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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Chief Justice Disbarment

I would say that the best candidate for swearing in Donald John Tyrump on January 20th would be Vladimir Putin. According to "Our" Constitution, anyone with authority, actually any ordinary citizen can perform that duty - the swearing in. But it is usually reserved for the United States Supreme Court's Chief, and today that duty falls under Chief Justice John Roberts. But can be anybody holding a Gideon's Bible, like Sarah Palin, Vince McMahon, mean-spirited Alec Baldwin, even Ted Kaczynski. But with the evidence that the CIA is offering up, along with reinforcement from the NSA that the Russian Federation was asked to interfere in the 2016 election by Mr. Tyrump himself - No secret meetings here - and thus the "Enemy of the People" obliged, if Roberts does not recuse himself away from this duty then we must begin "disbarment" immediately. Based on an ethics violation the profession. We need to send that message now, that any member of the ABA be subject to action of "disbarment" should he or she or it entertain officiating the swearing in of a "Turncoat", as anybody that even jokes at asking for help from the Russian Federation is guilty of "Treason". Remember what the Tyrump said: "Russia, if you are listening, I hope you are able to [hack]..." So it is today by overwhelming evidence a mission accomplished.
Dear Chief Justice John Glover Roberts;
On January 20th, you will be granted the opportunity to stand by President-elect Donald John Trump to officiate his presidency, as the 45th Commander-in-Chief. This duty is cast-in-concrete the Founding Fathers "Constitutional" conviction, as the "swearing in" is serious business. In light of the CIA and NSA evidence that Donald John Trump asked for help from the Russian Federation and Vladimir Putin obliged and such interference raises questions upon the legitimacy of our election process - due undue influence - you must recuse yourself away from that duty and or honor, else face a Kangaroo Court disbarment. Please take this under serious consideration. The sponsors of this action have verbal commitment from over 723000 members of the "BAR" in good standing that a "disbarment" action remains "We the People's" inalienable right.

S. Pam McGee 
Founder of the "Lousy Hat Party".

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