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Sunday, December 18, 2016

Trump Surrenders

~ This "BLOG" kills Fascists ~

Coward Party - a.k.a. Donald Tyrump supporters. So here we go again, another Donald Tyrump "Enlarged Prostate" Twitter. This time around telling Chyna to steal and not worry about getting caught in the act! Look, the only reason the Tyrump is wide awake at 3am, it means his enlarged prostate is enraged and saying, "time to piss on somebody". He's a first class bumbling idiot classless Coward, and if the electoral casts a deciding vote for this Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde personality - well there is one thing for sure, it proves that the CIA's MkUltra "mind game" manipulating can work on certain subjects of interest. The Tower Tyrump fulfills the closing argument for Henry Murray's disruptive personality disorder experiment, and the "minority vote" became infected by the chaos, and that was what the CIA "mind-boarding" was supposed to accomplish - widespread "Chaos" without drugs or torture. With "Chaos Theory", it's all in the mind! But now Donald is castrating diplomacy by calling on Chyna to keep the "drone" it stole away from a U.S. research vessel. Just keep it? He's a poor loser already, as it was Obama style diplomacy at its best that insisted that Xi give it back NOW. See, Donald wanted a confrontation as he is testing Obama into the final inning. DONALD TRUMP IS DANGEROUS. What is it you don't understand America??? See, the Tyrump wants to start a conflict on Obama's watch and then come the January 20th "Inauguration", then the Tyrump pulls the trigger and can place blame on the outgoing administration for things getting out-of-control. All in efforts to keep up the "Hate the Black Man" rhetoric burn the legacy - as that was the foundation of the Tyrump movement away from decency and democracy. OK, the Henry Murray experiments gave U.S. another famous psychopath danger - Ted Kaczynski, the Unabomber. See that "drone", it belongs to the U.S. NAVY. So it most likely contains sophisticated "Intellectual Property", like computer codes and electronic gizmos "Made in America". OK, maybe it is a good idea for Chyna to keep it, then the Pingpong regime can copycat and sell it back to us on the cheap to assist the Tyrump's "Make America Great Again" - or sell the technology to Kim Dung Rodman. Lady MAGA, and that was one of the Tyrump's campaign trail guarantees, to stop Chyna from stealing away our property and now he is telling Xi to keep anything that is accessible on the high-seas? How soon his supporters have forgotten what he said and what they heard - as  a majority of his minority vote fan club have retarded back to either the WWW mania maniac stage or their underground bunkers. Look, the vote that tipped the election from the "majority vote" to the "maggot vote", it came about by "fakesterism". The other day FOX was trying to capture that it was the "working class" that voted for the Tyrump? Funny, maybe half, but the other half-plus of the American workforce said NEY. And in that "minority maggot vote", remember 1% are the super-rich, 10% are the almost super-rich, so have no idea what a good day's work is all about. So sorry FOX, it wasn't the working class majority by a long shot! But the Tyrump will get us in a conflict, and there will soon come a draft call for all able-bodied young adults to visit the nearest recruiter, Attention! And all the Ted Nugents will once again shit in their pants, as will the Donald start walking around with a limp, from "heel spurs" and then the "majority vote" will have to ask their children to bear arms to defend liberty. Imagine this time around "deferments" are sold to the highest bidder at a Trump Tower auction - by invite only. So Dear Chyna, after January 20th steal anything within reach in those contested waters, from NAVY frigates, destroyers, submarines with nuclear warheads and just keep it as by then we will be but a nation of Cowards and telling you to keep it because we have no other option then surrender! Yes, by Donald Tyrump telling Xi Jinping to keep the "drone" through the latest enlarged prostate "Twitter", that is a SURRENDER! I would hope by this day's end, that Donald Trump is under "House Arrest"!

The Donald Tyrump SURRENDER!

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