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Saturday, December 10, 2016

Dear Donald, Dear Putin

Dear Donald, Dear Donald
Putin's votes were so strong
Your hair's like old yeller and my rights are now gone
My friends they all tell me that you no friends at all
Won't you send me a twitter, won't you pay off the whores
Signed Tyrump supporter

Tyrump Supporter, Tyrump supporter
You have no complaint
You are what your are and you ain't what you ain't
So listen up hustler, and listen up good
Stop wishing for good luck and knocking on wood

Dear Donald, Dear Donald
My country once free
Your wealth hollers at me and your kids are for greed
Every side I get up on is the wrong side of bed
If it weren't so expensive I'd wish you were dead
Signed Hillary

Hillary, Hillary

Dear Donald, Dear Donald
You won't believe this
But my stomach makes noises whenever I piss
My senator tells me your in all our heads
But my asshole tells me to write you instead
Signed stool-sender

Stool-sender, Stool-sender

Dear Donald, Dear Donald
Well I never thought
That you and that muppet would ever get caught
You were sitting in the back seat just screwing liberty
With her hair up in curlers and her pants to her knees
Signed just sodomized

Just sodomized, just sodomized

Dear Donald, Dear Putin

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