were NOT subject to ADEC oversight! ADEC? Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation. So over time, it just leaked from hoses and header pipes left to rot in the brutal arctic winters. And one time a valve had been kicked to the open position and while under the cover of snow it leaked for days, until empty! Now my assessment that it all leaked away a little at a time is somewhat flawed, as it was actually mixed with snow and stockpiled on the tundra, off of the Pioneer permitted work-pad which in itself was a crime. You don’t mess with the tundra up here, or at least not supposed to when you sign on the dotted line of that land use permit. It takes thousands of years for growth to stick, and once disturbed recovery is questionable. Now when breakup commenced and the rotting looking stockpiled snow pile melted away, a sickening like “scotched earth” was found as a substitute where wild flowers and arctic cotton once flourished. Yes, come the greening of the tundra with the sun coming out of hibernation, well there appeared this area of dead vegetation that was an eyesore never before witnessed by those that gave a damn. The fox would even avoid it as did the migrating snow geese! And carried away with that pile of toxic snow was a deadly concoction that would end up as runoff into the virgin bay. Just when the fragility of the ecosystem was trying to establish itself, as a means to provide nourishment for the food chain. If the “chain” is attacked, sure it can recover, but in the wake of a broken chain we find the ecosystem victimized. Once again said with sadness, the “oversight” is not interested in the leftovers and what’s a little bit of broken tundra when there exists thousands of acres of still healthy vegetation? It ain’t the tundra as the worry, it was the crying out loud shame that 49000 gallons of contaminated “crap” went missing where it should have been never allowed to find freedom. And since then we hear and see that the seal population has been victimized with some kind of disease still not identified by the scientific community. We must remember that 99% of the earth’s living creatures live in the ocean waters. It is not a cesspool! I would have to say that this “mindset” of “Nobody is Watching” may be the cause and effect of the devastation we are witnessing today. It is not one atrocity this “Independent” has gotten away with, there exist many instances that finds for a unanimous guilty verdict. But at the same time, “Big Oil” with big pockets is getting pick-pocketed for minor infractions, just down the road from the Pioneer project, and at least “Big Oil” maintained some semblance of an attitude that they do indeed care about the environment. Said again, it wasn’t always a slam dunk environmental statesmen like behavior practiced by “Big Oil” when it first arrived to Alaska many years ago, but they learned from the lessons at hand early on that it costs a whole lot of extra loot to do it wrong the 1st time. And with that, the entire “oversight” rulebook was re-written. And accidents do happen, so there will be times wherein man loses control. But when we see the likes of the newcomer “Independents” with a blatant attitude of total disregard, what has been gained for energy independency? Besides dead seals! There is a big difference between the “Independents” and “Big Oil”. With the latter, they at least try their best to do it right, as it is costly to not act responsibly and the good’ol days wherein the “solution to pollution is dilution” mentality and mindset is over with – and we don’t want any more “Love Canal” nightmares. The only problem way up here in the north, nobody really lives in close proximity to where the Oooguruk project finds its disturbing menace, except the food chain - which becomes a piece of the chain puzzle utilized by the local subsistence hunters, a culture that has called this so called “inhospitable” tundra their home. Said again, unfortunate accidents which subjects the ecosystem and environment with challenges, we must make every attempt to make sure accidents are minimized. So far from what I have witnessed with the “Little Guy Independents”, especially with Pioneer at the Oooguruk, the atrocities are not accidental but a premeditated attempt to give not a rat’s ass. Exception being the Pioneer does give a rat’s ass about making oil so it can post a profit and with that, keeping the shareholders at bay, when at the same time the “bay” of Harrison is under attack.

