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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Proctor & Gamble

The Supreme Court's Grand Wizard has spoken and ruled on California's Proposition #8 by dismissing appeals that would have continued to ban same-sex marriage – let it be! Yet the “lower court” appeal lawsuits from the bigots continue to overwhelm the High Court, even today, on Sunday which is supposed to be a day of rest! All in favor of “Equality” say “Aye” and take to action advocating protecting the High Court's decision on this historic dismissal with acts of civil obedience, through mercantile boycotting. We have the “Power” to take down the “Corporations” that continue to wreck havoc on an individual's right to liberty and pursuit of happiness!

BOYCOTT TARGET: Proctor & Gamble

WHY? Nathan Estruth is on the board of Alliance Defending Freedom – a non-profit legal organization that advocates for the right of people to freely live out their faith – and also retains the position as a vice president of Proctor & Gamble. He is also a long-term marketing, strategy, and operations executive in business and public policy venues for Mr. Gamble. Alliance Defending Freedom's legal team filed an emergency appeal with the U.S. Supreme Court on Saturday, in efforts to vacate a premature order upon the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit issued Friday, allowing same-sex marriages to continue in California. Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys submitted the appeal after the board demanded such action, to which Mr. Estruth is a member and an executive of “Public Policy”, which includes Alliance Defending Freedom's agenda and possibly Proctor & Gambles sway on this action item, with same-sex marriage. Besides being lunatic, this filing is not only a nuisance, but frivolous and is just another way for these rich assholes hiding under the umbrella of a 501 “Non Profit” to use loopholes to carve out what they think is right for this nation. Look, the IRS should be going after these warlords of injustice. According to the “bigots”, “Our clients - those corporation owners opposed to same-sex marriages - have not been given the time they are due and were promised so that they can make their next decision in the legal process,” said Alliance Defending Freedom's attorneys. Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys filed the emergency application together with Andrew P. Pugno, general counsel for, the banner organization for the KKK.

Look, we can make a difference, by wrecking the “Corporation” while it tries to deface the Supreme Court's decision. A single weekend boycott would cause concern, and maybe when the bottom-line is toast, then maybe we will start to see some semblance of decency towards “Equality”. So please “BOYCOTT” any & all Proctor & Gamble products until such time the Proctor & Gamble board realizes that “We the People” will not tolerate backstabbing by such a powerful corporate mentality that aligns itself with entities like Alliance Defending Freedom. The following products should not be on your shopping list if you believe in “Equality”:

Always, Anna Sui, Aussie, Braun, Camay, Christina Aguilera Perfumes, Clairol Professional, CoverGirl, Crest, DDF, Dolce & Gabbana Fragrances, Dunhill Fragrances, Escada Fragrances, Fekkai, Fusion, Ghost, Gillette, Gucci Fragrances, HUGO BOSS Fragrances, Head & Shoulders, Herbal Essences, Ivory. Lacoste Fragrances, MACH3, Naomi Campbell, Natural Instincts, Nice 'n Easy, Nioxin, Olay, Old Spice, Oral-B, Pantene, Pert, Prestobarba/Blue, Puma, Rejoice, SK-II, Safeguard, Scope, Scope4, Sebastian Professional, Secret, Tampax, Venus, Vidal Sassoon, Wella, Ace, Align, Ariel, Bold, Bounce, Bounty, Cascade, Charmin, Cheer, Clearblue, Come, Dash, Dawn, Downy, Dreft Laundry, Duracell, Era, Eukanuba, Febreze, Gain, Iams, Joy, Luvs, Metamucil, Mr. Clean, Pampers, Pepto-Bismol, Prilosec OTC, Puffs, Swiffer. Tide, Vicks, Ace, Align, Ariel, Bold, Bounce, Bounty, Cascade, Charmin, Cheer, Clearblue, Come, Dash, Dawn, Downy, Dreft Laundry, Duracell, Era, Eukanuba, Febreze, Gain, Iams, Joy, Luvs, Metamucil, Mr. Clean, Pampers, Pepto-Bismol, Prilosec OTC, Puffs, Swiffer. Tide, Vicks.

