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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Trump Science - NOT Fake

Subject: Global Warming. So why is EXXON again under the microscope for denying that global warming exists? Especially now that Donald Trump is considering an edict that any of his cabinet members denounce the Gore Hypothesis. And let's also take into consideration for debate the fact that the next Secretary of State, maybe to Mitt's dismay, may be the existing EXXON CEO. This scrutiny is made possible by the fact not fiction that the "Tiger" is an "Energy" company and smart in its denial syndrome - it's a calculated risk. See, had a giant energy conglomerate accepted the notion that "man" is contributing to the unprecedented "warming" trends, then that would have signaled a forced retreat away from conventional fossil fuel energy resources - which means the EXXONs may become a thing of the past. It ain't never going to happen, don't hold your last good breath of fresh air. EXXON employs the best and most brilliant scientists money can buy. It performs research on all kinds of things, as long as that research promotes the bottom-line, profits through the continued use of fossil fuels - like gasoline. Fossil fuels, with emerging technologies, well will heat our homes and boil that morning coffee water for many more generations to come - as the infrastructure from here to there exists. Just keep that fossil fuel in those pipelines - as an example the potential of "gas hydrates" as the next viable energy source. Like said before, the fossil fuel infrastructure exists, just need the hydrocarbon based fuel to extend the life of that investment. "Gas Hydrates" are found around the globe, a methane based fuel stock stuck inside "slush". In Alaska, with "Big Oil" along with the DOE in tow, it was proven that the hydrate methane could be extracted from the permafrost. Obama funded this "mission"! Yes, this "fire ice" is what the Native Alaskan's called it, some 2000-feet thick and so abundant with "methane". So when conventional sources run out, like crude oil and natural gas, it will be ready to be mined. And this stuff is found in all oceans-11 and rough estimates indicate enough to go around at present "fossil fuel" consumption for the next 100-years. It is everywhere. So for a company like EXXON, with $trillions$ in investments, "Global Warming" acceptance negates the mission statement. Now of course many EXXON scientists and executives realize that "Global Warming" exists, and that "man" does contribute a fair share of the cause that effect, but silence the truth and denial are a golden opportunity. If fossil fuels continue to dominate, so will "Global Warming" be an issue to contend with, as such fuels are only useful in a combustion process wherein heat is liberated along with carbon on the loose - the culprit. We use the heat exchange, but the carbon is stubborn and gets away. Yes, gets away and that is wherein research demands respect. See, for some  45-years by now, EXXON has been experimenting with the "missing carbon" phenomenon, wherein scientist can measure the carbon release from manmade pollution sources then should be able to simultaneously sample the atmosphere for a representative characteristic sample. What goes up comes down in that sample test tube. It doesn't work, as there is a huge discrepancy between what is puked into the environment and that which is measured - thus the "missing carbon" theory finds credibility. Now according to Phineas J. Whoopee, fossil fuels are quite sample in its chemical makeup - carbon linked with hydrogen through nature's dominance theory. So EXXON went on a field trip, to find out what was happening with this "carbon", as that was the main constituent of carbon-based global warming pollution. Why this interest? Because if that carbon can be retrieved, since it is but a fancy molecule wherein the hydrogen link-chain had been busted, well it still exists as something "valuable" as nothing was actually modified "chemically speaking". It lends itself to a convenient piece of the puzzle for synthetic fuel manufacturing, by simply adding hydrogen, and that can come from the "hydrates". So simple "Fire Ice" methane can be forced to work with the "captured carbon" and produce value added products like cyclohexane and dodecane - which will run your car engine without knocking. Yes, EXXON found out what was happening to the "missing carbon" soon to be called the "captured carbon" theory, or carbon sequestration. It was being trapped in geodesic dome like compartments - called Bucky-Balls, after Buckminster Fuller. So now EXXON is researching advanced "carbon capture" technologies, to not only retrieve the "Balls" but DOA any loose carbon and through fuel-cell technology unite the carbon - well it means conventional fossil fueled power plants will become more efficient. As it amounts to 1/2 the natural fuel's ingredients, and like said before, it was already once a "hydrocarbon" by nature, so can easily reform through some moderate manipulation and produce complicated fuels like Buckminsterfullerene. But in efforts to make EXXON like profits for the next 100-years, the threat of "Global Warming" must persist and force the use of this technology. It's like the + and - of a battery. If I take a gas hydrate, extract the methane and add some of that missing now captured carbon allowed by the use through licensing of EXXON intellectual property, the circle be unbroken. So by NOT admitting to this carbon based "Global Warming" warning, it maintains the status quo which satisfies the "shareholders", even with the inroads of renewable energy. Look, EXXON didn't survive this long being Mr. Nice Guy, it's all about the profits and even when this technology breaks wind, the "Global Warming" will find a ways and means to entertain the $millionaires$, it will remain a threat that supports the Wall Street return on investment opportunities. Oh, this technology exists today, it's proven in the lab. And as soon as renewables starts to interfere with that profit margin reaction set-point, say when solar takes a 10% bite out of the fossil fuel habit, then we will see this technology breaking wind and making a fuss. Yes, it's all a calculated risk and part of that don't miss the profit margin calculation, and part of that Al-Gore-ithm is when to attack to attract attention! So I guess Trump can blame Obama, as this technology was discovered under "his watch"! But I "Betcha", now that Sarah Palin is Trump's "Science & Technology" advisor, that giving credit wherein credit is due is but a joke quote lost cause.

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