Faster – with Citizen Pirate: I guess this is where I get into the “No guts No glory” episode of this story. Sure the uncovering of Pioneer’s crimes with respect to environmental atrocities was of concern to anybody that maintains some semblance of respect for the “Mother Earth”, but getting caught proved nothing of real consequences as “guilty” proved practically nothing deterrent wise to hurt the bottom-line. I knew with some precision that would be the outcome, been there before makes one learn a lesson. And the fact that corporate wrongs are penalized at a bargain basement rate these days, it makes one think twice at blowing the whistle. It doesn’t pay, but that doesn’t mean we need to end our efforts to make a difference. And that was about the size of things when I went “Helter Skelter” and unleashed “Alaska’s Deadliest Sin”. But like already mentioned so many times already, with the state bending over to the “Independents” to fill the void left by “Big Oil”, well it means “oversight” must hide and NOT seek out injustices. When people fear for that job in a market that finds fewer work opportunities, one has a clear cut choice as either “with us or against us” finds a very easy decision made. It is so sad. Said again it doesn’t mean we just give up, as “We the People” have the ultimate weapon that has been hibernating, it is time to awaken this beast. Call it “Citizen Pirate”. When Alaska went “Open for Business” with Palin’s thirst for oil, it changed what had taken 30-years to develop, with respect towards respect. So I held another plan of attack which today has proven to be a surprise attack with success and has found its target vulnerable - that being the Pioneer’s bottom-line in Alaska which is in jeopardy. In my few short years at the Oooguurk – sometimes referred to as the “Rock” in reference to what life at Alcatraz may have been like for its prisoner population, there came this slimy and nauseous like camaraderie that I was not used too in the oil patch, an attitude that was rather “Bow Weevil” reckless. One that would never get my approval and an attitude that needed an enema of change! I guess it was that “with us or against us” mentality, wherein I preferred the latter. In fact I realized it as a challenge, as nobody should be treated this way, or forced to contribute to a “Dueling Banjoes’ Deliverance” like existence. And I knew this attitude was based on the fear factor, as the management was fostering such ugliness amongst the work force. When I first started gaining the attention of fellow workers that wanted to speak their minds about conditions, by reason I was not afraid to confront the “management” and feared not my job for taking a stand, as soon as things started coming front and center for attention there was just as fast a cancer like about face reversal and “shunning” was starting to corrupt good intentions. See, the environmental guys were the first responders to a concern that could jeopardize this project with respect to environmental accountability – which included just about anything and everything. The laws, the rule books, the permits when broken finding a hefty fine depending who you are, it doesn’t make it easy doing business up here – the intent of regulations. But those with local oversight responsibilities and on the Pioneer paycheck, they were more interested in taking captured arctic foxes away from the island on a mission of yes, target practice! It’s allowed, trapping of the fox on the “Rock”. At times, there came population explosions of these cuddly looking balls of white fur with beady little black eyes – a picture taking frenzy it was for the workers. Then one day like magic, gone was the fox and off in the distance you could here, bang, bang and another bang. Then the chopper would return, “mission accomplished” again. It was disgusting. See, many “newcomers” – workers new to the “Last frontier” – they became intrigued by the fact that polar bears could roam within eyesight and following in the “White Bear’s” footsteps, the fox. Now the bears would be chased away, but the fox could hideout - in hopes of a handout. When a small little island has a camp that can sleep over a hundred workers, it means a whole lot of food and a whole lot of leftovers. And with no soup kitchen nearby, it means a whole lot of food is thrown overboard. So workers that never learned to read, they basically “baited” the fox so they could take pictures for the crowd at home, by purposely leaving bags of groceries outside and within hours the white balls of fur where running rampant everywhere - so darling looking from the outside but many carrying a dreaded disease called “Rabies”. And like already mentioned, this is not how it worked in this oil patch. If a worker at one of the “Big Oil” facilities was caught feeding a wild animal, even if you get caught looking at one cross-eyed, you lose your job wherein fast and furious finds a new meaning for dereliction at the workplace on the “Slope”. Sometimes I would look across the road from Pioneer’s land based logistics facility and see how Conoco was doing it, by the book. There wasn’t a book at Pioneer – or at least one on hand that was understood by the workers. Pioneer had a “mindset” that was rather ugly, and instead of fixing problems, compounded problems – said again, it was the fear factor. So over time, I found myself suffering mildly with industrial depression, that this was how the new age of oil development was about to go down. And I was not alone on this save the earth kick, as many of my past fellow co-workers on the pipeline that were