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Monday, December 12, 2016

Lech Walesa on 2016 Election

Lech Walesa, the Polish "Solidarity" leader, says Americans that didn't vote for Trump must STRIKE in full force on January 20th or else be bound and constrained and may as well kiss those inalienable rights goodbye! They're all Russians! Melanomia, Ivanka, Kellyanne Cocksway, рекс...we are being taken over by the Russian Federation. No Donald tax returns, no way due his Russian ties and by making public his stuff, we would have the goods on him. And just today we heard he will not divest away business dealings that conflict with the Oval Office, said again we would see the ties to the Kremlin. Hiring that EXXON CEO who received the "Comrade" medal of valor from Putin, that was NO Boy Scout award! Take that back, this was Putin's pick! OK, here's the scorecard: US-65431654 verses Turncoats-62792756. Now if you take away the Russian Federation votes, Trump's off by 10-million. He should step down immediately. Reason UNO he does not own the "majority vote", and UNO-UNO, he has ties to Russia. So YES, "We the People Denied" must STRIKE or else, we lose everything that our Founding Fathers gave us - our American heritage will be swallowed away by the likes of a Vladimir Putin. Look, this is Putin's wet-dream, to beat our nation to its knees, and how best to do that - elect his henchman. OK, Trump is NOT a henchman of Putin, but when Vladimir has the goods - it's like taking hostages. And if Trump is a hostage, so are we so affected. So here's the thing...we "STRIKE" in full force on January 20th and by the end of day that day when "Johnny comes marching Home", Hurrah, Hurrah as "American Democracy" will be restored. It is "OUR" only HOPE, a "majority vote" walk-out as we do indeed hold the power when push comes to shove.

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