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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Happy as a Lark!

OK, it's been only 28 "stinking" days since the "majority vote" lost its inalienable right and we still have 44 "good time" days left with Barack Obama in control of the Oval Office. Let's hope for this "good times", but with Trump out-of-control, we are on the brink of disaster and that welcomes destruction. And instead of lame-ducking the rest of his term, Obama is busy ducking the fallout from crap instigated by Donald Trump. Everyday now, the Oval Office is in "Emergency Lockdown" due Trump's stinking itchy finger "Twitter" ranton rage. It's like having a teenage kid on steroids, poor parents we are! And this childish behavior is NOT fair to the White House. Obama should quit, let Paul Ryan deal with the DONALD growing through this adolescence, maybe it's the puberty stage or 1st period! How about detention, as how many laws must be violated before action? OK, the rich have a different set of rules to follow. If it were still a democratic process, Trump would have already been told to shut-up or else be incarcerated. CNN sponsored a "Town Hall" called the "Messy Truth of a President-elect's Orgasm". There is NO "Messy Truth" accept the fact that Trump supporters wanted change, well lookout because "thar he's a blowhard" is becoming a reality. Look, Donald Trump is INSANE, there was NO doubt about it before the election and surely NO doubt about it today! All the "Warning and Detour" signs are right there in front of us, in front of the world. It is like a nuclear bomb haphazardly detonated, "Oh what's that button", it happens so quickly and then when it's over with, survivors feel the "burning and skin-peeling" sensation - because it is never over with. And Michael Moore was right on when a Trump supporter insisted that the "Tower Maggot" has already kept promises, "He hasn't done nothing for you, he's only the president elect" was Moore's answer that found a smirk only from this bluff charge. So true, as Trump hasn't done nothing but prove to the world he is unhappy, never a smile, but when in denial people start making up excuses to mask reality. OK, Trump is also disgruntled in combination with INSANE reasoning. He's another Hitler! OK, he has that same fuse dynamics.  And "smoke pouring out of a boxcar door", as the Skull & Bones club has been holding special meetings at night, over at the "Crypt" on the Yale campus. Remember, Hillary was made an honorary member of this all too powerful "Secret Club" as she was supposed to be the next president-elect. I am sure there is a plan being hatched to move Trump out of office. Remember, neither Bush senior or "Dubya" endorsed Trump. And the Skull & Bones, well the sworn to secrecy have a say in this government's covertness, at least always did so look out as the CIA is in bed with the bonesmen, as having an INSANE man means NO control. Is it a pre-requisite that "all the king's horses and all the king's men" cannot smile? I am talking the Donald Trump and his maggot posse. Why is his cabinet so negative on life, so cranky? OK, Guiliani is still laughing, but hasn't landed a position and Chris Christie was so far up Trump's asshole he is now on the "Missing Person" Amber alert - that's the reason NO smiles, Trump's tunnel of love! And the reason that Sarah Palin is staying clear, as she cannot be intimidated to "go where no man has gone before", up Trump's anal passageway. Wrong, she was just nominated as impostor advisor for the Office of Scientology, amazing as Donald has to pee at 3am and that is when we find out what's going on in his pea brain. See, Armageddon will happen during his pee time, so we will all go undercover peacefully. We do know that Mike Pence can lie, and lie again and continue to lie when he was asked about fringed lunatics being granted "security clearances", like Mike Flynn's son who is engrossed in "Pizzafacegate". Look, anybody that believes that Hillary Clinton ran a pedophile ring out of a Pizza joint, I think we need to open insane asylums back up! As there is proof some kids were left behind because of inept parenting and there is NO hope except solitary confinement. Maybe this is wherein "Water-boarding" would be helpful! Lies, the true virtue of a Vice President...OK the Tower hasn't taken over yet so a fib is par for the course. But YES, the nuclear bomb has already gone off, it has been detonated and the heat is coming and will hit us full force in the face on January 20th. Denial, it is NOT a "True" American virtue except for career politicians, but for many Trump supporters  the only excuse forward the mess we find ourselves in dire straits heading down "Desolation Road". DENIAL, DENIAL, DENIAL prevails. See, there is a 100% "Trump" neighborhood right down the road, and until yesterday the "Trump & Pence" signs were everywhere - but all gone today? OK, instead of more troubling INSANE news from Trump Tower, "Make Way for Tomorrow" and I am "happy as a lark". But like in that classic 1937 movie wherein an elderly couple gets foreclosed and unable to get work due age and the children refuse to compromise on how to handle accommodating this late-in-life tragedy, the parents are forced to break up. Well it is that irritating squeak from Lucy's rocking chair in her attempt to get her children's attention - that's Donald Trump! 

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