avid hunters, at the same time they considered themselves stewards of the environment. Look, if every animal in the wild is diseased from mans’ handout, what’s there to hunt? So we braved this “Last Frontier” as oilmen with a purpose to make a living but also made damn sure that the environment was off the trashing detail. We have fought hard against the beast for the last 30-years or so, and one of the reasons as to why the oil scene in Alaska remains pretty tame with respect to atrocities. Unfortunately, things are different today. With “Big Oil” taking a back seat and the state reeling in the Independents in a panic call for more oil, it is like we are starting all over again. Sure I will mention the EXXON wreck, Alaskan’s had nothing to do with that mishap, as it was out of our hands. But so far as witnessed and now documented, how this 1st Independent thought was the proper way to conform, It was not by any stretch of the imagination what I had thought would occur – in fact completely opposite.  This is what happens when they get comfortable and too damn close to the politicians – like that campaign check buys immunity. And I was not about to let this sick and polluting mindset succeed, not on my watch, as I was now positioned to take them down. I was an insider with a wealth of knowledge, from the exploration side of things to the crude oil delivery process, the mechanics to the automation controls, a one man multi-disciplined walking time bomb! I would wake in the middle of the night, not due to the fact of insomnia provoked by psychological issues affecting my well-being, but bothered wide awake from the guy three suites down the hall of a “rotten” paper thin walled camp snoring his ass off, so I would retreat to a place wherein there was some semblance of peace and quiet. Not for sleep, but for study. I soon found myself looking at ways to sabotage the system, and the bulls-eye was aimed at the production. That meant a plan targeting the producing wells, maybe a total of 5-holes already completed and producing up to standards and predictions. With production, it meant money was starting to trickle in and that was where the sabotage needed to focus. Hit them where it counts! When an outfit like this is making money and at the same time cares not about the environment – “ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country” fosters a patriotic message and a Paul Revere call to awaken the militia within. Like captured in the beginning of this writing and reiterated, “Citizen Pirate” can be defined as “True Patriotism”. Look, corporations in America are not “We the People”, but use the Red, White & Blue to fool. So I had entered the sin zone of no return and had before me a mission of utmost importance. Tear down the mission? But I wasn’t a drilling engineer or a down-hole specialist, yet keen on observations and I did see something of interest that held my attention. One night a surface safety valve went into a conniption fit because a maintenance technician screwed it up then walked away, when the chow bell rang for the end of the day shift. And like already mentioned, Pioneer was in no way shape or form hiring qualified people, as it couldn’t pay out what was required in efforts to get seasoned technicians. So it meant guys straight out of the technical and trade schools, many from the lower-48 as with Pioneer “local hire” was another joke. So with “new blood” trying to fix things complicated and with no on-site mentor experience to set them straight, nothing was fixed right and it amounted to a Band-aid approach! You cannot fault the inexperienced, you must fault this “Independent’s” mindset to have failed to study what it takes and costs to do business in the North. And as soon as these kids had a few months on-the-job experiences under the belt, they would move over to the “Big Oil” fields and find wage increases and benefits twice as good as what was taken home from working the “Oooguruk”. Again said, I had made my money in Alaska, so stayed onboard for other reasons. So for many with a future, there came no incentive to stay at the “Rock” and the only ones hanging on were either facing a DUI or other record, as you can’t get a job with “Big Oil” if you have a DUI current on the books. So as the day shift cleaned up and settled in for a night in a crappy cramped camp, I watched in amusement as this safety valve hammered the hell out of the well and neighboring piping. And nobody watching the control room “board” had any idea there was a major malfunction causing a major hydraulic disruption. “Why? Must I reiterate, inexperience proves a point! And there came more important things for the operators as demanded by the management, like chipping away at leftover urine sculptures, because this place was on the cheap wherein it couldn’t even afford a “Porta-party”! Now these surface safety valve devices are designed to safe out a well in a hurry, like in a split second and controlled by sophisticated automation computers. See, man cannot react fast enough when the “you know what hits the fan”! Split second decisions are required in an emergency, especially out here and so close to the water as a blow-out would be disastrous for man and beast. Now for safety reasons, this valve can be commanded from its open position to the closed position in seconds, and when the control system senses something wrong it reacts by commanding a closure and the valve remains in this safe position until an orderly start-up can be achieved. But only when the condition that caused the malfunction is cleared. Orderly is the