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Saturday, December 17, 2016

Diplomacy In Action

~ This "BLOG" kills Fascists ~
Wow, not even a 24-hour incident with that "drone" capture by Xi Jinpingpong's Chyna doll! Yes, China has been officially renamed "Chyna" by Linda McMahon, Tyrump's director of World Wide Wrestling affairs in cahoots with Sarah Palin, director of the 1400 Pennsylvania Avenue parking garage. Palin was supposed to get a higher-up position with the Tyrump, but when she called him an imposter...So Obama chalks up another diplomatic win. Sure it's a win, I'm a U.S. Taxpayer so I despise when a foreign government gets involved in our business and steals things right in front of our very own eyes. No evidence lacking in this "unpresidented-demented" case - Donald Tyrump's "codename", president-demented. Hey Chyna, it's a "White Ship", and like a "White Flag" it poses no harm! And the Tyrump, well he couldn't help but "TwitterDumb" about it during an early morning enraged prostrate call to the urinal. I wonder, does Donald wash his hands before hitting that send button? Creepy, Donald pissing and texting at the same time, more dangerous than hi-teching it while driving down 95 on a snow day! Starting to look and act like Dumb and Dumber with Trump and Pence, ring-masters of the "Greatest Circus Freak Show" on earth - staring Vladimir "Pin-Head" Putin. See, instead of trying to make his fanatic-base proud to be an American and use diplomacy which is what we as a nation are all about, he...well I hate to use the word "richtard" but when the shoe fits wear it. But if Donald Tyrump was truly willing to engage himself in "I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, so help me Putin", he would have remained quiet and be at the White House working this over with the Commander-in-Chief - to see how a pro does it. I cannot wait until the Tyrump's first test in "diplomacy" is behind long as that device with the nuclear codes has a blown fuse, as we best get used to blown fuses as most of his cabinet are proof that a copper penny is a falsehood choice for a replacement fuse, with dire consequences on over-heat and "your children, they will burn". So kudos to the 44th and we see that the 45th - let's hope NOT -  never learned it all in kindergarten. See, within an "hour" after sending  a disparaging "Zitter", his fan club reacted and proved that many never should have made if past grade-K and shows that "No Child Left Behind" is a complete flop. If the "Zit" 38000-likes within an hour's time of Tyrump relieving himself is any indication of the supporters well-being, well no wonder Putin is getting involved, as he sees an easy target called American stupidity. But then the "yellow matter custard dripping from a dead dog's eye" hairdo enlarged penis maggot, I mean "enlarged prostrate", he tried to hide his mistakes - it wasn't a mistake, it was premeditated. And if "Twitter" had any balls, it would ban @realDonaldTrump from the "Tube", as we owe it to Obama respect - as 65-million believe he is the best Commander-in-Chief, the best President we have protected in a long time. And as far as Vladimir "Hacksawingeti" Putin, leave me network alone, ya little RUNT!

Size does matter - Go Barack!

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