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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Stinkhole Now Sinkhole!

At the same time that Donald Trump was campaign mesmerizing his fan club with more "maggot-crap", this fantasy about penalizing American companies upwards 35% in fines for moving out...OK, either Trump is Satanized with incompetent-stupidity or awe struck with deranged-stupidity or he harbors mental-stupidity from childhood abuse. Benefit of doubt he is awe struck, so middle ground I will give in - "deranged-stupidity" for now but the see-saw can go either way. It ain't looking tooooo promising. See, when he was on the attack "Trail of Lies" about some air conditioning company reneging on its promise of "Oh say can you see by the dawn's early light we are still here", at the same damn time a Jade Helm company - a.k.a. Deep in the heart of Texas - was also packing up and heading to greener pastures. A company that makes solar panels was cashing out and heading to ASIA minor - chilling child labor rates - when at the same time the forecast for solar panels was increasing at a rate that was causing some developers to delay projects. Green energy projects have at a minimum 2-years in the holding pattern, due lack of materials and lack of qualified workers. Solar power still finds the advantage to grow through the ITC - Incentive Tax Credit - so it is a growing infrastructure with investment banker interest. And "I say Aye" was a unanimous vote from the 114th Congress to extend the ObamaCares about "Being Green". The only senator missing the roll call was a guy named Strom. And guess which state is the "Greenest of the Green"? California is 2nd, yes Rick Perry's home town in Haskell County is booming with business in the renewables - wind to solar. The "Lone Star" is front and center attention this renewable energy slugfest. In California it is based on a carbon foot-print reduction, for Texas it means a new "Black Gold" Jed's a $billionaire$. Wealthy ranch owners are rigging up wind turbines and installing solar, where the buffalo roam and selling expensive electricity to the grid and making a humongous profit. In the end we pay for it, but it is getting cheaper by the dozen, so just give it some time while Texans get richer. So with respect to illegal votes cast during the 2016 race, Texas wins hands down because Trump supporters believe there is a connection between "Being Green" and liberalism and it was the illegal vote that lost Trump the "popularity contest". But what happens in Texas stays in Texas - I guess Trump thinks Texas has successfully seceded from the Union, else he would have used this solar panel disgrace as a stool pigeon stage opportunity instead of an air conditioner - boy did that thing cool off really quick when the "Truth" was leaked out. Now Texas could easily go it on its own, as it has enough energy and immigrants so doesn't need any help from Uncle Sam. Mind you, there will NOT be a Taj Mahal Wall between Mexico and Dallas! In fact, due the overhaul in oil prices that which has kept the oil patch quiet for the last few years, Texas offers re-training to roughnecks that want to sign up for...drum roll please - renewables employment opportunities! And bus loads of immigrant panel installers pack the highways north to south. And once over the border, with all the projects on the books - a job for life just stay on the bus. Look, the most qualified field workers come from the oil & gas sector, from know-how to safety. So why not jump ship, as electrical work is electrical work, pulling wire is pulling wire. Here is what I don't get that didn't attract the Jade Helm conspiracy minnow-mindset attention. Donald is the owner of many "Corporations", and is supposed to pay a 35% duty tax on his revenue generation. Now if he changes that to 15% on January 20th - his 1st day in office - doesn't that mean his wealth is more than doubled? At the stroke of a pen Donald is finally out of debt - the main reason he challenged the "retards, runts, handicapped, pedophiles and fat pigs" to win the GOP blessing and of course he has set his sights on a new course of action, make Ivanka the 1st Oval Office lady in 2020 just to rub "maggot crap" in Hillary's face. NO this was not a trick question, the 35 to 15 truce, but more "maggot crap" slung our way. And the reason his fan club is silent, afraid to admit they voted for a "maggot". He isn't even the official White House dude, yet he is opening up a diplomatic "stinkhole" with his madness. Donald Trump gives the "Madcow" a new disease forensic. He gets a military security briefing and a live radar mapping about Xian H-6 bombers flying over Taiwan, so he calls Tsai Ing-Wen to see if those nuclear capable jets use Pratt & Whitney engines? Sorry Donald, wrong country! He is breaking the law each and every day every which way but loose because he is on the fringe and a loose cannon, as it is still Barack Obama's watch at the helm. But nobody with jurisdictional power does a damn thing, because this nation is so divided that it is broke beyond recognition. Treason, we are all guilty this passion to destroy our inalienable rights through such silence and inaction. When Congress alone cannot break the Donald down for breaking the law, "We the People Denied" are being tortured, Merry Christmas this year is a definite Blah Humbug. There is something psychologically wrong with this Trump character, and in about 45-days he will be...Commander-in-Thief. He will steal away the liberty of the 99%. He makes "Dubya" a knight in white satin. Look Dubya gave Merkel a complimentary back rub, which means Trump will see that as a groping opportunity and start a war - we are doomed! I hope