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Saturday, December 17, 2016

Trump Tower

~ This "BLOG" kills Fascists ~
"Trump Tower" is all over the world. It has grown out of control, like "Global" pollution, like a malignant tumor cancer. Yes, Donald Tyrump sells the right to broadcast his patron-Satan-saint icon at a $cost$. Snake oil? Glad I never had the opportunity to visit, know now I never will. It's a snake-pit in disguise - looks good on the outside with its fake "gold-leaf", but the foundation finds a cautionary "Beware". Authorized use of the "Trump Tower" icon is used as a "private stock label" in over 150 "Limited Liability Companies". The reason for an LLC? Hide personal assets away from the court's jurisdiction of seizure when an action or inaction causes harm upon an innocent victim. But "Trump Tower" has a history all should be weary upon. "Trump Tower" was coined by Woody Guthrie, this nation's greatest "For the Working People" hero. No doubt about it as Woody was the icon behind igniting a generation that was pretty close to "Giving Peace a Chance". It begins at home, we have done a hell of a job, yet in a few weeks that forward traction will be dismantled by the "Tower". Best re-visit Dylan's "Desolation Road", or "Maggie's Farm" or...the list keeps on giving. Look, WAR makes money for the WALL Street. And even though Barack Obama has done one fine job curtailing the "WAR MACHINE" habit and cutting off Daddy Warbuck's wealth spigot, it appears the Russian Federation boss does not like this nation going in that direction. Why? WAR drains the net-worth of a nation. Instead of placing resources into the infrastructure, it is wasted with false promises for the war torn victims. Look at the waste found with of our hard earned taxed income sent to Iraq? As sea to shining sea highway bridges fell to rust-bucket status while "Dubya" was asleep at the wheel, money for paint was used for luxury living by loan sharks. But anybody that finds a fascination with "Trump Tower", or even any inclination to visit any of the Tyrump's "Wonder's of the Wealthy", the "Tower" originated as a "battle lines being drawn" for a ways and means to welcome in segregation of "blacks". This occurred when Fred Trump was trying to define what a wealthy slum lord can get away with. It is wherein "Housing Segregation" finds its roots - in New York. And yes, Donald learned well from his dad. The "Tower" stands for a single overruling idiosyncrasy, not wealth, but what wealth can buy in the form of disintegrating democracy and using segregation and discrimination as a tool towards such destruction.
Beach Haven is Trump’s Tower
Where no black folks come to roam,
No, no, Old Man Trump!
Old Beach Haven ain't my home!

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