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Monday, December 19, 2016

Bill, Please Take a Hike

See, Bill Clinton is now heavily involved in the messy ending to the 2016 presidential election that found his wife losing the Oval Office to a "1-digit IQ" angry white man. Bill is right on with his assessment of the Donald Trump fan club's total "IQ", but leave no stone unturned - as Bill held the decisive vote that could have changed the entire outcome. But towards the end all was too damn comfortable at the Clinton camp, so no need for the big bully side show. See, Bill knew he may have to resort to "filth", you could see it in his face during the debates, but complacency lost focus of the slate of affairs. Too late now! See, all it would have taken, even after FBI Comey's "Hail Mary" rush at the 1-yard line, was for Bill to call in Jeffrey Epstein. Hey, Perry Mason always waited towards a trial's end to bring in that secret witness. It was a gamble call for Bill, but had it been timed just right, people would have been running away from the "yellow matter custard dripping from a dead dog's eye" Tyrump faster than 5th Avenue whores running away from a "Trump Tower" gonorrhea epidemic. See, Epstein has the goods captured, when both Bill and Donald visited Epstein's "private child-slave-for-sex island". You don't go there for a health retreat, and I never saw a version of "Diners, Drive-ins and Dives" broadcast from that island - so No, not for food fare either! It means either a one-night stand with an under-aged slave or an investment opportunity, hey you always sample the goods though! Now since the "Podesta & Conway Pedophile Circle Jerk of Feigns" remained quiet this issue during the debates, when one looks at the phone receipts confiscated by the FBI during the sex-island shake-down, did Donald sample the setting then set up blow-jobs from girls in diapers for his rich foreign friends? We know Bill may have taken advantage of what the island life offered in illegal sex fare as he was a repeat customer offender, so what was Trump after! Look, after one gets filthy rich with power, why mess around with 5th Avenue "Gonorrhea Whores", as strange bedfellow behaviors follow you around and many sick male adults hunt for the excitement of virginity, under the label of a "slave" arouses the perversion in many male adults. So I would bet that if the Tyrump was under a lie detector test, we would get the truth. So it was...well had Bill surrendered his fascination "I did not have sex with that underage girl" and used it to Hillary's advantage, at the precise time tell us what Epstein knows about Trump's visit to the island and what was up with all the phone traffic between the convicted pervert and the Donald, then Hillary would be getting approval from the electoral vote! Today, as of this writing. And Bill would be - on his own as would Trump, as besides victory from the lesser of two-evils we would be hearing "Kick the Bums Out". But lust has many roads traveled, and sometimes that "Lust" is like "Diamonds in the Ruff!

I can always use Epstein...

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