Monday, June 24, 2013

EXXON Valdez

EXXON Valdez ~ 25 Years Later

In the making by Eagle Rock Press/Eat Pie Productions is a very intimidating documentary called the “EXXON Valdez ~ 25 Years Later”. Simple title, and probably one of many documentaries that will soon surface, as next year marks the 25 anniversary of the ship wreck that wrecked the ecosystem of Prince William Sound - still today showing discouraging signs of a very slow recovery. This documentary tries not to exonerate the EXXON Corporation or Captain Joe Hazelwood, but through never before divulged circumstantial evidence - this documentary's credibility will surely and finally set the seed of “who was too blame” in motion - as either the biggest controversy of this century, then at the same time on the the other front, the biggest conspiracy ever. Said again, the evidence is mind-boggling and will forever change many opinions as to where that finger of blame is so pointed this lasting nightmare. All that can be said at this time about the documentary is the sorry fact that environmentalist, congressmen and whistle-blowers will be alarmed then ashamed – with respect to who may have been behind this atrocity. Due out early next year. A true story!

For more information, contact

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Fairbanks Auction

This poem was dedicated to the Georgeson Botanical Gardens for the peace and serenity it offers humans when in summer the cranes and songbirds take to flight, a pilgrimage of grandeur, all upon a background made possible by humans, naturalists, the earth's unselfish caretakers, as this place remains a shrine, in efforts upon adoration Thy Majesty's creation, nature in its best mood. But today, the GBG needs support, as budget cuts have cut into what it once represented, tranquility above and beyond. I have traveled across this land from sea to shining sea, and the GBG is an A++ on the scale of worthwhile-must see botanical gardens. With the budget cuts, this beauty could find a demise such a standing amongst botanical wonders. It is something Fairbanks residents should not allow, we need your help and money. So in efforts to help keep the GBG up in the ratings, I am willing to sell a single only signed copy of this poem, to the highest bidder with 100% of the proceeds benefitting the garden, for upkeep. Interested donors should contact me at with bids for consideration. Thanks…….

Ode to Icabard

Icabard, Oh Icabard,
Alas comes your summer salute,
     to thy Heaven’s keeper,
          choreographed perfection never at vain.
As tentacle like sun rays burst downward,
     so stealth like.
Through angel pure cloud coverage,
          engulfing your trials,
                         like a blessing deserved.
In honor your endless tribulations on high.
All the while, your seasonal endeavors,
     place to shame,
          our ways and means.
A society at wits end,
so imbecile in comparison.

Why are you gifted so differently?
And so patiently proud?
With sky leaps no bounds,
     entertaining your mood.
You ascend to transcend,
     then gracefully descend.
And rewarding those efforts?
     Fertile lands here,
          Fertile lands there.
               Here and there for your taking.

Great strides your dedication,
to survive, a love of life in flight.
Summertime at the fields of freedom
     and the living is easy.
The harmony of your content;
I hear so clear, from a distance.
As the sun fades away.

Great flocks, your own like others, converge.
     To protect the right of way.
     To protect the night away.
Championed by a midnight sun wary.
     Under cover of light, all day long it seems.

So make my day again!
Like yesterday, and time before;
     and take to flight,
          with all your might,
               show off!

As you go your way, I try to find my way.
But what choice is mine over yours?
With thou, be it may the Tanana mat.
     Or maybe the Crammer flat.
Whatever your way,
Serenity and Peace be with you.

It is, so empowered and perfected.
As the Creator hails heavenly wealth the species.
     As seen in such flights.
          As seen at your playing fields,
               in the intimacy of family affairs.

Yet my vantage point,
it can sabotage your privacy.
     Stealth like, I watch your behavior.
     Stealth like I enjoy your behavior.
And now pray tell,
     my surroundings bring meaning,
Even with the loss,
     as you prepare to depart.

Why you must leave? I ponder.
It weakens my tranquility,
     my serenity.
Not for me lonely, but others alike,
     who have taken on similar peacefulness your presence.
As familiar smiles once upon a time,
     take on a nasty disguise,
Fake artists we thrive, in our imbecilic confinements.
Except for these moments, as no walls surround this high!

And I have reason to celebrate your arrival.
And I have reason to celebrate your stay.
And I have reason to celebrate your exit.
As by now, other signs award the reality of nature so matured.
And Nature's stage, is not it perpetual over perceptual?

So with Hedge maze and Wooding Garden.
     Lind Garden or Dye.
I find cover, enforcing peace, with serenity,
            So what if short lived this tranquility.
As here now, it appears my reality is so far and removed,
away from that corrupt society of imbeciles.
Yet just over yonder,
     the highway man calls!
And so does the Railroad man,
     as “he drinks up blood like wine”!
But least you care, dear Icabard.
Oh Crane, pardon me!
     as I give away your identity.
From a distance. Be brave, you are.