key, as what was going on down-hole upon this well with an erratic valve with a mind of its own, it was not good by any stretch. And when piping is jumping around, no telling what is happening inside as “cavitation” effects can see pressure spikes on “Tilt”! So I intervened, to access what may be causing this banging nightmare. With the valve now on “Quaaludes”, through a safe-out procedure common in the industry, I commenced to fix the problem. But when the problem was fixed and an orderly start-up was initiated, the well was stubborn to return to its original production rate. I fought with it all night, finding the same damn hesitation, trying to establish a rate that would make the management smile. Honestly, I didn’t give a rat’s ass, except for the fact I had found something that aroused my interest - as a candidate for my “Citizen Pirate” campaign. I was on to something! When I reviewed the computer generated “Event Log” and subsequent historical production rates, it was easy to see a direct relationship indicating negative consequences, that this out-of-control “hammering” from the valve cycling had been going on for some time along with alarms to warn the operations - but nobody paying any attention. Need I say more? I could see by the production trend that this “hammer” action was causing some rather peculiar shortcomings, as the well was going into hibernation. I questioned a drilling engineer about this “hammering”, wherein he laughed and called it “packing” and that was the worst scenario for a producing well in this kind of formation, as the pressure surges can cause increased “erosion”, basically the well was caving in under pressure and filling in with migrating sand and other down-hole crud, from the “hammer packing” and the effect it has on the velocity gradient. Basically, the entire formation was under “stress” with consequences destructive. I didn’t want to get scientific, so here it is in a nutshell. Take for example the disturbing of a honey bee nest. With patience, one can rob honey from the hive and not really disturb things. Ever watch how a bear attacks the nectar comb? Same thing here, no damn difference! With the patience, that orderly thing, the hive continues to produce. With the bear, it means total destruction! I understood what that drilling engineer was telling me, and it made my plan of attack even more acceptable and amusing. And what he had told me made common sense, as a column of oil suddenly short-circuited away from its intended destination, well the well would be subject to the effects of the phenomenon known as “water-hammer” – without the water. And since the safety valve under failure with the accompanying cause and effect culminated by rapid and aggressive pressure disturbance, what made things worse off this “failure” was the fact that an additional sub-surface safety valve was not doing its thing to combat this “hammer-packing” destruction. By law, two valves are required to cease a blow out. That is the main reason these super fast valves are incorporated into the well-head “tree”. But in this situation of a malfunctioning surface device, the sub-surface valve was staying open which compounded the problem. See, had it been a true “Emergency Shutdown” and in control of the “SIS” - fancy name for a redundant safety system - then both valves would have shut in, to prevent the pressure problem from ever occurring wherein a pressure wave is allowed to penetrate by descending back down-hole – wherein it can cause damage. What was going on upon this once good producing well was “destructive”! With one valve remaining open and the other in a crazed mode, this was no doubt subjecting the well to enormous disruptive forces, pound for pound from the effects of the “hammer-packing”. So I started studying this crazed phenomena and spent a whole lot of time analyzing how I could continue on this destructive mechanism on all the producing wells, without getting caught. Yes, a plan of attack that would purposely subject the producing wells to this out-of-control routine. So this appeared to be my true “ACE” in the hole, as I had proof that it could work, that it would work to weaken the production and in turn hurt Pioneer’s bottom-line – which amounts to robbery upon the loot! And within a few days when finally there came no more “hammering” after fixing the problem, the well never again regained its position in production, not until several weeks later. And even though it appeared to have regained consciousness, this well still found shortcomings after that, as it would wimp out in no time flat when management tried to get “blood out of a turnip”. So this caught my curiosity and now I was indeed losing sleep trying to implement my strategy. Look, it was a simple and typical case of out-of-control “hammering” that may be the key to destroying the producing wells, and it all made sense. Considering Pioneer was spending between $15-million upwards $40-million to “spud” a well, this was a ways and means to throw a wrench into their plan. And I was having the time of my life orchestrating this plan of attack. I even wore a pirate’s eye patch when I was up to the no good. Take that back, I was acting to protect the environment. If these wells could be forced into hibernation, Pioneer would have to spend $millions$ in work-over attempts and it may be not worth it – that is what I was hoping for in the end. That in turn would maybe see this place go on the auction block, maybe shut it down for good and a return to normal for Harrison’s Bay – cleaned up and returned back to its original owner – Nature. So