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Saturday, December 17, 2016

Help - I'm Droning!

OK, have we seem Pекс Tillerson's "Uno Failure" as Secretary of State? Pекс - Rex in Kremlinese. Look, even though Donald Tyrump is still only the "President-elect", his posse has already invaded the integrity and sovereignty and sanctuary of the Obama "Oval Office", so yes this drone thing with China is the "Tower Maggot's" predicament. That one phone call from "Trump Tower" to Taiwan, well the rest of that conversation was that day's history lesson in the making. Especially when Donald couldn't understand Tsai Ing-wen and handed the phone to Mike Flynn, who thought it was a "Take-out" service and commenced to order a Podesta Special - pedophile pepperoni pizza. Yes, the transition office is messed up, no coordination, messed up like Kellyanne's panties - you can see it in the stretch-marks. You're right, on her face too! See, Donald could be working with Obama on this "drone" issue, to learn some diplomacy. But the only thing we see from the Tyrump is an early morning "enlarged prostate" Twitter about an "unpresidented act? Sorry, Donald's dictionary has been "hacked". But when one analyzes the ties that EXXON has with...yes Tillerson could turn off all the street lights in Hong Kong, as a warning shot across the bow give it back - NOW! See, if he had any credibility with China, the drone would have already been returned. Take that back it never would have happened in the first place. It's a Fujian "research device". Now imagine Tillerson having such a win when he goes before Congress for approval - that would be a showdown shoe-shine boy shoe in. Look, a prerequisite a Tyrump cabinet member is being a good shoe shine boy - the reason that Romney has gone home with only a "Lousy Hat". But nothing constructive yet this "dronebait", and almost 24-hours into this hostage taking, the only thing from the president-elect is a misspelling lesson. But maybe that spelling was designed as another ways and means for the "Enlarged Prostrate" to get even, as just yesterday through subliminal messaging at the podium, Barack Obama gave the Tyrump the "Frown Ultimatum" - kiss my ass resign you asshole! I love Barack! I would like to see one thing, just for the season to be merry that Donald Tyrump smiles, just once. But let's face the facts, he doesn't even know how to adjust a hard-hat! Do you really think he knows anything about worker rights? In fact so hilarious, he looked like such a bozo when he visited that industrial plant and downed the head protector - reminds me of the time we went entertained by Michael Dukakis in the tank - I am sure the 1st thing the Tyrump's henchmen will do is place a ban on "hard-hats" in the workplace - too expensive, too complicated, so much wasted "on-the-clock" time! But to sum it up, EXXON has ties to China that rises above and beyond that found in the Russian Federation "friend and foe" association. The portfolio of investment, the return-on-investment makes $billions$ for the "Tiger" in Xi Jinpingpong land. And to see what kind of example EXXON sets in China with philanthropy goals: "ExxonMobil sponsors the Temple University's Judicial Education Program in China. The program supports professional development of Chinese judges". Buying the bench? Come on Tillerson, deliver!
"If da hat fits, let thum wear it"

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