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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Bribebart - Trump Correction

President-elect Donald John Trump did not "little white lie his ass off" when he commented about saving 1100 factory jobs at the Carrier Plant in Indianapolis, from moving the operation to Mexico - as had been planned to cut costs. See, if you take away 750 "Union" jobs and replace with non-bargaining jobs, it equates to additional jobs through reduced wages, reduced benefits and no added benefit labor dues and less insurance due no costly "Strike" opportunities. And when you can hire and fire "At Will", less legal obligations, it means more jobs. So by furloughing 750 USW-Local 1999 workers and hiring new crews and using intimidation instilling no right to "organize", we saved and created jobs. How Carrier gets rid of the "Union" trash, that's their problem NOT Donald's. But we plan to break every "Union" across America, as to do so it creates many lower paying jobs which equates to more profits for the business owners - right up Trump's alley of "Making America Great Again". So if American business was smart, it would start to bust the "Unions" today.

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