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Thursday, December 1, 2016

We're Afraid - It's So UnAmerican!

It is starting to sink in, we are afraid, of a Donald Trump. When you observe the political ass kissing that is going down just because Trump supposedly saved a 1000 jobs - why are we so weak? We are afraid, because if he doesn't get the ass kissing, "We're FIRED". And I emphasize that sentiment with the addition of the "squad" mentality and "Ready, Aim, Fire". Yes, we are targeted as when you offer up a "corporate" tax incentive break, the money given away must be replenished from another source - a.k.a. American Taxpayers. A 1000 jobs saved through a $7-Million dollar discount, wherein that "saved" equates to 0.00006% of the entire workforce - it ain't nothing! In fact, it doesn't even budge the "Unemployment" rate, which is today at an all time low of 4.9%. America, get off your high horse, as the "throwing" is going to hurt when "Reality" strikes back. Have any idea how many jobs have been saved and created in the last 8-years under the guidance of Barack Obama? Of course NOT, because his achievements will be "untouchable" by the "Tower", the 45th-elect-reject will never even come close in the achievement category for the middle-class heroes we are. Case in point, and even though I am not in agreement giving $billions$ in military aid to Netanyahu, Obama just signed and sealed a deal wherein Israel gets relief but all military gadgets purchased under this "bailout" must be "Made in America". The first time such restrictions have followed this aid package since we started pitching in - and this will create 10000-jobs over the course of the contract! How about sharing a little credit wherein credit is long overdue! Why do so many "HATE" Barack Obama? OK, it's the color of his skin as if a "white man" in the same position acted accordingly, that would constitute a hero worshiping. I keep trying to protect our status under Obama, but it is getting harder and harder with the gang rape mentality - I just hope Barack and Michelle can get out of town. In fact, I have mobilized a "Militia" to help them out safely should this Trump Tower crap get out of hand. Let's face the facts, this Trump & Pence circus at the Carrier plant in Indianapolis was a classic "Show & Tell" 3rd grade theatrics opportunity, and we best get used to such low level appreciation - as the Trump apprenticeship program has a very low IQ. He can make up lies, make up phony stories, add a little fraud flavor and we have the chemistry of a very dishonest jerk. He has made a career at screwing people over, especially the worker bees. Do you really thing he had a change of heart? Bottom line, reducing "Corporate Tax" has failed before and will fail US again. Obama did very well in fixing the loopholes, and now we have a fake that is already breaking bonds. And he is trying to undo what Obama has accomplished before the 44th leaves office - that kind of hurry-up attitude has failure written all over it. He isn't the acting President, it is still Obama's watch, and all I take away from a Trump audition is the fact his "Reality" mindset is pure unadulterated "interference". Look, somebody must pay for the infrastructure. You can't get raw materials out of the ground to the refinery then over to the production and manufacturing plant if you don't have good roads. See, "Corporate Welfare" does nothing for the workers, jobs are going away because we are getting technologically "smarter". From robots to drones, it has nothing to do with labor, with that we must also get smarter and that is doubtful with the Trump brigade. Automation, from welding stuff together to robot assisted machining, if I can buy an air-conditioner cheaper from Mexico I am game as long as an American installs it! Here it is in a nutshell what Trump offered up. Corporate business tax will be reduced from 35 to 15%, so Trump just doubled his net-worth. And doesn't 15% ring a bell of distrust? Sure, as that is what Mitt Romney and his 1% gang pay on income. So the rich get richer, and we the workers keep a few the price of oil is also increasing, that which will have a devastating effect on our economy. Yet you don't hear a single iota of frustration from Trump with respect to the House of Saud's oil embargo, as he is afraid at getting involved, because he is a lost cause. But it is "We the People" that are the true cowards this election's outcome, as we are afraid to seriously confront what it has produced. Maggie's Farm, coming to a manufacturing floor near you. OK, Bernie Sanders is the only politically motivated individual that has called bluff on this jobs saving joke. But rest assured, the circus is in town.

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