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Monday, December 12, 2016

Bribebart Update

"The way I's sees it, all the Tyrump's Tower men will be in assisted living before reaching political puberty, in the meantime our inalienable rights may need diaper protection."
Must See!
Just sat through a new movie, SPLIT. It is a subliminal message like movie, one designed to trick your mind without LSD, about the life and times of Donald John Tyrump - so a must see. It's a psychological horror thriller, about a guy with 23 different personalities, and the power to make acquaintances behave as if those personalities, to satisfy the Tyrump's Henry Murray "needs". What? The "need" that created the Unabomber. In "SPLIT", as Time did ordain Donald Trump the President of the Divided States, one of the personalities is called the "Beast". In all seriousness, are the movie people already taking advantage of what we can expect under a Tyrump regime? And then there is "20 Century Women", a movie backed by the tobacco companies, as it is all about smoking - as I am sure that all past bad habits that were banned by the government, well if it makes money let it be under the Tyrump dictatorpotatoeship. But in all reality, it was "Manchester by the Sea" that is a must see. It is a very sad film about what can happen when we are not careful in life, what can happen under a Tyrump "Beast of Burden" let loose to disorder our inalienable rights and we become complacent, "Your house is on fire and your children, they will burn".
China, NOT Chyna!
Donald, when somebody mentions CHINA in those national security briefings, they're not talking about Chyna! Maybe Linda McMahon can help you out if you are still confused. And the real "China" thinks you are acting like an ignorant child - just remember the qualifications, "neither shall any person be eligible to that office who shall not have attained to the age of thirty-five years", so please at least try to act mature your age, not your "heel spurs" foot size. You're a fake "draft dodger" and think it's an honor to lead "OUR" military? If I were a trooper, quitting is the only option, AWOL would be an honor under your watch. Look, George Washington and Abe Lincoln would have already arrested your madness.
Close the Spigot
Only 2-days after the CIA announced that the Russian Federation's "hacking" influenced the outcome of the 2016 election. Only 1-day since the Tyrump transition camp rumored that the EXXON CEO - with mighty ties to the "Federation" - would be the next Secretary-of-State. And today, Russia curtailed its oil production and energy prices escalated 5% higher than a year ago. And Wall Street is, well that "Christmas Wish" came true. If this trend continues under the Tyrump, we will once again see $100-dollar a barrel oil, which will bring the economy to a stench screeching halt. It affects everything, from farm to fork. It curtails growth! A 5% increase, it makes $millions$ for, well most of the Tyrump's big money supporters as the payback has begun. See, many of the Tyrump's supporters are "Freak'n Frac'n" apostles, and that sector has been depressed under Obama's watch, as it needs $58-bucks on the barrel head to break even. So something fishy going on? It all depends on which side of the bank vault you rest your soul! But speculation, it drives a mean spirited "Capitalistic Greed", and let's face the facts as the good days under an ObamaCares regime are being toppled by...there is only a single word that defines what is going on today with this Tyrump madness, it's called a "TURNCOAT".

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