Yet when thou abandons thy nest of rest;
All is not lost, yet.
As with my release upon your attention and addiction,
I find reason to rejoice,
     free again,
          with a laugh.
To release the grip of a friendship,
     following your departure.
As what this means finds no puzzle in realism.
So retreat I will also,
     to enjoy what remains,
          upon this stage so natural.
As upon Icabard’s intent, to withdraw,
     it speaks well with meaning.
All good things find that end!

This departure,
     by now curtains raised.
Upon that stage t'is the season,
     such undivided grandeur soon to pass.
As Icabard has signaled the news,
     a warning chills the air!
Here today, gone tomorrow, why rejoice?

The great escape begins on high.
But nay to forget, I have my ways.
My escape away from reality,
     void that corrupt society,
          still imbecile-socialistic;
Missing my brother, can you spare a dime,
While stealing time away from time!
So not that now, my natural friend.
            As colatitude,
                        With collateral,
                                    gives meaning this day:

Viola, Amber Kiss by an Angel.
Lemon mummed silent,
            by the Court jester.
Livingston Daisy I presume!
Laughter is still thy best medicine!
Terra Catta Shades hold back the end.
Telstar White,
            Tequila Mix,
                        Blue Sprite,
Madness Red Morn it is.
Danish Flag so proud,
            summer's ending announced!
Charity Rose Red,
            a real wall flower,
                        And why?
For Painted Tongues and Autumn Lollipops.
For Isabellina,
            for Queen Victoria.
My Red Castle Russell.

Nature’s way some more, at its best showdown.
Summer’s ending I repeat to myself,
And retreat with my court's jester:
            So what!
                        Precedence set.
As to fret, that's an impostor emotion.
Autumn soon, beckons the call,
blessed is the great crane’s escape!
Oh Icabard, always the free way, isn’t it?
But your friendship shared, now spared,
from this retreat north,
it brings warmth with joy,
            we all salute.
Thus to cherish your company,
a daunting loss soon to be realized,
It affords goodwill, with courage,
to covert my disrespectful society!
Making the coming winter,
            affordable my survival!.

And your return will so exonerate,
            once upon a time once again!
MSK CopyRight 2011

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Alaska Railroad

I would like to thank Bill Sheffield and the rest of the board directors of the Alaska Railroad, along with the rail’s head boss, Mr. Cyst Turdesen and chair Linda Larceny, for a deed well done with respect to “Brotherly & Sisterly Love”! See, it was a beautiful evening out at the Georgeson Botanical Gardens, in Fairbanks. It was “Music in the Garden” night, and it was a very beautiful evening with temperatures of 80 degrees complemented by a slight breeze - keeping the blood sucking mosquitoes at bay. It was a great time for young and old as Celtic music serenaded the background, courtesy the Red Hackle Pipe Band. It was an evening missing nothing at all. Then the 8pm “Special” Denali Star rolled on through, commencing its trip from down south. And as the mighty pride and joy engines - those painted like a field of gold to resemble the Alaskan flag - pulled the passenger train cars across the U of A campus, we all started to wave. It was a salute where such was due, highlighting a beautiful day in Alaska! See, the line up of the train has the Alaska section of run-down worn-out cars followed by the Binkley cruise ship double decker like luxury cars – pretty empty the latter considering it was close to solstice time here in the interior? How much for a train ride in luxury? But with the segregated Alaskan passenger train cars winding through the farm like setting, that is where the garden wavers were focusing the attention, giving it up for the arriving passengers – true Alaskans. This late in the day, it is considered the “non-peak” hours of operation, so this is wherein the elderly, the disabled, those on Medicaid have an opportunity to get out and sight-see - at reduced fares. See, the Alaska Railroad receives its fair share of appropriations under the FTA “Grants” corporate welfare program, thanks to Congressmen Donald Duck, and with that “handout” the rail boss is required by law to provide “reasonable” travel schedules along with accommodations at “half fare”, to assist those without. You could see it in the passengers’ faces, proud to be an Alaskan, proud to be a U.S. Taxpayer and reaping the benefits of the “public transportation” programs paid for by the taxpayers that allows for those without and tiring a break. Especially during doldrum like economic times when breaks are few and far between. Half fares are indeed worth the while and wait, during “non-peak” commuter rail times, so it is how we get our money’s worth from regurgitated taxes on our incomes. Yes, Bill and Company gets close to $40-million a year in appropriations to keep the railroad advancing towards a viable “public transportation” infrastructure that can accommodate the rich and the poor. So it is required by law to provide this opportunity, with the “half fare” program. Wow, maybe getting old here in Alaska has its merits. Imagine, paying only a “half-fare” to travel in comfort and enjoy the scenery, from Anchorage to Fairbanks. And since the rail has daily service during the summer months, a few nights in Fairbanks with ARRP discounts then a return trip home again at “half-fare”, it’s not a bad deal at all and I don’t have to deal with the Cruise Ship crap – especially those bus drivers “Under the Influence”. So thanks Bill, for taking care of the elderly, the handicapped and those without, so they also can enjoy the beauty of this state and not have to spend their retirement piggy-bank in return! 

