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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Wow, And So This Is Christmas!

Wow, BRAVO Mr. Obama, Mr. Kerry…

So, it’s Christmas day and that one awesome ingredient for that famous holiday fruitcake? Remember, fruitcake can survive a nuclear melt-down if baked correctly with the proper ingredients. Amazing that the word “nuclear” was almost banned from modern day dialogue until the “King” of the Beach Haven Tower entered the scene. Amazing that the Tyrump team thinks the “boss” is a “New Jesus”? WTF takes on a new meaningless. Anyway, I have already impeached the Tower maggot. Have impeached the United States Congress since 2009, we as a nation stand divided and I am on the side that counts – it’s called the “solidarity” and when push comes to shove and we must embrace arms as one, we can show the “minority” who is “Boss”. If the 65-million strong “majority” were to go on a “Workers STRIKE of Solidarity”, we could bring this nation to a screeching halt economically that would send Wall Street into the sewer. We control the floodgates and overflow. What the Congress forgets to realize, we rule even if outside an election cycle. So it doesn’t matter what judicial destruction comes from the Tyrump and Paul Ryan dysentery in a few weeks, it just doesn’t matter as a Do Nothing Congress finds no credibility. OK, the credibility of Congress divided by the credibility of Donald Tyrump is a “Divide by Zero Error”. Yes, that “pop-up” warning that invades your computer screen when the Russian Federation invades your “at home” privacy. Yes, it is “We the People Denied” that maintains all the power – Congress and the Tyrump Tower maggot can only strut their power madness to a maddening crowd. Take for instance, if the courts are soon packed with bigots and attempt to suspend LGBT rights, that faction alone and its wealth could bring Wall Street to a closing doom if the Tyrump Tower starts to infringe on what has been so far accomplished in equal rights – under Barack Obama. So I am not afraid with the Tyrump maggot about to deface the Founding Fathers’ foundation, as “America is Already Great”, I don’t need no reality pervert to claim he can change my thinking as he did with his lies during the 2016 election. He won the vote of the other side, so what said again! When we have such a strong foundation already, it cannot be toppled overnight. Remember, this is America and when the “Turncoats” invade and that right to life, liberty and pursuit to happiness finds dereliction, we “Revolt” – and that is what this nation excels upon. A Revolution made us great once before, we can use that “Patriotism” to “riot” again dissatisfaction against a Tyrump. If the American worker gets fed up, we can use the power of our labors to force a surrender, the power of the purse still belongs to us. And is it not the time to give credit wherein such is due, with the outgoing team that has for the last 8-years maintained “Tranquility”? Don’t know about you Tyrump supporters, but for the last 8-years I have not been living a sheltered life afraid of my brother’s shadow. What is with this new doom and gloom the “King” is passionate about? Yes, and anybody that considers otherwise and has been living in fear, well go get blessed by this “New Jesus”. I think his baptism ritual is “spitting” and mumbling something about groping. See, the Barack Obama legacy will be one day sworn upon as how sitting presidents of these United State’s shall act! He was and still today and always will be a “Great Human Statesmen”. The most recent high-rise with respect to Barack’s legacy is the Israeli settlement quagmire and I applaud John Kerry for being part of that effort – to tell Netanyahu that “Palestinian Lives Matter”. How many children has the Israeli occupation of disputed territory sent to an early grave? Many Americans have no idea what this amounts to, but it is part of Obama’s restructuring the world based on PEACE. Even though towards the end of Obama’s term the Donald Tyrump team is doing everything in its illegal power to cause hate and discontent, trying to whittle away at freedoms sustained, I still have no fear the Beach Haven maggot’s attack can wound the 44th, or US! Look, Obama is the recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize for a reason. Maybe with what is in store with the “King”, we need a new category, the Hitler Hate Prize - as Donald Tyrump is a bonafide candidate. So this once “turning a blind eye” support away from long-standing egregious invasions by Netanyahu that now finds the “majority” of Americans opposed, that was a Christmas present of respect for US. Thank you again Mr. Obama, for this last minute shopping gift. But the way the FOX news media is presenting this as abandonment, it is nothing like Donald Tyrump’s “Non-Profit” organization – a perverted method of executing wealth payback – and it appears the Tyrump family has no qualms with handouts. Of course, the history of Beach Haven is all about Fred Trump taking advantage of Uncle Sam and using his swindled loot to cause hate amongst people of different skin color. So I am satisfied, as the final ingredient for the fruitcake is here and what a superb recipe base, Obama’s legacy will get better as time moves on! Like good fruitcake, like good wine, and something I have enjoyed the last 8-years. Wow, what a Christmas Merry! And even though many are depressed, thinking doom is on the horizon with this new messiah born of the devil, get over it as when a legacy like Obama has set the stage for our future – well like that fruitcake we will survive any Armageddon led invasion.

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