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Friday, December 16, 2016

State of the State - WAR!

An official FOX news' poll that historically finds accuracy and uses normal distribution statistical analysis for adequate sample size and confidence level accuracy has just published its findings on the following question: Do you approve of Vladimir Putin? 37% of republican voters that voted for Donald Tyrump said they approved the Russian Federation president over Barack Obama. Under Ronald Reagan, under H.W. Bush, under every sitting president since George Washington, mind you Abraham Lincoln this would have been grounds for conviction, incarceration and then castration - be it a woman or a man. It is called "Treason". What has this nation come too, but a den of thieves and a hallmark of fools - shameful! Vladimir Putin - a.k.a. "The Butcher" according to Senator John McCain - getting more credibility then the sitting U.S. President on the Commander-in-Chief's home court? Here is my Michael Moore rebuttal on this treason, to those 37%. I will help you pack your bags and buy you a plane ticket to vacate Miss Liberty for a life in the Kremlin. No questions asked, just get the hell out! And damn Mike Flynn and his crazed son, they need to be kicked out "My Country 'Tis of Thee". It wasn't Pedophile Pizzagate but Podesta "Risottogate", news media gets it wrong again. But I just watched Obama's last show and tell for this year - he is very upset over this Russian thing. But right before he came to the podium, FBI Comey and NSA Clapper signaled they are in agreement with the CIA, the Russian Federation under the guidance of Vladimir Putin followed through on the Tyrump's order of the day, "Hack RIG" the election. When the smoke clears, and "Johnny comes marching home", there will come jail time - and maybe Donald Tyrump will be impeached for the excrement he leaves in his tracks that smells of Russian roulette coercion. Declare WAR, we must and then we will see the "Patriots" facing off with the "Turncoats", and EXXON's Pекс Tillerson can kiss my ass! Like Obama chanted, Russia is a demoralized nation under Putin, a nation that has NO future except at providing pain and suffering for the masses, and for every drop of blood shed by innocent victims, Putin hears "cha-ching" and Donald Tyrump seems to like the very same sounds for the very same deeds of mistrust. "We the People Denied" must act now, join in the American worker unified STRIKE on January 20th in efforts to voice your Patriotic concerns, as if the opponent wants WAR, so be it ready and willing we are!
(36 Days from Today)
The "LOUSY HAT PARTY", a new political action force 63-million strong the "majority vote", calls to action a "STRIKE for SOLIDARITY" on January 20th, 2017. This is the day Donald John Trump is sworn into the Oval Office as the 45th President-elect-reject of the United States. He is entering the office of the Commander-in-Chief with the "minority vote". The "Majority Vote" has lost traction, and we will not be heard as a voice while Trump and his cronies destroy this Republic's DEMOCRACY. He has already commenced his "Desolation Road" pilgrimage. Our only "Hope" for Miss Liberty and protection of our unalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is through "Solidarity". Since the middle-class salt-of the earth proletariats have control of the infrastructure by virtue of our "labors" that which keeps this nation solvent, by calling for a "Unified Workers STRIKE", our voice will be heard over that of the 115th U.S. Congress. Congress is broke, "We the People Denied" cannot rely on that body for NOTHING, but for more pain and suffering. So on January 20th, be absent from work - call in sick. It is a Friday so enjoy a 3-day weekend. Be prepared in advance, with food and other essentials. Stay at home, NO driving, NO shopping, NO fast Eddy food, NO nothing. Keep your kids home from school, teach them well what the Founding Fathers would have done. Don't pay attention to the "Inauguration", watch cartoons instead, and by Close-of-Business with $millions$ in commerce lost on Trump's 1st day in office, we will prove to the world who is the BOSS MAN! This is a Do or Die proposition!

S. Pam McGee
Founder of the "LOUSY HAT PARTY"

The naming of this organization stems from a comment made by Mitt Romney about Donald Trump winning the presidency on a "minority vote": "He gets a free ride to the White House, and all we get is a LOUSY HAT."

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