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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Elizabeth & Ivanka

Fast forward: Presidential election 2020. Elizabeth Warren, the DNC presidential contender will debate Ivanka Trump, the GOP contender on September 13th, 2020. Rewind, 2016. Yes, Donald Tyrump's next move will be to move Ivanka into the White House. Why? What better mud-in-the-face of Democracy then to have Ivanka Trump as the 1st "Lady" U.S. President? And with Elizabeth Warren contemplating a run at the 2020, it is déjà vu all over again same old crap, with both parties. It will be Elizabeth with the ghost of Hillary Clinton and Ivanka with the ghost of Donald. Sad thing for sure, if Donald watches his piss & puss and performs an alright job, then it would be a shoe in for Ivanka. Sure, that is Donald's goal, as it is all about image - and what other goal is there? Let's face the facts, Vladimir Putin and EXXON will make Donald rich, so he can finally get his mugshot on the first page of the Forbes' $billionaires$ club. Once that is accomplished within the first 100-days of the presidential probation hornymoon, sit back and groom destiny for destiny's child. So I would say that Donald will start to behave, act presidential, make waves here and there but has already begun to sow the seed for his daughter dearest - and in 4-years time, it is incumbent! Sad thing, she will probably get my vote over a Warren - and I am a democrat!

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