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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Russian Unorthodox

Wow, the Russian Federation, when it declares WAR it means business. Oxymoron? NO, we are just morons to sit back and watch as the "World Turns & Burns". See, the real loser in this "WAR", it will be the "Boy Scouts of America". With respect to a Donald Tyrump "Presidency", we get what we deserve - indecent exposure through our dereliction to allow a scoundrel maggot attack our "Democracy". See, with Pекс Tillerson as the Secrestray of State Run Amuck, his affiliation with the Boy Scouts will find dire consequences. He should resign any position of authority with the scouts. I am sure that 1st on the agenda will be a new Boy Scout merit badge, "Comrade In Arms" and bestowed by Vladimir Putin. In all honesty, after seeing this "Un-Patriotic American" smile as Putin pinned his allegiance to the "Federation", isn't there a law against sleeping with the enemy? Here is what I don't get. Pекс was the Head Honcho of the "Scouts" and as far as I can remember, the Boy Scouts take seriously keeping the environment clean? In fact, there exists several merit badges wherein assistance is called upon, it lists the EPA - which will be a thing of the past so will such merit badges. Unless рекс goes against the grain of a "seek & destroy" all regulations Tyrump Tower dysentery dynasty. But EXXON doesn't like "Global Warming", so can рекс wean himself away from the bowels of corporate America gone Putin? Maybe a KKK badge is on the horizon for the "Scouts". I was a "Boy Scout" and was an assistant "Scout Leader" back-up, up in Alaska. Now when I was going through the ranks in my youth, my scout troop was kicked out of the organization. See, our leaders were a bunch of moonshiners...need I say more, but we had no problem getting that hot-dog roasting fire a blazing, even when it was pouring out rain. But when I was teaching young scouts the "shoreshank redemption" knot tying for fly tying, I also taught environmental responsibility, as that was engrained in the "Boy Scout" motto of "Be Prepared" the duty to "Keep America Beautiful". Look, the "Scouts" are about camping, fishing, boating and "Brotherly Love" - or at least I thought so. But this seems to be a mirage when you see guys like the рекс whose only goal in life is MONEY. Yes hungry for as much coin now the "Duty Free", it goes against the grain of the "Scouts". Look, making an honorable wage earning career is one thing, but how much does an individual really need for "Happiness"? Remember, you still cannot take it with you. OK, you can leave it to those  spoiled brat kids who will never work a decent job. See, it has become but a Sad Sack contest with the wealthy, at everyone else's expense. Ask me the toughest problem the wicked world faces today, it is this maddening crowd contest to be...well not a $billionaire$ but now the sights are set on being the 1st $trillionaire$. They rape and pillage then with their wealth retire as "philanthropist", which is just another name for "Comrade"! Just because an individual stinks with loot, it doesn't automatically make one a philanthropist as most of the time any goodwill gesture is for a reason - using that wealth to change the course of mankind against the will of the huddled masses. See, maggot filth like the Tyrump look up to those that have such riches, as idols. That is why Donald looks up to the рексman. And with Vladimir Putin the richest man in the world, he is an oligarch idol for the Donald Tyrumps of this help US God!

Boy Scouts of America
Putin & Trump
Inaugural Merit Badge - 2017

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