over the months of April through October of 2009, when on-site for a two-week hitch, I would make it a point to send the wells into “controlled” fibrillations, sometimes for hours at a time and at the same time keep the sub-surface valve open. Basically replicating what I had observed on the “test” well. In fact, I can remember sometimes an entire shift with the “monster” in control! It was chitty-chitty-bang-bang, in step to Toots and the Maytals on “Pressure Drop“! When I was performing these maneuvers, nobody knew any difference, as it was usually at night when I would let my underling operator - a contractor- stay in the control room while I roamed the well bays in search of that reward of well production destruction, causing the producing wells to go into hibernation. Good thing the piping was stout, as the entire well-bay structure would shake, rattle and roll. But anyone in the vicinity that felt the earth shattering movements, they thought it was the drilling rig making the noise. This went on for weeks, went on for months and with time it was beginning to show this “hammer-packing” was causing something way down-hole to fail. And it was always a gas at the morning meetings, wherein nobody could explain as too why production dropped off – again! And I could trick the entire computer automation system into not giving up any information that would have blown my cover this plan of attack. I could silence alarms to hide it from the operators and have the valves fail from behind the scenes, an ultimate out-of-sight out-of-mind manipulation with a cause by this “rebel”! Look, it was a Siemens’ control system – and I once worked for this company on the same damn stuff. Matter of fact, you don’t need a “Stuxnet” virus to wreak havoc when an ex-Siemens technician is around! So it is the main reason today that the Oooguruk is not up to par and producing what it should have been or would have liked to have been delivering wherein the executives could be heard cheering – especially with this project so far into the gamble! Sure it was a gamble, it always is in the oil patch, but this time around I was the “Dealer” and the deck was stacked! Yes, I had become an industrial “pirate” and because of my cause, “Citizen Pirate” selfishly reaps the rewards, proving it can be accomplished. Success it was, and done only as a ways and means to communicate that the position taken by Pioneer with respect to trashing the environment would not be tolerated. And like mentioned before, hit them where it counts seemed the only solution. I was also able to reprogram the computers that control the down-hole pumps. Making them appear to be up to speed when in reality it was a “little white lie”, with a speed that would make it very difficult to lift the oil to top-side, but this was just a temporary fix as the pumps proved early on to be bothersome to the oil production and eventually shut-down. But I was trying to cover all angles in efforts to jeopardize the production goals. See, they make things rather easy these days, as every little device has with it a computer with a code, which allows it to be manipulated and fooled. In the old days when the “Analog” was king, one would have to change components to perform the same type of secret espionage, and that means an understanding of electronics. In today’s hi-tech digital world, even those without a whole lot of knowhow can make changes that can make a difference – and it makes us so vulnerable. In fact, at Ooogurk’s land based production facility - wherein the contaminated glycol went missing - I was able to re-program the gas-lift compressor to fail, which caused months of additional delays in Pioneer’s desperate attempt to use natural gas as an enhanced oil recovery mechanism. The wells were failing and Pioneer was desperate to get something going that promoted an increase in production, instead of a dismal future! “Mother Earth” was mad and taking action! And when my schedule called for time off, I could still do the same damn thing from home, as the control system had a back door courtesy my knowledge of communication. See, I once worked for GCI as a communications tech, on the “slope”. So I knew how to get a “virtual” circuit from the GCI equipment to the Pioneer site, a circuit nobody else knew about. That is what happens when the control roommaintains a “lock-box” with the key to the GCI telequipment room and the GCI technicians take too long a lunch break – said again, just give me a laptop and access as nothing is sacred anymore! And when bored again and part of my continued plan of attack, I sabotaged the gas lift compressor protective relay settings - made by Siemens - and even though this caused nuisance delays in Pioneers effort to produce more oil, the ultimate was the “Hammer”. And today we see that those wells and the associated fields have been destroyed. So bad have these wells failed that Pioneer never reached its goal and has almost abandoned their efforts and are now concentrating on a different field altogether, called the Torok formation. Matter of fact, Pioneer is producing about 30% of its original goal! It hurts. Now I no longer have a back-door, but that is OK, as that would be a cause for “Hacker” intrusion and not the kind of “Citizen Pirating” I condone. It is “Patriotic” when performed from the “inside”, as the intent is to get the point across. With this writing now made public that describes my “Citizen Pirate” memoir, maybe it is time for the Pioneer stockholders to demand action, that their portfolio has been robbed due the Ooguruk management’s environmental