Note: In reality, the Alaska Railroad offers no such reduced fare program as required by law, except in the winter when that train travels only on weekends! “Reasonable”? How about “Blood sucking Mosquitoes”!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Son a-Bitch!

He got me again, bastard! But being a bonafide member of the Alaskan chapter of the “Corrupt Bastards Club”, what can one expect! See, I decided to venture where no sane man should venture, or should know better then to gamble - to my “quarantined” e-mail depository I am talking about. I have not learned my lesson, from previous detours that direction. Look, I get all kinds of questionable stuff in my “sanitized” mail box, even stuff from Russian ladies wanting to come to Emerilerica! Yet that stuff never shows any signs of misfitting viruses, just pisses my wife off! I don't know Bimbo Bambie Dominatricks! And what is with all those “Viagra” offers? If I responded to the “pill” offers that allows for an erection of 4-hours or longer, I would have a stash that could fulfill the needs of Congress for the next – month only? What else causes Congress to be so slow with things? It must be those erections, keeping the congregation behind their desks. “Sorry, can't stand up to shake your hand”! In fact, in a recent report by the “House” M.D., 98% of the visits his clinic gets are for, yes “erections” lasting longer then 4-hours. Weiner-Madness I guess! But for some reason, Don Young's newsletter always gets placed in “quarantine”, something to do with how GCI monitors “UNSAFE” stuff. But I wanted to see if Don had pictures of his hyena hunt! Bet you didn't know Don was off on a safari, where the black hunting slave guides can't eat with the white guys. See, I saw him leave Fairbanks, in a luxury jet registered in the Cayman Islands. Imagine, hunting for hyenas! At least hunting with a rifle is better off then other cruel and unusual treatment means and ways of getting a trophy, like we see happening today here in Don's home state – Alaska “the “Lost Frontier”. Look, when the “Fish & Feather” freaks feels it is safer to kill bears with poison, then we have missed the boat. OK, so I opened Don's newsletter, it was like getting hit with a powder puff or like stepping on a puff ball mushroom– hope it wasn't that ricine stuff. But it was Don's bullshit as usual, nothing new and Don still holds the combination to the U.S. Treasury. Look, sequestration is secastration to Alaska. This state is so hooked on “Uncle Sam Welfare”, we seem to think taking it away is “Big Government” interference. So Don maintains his stand, that the “loot” in the Treasury is his to spend! Don is starting to look more and more like Bill Sheffield! Funny Don didn't say anything about “them thar” highway bridges falling apart. Imagine, major highway bridges “fall'n out of the sky”. And that was never supposed to happen, not on Don's watch, as his Te-Lu Highway “Pork-chop” was supposed to fix things - not become a highway robbery insider blow job. In fact, some on the “Beltway” say it was the biggest “blow job” ever and didn't contribute to anything worthwhile. OK, so we have to pay for MissHell Bachman's retirement – forever? And soon we will have to pay Don's retirement, for years of abuse getting in the way of self-sufficiency. Had this state been strong enough to elect “real” politicians that could have and should have said NO to welfare and made damn sure that this state rich with oil could go it alone, we would not be in dire straits like we see today. Look, “Big Oil” is moving out. And those “Independents”, they are a bunch of perverts and sex offenders that came to Alaska to hide. They have nothing to give and continue to take more, and it appears Parnell likes getting rear-ended. But Don, do you eat that hyena meat? Is it better tasting then a Rabid Skunk – a.k.a Nancy Pelosi? But I will miss Don when he is gone away, so will the Alaska Railroad, so will the thousands of $millionaires$ he created with his “pork-chop” habit. Has Alaska's congressional delegation done anything right? I am still searching for something that sheds a light upon success, as they blew it and recovery, well that is something that is as far removed in the success category as a Congress that gives a hoot.

Oh give me a House,
Where bipartisan rules
Where the mule and the elephant care
Where seldom is heard
A disparaging word
And the lies are forbidden all day.

House, house on the hill
Where the mule and the elephant care
Where seldom is heard a disparaging word
And the lies are forbidden all day.