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Thursday, December 8, 2016

The Looting Has Begun

There is a law, for "law abiding" citizens which does not seem to include or fit the Trump Corporation. See, most of us are proud to be an American by honoring the rules of the road. But the Trump Corporation estate is cashing in on, dishonorable conduct. See, it is now advertising that the Trump Tower condominiums comes with "Secret Service Protection". The building is under protection due the fact Donald is a maggot. And because many foreign dignities and foreign governments buy those luxury dwellings, well I guess with the added amenity of protection courtesy the U.S. Taxpayers, it is a big selling point. And for every condo sold, Donald Trump makes "loot". The hanging has begun, the noose is no longer loose around our inalienable rights - as righteousness for the wealthy, well it's not in their DNA and they will gang rape us to death!

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