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Friday, December 2, 2016

Lousy Hat Party - Theme Song

The "Lousy Hat Party", a newly formed political action committee PAC, has adopted the "Great Mandala" as its theme song, as the Peter, Paul & Mary lyrics defines the defiant Donald Trump like no other ballad. This party represents the 63-million Americans that believe their voice shall be heard, based on the fact that Donald Trump Tower did not get the "majority vote" on November 8th. The mode of force majeure for the "shall be heard" is based on the fact that the numbers speaks for itself. This will be accomplished through scheduled "peaceful protest" work stoppage "STRIKES", from the Redwood Forests to the Gulfstream waters - as "This Land is Our Land" still and we will not give it away. The 1st "STRIKE" is scheduled for January 20th, the day the "Tower Maggot" gets sworn in and the Great Mandala becomes a reality. This date falls on a Friday, so call in sick to your work-place, enjoy a 3-day weekend. NO work, NO shopping, NO fast food, NO nothing but family time. By the following Monday, when the Capitol Hill "Inaugural" Porta-Parties have NOT been pumped out due this "STRIKE" and the stench is making its way through the Halls of Congress and towards the Trump Tower Palace, the new administration will know we mean business.

So I told him that he'd better shut his mouth
And do his job like a man.
And he answered "Listen, Father,
I will never kill another."
He thinks he's better
than his brother that died
What the hell does he think he's doing
To his father who brought him up right?
Take your place on The Great Mandala
As it moves through your brief moment of time.
Win or lose now you must choose now
And if you lose you're only losing your life.
Tell the jailer not to bother
With his meal of bread and water today.
He is fasting 'til the killing's over
He's a martyr, he thinks he's a prophet.
But he's a coward, he's just playing a game
He can't do it, he can't change it
It's been going on for ten thousand years
Tell the people they are safe now
Hunger stopped him, he lies still in his cell.
Death has gagged his accusations
We are free now, we can kill now,
We can hate now, now we can end the world
We're not guilty, he was crazy
And it's been going on for ten thousand years!
Take your place on The Great Mandala
As it moves through your brief moment of time.
Win or lose now you must choose now
And if you lose you've only wasted your life.

Written by Albert B. Grossman, Mary Allin Travers, Peter Yarrow • Copyright © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc

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