that when the world leaders meet, then when Trump hits on Merkel that Putin comes to her defense - a Vince McMahon ring side like side-show. But when the smoke clears, after the "Revolution" he is brewing up, well we know things will be better - but in the interim hold on to your cash and ass! Look, Trump is being initiated in because we have lost the "WAR", after 200 years of testing the worth of the Founding Father's "Constitutional" commitment and conviction - it is today DOA. With Trump, he is but an opportunist a weakened system. On the other side of the swamp, the "Rabid Skunk" speaks the "Truth"! The Democrats don't need a new direction deal. See, there's the Democratic Congress which has a RICO subsidiary called the Democratic National Convention. Then there are the "True" democrats, middle-class salt-of-the-earth Americans that expect more from a Democrat in office besides NOTHING accomplished except collecting a handsome salary. And members of Congress always complain when we give them a bad time about that 174000 dollar yearly benefit, with their greedy comeback that they could do much better had they stayed in the "private sector". How wrong an analogy, because when you work for someone else you must show up for work and produce something - that is the difference as Congress' truancy record is, well the reason NOTHING gets done. Imagine having a good paying job and No boss! It is time "We the People Denied" consider abolishing Congress as the more perfect Union is sick, and tired, as we can speak for ourselves. The Founding Fathers encouraged a Congress as an interim bodyguard, until we became knowledgeable that Congress would become corrupt when "K Street" was paved. And of course the "Rabid Skunk" is telling the "Truth in Thievery" statement with some accuracy. "Rabid Skunk"? Nancy Pelosi according to Don Young, the other guy that never shows up in the "House Chambers" to cast a vote and some say there is a rather foul odor coming from his office, for about the last 4-years. Maybe he's dead? See, upon arrival to the House of Ill Repute, most newbie democrats enter the dungeon with the dragons with good intent, but as soon as that putrid skunk odor invades the "commons", many retreat and find the only escape was through "K Street", thus it is all over with because during the darkness somebody shoved a bunch of loot in your pocket. So when the "Skunk re-appears", you end up taking that same detour and end up's called a bribe! But if you stay on the right course, like Pelosi says the Democrats should, by the time the term limits kicks in you will be a $millionaire$ - it is the only job that "I gar-on-tee" allows such a monetary success. See, most members of the GOP are already $millionaires$ when they get voted in, so can't wait until Trump makes them a $billionaire". Now Pelosi is just being honest that the road to riches is still available those that keep voting her in as the Democratic Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organization "Boss". And on the other side of the swamp we have Mr. Antiseptic, looks so nice on the outside. Speaks a good tune, like a Sunday sermonizer - almost said Sodomizer as if the shoe fits! But Paul Ryan follows in the footsteps of notable men, so learned well from his predecessors. Newt Leroy Gingrich who enjoyed playing Mr. DominX, and had 86-ethics violations thrown at him - and today a Trump enforcer. Then there was Dennis Hastert, a renowned pedophile while "Speaker-of-the-House"! And last but not least is John Boner, which many believe is the Akron-Ohio phantom shitter, stool loosing it on car hoods after a few bottles of vino. OK, bashing gets you nowhere. But when Paul Ryan makes comments that he will "be glad when the anti-energy president" is gone and replaced by a "maggot" steering committee, we must caution ourselves to what his demeanor is actually targeting. He hates America! He hates Barack Obama. Funny, as this nation became "Energy Independent" under Obama, wherein legislation was crafted to allow "exporting"? What restrictions is Ryan talking about? But many conservatives have no idea what has gone on as they refuse to acknowledge that God blessed "black men" with intelligence. Yes, Paul Ryan is a disgrace to the republic, a disgrace to democracy and like I have voiced before, if he ever woke up and the Constitution was in his face, he would choke to death. And now that Ryan has showed his true "Coward" colors by bending over to Donald Trump, it is fair game to say we are without a "Congress of the People". When I say "People", well those that voted for Donald Trump should be ashamed and when the shat hits the fan they...well have already retreated as the "Madman" is loose. They run and hide, we must get ready to fend for ourselves. That's it in a nutshell, Donald Trump's narcissist like mentality has but a single statement - surround yourself with incompetency for success. OK, it appears that the totalized IQ of those that voted for Trump, a negative number. OK, divide by zero "ERROR". But when you look at those that have accepted positions in the Tower Maggot's administration, it is pathetic - No it's NOT, it's Donald Trump! If laughter is the best medicine, then get rid of ObamaCare, we don't need it as we are too busy laughing at what is about to go down. OK, many say it's NOT funny, it's hilarious - as NO matter how bad this nation is invaded by "Maggots", in the end "We the People Denied" will prevail! And one day, we will fill in that "Dismal" swamp and the stench of that rabid skunk will be but an historic nightmare long gone away, as will the GOP maggots be a thing of the past. In my lifetime? It has earnest!

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