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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Constitutional Conviction

Pawtucket Rhode Island: The son of a World War II Vet - that was assigned as a 1st Lieutenant commander to protect the famous Liz Urfer Bridge crossing in Germany - has committed his soldier dad to "Assisted Living" that provides ongoing "Psychological Evaluation". This occurred after the man told his son he had voted for Donald Trump. Rhode Island is one of the 13-original colonies and even though small in size, usually is very politically correct on issues that promote this nation's inalienable rights under a "Democracy". See, Mr. Sam McGee had always been a democrat and learned his children well the reason democrats are better off for America than the other-side of the isle. So when the son read through "fake" political advertising that targeted the will of our senior citizens, that which caused the elderly man to change sides, it was time to place the dad under special needs and evaluation. The dad had lost his mind and speaking nonsense, in tune to what was pure "fake news" filled with conspiracy theory abuse. The son knew his dad well, so something had affected the man's wellbeing. The advertisements were based on falsehoods, like a Hillary Clinton administration going to take away all Veteran benefits and made claim that Clinton held fund raising campaigns that stole money from victimized Veteran donors - wherein the money collected was conveniently funneled to Chelsea for her 5th Avenue lifestyle. This was a line out of Donald Trump's very own playbook - like in his Vietnam draft deferment due "heel spurs". It was a convincing "spoof" advertisement that looked like an official bulletin from the Veteran's Administration, and it appears to indicate the Russian Federation is very good at controlling this nation's destiny as the Putin learned well from the Donald and did take him up on his offer, to "RIG" the 2016 election. Look, our elderly went ripped by the "Reverse Mortgage" scam, wherein an X-Congressmen named Fred Thompson was behind the illegal shenanigans. There was and remains the "Lottery" scam, targeting our senior citizens. It goes on and on and on, as we have a Congress that disrespects...the troops that fort for FREEDOM! And today, we see the next Oval Office maggot taking advantage of the men & women that volunteered to keep this nation free! It is a sin punishable by...we need to kick the bums out then when that task is complete we can concentrate on the illegal immigrants! In fact, this nation is better off with the illegal kind then the legal kind that are bent on torturing mankind.

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