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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Devil's Advocate

Appears that the Donald Tyrump "Tower" dysentery dynasty that is coming together in a "dog-in-heat" fashion is a remake of the "Devil's Advocate" movie, starring Al Pacino. If you haven't seen it, instead of watching the January 20th Inauguration Day castration, rent the video - as then you'll know what we are up against starting the 21st under Tyrump. Yes, it will be a castration unless we demonstrate "We the People Denied" remain the boss-man, "You're FIRED"! So the Tyrump slams the CIA, because he is wacko. Look, the CIA is a clandestine operation, they have the power to make waves. And when that organization was rattled and ridiculed over Donald's claim that he didn't trust the intelligence gathered by our own spy verses spy, because it was the CIA that gave us "Weapons of Mass Destruction" NOT, any allegiance forthcoming under the new regime went up in smoke. You don't slam the hand that does your dirty work. And today, we see the Tyrump taking "legal" advice from the Condolences for Rice posse, the faction of the Dick Cheney chain gang that gave Colin Powell the wrong advice? It wasn't the CIA that goofed on Sadman Hussein's wrecking ball capabilities, but Bush's very own henchmen. See, Donald Tyrump has no idea about this nation's past blunders. He is so out of touch real "Reality" that it is shocking. Indeed, the Henry Murray personality has been ignited within that suit with a brain covered with "yellow matter custard dripping from a dead dog's eye", and when the same occurred in Ted Kaczynski's mind of games, we ended up with the Unabomber. Donald Tyrump and Ted Kaczynski share similar traits. Maybe one day they will share the same cell, but time is running out as "immunity" sets in like rigor-mortis on that January 20th. Their minds bestow similarities, any renowned psychiatrist will tell that truth if it were not for "patient privacy"! The only reservation I have with the CIA is the fact that when the MkUltra project was hanging out at Harvard, this is wherein Ted under the code-name "Lawful" went excited to pursue a life of bombing crimes. His roommate at the "Annex", under the same Murray "mind-boarding" experiments had the code-name "Trump"! No not a conspiracy thing, just fact of the matter. Was a monster created that has come to life and now getting ready to...I don't want to think about it. But it was the old world order, the still living maggots of the Bush Dysentery Dynasty that pushed the Tyrump into looking at EXXON for relief with this "dogs-in-heat" cesspool special. Yes, the swamp isn't being drained, it's now tainted and that stench! Look, once an EXXON executive always an EXXON "executioner's face is always well hidden". OK, in the movie, the head counsel played by Pacino is the devil in disguise and is quoted: "Better to reign in Hell than serve in Heaven". Lee Raymond, the head of EXXON when Joe Hazlewood rammed his tanker into an Alaskan reef which then polluted and killed thousands of souls, he may have created a monster, with this Tillerson character. An individual makes it up the corporate ladder by having a "champion". And when Lee retired and handed over the  "Tiger" branding irons to Pекс - codename for Rex according to the  Russian Federation - hey, Lee sits on the board of a World Banking institute which is tied to this and tied to that and tied to the old guard. Look, if Vladimir Putin tried to pin a medal of honor on my chest, it would only happen if a KBG had a knife at my back. Here it is in "black & white". One of the cohorts in shame that tilted the Tyrump towards EXXON was Jim Baker. He is a very powerful lawyer and is the devil in disguise! See, soon after Obama was sworn in, this nation came under attack with violation after violation consistent with the Logan Act. If I write a letter to Netanyahu, I can be held in violation of this act because only the sitting U.S. President has that authority. OK, if it were a Merry Christmas letter, then not a whole lot of harm - maybe just a spanking instead of a felony. But there are rules of the road, that have been thrown off the road and that weakens this nation. Jim Baker was interviewed about things foreign, when he abruptly stopped the interview, to get rid of the American flag that was draped in the background. When asked about this, something to the effect he was no longer representing American interests but strictly business. He's a lawyer with a special interest goal, he was abandoning "This land is my land, this land is your land" so he knew what he was talking about, as what his new venture was all about - it was the Carlyle Group which was designed to interfere with world governments. And one of his clients is EXXON. When money finds dignity over the Red, White & Blue, we are hostage to our own goodwill. And, for the last 8-years under a Do Nothing Congress the Logan Act has being violated numerous times. Yell out "Jail Them", now that Hillary is no longer a cavity. Now I don't know if this is a good thing or bad thing. Maybe that law is outdated, as it restricts's a law, regardless, but when we have a Congress that is guilty of the same racket our Democracy is doomed. So since members of Congress can violate the Logan Act, so can I. My fellow Americans, is it time we abolish the Congress? What good is that body today, as it has worn out its meaning that which was promulgated by the Founding Fathers and I don't believe the Russian Federation was a voice in the design of My Nation!

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