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Friday, December 9, 2016

The Apprenticitis

Of course Donald Trump will remain as the "Executive Producer" of the "Apprenticitis", during his spare time. So, will filming take place at the White House or will "We the People Denied" face the penalty of far reaching escort services - the Secret Service Security detail back and forth from the Tower to Trump's part time job at the Oval Office. No wonder Trump is NOT going to accept a salary, he's already planning on doing nothing. Look, he has Palin on his trash team, who can see Russia from her Wasillabilly outhouse crapper and has leased an office at 1400 Pennsylvania Avenue along with Linda McMahon.  I don't know if that was out of stupidity, or in efforts at staying away from the groper. Maybe grouper, he is starting to look like an ugly old double-chinned fish, like that math teacher of mine from high school - Mr. Winters, Tolman High 1969. Gives new meaning to "Grumpy Old Men"! And Mike Flynn, who can see...the fuck'n guy and his kid are fuck'n whacko NUTS! And of course Donald picks the EXXON guy for Secretary of State Sanctioned Crashes, as why not pick an executive of an entity that drove a fully laden tanker into the best known navigational hazard in the world. But this is what Trump wants, commercial grade comic conflict, as what good is a "Reality" show that is not far removed from the unfringed unhinged truth? So, there is hope as Obama has demanded a full review of the Russian Federation involvement in the 2016 election, before January 20th. If ample evidence is forthcoming that Putin did interfere with our democracy - declare WAR, then "let Donald take over. Look at the sky turn a hell fire red..."

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