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Friday, December 30, 2016

Obama Calls Tyrump's Bluff

Just In: Rex "рекс" Tillerson gives заказ из дружба "Friendship Award" back to Vladimir Putin. Way to go OBAMA, Bravo my brother some more! Donald Tyrump's immaturity is starting to show off on its face value, that his dad failed at teaching his children well. Of course Fred was successful in the teachings of "Beach Haven", that is what his kids took to the bank and banked on - prejudice and segregation makes money. But with Obama showing the world that he is a Commander-in-Chief still, well the Tyrump is now between a hard-on and a wet-dream! OK, rock and a hard-spot - whatever is politically correct. But the Tyrump maggot blew his load during his first ejaculation, when he had the opportunity to meet with Barack and follow his lead - as Obama knows what the hell he is dealing with "From Russia with Love". And like a maggot with only a slime-line history, when asked to comment on the sanctions due the Russian Federation's "Watergate Break-in" cyberwar, Donald shrugged it off as no big deal - then ran off to have a piss as his enlarged prostate was causing pain and suffering - and that usually doesn't occur with the Tyrump until the wee-wee hours of the morning. That 3am "Twitter" rage as he relieves himself - and the Secret Service detail jokes about the "Big Jerk" with the yellow matter custard hairdo and a small penis. I get Facebook updates from the John! And give me a break, as what is more important, his gold plated 9-iron golf swing or his country? See, when news hit the stands about the Obama sanctions, Donald said he would deal with it next week, as he is on vacation with some broad named Melanomia? Does anybody know the background of this opposite-sex no-show acquaintance? Is she an American? Maybe a mail order from Jeffrey Epstein's "Pervert Island", or a gift from Bill Clinton? But for those that wasted a vote for the "Tower Maggot", brace yourselves for more of the same insane dismissal and structured dismissiveness. And when he pisses off another rogue nation with nuclear capabilities and it means bombs away this way, well Donald can wait until next week. Look America, the heat is on and the Tyrump is in heat - but like a bully in the schoolyard, classmates are running for cover as they cannot stand the heat! In actuality, nobody is running as we are not afraid of cowards that smirk of anger yet have no balls. So I am glad that Barack gave US yet another last minute Christmas gift. See, first came the Israeli settlement UN censure vote - Bravo my brother! And today we have the Russian Federation sanctions - Bravo my brave man! And we still have 22-days left - Go all the way Mr. Obama, as you have the blessing of some 66-million Americans. OK, some 63-million think Vladimir Putin is more "Patriotic" then Barack. And let us hope that with the final report of the Russian "hacking" espionage due before "Doomsday" that there is evidence that Donald Tyrump and his cohorts were involved through guilty-by-association. IMAGINE, impeachment after one day in the Oval Office. IMAGINE, that like the 35-Russian diplomats that are being kicked out of America we have an additional boatload seeking asylum in Vladimir land - the entire Tyrump Tower Transition Team. Look, Kellyanne Conway looks so much more a part of the Kremlin crowd! So we are now at the "crossroads" and I must ask those Donald Tyrump fans: What’s in Your President's "Brain"? Doesn’t pay taxes, can’t even run a charitable organization – yet thinks he can solve the nation’s problems and also that of this world? Admires friends of Putin over...OK, Tillerson has reneged on that "Russian Federation Order of Friendship" decoration. The Donald Tyrump Years: Chapter 1 – How Dumb were the American "Minority" Voters. Chapter 2 - How Un-Patriotic was Donald Tyrump's Cabinet? But when you see how his cowardly transition team bends over to kiss his ass, the message they think he is a messiah finds…what the hell happened to American decency? See, this time of the year is when we share, we smile, we are a kinder nation. The world also moves along with a gentler demeanor, which encourages hope. From sea to shining sea, we are as one in the same for a time being - for the holidays. When even "From Russia with Love" finds a welcoming. Why? Because we like socialism. And even though that form of government would never be accepted by a “capitalistic society” full-time - because we are afraid of a drastic change even if a better fit - at least under a Bernie Sanders instead of a “Beach Haven” maggot some of the peaceful side effects would have found approval. And maybe for more than just a few days at the end of each year. But kiss all civility goodbye for...Opinion: Google “Erectile Dysfunction” and Alan Dershowitz highlights the search. Don’t wonder why, as every picture tells a story don’t it! Google "Erectile Dysfunctional Wimp" and Newt Gingrich highlights that search. Did you catch the Newt's  bow-down whimper the other day, when he misspoke about Donald Tyrump and the fact the Tower Maggot can't drain the swamp and only supplement the stench of the mold and mildew from the "Do Nothing" Congress. If I had to whimper down that low, I would swallow an overdose of LSD - at least go away with a Timothy Leary going away party high. I would say that even before going into the game, in preparing the dugout, that the “Turncoat” rebellion is in full swing for a reason. I am talking the Dershowitz “Erectile Dysfunction” crowd that thinks  just because they slime around with a Juris Prudence “Get Out of Jail Free”  bargain basement degree, that they can break the law of the land. It is called defacing property or molestation. Never, never has there been so much disrespect towards an out-going administration then what we have before us today. From the days of Dwight, the incoming has always shown respect for the sitting Commander-in-Chief. If happened with George Bush even, as the impeached guy Dubya was taking over for was given a chance to be honest. Question: Can Donald Tyrump smile? Is he forever un-happy? I think he lacks sex and we know he doesn't get enough sleep with those 3am "Tweets". Look, I "don't need a weatherman to tell which way the wind blows" and I surely "don't need a psychiatrist to tell me which way the insane rolls" as Donald Tyrump is a sick individual and his transition posse of gang rape con artists are just as bad. In my book, this attack is Citizen Insane “Treason”. Donald Tyrump should have already been incarcerated for numerous violations under the Logan Act for his "interference" after he was ordained the president-elect-reject - it is still Obama's watch! I voted for Obama and want my full 1462-days of presidential representation without outside interference. And with the latest Dershowitz “hard-on” over Obama’s call on the Israeli settlement censure vote, disbarment should be his only Christmas gift. Merry Christmas you piece of crap as you are living proof that God created imbeciles. The bashing that is going on, that which was started by Donald Tyrump himself, well had this nation had balls, there would be busloads in pin-striped suits with leg shackles and in hand-cuffs heading to  "Lockdown ADX Florence" and getting ready to share a cell with Ted Kaczynski – as these “turncoats” are no different than the Unabomber. Dershowitz’s attack – after his failed attempt to write a book about erectile dysfunction, well I can see who really has the hard-on problem - the entire population that voted for the "Enemy of the People's Majority". So, with only a few weeks left...hey you don't mess with a sportsmen like Barack Obama, as he will beat you to the finish line and still have that extra breath to blow your house down!

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