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Friday, December 2, 2016

And So This Is Christmas

I am glad to see Obama fighting back, and it appears that Trump's "Victory Lap"...well like a wet noodle is limping along. "I like a firm ass, give me more Viagra"! OK, this erection lasted exactly 11-hours and now we have evidence that all the hoopla and cheer-leading, just a smokescreen messing with "Reality". See, yesterday all we heard from the "explosive diarrhea" FOX was this Newt Gingrich cuckoomania about Trump getting some company to stay in America, thus saving 1000 jobs. And according to Mike Suspence, that "All America" would benefit and thus have a better Christmas, because 1000 workers have a job. I still don't yet get the connection? I think what he meant was enjoy this Xmas, as it may be the last December 25th celebration as next year it will be postponed until January 7th, same as the Russian Federation! But another confusing issue, as the president-elect never explains anything, just rambles on about "slumgullion stew". Then we get the soup-kitchen good news. See, Obama has been a no-show, as he can't stop laughing at this Trump Tower transaction...transition circus whatever. It is hilariously chaotic...but may prove to be dangerous because if Trump starts to see his plan....what plan, he has NO agenda. No national security briefing interest, good. Melanomia staying put in the pigeon palace, good. Thinking about EXXON's Lee Raymond as a butler, good move. So there are signs that the impostor...Anyway, the scorecard is Trump 1000, Obama 178000. In November alone, this nation under Barack Obama still, commerce added a bunch of extra jobs thus bringing the unemployment rate down to 4.6% - that is a mind boggling statistic and accounts for the fact that rich kid estate babies don't have to work. So, when we see a triumphant "Victory Lap" soon ridiculed by the truth, we see what this Trump infatuation is all about - just a Vince McMahon ring side show, all fake. But it's the gullible fans that has made it all so successful, and it is that same fan base that supports Trump. McMahon uses the ring as his stage, Trump his narcissism. The sad thing, it appears even though the Koch suckers hated a Trump, that the Trump Tower posse is being infiltrated by the same bandits that love free trade! Serious, as in Alaska the Koch Brother's shut down a refinery that made jet fuel for the U.S. Air Force - from oil that came down the Trans-Alaska-Pipeline, as it was cheaper to import train-loads from 3rd world nations like Venezuela. I think Giuliani worked out that deal - totally illegal. Yes indeed, our "I can see Russia from here" jets once part of the nation's defense, now part of a national disgrace. It put 150 good paying "Made in American" jobs on the chopping block. And even though this riled the brass beyond treason, the military was forced to shut-up or shut-down. Now this sabotage of American paychecks started right after Ted Stevens was assassinated, as the "Hulk" would never allow this to happen under his Senate watch - yes Ted was assassinated, love it or leave it. Anyway, enjoy this Christmas as the evidence that is mounting the influence the Russian Federation had with the ring side fan club, we have been taken for a joy ride on a detoured dead-end headed streetcar called "Dysentery".

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