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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

3:45am Dump

Wow, I just tested the FOX, to see what kind of propaganda was on the menu for Day-36. Yes, only 36-days left of "Freedom" before America turns down that dead-end street. The damn street sign, it warns us of "Desolation Road", cannot we read? But in the early morning rain, "Advertisement" that pays the FOX's way to pave over American Democracy, it is random without any policing policy. Now I know why Donald Tyrump is an early morning rising star Putin whore, as FOX gets away with indecent exposure. Even the Russian Federation can interfere with commercial postings promoting "Communism". But this was unbelievable...NO it wasn't just par for the course as subliminal messaging:


(which lasted about 5-seconds, then replaced with Donald's message)

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