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Monday, December 5, 2016

Bribebart Update 666

3am Migraine
So, ever wonder why Donald Trump is "Trigger Twitter Happy" at 3am? It's called "enlarged prostrate", which means one's balls get smaller and so does the penis envy shrinks. It means one must piss more often, which disrupts a good snore. It comes with age, health and eating habits and the women you keep company with. But if Trump gets up this early every am, I am sure he sleeps alone, the reason Melanomia is staying put in the pigeon palace. Look at Donald's face, he is the "poster child" for high-blood pressure. And that hair color, what gives with the "yellow matter custard dripping from a dead dog's eye" creation, maybe jaundice? Look, living in a building made of steel and concrete, well just like a Federal penitentiary! And for God's sake, has he ever once shown a smile? I do believe he has only the right-side of his brain functioning, same as Hitler. Yes, the "Circus is in Town", and the "Big Tent" opens on January 20th - with "pin heads", "fat men" and deranged freaks of nature on display...what happened, can this be for real? Time for a piss...

Trump Picks Child Molester
Donald Trump announced by "Twitter" today at 3am that he has chosen Ben Carson to head up the HUD. According to President-elect-reject, "Ben's self-described pathological distemper is incurable, it's like the sickness of a child molester". What we see in the Trump administration, a bunch of sissy cowards lambasted but now bending over to a bully mentality. Just say NO. My father taught me well, if someone belittles you for your beliefs, there is NO inducement that is worth it to erase such harassment. But this is the way the "Donald" operates, and the Founding Fathers are turning in their graves. Here is what I propose, a voter's dereliction fine, for anybody that cast a vote for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton.

Rumor has it that Donald Trump's tax returns may list 6 children? OK, we know that "Barron" is a stay at home with Melanomia Mom kind of kid. Simple math, why a deduction for 5-more? Maybe it wasn't the fact Donald is in debt that disallowed an official return to be viewed by the citizens, but extra mouths to feed! And how much is this going to cost us in extra-curricular secret service details? OK, now it's making sense, the extra kids. And since children of leaders are targets, that is why the SS is scrambling to find out where these 6-kids hang out. Wow, best build some more bedrooms in the White House. See, transparency is needed with any candidate. We never saw Trump's tax returns, and the GOP Congress is so quiet this all important issue. And if true, this truck load of extra kids, then we have been taken for a ride...and we thought Bill Clinton was a pervert!

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