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Monday, December 12, 2016

One Sane Christmas Wish

Dear Good Friend Barack Obama;

Thanks, thanks and thanks again. And Merry Christmas to a "1st Family" that "We the People" have learned to love so, so very much. We are already missing you, I am sure you know what is meant by that sentiment! Trying times ahead. And like I mentioned before through fireside chatting, I have not a lot but for being such a statesmen the last 8-years, if you need a caddie while in retirement it's free from me. At my age, I can carry your bag at least 18 holes once a week. You buy half-time fairway refreshments! Anyway, I have one last sane request before you depart the Oval Office. Please, please for mercy sake, sign an Executive Order to quarantine FOX and confine it under the auspices of a bonafide disease and regulated as a CDC "contagious" virus. The hate that is allowed on that media outlet, it defines well the "Russian Federation" and it needs attention - it is not an expression of one's inalienable rights under the 1st Amendment, but a fixture's a dreaded disease! So, please SIR, for the good of mankind and brotherly "LOVE", sign on the dotted line that FOX is so declared a wicked disease, that which can eat away at your heart and soul and "My Country 'Tis of Thee". Merry Christmas my friend.

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