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Friday, December 16, 2016

Donald "Ponzi" Tyrump?

So why NO tax return from Donald Tyrump, and only 36-days left until his family invades the White House? What you mean a bigger refrigerator and a bigger pantry budget? At least the crappers don't have to be changed out at the U.S. Taxpayers' expense to accommodate Chris Christies giant butt. But the Tyrump's madness is simple, he realizes that if you complicate something beyond decency and way out-of-bounds then excuses are allowed to fulfill oligarchy obligations. See, the Tower maggot supposedly maintains over 150 - Limited Liability Companies? Yes "MAGGOT" as anybody that would pick sides a Vladimir Putin over Barack Obama is such a low life insect. And Tyrump's followers that continue to use that 1st Amendment right to disintegrate Obama's "goodwill" legacy? Pathetic imbecile leaches. I guess NO Child Left Behind never worked for the southern states and back-woods Deliverance out-of-wedlock offspring have taken over. I thought there was a law against incest? Now why would an individual like Mr. Tyrump have so many LLC holding? Each entity would have to have legal identification for indemnification to hold harmless, which isn't cheap. It is simple - and most likely uses "revolving credit". See, if I structure things right, I can steal from Peter to pay Paul, and everything works - the end justifies the in between means. But if I take a single dollar out of the revolver, it is then Russian roulette. And that is what's happening, as the Tyrump's exclusive lifestyle is causing the revolving back door to skip a beat - pull the trigger and hope for the best outcome - safe again. That is the only reason he refuses to advertise his revenue stream - it's in default. Now if those companies were hear in the "Homeland" and doing business, it's called a Ponzi scam scheme and falls under a RICO act violation. But if I take the Ponzi scam to another country, there ain't NO laws...OK, so what's in a name? As Donald now makes money by selling his name of shame. But even that isn't keeping up the revenue stream he needs for Melanomia's lifestyle. And what would Tyrump do if North Korea's Kim Jong-UNder the influence builds a high-rise hotel and called it the "Trump Tower"? Talk about a test, best call Dennis Rodman. But Donald is nothing but a Ponzi delivery boy, little rich kid that never grew up to understand the morality of this nation's inalienable rights. And for that weakness, "We the People Denied" shall suffer, as Deliverance is here!

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