insincerity and insensibility. And with this “management” goes my sentiment that “you can’t have your cake and eat it to”. Now even though Pioneer did take my original allegations with some seriousness once they realized who they were fooling with and did fix many of the issues, in my book it was “way” too little and “way” too late. Does that give Pioneer an out, that they at least made an attempt to fix things that proved to be the “seed” of environmental atrocities? That is a question that remains out to the jury, as time will tell. See, that missing “biocide” talked about early on this writing, that nasty stuff that is designed to “kill”, some of it was finally located in a depository of a toxic concoction in a well’s conduit - conveniently hidden away and allowed to leach underground and snake its way into the bay. When I discovered this death trap, I was told to clean it up, sure as the boss said to do it. But when I asked to have it analyzed beforehand, that went without interest, that it was safe so please don’t bother us with such trivial pursuits. See, a grab sample could have been “thiefed” and sent over to the Kuparuk lab, and maybe for a few hundred bucks produced for the record a full-blown analysis and then we would have known what we were dealing with. Safe? Not so, and I am sure that in time a worker’s health will show that the release of that stuff has compromised that individuals health. I have never been the same since coming in contact with this stuff, it’s the twitching that bugs my wife! But with the Torok, it is in essence a last ditch effort to recoup some of the major loses this “Independent” has endured. Was I 100% successful? No, but I have made a mark and come front and center now with this information that we can no longer trust the oversight, wherein there comes a point in time where we must become “pirates” and take matters into our own hands. What my “pirating” cost Pioneer in lost profits is easily in the multi-millions, and a best guess estimate of well over $2-Billion in lost revenue. And of course Pioneer will never admit to it that a worker got away with this pirating, as that would prove to the outside world that they deserve not a permit to operate in Alaska. And of course all the state “oversight” gurus will also deny this could ever take place and they will laugh this off as a conspiracy without merit, but what do they really know as they never showed up to perform their duties so know not any difference! In fact, if they really want something to get excited over, I could tell them how I rigged the production measuring computer to show less oil coming from the Oooguruk, for purposes of state royalty. See, that “pirating” finds “excess” oil for Conoco, which pays out a decent royalty rate to the state, so the corrupt measurement helps my bottom-line. Do I fear reprisal this writing? Prove it! YES. I would say Pioneer is stuck up Stool River with a broken paddle, the latter a gift from the regulators – don’t come back now, ya hear!

 The Finish Line: It worked, and after some time to reflect on my “Citizen Pirate” exploits, I find it reasonable without reconsideration to let the “corporation”, let that person behind the mask of disdain realize a beware that there is a faction alive that is not afraid to raid their henhouse, to wreck havoc on the bottom-line and this Rolling Stones’ song tells my story with a catchy tune!

Please allow me to introduce myself 
I'm a man of wealth and taste 
I've been around for a long, long year 
Stole many a man’s soul and faith 
And I was round when Jesus Christ 
Had his moment of doubt and pain 
Made damn sure that Pilate 
Washed his hands and sealed his fate 
Pleased to meet you 
Hope you guess my name 
But what's puzzling you 
Is the nature of my game 
I stuck around St. Petersburg 
When I saw it was a time for a change 
Killed the czar and his ministers 
Anastasia screamed in vain 
I rode a tank 
Held a generals rank 
When the blitzkrieg raged 
And the bodies stank 
Pleased to meet you 
Hope you guess my name, oh yeah 
Ah, what's puzzling you 
Is the nature of my game, oh yeah 
I watched with glee 
While your kings and queens 
Fought for ten decades 
For the gods they made 
I shouted out, 
Who killed the Kennedys? 
When after all 
It was you and me 
Let me please introduce myself 
I'm a man of wealth and taste 
And I laid traps for troubadours 
Who get killed before they reached Bombay 
Pleased to meet you 
Hope you guessed my name, oh yeah 
But what's puzzling you 
Is the nature of my game, oh yeah, get down, baby 
Pleased to meet you 
Hope you guessed my name, oh yeah 
But what's confusing you 
Is just the nature of my game 
Just as every cop is a criminal 
And all the sinners saints 
As heads is tails 
Just call me Lucifer 
Cause I'm in need of some restraint 
So if you meet me 
Have some courtesy 
Have some sympathy, and some taste 
Use all your well-learned politesse 
Or I'll lay your soul to waste, um yeah 
Pleased to meet you 
Hope you guessed my name, um yeah 
But what's puzzling you 
Is the nature of my game, um mean it, get down 
Woo, who 
Oh yeah, get on down 
Oh yeah 
Oh yeah! 
Tell me baby, what's my name 
Tell me honey, can ya guess my name 
Tell me baby, what's my name 
I tell you one time, you're to blame 
Ooo, who 
Ooo, who 
Ooo, who 
Ooo, who, who 
Ooo, who, who 
Ooo, who, who 
Ooo, who, who 
Oh, yeah 
What's my name 
Tell me, baby, what's my name 
Tell me, sweetie, what's my name 
Ooo, who, who 
Ooo, who, who 
Ooo, who, who 
Ooo, who, who 
Ooo, who, who 
Ooo, who, who 
Ooo, who, who 
Oh, yeah

CopyRight 2013 S. Pam MaGee